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Email : nexusbharath@gmail.com
Mobile : +91-9502417080

To look into socio economic problems surrounding us and try to provide a creative and
innovative solutions using off the shelf technology available .
Professional Synopsis

A highly motivated professional having Total of 2 years and 9 months of IT experience in

application software programming using Java ,J2EE and Python .
Extensive experience in analysis, design, development, customizations and implementation of
Robotic applications using , Java , J2EE, Python and MySql .
Expertise in Databases like Mysql.
Worked on the tools like Eclipse, Netbeans , Putty (to access remote files), Python IDLE,
Arduino IDE
Full SDLC-Actively involved in planning, System Analysis, Design, coding, implementation,
performance management, testing, validation and maintenance
Good experience in Agile Methodology .
Good communication skills, interpersonal skills, self-motivated, quick learner, team player
Good Understanding and Implementation of Mil-498 (military standard for Software

Professional Synopsis

Working as Research Associate- Software Development from 2012 August to Till Date.
Worked as Team Lead and Concept creator for Robotic Command System for DRDO from
2011 May to 2012 August .
Skill Set
Operating Systems
Web & Application Servers
Development Methodologies
Testing Tools


Linux ,Windows 7 and Windows XP

Java, Python,C#
J2EE,Android,Hadoop (Under Training)s
Tomcat 5.x
Mil-498 , Agile

Academic Credentials

Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology from Jawaharlal Nehru Technology

University, Hyderabad

Notable Achievements

Developed concept Robotic Command System while pursuing Graduation in Information Technology.
The work was presented to DRDO CEO Dr. V.K. Saraswath in the Aeronautical Society Luminary
series in 2010 . We received appreciation along with contract from DRDO to develop it.
Won first position in event Concepto (an Innovative Idea) in Ripple 2k9 (2009)
Won Best paper of the session for paper on Artificial Neural Network

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News Articles and media Coverage

News Articles:
News article in thehindu news daily on unveiling the robot.
Media links :
Etv2 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzUxshwLXKI
Hybiz Tv: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pA2dMdNbK5g
Project Profile




Defence Research Development Organization (Govt of India)

Jan 2011 to Feb 2014
Java , Linux , Netbeans IDE , Arduino IDE , Gstreamer
The Robotic Command System is a new way using the existing
Robotic System to yield better results . The system was developed to be used for both Hostage and
Fire rescue operations . The design involves Robot , Command Center and Armtrix which will
communicate in novel way to provide communication and improve time of rescue.
The concept was presented to Secretary of Defence Dr. Saraswath . With his approval
contract was awarded by DRDO. The Research Project able to working Prototype of the System
Chief Concept developer and project team leader .
worked on areas ranging from Conceptualization of project to Development of Prototype of
Worked on literature survey and testing of various tools in developing the project .
Development of Software for the Command Center and Robot using Client server
architecture framework.
Worked on Use cases and Design Documents of Project.
Worked on Generating Test Cases for both software as well as Hardware of the Project.
Worked on Requirements with the DRDO scientist panel and headed the Project Reviews
and Deployment.
worked on Fixing the bugs and importing changes to software as well as hardware of the
Robotic Command System.
Implemented the MIL-498 standard in Developing the project including generation of SRS ,
IRS ,SDD, STP , STD and SUM documents of the project
Worked on Fixing the bugs of the project.
Presented the project to various dignitaries and eminent people in scientist community

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Simulation Development Division (Indian Army)
Python , Linux , Raspberry Pi
The scope of the project is to develop a training unit for soldiers to test their shooting skills by
having targets on a simulation environment. The target should be communicated through wifi by a
third party client software .The target should be connected remotely and to be controlled as per the
Designed and Developed client software for connecting remotely to

server socket and

implementing the instructions as per the protocol

Worked on Analysis, Design, Coding for change requests
worked on fixing the defects and unit testing
Involved System and Peer Testing for the delivery
Involved in Production support responsibility.


Jay Robotix Pvt LTD

Python , MySql ,apache2, Linux , Raspberry Pi,

The project was developed as a part of " Centre of Excellence" promoted by the company
for the engineering students . In this course level - 2 the students as made to develop a web
controlled robot . The concept involves navel usage of web technology and electronics . This course
caught immediate attention and received orders from various engineering colleges across Andhra
Developed the course structure and curriculum for the Center of Excellence level 2 .
Developed the project using apache tomcat , python and MySql
Developed the course material and work sheets .
Worked on suggestions and enhancements as per the reviews from the Client.
Worked on implementing the UML for developing the project at a simplified level.

Corner Shot


Indian Army
Android IDE

The Project was developed for development of special defence system. The project involved
using android devices for streaming of video to android devices.
Involved in literature survey early prototyping of Android Application.
Involved in Development of UI in Android
Involved in trouble shooting the problems incurred in development

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MCEME (Military college , Indian Army)

Java ,Servlets , JSP , Struts and PL SQL

The Project is intended to develop security system with which they can check security from any
security system . The project also had a role of defining roles of access to specific areas of the
facilities which are having restricted access for only officials
Developed the Camera and RFID interfacing modules of the system
Involved in Developing the relative hardware for the system installation.
Involved in Deployment of project
Involved in Documentation of the use cases and scenarios.
Involved in generating the Test cases .

Industrial Robotic Arm Simulator



Jay Robotix Pvt Ltd

Java , Jmonkey SDK, mySql

The Project was a preliminary literature survey and proof of concept for Developing the 3D Robotic
Arm simulator intended for Industrial Robotic Arm developed for the Company
Understanding the requirements of the system and use case scenarios
Client Interaction for Understanding the Requirement..
Developing preliminary project demo proof of concept
Prepare & Execute unit test cases
Fixing defects.

Docilex DSS service

Environment :

Jay Robotix Pvt Ltd

C# , Microsoft Robotic Studio

The Project aimed at developing the plug-in to implement the company Robot Docilex in the
Robotic Studio Environment. The Robot will be loaded virtually in a simulator , The real robot will be
controlled using a blue tooth service .
Responsibilities :
Development of the plug-in for Docilex in Visual studio environment
Development of 3D simulated Docilex
along with Physics in Agia Physics engine of
Microsoft robotic Studio
Fixing of bugs related to plug-in

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