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Ben Page

Questionnaire Analysis
1. What gender are you?
Male 8
Female 2


To get a basic understanding of the demographic for magazines I first asked who I
was interviewing what gender they were. This will help me understand what the
questions in the rest of the questionnaire would be answered by what in this case is
a mainly male audience.
2. How old are you?
16 17 10
18 19 0
20 21 0




In order to appropriate my magazine to the target audience I needed to determine how old
the people who I was asking were. This would be able to let me personalise my magazine
with specific features to make it more suited to the intended audience. I can now make the
articles of the magazine more interesting and make sure the audience are going to read it.

Ben Page
3. Have you ever purchased a music magazine?
Yes 5
No 5



This is a very simple question and only serves the purpose of determining whether the
people who are being targeted by my magazine are familiar with them.
4. How often do you buy music magazines?
Weekly - 1
Monthly - 1
Every 2 Months - 1
Every 6 months - 1
Never 6

every 2 months
every 6 months

This question is a fairly similar one to the previous one, it only serves the purpose of
determining the reading habits of the targeted audience, such as if they do not read
magazines ever, then I could put focus on how to make them more interested in doing so.

Ben Page
5. Are you interested in the Rock music genre?
Yes 6
No 4



The magazine that Im going to create is based around the genre of rock. Therefore it
important for me to understand how much of the targeted audience based on the people I
asked are interested in the rock genre. This will allow me to cover an appropriate amount of
topics based on the quantity of people who said they are interested.

6. If you are interested in the rock genre, what kind of bands/artists would you like to
appear in a rock magazine?
Foo Fighters
Arctic Monkeys
The Vaccines
Linkin Park
Green Day
The Killers
Guns N Roses
As this is a rock music magazine I will definitely need to include articles and
information about different rock bands. To make the magazine more appealing and
appropriate I used this question to find out which are the more popular and well
known bands. Based on the answers these will be the kinds of bands that I include in
my magazine.
7. Could you provide some suggestions of articles that you would like to read in a
magazine of this type, even if you are not interested in this genre?
Reviews on albums
Shocking moments

Ben Page

Best live performances

Top 10 songs of 2014
Top 20 bands of the decade
Top of the charts
Behind the scenes of music videos
Top 10 rock songs of all time
Best bands

In magazines it is a conventional requirement to have articles in it based on the genre of the

magazine. I thought it would be better to ask the target audience what sort of articles they
would prefer, this would make the magazine both more appealing and appropriate.

8. What would be the price range that you would be prepared to pay for a music
magazine? Circle the answer that applies to you? You may circle multiple answers.

Under 1
Over 3

A big part that determines whether the target audience are going to purchase the
magazine is its asking price. If the price is too high then they will not buy it. To
determine which a good price for the magazine is I asked them how much they
would typically expect to send on a magazine. This will help me determine how
much I will charge for my magazine.
9. Would you prefer a bright and vibrant colour scheme on a magazine or a more dim
and serious colour scheme and why?

Bright and
Dim and serious

Ben Page

The looks of the magazine is also a very important key feature of it. I narrowed the colour
scheme down to two different descriptions, bright and vibrant or dim and serious. Most
of the people I asked though the magazine would look better if it were bright and vibrant,
therefore this is the kind if colour scheme that I will use for my magazine.

10. If you were to get a free gift on the front of a music magazine like this what would
you like to get?
Demo CD
Code for free music
Raffle Tickets
Many magazines include a free gift on the front of the magazine that the customer will
receive when they buy the magazine. I thought it would be a good idea to ask the target
audience what sort of gifts they would want, these are the suggestions that they gave to
me. Due to these suggestions I will consider adding maybe one or two of the things from the
11. What is one of the main things that you dislike about music magazines, why, and
how could this be improved?
Not enough images
Adverts and leaflets - 5
Articles that are too long - 2
Unrelated articles
Due to some people having never bought a magazine, I though there may be some reasons
why the people I asked do not like about music magazines or magazines in general. The
things that they suggested I will definitely not include in my magazine.

12. Which of the following bands heard of? Circle the ones you have.

Foo Fighters

Green Day
Arctic monkeys



The Smiths
The Strokes
The Killers

Ben Page

To back up the previous question about bands I have looked up some of the popular rock bands
today. Then I asked the audience which of the artists they were familiar with. This will help me
choose which of the bands to do the main articles on.

13. Do you prefer to buy magazines from the shop or go online to find out about the
latest music news?


Go to the shop
Go online