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Contoh Undangan Pernikahan Dalam Bahasa Inggris pertama

A block of rooms has been reserved in the name of Riadi-Nataniel

The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta
01 Lingkar Mega Kuningan
Call 021-25518888 (Block is held from June 21-June 23)
Reservations must be made by June 22, 2013
Email Dony at
riadi.nataniel@gmail.com for further information
Check out Suryakartas wedding organizer website at
for directions and other wedding details

January 01, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
We would like to share with you the engagement of our son, Paulo John, to
his long-time girlfriend, Pamela Grace Sy. After sharing love-filled dates and
meetings within the past few years, Paulo already asked Melas hand for
marriage. Our son finally wanted to settle down into a family life, and he
would like to share that life with Mela. As it turns out, Mela is thinking of the
same thing.
They were engaged last November 30, 2009 and they would want to
announce it publicly to everyone. In that note, we would love to see you in
February 14, 2010 at 4:00 oclock PM at our home, 823 Youngstown Court,
Hemet, CA 92222.
Sincerely yours,
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Li

Surat Undangan tentang Tamu Pembicara

September 20, 2005
Dear Prof. Lissette Rubiano,
The role of your Department in increasing membership is really to be
appreciated. This was shown at the last professional meeting of the
Teachers Club of the Pilar Elementary School, a neighboring school. After
the enlightening talk of one of your representatives, several teachers there
applied for optional insurance.
Our teachers club would like to listen to a similar talk since some of our
members have some questions about their own insurance policy.
Specifically, we want to know what benefits are available to government
employee members in terms of financing for investment. We also want
more enlightment about optional insurance.
Will you please be our guest speaker at our next professional meeting on
October 15, 2005 at the school auditorium? By accepting this invitation, you
will acquaint our teachers with the various opportunities for improving their
lot through insurance, and this will encourage the new teachers to become
members, too.
We will look forward to your being with us at 9:00 a.m. on said date.
Cecille Morgan
President, Faculty Club

Surat Undangan Bahasa Inggris tentang Reuni

December 1, 2008
Dear Alumni,
Western University College (WUC) will be having a Grand Alumni
Homecoming on December 7, 2008 at 2:00 pm at Joyous Resort and
Restaurant as the celebration of 30th Foundation Anniversary of WUC.
On this regard, we are cordially inviting you to attend the said affair to meet
your old friends, classmates, acquaintances and teachers, reminiscing
memorable experiences and sharing stories of success and most specially to
renew our commitment to the noble ideals of our beloved Alma Mater.
The registration charges are Php 500.00 per person payable at the venue.
These charges include Alumni T-shirt, Alumni ID, Alumni souvenir, dinner,
live band and raffle draws.
For further inquiries, please contact our Alumni Secretariat at (047) 2372383 or text us at 09173445631.
We look forward to your presence in this once a year celebration.
Thanks you very much.
Truly yours,
Michael Reyes
School Director