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Fundamental Facts That Must be Known ................... 13
The Great Messenger of Allah Muhammad ( ), His
Standing With Allah and His Selection As an
Exemplary Model to be Emulated ............................. 81
The Requirements of Belief in the Prophethood of
Muhammad ( ), Its Concomitants and Complying
with Them ................................................................... 91
The Duties of a Muslim Towards the Prophet ( ), His
Rights and Compliance With Them............................ 99
Being Cautious not to Mix Between What is Due to
Allah and What is Due to the Prophet ( ) ................ 129
CONCLUSION......................................................... 134
TRANSLITERATION CHART ............................... 135
All praise is to Allah Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace
be upon the noblest of Prophets and Messengers, our master
Muhammad and upon his noble and righteous Family and his
brave and blessed Companions, and those who have with
benevolence followed in their path until Judgment Day:
This is an introduction to the book aiming to elucidate its aims,
contents and research scheme. I supplicate Allah Almighty that
it shall benefit the gracious readers.

Fain would they extinguish Allah’s Light with their

mouths, but Allah will not allow but that His Light
should be perfected, even though the disbelievers may
detest [it]. (Qur’an 9: 32)
Ponder the semen which Allah has created from degraded
water; He created it and made it a human being in order to
subject it to trial -where the human is destined either for blissful
Paradise or for the flames of Hellfire; the human then became a
manifest adversary opposing the Lord of all creation and
reviling His noble, true and honest Messenger. O’, what a
debased villain such a person is?! And what type of dumb, deaf
and blind people are they who do not utilize their rational
faculty?! This is precisely what the publishers of the Danish
newspaper committed, publishing caricature pictures that are
discourteous to our Prophet Muhammad ( ) in an expression of
derision, disdain and slander of the religion of Islam, coupled
with a criminal injury of the person of the noble Messenger. In
fact, other western newspapers, Norwegian, French and others
Muhammad ( ) and the Western Thought

reprinted the caricatures, “their hearts are similar”; those

newspapers which have aggressed on the creed and religion of
the Muslims and on the Messenger of Islam and the noblest of
Prophets and Messengers, the master of the ancestors and the
descendants, the beloved of the Lord of the Worlds, exercising
those actions under the false guise of freedom of expression,
which involved under this guise the freedom to commit crime,
precisely just as personal freedom to them includes the right to
commit licentiousness and adultery based on consent, and being
immersed in depravity according to what is stipulated and
safeguarded under western laws.
We say it behooves us, in the context of this grave and criminal
event, through which these newspapers wounded the feelings
and hearts of Muslims worldwide, to lend our support to the
angry and blessed revolution of the Islamic nation which
defends very honorably, and through popular action, the
sanctity of the noble Prophet and Messenger Muhammad ( ),
and the sanctity of the Religion of Islam: It behooves us to
generate full awareness of the methods and techniques of
western opposition to the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad ( ),
and to the person of the beloved Muhammad ( ), the guide, the
bearer of glad tidings and the incandescent light. Moreover,
Allah Almighty described him and his message in the following

O’ Prophet! Truly We have sent thee as a witness, a

bearer of glad tidings, and warner. And as one who
invites to Allah’s Grace by His Leave, and as a lamp
spreading light. (Qur’an 33: 45-46)
Muhammad ( ) and the Western Thought

Likewise, he pledged to make Islam supreme and victorious in

the entire world:

It is He Who hath sent His Messenger with guidance

and the religion of truth, to proclaim it over all religion;
even though the pagans may detest [it]. (Qur’an 9: 33)
He informed humanity that those who are desirous of
extinguishing the Light of Allah will fail and shall be defeated
in their endeavor, and that Allah shall consummate His Light
(Guidance) irrespective of how much they strive to extinguish it
because He is Allah, Lord of the Worlds and because they are
no more than ingrate and disbelieving servants. Allah May He
be Glorified and Exalted, said:

Fain would they extinguish Allah’s Light with their

mouths, but Allah will not allow but that His Light
should be perfected, even though the Unbelievers may
detest [it]. (Qur’an 9: 32)
And He also stated:

Allah has decreed: ‘It is I and My Apostles who must

prevail’: For Allah is One Full of Strength, Able to
Enforce His Will. (Qur’an 58: 21)
Muhammad ( ) and the Western Thought

1- The Aim of Publishing This Book:

The present book embodies a new work that responds to the crime
of deriding the noble Prophet ( ) out of ignorance by certain
western newspapers under the pretext of “freedom of expression”;
many of the partisans of western thought had supported their
actions, thereby revealing its reality to the world. Parts of the book
were previously written (and I added to them), derived from my
book (The Muslim’s Encyclopedia on Repentance and Elevation
on the Levels of Faith), which was recently published by Dar Al-
Nafaes (Al-Nafaes Publishing House) in Jordan. This book is in
two huge volumes containing an elucidation of the high standing
of the noble Prophet Muhammad ( ) (based on the Holy Qur’an
and the Sunnah), the obligatoriness of belief in his Prophethood,
insofar as complete faith without an iota of doubt, obedience to
him, submission to his sovereignty, commands and prohibitions,
and the obligations of every Muslim, male and female, towards the
Prophet ( ) insofar as love, support, allegiance, deference and
respect for his person, emulating it, the prohibition of insulting
him, and uttering prayer and peace upon him. All of the foregoing
is essential knowledge that reinforces the general awareness of
Muslims in respect of the great Prophethood and its culmination,
embodied in the Prophet Muhammad ( ), and regarding the
person of the Prophet, who was sent a mercy to the world.
And given my belief in the need of the Muslims in the Muslim
world and outside it for the hoped for benefits from this book, I
hereby give permission to all publishing houses and to whomever
wishes to reprint and republish the book without there being a need
for a new permission from the author or the publishing house
(Copyrights are not protected), such being in order to benefit more
and more people. In case of translating the book to other
languages, it is required that the translation be presented to the
author in order to ensure that it is sound and accurate.
Muhammad ( ) and the Western Thought

2- Research Plan:
The book consists of an introduction followed by five sections
First: Elucidation of the basic facts which a Muslim must know,
pertaining to the position of western thought vis-à-vis the Prophet
( ), evidence of his Prophethood, the striving for liberating lands,
and freedom of expression.
Second: An expounding of the standing of the Prophet with Allah
Almighty and his being chosen an exemplary model to be
Third: An elucidation of the implications of belief in the
Prophethood of Muhammad ( ), its concomitants and manifesting
such belief.
Fourth: A statement of the obligations of a Muslim towards the
Prophet ( ) and the rights of the latter, and conforming to them.
Fifth: An expounding of the required caution insofar as not
confusing between what is due to Allah Almighty and what is due
to the Prophet ( ).
Epilogue: A synopsis of the contents of this book, made possible
by Allah’s Grace.
I supplicate the Omnipotent Lord to benefit us and the Muslims
with this book and to render all our deeds as sincerely dedicated to
Him, and a service to Islam and Muslims, for He is Hearing and
answers the prayers.
Dr. Mun r Al-Bayy t
Jordan/Zarq 15 Muharram/1437
Corresponding to 14/February/2006
Muhammad ( ) and the Western Thought
“The position of western thought towards the Prophet ( ),
proof of Prophethood, Jihad (Holy Striving) for conquest and
freedom of expression” includes an exposition of the essential
facts that a Muslim and others must recognize and be aware of,
which we present in successive paragraphs as follows:
1- The enemies of the Prophets are similar:
The disbelievers of the modern age have ridiculed the Prophet
( ) and have derided him(1), thereby being similar to the
unbelievers of the past about whom Allah Almighty said:

So they wonder that a warner has come to them from

among themselves! And the disbelievers say, ‘This is a
sorcerer telling lies! (Qur’an 38: 4)
And He said:

The Danish “Jillands Posten” newspaper announced a contest for
drawing caricatures ridiculing the Prophet of Islam Muhammad
( ) and a derision of him. It selected 12 of the dirtiest drawings it
received in the contest which ridicule the Prophet of Islam
Muhammad ( ), and it published them in its issue dated
30/9/2005. Subsequently other newspapers in western societies
followed suit in Norway, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland,
Hungary, New Zealand and Poland, in addition to other European
countries- where they reprinted the derisive caricatures published
by the Danish “Jillands Posten” last September under the pretext
of supporting the cause of “freedom of expression”. Anger and
protests flared up throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds (see
www.alnaby.com the main page, dated 17/2/2006, based on
“Mufakkirat al-Isl m”).
And they say: ‘What! Shall we give up our gods for the
sake of a poet possessed?’ Nay! He has come with the
[very] truth, and he confirms [the Message of] the
Apostles [before him]. (Qur’ an 37: 36-37)
And He said:

And they say: ‘O’ thou to whom the Message is being

revealed! Truly thou art mad [or possessed]!
(Qur’ an 15: 6)
And He said:
Similarly, no apostle came to the people before them,
but they said [of him] in like manner, ‘A sorcerer, or one
possessed’ ! (Qur’ an 51: 52)
We declare that the unbelievers of today who have ridiculed the
Prophet ( ) are similar to the unbelievers of yesteryear, for
they are no better than them nor are they immune from the
Punishment of Allah ( ), which He inflicted on the perfidious,
and those that derided the Prophets. Allah Almighty said:

Are your unbelievers, [O’ Quraysh], better than they?

Or have ye an immunity in the Sacred Books.
(Qur’ an 54: 43)
He also said concerning injuring the Prophet ( ):

…But those who molest the Messenger will have a

grievous penalty. (Qur’ an 9: 61)
And He said:

Those who annoy Allah and His Messenger -Allah has

cursed them in this world and in the Hereafter, and has
prepared for them a humiliating punishment.
(Qur’ an: 33: 57)
And the Almighty who inflicts vengeance on the enemies of the
Prophets said:
So, by thy Lord, without doubt, We shall gather them
together, and [also] the devils [with them]; then we shall
bring them forth on their knees round about Hell. Then
shall We certainly drag out from every sect all those who
were worst in obstinate rebellion against [Allah] Most
Gracious. And certainly We know best those who are
most worthy of being burned therein.
(Qur’ an 19: 68-70)

And He said:

On that day those who disbelieved and disobeyed the

Apostle will wish that they were buried in the earth: But
never will they hide a single fact from Allah.
(Qur’ an 4: 42)
2- The Helpers of the Prophet ( ) are the Truthful and
Victorious People:
On the other hand Allah Almighty said of the believers who are
helpers of their noble Prophet ( ):
[Some part is due] to the indigent Muh jirs, those who
were expelled from their homes and their property, while
seeking Grace from Allah and [His] Good Pleasure, and
aiding Allah and His Messenger. Such are indeed the
sincere ones. (Qur’ an 59: 8)
The wrathful convulsion of the Muslims today and the
widespread protests of the Islamic peoples against the enemies
of the Prophet ( ), and the jealous concern which the Muslims
have manifested concerning the sanctity of the Prophet ( ) -all
of this is the support for the Prophet which is obligatory on
every Muslim. In offering such support the believers shall be

We will, without doubt, help Our Apostles and those

who believe, [both] in this world’ s life and on the Day
when the witnesses will stand forth. (Qur’ an 40: 51)
And Allah said:

Already has Our Word been passed before [this] to Our

slaves, the Messengers, That they would certainly be
assisted. And that Our forces, -they surely must
conquer. (Qur’ an 37: 171-173)
And Allah, the Absolutely Praiseworthy said:
! " # $% &' ( ) * + , -
. / 0 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 : ;
O’ ye who believe! If ye will aid [the Cause of] Allah,
He will aid you, and plant your feet firmly. But those
who reject [Allah], -for them is destruction, and [Allah]
will render their deeds astray [from their mark]. That is
because they hate the Revelation of Allah. So He has
made their deeds fruitless. Do they not travel through
the earth, and see what was the end of those before them
[who did evil]? Allah brought utter destruction on them,
and similar [fate awaits] those who reject Allah. That is
because Allah is the Protector of those who believe, but

those who reject Allah have no protector.

(Qur’ an 47: 7-11)
3- Those That Mock Their Prophets Do Their Nations a
Those who deride Allah’ s truthful and honest Prophet, the
noblest of beings and the lord of the Prophets and Apostles are
in fact challenging (i.e. opposing) Allah Almighty. Allah
Almighty bestowed on the Prophet Muhammad ( ) many times
what He gave His other prophets insofar as miracles, and he
favored him with a miracle that is enduring until Judgment Day
so as to be a proof and an argument addressed to all of creation.
Those ignoramuses and fools have committed a major sin, and
all those who were silent or who defended or justified their ugly
actions have committed a crime against their nations without
being aware of it, given that:
Their hearts toying as with trifles… (Qur’ an 21: 3)
And life for them (is an opportunity for pleasure and a table of
food). As Allah Most High said:

…While those who reject Allah will enjoy [this world]

and eat as cattle eat; and the Fire will be their abode.
(Qur’ an 47: 12)
Hence, they are not concerned with apprehending the realities
of the religions by weighing them with the scale of reason and
science so as to be aware of how to save themselves from the
ignorance of deviation from the Straight Path; such ignorance
that has been nurtured and ingrained in their culture by virtue of
prolonged centuries of perfidy and slander of the Prophet ( )
and the Islamic Religion, and a total misguidance of their
culture towards the Prophet ( ) and the Religion of Islam, in a
manner resembling perennial blindness- to save them from the
ignorance of imitation, blind fanaticism, and other forms of
ignorance: All of this is to exercise- even for one time- the
freedom of thought, while asking their minds about the Straight
Path delivering from the fire of Hell.
This concerns humanity’ s everlasting future, so why are they
not merciful with themselves? In the middle of a dark tunnel in
which they live; why do they not ask themselves a single
essential question: What is the truth about Islam? Is
Prophethood of His Prophet true, and what attests to this?
Hence, they must engage in a scientific quest that is devoid of
deafness, dumbness and prejudice in order to attain a sound
scientific and rational knowledge concerning their position, and
why it is incumbent on them to respect the final Prophethood
and the Religion of Islam?
This ugly action and malicious aggression entailed two
elements: a denial of Prophethood and the ridiculing of the
person of the Prophet Muhammad ( ).
Therefore, those whom we have mentioned have committed a
crime against their nations for they have exposed them to
collective Divine Punishment in accordance with the recurrent
Law of Allah in dealing with nations which deny the veracity of
Prophethood and deride Prophets. Indeed, it is a frightening and
horrifying law.
In fact, it has been corroborated by the Great Qur’ an that all the
nations that have derided or denied the truthfulness of a Prophet
have faced Divine Punishment in this world, which represents
Allah’ s Law in creation, in addition to punishment in the
Hereafter. To know this recurrent Divine Law consider the
following Qur’ anic y t: Allah said concerning the derision of
the Prophets, and denial of their truthfulness:

Mocked were [many] Apostles before thee; but their

scoffers were hemmed in by the thing that they mocked.
Say: ‘Travel through the earth and see what was the end
of those who rejected Truth.’ (Qur’ an 6: 10-11)
And He ( ) also said:

And if they reject thee, so did their predecessors, to

whom came their Apostles with clear signs, and with the
Scriptures, and the Book of Enlightenment. In the end I
punish those who rejected faith: and how [terrible] was
My Ejection [of them]. (Qur’ an 35: 25-26)
And He ( ) also said:

So We took revenge of them, now see what was the end

of those who rejected [Truth]. (Qur’ an 43: 25)
And He ( ) said:

Not one [of them] but rejected the Apostles, but My

Punishment came justly and inevitably [on them].
(Qur’ an 38: 14)
And He ( ) said:

… Yet when they rejected My Apostles, how [terrible]

was My rejection [of them]! (Qur’ an 34: 45)
And He ( ) also said:

They have indeed rejected [the Message]: so they will

know soon [enough] the truth of what they mocked at!
(Qur’ an 26: 6)
Mocked were [many] Apostles before thee; but their
scoffers were hemmed in by the thing that they
mocked. (Qur’ an 21: 41)
And He ( ) said:

! " # $
Allah sets forth a Parable: a city enjoying security and
quiet, abundantly supplied with sustenance from every
place, but it was ungrateful for the Favors of Allah. So
Allah made it taste hunger and terror [in extremes]
[closing in on it] like a garment [from every side],
because of the [evil] which [its people] wrought. And
there came to them a Messenger from among
themselves, but they denied him; so the wrath seized
them even in the midst of their iniquities.
(Qur’ an 16: 112-113)
And He ( ) said:

If We delay the torment for them for a definite term,

they are sure to say, ‘What keeps it back?’ Ah! On the
day it [actually] reaches them, nothing will turn it away
from them, and they will be completely encircled by that
which they used to mock! (Qur’ an 11: 8)
And He said:
We did send Apostles before thee amongst the religious
sects of old: But never came an Apostle to them but they
mocked him. Even so do we let it creep into the hearts
of the sinners. (Qur’ an 15: 10-12)