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Dr. Baumring compiled numerous works useful for explaining every aspect of the
markets, expanding Ganns list of recommended works. These books were carefully
selected to elucidate primary aspects of knowledge essential for an
understanding of Ganns Market Cosmology. Check the Seeker's Sanctum for prices
and availability.
The Apocalypse of the Golden Mean.
This is the most important book on the golden mean and its true meaning and relationship to ancient
architecture and the universe. Jerry considered this book so important that he kept it locked away and
never released it to any of his students.
Natures Harmonic Unity; Samuel Colman; 1911; 327p.
Probably the best book on the harmonic ordering processes of nature. Filled with beautiful harmonic
diagrams, and highly recommended by Dr. Baumring.
Proportional Form: Further Studies In The Science Of Beauty, Being Supplemental
To Those Set Forth In "Natures Harmonic Unity"; Colman, Samuel; Coan, C. A.; 1920; 265 pages.
This is Colmans 2nd work completed two years before he died. It is an important companion to
Natures Harmonic Unity, and one of the best books on order and geometry in nature.
The Lodge and the Craft; Rollin Blackmer; 1923; 287p.
As stated by Dr. Baumring, this book contains one of the Three Keys to Gann. This is one of the few
Masonic books which contains explicitly important knowledge and has direct connections to Tunnel
Through the Air.
Behold! The Circle Squared Beyond Refutation; Heisel and Faber; 1934; 238p.
The solution to the squaring of the circle, giving numerical proportions meaningful to the market.
Spiritism: The Hidden Secret in Einsteins Theory of Relativity; Clara A. Speight-Humberston; 1915;
This was one of Dr. Baumrings secret books formative in his understanding of the markets. It relates
cellular life with alchemy and sacred numbers.
The Lost Solar System of the Ancients Discovered, 2 Vols.; John Wilson; 1856; 1000p.
This was one of Dr. Baumrings most highly recommended books and is one of the best sources of
information on market cosmology, number series, astronomy and ancient architecture. This is the only
source for this extremely rare and valuable book.
New Laws For Natural Phenomena; Thomas Graydon; 1938.
This was one of the main books on Dr. Baumrings reading list. It goes into cosmic order and laws of
astronomical harmony.
The Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean; Doreal, 1939; 140p.
This was another of Dr. Baumrings goodies that he talked about but refused to release. These are the
amazing translations of the original Emerald Tablets written by Hermes Trismegistus in Ancient Egypt,
which were recovered by Doreal in a Mayan temple in the Yucatan and returned to the Hall of Records.

The Sun Book; John Hazelrigg; 1916.

Astrosophic Tractates; John Hazelrigg; 1936.
Secrets of the Meridian; Alec Stuart; 1926.
The Septiform System of the Cosmos; Alec Stuart; 1935.
Kabbalistic, Alchemical and Occult Symbolism of the Great Pyramid; Doreal; 1939.
Handbook of Mathematics; J. Claudel; 1906; 708p.
This book was chosen by Jerry to give a complete mathematics introduction to his students. It covers
completely all that is needed in arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus.
Ancient Mysteries and Modern Revelations; W. J. Colville; 1916; 352p.
The Magic of Numbers; Eric Temple Bell; 1946;418.
Kabbalah; W. J. Colville; 1916; 190p.
Sunspots and Their Effects; Harlan True Stetson; 1937; 200p.
Other Worlds Than Ours; Richard Proctor; 1880; 328p.
Astrosophic Principles; John Hazelrigg; 1917.
The Book of Enoch The Prophet; Richard Laurence; 1838; 250p.
Mystic Symbolism In Bible Numerals; Leo Stalnaker; 1952; 150p.
The Last Shift of the Earths Axis; Fred G. Plummer; 1894.
Introduction to the Theory of Sets; Joseph Breuer; 1964.
Planetary and Stellar Worlds; Gen. O. M. Mitchel; 1891; 182p.
Cleopartas Needle; James King.
Stars Ahead; Ray and Josephine Smyth.
The Alchemy of Light and Color; Oliver Reiser; 1928.
New Astronomy and Cosmic Physiology; G. E. Sutcliffe.
Io Unveiled; Bozena Brydlova; 1922.
A wonderful book highly recommended by Dr. Baumring.
Key To The Bible; Harry Walton; 1952.

Secret: The Gizeh Pyramids; Thothmu Tastmona; 1954.

One of Dr. Baumrings most highly recommended books on the pyramid.
Hand-book of Astrology; Zadikiel; 1863.
Eclipses and Lunations in Astrology; Sam Bartolet; 1937.
Periodicity: The Law of All Life; Buchanan; 1912.
This book was stored in the depth of Dr. Baumrings files and has obviously great applications to the
The Science of Numerology Through the Law of Vibration; John Laurie.
Another out of Dr. Baumrings files never before released.
Pychoscopy; Hashnu Hara; 1905. This one also from Dr. Baumrings files.
Why Life Exists; Lars Carlson; 1930; 224p.
This one also out of Dr. Baumrings private files.
The Symphony of Life; Donald Hatch Andrews; 1966; 423.
From Dr. Baumring's reading list.
Long Range Astro Weather Forecasting; George McCormack; 1965.
Also from Dr. Baumrings files.
The Web of the Universe; E. L. Gardner; 1960.
A great book on universal lattices.
The following books come from W. D. Ganns recommended reading list which was released to his
students in 1946 as the fundamental background reading for any serious student of market forecasting.
Many of these books are extremely rare, and we are proud to make available the largest selection of
these books ever offered since Ganns time. Almost all of these books are out of print and most are not
available through any other source. Check the Seeker's Sanctum for
prices and availability.
A. E.; The Candle of Vision; 1920; 175p.
Ahmad, Sheikh Habeeb; The Mysteries of Sound and Number; 1925; 89p.
Agrippa, Henry C.; Philosophy of Natural Magic; 1913; 315p.
Alvidas; Sciences and Key of Life, Vol.1, Planetary Influences; 1902.
Alvidas; Sciences and Key of Life, Vol.2, Planetary Influences; 1902.
Alvidas; Sciences and Key of Life, Vol.3, Planetary Influences; 1903
Alvidas; Sciences and Key of Life, Vol.4, Planetary Influences; 1904
Alvidas; Sciences and Key of Life, Vol.5; Astro Physiology; 1905
Alvidas; Sciences and Key of Life, Vol.6; 1906
Alvidas; Sciences and Key of Life, Vol.7; 1907
Anonymous; Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses;191?; 190p.
Balliett, Mrs. L. Dow; Philosophy of Numbers; 1908, 7th Ed.; 168p
Balliett, Mrs. L. Dow; Number Vibration In Questions and Answers; 1920, 2nd Ed.;104p. $35.00

Balliett, Mrs. L. Dow; The Day of Wisdom According to Number Vibration; 1922, 2nd Ed.; 184p.
Berrart, Leo; Ogilvies Astrological Birthday Book;1915; 1st;264p.
Brandon, Wilfred; Open the Door; 1935;195p. $30.00
Bullinger; The Witness of the Stars; 1893, 1st; 204p
Butler; Solar Biology; 1887, 17th; 400p.
Cady, Emilie; Lessons in Truth;1920, 1st; 174p.
Carey - Perry; God-Man: The Word Made Flesh;1920, 1st.; 176p.
Carey, Dr. George; The Chemistry of Human Life ;1919,1st; 77p.
Carey, Dr. George; The Wonders of the Human Body;1918, 1st;126p.
Cheasley, W.; Numerology; 1930, 5th; 120p. $35.00
Choisnard, Paul; The Proof of Astral Influences on Man;1st.; 65p.
Colier, Robert; The Secret of the Ages ,Vol.1-7; 1926, 1st; 643p.
DeLuce, Robert; Horary Astrology; 1930,1st; 60p.
DeLuce Robert; Rectification of the Horoscope; 1st; 70p
Du Vernet, Archbishop; Spiritual Radio;1925, 1st; 60p.
Haddock, F. C., MD; The Power of Will; 1914, 2nd; 387p.
Hudson, Thomas Jay; The Law of Psychic Phenomena; 1899; 409p.
Johndro, L. Edward; The Stars (How and Where They Influence); 1929; 120p.
Johndro, L. Edward; The Earth in the Heavens (Ruling Degrees of Cities);1929;151p.
Kerns, H. J.; The World Book of the Ages from Adam to Millennium;1932; 70p.
Larsen Ludwig; Key to the Bible and Heaven; 1919, 1st; 280p.
Libra, C. AQ.; Astrology, Its Techniques and Ethics; 1917, 1st; 259p.
Montrose; Numerology for Everybody;1940; 1st;165p.
Papus; The Tarot of the Bohemians; 1892, 1st; 355p.
Partridge, A. E.; Fortunate Hours; 1st; 100p.
Pearce, A. J.; Textbook of Astrology, 5 Books; Bk1 227p., Bk2-5 167p., 2nd Ed.
Raphael; Raphaels Mundane Astrology;1932, 1st; 80p
Redding, William A.; Mysteries Unveiled; 1st; 160p.
Sepharial; The Kabala of Numbers (Original Source Book), 1945; 387p.
Sepharial; The Kabala of Numbers ( Interpretation) 2 Vols.; 1926,1927; 204p.,215p.
Sepharial; Sepharials Astrology; 1st; 126p.
Sepharial; Law of Values; 1st; 50 p.
Sepharial; The Silver Key; 2nd Ed.; 94p.
Sepharial; Directional Astrology; 1921; 192p.
Sepharial; The Science of Foreknowledge; 1918; 160p.
Sepharial; The Astrological Ready Reckoner and Students Assistant;1st; 68p.
Sepharial; Manual of Astrology; 1898, 1st; 256p.
Sepharial; Cosmic Symbolism; 1912, 1st; 294p.
Shaftesbury, Edmund; The Goal of Creation;1920; 464p.
Smith, Worth; Miracle of the Ages; 1st; 150p.
Stout, Wesley W.; Secret; 1947, 1st; 67p.
Taylor, Ariel Yvon; Numerology Made Plain;1926, 1st; 147p.
Three Initiates; The Kabalion (Hermetic Philosophy); 1918, 1st; 180p.
Troward, Thomas; Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning; 1913, 1st; 323p.
Walter, William W.; The Sickle; 1918, 1st; 391p.
Ward, Charles A.; Oracles of Nostradamus; 1940,1 st; 425p.
Wemyss, Maurice; The Wheel of Life or Scientific Astrology, Vol. 1; 1st; 186p.
Wemyss, Maurice; The Wheel of Life or Scientific Astrology, Vol. 2; 1st; 220p.
Wemyss, Maurice; The Wheel of Life or Scientific Astrology, Vol. 3; 1st; 156p.

Wemyss, Maurice; The Wheel of Life or Scientific Astrology, Vol. 4; 1st; 111p.
Wemyss, Maurice; The Wheel of Life or Scientific Astrology, Vol. 5; 1st; 126p.
Further Titles By Gann List Authors: Though the following books were not included on Ganns list, the
serious student will find further extremely valuable knowledge in these volumes, written by the same
authors listed above.
Most of these books have never been available outside their initial printings and are reprinted here for
the first time.
Ahmad, Mabel H.; Christian Names and Their Values; 1st; 192p.
Ahmad, Mabel H.; Names and Their Numbers; 1903, 1st; 57p.
Ahmad, Mabel H.; Sound and Number: Law of Destiny and Design; 1st; 128p.
Ahmad, Sheik Habeeb; The Hidden Mysteries of Numbers; 1912; 1st; 61p.
Balliett, Mrs. L. Dow; Natures Symphony or Lessons in Number Vibration; 1921; 132p.
Balliett, Mrs. L. Dow; Vibration: A System of Numbers as Taught by Pythagoras;1913, 6th;74p
Brandon, Wilfred; Incarnation: A Plea From the Masters; 1959, 1st; 172p.
Brandon, Wilfred; Love in the Afterlife;1956, 1st; 159p.
Brandon, Wilfred; We Knew These Men; 1950, 1st; 241p.
Butler, Hiram E.; The Goal of Life or Science and Revelation; 1908; 364p.
Butler, Hiram E.; The Seven Creative Principles; 1923; 170p.
Butler, Hiram E.; The Narrow Way of Attainment; 1910; 140p.
Cady, Emilie; Miscellaneous Writings; 1928, 1st; 128p.
Carey & Perry; Relation of the Mineral Salts of the Body to the Signs of the Zodiac; 1st; 48p.
Carey & Perry; Road to the Moon: A Great Occult Story; 1918, 1st; 50p.
Carey & Perry; The Zodiac and The Salts of Salvation; 1948, 3rd; 368p.
Cheasley, Clifford W.; Whats In Your Name: Science of Letters and Numbers; 1916; 105p.
Collier, Robert; The Secret of Gold: How to Get What You Want; 1927; 251p.
Collier, Robert; Make Your Own World, 2 Vols.; 1954; 424p.
Collier, Robert; Something to Hope For; 1942; 231p.
Collier, Robert; The Amazing Secrets of the Masters of the Far East; 1959; 225p.
Collier, Robert; The Law of Higher Potential; 1947; 474p.
Collier, Robert; The Life Magnet, Vols. 3-7; 1928; 642p.
Collier, Robert; Where Will You Be in the Coming Age?; 1955; 215p.
Collier, Robert; Will You Be Alive in 1965?; 1953; 183p.
De Luce, Robert; Complete Method of Prediction; 1935, 1st; 192p.
De Luce, Robert; Constellational Astrology; 1963, 1st; 211p.
Flammarion, Camille; Astronomical Myths; 1877; 429p.
Flammarion, Camille; Mysterious Psychic Forces; 1909, 1st; 466p.
Flammarion, Camille; The Unknown; 1900, 1st; 488p.
Haddock, Frank Channing; Business Power; 1920, 2nd; 556p.
Hudson, Thomas Jay; A Scientific Demonstration of the Future Life; 1900, 5th; 326p.
Hudson, Thomas Jay; The Diving Pedigree of Man; 1899,1st; 379p.
Hudson, Thomas Jay; The Evolution of the Soul:1912, 4th; 344p.
Johndro, L. Edward; A New Concept of Sign Rulership; 60p.
Johndro, L. Edward; Astrological Dictionary and Self-Reading Horoscope; 1936; 70p.
Kerns, H. J.; Secrets of Wisdom; 1st; 65p.
Larsen, Ludwig B.; Ancient Prehistoric Wisdom; 1941, 1st; 301p.
Partridge, A. E.; The Story of the Heavens; 1936; 100p.

Raphael; Raphaels Ancient Manuscript of Talismanic Magic; 1916, 1st; 104p.

Raphael; Raphaels Guide to Astrology; 1931, ; 108p.
Raphael; Raphaels Horary Astrology; 1920, 1st; 103p.
Raphael; Raphaels Key to Astrology; 1920, 5th; 108p.
Raphael; Raphaels Medical Astrology; 1937, 4th; 88p.
Raphael; Raphaels Private Instructions in Genethliacal Astrology; 1935, 1st; 67p.
Sepharial; Fortune Telling by Numbers; 1st; 61p.
Sepharial; Manual of Occultism; 1st; 356p
Sepharial; Primary Directions Made Easy; 1st; 80p.
Sepharial; The Arcana or Stock and Share Key; 1st; 30p.
Sepharial; The Book of Charms and Talismans;1st; 90p.
Sepharial; The Daily Guide; 1st; 90p.
Sepharial; The New Dictionary of Astrology; 1929, 1st; 192p.
Sepharial; The Numbers Book; 1st; 90p.
Sepharial; The Solar Epoch; 1st; 90p.
Sepharial; The Theory of Geodetic Equivalents; 1st; 61p.
Sepharial; The Wheel of Fortune; 1932, 1st; 316p.
Sepharial; The World Horoscope; 1st; 71p.
Sepharial; Transits and Planetary Periods; 1st; 90p.
Sepharial; Your Fortune in Your Name or Kabalistic Astrology; 6th; 96p.
Shaftesbury, Edmund; Instantaneous Personal Magnetism: 1957, 1st; 370p.
Shaftesbury, Edmund; Mental Magnetism: A Study of the Seven Realms of Mind; 1950; 448p 0
Smith, Worth; House of Glory; 1939; 110p.
Stauffer, Mack; Humanity and the Mysterious Knight; 1914; 200p.
Taylor, Ariel Yvon; Character Grams; 1934, 1st; 141p
Taylor, Ariel Yvon; Numerology: Its Facts and Secrets; 1958, 4th; 141p.
Troward, Thomas; The Creative Process in the Individual; 1951, 21st; 185p.
Troward, Thomas; The Edinburg Lectures on Mental Science;1909, 1st; 130p.
Troward, Thomas; The Hidden Power;1947, 11th; 216p
Troward, Thomas; The Law and The Word; 1955, 18th; 208p.
New Titles For 1998
Esoteric Cosmology / Universal Systems
The Celtic Druids; or, An Attempt to Shew That the Druids Were The Priests of Oriental Colonies Who
Emigrated From India, Were the Introducers of the First of Cadmean System of Letters, and Were the
Builders of Stonehenge, and Carnac; Godfrey Higgins; 1829; 450 8.5" x11" p., w/many diagrams. On
the origins of letters, numbers, and the builders of the Megalithic sites. Relation of Indians, Egyptians,
Pythagoreans & Druids.
An Epitome of Swedenborgs Science; Frank W. Very; 1927; 2 vols. 1025p.
A complete exposition of Swedenborgs scientific and cosmological theories. Includes: Creation,
Three Atmospheres, "Bullular Hypotheses", Elementary Vortex-Particles, Origins, Planetary Theory,
Correspondences, Heat & Light, Doctrine of Forms, Anatomy, Order, Series & Degree.
The Principia Rerum Naruralium; Emanuel Swedenborg; 1734; 838p.
A translation of Swedenborgs scientific magnum opus. Covers everything w/diagrams.
The Infinite and The Final Cause of Creation; Emanuel Swedenborg; 1734; 172p.

Earths In Our Solar System, & Earths in the Starry Heaven; Emanuel Swedenborg; 1860; 106p.
Dissertations on the Planets and Universe.
Signatura Rerum; The Signature of All Things. Shewing the Sign and Signification
Of the Several Forms and Shapes in the Creation; and What the Beginning, Ruin and Cure of
Everything Is. It Proceeds Out of Eternity into Time and Again Out of Time into Eternity, and
Comprizes All Mysteries; Jacob Boehme; 1621; 295p.
Wrania: Mystic Astronomy, Uzican Science, the Mystic Pyramid, A Treatise to a Higher Science; W.
Chas. Patti; 1936; 143p. Ether, Vortexias, Geometry, Celestial Mechanics, Cause of Sun Spots,
Pyramid and Sphinx, Metrology. Interesting! Great Diagrams.
Aether and Gravitation; William George Hooper; 1903; 358p.
Probably the best treatise on aether theory and its explanation of the laws of physics, motion,
electricity, magnetism, Keplers Laws, Newtons Laws, light, heat, matter and energy.
Universe; Scudder Klyce; 1921; 251 14"p.
A fascinating alternative cosmology based upon 19th century natural philosophy.
Cosmology: The Philosophical Study of the Inorganic World; D. Nys; 1942; 2 Volumes, 750p.
A detailed modern analysis and interpretation of scholastic, Thomistic cosmology covering:
mechanism, dynamism, energism, space, time. Rx, The Life Atom, Key to Nature, New Direct
Explanations of Radio, Gravitation, Magnetism, Electricity, Light, Sound, Nervous Force, Molecule,
Refuting Einsteins Relativity Confirmations Using New Discoveries of the Earth , Moon, Volcanoes,
Calvin Samuel Page; 1923; 330p., illustrated.
John Dee; Charlotte Fell-Smith; 1909; 342p.
Probably the most detailed biography of the great Elizabethan Magi.
The Book of Life; Vonisa; 1884; 420p.
Fascinating Universal Cosmology book, includes: Stellar Movements, Sacred Numbers, Geometry
of the Brain, Law of the Ellipse, Waves of Force, Laws of Gesture, Laws of the Universe, Universal
Language, and many more interesting subjects with diagrams.
Giordano Bruno: His Life, Thought, and Martyrdom; William Boulting; 1914; 315p. $40.00
Giordano Bruno: His Life and Thought; Dorothea Waley Singer; 1950; 389p.
Excellent biography of one of histories greatest cosmologists including a translation of his
On the Infinite Universe and Worlds.
Sacred Geometry / Symbolism/ Sacred Architecture / Freemasons
The Great Pyramid: Its Divine Message; D. Davidson & H Aldersmith; 1924; 568p.
Undoubtedly the greatest book on the Great Pyramid and one of the best on Egyptian cosmology.
Chapters Include: Ancient Astronomical Observatories and Almanac Devices and traditions,
Evidences of Scientific Origins in Ancient Egypt, Elements of Ancient Gravitational Astronomy,

Ancient Science of Chronology: Its Origin and Purpose, Chronograph of History. Many diagrams.
Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians of the 16th & 17th Centuries, Books 1 & 2; Anon; 1785, 1787; 60
Large 8 " x 14" pages filled with hundreds of large and exceptional cosmological, Rosicrucian
diagrams with excellent geometry, correspondences & explanations.
Patterns In Space; Col. Robert S. Beard; 1963 authors pre-release edition; 180p.
One of the greatest cosmological treatises ever written, with every page a full page of diagrams.
This book was Dr. Baumrings favorite book, and is in our top 5 recommendations.
The Canon: An Exposition of the Pagan Mystery Perpetuated In the Cabala as the Rule of All the Arts;
William Stirling; 1897; 403p.
One of the most important works on the proportional canon, Pythagorean philosophy and symbolism.
The Lotus Fire; A Study in Symbolic Yoga; George S. Arundale; 1939; 776p.
A rare and magnificent work on the correlations of Yoga and Cosmology including: Cosmic
Conceptions of the Point; The Web; Triangularities; 47th Problem of Euclid; Squaring the Circle;
The Functions of the Cross and the Circle; Sound, Color & Vibration; Rhythms of Man; Octaves
of Manifestation; Supercosmic Symbolism. Complete correlations with Yoga and Consciousness.
Symbolism: A Treatise on the Soul of Things;
How the Natural World Is but a Symbol of the Real World; The 52 Cards an Ancient Masonic Bible,
Each Card a Symbol of Universal Law; The 10 Digits of Our Mathematical System; Masonic Symbols
Given a Natural Explanation; Milton Alberto Pottenger; 1905; 275p. Well Illustrated.
Dynamic Symmetry: The Greek Vase; Jay Hambidge; 1920; 162p.
One of the most beautiful works on dynamic symmetry with hundreds of diagrams of geometric
and harmonic analyses of Greek pottery. A must for anyone interested in geometry & symmetry.
The Rediscovery of Truth: By the Solar and Other Spectra; Edward Hall; 1923; 177p.
Beautiful work on Harmonic, Geometric Vibrational Cosmology including: Vesica Piscis; Geometry
of Sound and Orbital Motion; Light and Number- Spectrum Analysis; Full of Geometric Diagrams
relating Harmonic and Light Phenomena to Color and Universal Principles.
The Pythagorean Proposition; Elisha S. Loomis; 1901; 285p.
Four detailed proofs of the famous proposition analyzed, with Pythagorean curiosities.
The Hieroglyphic Monad; Dr. John Dee; 1564; 76p.
"The Monad, Hieroglyphically, Mathematically Magically, Qabalistically and Anagogically
Explained." One of the greatest works on geometric cosmological symbolism. Many Diagrams.
Prophesies of Melchi-Zedek in the Great Pyramid and the Seven Temples; Brown Landone; 1940;
180p. Important book with explanation of Teleois Proportions in the Great Pyramid, with very
important diagrams and an explanation of global financial manipulations which caused the 1929 stock
market crash.
The Measure of the Circle. Perfected in January, 1845.; John Davis; 1854; 156p.
Strange old book using the measure of the circle to describe scientific phenomenon.

Geometry in Egyptian Art; Else Christie Kielland; 1955; 214p.

Delightful dissertation on the Egyptian Canon including: Idea of Order; Egyptian Mathematics;
Golden Section; Theory of Squares; Abstract Space; Cubic Forms. Many Geometric Illustrations.
Which? Impulse, Instinct or Intuition; Applied Psychology, Geometry, and Symbolism. First Symbols,
Then Numbers Then Words; Tousey Taylor;1919; 165p.
The Riddle of the Sphinx: A Key to the Mysteries and a Synthesis of Philosophy; J. Munsell Chase;
1915; 87p. Interesting geometry and cosmology with 20 diagrams.
The Romance of Symbolism and Its Relation to Church Ornament and Architecture; Sidney Heath;
1909; 238p. Excellent and profusely illustrated work on the sacred symbolism of the Cathedrals.
The Beautiful Necessity: Seven Essays on Theosophy and Architecture; Claude Bragdon; 1910; 110p.
A beautiful illustrated work on the Metaphysical and Universal Principles of Sacred Architecture as
expressed through Geometry, Arithmetic and Music.
The Cathedral Builders: The Story of a Great Masonic Guild; Leader Scott; 1899; 435p. 83
illustrations. The only complete history of the Masonic Guild responsible for the Sacred Architecture of
the Western World, from Roman times to the Renaissance. Includes biographies of Comacine Guild
Masters and historical evolution of Sacred Architecture.
The Comacines; W. Ravenscroft; 1924; 120p. On the Gothic Cathedral builders.
The True Masonic Chart or Hieroglyphic Monitor; Jeremy L. Cross; 1846; 354p.
An explanation of Masonic Symbolism including 50 pages of Masonic diagrams explained.
The New Masonic Trestle-Board; Charles W. Moore; 1870; 104p.
Mystic Masonry or the Symbols of Freemasonry and the Greater Mysteries of Antiquity; J. D. Buck;
1896; 265p. w/15 geometric plates.
The Mysteries of Freemasonry; or, An Exposition of the Religious Dogmas and Customs of the
Ancient Egyptians; John Fellows; 1860; 366p.
Metrology / Arithmetic / Qabballah / Hermetics / Pythagoreanism
Key to the Hebrew-Egyptian Mystery in the Source of Measures, Originating The British Inch and the
Ancient Cubit, By Which Was Built the Great Pyramid of Egypt and the Temple of Solomon; and
Through the Possession and Use of Which, Man, Assuming to Realize the Creative Law of the Deity,
Set It Forth in a Mystery, Among the Hebrews Called Kabbala; J. Ralston Skinner; 1875; 387p.
Probably the most important work known on Metrology and Cosmology, considered by Dr. Baumring
foundational in Cosmology includes: Quadrature of the Circle; Problem of Three Revolving Bodies;
Crosses as Displays of Original Measures; Primordial Vestiges of Symbols; Pyramid in a Sphere.
Diagrams & Calculations. Very Advanced!
Thrice-Great Hermes: Studies in Hellenistic Theosophy and Gnosis, Being a Translation of the Extant
Sermons and Fragments of the Trismegistic Literature, with Prolegomena, Commentaries and Notes;

Vol. I.-Prolegomena; Vol. II.-Sermons; Vol. III-Excerpts & Fragments; G. R. S. Mead; 1906; I-481p.;
II-403p.; III-371p.
The scarce and most important translation of and commentary on the Hermetic Doctrine.
Historical Metrology; A. E. Berriman; 1953; 224p.
An excellent history of metrological of the world from ancient to modern times.
Medieval Number Symbolism: Its Sources, Meaning, and Influence on Thought and Expression;
Vincent Foster Hopper; 1938; 241p. Includes: Pythagorean Number Theory; Astrological Numbers;
Beauty of Order; Number Symbolism: Christian, Gnostic, Pagan.
Ancient Records: The Secret Law, English Alphabet, Arabic Numerals, Zodiac; The Arabic Numerals,
The Zodiac, Blessings of Israel; Anon; 1927; 120p.
Strange and interesting work with a number of geometric diagrams and Masonic connections.
The Pythagorean Proposition; Elisha S. Loomis; 1901; 285p.
Four detailed proofs of the famous proposition analyzed, with Pythagorean curiosities.
Ideal Metrology In Nature, Art, Religion and History; H. G. Wood; 1908; 278p.
Numeric Geometry - Ancient Language - Numeric Ideals - Ancient Temples - Cycles
"Divine Arithmetic." A Subject Long Since Forgotten. A Translation of The Elements of Theology;
Proclus (The Platonist); 5th Century CE; 130p.
A very important work on Pythagorean-Platonic Cosmology and Arithmetic by one of the greatest in
the field.
From "One" to "Ten": A Treatise on the Origin and Extension of the Prime Manifestation on the
Physical Plane; Frater Albertus; 1966; 48p.
An excellent work on Arithmetic with Geometric Color Diagrams and Universal Principles.
The Pythagorean Triangle or, The Science of Numbers; Rev. G Oliver, D. D.; 1875; 237p.
Superb work on Pythagorean number philosophy and cosmology, and its relation to geometry.
Lavius Egyptus: The Unveiling of the Pythagorean Senate; Thomas Sawer Spivey; 1904; 2 vols., 376p.
Contains chapters: Primordial Waves, Secrets of the Serpents; Primordial Waves in the Land, Water
and Vegetation, Physical Man a Universe.
Vibrations: Their Principles, Light and Colors; Ernest Stevens; 1920; 144p.
Natural Philosophy / Space / Time / Calendrics / Force / Motion
The Calendar of Tiahuanaco: A Disquisition on the Time Measuring System of the Oldest Civilization
in the World; H. S. Bellamy & P. Allan; 1956; 440p.
An absolutely magnificent treatise on time cycles, symbolism, ratios, calendrics and metrology,
filled with beautiful fold-out diagrams of cycles, proportions and numerical time ratios.
The Numeration, Calendar Systems and Astronomical Knowledge of the Mayas; Charles P. Bowditch;
1910; 400p. Profusely illustrated with reproductions of all of the numeric and calendric hieroglyphs.
Magnificent work including time cycles and planetary correlations.

The Dawn of Astronomy: A Study of the Temple Worship and Mythology of the Ancient Egyptians; J.
Norman Lockyer; 1894; 432p. A magnificent work on the Astronomical Cosmology and Calendrics of
the Ancients and its Architectural Representation.
Ancient Calendars and Constellations; Emmeline Plunket; 1903; 263p.
Rare and valuable history of calendar systems from India to China to Greece. 24 plates.
On The Sensations of Tone, As A Physiological Basis For The Theory of Music; Herman Helmholtz;
1885; 575p. This is the definitive work on music theory and vibration covering every aspect down to
the most minute details. Anyone interested in harmonics must have this book. There is no better work
on the subject. Used by Baumring in his Seminar Series.
Cosmic Forces, Book II: As They Were Taught in Mu Relating to the Earth; Col. James Churchward;
1935; 269p. The scarce and important second volume of the Cosmic Forces of Mu. Astronomical
Correlations, Causes of Earth Upheavals. Many Diagrams.
The Fourth Dimension; C. Howard Hinton1904; 270p.
Considered one of the best works on the 4th dimension. Many diagrams.
The Correlation and Conservation of Forces; Helmholtz, Faraday, Liebig, Carpenter, Mayer, Grove;
1872; 438p.
Staple work on Natural Philosophy, includes: physical forces, celestial dynamics, vital forces, etc.
The Story of Force and Motion; Hering & Grisewood; 1948; 430p.
Science of Physics- Our World in Terms of Energy & Matter- Heat, Light, Sound,
Electricity, & Magnetism- Atomic Energy
Natural Philosophy; Sharples, Phillips, Balderston; 1883; 375p.
Complete coverage of pre-turn-of-the-century physics called Natural Philosophy.
The Three Circuits: A Study of the Three Primary Forces; Taylor Flick; 1892; 268p.
A turn of the century treatise on harmonic and energetic cosmology.
Occult Chemistry: Clairvoyant Observations on the Chemical Elements; Annie Besant & Charles
Leadbeater; 1919; 120p. Platonic Solids, Vortex Systems, Aether of Space, Esoteric Chemical
Geometry, Many Diagrams .
Causes of Catastrophe: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tidal Waves, and Hurricanes; L. Don Leet; 1940;
Science and Music; Sir James Jeans; 1937; 258p.
We intend to publish all of Jeans works but have not had time to catalog them. For those interested,
feel free to contact us with your request.
Theosophical Science
The Secret Doctrine, Volume III, Occultism; H.P Blavatsky; 1897; 594p.
The extremely rare, discontinued third volume of Blavatskys magnum opus on Occultism.

Theosophy and Modern Science; G. de Purucker; 1930; 2 vols. 614p.

A complete evaluation of the Western scientific tradition up to the turn of the century from the
standpoint of ancient and Western esoteric tradition and Theosophy.
The Physics of the Secret Doctrine; William Kingsland; 1910; 154p.
A scientific development of the cosmological principles presented in Blavatskys The Secret
Doctrine. Matter, Motion, Primordial Substances, Substantial Nature of Force, Cosmic Elements
Life And Its Spirals: History in the Light of Theosophy; E. W. Preston; 1962; 167p.
Natures Finer Forces: The Science of Breath and the Philosophy of the Tattvas; Rama Prasad; 1897;
251p. The only known translation of this rare Sanskrit work explaining the number and nature of the
different Pranic Energies released by the Sun, and their Time Cycles.
Evolution As Outlined In The Archaic Eastern Records; Basil Crump; 1930; 192p.
Mans Triple Origin: Spiritual, Mental, Physical. Cosmogenesis & Anthropogenesis.
Man Visible and Invisible; C. W. Leadbeater; 1902; 130p.
Examples of Different Types of Men as Seen Through Clairvoyance. Great Diagrams.
The Divine Plan; Geoffrey A. Barborka; 1961; 564p.
A magnificent esoteric and cosmological commentary on Blavatskys Secret Doctrine.
The Chakras; A Monograph; C. W. Leadbeater; 1927; 102p.
A lovely dissertation on the Chakra system with its forces and functions. Illustrated w/color plates.
The Solar System; Lieut.-Col. Arthur E. Powell; 1930; 371p.
A detailed Theosophical explanation of the manifestation and ordering principles of the universe.
Theosophy and the Fourth Dimension; Alexander Horne; 1928; 110p.
Lovely diagrams and philosophical explanations of the 4th dimension from a Theosophical angle.
Doctrine of Cycles; Anon; 1907; 71p. Theosophical Analysis of Earth Cycles.
Space, Time and Self; E. Norman Pearson; 1957; 282p, 94 diagrams.
An excellent Theosophical dissertation on Space, Time and the relation of Cosmology to Man.
Where Theosophy and Science Meet: A Stimulus to Modern Thought, A Collective Work; Vol. 1,
Nature & Man; Vol. 2, God & Law; Ed. D. D. Kanga; 1938;, 418p., 610p.
Excellent collection of scientific theosophical articles on every subject with illustrations and diagrams.
Colour: An Elementary Manual for Students; A. H. Church; 1887; 192p.
An excellent complete introduction to the science of colour with many illustrations by author of
On The Relation of Phyllotaxis to Mechanical Laws.
Astrology / Numerology / Tarot
The Law and the Prophets; A Scientific Work on the Relationship Between Physical Bodies,

Vegetable, Animal, Human, and Planetary; Frank Earl Ormsby (A Magian Mystic); 1893; 270p.
Vibration, Waves of Energy, Astrology, many diagrams.
Planets and People, 1896; Frank Earl Ormsby; 147p.
Devoted to the Science of Occult Forces-Astronomy-Vibration-Magnetism-Life. The Mystery
of Worlds, Suns and Systems.
Planets and People, 1897; J. E. Ormsby; 432p.
Correspondence Course In Astrology; Carl Payne Tobey; 1959; 300p.
A superb course on astrology by one of the most important astrologers of the century. Lessons
include: Mathematical Study of Biological and Psychological Dynamics; Pythagorean Theorem;
Geometry of Time; Relation of Time and Space to Human Psychology; Planets and Zodiacal
Signs in Perfect Mathematical Pattern. Excellent course!
The Tarot: A Contemporary Course of the Quintessence of Hermetic Occultism; Mouni Sadhu; 1962;
494p. Magic, Tarot, Qabala, Hermetic Philosophy, Astrology.
Ptolemys Tetrabiblos or Quadripartite Being Four Books of the Influence of the Stars, Containing
Extracts from the Almagest of Ptolemy and the Whole of His Centiloquy; Ptolemy; 2nd Century CE;
A most respected astrological work for almost 2000 years.
Ptolemaic Astrology; William J. Tucker; 1961; 236p.
A complete commentary on the Tetrabiblos of Claudius Ptolemy by a Pythagorean philosopher.
Harmony of the Spheres; Wm. Tucker; 1960; 140p.
A Reconstruction of the Lost Theory of the Pythagoreans. An Astro-Numerological System.
Solar and Economic Relationships; Carlos Garcia-Mata & Felix Shaffner; 1949,;51p.
On the relation of sun spot cycles to financial markets.
The Five Books of Manilllius; 1697; 179p.
Containing a system of the ancient astronomy and astrology together with stoic philosophy.
The Light of Egypt, the Science of the Soul and the Stars; T. H. Burgoyne ; 1889; 2 Vols., 292p.
Interesting celestial cosmology including: Involution & Evolution; Crystallization of Force;
Progressive Expressions of Polarity; Hermeticism; Dark Satellite; Principles of Celestial Science;
Refraction and Distribution of Solar Force; Influence of Stellar Force Upon Human Brain; Alchemy
and Stars; Powers & Potencies of Signs and Planets.
Stock Market Prediction: The Planetary Barometer and How to Use It; Donald Bradley; 1948; 57p.
Very popular work on Market Prediction.
The Parallax Problem in Astrology; Donald A. Bradley; 1947; 63p.
Picking Winners; Donald A. Bradley; 1954; 30p. On astrological contest analysis.
Solar and Lunar Returns; Donald A. Bradley; 1950; 126p.

The Book of Fate Formerly in the Possession of and Used By Napoleon; 1927; 100p.
An ancient Egyptian manuscript found in the year 1801 in one of the royal tombs in upper Egypt.
Constellational Astrology: According to the Hindu System; Robert De Luce; 1963; 211p.
Excellent title on Hindu astrology by an author from the Gann list.
The Number Key to Ancient Wisdom: A Handbook Expository of the Principles of the Astronomical
Wisdom-Doctrine on Greek and Hebrew Cryptography; J. W. T. Carrington; 1932; 93p.
Your Aura and Your Keynote; Julia Seton Sears; 1912; 61p.
Second Sight: A Study of Natural and Induced Clairvoyance; Sepharial; 1910; 96p.
Winning Bets; Mark Mellen; 1945; 111p. Gann Author on Horse Racing Prediction.
Hot Tips on How to Pick Winners; Mark Mellen; 1940; 30p. Gann List Author.
The Key to the Bible; Harry Walton; 1952; 96p.
Mathematical, Kabbalistic Bible Interpretation.
The Astrological Relation of Names and Numbers; Effie Cooley; 1912; 108p.
Celestial Dynamics; A Course of Astro-Metaphysical Study; Anon; 1896; 107p.