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Many years ago there was a beautiful women called Medusa. She lived in a place called Athens
in Greece. She was a very kind and she obeyed her Greek gods and goddesses. Even though
there was pretty girls there, Medusa was one of them.
Every single day Medusa always boasted about her self. She says to other people she is the
most prettiest out of everyone in the whole wide world.
On Sunday, Medusa told the miller that her skin is more beautiful then fresh white snow. On
Monday, she babbled the cobbler that her hair is brighter than the sun. On Tuesday, she
commented the blacksmith's son that her eyes are greener than Aegean sea. On Wednesday,
she boasted to the public that her lips are redder than the reddest rose in the world.
When Medusa wasn't busy she would boast about her self while looking in a mirror. She
thought she was the prettiest woman in the whole wide world. She admired her self.
On and on Medusa went about her beauty to anyone and everyone who stopped long enough
to hear her. Until one day Medusa and her friends went to the Parthenon. It was Medusa's first
time going to the Parthenon. The Parthenon was the biggest temple in Greece. In the
Parthenon was the goddess of wisdom and beauty and that was Athena. There was statues of
most of the gods and goddesses in the Greek culture. All the people who went there obeyed
Athena, all except Medusa.
Medusa saw all the statues and she whispered "Who ever did this statue did do a good job but
it would look better if I was the statues." Every picture she saw she said that the person did a
good job but she would look better in the picture and she is so delicate.
When Medusa reached the altar she sighed happily and said, "My this is a beautiful temple. It is
a shame it is wasted on Athena for I am much prettier than she is, perhaps one day people will
build an even grander temple to my beauty."
Then Medusa's friend grew pale. The priestesses heard what Medusa said and they gasped. The
roomer went really quickly through the whole temple and everyone started to leave. Everyone
knew Athena will get angry if anyone compared her to someone else.
Before long the temple was empty of everyone except Medusa, who was so busy gazing
proudly at her reflection in the large bronze doors that she hadn't noticed the fast departure of
everyone else. While Medusa was gazing the figure changes. The figure changed into goddess

"Vain and foolish girl," Athena shouted angrily, "You think your a prettier girl than me. While
other people are working, playing or learning you just boast about your self. Medusa there is
more to life than beauty alone you see."
Medusa tried to point out that her beauty was an inspiration to those around her and that she
made their lives better by simply looking so lovely, but Athena silenced her with an angry wave.
"Nonsense," screamed Athena "One day beauty will fade away. But I will make it fade away
now and all your loveliness will be gone forever."
When Athena uttered those words Medusa turned into a terrible monster. Her hair thickened
into hissing snakes and body turned into a snake.
"Are you happy for what I have done? Now anyone who looks in your eyes will now turn into
stone and no one will be able to save them," snapped Athena,"Even you, Medusa, should you
seek your reflection, will turn to rock the moment you see your face."
Athena then sent Medusa with her hair of snakes to live with the blind monsters, the gorgon
sisters, at the end of the earth, so that no innocent people would be turned to stone at the
sight of her by accident.
Jason and the Golden Fleece
Jason was a prince, who lived near Colchis, Greece. When Jasons father died, it was his turn to
take on the throne. But, his uncle, Pelias stole it from him.
The only way to get his throne back was by stealing the golden fleece from an island on Colchis,
which was across the Black sea. So, Jason and his companions built a 50-oared boat, called
Argo, and set off to Colchis. They became known as the Argonauts.
When they set off, the argonauts were attaked by a flock of birds, that dropped sharp bronze
feathers on them. When they finally arrived in Cholchis, Jason was tested by ploughing a feild
using firebreathing bulls, and sowing it with serpents teeth. The teeth turned into warriors, and
Jason managed to trick them into fighting each other. When Jason went to get the fleece, he
realised that it was guarded by a snake, so his lover, the sorcress Medea, distracted it.
As they fled home, they where attaked by the Sirens, bird-women that draw men to their
deaths by singing. One of the argonauts, Orpheus, played his lyre and drowned out their voices.
When they arrived home, Medea tricked Pelias to his death, by killing a sheep and replacing it
with a lamb. Pelias agreed that Medeas men could kill him, thinking that he would wake up, and
live young again. Unfortunatly, he died, and Jason reclaimed his throne.
God of War

For thousands of years wars troubled the world. What is a better way to handle war; being
cruel and brutal or to be wise and thoughtful? Ares the brutal god of war kills without thinking
in wars. On the other hand Athena the goddess of wisdom and war fought battles by being
smart. Both Ares and Athena were powerful deities in Greek mythology. Although they have
similarities they have many differences as well. Ares and Athena were both similar because
they both fought many battles and were both smart and they were different because many
gods despised ares and Athena was liked, also Athena was wise in battle and ares was brutal
and cruel.
Throughout the Ancient Greek era many wars were fought. Ares and Athena both fought hard
in the battles. Ares fought the great battle of Troy from the Greek epic Homer. The Trojans
drove the strength of their hands straight on, as violent Ares defending the Trojans mantled in
dark night the battle passed everywhere. Ares was an asset in the battle of Troy he killed many
enemies to win the war. Athena fought many battles as well. As Athena attacked the giant
Hercules shot the giant with a poisonous arrows. Athena fought in a gruesome battles with
giants with Hercules at her side. Both of these powerful deities fought gruesome wars
throughout the ancient greek era.
Although Ares spends his time fighting wars he does not lack in cleverness as well as Athena.
Ares showed he was immensely smart and clever in many of his myths. In the spartan war
Ares was having a feud with Kratos, a powerful spartan leader. Ares lead Kratos to attack a
village and without knowing Kratos killed his family who were in the village." Ares was cunning
and clever and made Kratos and his army attack a village and kill his love ones. Athena is very
smart also, and she often uses trickery. Achilles wanted to rule over Troy. Athena told
deceived Achilles to kill Hector, a famous person in Troy. The gods did not like Hector so Athena
wanted to deal with it.Athena and Ares used cunning and cleverness in almost all of their
Ares and Athena are not alike because Ares is despised by all of the gods and Athena is loved.
Ares shows that the other gods are not a fan of him in his childhood. This savage and
sanguinary character of Ares makes him hated by the other gods. Most of the god did not like
Ares because he was cruel and brutal.
On the other hand we have Athena. Athena is loved by all of the gods in Mount Olympus.
Athena was much enjoyed by the other gods because she helped all of the greek deities in their
troubles. Athena was loved by all the gods as she helped them when they were in need. Ares is
despised by everyone including his parents and Athena is loved by the gods and the humans.
Ares and Athena are not alike at all. Ares is brutal and cruel and Athena is wise and thoughtful.
Ares shows his cruel nature in mount Olympus. In great Mount Olympus Aress throne is

adorned with human skin. As you can see Ares is cruel to humans and gods. Athena is wise and
thoughtful to everyone including humans. Athena taught humans to tame horses (Greek
mythology.com) Athena was kind to humans and gave them the ability to tame horses. That
ability would help them in daily life. Ares is brutal and cruel to everybody not all deities are all
bad because Athena is nice to everybody.
As you can see Ares and Athena are both powerful deities even though they share some
similarities, they are very different as well. Athena and Ares are similar because they both
waged war with others and they are both smart, they are not alike because Ares is hated by
many and Athena is loved by all also Ares is cruel and Athena is wise.