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1.0 Name of the partners

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Service feature

1.3 Business structure

1.4 Business operation

1.5 Financial data

1.6 Source of funding

1.7 Limitations


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1.8 Statement of confidentiality report

2.0 Industry Analysis

2.1 Future potentiality to tourism


2.2 Trends in tourism industry in Bangladesh


2.3 Industry forecast


2.4 Market Analysis


2.5 Marketing Plan


2.6 Market Research and Analysis


2.7 Market research According to time


2.8 Conclusion


1.0 Name & Address of the Partners



Green Valley Eco-tourism is a business that provides tourism facilities along
will the service of eco-village. It belongs to eco tourism industry. Green Valley
Eco-tourism (GVET) provides the ideal holiday destination for a family
getaway. The place and facilities is also ideally suited for all type of
celebrations, family get together, school and college picnic and also corporate
picnic spot & conference. It is a place that has the sprit to weave the weekend
flavor into everyday of the week and leave your soul refreshed and recharged.
For the busy mind of modern life its a complete leisure zone that blends
corporate flavor into a holiday environment and close to nature. Those who
love the pleasure of modern life, in a modern way this are completely a
different experience.

1.2 Service Features

The services of the business are different holiday and corporate packages
along with different occasional package. Green Valley Eco-tourism (GVET)

provides unrivalled comfort, impeccable hospitality and every facility for an

enchanting holiday with nature. The services those we are going to provide to
our guests beside accommodation are as follows:

01. Transportation service

02. Food
03. Deluxe and Honeymoon cottage
03. Spa
04. Privilege card

1.3 Business Structure

The structure of Green Valley Eco Tourism (GVET) would be Partnership
business under the Bangladesh partnership act 1932. The business we are
going to start requires a total capital of 1.80 crore of which 1.20 crore will be
contributed by the 6 partners of the venture and the rest 60 lacs will be taken
loan from the bank. It is a medium sized business. Its a partnership business
and the risk and profit will be shared equally among all the partners.

1.4 Business Operations

In the first two months the main operational activities will be to secure
funding, infrastructural development and arrange legal requirements. In the
following month the firm will go for marketing campaign. At the fourth
month it will run in full swing.

1.5 Financial Data

Area of financing

Amount (Taka)

Rent Advances
Land & Buildings
Start up expenses


1.6 Source of Funding

Green Tourism & Eco Park has six partners who will mainly supply the
capital. Each partner will provide BDT 2,000,000.00 to business which will
total BDT 12,000,000.00
Besides this the firm will go for debt financing of 50% of capital which will be
equal to BDT 6 million from banking or financial institutions.

1.7 Limitations

The project we have done has some limitations and vulnerability of its own.
These limitations can further affect the future planning and expansion of our
business. The main limitations of our project are as follows:
Budget: a key problem which can weaken the platform of our business plan is
lack of sufficient funding. Our total source of fund is 1.80 core which is not
well enough to establish and further expand our resorts in different locations
New concept: Although eco tourism and resort is not a new idea in many other
countries but in our country it is still not a very mature market. Only 2
companies has started to grow but not in its pure essence. So there is a risk
that how people and tourists will perceive it in our country. 66

Security issue: security in these eco resorts is a point of major attention. In

our country security is a very big threat to tourists specially foreigners.
Insuring the security and growing market share of eco tourism will be not

1.8 Statement of Confidentiality

We have obtained this confidentiality report to ensure the confidentiality of
the business plan. The business plan that we are submitting is not been taken
from any other source or plan. We have taken idea of the venture from
different sources from the Internet but not been taken from any copyrighted

2.1 Future Potentiality of Tourism

21st century will see a higher percentage of the total population traveling,
especially in developing countries, and people will be going on holidays

more often sometimes two, three or four times a year. Bangladesh therefore,
should immediately take necessary measures to develop infrastructure,
improve the existing products, develop peripheral products, and undertake
marketing promotional activities on priority basis with a view to attracting
larger share from these potential visitors and keeping pace with this trend.

Actually Bangladesh is a highly prospective country with fantastic tourism

The tourism industry, Bangladesh is yet to witness a satisfactory volume of
investment by the private sector. But recently a bunch of investment for
developing and creating tourism facilities are coming up. The government of
Bangladesh is also implementing various plans and programs to encourage
private sector investment in tourism and thus reduce unemployment and
minimize poverty. A few outlets of Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC)
have already been leased out to private sector. BPCs vacant lands are also
been leased out to private sector investors to create tourist facilities. Through
this process local private sector are getting involved in tourism industry.

2.2 Trends in Tourism Industry in


Earnings from the tourism industry have been growing for last 10 years. But
the growth is not satisfactory at all comparing with the potential. Bangladesh


is processing the largest unbroken sea beach, the largest mangrove forest as
well as lots of archeological and eco logical tourism spots. But the rate of
arrival of foreigners and local tourist is not up to the mark.

Over the last 4 years Bangladesh maintain almost a constant growth in this
sector. But this growth of 8 to 10 percent is not satisfactory comparing to the
world standard. In India the growth rate is over 20% and in Nepal 23% in
last year.
In recent years our local tourism has increased significantly. People having
moderate income now try to go for outing in holidays and special occasions.

2.3 Industry Forecast



The countrys recent growth levels indicate promise of the lands ability to
move forward, harnessing the vast potential that exists.
Tourism promotion is compared to the likes of dream selling. To sell dreams of
people, the dreams sold must be beautiful and believable. In promoting and
branding Bangladesh as a tourist destination area, the challenge faced by the
marketer is to ensure hat the three key characteristics of brand identity are
assured. They are quality, consistency and integrity.

Global financial turmoil may affect all the promising sector of the global
business and industry. Bangladesh is not out of the world. So the global
arrival of the tourist may decrease in coming years. But the potential of
domestic travelers are still an encouraging feature.



2.4 Market Analysis

Market of tourism especially the eco tourism in Bangladesh is still

disorganized. Only a couple of organizations are involved in serving
tourism service in this sector. Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation is single
largest organization and processes 21% market share. This is a
nationalized organization. On the other hand Jamuna Resort is the
largest eco-tourism service organization in private sector obtaining only
12% market share. About 57% percent of the total market of eco
tourism is possessed by the own arrangement. That means people have
to arrange their own journey. Eco-tourism provides huge potential for
new entrepreneurs.

2.5 Marketing plan:



We first of all segmented our target market on demographical and behavioral

characteristics. Our main focus will be to:
Families love outings
Our holiday plan is passing 2 or 3 days close to nature. So we can assume that
an individual without a family doesnt prefer to pass days by himself in such a
remote place. So we target families comprising 4 or 5 members who love to
travel in vacation and pass time far from the chaos of their day to day life.

Upper-middle class families

This outing as usual requires a lump sum amount. So we basically focus on
families who belongs to upper middle class so that they can afford this luxury
or dream of having this luxury.
Urban people
GVET Eco village may make a 40 years urban jobholder or businessman feel
his childhood days or give a school going child the first sight of a village life.
People who live in the village are not eager to travel in such places. So people
far from the nature are our target customer.
Institutional and business needs
Some institution needs a professional meeting on a distant place or some
school or colleges may arrange a study tour for their students on countryside.
These institutions are one of our target customers.

2.6 Market Research and Analysis



In our country, there are some people who just want to go abroad in vacation.
They love to see the ornamental cities or skyscrapers. But there also some
people who first want to know their country, travel the countryside, discover
the beauty of own country. These people are our target customers. We have
the setting and facilities to fulfill their passion

2.7 Market Research According to

In our country, winter prevails from November to February. Basically it is the
tourist season. In this season, people want to move with families far from the
day to day life because of the vacation of schools, suitable weather etc. we
want to target this customer base.
On the other hand, there are many theme parks in our country. But they will
provide facilities for 2 to 3 hours outing. So what about them who want to
have an overnight tour? These are the customers we are going to focus on.
These groups are all potentially strong customer segments. The benefit of this
mix of customers is that it helps maintain consistent business throughout the
year. Also, by appealing to several market segments, GVET Eco Village does
not become overly dependent on any single consumer group.

2.8 Conclusion


Our life is getting hectic day by day where We cannot found any vacation time
to fresh our mind. We cannot imagine the smell of first rain falling in the
thirsty land of summer. That is why we develop the idea of GVET Village
where all visions
Are accumulated to give the new concept of warmth hospitality, luxury and
comfort And the confluence of idyllic ambience of rural life.