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Experiment Report

A description of the psychological approach /studies/theories you are basing your research on


State clearly what you are aiming to do. Usually it is a replication of

previous research to support their findings.

Alternative (experimental) Hypothesis H1:

Write the same sentence as above but just say no or put a not
in it!
Null Hypothesis H0:

From the hypothesis you should be able to work out the IV (what
you are manipulating) and the DV (what you are measuring).
Procedure Divide into the following subheadings


(describe the variables you are measuring - IV & DV, and describe the type of study you
are doing repeated/independent measures experiment/field/lab/ correlation etc).


include the following (sampling method, Number of pps, Age range, Gender,
Occupation, Target population)


(list here all the materials you used; e.g. question sheet; blank paper; stop watch;
video clip; OHT; consent form; standardised instruction sheet etc)


(Your Delia Smith recipe of how you conducted your investigation it should be
detailed enough to allow someone else to replicate it. State how you approached your participants,
gaining consent, how you assigned them to conditions, if you used standardised instructions, timing,
debrief, thankyou etc). This must be written in the past tense you are writing a research report
which means you have already done it. REMEMBER NO I ME OR MY!



Explain the controls you applied to the study

state which ethical guidelines you have taken into consideration for YOUR study. (at least


Results -

you should include appropriate visual displays like tables, bar charts and
graphs. You will want to include the mean, median, mode and range of scores.

You need to explain what your results mean in relation to your

hypothesis. Which hypothesis was supported and which was rejected?


What criticisms can you make of your study? Consider your choice of design,
sample, procedure, location, controls. Were there any confounding or extraneous variables? Were any
ethical issues raised?
Make clear what your evaluation issue is explain why it is relevant support the point you are making
by referring to your study. How could you improve it? Can you suggest a way to further the research in
the future? (PEE x 4)

Appendix :

An appendix goes at the back of you research project. Anything you listed in
the materials section goes in the appendix e.g. examples of questionnaires/test sheets/
standardised instructions/raw data / Statistical Tests etc

References/Bibliography: Psychology uses the Harvard referencing system

(worth loads of marks)
1.author/ 2.date of publication/3.title/ 4.edition/ 5.place of publication/