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First main idea


The Importance of teaching grammar on second language acquisition

The importance of using grammar appropriately is the base of a good communication among
speakers. As better be the use of grammar, the message will be clearer.

Second main idea


Teaching traditional grammar on SLA

The second language acquisition features many challengers by the time of teaching the target
language. Choosing the most appropriate grammar teaching approach will influence on speaker of
the target language.

The purpose of this essay is to show the difference between grammar in context teaching and
traditional grammar teaching, and shows the advantages as disadvantages of both teaching
approaches and which one is more effective on grammar level of target language.


Teaching grammar in context on SLA


Grammar in context; Acquisition second language

Acquisition requires meaningful interactions in the target language, in which speakers are
concerned not with the form of their utterances but with the messages they are conveying and
understanding. Stephen Krashen
Krashen set his linguistic ideas focused on acquisition of a second language in real interaction,
within a context. Grammar is part of a language so, teaching grammar must be applied with the
same approach.
Grammar has been taught focused in the structure and rules for many centuries, as many sources
say, traditional grammars aim is to explain the construction of sentences on the basis of the
meaning. The Grammar in contexts aim is very different in comparison to traditional grammar

teaching. It is addressed to set natural and real interaction on target language, but the question is:
hich teaching method is more effective to the second language the acquisition more meaningful?

The Importance of teaching grammar on second language acquisition

Grammar is rules of a language. Grammar is a system of meaningful structures and

patterns that are governed by particular pragmatic constraints (Larsen-Freeman, 2001).
Larsens defines grammar as a description of the rules and the structures for forming
sentences appropriately. Grammar lets learners to see how the sentences, paragraphs
To be an effective language user, grammar plays an important role on language
acquisition, so learners must study the grammar in order to organize the message in an
effective way meaningfully. Grammar will enable students to make better sentences in
speaking and writing performances. Tabbert stresses the importance of grammar simply
as: It is frequently pointed out that students confuse lie and lay, do not choose who
and whom correctly, say infer instead of imply, use double negatives, etc., and that
these mistakes are evidence of their need to study gramma (Tabbert, 1984, p.39).
Those common grammar mistakes are very frequents on speakers due to they do not have
a good understanding at grammatical level.
Other authors, such William B. Bradshaw, say grammar is the foundation for the
communication, the better the grammar, the clearer the message. If speaker set correct
sentences, they will deliver the message appropriately. The use of good is the base of a
good communication among speakers.
Therefore, the grammar is very important by the time to communicate a message;
likewise, the method and teaching approach that teachers use play an important role.
For many years, grammar has been taught with many approaches. Teachers have used
two main principal teaching grammar approach; traditional grammar and grammar in

Teaching Traditional grammar on SLA

As matter of a fact, theoretical linguistics say traditional grammar is a framework for the
description of the structure of a language. This teaching structure has been taught for many
centuries ago.
Traditional grammar is applied to summarize the range of methods found in the pre-lingistic era
of grammatical study. The whole approache of this method emphasizes on correctness, linguistic
purism, literary excellence, the priority of the written mode of language and the use of Latin
models. The use of traditional grammar was used to teach the traditional languages; Greck and
Latin, by the way, English is taught by the same method.
We can say that traditional grammar is prescriptive because focuses on the distinction between
some people do with language and what they ought to do with it, what is means is to prescribe
the way people speak, or simply, to tell people how to speask and let people know the correct way

of their speaking. This makes traditional grammar restricted mainly to syntax, that is the way of
words makes patterns from sentences.
With the intention of being prescriptive, traditional grammar has some limitation by the time of
being taught now on day, according some theoretical linguistics. Some limitation are the following:

Traditional grammar is basically structured on indo-european classical, so, it is a poor

model for the grammar of language.
It does not discern between all linguistic level such as phonetic, morphology, etc.
It is normative and prescriptive rather than explicit and descriptive.
Traditional grammar uses meaning as the primay tool of ligistic analysis.

These are some of the many limitations traditional grammar has. Being concerned in the way of
the structure of a language instead of being concerned in the way of the language, that is clearly
an important limitation for now on day. Language is not rules and structure, a language is a form o
communication among speakers of different cultures.


Teaching grammar in context

Grammar in Context will help learners consolidate and deepen their understanding of how English
really works. Grammar in context focuses on the way speakers deliver the message, it focuses on
the context that they are sorounded. It involves teaching grammar in relation to the context of
the situation the utterance are usually used. It also focuses on forms, meaning and usage.
Grammar in context requires commitment to teach.

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As we know, grammar is taught in many schools as an structure, which could result in a restricted method for the
acquisition of a second languages. Know on day, linguistics disagree with this method for being a result very