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MD M Onboarding Procedure

Login into the Alcatel-Lucent Mo bile Management Console on your Mobile D evice using your csl and secure token gener ated from your MobilePass app.

URL: https:/ /mdmportal.alcatel-lucent.com/ssp/

OR Use your QR Code scanner appli cation on the icon below as an alternative m ethod to access the ALU Mobile Managem ent Console page and use your mobile devi ce's web browser if prompted:

and use your mobile devi ce's web browser if prompted: 1. Download the Mobile Manage ment

1. Download the Mobile Manage ment Application to your device.

2. Login into the application usi ng your CSL (Short Corporate Login) and se cure token.

The application will guide you Wi-Fi services on your device .

through the enrolment process and config ure email and

3. Select the device type - Corp orate or BYOD (Personal devices).

a) For iOS devices:

iOS prompts the user to install the MDM configuration profile. On ce you install the profile please go b ack to the app to continue the enrolment p rocess.

b) For Android devices:

The Touchdown Email Application will be installed and configured on your device. Once the appli cation is installed and configured please go back to the Mobile Management a pplication to continue the enrolment proces s.

Wi-Fi configuration on Android installs a Certificate on the device. The user will be prompted to enter a password for the certificate. Please enter “12345” as

the password and click

OK. It then prompts for an alias which is

set to

alucert” by default.

Please do not change the default and click


4. Enrolment process is over wh en a “Done” button appears on the applica tion.

5. You can use the application t o troubleshoot services or perform remote operations on the device. These same oper ations are available on the Mobile Managem ent Console and can be launched on a mo bile device browser or on a PC browser.



6. You can now connect to the corporate Wi-Fi SSID: ALU MOBILE INTRANET. You have to manually connect for the first time and accept the certificate. Subsequently the device will connect automatically to the corporate Wi-Fi network.

7. The email application on the device (Native iOS application or the Touchdown application on Android) will automatically connect and download corporate emails.

will automatically connect and download corporate emails. Note: If for any reason that your email or

Note: If for any reason that your email or Wi-Fi was not able to configure, you can either do the following:

Onboard again by logging out of the ALU MDM application and log back in so that the process can resume/fix the specific items listed.


Use the MDM application on the device to locate and select which process to correct (Reset Email or Reset Wi-Fi, etc) after the onboarding process is completed.

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