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File#6 Gerund and Infinitive9th grade___ Teachers Luana and Karla


3rd term

File #6 Gerund and Infinitive

Discuss the following questions with a partner

Do you like going to parties? Why (not)?

What kind of music did they play?

When was the last time you went to a party or

Did you dance?


Did you meet anybody new?

Whose party was it?

What did you have to eat and drink?

Did you have a good time?

Did you stay until the end?

What did you wear?

Grammar Use of infinitives


Read the article about parties. Complete the rules with an infinitive.
To ask

To be

Not to dominate

To escape

To get

To give

To go

To listen

To meet

To start

To talk (2x)

Use of Infinitives

I want to go to the party.

Use the infinitive after:

I need to buy some new clothes.

Some verbs (want, need, would like, etc)

Itll be nice to meet some new people.


Its important not to be late.

It isnt easy to find a job. Nice to meet you.

The negative infinitive is not + infinitive

Try not to be late tomorrow.

Infinitive of purpose

A Why did you got o the party?

Use the infinitive to say why you do something.

I came to this school to learn Englihs.

B to meet new people.

NOT for lear English.

I went to the party to meet new people.

a. Complete with an infinitive
I am planning


to take

a vacation next month.

Not drive




Not make

1. A Hi, Im Su-jin.
B Im Renata. Nice ___________________ you.
2. What do you want ___________________ this evening?
3. I need ___________________ to the bank. I dont have any money.
4. Try ___________________ noise. Your fathers asleep.
5. Id really like ___________________ a new language.
6. Be careful ___________________ too fast on th war home.
7. Shes decided ___________________ her husband.

b. Match the sentence halves.

They want to go to Ecuador

( D)

A to celebrate getting the job.

1 Hes going to have a party

B to get some gas.

2 Youll need a visa

C to buy stamps.

3 Dont forget to call the restaurant (

D to visit their family there.

4 I stopped at the gas station

E to tell them where we are.

5 Shes gone to the supermarket

F to go to China.

6 I went to the post office

G to make a reservation.

7 Ill sent them a text message

H to get some food for tonight.


Ask the following question to a partner

Do you find it difficult to remember peoples names?

Do you think its important to learn to cook?
Whats the most interesting place to visit in your town?
Have you ever forgotten to turn off your cell phone in a movie theater or a concert hall?
Do you think its possible to learn a foreign language without going to the country?
Is there any part of town where its dangerous to go at night?
When was the last time you promised not to come home late?
Have you ever pretenced to be sick (when you werent)?
Have you decided to go anywhere next vacation?

Grammar Use of gerunds

A Read the article once. How many people mention?
1 the weather
2 vacation and traveling
3 housework
4 nature
5 other people

Use of the ing for of verb

Eating outside in the summer makes me

Use verb + ing:

feel goo.

As the subject of a sentence

I enjoy reading in bed.

Smoking is bad for you.

Im thinking of buying a new car.

After some verbs (finish, practice, enjoy, etc)

Have you finished doing your homework?

After prepositions
He left without saying goodbye

a. Complete with a verb in the ing form.









1. I dont enjoy __________________ housework.

2. My mother is very bad at __________________ names.
3. __________________ teenagers is really hard work.
4. You cant swim well without __________________ to breathe properly.
5. My sister spend hours on the phone __________________ to her boyfriend.
6. __________________ by train is cheaper thatn by plane.
7. Ill keep on __________________ until dinner time.

b. Put the verbs in the ing form or infinitive.

1. I feel like __________________ to a CD. (listen)
2. __________________ yoga is good for your health. (do)
3. We decided __________________ to the party (not go)
4. We wont take the car. Its impossible __________________. (park)
5. Im not very good at __________________ maps. (read)
6. You can borrow the car if you promise __________________ slowly. (drive)
7. Have you finished __________________ your homework?
8. I dont mind __________________ but I dislike __________________ the dishes. (cook, do)

Talk about 5 things from the list below

A job you dont mind doing in the house

A sport you enjoy watching
Something you feel like doing tonight
Something you practice doing regularly
Something you havent finished doing today
Something you spend a lot of time doing
Somebody you dream of meeting
Something you dislike doing alone
A country you are interested in visiting
Something you are thinking of doing this next weekend
Something you have recently stopped doing
Something you are not very good at doing