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Newtons Laws Practice MC ?

s period 3
Sarah Kitlinski, Kalee Koburi, and Bianca Manelle
Lederhouse period 3

Multiple Choice Quiz


Does 2.5 kilograms of sand or 2.5 kilograms of rocks have more mass?
b. sand
c. same mass
2 .What is the acceleration of a box that is being pulled with a force of 500 N, has a
mass of 50 kg, and a friction force of 250N?
a.10m/s/s b. 5m/s/s
c.zero d.2m/s/s
3. If a rock has a mass of 3.4kg, what does it weigh?
A. 3.4N
C. 34N
B. .34N
D. 340N

4. A 40kg woman rides an elevator at .9m/s2. What is her net force?

C. 31N
D. 37N
5. If a 30kg box of marbles is pushed with a force of 80N to the left at .4m/s2, what
is the frictional force?
B. 80N
D. 32N

Which object has a greater inertia?

2kg object at 6m/s2
6kg object at 0m/s2

C. 3kg object at 5m/s2

D. 7kg object at 7m/s2

7. Which has a greater mass a 5N ball on the moon or a 5N ball on the earth?
a.the ball on the moon
b.the ball on the earth
c.both masses are equal
d.objects on the moon have a mass of zero
8. A bicycle and a semi-truck hit each other at the same velocity. Which object will
have the least change in velocity after the collision?
A. Bike B. Truck
C. Same
9. A 20kg rock and a 2 kg book are dropped in a vacuum. The force of gravity on the
rock is
the same
C. 10x less
10x greater
D. zero

Justen Pardo
James Reilly
Heather Cottini
Carrie Strojny
1. What weights more a kilogram of paper or a kilogram of staplers?
A. paper
B. Staplers
C. Equal
2. What has more mass a kilogram of Plastic or a kilogram of Tin?
A. Plastic
B. Tin
C. Equal
3. 4.0 kg object is moving across a frictionless surface with a constant velocity of 2 m/s.
Which horizontal force is necessary to maintain this velocity?
A. 0 N
B. 0.5 N
C. 2.0 N
D. 8.0 N
E. depends on the speed.
4. If you divide a Newton by the mass what do you get?
A. Force
B. Acceleration
C. Speed
D. Pressure
5. What does inertia depend on?
A. Velocity B .Force
C. Mass

D. None of the above

6. If the object has no net force the will?

A. Be stopped
B. change the direction
D. Be in constant motion or be stopped

C. accelerate uniformly

7. When the box is being pushed at a force of 120N and the Friction is 80N. What is the
force the object is being pushed at?
A. 120N
B. 200N
C. 40N
D. Its not moving
8. Does an objects normal change when its on a slope?
A. True
B. False
9. Force is calculated from multiplying acceleration by weight?
A. True
B. False
10. A 10 kg bowling ball and a 1kg Tennis ball are dropped in a vacuum. Does the
bowling ball have 1o times more force acting on it?
A. True
B. False
11. If an object is moving at constant speed, what is its net force?
a. same as its acceleration
b. zero
c. same as the change in velocity
d. all of the above

12. How much force is needed to accelerate a 5kg ball to the acceleration of 10m/s/s.
a. 5 N
b. 10 N
c. 50 N
d. 500 N
13. If the air inside of a balloon pushes out, then
a. the balloon pops
b. then air outside of a balloon pushes the balloon in.
c. the air outside of the balloon stays in place.
14. If you pull horizontally on a 60 kg crate with a force of 600N, and the friction force
on the crate is 120N. The acceleration of the crate is
a. 5 m/s/s
b. 2 m/s/s
c. 4 m/s/s
d. 6 m/s/s
15. If a car travels at constant speed when the thrust of the engine on the car is 300 N.
How much air resistance acts on the jet?
a. 500N
b. 300N
c. 600N
16. A 20 N force and a 45N force act on an object in the same direction What is the net
a. 50N
b. 45N
c. 65N
17. How much force is needed to accelerate a 8 kg object to the acceleration of 6m/s/s?
a. 42 m/s/s
b. 44 m/s/s
c. 48 m/s/s
d. 52 m/s/s
18. If gravity pushes down on the chair, then
a. the chair pushes up on gravity with no force.
b. the chair pushes up on gravity with greater force
c. the chair pushes up on gravity with equal force
19. A hummer and a ferarri are traveling at the same speed have a head on collision.
Which vehicle will have the greater change in velocity?
a. the hummer
b. both will have the same
c. the ferarri
20. What forces act on a stationary object sitting on a table?
a. normal force
b. weight
c. nothing
d. a and b

21. Yogi Bear jumps off a cliff after a picanic basket, assuming the picanic basket has less
mass than Yogi, which one will have a higher terminal velocity?
a Yogi
b .Picanic Basket
c. Same velocity














3. c


1. If a 80N baby was thrown up at an acceleration of 6 m/s2, how much force is

a) 42 N
b) 48 N
c) 13.3
d) 480 N
2. 2. An 8 kg crate is pulled across the hardwood floor with a force of 50N. If the
frictional force if 20N, determine the net force.
a) 30 N b) 400 N
c) 70 N d) 160 N
3. A factor that will act on any object thanks to gravity is:
a) friction b) weight c) inertia d) velocity
4. A rock dropped from the Sears Tower falls at constant velocity. At what rate does
the rock accelerate?
a) -10m/s/s b) 1m/s/s
c) 0m/s/s d) not enough information
5. A six year old and a 25 year old are playing soccer. They crash into each other.
Which experiences a larger velocity change?
a) the 6 year old b) 25 year old c) no velocity change d) both
6. In a matter of 5 seconds, the constant force acting on the 6 kg cart slows down from
5 m/s to 3 m/s. What is the force acting on it?
a) -.4 N
b) -2.4 N
c) 2 N
d) 75 N
7. True or False: An object falling with air resistance has a normal force.
a) true
b) false
c) not enough information
8. A man has a mass of 67kg. How much does he weigh?
a) 6.7 N
b) 30.5 N
c) 670 N d) 147.4 N
9. What amount of force should be applied in order to accelerate a 16 kg box to an
acceleration of 9 m/s/s?
a) 1.78 N
b) 144 N
c) 15 N d) 7 N
10. An object with a normal force of 600 N slows down because of a frictional force of
240 N. What is the frictional component?
a) 0.4
b) 10
c) 60
d) 0

11. A force of 13 N and a force of 22 N push a ball to the right. What is the balls net
a) 9 N
b) 35 N
c) 286 N d) 22 N
12. A bully punches the principle. According to Newtons Law, the principle in return:
a) pulls on the boys shirt
b) pushes the boy
c) sends him to the office
d) calls his parents



1) A car moving with a constant velocity will have a net force of
a) 0 m/s
b) not sure
c) cannot be determined
2) A cart wheel is dragged along the floor. What are the forces acting on it?
a) Weight and tension b) not sure

c) cannot be determined

3) What will happen to the cart wheel if friction is less than tension?
a) Constant velocity b) higher net force

c) it will accelerate

4) What will happen if we punch on a hanging sheet of paper?

a) Paper will tear off b) not sure
the paper

c) energy will spread out and nothing will happen to

5) Baseball hitting against the bat and the ball moving is an example of
a) Newtons first law b) Newton's 2 law

c) Newtons 3 law

6) For every action there is an equal pair of reaction

a) Sufficiency b) reaction

c) cant tell

7) Newton is a unit of
a) Acceleration

b) mass

c) both b and c

8) Changing acceleration will change

a) Friction

b) mass

c) both b and c

9) What would happen to cannon if it is fired

a) Cannon moves back
b) It starts accelerating
c) Remain constant
10. When the net force is zero
a. the acceleration is increasing
b. the there is a change in velocity
c. the acceleration is zero
d. the velocity is increasing
11. What is a frictional force?
a. It is a pushing force
b. It makes the object slide
c. It is an upward force
d. It is a normal force
12. What is static friction force?
a. A moving force
b. It is resting
13. What is kinetic force?
a. A stationary force
b. A moving force
14. What is a normal force?
a. A parallel line to a surface
b. A perpendicular line to surface
15. A 20N force and a 30N force act in the same direction on an object. What is the net
force of the object?
A. 40N

B. 30N

C. 50N

D. 10N

16. An objects tendency to maintain its state of motion is called?

A. Inertia B. Force

C. Acceleration

D. Mass

17. You pull a 50kg box horizontally with a force of 300N and the frictional force on the
box is 200N. What is the acceleration of the box?

A. 1 m/s/s B. 2 m/s/s

C. 3 m/s/s

D. 4 m/s/s

18. An athlete pushes a weight bar upward. According to Newtons 3rd Law, which of the
following completes the action- reaction pair?

the athlete pushes harder on the weight bar

the weight bar falls on the athlete
the bar pushes downward on the athlete
nothing happens

19. If the force of the sliding friction is 100N what force is necessary to keep the crate
sliding at constant velocity?
A. 200N B. 300N

C. 150N

D. 100N

20. Newtons 2cd Law states that when force acts on an object the object with a bigger
mass will have a smaller acceleration?
A. True

B. False

21. If an object is traveling at a constant velocity that means its acceleration is?
A. zero

B. greater than zero C. less than zero

22. Burt weighs 150N and is hanging from a gymnast bar that has two strands of rope.
How much tension is on each rope?
A. 100N B. 150N

C. 200N

D. 175N

23. Which has more mass, a gram of a ball or a gram of a pencil?

A. ball

B. Pencil

C. Neither- they both have the same mass

24. Which object has the greatest inertia?




25. To calculate friction, you take the Applied force minus the?

26. To calculate friction, you take weight times?


27. As a force is applied, friction will reduce?

28. Friction is a force between the object and the?

29. Another type of friction is?

30. No matter what direction something is moving, friction always pulls?

31. With an equal applied force to friction, what will not change?
a)it wont move

b)it will accelerate

c)both a and b

32. What type of object surface textures cause friction?

a) smooth surface

b)hard bumpy surface

33. Without friction, what would happen?

a) object wont move


b) object will slip through

An object on earth has

more mass than an object on the moon
the same mass as an object on the moon
less mass than an object on the moon

2) Inertia only applies to objects that are already in motion


Static friction and kinetic friction differ because

They are the same.
Static friction involves a stationary object and kinetic involves an object in motion
Kinetic friction involves a stationary object and static involves an object in motion.

4) The force of a head on a pillow is

a.) the same as the force of the pillow on a head
b.) greater than the force of the pillow on a head

c.) lass than the force of the pillow on a head

5) The unit for the coefficient of force is
a.) There is no unit
b.) Newtons
c.) m/s
6) Mac and Tosh are arguing. Mac says that if he flings the mashed potatoes with a greater speed
it will have a greater inertia. Tosh argues that inertia does not depend upon speed, but rather
upon mass. Who do you agree with?
a. Tosh
b. Mac
c. Both
d. Neither.
7) If the sum of all forces acting on a moving object is zero, the object will?
a. Slow down and stop
b. Change direction
c. Accelerate
d. Continue moving with a constant velocity
8) Which of the following best summarizes Newton's law of Inertia?
a. Every action by a force is accompanied by an equal action in an opposite direction.
b. The velocity of a body remains constant unless a force acts on it.
c. The change in velocity caused by a force acting on a body is proportional to the force and
inversely proportional to the mass of the body.

9) We are on an African Safari. Our first stop is the elephants. Someone tried to be funny
and threw a plastic mouse toward Dumbo the Elephant. Dumbo got scared and started
sprinting for our Jeep. If we could determine the change in velocity between the Jeep and
Dumbo, who would undergo the LEAST change in velocity?
a. Jeep
b. Dumbo
c. people in the jeep
d. Jeep & Dumbo
10) Michael wants to impress the ladies by yanking the tablecloth without moving the
silverware. According to a special law of Newton, Michael is able to do this because:
a. if it is done faster, the silverware wont move
b. the silverware and cloth are equal, therefore it wont move
c. the silverware has inertia
d. I do not have enough information
11) Bob is ice skating for the first time. We know the coefficient of the blades and the ice
is 0.5. Bob weighs 90 kg. Determine the friction acting upon Bob.
a. 45 N
b. 450 N
c. 4.5 N
d. this is hard, I give up

12) Who is your favorite teacher of all time, forever and ever?
a. Mr. Georgakakis
b. Mr. Mariano
c. Mr. Lobo

d. Mr. Lederhouse

1. A hand slaps a face. Which id the action-reaction pair of this statement?

a. Face flies sideways
b. A Face slaps a hand
c. Hand is pushed backward by face
d. Face is pushed by hand
2. (With air resistance) If a Kleenex and a frog are dropped from the same height...
a. the Kleenex will reach the ground first
b. the frog will reach the ground first
c. both items will reach the ground at the same time
3. An object with a mass of 50 kg is moving with a force of 400 N. What is its
a. 544 m/s/s
b. 19 m/s/s
c. 8 m/s/s
4. What is the normal force of a 20 kg bag of flour that you're pulling up on with a force
of 6 N?
a. 50 N
b. 194 N
c. 26 N
d. 14 N

5. In which direction does drag force act?

a. Downwards
b. Upwards
c. In the same direction as the direction of motion
d. In the opposite direction than the direction of motion
6. A 5 kg object is moving along a flat surface where the coefficient of friction is .2. What
is the force of friction?
a. 10 N

b. 5 N
c. 600 N
d. 50 N

7. Which has more mass: A cat weighing 80 N or 8 kg of feathers?

a. They have the same mass
b. The cat has greater mass
c. Feathers have more mass
d. Cannot be determined
8. When an object is falling, what force(s) are acting on it?
a. Weight
b. Friction
c. Air resistance
d. Both a and c
9. Which of the following has the greatest inertia?
a. 2 kg object moving at 1 m/s/s
b. 1 kg object moving at 500 m/s/s
c. 3 kg object moving with a force of 5 N
10. If a person gets hit by a car, which one exerts the more force?
a. The person
b. They exert the same force
c. The car.
d. Cannot be determined
11. If a 20 N force acts left on an object and a 100 N force acts right, what is the net force
on the object?
a. 80 N
b. 10 N
c. 120 N
d. 2000 N
12. A 10 kg ball is dropped from a 100 m cliff. What is the force it hits the ground with?
a. 20 N
b.100 N
c. 5000000 N
d. 2.987654321 N