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TCS Ignite Open Lab

TCS Ignite Open Lab

Design and Creativity Challenge

Everything you can imagine is real.

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- Pablo Picasso
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Spanish Cubist painter (1881 - 1973)
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TCS Ignite Open Lab

Cover Page:
Index Pillar
The well-known Narasimha pillar from Belur, has a miniature version of all the sculptures
in the temple and was originally mounted on ball bearings and could be rotated.
In a similar manner, the index pillar at Ignite enables our trainees to view the real world
as a browsable interface. With camera phones and a mobile app, trainees are able to
access content by browsing the real world.
Index Pillar by J.P. Ignite, TCS
The Artist
J Prabhakar, known as J.P., is a Chennai based artist who specializes in pen-and-ink
line drawings. With no formal education in art, J.P. is entirely self-schooled. Although
his work is focused exclusively on the sacred arts and his themes tend to be temples,
monuments and sculptures, he innovates constantly in terms of technique, technology,
materials, form and content. His pursuit of excellence is a constant source of

TCS Ignite Open Lab

The TCS Ignite Open Lab Design and Creativity Challenge

Here is an opportunity to unleash your creative energy.

The Challenge
1. A bicycle is dismantled into various parts. Use your creativity and imagination
and come up with a new product using some or all of the parts. Make a sketch of
your product and give a brief description.
2. Imagine you are looking at your house and surroundings from an elevated
position (high rise building, a tree or a mountain top). Capture your scenic view in
the form a drawing.
3. Make a User Interface (UI) design for the following Android Mobile App:
Name of the App: Ignite
(Create a fitting logo for your application)
Purpos e: To buy or sell a product (Vehicles, houses, household articles,
electronic devices, books, etc.)

The app should be user friendly: easy to use and navigate.

It should enable a seller to post an advertisement about his product.

The app should enable a buyer to browse through different products. It

should also provide relevant information about the respective product --price, images, description, contact information, etc.

The final output (your UI Design) should look like screenshots taken from the
Note: This is a mobile application and the UI should be designed appropriately.
4. Make a comic strip of the most memorable day/event of your life. You can draw a
maximum of 15 panels to present the same.
Note: A comic strip is a sequence of drawings arranged in interrelated panels to
display brief humor or form a narrative, often serialized, with text in balloons and

TCS Ignite Open Lab

Scope and Effort
You may choose to do this challenge individually or in a team of up to 5 members. The
estimated effort is around 2 person days totally.
Any science graduate registered in Open Ignite can attempt this challenge. It requires a
creative mind with good imagination and visualization skills.
Submission Process

If hand drawn, the sketches should be scanned and converted into a digital
image (JPEG format). You can also create a digital image (JPEG) using photo
editing tools.

Optimize your image file size

Arrange your images sequentially (based on the question numbers) using

Microsoft Power Point (ppt)

Make sure your final ppt for submission does not exceed 5 MB.

You will be evaluated on the following parameters:


Effort taken to complete the task
Visualization, creativity and logical reasoning
Attention to detail
Ability to form and work in a team
Quality of the work