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Lesson 1
Study 1

This Is A Sacred Document,

Upon Which You Must Vow Silence.

" The Pledge Of Silence"

I Stand To Witness That The Documents I Am To Receive Are
Sacred Documents Upon Which I Vow Silence.
In All Honesty Sincerity, I Vow Not To Reveal To, Duplicate,
Disclose, Discuss, Tape Or Transmit These Documents To None! Neither
Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, Brother, Sister,
Daughter Or Son.
I Overstand That To Progress Spiritually On The Path Of Intellect, I
Must Not Break My Vow Of Silence, Instead, I Must Help To Preserve These
Sacred Documents In Their Pure Form. I Vow Not To Misinterpret And
Incorrectly Practice The Teachings Taught To Me By My Spiritual Guide, And I
Vow To Keep These Degrees Solely For Personal Use. In The Event That I Am
No Longer A Member Of This Divine Order,
I Vow To Return All Of
The Sacred Tools In My Possession."

fefe ~

Having Taken Your Vow Of Silence

You May Continue On!
Beloved Keeper Of The Secrets


This Is One Of The Secret Documents You Will Receive From

The Ancient Mystic Order Of Melchizedek (A.M.O.M.). You Have Vowed Not
To Reveal The Contents Of These
Sacred Documents To Anyone, And Farther Along You Will
Better Overstand The Reason Why.




Lesson 1
Study 1

Self Realisation
A Vtm I Merged From The Womb Into This World Of Experiences,
nilitir With Its Lowly Ways, Void Of Differences And Unaware Of
7'/HP* Dimensional Worlds, So You Too Enter Into This Order,
And (>/>/vi Yourself To The Wisdom Of Divine Love, In This New World


By The Hand OfMelchi^edek

I t\,".mo\tin:

When Yon Arc Accepted As An Aspirant Into A Spiritual Order, You Must Enter As A Babe.
The Stin's Of The Green Light Sufi Order Was That Babe. Some Of You Were Fortunate
I i K M i u h To Have Been A Member Of The Sons Of The Green Light Sufi Order. For Others,
Tin- A Helen! & Mystic Order Of Melchizedek Is Your First Step. From This Order You Will
inn n The Secrets That Existed Within The Sons Of The Green Light Sufi Order, As Well As
tiJoinney Onlo A Higher Level Of Knowledge Which Will Eventually Prepare You For Your
Pliiiil School, Thus Once You Have Completed All The Levels Of The Ancient & Mystic
Outer Of Mt'lchizedek, It Is Then That You Have Found Yourself Worthy To Excel To An
Hvm Higher Learning. It Is Then That You Must Seek Out The Fraternal Order Called 'The
Ant-lnil Egiptiun Order". This Order Is A Totally Separate Order, Not Affiliated With The
A I M lenl & Mystic Order Of Melchizedek (A.M.O.M.). For A.M.O.M. Is An Ancient Essene
Order. And The Ancient Egiptian Order Or A.E.O. Is An Order Based Upon Ancient
l'!u\|>(lim Mysteries. This Will Be Your Final Initiation Into The Higher Mystical Schools Of



liilrliitiniiN In An
Order Are
M a nl In Nature From The Latin
Ntnra\ Which Is Tadu'
( J I f ' U \ ) In Nuwaubic.
A i n U id
Mystic Order Of
Melt lil/edek Is An Order Whose
I'em Imius Were Carried Over From The
oulei 01 The Sons Of The Green
I (glil (S.G.L). The Sons Of The Green
\ Well As The Ancient &
M .fn
Of Melchizedek Studies
H.r . I i I ' . M I The Ancient Essene
r i r1 IIIIKS, The tisscnes A Jewish
I'I , i ' i inn Stellar Cult Of The Jordan
' Belonj'ed-The
Six Pointed Star They Were A Strict
Mystical Sect Who Formed A
Community Ai Qumran, In The
W i l i l e i n e v . < M ImliM Overlooking The
Dead Seji I hnc They Prepared For The
l i . m l e 01 ( food A n d Evn. The Word
I ii in i v, i i . i < Me.ming "Holy Ones".


The Essenes Were Mystics Who Isolated Themselves From The Rest Of Judea And Upheld The
Strick Traditions Of Prophets. The Essene Community Was Based Upon Living Of, For, And By
One Another. If Anyone Broke The Laws Of The Community They Would Be Exiled Into The
World, Bannished From The Confines Of The Community. The Essenes Were A Mystical Order
After The Order Of Melchizedek. It Was This Order That The Mystic Sananda, Who Was
Referred To As Yashuwa Belonged To. This Is Why It Mentions Within The Christians Lesser
Mysteries, The New Testament, In The Books Of Hebrew 6:20, That He Was Made High Priest
After The Order Of Melchisedek. Melchisedek, Who Is The Archangel Michael As Mentioned
In The Christians Lesser Mytseries Called The New Testament, Book Of Revelations. He Is
Also Mentioned In The Muhammadans Lesser Mysteries Called The Koran As El Khidr, The
Green One. Which Sheds Light On Why The Order Was Called "The Sons Of The Green
Question: What Happened To The Sons Of The Green Light?
Ans: The Sons Of The Green Light Sufi Order Was Folded Because The Secret Documents
Which Were Suppose To Be Kept Sacred Continuously Fell Into Hands That Were
Non-Members. Many Members Desecrated The Order By Allowing Their Love Ones, Friends
Etc., That Were Not In The Order To Share Their Documents, Inspite Of The Oath They Took
To Protect It's Sanctity. Thus To Preserve These Sacred Mysteries, Which Until Then Were Kept
Sacred For Thousands Of Year, The Sons Of The Green Light Folded Into A Cacoon, Until A
Time When You Were Ready As Well As Worthy, To Receive This Knowledge. It Would Then
Emerge From It's Cacoon A New Order That Would Continue The Knowledge Contained Within
The S.G.L.
Thus, You Beloved Kosmosan, Having Been Found Worthy You Shall Now Embark Upon The
Threshold Of Knowledge Of The Ancient & Mystic Order Of Melchizedck. It Is Through This
Pamphlet "The Self Realization" That You Shall Begin A Spiritual Journey Towards Higher
Learning That Will Open Doors And Awaken Senses Within You To Connect You With The
Use And Powers Of The Oversoul.
The Ancient & Mystic Order Of Melchizedek Helps To Shed Overstanding Upon Various
Subjects Which Would Not Otherwise Be Thoroughly Overstood, And It Awakens The Psychic
And Emotional Response In Your Being By Elevating Your Consciousness So That New Levels
Of Overstanding And Accomplishments Can Be Revealed To You. If After Having Undergone
An Initiation, You Do Not Feel Psychic, Intellectual And Emotional Satisfaction; Then You
Have Not Been Initiated, For When Undergoing An Initiation, Your Whole Being Should Feel
Exalted, Much Like When You Are In The State Of Loneliness, Humbly And Sincerely Asking
For Guidance And Suddenly Feeling A Surge Of Universal Power, Energy, Overstanding And
Revitalization. Many Join Sacred Orders And Scale The Levels Without Ever Having That
Experience. If You Have Not Had That Experience, That Surge Of Energy, Then You Have Not
Been Initiated.

The Qumran Caves Were

The Dead Sea Scrolls Were Found.

On Your Journey Along The Path Of Spiritual And Physical Intellect, You Will Encounter Many
Doorways Which Lead To Initiations. You Must Pass Through The Arch As All Great Mystical
Orders Demand. Some Of These Initiations Will Be Conferred Upon You In The Holy Land
"The Golden City" A New Egypt In America.

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Lesson 1
Study 1

Lesson 1
Study 1

The Golden City

Tama-Rc, Egypt Of The West
' M I , , , I mi ial ions Will Be In Our Most Sacred Temples Of Wisdom Or Our Grand Lodge Of
I Imliotcn. And Even On-Site At Our Sacred Sites Juzrun Dakka (dU"APU"(/l
M *LTT4,, The Element Site), And El Maguraj (V <I BiLOirq d-d, The Journey
\\ iihin i There Is A Booklet For You On How To Perform These Most Ancient Rituals (Refer
/. m/ Kgvptian Initiation" And "El Maguraj-The Journey Within", Scroll #171),

El Maguraj
The Journey Within
There Are Other Initiations You Will Perform In The Privacy Of Your Own Home, Such As, The
First Initiation Of Self Realization, That You As A Member Of This Order Will Undergo As A
Sign That You Are Ready To Receive The Great Honor To Be Conveyed Upon You As A Part
Of The Ancient & Mystic Order Of Melchizedek A.M.O.M.


Upon The Opening Of The Ancient & Mystic Order Of Melchizedek (A.M.O.M.), 24 Elders
Will Be Elected For Naasuwt {(/ld-d-^U~)0( The Master Abode}. They Will Elect 12
Others For Malaakuwt {d,<T d-d-TU")0( The Middle Path}, And The 12 Masters
Will Elect Or Recommend As Many As Needed To Enter The Order Henceforth. Everyone
Begins At Naasuwt {(A d_d-^U~)0( 2> At The Door}.
* Anyone Who Wishes To Enter The Ancient & Mystic Order Of Melchizedek
(A.M.O.M.) Must Start At The Threshold Of The Gate (Naasuwt - The First Level).
Recommendation Can Come From Anyone In A.M.O.M. In Order To Move From One
Level To The Next, You Must Go Through Tasks And Initiations. Initiation Is One Of The
Means Necessary To Attain Membership In The A.M.O.M.

El Juzrun Dakka
The Elemental Sight
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During Your Search For Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom, And The Right Overstanding, You
Will Come Across Many Doorways Along The Path That Lead To Initiations. Initiation Is A
Word Used For Rites, Ceremonies, Ordeals Or Instructions, Which Makes One A Member Of An
Organization Or Ceremony.
It Comes From The Latin Word Initiatoi Meaning "The
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d-. >$ .0. %.

Lesson 1
Study 1

Lesson 1
Study 1

Participation In Secret Rites." Initia Which Is A Derivative Of The Latin Word Initiatio Was
Used In Ancient Rome For Mysteries, And Initore Was From The Latin Meaning "To Inspire";
The Nuwaubic Word Is Wahuy, (X< iLT LT-f ). The Knowledge That You Will Receive As A
Member Of This Mystical Order Will Inspire You. The Last Thursday Of Every Month Is To Be
Set Aside For Initiations. But Coming To The Holy Land Tama-Re Is Available Daily. You
May Need To Just Come And Sit Or Read. Remember This Is Your Holy Land.

Protected And Sacred. It Shall Depend On Your Loyalty That Will Determine The Knowledge
That Will Be Intrusted Upon You.

Secrets Of Initiation:
1. You Have To Take A Long Walk On A Short Path.

"Nature Provided Human Beings With Sustenance,

Intellect And Will. A Combination Of These Produces A
Healthy, Intelligent Individual, In A Healthy

2. You Have To Lift A Rock You Can't Move.

3. You Have To Pick A Fruit That Hasn't Been Grown.
4. You Have To Apologize For What You Haven't Done.

By The Hand OfMelchi^edeh

5. You Have To Give What You Don't Have.

6. You Have To Make Use Of Something That Has No Use.
The Principles Of Initiation Is Three (3) And Their Signatures Are In English:
A.S.K. They Ask To Join Because They Seek The Right Knowledge, So They're Brought To The
To Knock And Know. This Will Be Repeated To You Again And Again.

At The Beginning Ask For Acceptance, Seek Facts In The

They ' re Guided To Knock At The End
The Word Initiation Usually Incites Fear In The Hearts Of Human Beings Or It Is Commonly
Thought That Initiations Are Comprised Of Eerie, Uncanny Or Wicked Rituals Or Ceremonies.
However, The Mysteries Surrounding Our Initiation Ceremonies Are Not At All Eerie, Uncanny
Or Wicked. Our Ceremonies Are Comprised Of Prescribed Meditation, Chants, Prayers And
Vows Of Allegiance. The Mysteries Are, In Fact, Higher Knowledge/Uncommon Knowledge
About Human Nature And The Supreme ANU, A'lyun A'lyun El.
These Initiations Have Existed For Countless Years And Many Mystics Before You,
From Different Ages And Lands, Have Undergone These Same Rituals. The Mystics That Have
Undergone These Rituals Includes The Sufi In The Islamic Mystery Schools, The Jews In The
Kabalic Mystery Schools, And The Greeks And Romans In The Knights Of Columbus. All
Were Taken From Essene School Of Thought, And Have Been Protected For Thousands Of
Years. It Was Not Out Of Tangibility It Was Out Of Trust That These Mysteries Have Been Kept
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Now You May Ask, Can An Initiation Sent By Mail Produce The Effect Necessary For Helping
Me Reach The Height I Must Reach? The Answer Is Yes! For Only You Can Truly Initiate
Yourself. I, As Your Nafusal Haduy ((A4L& IT^d-C T d-Q LT-f , Spiritual Guide), Can
Help You Prepare For Initiation By Teaching You All That You Must Know, But The Actual
Initiation Must Be Performed By You, For Initiation Begins Within The Mind And Emotions Of
The Person.

_ 4-. ft .0. ft .

Out Of The Various Initiations That You Will Undergo As A Member In This Mystic Order, I
Will Mention Only Three (3) So That I Can Give You An Idea Of What You Will Encounter
While On The Path Of Intellect.
The First Unofficial Initiation That You Will Undergo As A Member Of This Fraternity Is
Entitled "Self Realization." This Initiation Is A Self Initiation. Self Initiation Is A Lesser
Initiation In Which You Take The Step From Human To Human Being. It Is In Essence, A
Mortal Acknowledging The Omnipotent (Aum-Nipotent) Within Him Or Herself. It Is A Ritual
To Acquaint You With Your Inner Self. You Must Begin By Knowing Thyself, Then You Will
Know The Aum-Nipotent.
A Communication Must Be Established Between The Physical You And The Inner You, That Is
To Say, The Etheric You, And You Will Accomplish This By Learning To Communicate With
The Inner Self.
This Self Realization Initiation Will Place You Upon The Threshold Of The First Chamber
(Naasuwt (/liLd-^LDOC . , At The Door, The Realm Of Human), In The Ancient &
Mystic Order Of Melchizedek, A.M.O.M..
Upon Taking This Initiation Of Self Realization, You Are Actually Inwardly Declaring That You
Are Now Ready To Seek Knowledge, To Become Submissive And Accept Instruction.

Lesson 1
Study 1

Lesson 1
Study 1

At This Point, You Have Opened Your Mind And Examined Your Conscious. You Are Now
Trying To Free Yourself From Those Attributes That Bind One To The Physical Plane And Like
Solomon, SOL = SUN OM = AUM (A SUN) ON = SUN, You Prefer Wisdom To Riches,
Kingdoms And Fame.

As A Kharumcy (5C-4-Q IT ft V -f , Devotee), Realizing That You Have The Sincerity And
The Integrity To Meet The Steps That Follow, You Will Then Be Ready To Undergo Your First
Official Initiation Called "Treading The Path." It Is Then That You Will Become A Mutalub
A Mutalub "Neophyte", Is One Whose
Aspiration Is To Ultimately Arrive At The Truth Of Existence. He Does This By Traveling On
The Path Of Physical Enfoldment. Good Health Is One Exercise Is Two Good Mental
Environment Good People First Clean Your Holy Temple The Body, Because You Know You
Exist. You Can Feel Your Body. The Path Of Physical Enfoldment Is A Path Onto Which He Is
Directed By His Nafusal Haduy ((A4L& LT^4-<T 7 4- ft LT-f , Spiritual Guide) As He
Enters For The First Time Into The Threshold Of The First Chamber. As A Mutalub
(ft U"i4-<T IT-fr-, Neophyte), You Will Learn Physical Discipline And Then The Seven Codes
Of Conduct.

The Triad Of The Symbolic Character Solomon

- Greek

- Arabic

- Hebrew


Son Of David And Bathsheba
At The Point Of Your Self Realization, You Realize That You Are More Than Just An Ordinary
Human. You Have Become A Seeker, Wanting True Direction.
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Once On This Path, You Are To Abandon Your Old Thoughts And Activities And Realize That
You Are Being Reborn. At This Stage You Will Be Called Kharumey XiLQ LT^V-4
Pronounced "Ka-Ro-Mee" (Devotee).

4.. ft .0. X.



That You Cease Desiring Material Things And Learn To Treasure Thoughts.


That You Exercise Tafulat (id->3 U~<r d-i, Prayer), Saawun

Fasting) And Zaakur (A4-TLTQ, Remembering) Of The Supreme Ami A'lyun
A'luyn El, Just As The Great Masters Before You. You May Think It Is Islamic But It Is
Not. They Borrowed It From The Hebrews.


That You Live The Life You Advocate.


That You Seek The Light Of The Radiant Ones, Which Will Lead To The Root Of Light.
The Ones Who Have Been Gifted With The Intellect Of The Omnipotent
(Aum-Nipotent, All Powerful). For The Light Is From The Darkness. There Is No
Darkness In Light. Light Existed In Darkness, Then Said Let There Be Light. There
Is Temperament In The Light. Where There Is No Light, There Is Not Temptation. We
Will Deal With This In Length, In Later Lessons.


That You Always Remember...

Ask And It Shall Be Given You...
Seek And You Shall Find...
Knock And The Doors Shall Be Opened Unto You.
This was also borrowed from Egypt and put in the Greek Bible).


That You Let Meditation Be The Reflection And The Measuring Rod Of The
Sacred Moment.

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Lesson 1
Study 1

And That You Execute Patience In All Matters But Get The Job Done!

After Fully Overstanding And Executing These Codes Of Discipline, You, The Mutalub
X IfZtLG LT-fr- ,Neophyte), Will Then Undergo A Series Of Tests Within A Certain Span Of
Time. If You Pass These Tests, You Will Then Be An Eligible Candidate For Your Second
Initiation Entitled "Traveling The Path." This Initiation Will Bring You To The Threshold Of
The Second Chamber: The Realm Of Malaakuwt ("4-0. ^LiLTlDOCli The Middle Abode
[Abode Of ANUJ) Where You Will Be Referred To As A Master Or "Adept". As A Master Or
"Adept", You Will Be Expected To Follow The Teachings Of Your Nafusal Haduy
((A dL<3 U~^4-<[ T d. Q IT -f, Spiritual Guide) Until You Have Become Exceedingly Skilled
In Kosmic Law. Total Mastery Of These Laws Will Give You The Power To Utilize The Many
Forces Surrounding You. To Master These Forces Is To Master "The Self And To Master The
"Self Is To Conquer All The Attributes Which Are Children Of The Ego And "I," That Is:
Greed, Envy, Jealousy, Selfishness And Much More (Refer To "The Mind", Scroll #779 And
"Your Potential", Scroll#181).

Lesson 1
Study 1
Torah Of The Jews Says Anunnagi Said Let There Be Light.
Darkness. That's The Truth.

He Created Light While In

Kuluwm Is Absence Of Light. Many Sacred Orders Teach Their Students To Remain In The
Light, Step Into The Light, Go Towards The Light Or That The Light An Nuwr Is Knowledge.
And That's True But, It Is Knowledge Of The Things Of This World, That's All. Yet Light
Blinds. It Can Take Away Your Sight. They Teach That Darkness Is Ignorant Yet, It Was The
Intellect In The Darkness That Caused The Hydrogen To Convert Into Helium And Back Into
Hydrogen Which Caused The Spark That Created The Light Called The Sun, The Source Of
Physical Life. Without The Sun, You Are All Dead. Thus Where There Is Darkness, There Is
Intellect. For If Darkness Was Ignorant, How Would You Know To Light The Candle To See
Your Way Through The Darkness.

This Is The Path That One Must Travel On The Way Toward Discipleship. Discipleship Means
"Discipline-Ship Or The State Of Being Disciplined In Order To Make It To The Ship". Thus
When You Are Fully Disciplined In The Laws Of The Kosmos, And What Does That Word
Mean? According To Webster's Scholastic Dictionary Copyright, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1978, By
Airmont Publishing Co., Inc. Cosmos - N. The Universe; The System Of Order And Harmony In
Creation, You Will Be Able To Advance And Become An Excellent Disciple- Knowledgeable,
Trustworthy And Dependable.
As You Age In Adeptship, You Will Become A Ubba, Baba, Abba, Or Oba, A Father To The
Sons. Having Been Taught The Laws Of Life, You Will Then Be Expected To Follow The
Teachings Until You Reach The Ultimate Initiation Which Will Place You Upon The Threshold
Of The Third Chamber, The Realm Of Laahuwt (<T 4,4-T LT)0( The Master Abode).
Laahuwt Is Where You Get Hu And Huwa Which Became Yahowa To Jehovah To Allahu
Or Al-Lahu.
If You Pass That Initiation, You Will Have Become A Self Perfected Human. A Self Perfected
Human Is One Who Has Learned How To Regain The Intellect With Which He Or She Was
Originally Created Or Should We Say Grown As In Grew Up. For You See, When Human Was
First Created, He Was Created (Cloned Or Grown In The Womb Or Test Tube) Of Perfection
From The Higher Beings The Anunnagi, But Humans Fell From Perfection And Became As
Shattered Glass. They Lost The Powers That They Once Possessed And The Pure Intellect That
At One Time Radiated Ever So Brightly From His Beings, Became Dull And Almost Totally
Extinguished Of Intellect. Knowledge Is Light, For Knowledge Is Of Persons, Places, And
Things Which Brings Chaos And Challenge, But Before All This, Kuluwm (TU~<I ITXC,
AH) Is, Which Was And Is Before The Light. Allah Is The Light Of The World, The Quran
Taught The Muslims; Jesus Is The Light, The New Testament Teaches The Christians, But The
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The Path Of Spiritual Perfection

I-Em-Hotep Grand Lodge #19
In The Holy Land Tama-Re Egypt Of The West In U.S.A.
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Lesson 1
Study 1

Lesson 1
Study 1

As A Devotee However, Under The Guidance Of Their Nafusal Haduy

7 4. Q U-f, Spiritual Guide), El Qutb, Who Is El Khidr, The Green One. They Will Learn
How To Locate "Their" Point On Gi Or Eridu (The Planet Earth) Whereupon The Heavens
Open Up And A New Source Of Light, Its Color Being Emerald Green, Will Interpenetrate This
Earth's Atmosphere, In Order That There May Be A Vertical Exchange Of Etheric Energies, A
Double Helix Which Is A Column Of Standard Columnar Waves, Of Tachyon Frequencies,
Bending Light, Allowing Him/Her To Become A Conductor And Receive Electromagnetic
Forces Altering Their Biological Rhythm. This Will Cause The Magnetic Field Of The Brain
Cavity To Be Sufficiently Raised To A Higher Mental Frequency, So That They Can Be In Tune
With The Oversoul And Receive Whole Light Beings Who Will Instruct Them Of The Next
Order Of Evolution In The Universe. (The Holy Tablets Chapter 6, Tablet 15:145-198). We
Will Deal With This Subject In Later Lessons.

Thus, The Devotee Will Re-Attune Themselves To El Kuwn (V <T TLT)0((/1, The Kosmos)
So That They May Rise Up As A Perfect Being, A Supreme Being, As The Anunnagi. You Too,
Can Learn How To Find The Pure Green Light And Become A Self-Perfected Human. As A
Self-Perfected Human, You Will Become Aware Of The Mysteries That Surround You In
Nature. Most Of Nature Is Green; In The Sea As Seaweed And On The Land As Vegetation.
Green Is Health And Life. Your Hajub A'rush (T 4-dLT*- ^ Q LTV7) " The Brow Center"

Third Eye

Triangle Or Pyramid
Or Third Eye Will Re-Opened, And Your Inner Soul Will Become Knowledgeable, Realizing
That There Are Even Greater Mysteries; Mysteries Which When Learned, Will Make You A
Child Of The Aum-nipotent And Thereby, A Perfect Soul, Never To Forget Again, Then You
Can Even Regain Your Four Highest Senses:
1. Safer ('Z-tLs \> P , Clairvoyance ). The Ability To See Clear, Know What Is
Going On In Another Place Or Another Room Without Seeing The Event Or Events
With The Two Physical Eyes.
2. Hadsu (T4-Q r^0, Intuition). The Ability To Know What Is About To Happen
Before It Happens.
3. Al Tajatur (4-(t id-dd-iUQ , Telepathy) The Ability To Communicate
Messages From The Mind Without Using Verbal Speech.
4. Sykametre (^* TtLX V i P V> , Psychometry), The Ability To Be Able To
Tell Something About A Person By Holding An Object That Belonged To The

Lean On Me, Your Guide, If You Are Weak

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Lesson 1
Study 1

Lesson 1
Study 1

To Help You On Your Way, Kosmosan, There Is A Guide. When You Follow The Way Of The
Guide, He Becomes Your Guardian. You Are To Lean On Him When You Are Weak. I,
Melchizedek, Am That Guide, In This Realm And The Next.
Remember That You Must Have Patience. You Must Know That All True Seekers Are Traveling
On The Same Path As Yourself, And That Those Of Conviction Are Overflowing In Their Love
Of Kuluwm (TLTG U~)KX, ALL), But In Most Cases, Lacking In Facts. This Breeds
Religious People With False Beliefs.

Having Briefed You On Just A Few Of The Initiations You Will Undergo As A Member We
Shall Now Concern Ourselves With What Will Be Your Self Realization Initiation. Self
Realization, As I Stated Previously, Is The Means By Which One Acquaints Himself Or Herself
With Their Inner Self.
There Is Nothing Mysterious About Self Communication And The Initiation That You Are
About To Confer Upon Yourself. This Initiation Will Demonstrate The Communication
Between The Outer You And The Inner You. During This Initiation, You Will Ask Yourself
Questions, And The Questions That You Will Ask Will Cause Your Subconscious Mind To
Open, Thereby Creating A Pathway For An Influx Of Thoughts.
As You Sit Quietly, You Will Find That You Are Asking Yourself Many More Questions
Regarding Your Existence And Your Purpose In Life. Some Of These Questions You, Yourself
Will Be Able To Answer And Others, With Time, Will Answer Themselves. There Is No Doubt,
However, That Your Eager And Inquiring Mind Will Find The Pure Green Light Of Right
Wisdom. The Gem Of This Chapter Is Emerald. As You Journey On Your Way Toward
Gaining The Mental And Psychic Abilities In Which The Gem Of This Second Chapter Is The
Crystal Diamond, It's Necessary For Reaching The Divine Perfection That You Seek. You Will
Then Receive The Gem Of The Sun, The Ruby. However, You Must Have Patience, Especially
When Coming Upon Hardships.

JANU, A'lyun A'lyun El, Then You Should Want To Know And Overstand That Part Of You In
The Same Manner That You Know And Overstand Your Physical Body. Therefore, Introduce
Yourself And Through It Make Acquaintance With Anu, A'lyun A'lyun El. Have You Not
Already Made Acquaintance With ANU, A'lyun A'lyun El Through The Physical Body "By
Way Of Earthly Prayers" Bi-Gi Tafulat O&-O-& iita LTd iLi)? And Have You Not
Already Thanked ANU, A'lyun A'lyun El In Earthly Ways For The Many Bounties
That ANU, Alyun A'lyun El Bestowed Upon You Physically. Now At This
Time, Make Acquaintance With Kuluwm (TlTdlDOCa, ALL) Through The
Spiritual Side By Knowing The Inner Self. Knowing This Will Help You
Overstand Your Initiation. Remember That The Importance Of Initiation Cannot
Be Stressed Enough, For Initiation Fills The Emotional Needs Of The Being,
And It Is The Doorway That Leads To Greater Overstandings.

"Submerged Deep In The Sea Of Right Wisdom

Is The Way The Master Gains The Kight Overstanding."
By The Hand OfMelchi^edek,
Before You Begin Your Initiation In The Ancient & Mystic Order Of Melchizedek, Let Me
Warn You That This Initiation Is Not Intended As An Act Of Amusement. Do Not Attempt To
Fulfill This Initiation If You Are Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs, Or If You Have
Smoked Any Type Of Cigarette Within 48 Hours Prior To Executing This Initiation. In Fact,
Don't Smoke At All And Drink Very Moderately. Remember That It Is You, Your Heart, And
Your Essence. You Will Invoke Whatever Entity You Encounter. Therefore, Enter Into This
Ritual With A True Heart So That Out Of Truth And Love You Will Invoke Nothing But

Preparation For Self Realization Initiation

For This Particular Exercise Of Self Realization, You Will Need The Following Items:


A Straight Back Chair, Our

Hasrur (Meditation Mat) Or Our
(Prayer Rug).


Tafulat Sajud

The Initiation Ritual Which You Are About To Undertake, Should Be Performed Diligently
Again And Again Until Its Performance Is Done With Ease. This Ritual Will Help You Realize
That There Is A Dual Reality:


A Table, A Counter, Or Our A.M.O.M. Dresser With A Mirror Attached.


A Table Top Mirror Or A Mirror That Hangs On The Wall, Unless The Dresser You Are
Using Has A Mirror - If So Disregard This Item.


That There Is An Inner World Inside Of You And,



That There Is Another Dimension That You Must Come To Know Thoroughly, Not
Merely In Passing Glimpses As You Do Now.

A Piece Of Black Or, A.M.O.M. Linen Cloth, Doily, Table Cloth Or

Our Shabut Semut ^d^LT^ ^V 2 LTi Sabbath Cloth.


Two (2) Unscented Candles, Unless You Have The ALL Scented Ones..


Two (2) Modest Candle Holders.


One (1) Ashtray And A Box Of Safety Matches.

You Have Studied And Learned About Your Physical Body Which Is One Dimension. Look On
The Three Degrees 1. Persons 2. Places 3. Things. You Have Fed It, Clothed It, And
Comforted It; You Have Even Learned To Accept The Climate Your Physical Body Lives In,
And The Environment That Surrounds It. Now You Must Learn About The Real You, Which Is
The Person Inside Of You. And If That Being Inside Is A Spiritual Being Who Has The Gift Of
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4-. )3.0. ft.


Incense, Preferably The Meditation Incense From The Ancient & Mystic Order Of
Melchizedek; "THE ALL", "Lotus" Or "Divine Love".

page 15.

Lesson 1

Q 4. Q

Study 1

Lesson 1
Study 1

A Pen Wiih Black Ink And Your Initiation Reply Form.

Once You Have Acquired These Items, You Are To Choose A Room Or Any Spot In Your
Home Where You Will Be Comfortable. It Should Be A Secluded Room Or An Area Which Is
Void Of Distractions. This Seclusion Is Called Ba'yud (ir^ -f Ufl ). In This Room You
Should Burn Incense, For Incense Brings About Spiritual Re-Attunement With Nature's Supreme
Forces, As Well As, The Healing Forces, And Creates A Mood Suitable For Spiritual And
Divine Inspiration. Be Very Careful When You Burn Anything In Your Place Of Dwelling.
Keep An Eye On It.

Our Temple Menorah

A Candle Lit Room, A.M.O.M. Mat, Mirror With Desk

Or Table Sets The Perfect Atmosphere For Your Initiation
Now Place The White Or A..M.O.M.
Linen Cloth On Your Table, Counter Or
Dresser. If You Are Sitting On The Floor,
On A Prayer Rug Or Meditation Mat,
Make Sure That The Table Or Box You
Use, Is High Enough So That The Mirror
Is At Eye Level When You Sit Down.
Beside The Mirror, Place The Two (2)
Candles In The Candle Holders, One On
Either Side Of The Mirror, And To The
Right Of The Table, Away From You.
Place The Ashtray In A Safe Place. Now
Place The Straight Back Chair Directly In
Front Of The Dresser, Table Or Counter
Top. Dim The Lights And Light The
Right Candles And Then The Left Candle.
Initiation Table

A.M.O.M. Candle

The Use Of Banuraat ir4UA\SH 4-4L2* (Candles) In Our Initiation Are Solely For The
Purpose Of Creating A Feeling Of Intimacy And Quietude. Candles Have A Spiritual
Connotation. The Fire Of The Candle Represents The Flickering Soul. In Ashuric/Syriac
(Arabic) There Are Two Lights Naar And Nuwr Which Was Taken From The Hebrew Uwr
Meaning "Flame, Light". The God Of Religions Governs You By Naar Fire Even The Sun Is As
Fire. The Fear Of // You Do Wrong, You Will Get Burned Up. The Chaldeans Called It Uwr
Also, So It Really Came From The Cunieform. For You Can Use The Fire To Heat Up Your
House To Keep Everyone Warm, Or You Can Use It To Burn The House Down. Candles
Represent Direction And Guidance. As In The Menorah Of The Hebrews. The Buddhist, The
Muslims And The Christians All Denominations Use Them. So Fear Not, Candles Are Used For
Direction And Guidance. The Flickering Flames Of The Candles Are Symbolic Of This World,
Physical, And The Next, Spiritual. They Sometimes Detect Movement From Another Realm In
Your Room.
Before Beginning Your Initiation Ritual, Make Sure That You Are Alone. You Should Have
Already Established With Your Family And Friends The Need For At Least One Straight Hour
Of Privacy So As Not To Be Disturbed. If At The Present Time You Are Not Able To Undergo
This Initiation For Lack Of Privacy, Or Because You Do Not Have The Essentials Needed, You
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Lesson 1
Study 1

d. P

May Perform The Initiation At Another Time, But Please Bear In Mind That You Must Submit A
Statement To The Ancient & Mystic Order Of Melchizedek, A.M.O.M. The Day Following
Your Initiation, Stating That You Did Undergo Your Initiation, And Expressing Your Feelings.
Let Me Emphasize, Kosmosan, That You Must Not Discuss Any Part Of This Ritual With
Anyone Except Me Or Another Member Of The Order Who Is Trustworthy. You May Give Your
Family And Friends Blank Applications, Flyers, Leaflets, You May Even Discuss A.M.O.M.
With Them, If It Will Encourage Them To Become Members, But By No Means, Should You
Share Your Sacred Degrees, Rituals Or Other Private Materials With Anyone Who Is Not A
Fellow Kosmosan. And Don't Under Any Circumstances Copy Or Duplicate The Degree. If
Anyone You Know Is Interested In Reading Your Degrees, Suggest That They Become Members
Of The Order. The Documents That You Will Receive, Starting With The One You Now Have
In Your Hands, Unless Otherwise Specified, Are Secret Documents Loaned To You For Your
Personal Growth. I Suggest That You Keep These Documents In A Box Under Lock And Key
Or In A Briefcase Which Has A Combination Lock. Be Sure To Print Your Name On The Box
Or Briefcase, And Clearly Specify That If Anything Should Happen To You, The Box In Which
You Keep Your Degrees Should Be Returned Immediately To The Ancient & Mystic Order Of
Melchizedek, At:
P.O. Box 6769

Athens, Georgia 30606

The Ritual
Now You Are Ready To Begin, And As You Do So, Establish In Your Mind That You Are
About To Initiate Yourself Into The Ancient & Mystic Order Of Melchizedek.

Lesson 1
Study 1
8. Ent Yajub Baruf Dek Bi-Sawuf El Wagut Sofa Hadur Metay Del A'zum Bashuraat,
Anunnagi, Sofa Nazul Ala Haza Kowkub Gi, Liyya Haduy El Gatunantaat RajiT I la
Darhum, Fi Wa Gihaadi El Najumaat;
8. You Should Know That Eventually The Time Will Come When These Supreme Beings,
Anunnagi, Would Have To Descend Upon This Planet Earth, In Order To Guide The Inhabitants
Back Towards Their Home, In And Beyond The Stars;

V <T Xitd LT^ itX-GUP

ttd. Q V T )Kd.TV Q


<T 4. d f c - f - f d ,

9. Bithalck Nasur Hum Liyya Begu Mirar Tane, El A'zum Bashuraat Shil El Khalus
Akhdur Nawur, Atheral Nashut Dek Hum Mirar Kawun. Lakun Wan, Wahed Lazum
Kawun Rusela Liyya Fafur Tarugun, Wa Dek Wahed Izu Nasufee.
9. Thereby Helping Them To Become Once Again, The Supreme Beings Of The Pure Green
Light, Ethereal Energy That They Once Were. But First, One Must Be Sent To Prepare A Way,
And That One Is Myself.
This Is How It Was Recorded
And This Is How It Will Be
The Ancient Mystic Order Of Melchizedek Is Mentioned In The Bible Of The Jews And
Christians And The Koran Of The Muslims As "The Order Of Melchizedek" Whose Egyptian
Identity You Will Learn About In The Higher Degrees. Just As Abraham (Torah Of The Jews Genesis 14:18-19) Moses (Quran Of The Muslims 18:59-82) And Jesus (New Testament Of
The Christians - Hebrews 5:6, 6:20).

The Holy Tablets

El Istakhlaag ~ The Creation

Chapter One, Tablet One, Verses 8-9

Torah -Genesis 14: 18-19

racism >K/r
- I T I '

Vno v^ imK in1)

*m*> yVvi pS tfiro IK-IK





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Lesson 1
Study 1

Lesson 1
Study 1

7cpo8po|iO(; imep rijicav eiarj^Gev vnaoix;, mice TTJV xa^iv

apxiepeix; yevojievoq ei<; TOV aioovcc.

18. "And Melchizedek Ruler Of Salem "City Of Peace" Brought Forth Bread
And Wine: And He Is The Kohane Priest Of Anu, A'lyun A'lyun El "The
Most High". 19. And Melchizedek Blessed Abram, And Said, Blessed Be
Abram By Way Of Anu, Alyun A'lyun El The Most High, Creator Of The
Skies And The Planet Earth:"

Whether The Forerunner Is For Us Entered, Even Yashua, Jesus Or Isa,

Another Symbolic Being From The Real Haru (Horus)Was Made A High
Priest After The Order Of Melchizedek "Angelic Being Of Justice".

Right Translation In Aramic (Hebrew) By:

Right Translation In Greek By:


Mistranslation For King James 1611 A.D.


Mistranslation For King James 1611 A.D.



New Testament - Hebrews 5:6

mi ev eiepco te^ei, cru iepe\)<; ei<; TOV atcovot mice ir|v xa^iv

As He Said Also In Another Place, You Are A Priest For Ever After The
Order Of Melchizedek "Angelic Being Of Justice".

Right Translation In Greek By:

Mistranslation For King James 1611 A.D.

New Testament - Hebrews 6:20

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There Are Also Other Masters That You Will Be Introduced To Later On In Your Studies. Now
Imagine That You Are In A Great Temple On A Higher Plane, And That You Are Being Guided
By The Master, Mclchizcdck. You Know His Face. See Him Covered In Pure Green Healing
Light To Surround You With. He Will Lead You Into The Initiation Chamber.
1. Now Sit In The Chair -Or On The
Floor, Whichever Position You Prefer.
If You Are Sitting In A Chair, Press
Your Back Comfortably Against The
Back Of The Chair. Your Feet Should
Be About 3 Inches Apart, Your Knees
Aligned With Your Shoulders, Pointing
Straight Forward, And The Palms Of
Your Hands Should Rest On Each
If You Are Sitting On The Floor, You
Should Sit In The Lotus Position, Your
Legs Should Be Crossed As In The
Style Of Sitting Where Your Right Foot
Should Be On Top Of Your Left Leg
Between The Knee And The Thigh.
2. As You Sit Comfortably, Imagine That Your Mind Is Still And Quiet, And The Ancient
Essene Masters Are Surrounding You Much Like The Quiet Surface Of A Still Lake With You
Sitting On A Lotus Petal, In The Center.
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Lesson 1
Study 1

Lesson 1
Study 1

8. Then Spilt The Beam Or Imaginary Light Line Into Two Rays To Your Eyes. Concentrate
Expressly On Your Eyes, Look At The Pupils And Stare At Them, Disregarding
Everything Else.

KVlax, Breathe Slowly, Be At Peace And Let Go, Letting Your Mind Take You. You Can Listen
To The Nuwaubian Istatlaat (Meditation) Tape For A.M.O.M. Or Inner Feelings Tape Or CD.
By The Master, Your Guide, Mclchizedek, But Keep It Low.

9. Taking 3 Deep Breaths Letting It Out Slowly, Greet Yourselves On The Last Breath With:
Come Forth Inner Self In Peace.
10. Take Another Good Look Until You Feel Your Inner Self Looking From The Inside Out.
Then Imagine It Greeting Your Outer Self; Your Skin And The Hair On Your Face. Then
Smile, To Feel The Split Second Between The Thought And The Action. The Split
Second Should Make You Realize There Are Two Of You. One Facing The Other. This
Is The Being That Separates You From Being A Human And A Human Being. Once
You Realize That There Is Something Looking From Inside Outward, You Must Make
Sure That You Provoke The Pure Essence (Positiveness) And Not The Fire
(Negativeness). Confess To Your Inner Self Those Things You Do That Do Not Help The
Body Physically. Imagine 3 White Spherical Balls Of Light Gleaming. Imagine Them
One Foot Above Your Head Rotating. Then Bring Them Into One Ball Of Pure Whiter
Light, Then Down Into The Top Of Your Head To The Seat Of Your Hajub
A'rush (T <LdL[f1r E Q LTV7) "Brow Seat",

El Khidr, Who Is Mclchiscdek

3. Sit Quietly, Looking At Your Reflection

In The Mirror

4. Study Yourself Very Carefully.

Slowly Concentrate On Nothing But

Your Reflection.
6. Center Your Attention On Your Face..
7. Study Your Lips And The Full Impression Made By The Features On Your Face. If You
Laugh, Just Sit Until The Foolishness Goes Away. Draw An Imaginary Line From Your
Chin To Your Nostrils. Concentrate On The Shape Of Your Two Nostrils.

page 22.

Confess To Your Inner Self Those Things That You Do, That Do Not Help The Soul Spiritually.
Try To Make Them Overstand Each Other. Continue To Look In The Mirror And Ask Your
Inner Self The Following Questions: (Don't Stop If You Begin To Cry).
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4-. # .0. .

Lesson I
Study I
1. Who Am I?

2 . What Am 1 ?
3. Why Ami?

I -csson 1
Study 1


Keeping The Three Spherical Balls Of Pure White Crystal Light To Draw Strength, When
Needed. This Initiation Brings You Into The First Realm (Chamber) Of Overstanding. The
Realm Of Human: Naasuwt, Whose Symbol Is Going To Be Depicted As One Of Those
Spherical Balls Of Light. You Are In This World And Live By The Light Of The Sun You Are
Jody And It's Life Is By Way Of Light This Light You Need For This Part Of Your Growth.


Naasuwt (M4-;l/^Lr)0(:& At The Door)

6. Am I?
7.1 Am.

The Sacred Symbol Is Comprised Of Representing The First Level Is

( omprised Of:

E. T

Anu, A'lyun A'lyun El


Then After You Have Answered These Questions To The Best Of Your Ability, Relax And Let
The Light Fill Your Whole Body. Imagine That Your Mind Is Calm And Steady Like The
Column Or Flame Of A Candle Light. Think And Remember That It Was By Candlelight That
The Prophets And Sages Of Old Were Taught The Meanings Of Life.

Unto Human Beings Is Giving To Give Charity Of The Things He

Gains, But The Charity Of The Sustainer Is Right Knowledge, Kight
Wisdom And The Right Overstanding. "
By The Hand OfMelchisedek
Before Leaving The Room Where You Have Taken Your Initiation, Hold This Oath In Your
Hands And Concentrate On It Sending Love And Vitality Through It, Unto Me The Nafusal
Haduy ((A4L& U~^d,<r Tit. Lf-f ) "Spiritual Guide" And See My Face In Your Heart
Glowing In Light, So That I May Help You On Your Way. After Meditating For A Few
Moments, Copy The Following Oath On The Enclosed Self Initiation Reply Form. Be Sure To
Copy The Oath By Hand, Using Black Ink. Do Not Use A Pencil Or A Ball Point Pen. Never In
Red, Only Black. Thereafter, Send The Oath To The Ancient & Mystic Order Of Melchizedek
For Permanent Record.

Oath Of Self Realisation

Having Undergone A Self Initiation, Hereby Affirm That I Have The
Sincerity And Integrity To Meet The Requirements Of The Steps That Are
To Come. Therefore, I Solemnly Vow To Keep Secret And Uphold All Of
The Tenants Established By The Ancient & Mystic Order Of
Melchi^edek And To Maintain A State Of Absolute Purity And Divine
Love. I Am In The All And All Is In Me.
Upon Taking This Self Realization Initiation And Learning How To Communicate With Your
Inner Self, You Are To Incorporate This New Practice Into Your Every Day Life. Speak To
Your Inner Self Often As To The Things You Do Each Day, And Find That You Will Become A
Better Person - For You Will Be Able To Reason With Yourself And Thereby Gain Inspiration.
page 24_

A Circle

An Acute Line


The Circle Represents El Kuwnaat (V <T TIDK (A 4^4-2*, The Kosmos) And All Of The
Knowledge Within It. The Acute Line In The Circle Is Symbolic Of Humans And ANU,
A'lyun A'lyun El. There Was A Time When Humans Were Aum-nipotent (Omnipotent)
And Thus Possessed Aum-nipresent Present (Omnipresent) Which Gave Him All The
Knowledge Of Their Nature So That They May Rule A Part Of Gi "Earth" Called
Eridu, However Humans Strayed From The Path And Forsook All That Was Taught To
Them. Now They Must Strive To Regain The Knowledge Lost, Link Themselves Back
Upwards And Inwards And In Order To Do So, They Must Re-Attune Themselves With
The Aum-nipotent.
The Acute Line Is Symbolic Of The Journey That Humans Undertake On Their Way
Toward Being One With Kuluwm (TLT<T LDOOa, ALL). As You Advance In Degrees
And Enter The Higher Chambers Of This Order, The Position Of The Line In The Circle
Of This Symbol Will Change. The Meaning Of Which Will Be Given To You At That
Point. Now That I Have Given You The Laws On The Ancient & Mystic Order Of
Melchizedek, It Is Time For You To Move On To Your Learning Studies.
Remember Kosmosan In Order For You To Be A Part Of The Ancient Mystic Order Of
Melchizedek, You Must Know Your Lessons.
Always Remember, Beloved Kosmosan, That It Is You Who Must Take The First Step
Toward Learning, And Once You Do, Truth, Right Wisdom And The Right
Overstanding Will Be Yours, For Just As You Take One Step Forward, Ten Steps Will
Be Taken Toward You And The Positive Effects Of Your Actions Will Be Evident In
Your Every Day Life.

page 25.

I <csson 1
Study I

This Glossary Has Been Made Available To You So That You Can Become Familiar With
New Words And Also So That You Will Overstand The English Equivalent To The
Nuwaubic Words Of Interest That Have Been Used Throughout This Pamphlet.



The Master Abode (Realm Of Anu, A'lyun A'lyun El ).



At The Door (Realm Of The Hurnim Beings)

Barathary Giant ^d-PiLiTiLQ -f

*Vd.a LTJ5

A Gland Which Existed Inside The Hippocampus Area O

The Brain, And Was Removed By The Anunnaqi. With This
Gland Humims Had Physic Powers. (All Nine Senses) This
Information Will Be Expanded Later On In Your Lessons.










Aramic(Hebrew) Word Meaning "Source". Ashuric/Syriac

Arabic "AllalTAIso Meaning "Source".
I I Knun


Kosmos, Universe

1 ridii

V Q f c f l LT

One Of The Original Names For Earth. It Is A Sumerian

Word Meaning "Home Away From Home".


-tr^ + WB

Clean Secluded Area Void Of Distractions Where One Is

Remembering The Most High Or Meditating.


TU~<r IT)**

All (The Science Of Quantum Physics)



The Journey Within A Labyrinth Were One Creates A

Tachyon Frequency Receiving Electromagnetic Forces,
Which Aids Him In His Re-Alignment.


^itd 4,TLT)0(i

The Middle Path (Realm Of The Anunnagi)



Nuwaubic Word Meaning "Prayer".



Aramic/Hebrew For Celestial Being/ Angelic Beings

Juzrun Dakka


"The Initiation Site" The Element Site Of Tama-Re Where

People Take An Initiaton Re-Attuning Themselves With The

By The Hand OfMelchisedek

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