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Survey and Design

Executive Summary
Site Survey is the process of planning and Designing a network solution that will deliver the
required wireless and wired coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming capability and
quality of service. Site Surveys involves RF propagation confirmation, determining equipment
and antenna location, Measure interference thresholds, confirm cable routes and length, power
source and site security available
Consequently, with our expertise in survey, installation and commissioning of IBS sites for
example Capital House Garden City, Tight Security, Imperial Royale, Ruparelias, Crane
Cambers. We provide better solution in terms of expertize and delivering of the solution.

Survey and Design

Overview of the problem at hand
In this section, the sites without IBS solution face the following problems include:
1. Poor quality of service
a. Poor call connection in most areas of the building with a lots of dropped calls
b. Low or no data speed connections

Survey and Design

Benefits of providing solution to the problems above;
Sites without IBS solutions have a nightmare for anybody who would like to use the network in
these buildings.
Some buildings in Kampala faced the same network issues but they were overcome by us
providing the IBS solution following the procedures below.
1. Budgetary design usually based on floor plans
a. Determine which areas of


building require coverage (entire building, public

areas, parking levels, etc.)

b. Determine the buildings construction materials (sheetrock, metal, concrete, etc.)
c. Determine capacity requirements
2. Site survey
a. Confirm RF propagation
b. Determine locations for equipment
c. Confirm antenna locations
d. Measure interference thresholds
e. Confirm cable routes and lengths
f. Power (Availability of the power from Commercial power, Generator and backup and
all power protection units)
g. Site Security
h. Transmission source (Use of Microwave or fiber) with Line of site.
3. Reports using proposed iBwave radio planning and design software
a. Final reports are made.
b. Link budget or fiber route made
4. Equipment. The proposed equipment is acquired from the supplier and delivered to sites

Survey and Design


a. RFI of the sites is made by installing power if not available. Slab for the BTS if
needed, cable trucks, wall drilling is in the designed position.
b. BTS and antenna installations are made in the designed locations and cable laid and
connect to the antennas and BTS. Repeaters following the RF design plan.

6. Commissioning.
7. Reports and Acceptance reports generated from IBwave software tool.

Survey and Design

Equipment required in the bill of Quantities

Indoor Antennas

Omni indoor Antenna 698960 / 17102700 MHz

Omni indoor Antenna 698960 / 17102700 MHz

Coaxial Cable
1 LDF4RK-50A

2-Way Reactive High Power Splitter, 698-2700 MHz, DIN

3-Way Reactive High Power Splitter, 698-2700 MHz, DIN

HELIAX Foam Dielectric, Riser, Copper Corrugated

50 ohm Termination connectors

T-25-DF Termination
T-25-DM Termination

25 Watt, 7-16 DIN Female

25 Watt, 7-16 DIN Male

Coaxial Cable Connectors, 1/2 and 7/8 Cable

78EZDM 7-16 DIN

78EZDF 7-16 DIN

Male EZfit for 7/8 in FXL780

Female EZfit for 7/8 in FXL780

Corrugated Grounding Kit


15B4Compact SureGround Grounding Kit for 1/2 in

Corrugated Coaxial Cable

Wired for Wireless Wall Organizer


1 760138610
1 Andrew Cutter MCPTL4

Wired for Wireless Wall Organizer

Automated wireless radio planning and design software

EASIAX Manual Prep Tool for AL4RPV50, LDF4RK-50A,


Survey and Design


Torque Wrench and Drill

Survey and Design

We have we a competent team in survey and design as well as providing RFI, installation
and commissioning of both indoor and outdoor solution with a well vast knowledge.
Therefore with propose to survey and design the network layout for these IBS sites. The
equipment to be used shall depend on the budget and network design parameters agreed.