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2 Types of Nationalism

20.1 IB

What are some concepts of nation?

Country and Nation
Is people and is different from the idea of ___________, or __________.
country or nation-state
has __________l borders
single __________government
also __________ made up of people who share similar __________ and
__________ and are passionate about __________ and promoting

Nation as a Concept

Understand how this idea __________ and divides people.

Nation as a Collective Concept

Groups and __________ you belong to.

o __________and school, and extend to many other collectives,
Sense of collective identity is __________ to a sense of __________.

Nation as a Patriotic Concept

__________ of their country.
Express patriotism in __________ ways.

Prepared by M. Araujo-Nickel
Archbishop MacDonald

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1.2 Types of Nationalism

20.1 IB

What are some understandings of nation?

refers __________ to a people rather than to a __________.
people with a similar __________ and __________ about themselves make up
a nation
collective ideas can develop from shared__________, ethnic, cultural,
religious, __________, geographic, and __________understandings

Linguistic Understandings of Nation

Common __________ can sometimes create a __________ of belonging so

powerful that it __________ a sense of nation.
Language plays an important role in creating the __________ of a _________
people, because language influences how people __________ the world.
creates a __________universe that is shared by the people who speak a
__________ fluently
__________ understanding of nation is very strong in __________
Feeling of belonging to a __________ nation is shared by __________across
__________ form a nation __________ a united Canada

Ethnic Understandings of Nation

Countries share the same __________ racial, __________or linguistic
Idea of basing nation on a __________ ethnicity because they believe that this
will protect a peoples __________ identity
Can lead to__________and __________

Cultural Understandings of Nation

ways of __________ that a people __________ can also __________ a
sense of nation

Religious Understandings of Nation

__________ can also form an important understanding of nation.
Jewish nation has existed for about __________ years.
However, various Jewish communities developed own __________ culture
and __________.
Despite these differences, __________ sense of nation survived as a result of
shared __________beliefs.

Prepared by M. Araujo-Nickel
Archbishop MacDonald

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1.2 Types of Nationalism

20.1 IB

Geographic Understandings of Nation

Effects of __________ on the development of nations.

Mountains, __________, and deserts are __________barriers that often forced
peoples to develop in __________ from others
For example, __________were isolated on the vast Tibetan plateau
developed a distinct __________ and culture, as well as __________ beliefs
and their own forms of __________

Nation and Relationship to Land

__________ can influence the development of nations in ways that go far
beyond isolation created by __________ barriers.
Spirit of place
phrase that is often used to __________ the spiritual __________ between
human and __________ place.

Spiritual Understandings of Nation

peoples relationship with land bound up with __________ connections that
unite them.
Spiritual ties also connect Jews, __________, and Muslims to the city of
o Jerusalems Temple Mount is the holiest __________ religious site.
o Temple Mount important to __________ because New Testament
stories describe association of Jesus with the Jewish temple
o Two __________ religious shrines, the Dome of the Rock and the AlAqsa Mosque, were built there

Political Understandings of Nation

In 1965, the United Nations __________Assembly was debating what to do

about the __________takeover of Tibet.
o takeover had started in __________
o Tibetans had been living under Chinese __________ for about 15 years

Tibet a nation?
If Tibetans had controlled their own political affairs for __________ of years,
then Tibet must be a __________.
When deciding whether a people are a nation, the __________ for selfdetermination the __________ to control ones__________ affairs is an
important consideration.
consideration may be more important than actual __________ the
__________authority to control ones __________ affairs.

Prepared by M. Araujo-Nickel
Archbishop MacDonald

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1.2 Types of Nationalism

20.1 IB

How can nation be understood as a civic concept?

Shared Values and Beliefs Expressed in Law
Rule of Law
Laws reflect the kind of __________ that people want to live in
can be rules about __________, speeding on __________, and __________
serious crimes
Express the values and __________ Canadians embrace and agree to abide by
as a __________ of __________.
Values and beliefs are __________in Constitution cannot be __________
by a simple act of __________
Changing the __________ is a complicated process that requires __________
Civic nation
When people, no matter what their __________, culture, and __________,
agree to live according to particular __________ and beliefs expressed as laws

The Making of a Civic Nation

adjective that refers to__________
key element of a__________nation.
Civic government
government by __________
Civic involvement
__________ of citizens
Understanding of civic nation
combines citizens and shared __________ and __________
Civic nation
emerges from the choice of __________ to live together according to shared
Civic nation-state
gives people the __________ to live together under __________ that reflect
their shared values and beliefs and a similar __________

Prepared by M. Araujo-Nickel
Archbishop MacDonald

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1.2 Types of Nationalism

20.1 IB

Canada as a Civic Nation

Canadians do not share a __________, spiritual beliefs, language,

__________, or culture
These __________ may not matter
Only important __________ may be, agreement to live together __________
to certain rules.

Nation and Nation-State

Sense of nation emerges from the __________ of a nation-state
When a __________ or a number of peoples choose to live __________
according to certain __________, a nation emerges and the __________ of
this nation __________ over time
Britain example of a__________nation that has emerged this way.
o __________ began as a nation-state made up of __________ nations:
the Irish, __________, English, and __________ peoples
Civic nationalism is __________t from __________ nationalism, which is
founded on shared ethnicity, __________, and language.

Prepared by M. Araujo-Nickel
Archbishop MacDonald

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1.2 Types of Nationalism

20.1 IB

How do people express their identity through nation?

Many similarities and areas of __________ between collective __________

and __________ identity.
National identity is a kind of __________ identity that is shared by large
groups of people.
People have __________ the __________ of nation
o Taken in these __________ and made them part of themselves, their
__________, and their beliefs.

The Evolution of National Identity

Nation can develop because people __________ strong shared bonds

o Wish to decide their own future
o Feeling of __________ identity is there in beginning
o Helps create feelings of nationalism.
nation can come into being because people who belong to __________
collectives decide that they wish to live together in a __________according to
shared __________ and beliefs
Mutual respect is the __________ of the nation-state and a new
__________ may or may not emerge from this.

Myths and National Identity

__________ myths shared stories, ideas, and __________ that may or may
not be __________ are key to creating a sense of nation.
Can include everything from ancient __________stories to beliefs about what
makes a __________ special
__________ may or may not be __________
often include __________about who people think they are
help people connect their sense of themselves their __________ to the
much larger __________ of people who form the nation

Changing Myths
nations myths are not__________
relationship between citizens and __________ identity is often __________
__________ the sense of __________ identity of people born into a nation or
who immigrate
National Myths and Canadian Identity
many Canadians embrace the idea of Canada as a__________nation
Since 1994, __________ has been Canadas official __________sport

Prepared by M. Araujo-Nickel
Archbishop MacDonald

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