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Beginning a relationship with God? It is the purpose of the church.

Our own religion

cannot save us nor help us to grow spiritually to be fully devoted to God, guiding us on how to
follow Christ in our life and practicing our beliefs through obeying Gods word but usually many
world religions place an individual on their own, striving for spiritual perfection.
It is an Infinite manifestation of God. Most Hindus worship one being of ultimate oneness
(Brahman) through infinite representations of gods and goddesses incarnate within idols,
temples, gurus, rivers animals, etc.
Hindus believe that law of karma which means if you do evil in your past life you might
experience hardships, disasters, pain, poverty, disease, lack of things we need and of guidance.
Like what ive said in the first paragraph that other religions are striving for spiritual perfection,
Hinduism gives a person a free choice how to work for spiritual perfection.
Hindus really believed in karma but they also believe that there are three ways to end up
this cycle.
o You must be devoted to any of gods or goddesses which means loving it and being
able to follow to work hard to attain spiritual perfection for the remission of your

o You must have broaden your knowledge knowing about Brahman (oneness).
Brahman which means Absolute God of Hindus and a very mysterious being, they
said that selfhood is just an impression or false idea and only Brahman is real.
o .You must be fully devoted to their belief, religious ceremonies and rites, dedicated
in citing them.


New Age religion talks about the development of persons own authority or,
power or divinity in short Believing that we ourselves are God. New Age dont talk about
God who created the universe but is regarding to the awareness of ones existence,
sensations, thoughts, and sorroundings or referring to higher consciousness within
themselves. People in New Age know themselves as God. In fact, everything that they
sees, feels, hears or imagines is to be considered divine.
New Age also recognize the existence of gods and goddesses just like Hinduism.
They believed that the Source of all spirituality is the Earth, has the ability to control and
God of all.
Lastly, New Age doesnt believe about what they feel. Considering failures,
sadness, anger, selfishness, hurt and etc. an illusion of their own and knowing that they
are completely having an supreme rank, power and authority that nothing about their
life is wrong, negative and painful. They are very confident to themselves that they
dont do evil doings, and especially they are creating their own beliefs, on what is real to
them and should be reliable.


Buddhism do not worship any gods or God or a belief that no god or gods exist. They
believe that through changing yourself you will attain awareness, kindness and wisdom.
Like the Hinduism itself, Buddhism also have an interpretation about karma which is,
Good actions involve either absence of bad actions, or actual positive acts. Bad actions also
bring you unhappy life which means your future depends on what youve done equivalent to a
good or bad karma.
Buddhist also believe about the continuous cycle of life and death and most of the
Buddhist believe that a person has countless rebirths but practically, it includes sufferings also.
What Ive understand is that, a person can free from this cycle if and only if he has a pure heart
and let go of the attachment of deep longing to the desires of a person.
Lastly, Buddhists also meditate. We Christian meditate by praying, reading words of God
and etc. unlike the Buddhist, when they meditate it is not the same as praying or focusing on a
god but is more on their values, on how they discipline themselves.
Muslims believe there is the one almighty God or devoted to one transcendent God,
named Allah. They believe that Allah is the creator of the universe and the source of all
good and evil which means everything that happens in our life is Allahs will. For example, if
anyone harms others, God will harm him/her also unlike Christians that we dont believe
that God will make revenge to us.

Islam also believe that After death you will be rewarded or punished according to what
youve done on how you devote yourself to Allah. One example of this is, if we sacrifice our
life for Allah there is no doubt for you in entering paradise. They have said there is a great
importance concerning the Day of Judgment. Muslims will enter paradise and non-Muslims
will be condemned forever to a pit of fire.
Christians believe in a loving God Jesus Christ, or an Infinite and Personal God. It is about
a person focusing not on rituals but doing good things and having a relationship to God. We
believe that God answers our Prayers according to his time and plans. God also allow us to
suffer or fell hardships sometimes because He wants to see on how deep our faith will be.
We Christians believe that Jesus Himself is God because He performed miracles, forgave
persons in our sin, and said anyone who believed in Him will be saved and would have an
eternal life. Supporting verse, John 10:30, I and My Father are One which explains Jesus is
God too like His Father. Christians also believe that the bible is a message of God to us
because God reveals His love, personality, and truth in the Bible. Through the stories in the
Bible or the lots of miracles in the Bible God has done we are being exhorted through them
that by those instances we are being moved to deep faith in God. If we try to read the
Bible, there are lots of promises God has mentioned there that is to be done to us if we
obey God. Also, Christians on the Day of Judgment will be judged according to what we
have done, if we do good or evil, but if we do pleased God, we will be Rewarded in

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