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... through Bertha Dudde


Hour of death....
Explanation of suffering....

You never know how your end will happen, and therefore you
should call upon God's mercy every day that you might receive it
in the hour of your death. Even if you live in accordance with
God's will your end can be difficult if it is to serve you to
completely purify and liberate yourselves forever.
God's wisdom and love is yours until your last hour on this
earth, and as long as your souls are still able to change you will
be given the opportunity even at the hour of death. For this
reason devoted people often have to suffer in the flesh and
cannot find an explanation for it because they are unable to
detect God's love therein.
And yet, divine love causes this suffering because it is the
best means for the soul to acquire a degree of maturity within a
short period of time which allows the light to permeate the soul
in the beyond, and the soul will thank its Creator once it is free
and recognises God's great love and mercy.
Thus all suffering has to be seen as evidence of God's love,
and even the end is blessed if it is accompanied by suffering,
although it does not appear to the human being that way. The
soul indeed separates itself from the body with pain, but
immediately lifts itself into the kingdom of the blessed spirits. It
not only leaves earth physically but also spiritually and also takes
the body's fully matured substances along, because every degree
of suffering dissolves the cover which still encloses the soul.

And the person who is still able to free himself completely

from immature substances on earth will be blessed.... he will
have used his earthly life for his deliverance and will no longer
revolt against God's will either.
In the hour of death he will certainly struggle for the peace of
his soul but he will never consider his physical suffering to be
unjustified, for his soul will know that the end is near, that his
physical suffering will also come to an end and that the soul will
derive benefit from it even if it is no longer able to convey this
realisation to the body.
The body, however, will separate itself from the soul as soon
as it senses its perfection, because then it will have fulfilled its
task of having served as an abode for this soul.
The hour of death can be difficult for all of you but it can also
be a blissful falling asleep in order to awaken in the kingdom of
light if the soul needs no further suffering, if it has already found
the union with God on earth and He then brings it home into His
kingdom, into your Father's house, in order to make you blissfully
But you do not know how your end will happen, and therefore
pray to God for mercy, ask Him for His grace and strength if God
still needs to afflict you, and you will also endure the hour of
death. The body will suffer but the soul will joyfully leave the
body and lift itself into the spheres of light....

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