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This DEED OF LEASE is made at Bangalore, on this the Seventeen day

of February in the Christian Year two thousand and six;


Mr D.Gopinath, aged 65 years [General Power of Attorney for

Ms.Priya Gopinath], Indian National presently residing at No.11, 100

feet Ring Road, BTM Layout, Ist Stage, Bangalore 560 025, hereinafter

referred to as the “LESSOR” (which expression shall, unless it be

repugnant to the context or meaning thereof be deemed to mean and

include his heirs, executors, and administrators) of the FIRST PART


M/s Bovis Lend Lease India Private Limited, a Company

registered under the Companies Act, 1956 having its Corporate office

at 105 Embassy Square, 148 Infantry Road, Bangalore - 560001

hereinafter referred to as the “LESSEE” (which expression shall, unless

it be repugnant to the context or meaning thereof, mean and include

their Successors-in-title) of the SECOND PART

WHEREAS, the LESSOR herein is the absolute owner and is in
peaceful possession and enjoyment of all that piece and parcel of
immovable property being a residential apartment namely ‘B’-Block,
Flat No.206, situated in Vaishnavi Paradise, 46th Cross,
Jayanagar 8th Block, Bangalore, on the second floor of the building
and measuring 1500 square feet or thereabout of built up area,
consisting of two bedrooms, a drawing room, a dining room, a
kitchen, two toilets and three balconies which is hereinafter
referred to as the “schedule premises”, with intent to rent
temporarily the aforesaid premises.

WHEREAS, the LESSEE is in search of a residential

accommodation for one of it’s senior executives, by name, Mr. John
Smyth, Project Manager, herein after referred to as the said
‘Employee’, and has thus become apprised of the intentions of the
lessor in this regard.

And WHEREAS, the Lessee after due inspection of the schedule

premises and negotiations with the Lessor with regard to the lease of
the same has agreed to take on lease and the Lessor has agreed to
give on lease the Schedule Premises on the terms and conditions
hereinafter appearing.

NOW THESE PRESENTS WITNESS and it is hereby agreed by and

between the parties hereto as follows.

1. In consideration inter alia of the Lessee having agreed to

comply with and to duly observe and perform all the terms
and covenants hereinafter contained to be on the respective
part of the Lessee complied with, observed and performed and
subject to the other terms and conditions hereinafter
appearing, the Lessor doth hereby grant unto the Lessee and
the said Lessee do hereby take on lease for a period of 11
months commencing from the date mentioned clause (2)
hereof the aforesaid area of two bedrooms, a drawing room,
a dining room, a kitchen, two toilets and three balconies for the
sole purpose of residence of the Employee.

2. The Lease hereby granted shall commence on 1st March 2006

and shall end on 31 January 2007. As such lease, subject
to the provisions of earlier termination hereof as are
hereinafter contained. The said lease shall automatically come to
an end on 31st January 2007 without execution of any other or
further paper/s and or document/s by either of the parties
hereto. Consequently, on and from 1st March 2006, the Lessor
shall allow the Lessee to take on Lease the schedule premises
and to occupy the aforesaid area within the said premises.
The occupation by the Lessee of the schedule premises shall
not be treated as possession of the said premises and that
the legal possession of the said premises shall always be that
of the Lessor.
3. It is also hereby agreed that this lease agreement is renewable,
should it be considered, for a further period of eleven months post
31st January 2007, with no escalation in the rent payable.

4. During the currency of this lease, the Lessee doth hereby

agree and under take as follows :-

a. To use the said premises for the purpose of residence only.

b. To pay the Lessor a compensation at the rate of

Rs.35,500/- (Rupees Thirty Five Thousand Five Hundred Ony)
per month for the said premises as mutually agreed. In
addition, there will be society maintenance charges of
Rs.3,500/ (Rupees Three Thousand Five Hundred only) per
month to be borne by the Licensee. Any escalation in the same
during the tenance of this lease will also be borne by the lessee.

c. The above mentioned compensation of Rs.35,500/- per

month shall be paid by a local cheque favoring ‘Priya
Gopinath’. The said amount shall be payable in advance
on or before the 10th day of every English calendar month
and be paid as is hereinafter recorded.

d. To deposit with the Licensor, simultaneously with the

execution of these presents a sum of Rs.3,55,000/-
(Rupees Three Lakh Fifty Five Thousand Only) as interest
free security deposit which shall be refundable to the
Licensee in the manner in this behalf hereinafter recorded.

e. To pay promptly and regularly electricity charges incurred in the

said premises to the appropriate authorities.

f. Not to make or permit any structural alterations or

additions (other than installation of air conditioners, washing
machine which too shall be made subject to the conditions
hereinafter appearing) in or to the said premises.

g. Not to do any act or omission which leads to is likely to lead to

damage or deterioration or destruction of the aforesaid

h. Not to sub-let the aforesaid premises to any person.

i. To maintain the said premises as also the fixtures and

fittings clean and in good usable condition, repair and
order (fair wear and tear excepted) during the currency of
this Lease and to return the said premises in the same
condition as it was at the time of taking the possession,
upon cessation of the license hereby granted by efflux of
time or otherwise howsoever.

5. The Lessor Covenants :-

a. To bear and pay promptly and regularly all taxes, rates,

cess and levies as are presently imposed or payable on the
said premises, it having been expressly agreed and
understood that any increase in the payments thus to be
made after the execution hereof shall be borne and paid
by the Lessor.

b. To ensure prompt payment of the society maintenance charges

so that the Lessee may enjoy the amenities without disruption
or hassles.

c. To carry out at her costs all repairs to the said premises

under any notice from Municipal Corporation or any other
authority competent in this behalf.

d. On cessation of the lease hereby granted by efflux of time

or otherwise, to refund within seven days of the Lessee
having vacated and surrendered the said premises, the
security deposit placed in terms of clause 3 (d) hereof.

6. The lease hereby granted shall be solely for the purpose of

the residence of the said Employee and for no other
purposes whatsoever.

7. As is mentioned above, the Lessee, on the execution of this

indenture has paid the Lessor a sum of Rs.1,50,000/- (Rupees One
Lakh Fifty Thousand Only) as security deposit to be held free
of interest, payment and receipt of which sum the Lessor doth
hereby admit and acknowledge upon the expiry or sooner
determination of these presents in the manner more particularly
described herein or otherwise howsoever, to return the same
free from all deductions. The Lessor shall however, subject to a
dialogue, be entitled to deduct from the said sum [security
deposit] such amounts, if any, as may then be due from the
Lessee to the Lessor in terms of these presents or otherwise
howsoever or in respect of any damage caused or occasioned to
the premises in question.

8. The Lease hereby granted is a personal one restricted to the

use and occupation of the schedule premises by the Employee
and is neither transferable nor intended to be transferable
and the Lessee shall use the said premises for the purpose of
residence only.

9. Electricity charges for the period before the occupation of the

Lessee shall be paid by the Lessor. In the same manner, the
Lessee while withdrawing from the said premises in the
manner herein recorded shall be bound and liable to prove to
the satisfaction of the Lessor due payment having been made
of the charges for the electricity consumed in the whole of
the said premises during the occupation thereof by the

10.The Lessee shall be at liberty to bring into the said premises

the furniture and articles and things necessary or required for
such residence with liberty to remove the same on
termination of this agreement or any time prior thereto. The
Lessee shall further be bound and liable to take away, while
leaving the said premises upon the expiry of the lease
hereby granted to the Lessee or the earlier determination
thereof, all the articles and things which might have been
brought in by the Lessee during the continuance of these

11.The Lessee shall not make, nor shall allow any other party to
make, any structural alterations of any kind and also not
erect or build or permit to be erected or built on the said
premises any constructions or erections without the prior
permission in writing of the Lessor and not to cause any
damage to the said premises or to the fixtures and fitting

12.The Lessee shall be liable to co-operate with other residents in

the building, if any, for peaceful and quiet holding of the said area
by all concerned and shall strive to settle all issues in a cordial and
amicable manner.

13.All furnishings and fixtures listed out in the annexure shall be the
absolute property of the Lessor and upon termination of the
agreement. The Lessee shall no longer have any rights to enjoy the

14. Either party shall be entitled to terminate the agreement by

giving a minimum of two months notice to the other during
the subsistence of this agreement.

15.It is reiterated that the Lesssor shall refund the interest free
security deposit to the Lessee within 7 days of the premises being
vacated and the keys being handed over to the former.

16.Any notice to be served hereunder shall be sufficiently served

on either party, if served by Registered Post at its address
mentioned above.

17.This agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of

the Courts at Bangalore

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have hereunto and to

the duplicate hereof set and subscribed their respective hands
and seals the day and year first hereinabove written.

Signed and delivered;

D.Gopinath [GPA for Ms.Priya Gopinath] Ben Salmon,

Country Manager
Signature of Lessor For M/s Bovis Lend Lease
India Pvt Ltd Signature of


1) 1)
The Lessor hereby acknowledges the receipt of the interest free
security deposit amount of Rs.1,50,000/ [Rupees One Lakh and Fifty
Thousand Only] by cheque [No.263562 dated 3/12/2005, HDFC Bank]
on December 3rd, 2005.