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4671 Greggs Rd
Adel, Ga 31620
phone: (229)896-2746
cell: (229)237-4271


Completion of FNP program at Albany State University and begin career

helping underserved communities.


Albany State University, Albany Georgia

Currently pursuing FNP degree
June 2009 - current
Thesis: Readmission Rates with Proper Post-Hospitalization Care
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Tifton Georgia
AD in Nursing
May 2008
Tifton Technical College, Tifton Georgia
Emergency Medical Technician-I
August 2001


Suncrest Home Health, Adel Georgia

March 2010 - present
Field Nurse/Case manager
Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Med-Surg, Albany Georgia
August 2009 - March 2010
Floor Nurse/Charge Nurse
Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Cardiac Step-Down, Albany
August 2008 - August 2009
Floor Nurse/Charge Nurse
Thomas County Fire-Rescue, Thomasville Georgia
September 2002, December 2004


Experience providing care with cardiac, heparin, and insulin drips,

tracheostomy care, wound/ostomy care, wound-VAC care, enteral and
parenteral nutrition; PO, SQ, IM, and IV drug therapy, phlebotomy,
delegation/leadership issues, and time management.
Experience as a charge nurse on the Medical/Surgical floor at Phoebe
Putney. This provided me with supervisory experience in a fast paced
demanding setting. Being a charge nurse on the weekend shift required a
higher level of critical thinking and problem solving due to management
not being readily available.
Experience as a field nurse in home health and EMT has sharpened my
critical thinking skills due to being in a non-clinical setting while treating