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Recommended by the

Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology,

Medical and Dental Faculties of the Semmelweis University
Sobotta Flashcards Bones, Ligaments and Joints
Bones, Ligaments and Joints By Bruer
The Sobotta flashcards provide you with a fun way to prepare for tests and exams in the
subject area of bones, ligaments and joints.
ISBN-13: 9780702052576
Publication Date: 23/08/2013

Sobotta Flashcards Muscles

By Bruer
The Sobotta flashcards provide you with a fun way to prepare for tests and exams in the
subject area of muscles.
New training concept:
The exemplary exam question on each card will help you familiarise yourself with the
exam situation. The question is answered on the back of the card.
One side of the card shows a labelled anatomical illustration, the other side shows
the picture without the labels for a memory check.
Information boxes and tables contain concise summaries of clinical and other
relevant aspects (e.g. origin and insertion of individual muscles).
Important structures are emphasised for quicker orientation.
The Latin terms are in accordance with the current Terminologia Anatomica.
For study on the go and preparation for exams and tests!
ISBN-13: 9780702052583
Publication Date: 23/08/2013

Sobotta Atlas of Human

Anatomy Package, 15th English ed.

ISBN-13: 9780702052507
Publication Date: 25/06/2013

Musculoskeletal system, internal organs,

head, neck, neuroanatomy, By Waschke &
The perfect coach for exam preparation
This English-language Sobotta Atlas with
English nomenclature is specifically
adapted to the needs of preclinical
medical students. The new study concept
simplifies learning-understanding-training:
Descriptive legends help the student
identify the most important features.

Clinical examples present anatomical details in a wider context. All illustrations have been
optimized, and the lettering reduced to minimum. An additional booklet containing 100
tables on muscles and nerves supports systematic study.
The Sobotta package includes the following:
Volume 1: General Anatomy and Musculoskeletal System
Volume 2: Internal Organs
Volume 3: Head, Neck and Neuroanatomy
Tables of Muscles, Joints and Nerves

An Illustrated Colour Text, 4th Edition
By Crossman & Neary
This is a short highly illustrated textbook
of neuroanatomy that throughout makes
clear the relevance of the anatomy to
clinical neurology. It avoids overburdening
the reader with topographical detail that
is unnecessary for the medical student.
Minimum assumptions are made of
existing knowledge of the subject.
ISBN-13: 9780702030864
Publication Date: 13/04/2010

Gray's Clinical Photographic

Dissector of the Human Body
with STUDENT CONSULT Online Access By
Loukas, Benninger & Tubbs
It helps you take a clinical approach to the
study of anatomy. This unique dissection
guide uses full-color photographs rather
than anatomical drawings to orient you
more quickly in the lab, and points out the
clinical significance of each structure and
every dissection you make. You will also find
valuable information on several emergency
ISBN-13: 9781437724172
Publication Date: 28/09/2012
procedures used today to further reinforce
the clinical correlations. With 1,300+ photos, this resource is a great way to learn or review
anatomy and its relevance to clinical practice.

Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy

With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access ,
2nd Edition By Moses, Nava, Banks &
Winner of the Richard Asher Prize for a
First Medical Textbook for Students
Responding to current trends in anatomy
curricula, this innovative new resource
covers surface and radiological anatomy
and cutaneous and muscular innervations
ISBN-13: 9780323077798
as well as gross anatomy.
Publication Date: 14/05/2012
Outstandingly realistic three-dimensional photographs and illustrations, plus a consistent
chapter organization, summary tables, and other user-friendly features, enhance readers'
mastery of essential information. It provides students with a unique resource for use before,
during and after lab work, in preparation for examinations, and later on as a primer for
clinical work.

Gray's Basic Anatomy with

ISBN-13: 9781455710782
Publication Date: 23/05/2012

ISBN-13: 9780723436973
Publication Date: 22/03/2013


Drake, Vogl & Mitchell Product Type:
Grays Basic Anatomy equips you with all
the essential anatomy information you
need to know, in a concise, efficient, highyield format! This new medical textbook
lets you study efficiently while being
confident in your mastery of the most
important anatomical concepts.

McMinn and Abrahams' Clinical Atlas of

Human Anatomy with STUDENT CONSULT
Online Access , 7th Edition By Abrahams,
Spratt, Loukas & van Schoor
It delivers the straightforward visual
guidance you need to confidently perform
all of the dissections required during your
medical training... while acquiring the
practical anatomical knowledge needed in
your future clinical practice! Prof. Peter H.
Abrahams and a team of leading
anatomists use a vast collection of clinical
images to help you master all essential

Histology and Cell Biology: An

Introduction to Pathology

ISBN: 9780323085885
Copyright: 2012

3rd Edition By A.L. Kierszenbaum

Paperback with STUDENT CONSULT Online
Access and E-Book
The book contains a wealth of vivid, fullcolor images to help you master histology
and cell biology. Dr. Abraham L.
Kierszenbaum presents an integrated
approach that correlates normal histology
with cellular and molecular biology,
pathology, and clinical medicine
throughout the text.

A unique pictorial approach-through illustrative diagrams, photomicrographs, and pathology

photographs-paired with bolded words, key clinical terms in red, and clinical boxes and
"Essential Concepts" boxes that summarize important facts give you everything you need to
prepare for your course exams as well as the USMLE Step 1.


Gray's Anatomy for Students,


Expected Release Date: 14.04.2014

3rd Edition With STUDENT CONSULT

Online Access By Drake, Vogl & Mitchell
It didnt take long for students around the
world to realize that anatomy texts just
dont get any better than Grays Anatomy
for Students. Only in its 2nd edition, this
already popular, clinically focused
reference has moved far ahead of the
competition and is highly recommended
by anyone who uses it.

The very latest knowledge in the field - clinical material updated and revised
A rewritten abdomen section provides greater clarity
Clinical relevance - expanded discussions of cranial nerves
Now even easier to find information, with a new internal design and an improved index
More information on the general aspects of anatomy - introduction chapter

Recommended for 2nd year dentistry students studying

maxillofacial anatomy

Oral Anatomy, Histology and

Embryology, 4th Edition, by B. Berkovitz

ISBN: 9780723434115
Copyright: 2009

Paperback with STUDENT CONSULT Online

Access and e-book
New edition of a now classic textbook
covering oral anatomy, histology and
embryology suitable for dental students
and candidates for post-graduate dental

Illustrated Dental Embryology,

Histology, and Anatomy, 3rd
Edition by Mary Bath-Balogh
Featuring detailed illustrations and fullcolor photographs this book provides a
complete look at dental anatomy,
combined with dental embryology and
histology and a review of dental
structures. A clear, reader-friendly writing
style helps you understand both basic
ISBN: 9781437717303
science and clinical applications, putting
Copyright: 2011
the material into the context of everyday
dental practice. Going beyond an introduction to anatomy, this book also covers
developmental and cellular information in depth. Color photomicrographs make it easy to
discern microscopic structures.

For 3rd year medicine students attending Medical Imaging

Imaging Atlas of Human
Anatomy, 4th Edition by Jamie Weir,
Peter Abrahams, Jonathan D. Spratt, and
Lonie Salkowski
The book provides a solid foundation for
understanding human anatomy and offers
a complete and 3-dimensional view of the
structures and relationships within the
body through a variety of imaging
ISBN: 9780723434573
modalities. Over 60% new images-showing
Copyright: 2011
cross-sectional views in CT and MRI,
nuclear medicine imaging, and more-along with revised legends and labels ensure that you
have the best and most up-to-date visual resource. In addition, youll get free online access
to 10 pathology tutorials linking to additional images for even more complete coverage than
ever before (with the opportunity to upgrade to more online tutorials). In print and online,
this atlas will widen your applied and clinical knowledge of human anatomy.