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HEALING THE AGING PROCESS Part 1 Time, Appearances, Programming,

Awareness, Truth, Fear and Beliefs Gabriel Through John Columbus Taylor
May 9, 1990
Beloved Entities, welcome to this place and welcome to this time. Indeed, we
bid you welcome from that which is the Brotherhood of Light, the Ascended
Masters, the Great Ones, Archangels, ye even from that which you
understand to be God, the All That Is All In All, that which is all things. We do
give honor this evening to those who are with us. We are indeed thankful
because we have some wonderful information for you that we think is going to
assist you in the coming days. Therefore, this evening what we want to talk to
you about has to do with what you understand to be the aging process. And
we understand that this is of concern for many entities, so what we're going to
talk to you tonight about and what may be a three or four part series is we're
going to deal with some of the origins and causes of the aging process -where did it start, where did it begin, and what has been the cause of it. Now
some of the things may be rather obvious, and some of the things may not be.
So we do indeed hope and trust that you will find this information useful with
the energies that are here now in your seeking to understand your life as it is,
as it was, as it will be. So be it. Now, one of the first premises that we want to
get into has to do with time. As you understand it, as you have been born into
this lifetime, you mark time in seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, so on
and so forth. Yet we have said unto you that time is an illusion. You have
created time for the purpose of linearly experiencing all of the other creations
that are here. And in that which you call your Bible where it says, in the
beginning God created the heavens and the earth -- and indeed indirectly it
was God the All in All, but it was through you, the entities that you are,
lowered energy that you would God into lower and lower Light forms, into
lower and lower Energy levels to become the universes that exist. And in the
state that you were in, in that spiritual state, you created many things over
your understanding of time in what might have been billions of years.
However, to create the thing was one thing; to experience it therefore required
that you come down into the same frequencies so that you could walk
amongst the flowers and walk in the trees or go into the waters at a beach or
fly through the air, whatever it may have been. And there was a time indeed
when you were able to fly, literally fly. It was not that you needed wings or
anything of that nature, but you were so connected with the essence of your
total being that you could change the vibration of your physical body in a
moment and literally start moving across the planet to investigate other areas,
to see other things. So what happened? Well, after many thousands of years
of wandering around, many of the gods that you were got together and
decided that you wanted to sort of perpetuate the species because there were
some that had experienced what you might understand to be death, and that
many of the creations began to find them rather tasty. So in order to move into
the ability of being able to perpetuate the species in the form or form relatively
close to what it is now, you began that process then of dividing into even
lower energy levels that you now call male and female. So then splitting

yourself in a way such that you became two parts, and this is where the origin
of soulmates and lifemates, this sort of thing has come from. Now there are
many entities that indeed that is the situation for them. Other entities have
integrated outside of an incarnation the other "half" of themselves and have
indeed reincarnated as a complete entity. So there are many entities that are
representative of that category at this time. During this time when you started
splitting into halves and coming in then, once of the things that you created
within the physical body was the use of the emotion of fear. Now, the emotion
of fear as it was originally intended was to assist you so that you would get
out of the way when one of your larger creations started coming along that
might have gobbled you up. So in a sense, it took quite some time before this
was ever figured out. There were many entities that incarnated, and they saw
their grand and glorious creations, such as the dinosaurs, and they went over
to hug them, and the next they know they're being chewed up and swallowed
and digested, which wasn't a very pleasant thing, although all they had to do
was just go back out. You realize that your spiritual essence that in the
context of the physical body, the spiritual essence never dies, and that you
created this physical body in the same way that even now you create
automobiles or whatever it may be. So there was nothing at all for you to go
back out in a spiritual sense, bring in your ideal of another physical body, and
then just enter into it, lower it into vibration and boom, here you were again.
Now, picking up where we were once you had started dividing into polarized
energy, then you decided to make the body so that it would respond to
emotion and it would respond to such things as what had happened before,
being eaten, this kind of thing, or falling into some of the traps that were
created in a way. Now, what we mean by traps is just such things as the bogs,
the rivers, lakes and streams, whatever. And you often found that they were
deeper, and at first you didn't know how to swim, so it was an interesting thing
to watch you sort of walk into this water and then disappear and never come
out again. But be that as it may, the physical body then was endowed with the
ability to register the emotion of fear within the chromozomatic structures so
that it would then become a part of the cellular memory and thereby a part of
what was termed the seed. So sperm and eggs then being the seed that
became a part of either the positive gender or the negative gender, and when
the two came together then this cellular memory was a part of the new entity
that was created so that it would be better. It would know more things. It
would have a better understanding of what in the world was going on in this
world that had been created. And the entity that came in and occupied, well of
course it didn't matter at that time, but in the real sense it came in for the
purpose of experiencing a greater sense of being able to, let's say, take care
of itself in the physical embodiment. So there were many, many emotions that
were registered and became a part of cellular memory. One of the other
things that happened was that this fear, which was indeed a what you would
call a positive emotion initially, it started becoming what you might understand
to be a controlling emotion. Originally, it's intention was that it would assist
you, that you would respond to it by moving out of danger, or something of

that nature. But then some entities started feeling it when there was no
danger, and that being the case then the events around the feeling of the
emotion created then a fear that was based on a no-thing. That was still
registered in cellular memory, and through eons of evolution now, thousands
and thousands of years, many of the emotions, such as fear and anger and
jealousy or anything of that nature, have had as their origin this fear that was
registered when there was no-thing to be afraid of. Yet now you find many
entities feeling a great deal of fear over things that are nonexistent, over
things that don't matter, over things that are perhaps, one way to put it might
to say out of their control (though of course your own reality is totally in your
control). But to be afraid of what someone in Russia is going to do, you have
no control over this person in Russia -- or be it Iran or wherever it may be.
Many entities used to think that Russia was this great entity to the United
States, so they had all this fear concerning it, when in actuality if you would
investigate, you would find that the people there are just as afraid of you as
you were of them. So it was like the unfounded fear, the unfounded fear. Now,
even in this time that you are now, fear is still an emotion that has a very
positive purpose to it. If you are walking along a railroad track and you see or
you hear a loud horn, then by golly you might want to jump off the tracks so
that you don't get hit by a train or something of that nature. Or if you're just
walking down the street, same thing. So there's a real purpose there. But if
you notice, there the feeling is a sort of a very quick, instantaneous thing,
there is response, and you are out of the situation. So again, part of the
original purpose of fear was to create a greater quickness in being able to
respond to situations. So, how does this all fit into time. Well, most entities by
virtue of having gone through certain experiences way back when, registered
fear with respect to losing the physical body at an early time. The original
physical bodies as they were created, as we told you when they lasted
10,000, 20,000, 50,000 years and more, and many entities, indeed most
entities lived that long easily, as long as they avoided some of their other
creations that were sort of looking for them as morsels. But be that as it may,
you find that those who were involved, let's say at what was considered then
to be an early evolvement -- like an entity would come in and in only a matter
of a few years (although there wasn't quite the understanding of years as you
have it now) would then find itself taken out of the incarnation that it was in.
One of the things that took place was the registering then of that emotion in a
context of time, because it hadn't been here very long and it wanted to be
here longer, so there was connected with the fear then an association with
how long the entity had lived. It had not ever really thought about that, so that
thought became a limited thought, embraced with the emotion of fear, which
then became part of the seed, the cellular memory, and so therefore it also
affected in a way the universal field, that is of the mass consciousness of all
the other entities here -- and at that time there were only somewhere in the
neighborhood of about 100,000 to 200,000 entities incarnated upon this
plane. So the energy fields of one entity could affect the whole of the mass
consciousness far more than it does now. And in so doing then was started,

initiated in a way, this concept of fear of death, fear of leaving the physical
body. Through the eons then, through lowering the vibrations many times,
through going through many other sorts of events and circumstances when
man started to become, let us say, jealous of what another one had created.
That was the start of another negative emotion that started to be registered
then. And when his mate started messing around with his next-door neighbor,
or he started messing around with his next door neighbor's mate, then there
started to be sort of territorialism, and there started to be fences drawn. And in
watching many of the animals that they had created, they noticed how the
animals maintained certain territories, so they started marking off land for
themselves. All the while, through incarnations, through certain processes
through embracing limited thought, they started losing their ability to be able
to raise the vibration of the body and go where they wanted to. They started
becoming more stuck in one place. And rather than be able to simply raise the
frequency of the body and move to wherever they wanted to on this planet or
any other one that they wanted to go to, they found themselves now with the
idea, with the thought, that it was hard to do that. This evolved through many
eons, ages, incarnations so that now you find yourselves with this thought that
you must have your automobiles, you must have your trains and buses and
planes to go any place that you want to. And you've rather created quite a
limitation there. Well, you've created some beautiful things to ride around in,
and that's a wonderful thing indeed. But look at how it has limited the
consciousness of this planet. Well, we've got to have this oil, and then if we
get the oil out of the ground, look at what it does to the seacoast when it gets
spilled. Or look at what it has done to the atmosphere when it's burned. The
same is true of coal. The same is true even of nuclear energy. Is that clean?
No, not at all. Not in the context of how it's effecting the planet. So, through all
of this, through all of these experiences then, what has been embraced is
aspects of fear that were associated with leaving the physical body, that were
associated with time, that were associated with certain other events, and then
fear then also became other emotions such as jealousy, such as anger, such
as hatred, greed, that sort of thing, and throughout history, throughout a long
period of time you will notice that most of the problems of humanity has
created for itself has as a basis a form of fear. And as we said before,
originally fear was intented to be a positive emotion, but it has been embraced
in such a way throughout the eons that it has become a limited, very limited
emotion. So many entities have fears that if they embrace a thought with this
great fear, it's going to create something horrifying for them. Well, it's primarily
the belief that it will that does that. However, you will also notice that it's
important to watch what one's intention is. Remember, we gave you the nine
electrums of creating. Now, creating and manifesting on this plane still
invovles those, even though when you get into a higher understanding, you
realize all you need is desire and knowingness, but desire and knowingness
does mean still that you will play with some of those other aspects, because
knowingness is the alignment of the nine electrums. So, to look at it in the
context of what is this going to do to the aging process. Well, now you

understand that one of the greatest causes of the aging process might be
termed fear -- fear of what? Quite simply, fear of time. Now, to apply that
understanding in this present-day situation, let's look at some examples of
how entities are afraid of time. Look at what all of your technology is geared to
doing -- saving time, making things faster, doing things more quickly. All of
your technologies seem to have as one of their bases time. Now, since time is
an illusion, anything that is based on time could be considered an untruth.
Anything that is based on time you can get around it because you have within
you, the Essence of your Soul, Spirit and Higher Self, that which is timeless,
that which does not need time in order to create, in order to manifest, in order
to experience. And so, therefore, if you find yourself involved in a thing where
time is the most important aspect of whatever is going on, then that is one of
the subtle ways that you acknowledge aging, because of the fear associated
with time. What we're going to suggest for you is a way to get around that, but
we are going to go into more depth concerning releasing certain limitations,
but our suggestion for you is simply to embrace an attitude -- and you might
start speaking it -- "I have plenty of time, for whatever it is that I want to to do."
Start saying and speak it outloud. What if someone hears you, so what! You
see, that is another one of the limitations that you embraced that subtly
influences the aging process. You care about what other people think about
you. You care about, What do I look like? How do I smell? How do I appear?
How successful am I? How am I using my time? And so there are many
entities who have come up with time management systems. There are entities
who come up with such things as -- we believe you were involved in what was
it, The One Minute Manager, or something of this nature! Manage your
minutes, wow. You've got quite a few of them. How are you going to manage
them all? Are you going to collect them all together and kind of sort them out - these minutes go here, these minutes go there, these minutes go there.
That's what many entities do. They schedule themselves so that they can
accomplish certain things in a certan framework of time. Now, we've
suggested for you that this day, for example, is one of those which you might
call a time warp. It is a day in which you have the opportunity to begin to play
with time where you can stretch it out. We've suggested for you that the way
to do that is you focus on what you are doing. You be with you. You be with
what you are doing, with the emotion, with the attitude of love and joy. And in
so doing, quite likely you notice that time sort of gets stretched out. You may
have thought that 2 or 3 hours went by, perhaps it was only one. And this is
one of the ways in which you can begin to stretch time. You start playing with
your life. Now, to look at some other secondary causes of the aging process.
We would say that many of them relate to belief systems. You believe in
aging. You believe in it. When was your last birthday, or when is your next
one. So you're celebrating getting older. And you have this connotation that by
a certain age you're going to have a certain appearance. Now, that's mainly
because that's what you were programmed. That is not cellular memory. That
is the power of your mind. And you were taught -- how were you taught? Well,
you had your parents and you saw them age. Perhaps you were fortunate

enough to see your grandparents, and what did you hear? "Oh, Grandfather's
is 70 years old." So you say the appearance of Grandfather at 70; bingo, brain
computes and creates the same process so that you look the same way when
you get to that age. What's another way that you sort of believe in the aging
process associated with this time thing? Well, look at some of the words that
you speak. When you walk up to someone, and they say, "How old are you?"
how do you feel? Well, as soon as they say, "How old are you?" you start
feeling old. Perhaps you don't notice it, but it registered within the body. So
perhaps maybe a response that you could say is, "I'm thirty years young." But
we would suggest even going further than that. Perhaps it doesn't need a
response at all. You may even want to say to this entity, "I stopped aging. I
don't know how young I am anymore. I have no idea." "What does your
driver's license say?" One of the things you may want to do is get rid of it. But
how in the world are you going to drive your cars? How are you going to get
social security? Look at all the things you have created that say you're going
to age, you're going to become decrepid or useless by a certain time, by a
certain age. How in the world could it be otherwise? At least, your scientists
and doctors are starting to speak such things as, "Well, it looks like the life
expectancy of the average male or the average female has increased for a
few years now, and if everyone would stop smoking, perhaps we would all live
a lot longer." We tell you truly that it is not the smoke that causes the aging,
and it is not the smoke that is going to cause anyone to embrace a disease. It
is simply the belief in it. There is no food that you eat that is harmful to you; it
is only the belief that something is harmful to you. Now the belief can be from
a past-life cellular sort of memory, so that some entities have what they call
allergies to certain foods. But even that can be healed. Once a person
understands, once a person comes into awareness -- what is the key to
longevity, what is the key to awakening the Christ within, to walking as a
Christ? What is the key to solving so many things -- it is awareness,
knowingness. To see and to understand. And many entities walk around, and
they're always asking questions, thinking that some day -- implying time,
aging -- they're going to become wise and they will know and understand. The
simple thing to do is to say, "I know the answer to this now." But then your
mind says, "I don't know this." So what do you do? Well, if you would simply
say, "I know, I know. I AM the Knowingness," what you do, whether your
conscious mind accepts it or not, it registers in the subconscious where the
circumstances are created, so that that becomes the reality. How old are you?
How old do you want to be? Well, another way to look at it is in that concept
that we gave you called the spiral. And we suggest using the spiral so that
you can use that as a powerful visualization. It's a symbolic tool. Ten years
??be convolution, and you sort of halt it at the number of years that you want
to say "hold" your age at. Oh, you could up the number that you want to sort
of revert back to. But is it working. For some entities maybe it does; for others,
maybe it doesn't. Maybe they want to see a change in a certain length of time,
so automatically they've gotten right back into time, implying age, rather than
simply pure Beingness. So, it's important to recognize time for what it is, and it

is simply a tool that allows you to experience what there is on this planet to
experience in the physical incarnation. And time was never intended, as you
created it, to imply that the body changes. So, when you begin to speak such
words as, if you have a question, you say, "I know," do you know what
happens to you in your physical body? Even though you don't know, or think
you don't know in your conscious mind, what happens to you is the pituitary
and pineal glands start secreting hormones, and what happens when the
body is in harmony, it doesn't age. So each time that you speak something
like that, which is an unlimited thought, it registers within the brain and so
starts the process of opening the pituitary and pineal glands, and they secret
many hormones that will create changes within your physical body. And these
changes are not about time. You have the ability to change your physical
ability, literally instanteously -- you just don't believe it. You don't know how.
You forgot. You think that, "Well, I have to go on a diet, and it's going to take
about a year to lose 20-30 pounds" -- boom back into time again. Everything
that has been created in this society seems to be geared around time, so how
are you going to be able to get beyond it? Well, we're going to suggest for you
that you start using the mind, the brain, in a different sort of a way. The
conscious mind is located on the outer extremity of this wonderful organ that
you call your brain, and about the first 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch of the outer
surfaces of the brain. Maybe for some entities it's more like 1/64th or 1/128th,
because they don't use very much of the brain. Either that or perhaps they
sort of fried it with certain drugs and things that cause brain cells to die. It has
been said that you cannot recreate brain cells, that once you got what you
got, that's all that you got. That's simply a limited thought. Indirectly, yes, it is
a truth, but one of the things that does happen, no matter how many cells that
you have, is that they start making more connections. So what does that
mean? It means that you are starting to get in touch with other aspects of
yourself. Every cell starts reaching out to touch more cells, so there are more
pathways of communications. So then, certain processes of thinking happen
more quickly. But wait a minute, what about when you get old and you can't
think as fast as you used to. That's a belief. That's a limited thought. Look at
all the limited thoughts and beliefs that exist, and you will understand why it is
that people age. Can you heal them? Yes, you can. But if you start using the
conscious mind to simply think things that have to do with timelessness, to
speak things that get you beyond this idea that you are aging, the conscious
mind, as we said, was never intended to be the judge of things. So when you
start using your conscious mind to judge things -- good, bad, right, wrong -then you're using it for a very low frequency operation. But if you start using it
to hold a thought, hold a focus, to initiate some of those processes throughout
the physical body so that the body feels the joy that is going on, then you're
using it for what it was originally intended. Then you start opening up and
connecting with some of the rest of that wonderful structure that you call the
brain. You start getting down, say a little further, down to about a quarter of an
inch, some of the processes that take place there have to do with the ability to
remanufacture (to use a term which perhaps is not really applicable), but if

you were to lose a limb, an arm, a finger or something like that, within that
portion of the brain, about a quarter inch below the surface, is the
remembrance of how to grow another one very quickly. To go a little bit
deeper, about 1/2 inch down, is the ability, the remembrance of how to raise
the vibrations of your entire physical body so that you can project yourself to
another place on this planet. And a little further down inside the brain is the
remembrance of how to shift your vibrations in such a way so you can go to
another planet, to a star, to the center of a star, to become a star. That's part
of what this marvelous structure of the brain can do. How do you start
activating it? By thinking thoughts that no longer relate to such limitations as
how old you are, what you look like in comparison to someone else -- but
rather instead to start thinking, feeling and speaking unlimited thoughts,
feelings, words. There will be many, many events, situations, experiences that
the absolute best thing that you could do is not a say a word, but rather just
experience it, because as soon as you start trying to describe it, then you've
lowered its vibration and it no longer is what you experienced. It wasn't
intended for your mate, it wasn't intended for your best friend, for your
parents, or whomever it may be that you're talking with. Yes, you want to
share these things with someone. Yes, you care so much about what they
think about you. So much about what entities say in the context of a
relationship and wanting to share things comes from the ego, comes from that
part of the ego that is seeking self-assuredness, self-aggrandizement, selfextolling, and so it's like, "Well, gee, I had this wonderful experience, and I
wanted to share it with someone." That wonderful experience you will
probably never be able to put into words in such a way that it really matches
up with what you experienced. So, rather than spend the "time" talking about
it, why not use that time to think up another experience, and go out and have
another wonderful experience. So what about your relationships, your mate,
so on and so forth. They could be busy doing their own thing, or you could
share things together. You both experience something. Often, the greatest
communications are in silence. So many times entities talk about their
relationships, "Well, we don't seem to talk anymore, we don't communicate
anymore." It's because they quit feeling, they quite experiencing. It became
judgment, rather than joy. And they look back on their lives because they've
aged -- remember. And they think of all the things they wish they had done
but didn't have the time to do. How often do you find yourself saying to
someone, when they ask you to do something and you don't want to do it, you
say, "Well, I'm really busy. I don't have enough time right now." What do you
think you're creating when you say, "I don't have enough time." Why don't you
speak the truth and just simply say, "I don't want to do it." Now, of course, you
can do it diplomatically and simply say, "I choose not to do that. I choose for
myself another experience that I feel will bring me joy" -- and rather than
saying "will" which is implying future, which is again implying time -- why not
say, "I choose to experience what I want." Simply say, "I don't choose that. I
don't want it. I don't need that." So many times, implying here events,
circumstances, situations, you find yourself saying things that create indeed

what we're talking about -- the aging process. What is it that you doctors say
that, well in childhood you have to get certain innoculations for certain
diseases and certainly then by the time you are an adolescent and have gone
through puberty, then you've got to prepare yourself for college, you've got to
do this, that and the other and become a responsible person, get a job, so on
and so forth. You never ever needed to have a job. The whole purpose of this
creation originally was that you came in simply to experience what was here,
to experience what was here. It wasn't about having to work to make a living.
But see at that time the hypothalumus was being used for what it was
intended to be. It was the organ that allowed you to take the energy as it
came into your body and manufacture whatever vitamins, minerals, or
anything else that you needed. And through that process of the fears and the
embracing of certain limitations, the hypothalumus sort of degenerated in a
way to become only a very small portion of it being active in the same way
that it's active in most of the animals that were upon this plane. So it became
associated simply with survival. And the fears that were embraced were then
associated in the physical body, and it was about survival in the physical
body, because entities began to forget. They got so caught up in the emotion
itself they began to forget. And throughout all the subsequent incarnations,
there was more and more and more forgetting. Now, you find yourself at a
"time" when the opportunity is there to release these vibrations of limitation,
and to release and to be done with it is not about time at all. So many entities,
especially those that are teaching metaphysical classes and spiritual classes
and this sort of thing, talk about having to go through all these processes of
releasing certain things, peeling away layers of the onion, like it's so hard, so
hard to get to all the stuff that's been stopping you -- and it takes several
lifetimes, some entities even say. But the greater truth of your being is that it's
already within you. You're already done with it! The Wisdom and the Truth
and the Knowledge, as we've said to you, that you will have two millions years
from now in your understanding of time, you've already got it! Two billion
years from now, you've already got it. You access it in the quiet. If entities
would spend less time talking about their experiences with someone to try to
impress them and take a little bit of that time that they're using here in such a
limited way and use it for connecting with the Wisdom and Knowledge that is
within, they would find on that inner pathway, on that inward journey, all of
what we're talking about. Ultimately, as in all things, it's your choice and your
responsibility. Whether you do this thing or not, it doesn't matter. You're going
to come back again whether you live in this lifetime 5 more minutes of 5,000
more years, you're going to come back, if not upon this plane then another
plane, if not this planet, then another planet. Why? Because you want you.
Because you are an adventurous God. You are an adventurous Being. You
wanted this experience because of all there is here to experience. [END 1A]
Now, some of it you weren't quite aware of all of what was going to be here to
a certain extent, at least certainly when you woke up from that nap and found
yourself as a swaddling little baby from the nap that you had had in the
spiritual realm you didn't realize that life was going to be the way it was. You

came in, and entities say that while you came in and you chose your parents
and you chose these experiences because you wanted to work on these
things, yes, that is a truth, but it is a truth that was programmed many lifetimes
ago. It is a limited belief. It is simply a limited belief, and you thought all along
that this was what reincarnation was all about, that it was all about working
through these things. Well, that's part of what has been cellular programming
for a long time. The real reason that you are here is for the adventure. And if
you can once again reconnect with the joyful, excited kind of anticipation of an
adventure, then your life will become far more miraculous. The miracles are
created literally without your having to think about them, things just start
happening automatically, because there are parts of your being that set about
to create in ways that you don't even understand. You conscious mind cannot
fathom it. It wasn't intended to. That portion of the brain, conscious mind, was
intended to experience what it's out here, and to embrace the All, the Joy, the
Love, the Peace, the Serenity, once in awhile the fear, but fear was a positive
emotion at that time. And there was no anger, there was no hatred. There was
no jealousy, there was no greed, there was no envy. And the entity created a
thing at one time, and there was another entity that wasn't happy with what it
had created; it saw that this other entity had created someone he thought that
it was better, and all of a sudden, humanity got into comparisons. And he
didn't think that his thing was good enough, and so he embraced an emotion
of wanting something that someone else had; rather than create it himself, he
wanted what someone else had. And you know what that led to. It's what
drives your world. You want to look like someone else. You want to be like
someone else. You want someone else's money. You want someone else's
things. Whatever they've created you either want Lee Iacocca's cars or you
want Mercedes cars or someone else's vehicles, when you've got the
grandest vehicle that could ever be created. How do you think that many
entities that you call extraterrestrials, aliens are visiting this place? You think
it's in spaceships, another kind of vehicle. Most of them come here directly.
They don't need that. They clothe themselves in a light that simply carries
them wherever they need or want to go, wherever they want to be. And who is
it that's creating the spaceships? Guess who? You. And these entities that are
coming in, they're simply going along with you on the game. They're kind of
laughing and enjoying it. Let's see how confusing we can make it for this
species that seems like it's a little backwards. But it's a game. It's an
adventure. Yes, there are many entities who have come here to assist. That's
for of the purpose for being here indeed, to assist you in awakening you up to
the Divinity of God that is within you, to that Essence of God that is within you,
so that you can and do create in Harmony with the Universe, so that you can
and do create from Love and Joy. What about humanity? What about being of
service to humanity? If you want to do that, that's a wonderful thing indeed.
But we would say unto you, what might be called part of your evolutionary
process is that the final knowingness is that whatever you do for the whole,
you do for yourself, and whatever you do for yourself you do for the whole. So
it doesn't matter what you do, you're doing it for you because you are All

Things. You are the All That Is All in All. So whatever anyone else
experiences, you experience, and vice versa. Of course, at this moment
you're seeing the Universe, your world, through the narrow, limited
perspective of your conscious understanding, through the eyes, through the
ears, taste, touch, smell -- you don't use those as much as you used to. In
those days where you lived a long time and you came into this incarnation,
many of the organs that are in your body didn't exist. They sort of evolved in
order to remove all the poisons that are created from the thoughts and
emotions that have been embraced. Yes, you could smell a flower far more
ravishingly beautiful and fragrant than what you would understand to be your
ability to smell now. You could taste a mushroom or a fig, an apple, whatever
it was, and it would only take you a minute portion. One apply would be
shared by 25, 50, perhaps 100 people, simply to taste it. And once they had
tasted it, it's like what else is out there? What about oak leaves? What about
grasses and grains, waters? They only required a very small amount because
you were very sensitive to it. The organs that you have have sort of shifted in
their purposes. Now, your scientists and doctors warn you about getting the
minimum adult daily requirements. So, you find yourself eating, eating, eating,
only to have 95% of it go out of your as waste. So if you only need 5% of what
you put into your body, what would happen if you just ate that 5%. Oh, but you
wouldn't be getting all the vitamins and minerals that you need? Wake up the
hypothalamus. Knock on its door. Tell it it's time to get out of bed. Do you
know how to do that? Think the thought; that starts the process. But here
when we say process, we're not talking about time, except as you create it to
be so for yourself, it can happen in a second or ten million lifetimes. They're
both the same to the Soul-Spirit. They're both the same. So, knock on the
door. Think the thought. Start the pineal and pituitary to secreting hormones of
Life. Imagine what you want to be. Imagine it and you become it. But it's up to
you to believe. It's up to you to have the knowingness. It's up to you to start
doing some of those little things that no longer acknowledge aging and time.
Does this mean that you will never again have a birthday? Well, you can
celebrate anything that you want to. You already do. So if you wanted to
celebrate a birthday, of course you can do so. Maybe you'd want to say that
you were born on February 29; at least that comes around once every four
years. Or perhaps you could say that you were born on the planet Pluto. A
revolution around the Sun for the planet Pluto in your understanding of time
takes 248 years, so you could multiply your lifetime by 248. That's a
possibility. If you can imagine it, if you can think it, it's a possibility and it
exists. We've said this to you many times. We've spoken to you about many
things related to getting in touch with the unlimitedness that you are. So we
would suggest that you truly start to ponder this, to think about it. Use that
marvelous structure in your head for something other than judging another
person. Use it for something other than thinking that you life is miserable. Use
it for something other than criticizing yourself. It was never intended for that.
The cells in your brain -- no matter how many you've got, you've got enough,
and they are in good enough working order that you can indeed embrace the

unlimitedness of what we speak. There are entities perhaps who have

destroyed a major portion of their brain through beliefs in certain things, yet
even they have the ability to do the same as what we speak, because that
marvelous part of the brain that is able to reconstruct and rejuvenate is at
least deep enough so that it was not affected. Primarily it was the surface.
Once you start that process of unlimited thought, another thing takes place as
the pineal and pituitary glands start secreting hormones, and one of those
things that starts taking place is that blood vessels to the interior of the brain
start increasing in size. Right now, most of the blood flow is in that outer layer
of the brain, but as you begin to think in more unlimited thought, it stimulates
the growth so that more oxygen gets to those areas and then those chemical
and electrochemical processes that take place, that correspond to all of these
unlimited thoughts, those processes take place far more easily, far more
quickly. Other things that happen within your physical body that as you start
thinking and visualizing an appearance of what you want to look like, it begins
to happen. Why is it that the so-called mirror exercise works? Because you
really finally start getting a picture of yourself. So many entities are afraid to
look at themselves, but it's a very powerful thing to do. It does help to know
where you are in order to plot a pathway to where you want to go. And so,
when you look at yourself, beautiful Gods and Goddesses that you are,
remember that you are loved. Begin to remind yourself of your Unlimitedness.
Begin to remind yourself of that part of you that already knows the answers to
any question that you may have. When someone asks you something, do you
say, "I don't know." You could say, "Let me think about it," but please don't
say, "When I have time," or "I'll think about it tomorrow." Choose to be in this
now, because this now is all that there is. This is the eternity right now. This is
the moment of your awakening. This is your rebirth. This is your
transformation. This is your opportunity. You have the ability to seize the
opportunity. You have the power to do everything that we have spoken to you
about easily, effortlessly, joyfully. We would say unto you, Let it happen. You
do not need to force it or coerce it. It cannot be forced or coerced. It is loved
into existence. Why do you think so many entities such as ourselves come
here and speak to you to love yourselves? For indeed, as the final thing that
we would say unto you this evening as to a cause of aging itself is because
obviously you stopped loving yourself. The programming was there where you
began to age. And as you in your own eyes grew older, you loved yourself
less and less and less. That sort of kept the ball rolling. If you will truly begin
to love yourself right now, just as you are, and enjoying you for who you are,
not looking for someone to fulfill your dreams -- you are your dreams fulfilled.
Not looking for the experience that's going to make you happy -- you are the
happiness. Not waiting until tomorrow -- tomorrow doesn't exist. Now, love
yourself now, and as you do so, as you indeed find the time to do so, you're
going to find that you have a lot more time. We love you greatly. And so we
say unto you this evening, we hope that these words will assist you to create,
to manifest, in ways now that are not related to time, but rather from the
Knowingness of the Divinity that is within you, that You Are, that you always

have been, that all of what you do be to the Glory of God, the All That Is All in
All. And that as you leave this evening, you will know that you have more than
enough time to get home. Take a moment and look at the moon. One of the
ceremonies, one of the rituals of this time (called the Wisock Moon) is to be
related to whatever one planted would bountifully multiply and come to fruition
very quickly. Plant some seeds in your mind this evening in a ceremonial sort
of acknowledgment of this special evening, and let those seeds be more
unlimited. Take a few moments, even while you're driving home and before
you go to sleep and embrace and plant that seed. It will bear fruit. It will
multiply. The energies that are here are assisting you very greatly in creating
and manifesting, in wiping the slate clean, but it already is a reality within you.
Remove the word "old" from your usage, and they're going to be perhaps a
few other words that we will give to you before we're done with this series that
you can remove from your usage. They're no longer necessary. You're no
longer creating aging. And though we leave you now, we're only a loving
thought away. So be it. And pay attention to those dreams. They're becoming
special. So be it.
HEALING THE AGING PROCESS -- PART 2 Choices, Doubt, Cynicism,
Love, Lack of Direction, Attitudes and Beliefs Gabriel Through John Columbus
Taylor May 16, 1990 Beloved Entities, welcome again to this place and to this
time. We bid you welcome indeed for the information that we desire to give
you this evening. We trust and hope it is going to assist you very greatly.
Therefore, we are very thankful for your presence. We indeed give thanks to
God, the All That Is All In All, for this opportunity therefore to be of service to
those that are, let us say, more expanded, more evolved. Remember not to
take this to ego, more in the Essence of Light, for as you are on your pathway,
truly there are grand things that are happening. Now, this past week we were
talking with you of course about causes of the aging process, and we have
some more causes that we want to go into this evening so that you will have
pretty much a bank of all of those things, or most of those things, that are apt
to cause this phenomena that you understand to be aging. And it is simply a
phenomena; it is not a reality. It is just a phenomena that you experience
because you choose to, or because you choose to and don't understand
where those choices are being made. Now, two things that we want to be
getting into this evening have to do with, as a cause of aging the lack of love
and the lack of a purpose and direction in this life or physical incarnation.
Now, what does it mean, lack of love. Well, a lack of love is caused by a
number of things, but with respect to the aging process what we are going to
be speaking to you about is disappointment, is perhaps what you would call
bitterness and cynicism. Now, you've all had experiences where you had a
certain desire for something to transpire, and it didn't happen. So this then
would cause you to embrace the emotion of disappointment. So granted,
there was a desire for certain things to happen, perhaps in a certain
timeframe. There are many entities who are trying to create things by certain
times, so therefore what they've set up for themselves is what we call the
causes of disappointment, which would be stress and expectation. So, when

you look at a situation that you desire to have transpire using the Higher
Energies, it's important to realize, as we said to you before, that the desire is
remembering your future. Therefore, in terms of expectation, if you can
remove time from all your equations, number one, you're going to find that it
happens more quickly, and number two, you remove that possibility of getting
into disappointment through expectation, through anxious expectation. In your
creative processes, we always say to you that it indeed is important to have
joyful anticipation. Now there's a big difference, and what we would say to
you, the way to tell if in your creative processes if you're in joyful anticipation,
is if it did not happen in the timeframe that you thought it was going to, would
you be disappointed -- then obviously then that was anxious expectation. And
interestingly, that sets up often many stresses within the physical body. And it
sets up stresses in your whole energy field. So the disappointment then
caused by expectation and stress is one of the greatest causes of your lack of
love, and often the lack of love is for yourself. Many entities, when they first
start coming into the understanding of what they call metaphysical and
spiritual things, not everyone but many go through a process where there is a
certain level of ego still operating, thinking that it is the one that has to do the
things or is doing the things. And this is a subtle form of energy that is getting
into things, a subtle form of, let's say, limited energy. And so the ego then is
very disappointed when it can't do, but the essence of the truth that we've
been giving you is that the ego was never intended to do. It was merely
intended to give a context for things. In other words, it puts your personal
stamp of your individuality, of your personality on how you experience the
things that happen to you, of how you experience life, of how you experience
this incarnation. Now, we've also related to you that an event is simply an
event. It would be the ego conscious mind that would judge for you, is this
good or bad. And we would say unto you that you can get beyond a lot of
limitations when you can release those judgments. Now, the ego is a very
important aspect of your being because it does help you to identify yourself, it
gives you personality, individuality, and it is an important aspect of your being
in every incarnation. We would also suggest to you that only with a few
exceptions, your basic ego has changed very little, so has your basic physical
appearance changed very little. Of course, there are many exceptions to this;
this is sort of a generalization. So, getting back then to these causes, when
you look at your creations, and if you think it is the ego doing it, that is why
you set yourself up for a trap. It is the Power, the Love of God working,
moving through you, allowed to be flowing through you that accomplishes
whatever it is that you desire, that creates whatever it is that you desire. And it
is the surrender of the ego that allows things to happen a lot more easily,
because then you're not placing conditions on things. So many conditions.
And there are so many entities who place conditions, for example -- well, to
use the example that is most predominant right now in your understanding,
there is conditional giving. So what is it that is manifested in all of humanity,
conditional receiving. In other words, look at the whole monetary system. You
can receive money if you will agree to pay it back with interest, so that's very

conditional. And many times you're going to find that the things that you
create, if you're placing a lot of conditions on them, it can set up difficulties in
how it can come to you, because there are many things that you can desire
that can come to you effortlessly if you would only simply allow the process of
Life, the Energy, the Love, the Power of God to flow through. So what you are
doing then is letting the ego do what it was intended to do, that is to give a
framework, a context to the result of what it is that you desire. And the result,
of course there are times when the ego is going to say, "Well, not this isn't the
way that I would have preferred it." And that's helping you to gain clarity -- not
place conditions, but gain clarity regarding choices that you make. And there's
a big difference because in the process of Life, when you're seeking to gain
understanding or an experience or anything of that nature, it's often assisting
you or often that you really desire to gain more clarity concerning the choices
that you make. Is this choice really going to provide you the essence, the
quality that you desire to experience more of? So, as you ask for essences
and qualities, you'll find that it can come to you far more easily. Then you
don't get caught up in disappointment caused by stress and expectation. Then
there is a joyful anticipation that the quality that you desire or desire more of
can come in a number of ways, many different ways. So, for example, if you
desire more peace, more tranquility, more security, more protection, whatever
it may be. When you ask for that, what you do is open wide the doors of the
Universe so there are many ways it can come to you. If you, for example, ask
for a certain sum of money by a certain date of time, then there are a lot of
other aspects of your being that must be in almost literally total alignment for it
to transpire. And there are entities that experience indeed, and we are saying
that it is not an impossibility; it is very probable for you. But it's far easier if you
would allow things to transpire rather than force them to come to pass. So
what happens then if it doesn't happen in the way you want it to when you
want it to? Well, what happens is that often is embraced an attitude or an
emotion -- and they sort of all bridging in their energy levels -- of what we
would call cynicism. And cynicism really comes from doubt and uncertainty.
So when you're trying to create a thing -- and bear in mind that all of this is
playing on your total being and therefore how you perceive time and the
whole aging process. So when you're trying to create a thing that doesn't
transpire the way that you want it to, then what so many entities start doing is
they start doubting their ability, they start doubting in perhaps even things that
they were told would transpire. They start doubting in the process of life, in
truth and whether or not this is really going to happen in the way it has been
told it was going to. So that doubt then leads to an uncertainty regarding their
future. It leads to uncertainty as to whether or not they can do all of these
things that we have been saying you can do. And that doubt and that
uncertainty then create a cynicism, and this is a very difficult vibration to be in,
because it often creates a snowballing sort of effect, and eventually leads to
bitterness. And bitterness is quite often a result of fear, it's a result of guilt,
and when you put those two things together, indeed what you have done is
bought into the aging process. So when an entity is trying to create or

manifest a reality and has gotten into bitterness, then there is associated with
that a lot of anger. And there are many entities in this world indeed at this time
who have within them a great deal of anger, though it be repressed, and the
repressed anger often manifests itself in many different ways. It can manifest
itself as a tremendous weight loss, a tremendous weight gain. It can manifest
itself even in them expressing all of this anger. But the greatest cause of this
anger is the fear now that has crept in, because there is the uncertainty,
because there is the doubt, because there is the cynicism. And what is this
fear about? Well, it is a fear many times about just simply the basic
necessities of their life, that many of the things that they desire -- simply food,
water, shelter, love, acceptance -- they find not only do they have a difficult
time giving it, but they have a difficult time receiving it. They have a difficult
time believing that it is possible to have a different reality. And there are those
who have experienced this through many lifetimes so that it is unfortunately a
part of cellular memory. Now when you witness in this universe and this
planet certain areas of the globe where there's a tremendous amount of
starvation, where there is overpopulation and disease, and that sort of thing,
many, not all of these entities but a majority of these entities, have had
lifetime after lifetime of that sort of incarnation so that they've come back to
experience it over and over again, and it's created all of those things that
we've mentioned to you -- the fear, the anger, the resentment, the bitterness,
the doubt, the uncertainty, the cynicism. There is no expectation; there's only
fitful survival. And what does that do but it creates some of the greatest
causes of the aging process. Oftentimes what we mean by an aging process
is not so much what you appear in terms of how you look physically, but
whether or not you have longevity of life. What we're going to suggest for you
is that once you achieve a certain level of understanding with regard to the
possibilities of longevity of life, it's automatically going to create certain
changes in the physical body so that your physical appearance remains
youthful for much longer, longer, longer time. So it is indeed possible for you
to embrace a lifetime of 10, 20, 50, 100,000 years or more in the physical
embodiment that you currently possess and inhabit. Now, the last thing that
we would speaking to you about regarding this sort of threefold thing of lack of
love had to do with what we would call more of not accepting yourself, not
accepting who you are. And when we've spoken to you about loving yourself
just as you are, that is important, a very important aspect because the lack of
love that you have often creates those other three things. And when you
accept yourself just as you are, you open the door for transformation that can
take place at an even cellular level. So you embrace, one time truly accepting
and loving yourself -- and all of you in this room have done that -- then you
find that you want more. And as you expand, you expand your awareness,
and sometimes you find things when you expand things that are in what you
might call a negative direction. But it's important to love that aspect of your
being also. Then you will be able to experience more in the other direction
that you want. If you find yourself being very critical -- and that's going to lead
to some of the other things that we were talking to you about. The second

great aspect that we're speaking to you about this evening on the aging
process has to do with the lack of purpose or direction in life. Now, a lack of
purpose or direction in life can be caused by a number of things also, not the
least of which is once again a fear of the process of life. It also has to do with
the lack of desires or goals -- in a very real sense many entities set goals for
themselves, but really what it may be is a lack of desire of anything. Now,
there are those who would say unto you, and it's a partial truth, that when you
want nothing, you have all. We've even used those words with you. But what
we're referring to there is moving you out of the vibration of need. To desire a
thing is one thing. To need it really is saying that you don't have. So there's a
subtle line, a fine line, and a subtle difference between an intense desire and
what might be called neediness, and we've spoken to you quite a bit about
that. So realize once again in your process of creating, manifesting that desire
is an important aspect and that desire provides what you would call perhaps
motivation, and the more intense the desire, the more intense the motivation.
So entities that seem to lack motivation really are lacking a sufficient level of
desire to experience a thing so that they would, shall we say, get off their duff
and do something about it. However, you will also understand that the level of
the actual doing now with this increase of the energies that are here, is far
less than what it used to be. So, a lack of purpose or direction. What else is
coupled with that? Well, we would say unto you that oftentimes entities feel
that they have no real usefulness. And you see this quite often with those that
you call old now. They reach a certain age, and they are so-called retired, put
out to pasture, no longer useful by society when they reach a certain age. So
there's this feeling within that begins to develop, and the feeling is often
associated with an unworthiness, a uselessness. And when that happens,
indeed it sort of accelerates what you would understand to be the aging
process, bringing on death far more quickly. So one of the things that often
happens to entities is, if they really desire, they will get back into even
volunteer work, which is one of the things that you find many entities when
they reach a certain age where they don't paid for what they do, then they
volunteer. And that's a wonderful thing; this is one of the ways, not perhaps
the best way, but one of the ways in which they are finding a certain level of
usefulness in terms of their perception of themselves. Now, realize that this
need to be useful is coupled often with what is often expressed in
psychological terms as, well one of the terms is say co-dependency, or
wanting to be accepted from an ego level, that is, wanting there to be the
recognition of the self, the little self, as opposed to one simply embracing self
recognition, self-love. So that lack of self love, that lack of self-acceptance, of
recognition often creates then a feeling of uselessness, a lack of motivation,
and this then in turn allows one to experience one of those greater things that
we call a lack of purpose or direction. Now, direction is often given in the
desire that you have by virtue of understanding where you are and how to get
there. Now, of course, a desire embraced in a certain way is going to come to
you automatically. But part of the process of it coming to you is your sort of
meeting it halfway with the energies that are here now at this time and for a

little while. What does it mean to meet it halfway. It means to understand

where you are and where you want to be. So what comes up a lot of time for
entities once again when they first get into what would be called the
metaphysical or spiritual pathway is they find themselves going into denial
concerning what their present situation may be. Now, it is important to deny
the power of your external reality on what you're going to think, feel or speak.
But it is also important to recognize where you are so that you can map a way
to where you want to go. You would not start out on a journey to, let's say,
New York City if you didn't know where you were. How would you get there?
What direction would you go in? Well, one of the things that really helps is
what we would call a personal assessment. Where are you with respect to
where you want to go? Now, before you can have a personal assessment,
you sort of have to know what some of those desires are. Where do you want
to go? And the personal assessment then is going to help you get in touch
with where you are. And getting in touch with where you are -- and we're
bridging now into some of the possibilities here for healing some of the
causes of the aging process -- knowing where you are then allows you to
begin to see certain step-by step processes that can be accomplished with
respect to how you want to get there. Now, this is often put in terms of what
you would call goals, and that is a truth indeed. But what we want to relate to
you is that in the past where for the greatest part of your being to do it all to
get to a point, what you're finding now is that what it is that you desire also
desires you, so there's going to be a meeting halfway, at least with the
energies that are here now. So it is as if to say in this same scenario that we
are using, if you wanted to go to New York, New York was going to move
across the country and meet you halfway, somewhere around St. Louis
perhaps, although you might not want to go there because we understand
there is a lot of water in St. Louis at this time. So, in that understanding then, if
there is a situation, a thing, an experience that you desire, that desire is going
to bring it to you automatically in some cases. In other cases, depending on
your limitations, depending on where you are in your own consciousness -and it would help you to do this personal assessment. How do you feel about
the you that exists right now? What is it in your life that you enjoy? What is it
perhaps that you would like to expand? What do you feel about entities that
you are close with, and how do you feel about your interactions with them?
You can expand it much further than that. Once you get in touch with some of
the conditions in your life as they are in your conscious understanding of the
illusion that you created, then it's going to assist you in starting to visualize the
pathway. Visualization is a very important thing. The more that you are in
alignment, you're going to find that there are shortcuts that the Soul, Spirit and
the Higher Self are going to assist you with. So as we've said to you, it's not
so much the step by-step doing as it is understanding the steps that are
necessary. Then you find that some of them perhaps you've already done. Or
perhaps someone else can do it for you, would be perfectly willing to do so, or
perhaps you will find that it's not even necessary. So then you find that an
experience, desire, thing that you want, it's going to transpire far more quickly.

Now, what we would also like to do this evening is to perhaps go into a little
bit more with respect to healing certain aspects of your being. Now, healing as
you understand it to be is merely the removal of a vibration that represents a
limitation. Perhaps in your physical body it represents the removal, the giving
up of certain vibrations that may have even manifested in a physical form.
You call it disease. Sometimes it may manifest materially, sometimes it may
manifest more as a condition, you would call it a condition within. [END SIDE]
And so therefore part of the process for healing is getting in touch with the
Love that you have within you. So we're going to go on a little journey at this
time where you're going to contact the essence of the Love that you are. So
we ask you at this time to take a deep breath and to let it out slowly. Breathe
in deeply and let it out slowly and easily, and as you do so, as you breathe in,
you know that you're breathing in Life, and as you brethe out, you're breathing
out imperfection, impurities, limitation. Each breathe that you take in, you're
breathing in Life, and each time you exhale, you're breathing out a lot of that
stuff that has been there for a long time. So now, while you're becoming calm
and peaceful within, we would like for you to visualize yourself once again at
the top of a little knoll, a wooded knoll perhaps, short scrubby trees around so
that you still can see the sky. And you're in a little clearing on the top of this
knoll. And while you are sitting there (you can be on a chair, on a rock, on a
little depression on the ground, perhaps sitting on a blanket or something of
that nature), while you're sitting there, you hear birds chirping at a distance,
you hear the sound of crickets perhaps, the sound of a little brook nearby with
the water sort of bubbling, cascading over rocks. You smell the flowers that
are in bloom, various wonderful fraquances. Honeysuckle, night-blooming
jasmine. Roses, daffodils. All gently whafting on the wind, a gentle breeze that
every once in a while causes the hairs on your body to move and vibrate with
the sounds, with the movements, with the fragrances. And you see a lush
green carpet of grass before you, and the darker shades of leaves in the
brush and the short little trees that are close by. And you see also a pathway
that is leading down one side of the knoll that you are on top of. And while
you're sitting there, you sense a presence close by. You look up in the sky
and see the great entity of Ra shining forth with what appears perhaps even
to be a smile on its face. You see a few white billowly clouds and the deep
blue of the sky. But you sense this presence. You sense someone
approaching on the pathway, and soon you hear footsteps. And you sense
that this is a great being, a great entity, someone whom you have perhaps
never met before, someone who has a vibration that is awesome, that is
powerful, yet very gentle, loving, kind. And soon, very shortly, you see the
appearnce of a head coming up the footpath, and soon this person begins to
round a little bend in the path and you see the essence of this great Being,
some ten feet tall, glowing in Light, brilliant Light that seems to be just going
out in all directions from it, appearing very much human in your
understanding, yet glowing, radiating in such a way that its light is as bright as
the sun. So for a moment you have to look away while your eyes adjust to the
brightness of this entity. For a moment you hear a sound, a musical tone, the

likes of which you've never heard before, and then you find you're able to look
up. And you look at this entity who is now only a few feet away, and you see
eyes that are so wonderfully soft, piercing, yet at the same time with a
gentleness that soaks into your whole being. And you see a countenance that
has a great compassion, an empathic understanding almost literally written
into it, as if it has known every experience you have ever had, as if it knows
exactly what you feel every moment. And you look further, and you see
hands, hands that are brilliantly radiating energy, yet very much like your own,
very soft and gentle looking, large as if they could grasp a tree trunk, yet you
know that these hands could also hold the egg of a sparrow. And you look
further and you see feet that have appeared to have trod many, many miles in
coming on this journey to be with you. And there's a smile upon the face, and
there's a look that allows you, causes you to melt in compassion and
understanding for yourself. For the mere presence of this being, this great
one, allows you to understand an essence of yourself that you've never known
before -- great empathic understanding that you have for all of life, no matter
what form it may takes, no matter what its appearance, no matter what its
species. All of a sudden you feel in the presence of this one as if you were
connected not only to it but to everything else that exists. And as you have
that thought, all of a sudden your eyes perceive going out from your body,
thousands, millions, billions of little tiny light beams that do indeed connect
you with the Essence of Life on every dimension. And you see these many
colored beams of Light -- the reds, the blues, the violets, the oranges, the
greens, the purples, the yellows, blacks and brown, clear ones, amber,
golden, more colors than you thought could even exist, and each one
connecting you with an aspect of life that exists in another place, in another
time, in another dimension, in another state of being, upon this planet, upon
other planets, to all galaxies and all universes. And it's all connecting with you.
And then this Great Being, this Great One, with a smile upon his face,
reaches forth its hand and by some strange Force you seem to arise, and as
you arise you seem to expand, and as you expand you both seem to grow
together so that now your heads are in the clouds and you're looking down on
this place where you were sitting, then the next moment you are looking back
at the planet still expanding, still growing, still moving outward. And now you
see the galaxy and the universe filled with galaxies. And you see even more
and more connections going out from your being, connecting you with all of
life. And yet the Great One is there with you still, and you wonder what
essence of being could it be that could cause or allow this sort of thing to
transpire. And in a moment you know the answer, for this is the Essence of
the Love that You Are. This is the great One that You Are. This is the totality
of Love that is within you. And you realize that this Great Being is not so much
separate from you as it is You. Feel the Essence. See that perspective that
you have once more of looking at Universes stacked one on top of another,
filled with billions of galaxies still expanding, still moving, for with each thought
that every entity has, a new universe is created, a new possibility, a new
essence of life. And you stand with this Great One, now a part of your own

being, and you stand in awe and wonder, realizing that all of this is God, the
All That Is All In All, that you are the Essence of God, the All That Is All In All.
And then in a moment, in a flash, you're back upon the knoll, sitting on your
rock, in your chair, seeing the flowers once again, smelling the fragrances that
drift lazily on the wind, on the breezes toward you, feeling the warmth of the
sun, hearing the chirping of the birds, the crickets. And once again, perceiving
yourself to be back in your own being, back in your own body, back in your
own realm, in your own conscious awareness of reality, of what you've
created, yet knowing now the Essence of Love that exists within you. And
knowing this Essence of Love gives you now a greater purpose in life, for it is
to express and become that Love. It is to allow it to flow through you in such a
way that it harmonizes your being and flows out from you to harmonize all of
your reality so that all things as you udnerstand them to be come into
alignment, so that while you witness grand and glorious things taking place,
you no longer need to judge them or criticize them, no matter what they may
be, for you accept and allow, for you have seen a grander perspective, you've
seen the Essence of Who You Are. Now, take a moment to ponder, what
does age mean to you? Love is timeless, ageless, dimensionless. It exists
everywhere. It has existed for all time beyond time. We call Love the Cosmic
Glue of the universe. That's an essence of understanding with respect to the
physical universe, yet it is so much more that words cannot express; it simply
must be experienced. Shortly, perhaps in a few days, you will have a dream,
and this dream will be another journey, and this journey is going to take you
into a dimension where you will have a new experience of Love, a new
understanding of it, and it will register in your consciousness in a way that will
allow your to express more of that Essence, more of the Love that is coming
through you even now. The Fifth Ray is allowing you to express one of the
qualities of Love, which you call Unconditional Love. And in Unconditional
Love you allow, so there is no longer disappoinatment caused by stress or
expectation, so those things no longer contribute to an understanding of
aging. In loving yourself as you are, you allow the process of Life to bring to
you an enhanced experience of the Joy that is within, and you move in such a
way that no matter what your experience may be, you realize that your
thought... (end of tape)
HEALING THE AGING PROCESS, Part 3 Now, Spoken Word, Subconscious,
Meditation on the Water of Life Gabriel Through John Columbus Taylor June
13, 1990 Beloved Entities, welcome once again to this place and to this time.
Well, in your understanding of time, it's been some time since we chatted with
you before. So we want to welcome you all back once again, the new energy
that we perceive here. It is indeed a pleasure and indeed an honor that you
are here amongst us. Now what we have been talking about of course has to
do with what you understand to be the aging process, and we've talked to you
about several of those things that we would call the causes of the aging
process, and we're going to sort of get into two that we consider, let's say, the
most important for you to understand at this time, give you a perspective
about that, go into a couple of things regarding healing, and then a meditation

that we feel is going to help you out considerably with a number of different
things. All right. So, primary causes let's say at this time concerning the aging
process. Now, the most important thing that we would say unto you that we
would consider to the cause of aging has to do with the way that you believe
in time. So, the way that you believe in time. The secondary most important
cause of the aging process has to do with all those things that you speak
about not having enough time. We've gone over a few of those. We're going
to mention a couple more of them before we're done this evening. So, primary
cause has to do with what it is, how it is that you are believing in time itself. So
let's get into that. We've told you, we've explained to you a couple of times
that from the Soul perspective, future, present and past are simultaneous.
There is no time. Your Soul-Spirit created this incarnation to experience
certain things at these frequencies of vibration, meaning in this physical
incarnation in three-dimensional space and time. But now your Soul-Spirit is in
charge of many things. It is also connected with all the other yous that exist,
not in a past life, not in a future life, because past, present and future are
simultaneous. It's all going on right now. Everything that you were or will be is
all happening right now. Now, 99% of your consciousness is in this reality. But
there are billions and billions and trillions of other aspects of yourself that are
experiencing other realities. And every thought that you have creates another
aspect of yourself, another being just like you that will learn, that will progress,
that will move forward in its universe. Every desire that you have manifests in
some reality somewhere. Every fear that you have manifests in some reality
somewhere. So a key point here, a key point that we call one of the pearls of
wisdom concerning fears. Many of you have concerns about your finances,
your love life, the aging process, so on and so forth. So what we're going to
suggest to you is this. If you will go in a meditation and experience that fear
around those areas in your life, just as ugly as it can possibly be in your
imagination, all the horrible things that you might think associated with it,
what's the worst thing that could happen. You do this in this meditation. You
key here is your intention that it manifest in another reality, not in your
conscious reality, and it happens just that way. So what you're doing then is
letting go of a fear. You're living it. Why? Your Soul Spirit came into this
incarnation, and into any incarnation, and any experience that it chooses is for
basically one thing -- emotion. We mentioned to you that the memory of the
Soul is an emotional memory. We mentioned to you how to heal some of
those emotions in a seven fold process: Awareness, Acceptance, Tolerance,
Forgiveness, Compassion, Understanding and Love. So now that you are
progressing through some of those things and you have that understanding,
that knowledge, this is going to be a key point for you in the coming days
because of events that are soon to transpire, and it's all connected indeed
with your concerns, not only about aging as you understand it to be, but also
about all the other things that are happening for you in the context of this
physical incarnation and this awareness. So go into this meditation with the
intention, with the thought that you're going manifest whatever this horrible
thing is that may be coming up for you. But you're going to manifest it in

another reality. Now, I'm going to suggest something else for you. There are
only seven to twelve primary emotions that you would call negative ones -like anger, greed, envy, jealousy, fear, hatred, this sort of thing. There are
only seven to twelve that you really have to deal with. So the more intensely
that you can get through it in the meditation and manifest it in another reality,
the less you experience it in this reality. Why? Because once the Soul has
embraced the emotion, as our Brother Ramtha would say, has owned it, has
understood it, has gotten it, then it no longer has the desire to create that in
the experience anywhere. Your conscious choices are affecting all the yous
that exist in all these other places, and yes, their choices are affecting you.
But realize that you're looking at 99% of your consciousness being here and
only 1% being out there, so there's a 100-fold difference in what you're going
to perceive consciously happening in those billions of other existences in
comparison to what you're going to experience in the here and now. Now is
the point of power. The future, the present and the past are simultaneous, but
they're also continuously changing. Now, entities have often gotten on what
they call their spiritual pathway, on this pathway that they want to get back to
God. They think that once they grow into all this expanded consciousness and
finally become one with God, but realize that just as you are expanding, so is
this thing that you call God, the All That Is All. The bottomline is that you'll
never get there. It just doesn't happen that way. You become All That You
Are, and what you find out is in the process of reaching for this that you think
is this ultimate thing that you want to become, the ultimate answer is that
you've always been it all the time. It's always been a part of you. And so then,
what is the important aspect of that. It is simply to love and to honor Who You
Are now. Right now. What's your future going to be? What are you
experiencing right now? You're going to become more of what you are right
now. Now, for some entities who are going through great difficulties, that
could be a scary kind of thing. But we would say to you, if you want the future
to be different, be different now. If you want all these things that you say you
want, start having them now. So, you've been given processes how to activate
that kind of thing -- thought and emotion embraced intensely. It seems so
simple, yet so many entities miss it. So why then is this thing about
experiencing the emotion, those negative emotions that are projected into
another consciousness, into another reality someplace, because, as we've
expressed to you before, the energy density in this reality is increasing. The
things that you think and hold in your consciousness and feel are manifesting
more quickly. The delay mechanism used to be somewhere in the
neighborhood of ten years. It's down to a matter of months. Now it's down to a
matter of days, for some entities maybe only hours. We also mentioned to you
the cycles of Great Light. Now, again, this is a perspective. The cycles of
Great Light have been going on for a long time, in the understanding of time.
But on the basis of social consciousness, mass consciousness, race
consciousness, the greater part of humanity in the understanding of how they
are moving through time as they and you have created it to be, the great
probability is that on June 21 (1990) will begin what we call the cycles of

Great Light. And those will not end. There will be peaks. When these begin to
happen, what it means is that the delay mechanism is going to drop down
another step. Rather than being days and hours, it's going to be somewhere
in the neighborhood of hours and minutes, so that a thought, a visualization
that is vivid in your imagination in your mind, embraced with that intense joyful
feeling will manifest very quickly, very quickly. All right, now let's apply this
then to tonight's subject, healing the aging process. Look at the things you
speak. Look at the number of "times" -- and we're going to be using "times" in
quotations all throughout this evening, so just realize that it's in quote all over
the place. Many "times" that you embrace thoughts and speak words that you
don't have enough time for something. We mentioned once before, when
someone calls you and wants you to do something, you think, oh what good
excuse can you use, "I'm busy. I don't have enough time." You don't know
subtly what you're creating when you say that. You don't know your power.
You don't know who you are. You have this concept, "I am God," but you don't
know what that is. Do you really know? Get in touch with this, dear ones, this
is important. Every thought that you have had has created a universe just as
complete as the one that you see here. Every single thought. And guess what,
the cells of your body are also consciousness that have thoughts. They too
are creating realities. Billions upon trillions of cells in your body, each one a
consciousness, each one expanding in its awareness to become something
greater, just as you are expanding in your awareness to become all that you
can be. And the more that you expand, what it does is it opens you up to see
that there is simply more to expand into. When you have that connection, it's a
very humbling experience. So what are some other things that you say or do
that relate to this idea of not having enough time. Think about it. You get in
your car, you're going someplace, the thought, "I'm late." So it's like rush here,
rush there. You have an appointment, an engagement with someone, and
there's the thought there that, "Oh, I've got to get ready, I've got to get ready."
So watch what you're doing with time, how you play with it, how you use it,
how you think about it, because those are going to be keys for you to
understand exactly what the aging process is. Now some of this may seem
like pie in the sky. Some entities will get it, and they will be able to maintain a
youthful appearance or a appearance that they desire. Others will have an
attitude of, "Well, gosh, it seems like a lot of effort, a lot of trouble. I don't
know if I can really do this." And others will simply fall along the wayside and
say, "Well, it just doesn't work for me. Nothing ever worked for me." See those
limited thoughts. Go into a meditation and experience those limited thoughts.
Carry it out to the nth degree, to just as ugly and dirty and nasty and dirty and
spotty and rusty or whatever you want it to be. And manifest it somewhere
else. You don't need it. You are an unlimited being. You really are. Now, your
conscious mind, the ego part of you, certainly has limitations. There are
certain implied limitations of being in a physical body that you've accepted as
part of this experience, but what you are seeking, what you are learning, what
you are getting is the connectedness to the aspects of yourself that are
unlimited and thereby what you think may be a reality can change very

quickly. You see, this is not just one universe that you are in, and the length of
time that it takes us to say universe, you have gone through so many of them
that you could not count them. Because you are creating, recreating,
destroying and recreating, moment by moment, billions, trillions, quadrillions
of times a second in the understanding of time. So fast that to you it seems
like it's a continuous movement, that it's one single continuum of experience.
In actually, you are flashing on and off like a blinking light, and if you were to
speed up, raise the frequency of your perception, you could even perhaps
perceive (not see) some of that blinking on and off in which the Energy that
you are is just Pure Energy, then it is reconstituted into this form that you have
chosen. The form you can change. Many entities go, "You mean I can change
the length of my legs and all." Most entities will not get this because they're
not ready for it, or they're not willing to even try because they have those
limited beliefs that it's not possible. So of course you've heard it said, "To him
who believes no proof is necessary. To him who does not believe, no proof is
possible." That's a truth. That's how powerful you are. If you believe there are
going to be miracles taking place with you that to some would certainly be
unbelievable, incredible, miraculous. But miracles, true miracles are just
touching on the Abilities that you have. Why do certain things seem to happen
in a certain timing when you're in a real joyful space? Because you are
moving progressively through universes in which those yous that are
experiencing Joy exist, and you unite with them, bringing your consciousness
into those realities. So how do you activate these possibilities so that they
become probabilities? By focusing with Joy in the Now. And many systems
that entities have created to explain to you all the magnificent ways in which
things happen. There are products that are coming out on the market -- hair
products, skin products, facial creams to remove wrinkles and things of this
nature, to relieve sunburns or to stop you from itches, facelifts, whatever it
may be. Entities who believe in it will experience what they believe to be
possible from that. Those that done, well all of a sudden then they start
accusing someone of creating something that fradulent. They don't know how
powerful they are. If there is a product that you're thinking about using that is
going to assist you in maintaining what you would call a youthful appearance,
let it be in accordance with where your belief systems are now. But realize
that any belief that you have represents a limitation - any belief. And we've of
course said to you that it's important then to have beliefs that will support your
Joy, your Happiness, your Peace, your Creativity, your Prosperity, your
Health, your Longevity. But realize, too, all those other consciousnesses that
make up cellular memory. Cellular memory is in the process of being
transformed and transcended for many of you. Now how does that happen?
Well, for one thing it is that the cells of your body are contained in your own
vibration. You, the essence of you, surrounds it. So the more that you hold
higher thoughts, higher beliefs in possibilities and probabilities, joyful
anticipations, you are modulating, augmenting, changing the vibrations of
every cell in your body. Now, give you an example. When you go see a friend
of yours who's in a really morose condition, state of mind, sad depressed, the

world is coming to an end, you walk away from that feeling a little bit yucky
yourself. And when you're around someone who is joyful, who's bubbling,
who's alive, who's looking forward to life and living, you walk away with some
of that, because you're so interconnected. So, too, all the cells of your body
are connected to You. And here we refer to this as capital YOU, your Totality.
So therefore, every thought that you have can heal or it can destroy. Now in
your understanding of time, approximately every seven years, every single
atom that makes up your body is exchanged. Now, bear in mind that has been
purported by science on the basis of what might be old beliefs -- scientific
investigations, the old delay mechanism. So what do you think is happening
now. We're going to tell you this. The cells in your body can be completely
changed, not in seven years, but in a matter of couple of weeks. Every single
atom and molecule that makes up this physical incarnation of Who You Are
can be changed in a matter of a couple of weeks. Now, notice we say can be.
Some of you will get it, and maybe you'll take a little longer, but you'll start
seeing some changes, because you'll start believing in yourself, believing that
you have the ability, that you can do this. And not only that you can but the
way to do it is through Joy, by Loving Who You Are. And since your thought
concerning yourself, and emotion that you feel about it is so powerful in the
way that it creates, another suggestion for you, another meditation. Start
visualizing what it is that you want to look like, and to as great an extent as
possible be as detailed with it as you can be. Or use a symbol. Fill it with
Light. And you do this over and over and over. So, why is it that sometimes
things don't work. Why is it that people age? Why is it that all of these things
seem to happen? All right, we're going to tell you that one of the basic
reasons that a lot of things that we've suggested for entities has not worked
for them has to do with what you understand to be subconscious beliefs. You
think you don't know what they are, but you do. All you have to do is look
around you and see what you're experiencing. That will be a hint. The whole
world that you've created is speaking to you. You created it. Everything that
you experience, everything that you see, hear, smell, taste, touch is part of
what you created. And it's telling you, the state of your consciousness,
subconscious beliefs, conscious beliefs, whatever it may be. In dreamstate
you connect with many of your alternate realities, but at such a high frequency
that you don't always remember connecting with them. But you do come back,
and just as you are waking up, quite often what happens is that those
frequencies are lowered, but they sometimes get distorted in being lowered so
that you come back with dreams that you call weird. They're very symbolic,
yes. They're teaching you many things, yes. You're getting answers to
questions. And every once in awhile, you do come back with a
consciousness, a remembrance of an experience in another reality. And you
will know when you do because it will be powerful. It will be vivid, there will be
intense emotion felt in it, joyful emotion, and you will know beyond any
shadow of a doubt that you went into an alternate reality to another place,
another time, another dimension, another you of past or future, a
simultaneous reality. Logical mind has a difficult time computing that equality

between past, present, future, but it's all happening now. But if you feel within,
you'll start getting an essence, you'll start getting an intuition, a feeling,
noticing that your visualizations start to change, that your feelings start to
change. Suppose you see yourself riding a horse. There's a you somewhere
that's doing that. Winning the lottery. There's a you somewhere that's doing
that. Driving a new car. Having the relationship that you desire. Having the
physical appearance in this reality that you desire. All right, let's go back to
that, the aging process. Thought and emotions concerning age. Go into that in
meditation once again, and let go of the fear about aging. Since it is a fear
and you want to manifest it somewhere else, go into that meditation and see
yourself just as decrepit, ugly, wrinkled, helpless, even your underwear, you
can't control your bowel movements perhaps, whatever the grossest thing is
that you could imagine would be represented by old age for you. Go into that
meditation. Manifest it in a another reality. Do it over and over, if you feel like
you need to, in order to really embrace your fear of it. Because then you can
be done with it, and it doesn't become this conscious reality. That's one of the
steps in healing what you understand is the aging process. We actually have
a couple of meditations that we want to do for you this evening, but we don't
know if we're going to have enough "time" to do so, but we will endeavor to
give you as much as we can this evening. But looking again now at healing.
The responsibility, of course, is your own. Now there are many entities who by
virtue of past lives, which are simultaneous, have the feeling that they want
someone else to do it for them, but the awakening of your consciousness in
this reality is one of taking the responsibility that you are the creator of your
reality, in totality. Because you really are! So, another aspect of healing, not
only the aging process but many other things besides, is taking the
responsibility for the thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs that you've had
for some time, choices that you've made that maybe it didn't work out the way
that you wanted it to. Maybe it didn't happen the way that you wanted it to. But
it didn't happen the way you wanted it to because you didn't know what part of
you was actually doing the creating. Each one of you in this room, your SoulSpirits came into this incarnation to experience certain very specific things for
each of you, certain very specific things. In a general sense, those three
things that we mentioned to you, you came into this incarnation to create, to
play. You came in to gain wisdom through experience, and you came in to
learn to love yourself. We've also explained to you how you can gain wisdom
without experience -- two-fold thing, unconditional love and nonjudgmental
observation. So, as an offshoot of that, what we're saying to you is that
process of going into the meditation to get the prize of the emotion, which is
what the Soul wants, can be done in the meditation, so that it's not your
conscious experience in this reality. It's not your reality in conscious
experience. It is your reality in consciousness manifested in another reality.
Big difference. Now, each of you may be doing what you would call "working"
on certain limitations that you've had in this lifetimes. There are some entities
who would believe that, Well, it takes months and months, years and years of
work to resolve childhood programming. No, it doesn't. That's a thought.

That's a belief. That it takes all kinds of treatments for diseases that an entity
may be experiencing. No, it doesn't. That's a thought, a belief, an attitude.
And to the extent that you believe it, it's yours. Own it. It's yours. And let it be
okay. This is not to say that you have done anything wrong, because you
never have. Everything that you have done and experienced, everything
brought you Joy on some level of your being. "Oh, you mean to say that this
person that I broke up with, and I cried myself silly, and that was joyful?" Yes.
Yes, it was to an aspect of your being, because the Soul wanted the prize.
Now, another thing that is going on for entities at this time. You may notice
that you have been experiencing sort of wide variations in your emotions,
some of you. There may be times when you feel intensely joyful, happy,
connected, and other times when you feel just grotequely morose, depressed
and sad. Your Soul-Spirit wants you to be able to embrace emotion intensely,
but it wants you to be able to embrace emotions of Joy, Love, Happiness, so
on and so forth more than the negative stuff, of course. So again, the
meditation, boom, experience those other ones concerning the fears, the
negative emotions, and that way what you're doing is you're to be shifting the
spectrum, the whole spectrum of your emotional experience so that it doesn't
become that roller coaster between positive and negative emotion. It starts
shifting upward. So there will be times, yes, when you're greatly elated, and
times when you're just happy. Wouldn't it be nice to just be happy all the time.
Well, you can. Do you want to? Of course you do. You say, "Well of course I
want this. Of course I want to be happy. Of course I want to have all these
things happen the way that I say that I want them to." All right, then why
doesn't it happen the way you want it to? Mostly because you don't think you
know what your subconscious is creating, or the Soul-Spirit is creating. Align
yourself, Soul-Spirit, Higher Self, conscious mind. They're not separate parts
of your being, by the way. There's not a delineation that says, "Well, my SoulSpirit stops here and this is where my Higher Self begins, and this is where
my Higher Self ends and here's my subconscious and here's my conscious
mind." No, it's a continuum of frequencies of vibration that are continuously
changing, modulating themselves all over the place. And each time that you
embrace a joy, consciously or otherwise. Each time that you embrace a
limited thought or whatever, it's all changing you. So you're changing just over
and over and over again. So, focusing then on what you want with joy, having
that thought and visualization as vivid as you possibly can or embracing the
symbol of it, is going to be one of the keys for assisting you then to be able to
actually recreate even what you physically look like. And it has nothing to do
with what you eat, what you put on your face, what you put on your body. If
your belief system is that, then do it, yes that's fine, it's all right. If it will help
you. If it will help you to think that you can put on a facial cream or that you
can go under certain lamps and do certain things, go for it. It's you. Honor
your beliefs. If you do it and it doesn't work, that's all right, too. It means that it
isn't your beliefs. "Well, maybe I should persist." Maybe you should, but if
you're going to persist at something, persist in healing limited thoughts,
feelings, attitudes and beliefs, and then imagine as unlimited a thought,

feeling, attitude or belief as you can possibly can to replace it. Now it's one
thing to empty all the stuff out, to heal these things, to create this reality in
another existence where these fears take place and everything. So what are
you going to do then next, because you're emptying all the stuff out of you.
Well, you want to replace those places, spaces within your being with more
unlimited thoughts, more joyful feelings, more grateful attitudes, more
powerful beliefs. What do you want them to be? What do you want them to
be? Because they're going to be what you create them to be. Every single
moment. The point of power is not. Who are you now, because you're going to
expand into more of Who You Are now. Now, we've also said to you that
change that is coerced or forced is like a rubberband; it's just going to fall
back to where you were. Change that is permanent is loved into being. That is
why it is so important to understand and get it when we said to you to love
and honor Who You Are now -- your personality, your ego, your
consciousness, your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, your limitations.
Honor who you are. And when you create something -- and know this, you're
creating all the times -- begin to express gratitude because what's going to
happen is an interesting little paradox. Each time that you give thanks for what
you create it empowers you to be able to create more. You say, "My gosh, do
I give thanks for all these horrible things I've experienced in my life?" When
you give thanks for those -- remember that we told you that that helps you to
be in a space of humility so that you open up to receive. What is it that you
receive? More awareness, more power, more ability, more opportunities,
more doorways open, more possibilities, more probabilities. And the paradox
is that they shift in spectrum. The more you give thanks for them, the more
they shift in spectrum. To give thanks for something negative moves into a
positive. Yes, it does. Yes, you exist, this consciousness is within what we call
the realm of polarities, what you call good/bad, right/wrong, so on and so
forth, but it's all still part of God, all still part of you. And the more that you can
let go of those judgments and see the Isness of all things you can get beyond
even those limitations. And you've done quite well in your efforts, most of you.
You're doing very well. Remember to praise yourself. When was the last time
that you really praised yourself. "I really did a good job." Yes. You see, the
thing is, you're doing a good job all the time, but the ego has embraced a
judgment, because it wanted it to be a certain way and it didn't turn out that
way. Let your ego assist you, not in judging a thing per se, but simply in
making a choice, "Is this appropriate for you? Is it appropriate for you to
believe in the possibility of stopping the aging process?" What does your ego
tell you? Can you believe in it? Can you embrace it? Does it want it? Quite
likely, it said, "Oh, yes, yes, yes." But quite likely also you may find that
somewhere along the way you set up blockages for yourself. If you see that
happening, remember how to get rid of a blockage. Third eye, laser beam,
brick wall. Mow it down, mow it down. Raise that thing to where it's gone. And
then you see the prize of whatever it is that you desire on the other side of this
wall, this blockage. Now all of these things that we're suggesting to you,
remember the seven to twelve primary emotions that are called negative

emotions that you can go into the meditations and release. It takes about 3-10
minutes to do the meditation. So if you had the maximum twelve, and it took
your the maximum 10 minutes, it means in two hours, you have a good
probability of being able to release them. How do you know if you've done it?
It has to do with the intensity with which you owned the emotion. So if you are
just kind of blaise with it, you may have to do it more than once. You be the
judge of that for yourself. Take the responsibility. See if it's working. Give
yourself the time in the mornings to do some of these things, or the evenings
if it's more appropriate for you. The spoken word. Why is it that we suggest
that entities continue calling forth, that we suggest you continue with
affirmations? Because quite simply, that is one of the processes by which you
are reprogramming the subconscious aspect of the mind. It is one of the
processes by which you are replacing all the stuff that has been limited with
more unlimitedness. To visualize a symbol, wonderful. That's going to activate
it for that day quickly. But to replace what has been stored up even in cellular
memory and to replace those things where you empty them out is important.
Yes, you have the time. Of course, you do. You have as much time as you
believe you have. That's the key. It's you. It always has been. But now -- and
not everyone is going to get this. There are going to be entities out there
whose reality is far different because they're creating their own reality. It's not
about what someone else does or says or believes, so if you start finding
yourself thinking in terms of, "Well, somebody else says this, this and this.
Should I embrace this?" You decide for yourself. Is it appropriate for you?
Does it expand your joy and happiness? If it does, based on where you are,
embrace it. It's all right. If you need to go through many steps, go through
them. It's all right. Look at where you are. What if you don't know? You do
know. The more you say you don't know, you're cutting off your
communication. Say you do know. "What if I don't?" Say you do anyway,
because you do. And then, interestingly, it's going to come to you. Again,
how's it going to come to you? It could be an intuition, it could be a thought, a
voice in your head sort of thing. Conversation with a friend, a book you may
pick up and read. An order that blows in on the wind, and all of a sudden,
boom there it is, you understand. Because when you say that you know
something, even though perhaps in your ego conscious mind you don't think
you do, then an interesting thing takes place, even in your physiology. You're
opening up, you're expanding, you're connecting. You want to be more
connected with your Soul-Spirit and Higher Self. Go into a meditation. Pretend
you're like a telephone lineman, and see yourself stringing wires. Here's the
central office over here, and just see yourself stringing wire to this central
office over here and to another one over there, and you're just running wires
back and forth, back and forth, all around the place. It's a powerful
visualization. That will assist in actually establishing more lines of
communication. Now, many of these things will appeal to logical mind so that
you can indeed begin to experience in your own life some of these things that
we've been talking to you about. Now, there are entities called Ascended
Masters who have been through much of the incarnations here on this planet.

They learned many things, but you know many things also. You know things
that they don't know. They know things that you don't know. You know things
that we don't know. We know things that you don't know. That's all right. We
are all expanding in awareness and understanding. Our purpose for being
here, for coming to this place and this time, this reality, to speak in this
manner, was to awaken you to the Love of the Child of God that You Are.
There are other entities who are going to be able to teach you grand things
that will appeal to your intellect, to show you grand things so that you can see
with your eyes miracles manifested before you, to hear sounds that you never
thought possible. We want to connect you with an even greater part of your
Being, at a higher frequency. It is an Essence of Love that is within you. That
is what our purpose is. And it's not about better than this, that or the other; it's
not about this one said something that's untrue or that one said something
that doesn't apply. It's a matter of awakening you to deciding for yourself what
do you want to embrace. It can come to you directly. It can come to you
directly. You don't even to hear that which we are. It can come to you directly,
if you want to. But it's up to you. And the day will come when you do it.
Someplace, sometime, some reality, some future existence that you've yet to
consciously embrace. You will be the Ascended Being that you desire to be.
You will walk that pathway of a Christ, and you can begin right now. You are
so greatly loved that you could not even begin to imagine. You're so greatly
powerful you could not begin to imagine. Your scientists tell you things about
the universe as they perceive it. Your doctors tell you things about your
physical body, and you think that they know more than you. And so you set it
up that way. What if, for you, they were wrong? What if you didn't have to
embrace a belief that if you didn't get enough vitamin C you would catch a bad
cold? But there's still cellular memory. Aha, but even that is transforming and
changing with the energy density that is coming into existence. You, Dear
Ones, all of humanity, has a grand opportunity to create for your individual
selves a different reality and thereby a worldwide different reality. And then
the entity the Earth, since it is surrounded by your mass consciousness and
feels those vibrations just as you feel the vibrations of those that you come
into contact with, then the entity Earth can also expand and grow and change,
transform, transcend. And it also does not need to "age" as you understand it
to be. Time can come to a standstill in certain aspects of your understanding,
yet your consciousness can continue to experience. One of the meditations
that we wanted to give you will have to do with speaking to the cells of your
body, so that for the cells of your body, they stop in time. It is as if you're
going to be the commander of an army, and you're going to command each
one of the cells of your body to do certain things in this process. But before
we go into that one, which may come another evening, we want to go into a
different meditation. So we would like for you at this time to quiet yourself,
take a deep breath and let it out, and once again breathe in deeply, breathe in
Life and breathe out those limitations. Allow yourself to close your eyes for a
moment and go on a journey. Visualize yourself now in a meadow, in a field
with beautiful golden grasses like wheat growing around, and you're on a

pathway. A beautiful blue sky with a yellow sun shining down warms your
skin, and a gentle breeze blows with the fragrance of wild flowers, daffodils,
chrysanthemums, roses, and more. And you're on this pathway that's leading
down a little hill towards what seems to be a stream. The stream you cannot
see yet, but you do see something very interesting, and that is in the area of
the stream there seems to be a glow. The pathway takes you parallel to the
stream for awhile, and you move along swiftly, very swiftly, hardly seeming as
if your feet were touching the ground, as if you were gliding through the air,
moving with grace and ease. And a short distance ahead you see a stand of
trees and great rocks and a hillside. And you hear this sort of muffled sound
as if there were a little waterfall falling from a great distance and the pathway
then takes a turn to head into this grove of trees. And you see the leaves, and
they're emerald greens and forest greens. You see the mark on the trees,
itself with a wondrous glow. And the pathway begins to meander, and you
hear the sound of the waters as if it's running over rocks, making little
gurgling, bubbling noises. And you walk still quite a ways away from the
stream yet, following this pathway deeper into the grove of trees, towards the
sound of where the waterfall is. And the glow seems to get brighter and
brighter and brighter. And you round a little curve that brings you to a most
beautiful pool that the water is flowing from a rock, tumbling down a little
cascade about 40 feet tall, a waterfall that is pouring into this beautiful pool.
But you notice that this is not water as you are used to seeing it. It is as if it
were Liquid Light, glistening, sparkling, radiating, glowing, brilliant crystal
white. And you walk along the pathway over to a rock that is by the pool that
looks as if it were hewn into a chair, into a seat. And you sit upon the rock,
and you notice that this rock is soft. And you reach down with your hands into
the pool, cupping your hands so as to lift up this Liquid Light, the Light of Life,
the Water of Life. And you take a double handful and splash it on your face,
and you feel the tingling, you feel the cleansing. You feel its warmth and yet
its coolness at the same time, it's refreshing, sort of sparkling sensation. And
with each hand now, you put one arm into the water, and you take the other
hand and you pick up Liquid Light and you pour it over your arm, and your
arm begins to glow with this Light. So you do so with this next arm, with your
other arm, and you pour the Liquid Light, and you begin to glow. So then you
put your feet into the pool, and take a handful from both hands and pour it and
rub it on your legs, on your calves. And you pour it over your head and it flows
down, and you begin to glow and glow and glow with the Light of the Essence
of this Water of Life. And then you decide to take a drink. And you hold your
hands up, you take a double handful to your mouth, and it's like sweet nectar,
still glowing, still glistening. Sparkling water that tingles like a sweet nectar
that trickles down your throat. And you feel it filling the esophagus, going into
your stomach, down to our intestines, being absorbed into the bloodstream
and carried into every cell of your body, this Light of Life. And every cell in
your body begins to glow with this Light, sparkling, glistening, clear, tingling,
crystaline Light. And so you say to yourself, "Well, one good handful deserves
another," and you take another drink. And you begin to expand, glowing

everymore, expanding and glowing. And yet while you expand, so do the
trees, so do the rocks, so does the pool. You know you are expanding, and
yet it all seems to be expanding with you. And you take another drink, and
you're filled with Joy. You feel the Joy permeating your mouth, your
esophagus, your stomach, your intestines and then flowing out through the
bloodstream into every cell of your body, every cell now being filled with that
same Joy, that same Light. And you take another drink, and another proces
takes place. You begin to be filled with Love. With Love for yourself, with Love
for your total Being. And as you look into the pool, it becomes a glistening
mirror, and you see yourself glowing, radiant, beautiful. Not as you may have
appeared to be in waht you thought to be your physical understanding, but a
radiant, glowing Angel of Light, beauteous in form, youthful in appearance,
glowing, radiating Love and Joy. And you reach down into the pool once
again, and you take another handful. And you pour it on top of your head and
your hair glows with this Essence of Light. Every cell of your hair becomes
glowing. And you take another drink, and it permeates your being once again
with a feeling of Courage. As it flows into the stomach and into the intestines
and out through your whole system to every cell, you feel yourself being
empowered with the Courage to claim what you desire. And once more you
reach into the pool with a double handful of water and take it to your mouth.
And this time you feel the Peace, the Silence, the Stillness, the Knowingness,
the Wisdom, the Knowledge of all times, for this indeed is the Water of Life,
the Light of Life, that is unlimited in how it may be used, unlimited in its
supply, unlimited in how you may take a drink and embrace a thought, a
feeling, and have it permeate your entire being, modulating every frequency of
your being, even to the cellular level. And you hear the cells of your body
speaking to you, like a noisy clamor of laughter and clapping and joy,
applauding, giving you thanks, giving you gratitude, thanking you for what you
are giving to them, Life and Light, Permanence, Transcendence, Beauty,
Peace, Healing, Transformation. And you also with a thought of Gratitude give
thanks for this most special place that you can go to at any time of your being.
And still glowing with the Light that has filled your Being now, you rise from
the rock by the pool where you were sitting, walking back down the path now,
back out of this grove of trees and up the little hill, hearing still the sound of
the waterfall, seeing in your mind that glowing Light as you walk along the
pathway, and seeing once again the golden grasses of wheat, feeling the
breeze in the air as it caresses your skin, the warmth of the sun as it shines
down upon you, the sound of birds, the smell of flowers, back into the reality
that you know it to be, feeling even now the place where you are sitting in this
room. Coming back now, knowing that you have another place that you can
go where you can fill yourself with the Light of Life. The pool of water, the
Water of Life, the Water of Light, be filled now with the Light of the Essence
that You Are, be filled in such a way so that all of of what you desire will also
be filled with that Light, that all of what you see, that you fill it with Light. All of
what you think and feel, embrace with this pure, crystalline Light. All of what
you are transforming into Light, into the Light of your Essence, into Beauty,

into Peace, into Harmony. And we give thanks unto That which is the All In All
that this done to That Glory. Awaken now within you. Awaken now that this is
not just a possibility. It is a grand Truth that your thoughts are far more real
than even the seat upon which you are sitting. That your emotions are far
more powerful than any entity that you have ever faced in what you might call
a confrontation. And that your desires, as we have expressed to you are the
remembrance of your future. So be it. And though we leave you now in this
understanding, take with you that Light, take it with you that you glow. As you
walk out of this room, feel the glow of your own Essence, as you go your
separate ways to create your own realities, your own desires and
experiences, use the tools that you have been given to assist you. Use the
pearls of Wisdom as they are given to you. And use the Light that You Are to
create, to transform, to transcend, to heal, to prosper in all that you do. To the
Glory of God the Father, the All In All forever. So be it. One last thing. As we
often say to you, dreams are very important. And so for each of you, there's
going to come to you an additional dream over and above some of those you
have had recently, as once again we invite you to visit, to accompany us and
many others to the Golden Temples where indeed you'll be taught many
grand and glorious things beyond mere words, beyond even your imagination.
Realities, possibilities, probabilities that you will embrace in a different
understanding because they are all simultaneous. We love you greatly, and
when you look into the mirror, you are going to see a difference this evening,
because there has been an energy that has come into you. There has been
an energy that is going to assist in actually accomplishing what we have
spoken to you this evening. You will transform. It will happen to every entity,
and whether you choose it to be now, in this moment, in this lifetime, or
another time, it's all okay, it's all all right. Honor yourself and that which you
desire. That which you have even heard here will become your experience in
consciousness. Indeed. We bid you farewell only for a moment in the
understanding of time, for we are never departed from you, nor are we ever
separated from you, for we know not the limitations of space or time. So be it.
Give thanks to God the All That Is All in All that that which is your desire to
know and to understand can come to you in many ways -- through that which
we are, through that through whom we speak, through many ways that you
will allow, and through frequencies happening even now that you're not
consciously aware of. Indeed, it is the truth. We will talk with each one of you
a little later on in your understanding of time. So be it.
HEALING THE AGING PROCESS, Part 4 Honoring Personal Beliefs,
Practical Healing, Meditation on the Physical Body June 21, 1990 Gabriel
Through John Columbus Taylor Beloved entities, now we are given to
understand that some things have been revealed to you that you might call
somewhat disturbing in a way. So we're going to perhaps devote a little bit of
time that might be called question and answer or something in that regard, but
a little bit later one, because what we do want to do is give you that which was
the intended information for this evening. Now, what we want to get into
therefore this evening has to do with what we would call some practical

aspects to healing certain attitudes, certain beliefs regarding this process of

aging that many people have been talking about, why there is such a fear of it,
why there is so much going on with respect to it, why there are so many
products coming out that seem to be addressing this issue, so on and so
forth. Now you can look at some products and you can probably through your
own intuition, through your own knowingness or just through your own belief
system decide that no, this is not appropriate for you. In other words, there
may be in some cases you literally see through the deception that may be
there. Now, this is something that you must be aware of, and you're already
aware that yes there are people who have things that have as a primary
motive therefore simply to get your money. Now, you can spend your money if
you want to, but we would suggest for you that you probably wouldn't really
need to, and we did bring that up to you the last time that we talked about this
subject, that there are many vitamins and things like that, if you really wanted
to you wouldn't have to take them at all. This is something that you have sort
of been taught for so long and you've programmed it into yourself and believe
it so much that it becomes something that if you don't get it you think you're
going to get sick, and usually do. So, let's look at something. Let's look at
some practical ways that you can begin to start healing some of these
attitudes and beliefs. Let's just take the topic that we call vitamins. We want to
suggest for you that if you are taking vitamins that one of the things you want
to remember is that your physical body is fully capable of taking anything that
you put in in the context of food and extrapolating and remanufacturing from
that what it truly needs. And that in fact what has happened is that you've sort
of been brainwashed into thinking you've got to have these specific things, like
Vitamin A, B, C, etc. Now, look at some examples or races upon this planet,
of communities. For example, let's take the Eskimo community. Do you know
what their diet consists of mostly is going to be fish, walrus, seal, that sort of
thing. So immediately the vegetarians are going to be considerably upset
because oh my goodness, they consume meat, and they're going to die. Yet
most of these Eskimos would live far longer than most vegetarians do. Their
focus -- and this is what is important -- in most cases, and of course you're
going to find isolated incidences where someone or some group is caught up
into beliefs that don't support this thing, but if you'll look throughout history
even now, those races, those communities, those civilizations or whatever
that you want to call it, that really honor what they consume -- and here we
come right back to Love. If they really love and honor and give thanks for what
they consume, then it is almost literally that it does not matter what they eat,
for they will be nourished. Now, we've said, for example, that it's not the food,
it's the attitude that provides nutrition. It's a truth far graeter than you realize,
because the attitude is what sets up literally a forcefield around your being
that modulates everything that you take even into your physical body so that
there are certain frequencies of vibration that when you consume something
those frequencies will either be there or there will not. So then look at it in the
context then of what we're saying about vitamins. So practical suggestion for
you. You can call this number one, it doesn't matter. We're going to give you

several. If you are taking vitamins, what we are going to suggest for you is
that you take them for one week, then stop for a week, take them for one
week, stop for a week. Then maybe you build it up to let's say take them for
one week, stop for ten days. What you're doing is you're retraining the cellular
memory of your body to remember how to manufacture what it is that you
need. Now if you worry about getting sick because you're not getting enough
vitamin C or something like this, then you're going to set up a blockage for
yourself so that it doesn't work. It can. It does work, and it is a truth. And it is a
truth that if you will think about it. If you will look at history, if you will look at
even civilizations as we said now, how many tribes in Africa, South America in
the jungles do you think are concerned about their one-a-day vitamins, yet
look how physically healthy they are. Bodies that are supple in form, brilliant
eyes. You know another thing that they do: They celebrate and dance, and
they celebrate in joy life. They love life. What has happened quite interestingly
is that with all the increases in technology, rather than having more fun with
life, you found yourself becoming a slave to your technology. Literally now,
almost a slave to the technology. So that rather than being able to do what
brings you joy you find yourself obligated to work to pay bills. And that was
never what life on this planet or anyplace was intended to be. Let's look at
another thing that you do then that has to do with aging process. What about
such things as cosmetics. We know that this may hit a couple of you in a way
that's going to push some bottons, but that's all right. Cosmetics, things that
supposedly remove wrinkles, that do all these other kinds of wonderful things
for you -- now, we're not saying that anything is wrong with them, we're not
saying that anything is bad with them. There may be a few that really, really
are bunk. But look at -- here's the key, is to look at your attitude, once again,
your belief. Why is it that you think that you need this? And if you find that you
want to use it, then do so, but do so perhaps similar to the way you're using
vitamins. Rather than it becoming such a daily ritual or whatever, think about it
in the context of one day on, one day off, or a week on, a week off, whatever.
Some of you may think, "Oh, I look so horrible without makeup on." That's all
right. If you want to continue wearing it, fine, that's okay. If you feel good
about you. But look at the history of that. Look at what has happened. Why is
it that you think you look better with makeup than without it. If you really look
deeply, then you're going to find that the same thing has taken place, a sort of
programming. You have been given this image on television, in all kinds of
newspaper and magazine ads of what this perfect figure is all about, what the
perfect facial complexion is, all these kinds of things that you have to do to
yourself in order to look so beautiful. Yet, there has never been an entity
whose real beauty was known simply by looking at their face. The real beauty
comes from within. Now, platitudes, yes. Words that you've heard many times,
yes. How about now putting it into practice? How about now looking at it in a
very real context of the whys and the wherefores? You see, this is just
another situation, but to a great extent you've given away your power. You've
given away your power to an image that someone else created in order to get
you to spend your money, and the more that they can get you dependent on

that, they've got control over you. Now, what we are going to suggest for you
is there are ways, there are, let's say, emollients, there are chemicals, there
are balms and salves and things of that nature that come very natural from
plants that are very accessible to you, that cost you literally nothing and that
would be far more powerful to achieve the same effect than all of this stuff that
you are buying in your grocery stores and your department stores and places
like this. But let it be your decision, let it be what feels good for you. Because
it's not so much that it is necessary that you immediately say, "Oh, well, JD
said to do this, this, this and this, and I've got to go out and do it right away."
No, that's not what it's about. It's about you getting in touch with what is of
value to you, of what is important to you. What we want to show you is some
of the history involved in what is happening right now, in what is taking place
in the context of where you are and where you're going. And if you really do
want to retake your power like you say you do, well here are some of the
ways in which you've been giving it away. Do you understand so far? Now,
again, it is perfectly okay for you to continue, if you want to wear makeup, to
continue if you want to take your vitamins, so on and so forth, but be aware of
why you are doing it. Are you doing it for you, because you feel good about
you? Or is it -- and you're going to have to really look at yourself honestly with
this one, you're really going to have to get down to some nitty-gritty, soulsearching, looking at yourself honestly, because your ego is going to do
everything it possibly can, or typically will, to block you from really thinking
truly and deeply about it. And that's all right, too, because a big part of the
whole process that you're all going through is a certain healing with regard to
the ego, is a certain letting go of it. A strong ego that is self-identity, selfawareness is very important. Why, because you are who you are. But that
portion of you that is ego/conscious mind is also that part that some time or
another must be let go, let go in a certain way so that you can allow the
power, the ability of God the Father within you, God the Mother within you, to
really act in your life. And when you do, the ego -- one of the things you let go
of is the worry, the anxiety, the judgment, the criticism, the vanity, the pride.
Now what you embrace, what you get back -- well, you have to experience it.
There are many things you would liken unto it, what you say peace and
tranquility and love and joy, but for the most part you haven't even scratched
the surface of what they really mean, because the ego has been set up there
as a blockage in a way. So, healing. Healing with some practical things that
you want to look at in your life that are contributing to this thing that you
understand to be aging. It's contributing to a lot of things also, but this is this
concern, this evening, what we're talking about on this tape, has to do with
indeed stopping, halting, delaying or whatever you want to call it, the aging
process. Now, one of you indeed suggested that you wanted to call this not so
much ?azing as it is perhaps rejuvenating or youthing. That's a wonderful
concept. That may be indeed what you would want to start thinking of in your
own life. So it gets us therefore into a third point. When you are thinking about
such things as your age, you find yourself talking about how old you are. We
mentioned this the very first evening. Remember, rather than speak about

how old you are, speak about how young. So how old are you. Not old, I'm 35
years young or 28 years young or whatever it may be. How many years? Oh,
it's just 28 days. Or maybe it's 28,000 years. It doesn't matter, you see. It
really doesn't. It matters because once again of all that programming that is
taking place from childhood in this lifetime in this incarnation. So many things
that you have been taught, and of course it was only because those who
taught you these things thought that it was for your good. To a certain extent
you chose them so that you could reach this point in your evolution, in your
expansion to begin to embrace perhaps a higher thought, a higher possibility,
a new way of life, a new way of living. And there are many things that are
going on in the world now that are going to be supporting that Now, there will
be some products that you will come into contact with that very likely will have
ingredients in them thatyou might say are of a natural source in a way -- and
when we say a natural source, we are talking about plants, this sort of things,
certain herbs or perhaps spices or different extracts from plants and things,
that very definitely have a beneficial effect to the skin. Now part of this is belief
system, part of it is in fact a chemistry, a literal chemical reaction that takes
place because these chemicals are reacting with chemicals that are in the
cells of the skin. And in all cases it has to do with the harmony of
consciousness. The harmony of consciousness. That plant has
consciousness. Every cell on your body has consciousness, and it's vibrating
at a certain frequency or band of frequencies that are multidimensional. It
exists in more than one realm at one time. This is not the only place that you
are existing in. And you're literally blinking on and off thousands of times a
second, billions of times a second. So looking therefore at such things as new
products or even products that are out there right now that may have to do
with taking care of skin, certain things like that. Now, you have one process,
for example, where you hold your arm out and you test it this way. That's
actually a very good thing. You're getting some decent information there.
However, there are in addition to that several other ways that you can also
test certain things for yourself, so that you can determine whether or not a
decision or a product or course of activity is appropriate for you. Of course, it's
simply by getting quiet for a moment and asking. Now, when we say, get quiet
for a moment, a lot of times you think that what that means is that you're going
into a meditation, yes, that's one way to do it. Or that you have to close out all
the noise, that does help. But what we're talking about literally is slowing down
the vibration of the ego and raising the vibration of your mind in such a way so
taht there aren't a lot of thoughts running around in your head. And one of the
ways to assist in doing that is of course simply to close your eyes and close
your ears, because that way you don't have a lot of sensory perceptions
coming into your brain, setting up pictures or whatever in your mind. Now,
another thing, of course, has to do with certain aspects of your life. If there are
indeed some things going on in your life that are extremely stressful, then it
makes it a little mroe difficult sometimes to get your brain to quiet down long
enough for you to really get into a space to hear an answer to a question. But
this is your responsibility. If you want to move forward, if you want to take a

leap, if you want to experience a greater sense of being the creator in your
own reality, the indeed these are some things that are going to assist. We
suggest that you indeed start endeavoring to start using some of the ideas
that you have within you. Why? Because you're not just getting information
just from us in this manner. You're getting information in a lot of different
ways. Your own inner wisdom, what's appropriate for you. Now, each and
every one of you in this room and each and every person that will listen to this
tape is at a different point at in what you might call evolution, in a consciousawareness sense, in a conscious-awareness context. So therefore, we cannot
tell you something that is going to be specific unless it was specific for each
and every individual. Therefore, what we want you to do is get in touch with
some of the sepcifics for yourself. Ask yourself and you will always get an
answer. Ask your body. Now, as we mentioned to you last time, we're going to
be going into a meditation. We're going to really start speaking to parts of your
body, the You, the Essence that is You is going to be speaking to the
consciousness of your physical being. You can do the same thing with your
emotional being. You can do the same thing with your mental being, with what
you may call your astral being or whatever it may be. Those are all aspects of
you, energy vibrations that exist as consciousness separate from the
consciousness of you that is you. And it is consciousness that is evolving,
growing, expanding, just as you are a consciousness that is evolving, growing
and expanding. It has nothing to do with time. It has nothing to do with space.
It has to do with being. There was "time" when we spoke to you about the
Power of Pure Being, of coming to that center point where there's no
judgment, where there's no desire, and at that moment it's lke the whole
universe is yours because you are the entire universe. And you've had
glimpses, you've had little tastes of that from time to time. Now, another thing
that we're going to suggest for you relates to, let us say, solving some other
problems that perhaps may have to do with certain aspects of the aging
process. You're all familiar with a lot of diseases that you're hearing about
now -- Alzheimers disease, AIDS, certain kinds of cancer, certain types of
even such things as flus or colds, pneumonia, all of this type of things, and
those things are running around all over the place, you think. Now, realize that
in your physical body, all those germs, if you want to call them that, viruses,
everything like that -- they're there. They're there on a continuous basis.
There's no person that doesn't have them. But they are not activated. You
don't catch a cold from someone else. What you often do is look for an excuse
for the way that you've been feeling about yourself. It's like, "Well, it must be
because I'm getting sick." Bingo, you get sick. "Yes, indeed, I can justify, and I
got it from so-in-so, too." And look at how it spreads. You see, one of the
great problems that humanity is dealing with has to do with self-worth and
self-love. The reason that we are here as we have told you many times is
because we love humanity greatly. We want to awaken as many to a new
concept, a new idea, or perhaps it isn't so new. Maybe it's just to awaken to
what's been there all the time about Love, loving yourself. So the essence of
Healing has to do with Love. It always does. Always. There is no disease that

you would ever have that you could not love into healing. Of course, you will
immediately find yourself sort of throwing up little blockages and thinking,
"Well, I don't know about that. What if I break my leg?" Of course, you go to a
doctor and he resets it, but what do you think really fuses that bone back
together. It's not some mumbo-jumbo words that the doctor speaks. It is the
love that the bone cells have for their neighboring bone cells, and they
literally, if you want to call it, join hands once again. A little more involved than
that, but that is very close to what it actually is. They love each other. So what
is it then about when you get something like a bad cold. Well, quite literally
what is going on is that there is of course that viral germ within you all the
time. And in the normal process of being in the physical body, as it is
reproducing it's also being eliminated. As you allow the energy of Love to flow
through you, you don't realize the energy that is flowing through you and what
it's doing. It's cleansing on a continuous basis. When you block Love for some
aspect of your being, then what it does is that it sets up a sort of filter limited
vibration so that certain vibrations can't get through, and maybe one of those
vibrations is that of the virus that would cause a bad cold, so rather than being
continuously eliminated, they start building up. Now, there are times, of
course, when it is perfectly healthy to activate your immune system to keep it
operating let's say at peak efficiency where you may find yourself getting sick,
just a little bit. Now, typically it may be 24 to 72 hours, somewhere in that
neighborhood, that you may feel a need for rest, maybe you'll feel overtired or
something like that, or sniffles or something like that. When those things
happen, there's no need for you to criticize or condemn, what it means is that
your physical systems are working. Applaud yourself. It's perfectly okay. This
happens about once every three years, in your understanding of time. About
once every three years that you might need a day, perhaps three days to
keep your immune system peaked in operational efficiency. Now, what is
happening the rest of the time has to do with the level of Love and Joy that
you are experiencing in your life, how much you really do accept yourself for
who you are, and therefore, it's going to have a lot to do with, interestingly,
what you look like, in a very real sense. Now, realize that the whole aging
process is just as multidimensional in nature, in essence, as you are a
multidimensional being. So what may be true for one person may not be true
for another. That's why we encourage you to get in touch with your individual
truth, with your individual beliefs and attitudes. How do you feel about such
things as vitamins, or about such things as what you eat? Maybe you are
vegetarian; that's a wonderful thing, and we're going to tell you why, primarily
in this country, let us say. The primary component of the meats that are eaten
in this country contain within the vibration of trauma of mistreatment, abuse
and finally death. And so what you find that in consuming many of the meats
in this country, it is a very dense matter, a very dense material. It is heavy. So
oftentimes entities will find themselves gaining weight from eating this sort of
thing. Not only that, but they may also find that it may start affecting the way
that they think, themselves. Why, because they got the vibration of a lot of this
trauma of death within them. So it can even contribute to such things as

depression, sadness, anxiety, not believing in oneself, so on and so forth.

While that is a truth, it is equally true that if you are Loving yourself that you
can consume this same food to the same degree, these meats, and by truly
giving thanks for it, blessing it, maybe having a little ritual before you consume
it, you can change the vibration of waht is accepted by your body. However,
you will find that the physical body has to work a little harder in order to be
able to do its part of processing that particular food also. So it takes a little
more effort there, not a whole lot but a little more. So, what sort of foods then
in that context might be advisable, appropriate at this time. Well, we would
certainly suggest for you the idea of foods that are lighter and less dense in
nature. So you automatically know what that means. It's going to mean the
fruits, the grains, the cereals, the vegetables, the nuts, that sort of thing. So
indeed, you're going to find that that helps a tremendous amount if you don't
want to take the time to really give thanks for the meat. Now, there are
cultures once again, civilizations, groups, communities, who survive very well
on the meats that they consume on this planet. Why? Because they are so attuned and in tune with the Earth, with the species that they are consuming.
Even the Native American Indian used to have a saying, "Take what you
need, but leave the land as you found it." That was really honoring what was
here. And in the same manner, you will find many people who perhaps their
whole diet, it may be a fish, that could be poisonous for someone else. Or it
may be some other thing that to another person or to another group of people
could be very detrimental. And yet, they have a certain attitude, a certain
reverence toward waht they consume. So we're going to suggest perhaps that
here that is a keyword for you, the reverence that you have for what it is that
you consume. Because even such things as plant material, nuts, fruits and
that kind of thing can be just as detrimental to you if you're in an attitude that
is filled with resentment or anger or something like that. In other words, you
can make yourself sick no matter what you eat. You can make yourself sick
no matter how many doctors you see working on you and telling you things
and getting you to do things. It's all up to you. And you know this already. So
why are we repeating it. Because we want you to start living it, to start living it.
The energies that are coming in now, and this day is a celebration of that, are
very powerful. This day is what you might call a real activation of energy that
has not been in your awareness before. This energy is going to support your
healing, it's going to support your empowerment. And that means taking back
your power to all these things that for lifetimes perhaps it has been given
away to. Now, interestingly, when we refer to a past life, you automatically
think that it was sometime ago. We want you to now embrace the idea, the
concept that it is happening right now. Every past life that you have ever lived
is an ongoing thing right now, so whatever you do in this lifetime affects every
single one of those, and your future lives. The only difference is since it is an
ongoing creation, the Big Bang is going on right now. Scientists are trying to
look back in time to find the origin of the Universe, and all they are going to
find is that the further back they look, the further back there is to look,
because it's an ongoing thing, and they are actually creating it as they look!

So therefore, you'll find the end of the universe. You will never find the
beginning or the end. Life is an ongoing now. And God is expanding into so
many billions of universes every second that you could not possibly even
imagine it. No, it goes beyond intellect. There are things that were never
meant to be understood by intellect, by the mind. Now, humanity, from certain
aspects, has been ruled let's say astrologically by the planet Mercury. So what
does that mean? It means that you're very much into logic. It means that
you're very much into the mind, into the ego-conscious mind. And the
energies that have been coming here from other places may be likened unto
those entities that are coming here now from Venus and from Jupiter, and
there are many entities that are coming here from those places in addition to
other star systems. So part of what you will witness eventually, should you
choose to open your eyes to it, will be some indications and confirmations of
those things taking place. So what is that going to be helping you to do? Well,
obviously you associate Venus, the planet of Love, you think of the Goddess
of Love is Venus, so on and so forth. So you've got the connotation already.
You already know the answer. You're going to start balancing intellect with
Love. Now, Love, as we said before, is like a cosmic glue. It's going to be
what causes that broken leg to heal. It's also going to be the energy that sets
up the frequency, the vibration within you such that you create a harmonic
filter that even allows you to heal if you have a bad cold or the flu or AIDS or
cancer. You know people who have had cancer and have had "miraculous
healings." They attribute it to certain foods that they eat. They attribute it to
certain activities that they started so, so on and so forth. Yet in actuality, what
they started doing was loving themselves. And if you really get down into the
psychological processes that took place in their lives, you will find that there
was either (1) the beginning of loving oneself or (2) an intense desire to live
that would have created the healing. And so, when you look at other things in
your own life, what is it that would, let's say, if you wanted a home, what is it
that would get you to be able to have that? Well, motivation, desire. Intense
desire creates motivation. What is it that will get you to perhaps take a look at
yourself? Well, unfortunately, it has only been when most entities experienced
so much pain that they have chosen to look at themselves to find out what's
wrong. And the focus has been on what's wrong, so therefore they go through
a rather elongated process of healing. If instead, once they have reached that
state of pain. If they would start focusing on what is good about themselves,
what they've done well, what they have done perhaps that has helped
someone else or has brought them joy, it would move them through that
process a little more quickly because a lot of the healing processes that have
to do with that seven step sort of thing that we mentioned about awareness,
acceptance, etc., a lot of that takes place automatically at a subconscious
level. Now you can do it at a conscious level, it takes a little more effort
because that's a slightly lower frequency. Subconsciuos is a little higher
frequency, therefore it takes place a little quicker, but then so do some of the
things that you create that are from subconscious beliefs take place a little
more quickly, so we of course are encouraging you at this time to get in touch

with those to find out what is it that you believe subconsciously about yourself,
so that you can heal it, so that you love who you are, no matter what you may
have chosen in this life. You see, choice is ongoing also. Now, many entities
equate, "All right, prior to coming into this physical incarnation, I was out in the
ethers as this spiritual thing and sort of got into this little parlay and decided I
was going to experience this, this, this, this, and this." All right, that's true. And
you did choose your parents, and you did choose the biological genetic
material that you occupy, that you call this physical body. And many other
things that you have chosen. But, at the same time you also chose the
capacity to make choice while you were here. And you make choice while you
are here. And it's happening at all the levels of your being -- physically,
mentally, emotionally, spiritually, all of it. That is why we say to you the
importance of that alignment of the Soul-Spirit, Higher Self and Conscious
Mind, that trinity of your being. So take a look, take a look at yourself. You get
all kinds of mirrors. Look out into the world. Everything that you see is telling
you something about you. Even the thing that you watched earlier, or a couple
of you watched earlier. It's telling you something about you. And that's the
purpose of it, ultimately. That's the purpose of it, to tell you something about
you. There's really no other purpose for something happening in your eternal
reality other than to alert you to what is going on within. We'll give you other
information regarding certain specifics regarding that; however, at this time we
want to equate it more in the context of healing the aging process. So look at
then, what do you think of when you see an old person? What is your attitude
about someone who has gray hair, a wrinkled face? Is there something that
you feel? Quite often it is. But you see, that too is something to begin thinking
about. Well, how can you love that? How can you start showing love for that?
This is very important, very important, to think about what it is that you don't
like about it. Well, they get kind of feeble and can't take care of themselves.
You were a baby once; you couldn't take care of yourself then. So what. You
want to be able to take care of yourself. You can. Now, another thing that we
want to tell you has to do with an attitude that some entities embrace that
contributes very remarkably to an agin process. Remember what we told you
last time that age often has nothing to do with the physical body, it has to do
with consciousness. So there are entities who do not want to be here. That is
their attitude. They don't like it here, their life is painful, it's miserable, they
don't like the things they see going on. They don't want to be here. Now, what
kind of a disease do you think that that would cause? Well, quite literally, what
happens is that your consciousness starts taking itself away from the physical
incarnation so that you're quite literally not all here. We speak to you in the
context of 99%, or sometimes even better than that, of your consciousness is
in this physical incarnation. So someone who has been through tremendous
trauma and has not been able to resolve it for whatever the reason may be,
oftentimes they do not want to be here. They don't enjoy it, they don't like it,
they don't like anyone that is here, and so they find themselves slowly,
sometimes more quickly that their consciousness is leaving, so maybe they're
only 50% here. Now, you've seen people walking around that are sort of really

"spaced out" is one of the words that you used for it, or perhaps schizophrenic
of something of that nature. Even entities that perhaps develop what you
would call Alzheimers disease. That is another form of someone who really
does not want to be here, but it's more of a subconscious level than anything
else. So therefore they start leaving; they start going out and having their
consciousness in other realities. And then there are other entities who,
because of highly traumatic experiences that they may have had in this
incarnation, draw in energy from other incarnations so that they literally
become a multipersonality in this incarnation, and they are aware of the other
pieces of themselves that are existing in other realities quite literally in a very
real sense. And you often find that they don't age very quickly, but this has
nothing to do with whether or not that is something you want to do to prevent
aging, not at all. But we will tell you this, that a playful, childlike, joyful attitude
with life is going to be one of the primary components of allowing you to
maintain and perpetuate a youthful appearance. Can the physical body really
live 50,000 to 100,000 years? Yes, it can. What is the probability? Not so hot
for most entities. Possibility? Yes. Now, the way to move from possibility to
great probability then is to start examining your thoughts, feelings, attitudes
and beliefs about you, about the physical body that you have, about how you
enjoy life. Do you want to live? Do you want to? Take a look at it, because
there are plenty of times when perhaps you felt very unhappy about some
things, and quite literally really didn't want to go through something or the
other. You felt like there was something about it that was so traumatic or
whatever it may be. No, not at all. That is merely a thought or an attitude or a
belief about it, a feeling about it, and you can change that. And there are
situations that happen to you, as we've told you, quite literally that are
products of what you thought yesterday or the day before or the week before.
And if you keep thinking the same thing about it every time it happens, you
are just recreating it over and over again. So we hope that you will get it. We
hope that you will understand that one, because it is indeed the truth. It is
indeed a part of your reality. So let's look at one other thing then and perhaps
then we're going to get into a little meditation before we get into some
questions. The last thing that we wanted to talk with you about that had to do
with some practical ways that you can assist your physical body in
maintaining it has to do with exercise. Now, we're not talking about that you've
got to go out and run five or ten miles a day or anything like that, not at all. But
it does mean that the consciousness that is your physical body enjoys
movement in a timeframe. And movement in a timeframe keeps it energized,
keeps it action, keeps it pliant. It helps to process through the energies of love
so that it cleanses more easily, more readily. It helps to process through what
might be vibrations that you would call negative in a way, of some of the
things that you may consume, so that you find yourself being able to
"eliminate" certain vibrations more easily. So therefore, that is an important
part. And what we're going to suggest for you, perhaps is a little different from
what many entities have suggested, but it only requires about 20 minutes
every other day. Some people think that it requires more in the context of 30

minutes a day or an hour a day. Not at all. Once you have things rolling along.
Perhaps if you want to, let's say, shed a few pounds quickly, although we
don't suggest that you really focus on doing that because that's putting your
focus in the wrong direction, but if you would only just start, let's say
somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 minutes every other day of some brisk
form of movement, you're going to find that indeed that will assist very greatly
in all of these other processes. Of course, one of the very first things that we
ever talked to you about at all -- water. Water perhaps with a little lemon juice
because it contains a very high vibration of life. Now, what we would like for
all of you to do at this time is to close your eyes, take a deep breath. We're
going to go on a little journey this time, but a journey that's very unusual, very
different from the journeys that we've gone on in the past, because this time
rather than go outside of yourself in a sense, you're going to literally go within.
So take a deep breath for a moment, breathe in slowly, deeply, letting it out
slowly, easily, realizing once again that everytime that you breathe in, you're
breathing in Life and Unlimitedness, and you're breathing out imperfection and
limitation. And that process is indeed a truth in your understanding, as it is
also symbolic of what is taking place, not just in your being but the universe
also breathes and the earth breathes and each cell in your body breathes, so
may you also then, in that cyclic sort of way, breathe in, breathe out, allowing
yourself to become quiet for a moment. And now think of yourself as getting
smaller. And you're sort of starting to shrink down, smaller and smaller and
smaller until you find yourself so small a portion of you that you are sort of
standing on the top of your head, and the ripples in the skin look almost like
mountains, and the hairs look like gigantic trees that may be 50 or 100 feet in
diameter. And near the base of one of these hairs, as you are walking through
this rather fantastic array of what seems to be these huge trees, near the
base of one of these hairs you find a tiny opening that is going down into your
physical body. And as you go down into this opening of your physical body,
you find that there is all around you, as you walk along you see the divisions
of certain cells, and these cells all seem to have faces on them that are
smiling. And this pathway, this opening that you've gone into seems to spiral
inward into your body until you finally, as you're moving around and around
and the cells are sort of helping you along with little things that they sort of
gently float you around and around, down and down, until you finally come to
a place that is very near where the heart is. And you hear the sound of the
thump, thump, the beating, and though you are not right there where the heart
is, you hear it very easily. And interestingly, you see sparks of light with each
heart beat that takes place, and it's like you know, yes those are the sparks of
the synapses to the nerves going to different heart muscles, triggering them to
do their contractions, triggering them to do their things. So you come to a very
special place within your being in the center of your chest, right beside your
heart. And here it seems like there's a room, and it's a very beautiful room,
very golden in nature with a sort of gilded dome within it. And there is what
apepars to be over to one side a throne, a golden throne. And so you walk
over, because immediately you realize that this is your throne, the Seat of the

Soul. And so you walk over and you sit on this seat of the throne, and
immediately you see yourself arrayed in all the colors of the rainbow. A
beautiful robe with purple, with violet, with blue, indigo, reds, greens, yellows
and oranges flowing forth from you. And appearing not only just as a robe but
as sparks of light that are going out in all directions. And then you summon,
you call on the twelve leaders, the twelve consciuosness, the twelve
commanders of the systems in your body. You call them forth. You call them
to come into your presence for a meeting. And so here comes the leader, the
commander of what might be known as the nervous system, one of the
circulatory system, one of the skin system, one of the alimentary system, one
from all the systems in your body. These are what may be called the central
programmer cells, the ones that indeed carry the messages back to all the
other cells. These are the ones who you are going to be giving some
instructions to this evening. But first you stand, and while they are standing
there sort of in a semicircle around you, you go over to each one of them and
you embrace them. You embrace each one, and you tell the leader of the
circulatory cells how much you love the activity that it has contributed for your
being. You tell the leader of the skin cells how much you really appreciate the
protection that it has provided for so long and the beauty that it has
maintained for you in your outward appearance. And you go over to each one
of the leaders of the different systems of your body and you speak with them,
giving thanks and gratitude for all it has done for you in the past. And perhaps
they don't look as good as you would like for them to be. Perhaps they're
telling you, "Well, yes, we've been trying to do a good job. We've been trying
as best we can, and there have been some times when we could have done
better, but some of the thoughts you've been sending down to us haven't
given us material to work with that we would like to have had. Some of the
emotions that you have rang forth through us haven't always been
encouraging or easy to digest or to let go or whatever it may be. So as you
are carrying on this conversation with them and they're sharing with you their
thoughts and their feelings about what you can do, you're going to also tell
them what you want them to do, because they follow your thought, they follow
your command impeccably. For you know of course that form follows thought,
and you being therefore the commander at the Seat of the Soul are there to
give orders, to make commands, not just requests, to make commands. So
you take your scepter, after you have spoken with each one, blessing each
one, and you come back up to the Seat of the Throne, but rather than sit
down you hold your scepter in your right hand, and you look at each one of
them, and you tell each one of them, "I command you now, the I AM That I
AM commands you to go forth and see that that function in which you are in
charge is performed with Perfection, with Beauty, with Efficiency." So
therefore, with the energies of the Love that are coming through you, as if you
were handing each one of them a bag of gold coins representing your
thoughts and feelings concerning each one of them's job, they each come up
the steps to your throne and they take this gift you have for them. And they
take the decree that you have given, because immediately beside you are

Twelve Scrolls that are decrees that you give to each one, commanding them
to do their part in seeing that your body is supple, that it is Perfect in form, that
all the parts of you glow with the Light that is You, that all of your Being begins
to function with Efficiency. And each one walks up now, and you hand him the
bag of gold and the decree, representing your thoughts and you feelings. And
each one of them then you see them as they each go off, knowing that they
are indeed going to tell each and every cell in your body exactly what it is to
do. And if at any time you would desire to come back into this place, you know
that it exists within you, the Seat to the Throne of the Soul. And for a moment
you stand, and you watch them as they all walk forward, in step, in time, in
harmony. And they each go their separate ways, as you also then lay down
your scepter by the Throne, and begin your journey back upward now. And as
you come further up, spiraling upward now, you see that each one of the cells
that had helped you come down to this place now is reaching out once again
to lift you higher. And there seems to be a change, for where they had smiles
before, now there is even laughter, for they feel joyous, for what is an army
but to be commanded. And indeed, so are you as the Commander to instruct
them as to what their activites are to be. And as you move up a little higher
now, you start to see towards the opening that you came in now the light that
is coming through, and pop, there you are out, and the next thing you know
you are expanding, expanding, expanding once again, finally occupying fully
the consciousness of your whole body, back into this room, back into this
place, feeling the seat upon which you are sitting and allowing yourself to
come back now, fully awake, fully alert, alive, joyful and happy to be the Life
that you are, the Consciousness that you are. Remember once again that you
have now a knowingness of a place within your physical body that you can go
into very quickly. If there is a part of your physical body that you would like to
have do something differently, then go into that place, call forth the
Commander of that part and speak to it lovingly, and give it the gift of your
thoughts and feelings, of your joyful loving thoughts and feelings, and it will
indeed take those gifts and perform Magnificently, Magically, Miraculously.
Three M's. We're delighted that you've been able to participate in an
understanding of a greater awareness of Who You Are. Now, we would also
want you to understand that in the same manner that you've gone on this
journey into your physical body, you can go into what you might call the
chakra system and perhaps there you would want to see those spinning balls
of light. Maybe you would want to speed them up a little bit, to where they
start really opening up, almost like the lotus flower that you've often heard it
equated to, spinning, giving forth Light and sending Light in all directions as it
does so. So this is another journey that you could go on inside your being.
You can go into your emotional body, into your mental body. You can go into
the brains of the cell. Of course, the Nervous System Commander is simply
the one who's going to be in charge of a lot of that. So we trust that this is
going to assist you, these processes. Now, at this time, what we would like to
do, since we mentioned this early. We know that you have many questions
regarding the things that have taken place in recent times, so indeed we

would be delighted at this time to answer a few questions for you at this time,
as it were. So be it. In that regard then, why don't we go in what might be
considered in this moment a clockwise direction, so we'll start on this side and
go around. Is this agreeable? I would love to have the video that we saw put
in larger positive concept of the planetary galaxy universe kind of life, as well
as what role can we play to bring about the Plan of Light and Love. John
expressed something to you that is very much in line with that, dear one, and
it has to do with, let us say, a motivation to get the peoples of planet Earth to
come together in a more cooperative manner. Now, while we have often
commented that you exist in a realm of polaities, that there is light and dark,
there's good and bad, so on and so forth, we would also like to further explain
that what is taking place in the context of what you viewed there is merely to
expose that which would seek to control. It is assisting in that context
therefore also of bringing into the awareness that there is life that is more
evolved technologically than your own. There is life that is indeed more
evolved in many ways. Humanity has for a long time had a great deal of pride,
as it were, thinking that it was the only life that could possibly exist in the
universe in this manner. So therefore, it assumed that nothing else but that
which was like itself could exist. This has been shaken considerably in the
past 50 to 100 years or so, not to say in prior times it wasn't also shaken
because it was. But in what is taking place, in the context of what you saw,
from a greater perspective does have the intention of assisting in awakening
humanity more quickly to a more spiritual aspect of its being because with the
technology, as we have spoken to you before, that humanity has, it can be a
threat to the greater aprt of this galaxy, this solar system, even this planet
therefore, which is an entity itself, which is a consciousness. In that context
therefore, while there are certain things that have the appearance of going on
that would seem negative in your understanding, their eventual outcome will
indeed be positive. While there may be certain entities who have the
appearance of going through certain sufferings, perhaps even death in some
context, that was indeed what you understood to be a prior agreement to
hopefully assist in the awakening of humanity in a greater sense. However,
since even such things as the deaths of certain entities that you would great
among yourselves has not exactly spurred humanity sufficiently, then certainly
then the possibility of extraterrestrial life that may have evil intent upon the
peoples of the Earth may be a sufficient motivation to get the peoples on the
planet Earth to work together, so that is part of what is being simply
suggested. Now, it is not to say that there are certain entities who have
perhaps in an unconscious knowing agreed to become part of experiments.
So in a very real sense there has been much fear engendered because of
some rather grostesque experiments, or you have determined them to be
grotesque in a very real sense, and yet in a very real sense look at how it
mirrors what humanity is doing to life on this planet. As we have suggested, it
might be quite an irony, wouldn't it, if humanity were to find out that it simply
was an experiment that was about to be harvested as food. That would be a
real irony, wouldn't it. So therefore, while this is not the truth, we do want to

suggest for you that what humanity is experiencing in a sense is merely a

mirror of what it has been doing for so long. Do you think that a dog enjoys
being cut open? Do you think that a cat or a rat of anything like that enjoys
this sort of thing? So when you look at it in that context, when you look at all
the experiments that humanity has supposedly done in the name of medicine
in order to achieve advances, and yes there are those who will indeed justify
their cruelty to life because they think it supports the longevity of their own,
and we would say unto you that nothing could be further from the truth, and it
really blocks you from the truth. Why? Because humanity has remained so
intellectualized it has not allowed even sometimes the possibility of that which
we are which can bring information far more quickly, far more directly, far
more powerfully to assist in expanding your understanding, both of medicine,
of the physical body, of whatever it is that humanity may desire as technology.
So therefore, what is taking place indeed, while it may seem shocking, it has a
purpose in that shock. And when humanity sees the mirror of itself, perhaps it
will get it. Does this assist your understanding. And can I also know what I can
do in furthering of the awakening in this regard. There are so many things that
you could do, my dear, that it would be difficult to enumerate them at this
point. What we are going to suggest, however, for you is one thing. In your
speaking, let's say at the Inside Edge, in your talks with those entities that you
come into contact with as clients, and in your contacts with friends that you
have as close acquaintances, merely share the perspective, let's say, that
"Isn't it an irony that here we have been experimenting on animals and things
for so long and now we may find ourselves being experimented upon?
Perhaps if we don't want to be experimented upon, maybe we should cease
doing that. Maybe there is another way." This is the way you can share things,
and you can share it with whomever you would desire, but we would suggest
those three categories of people to start with. Others will be brought to you
who will be in alignment with what you are speaking about here, who will also
be in agreement with that. Now, we're not saying that there haven't been
advances made through experiments on animals and so on and so forth. We
are not saying that that is good or bad, right or wrong. We're simply saying,
look at the isness of it and how nwo look the possibility that humanity may find
itself being, let's say, having the same thing done to it that it has been doing,
for is it not a truth that everything that goes out from you comes back. And
would this not also be true, not just for, let's say, an individual consciousness
such as yourself but a group, because a group is another form of an individual
consciousness. Your cells in your body make up a group of an individual
consciousness. Each organ, each hair on your head, the community of San
Diego is a consciousness. And so on and on it goes. So our suggestion
therefore those three groups: Inside Edge, those that are your clients, and
those that are your close friends, begin sharing with them in that context, if
you desire to do so, if you feel strongly about it. Allow yourself to be guided
from within of what feels appropriate for you. For realize that when you are
sharing from what you are doing in a joyful way, it will flow and it will be
powerful, because it will be charged with the feeling that you will have. So be

it. And now the time has come for us to depart. Though we leave you now, as
always we're only a loving thought away. We love you greatly. So be it.
Taken off http://the-super-secret-avatar.blogspot.co.il/2008/05/41.html