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Teachers play a very significant role in our lives. Their role has a great impact upon a student.

They are
the light of the world. Had there been no teachers; there would be no students. Teachers are our
mentors, protectors and knowledge providers. We would be helpless like fish on sand, but if it were not
for our teachers who pick us up and put us into the mighty ocean in order to wade bravely with our
talents and abilities.

Teaching may not be only in the class, but in public places too. If I were a teacher, I would give my best.
Indeed, I would help the students in achieving their goals and aspirations. A students future depends on
how one prepares for it today and one way is by learning lessons from the past. As a teacher I would
help the students make use of their present. I would draw out the potentiality of every individual and
nurture them effectively.Man is a social being and cannot live in isolation. But there are times when
people feel rejected or isolated due to the absence of knowledge. Therefore, I would try my best to
encourage and teach my students individually, because as a teacher it is our duty to learn the interest,
capacity and ability of our students and impart knowledge accordingly.If I were a teacher I would help
even the underprivileged children and offer them guidance. I would give equal importance to every
individual and avoid partiality. I would not make any differentiation between the rich or the poor. Every
student should be given equal education. As a teacher I would respect their opinions, views, ideas and
encourage honest discussions regarding their doubts and problems. I would break down the walls of
distinction, feelings of inferiority, low-self esteem and promote team spirit and a feeling of oneness and
unity. I would try my best to create a peaceful environment for acquiring knowledge boundlessly.If I
were a teacher, I would also give importance to students emotions or sentiments. I would love to learn
the cause of their sorrows and sadness. I would also encourage recreation activities. Picnic, I believe, is a
form of social gathering that can help create closer bonds. So, I would take my students for a picnic from
time to time inorder to make use of leisure hours, rather than wasting precious time doing nothing.

As a teacher, I would try my best to bring about numerous changes in the society and lives of my
students. I would always make myself available to help the students so that their dreams can be fulfilled
one day. A teachers job is never easy nor can it be done alone and that is why I would give my absolute
best to helping them achieve their dreams with the help of their own abilities and Gods grace.