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11/21/2009 BetterExplained | Learn Right, Not Rote

Explanations for everyone.

I want to share hard-won “a ha!” moments in clear and simple language. Even math shortcuts can be fun, I

Math & Numbers

Intro: Mental math shortcuts, adding 1-100, how to learn math, understanding averages
Numbers: number systems, visual arithmetic, different bases, Prime numbers
Statistics: Combinations & permutations, Birthday Paradox, Bayes’ Theorem,
Geometry: Pythagorean uses, Pythagorean distance, degrees vs radians
Exponents & Logs: Intuitive exponents, natural log
Complex numbers: visual introduction, intuitive arithmetic
Calculus: a gentle introduction, discovering pi
Vector Calculus: Gradient, Flux, Divergence, Curl & Circulation

Programming & Web Development

Site tweaks: Faster Javascript load time (examples), HTTP caching, gzip compression
Ruby on Rails: Starting Ruby on Rails, Understanding MVC
Tools: version control, distributed VCS
Web Development: Debugging with Firefox, Javascript Reference, load XML/JSON data, gmail XSRF
attack, GUIDs, making bookmarklets
Low-level Programming: binary files, byte order, unicode, XOR variable swap, Fast 1/sqrt, gdb
debugging, symbol tables

Business, Writing & Communication

Writing: wordpress tips, how to blog
Business: Rule of 72, pareto principle, marketing lessons, stock market, accounting 101, interest rates
Thoughts: know thyself, simplicity vs. complexity, japanese innovation, notes on happiness

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Why Do We Need Limits and Infinitesimals?
Posted 11.13.2009, under Calculus, Math

So many math courses jump into limits, infinitesimals and Very Small Numbers ™ without any context. But why
do we care?

Math helps us model the world. We can break a complex idea (a wiggly curve) into simpler parts (rectangles):

http://betterexplained.com/ 1/3
11/21/2009 BetterExplained | Learn Right, Not Rote

But, we want an accurate model. The thinner the rectangles, the more accurate the model. The simpler model,
built from …
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A BetterExplained Guide To Calculus

Posted 11.08.2009, under Guides, Math

Navigate a Grid Using Combinations And Permutations

Posted 10.20.2009, under Math

Math, BetterExplained eBook Available!

Posted 09.15.2009, under General

Understanding the Monty Hall Problem

Posted 09.04.2009, under Math

A Calculus Analogy: Integrals as Multiplication

Posted 07.15.2009, under Calculus, Math

Learning How to Count (Avoiding The Fencepost Problem)

Posted 04.28.2009, under Math

A Simple Introduction To Computer Networking

Posted 03.16.2009, under Guides, Programming

Understanding Exponents (Why does 0^0 = 1?)

Posted 02.17.2009, under Math

http://betterexplained.com/ 2/3
11/21/2009 BetterExplained | Learn Right, Not Rote
Developing Your Intuition For Math
Posted 01.08.2009, under Guides, Math

Understanding Debt, Risk and Leverage

Posted 11.17.2008, under Business

Share your ‘Aha’s: links.betterexplained.com

Posted 10.10.2008, under General

Learning Calculus: Overcoming Our Artificial Need for Precision

Posted 08.21.2008, under Math

Intuitive Guide to Angles, Degrees and Radians

Posted 07.09.2008, under Math

Prehistoric Calculus: Discovering Pi

Posted 05.29.2008, under Calculus, Math

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