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Manage, analyze and integrate

GPR data
EKKO_Project is the all-inclusive software solution for
managing, displaying, processing and interpreting
GPR data. It provides easy, efficient analysis and
integration of GPR and associated data. The software
is optimized for Windows 7 and later operating
EKKO_Project works with project .gpz files
generated by the GPR hardware. An embedded
database structure allows all GPR data and
ancillary files to be housed in a single .gpz file for
a specific project. A project file could contain a
single GPR line or hundreds of lines and grids
from a complex survey. Any available project
information can be added to the project file.


Data Acquisition

MapView window with

point interpretations

EKKO_Project consists of a base program and

three optional modules.

EKKO_Project base
Provides file organization, overview and

w GPR lines are grouped into linesets or


w Legacy .dt1 and .hd files are easily


w All data acquisition parameters are

immediately visible

w Ancillary data (GPS, topography, photos,



videos, notes, etc.) can be attached to

individual GPR data files, linesets or grids
MapView window displays grids and
geo-referenced GPR lines. Multiple grids
collected with GPS can also be displayed
simultaneously in their correct orientation
with respect to one another.
LineView opens one or more GPR lines for
cross-section viewing. Parameters such as
gain, color palettes and axes can be modified.
GPR line images can be exported in a number
of graphic formats (jpg, bmp, etc.)
Reporting functions output fiducials and
interpretations in spreadsheet (.csv), Google
Earth (.kmz) and AutoCAD (.dxf). These files are
easily imported by GIS and other software.


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AutoCAD output

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Interpretation Module (Optional)

Enables users to add interpretations to GPR lines

w Works within the LineView

w Add localized targets, layers, labels and
identifiers on the GPR lines

w All interpretations and spatial information

are stored in the .gpz project file

w Interpretations are output to Report files:

spreadsheet (.csv), Google Earth (.kmz) and

AutoCAD (.dxf) files
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SliceView Module (Optional)

Displays the GPR data collected in a grid as a series of
depth slices cutting into the subsurface.
w Each depth slice is a map of the GPR

signal strength at a specific depth;

the stronger the GPR reflector
(target), the more intense the
Large volumes of data are
quickly displayed to assist in
interpreting the orientation
and lateral extent of buried
If GPS data is available,
depth slices can be plotted on
Google Earth to show the
actual location of the grid
Grid data can also be exported
as 3D files for visualization in
Voxler, GRD files for Surfer
and CSV files for other
visualization software

Depth Slice on

Depth Slice

GP R Lin e

Processing Module (Optional)

Provides a range of common GPR signal
processing and analysis tools

w Processing routines include migration, time


and spatial filtering and attribute creation

Frequently-used processing recipes can be built,
saved and re-used
Processing can be applied to a single GPR line,
a selected group or all GPR lines with ease
Processing can be reversed with a single click

For existing software owners, affordable

upgrade paths are available. Contact our sales
department or one of our local representatives
for more information.

Processing Module

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