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Conditionals/Passive Voice/Reported Speech

I. Put verbs into the correct form (2p)
1. If youa wallet in the street, what
(find, do) with it?
2. I must hurry. My friend annoyed if.. on time.
(be, not/be)
3. I didnt realize that Gary was in hospital. If I. He was in
hospital, I to visit him. (know, go)
4. If the phone., you. it? (ring, can)
5. I cant decide what to do. What .. you .. if you. in my
position? (do, be)
6. If you .enough money to go anywhere in the world,
where you? (have, go)
7. Im glad we had a map. Im sure we.. if
we..one. (lose, have)
8. The accident was your fault. If you more carefully, it
. .(drive, not/happen)
9. If I my coat from home, I..wet now. (take,
10. If he to me then, I about it now. (tell, know)
II. The first sentence is in the ACTIVE VOICE. Choose the most correct way of saying the
same thing in the PASSIVE VOICE: (2.5 p)

1. They were interviewing her for the job.

She ________________ for the job.
was being interviewed
was interviewed
has been interviewed
2. Tom is writing the letter.
The letter ________________ by Tom.
was written
is being written
has been written
3. Everyone understands English.
English ________________ by everyone.
is understood

has been understood

was understood
4. The employees brought up this issue during the meeting.
This issue ________________ by the employees during the meeting.
has been brought up
is brought up
was brought up
5. The professor told him not to talk in class.
He ________________ by the professor not to talk in class.
has been told
was told
was being told
6. They say that women are smarter than men.
Women ________________ to be smarter than men.
were being said
were said
are said
7. The fire has destroyed the house.
The house ________________ by the fire.
has been destroyed
was being destroyed
is destroyed
8. She would have told you.
You ________________ .
would have been told
would be told
were being told
9. She would reject the offer.
The offer ________________ .
will have been rejected

would be rejected
will be rejected
10. This surprises me.
I ________________ by this.
would have been surprised
will be surprised
am surprised

III. Read the following text and rewrite it into Reported Speech (Indirect Speech): (3.5 p)
'I am so sorry for you,' she said, 'but my brothers are going back to Eton tomorrow, and then,
if you behave yourself, no one will annoy you.'
'It is absurd asking me to behave myself,' he answered, 'quite absurd. I must rattle my chains,
and groan through keyholes, and walk about at night, if that is what you mean. It is my only
reason for existing.'
'It is no reason at all for existing, and you know you have been very wicked. Mrs. Umney told
us that you had killed your wife.'
'Well, I quite admit it,' said the Ghost, 'but it was a purely family matter.'
'It is very wrong to kill any one,' said Virginia.
'Oh, I hate the cheap severity of abstract ethics! My wife was very plain and knew nothing
about cookery. However, it is no matter now, for it is all over, and I don't think it was very
nice of her brothers to starve me to death, though I did kill her.'
Oh, Mr. Ghost, I mean Sir Simon, are you hungry? I have a sandwich in my case. Would you
like it?' asked Virginia.
'No, thank you, I never eat anything now; but it is very kind of you and you are much nicer
than the rest of your horrid, rude, vulgar, dishonest family.' Sir Simon said.
IV. In no more than 100 words state what changes would you make to your country if you
were elected President? You may include topics such as: education, politics, health and law.