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Classroom Management Plan

Mr. Kramer
Your grade will consist of 4 components: writing, projects, tests/quizzes, & participation.
1) Writing = 25%
There will be a number of written assignments in this course. These will be formal
written compositions that will usually be 3-4 pages long. They will be graded on content
and writing. Written assignments should be handed in using size 12 font, double spaced,
and easy to read type (i.e., ariel, times, etc.). Do not skip lines between paragraphs.
Expectations for each particular assignment will be printed and distributed as the course
moves along. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what assignments you
may have missed.
Most writing assignments will be submitted using turnitin.com, unless otherwise
specified. You will also be expected to turn in a printed copy. AN ASSIGNMENT WILL
try turnitin.com before you actually have an assignment due. If you have trouble using
this, fix the problem now. If an assignment absolutely cannot be submitted on
turnitin.com, email it to me BEFORE the deadline for it to be considered on time. I will
then send it to turnitin.com. Assignments will also be checked for plagiarism using
turnitin.com. Use the following:
Class ID
2) Projects = 25%
There will be individual and group projects. All of these will be graded. You will
receive group and/or individual grades for each group assignment.
3) Tests/Quizzes = 40%
There will be a number of tests during the course. These will be multiple choice,
matching, short answer format tests. If you are absent for a test, it is up to you to
arrange with me to make up the test. Otherwise, your grade will become a zero for the
Review sheets are usually provided before tests. They cover about 90% of what
may be on a test. The other 10% will be from classwork or homework, or might ask you
to think and provide a reasoned opinion. Please come and see me if you need help. I
will post office hours, and you can also make an appointment.
There will usually be either written or reading assignments for homework. You are
expected to be prepared for that days class, including having read what was assigned.
You will need to read to participate in class discussions. Highlighting is encouraged for
reading handouts. You may get a surprise quiz on the reading that was assigned for that
days class. Quizzes may not be made up. Make sure you do the homework
4) Participation = 10%
Your daily performance in class will also be taken into account. You should make an
effort to seriously participate in class. Doing the homework and paying attention will
allow you to participate successfully, though you are not expected to always have the

right answer. The following are some of the reasons why your participation grade might
be reduced:
1) You speak while the teacher is talking or you interrupt a classmate.
2) You use inappropriate language in class.
3) You bring food or drinks to class without permission.
4) You are late or not prepared at the beginning of class.
5) You do not respect others in the classroom (teacher and students).
6) You are not alert and attentive in class.
7) You interrupt class by asking to use the bathroom too frequently, shout, distract
others, or ask inappropriate questions or make inappropriate statements.
8) You do not close your laptop when I begin class. Laptops are not allowed in class,
unless you are working on a project and I specifically say you can take them out.
Absence/Lateness/Make-up Policy:
Students are responsible for making up work missed because of absence, excused
or unexcused. Students should notify me that they will be absent if they know in advance. If
a student missed a test because of an absence, they will get a different version of the test in
perhaps a different format. Written assignments that are to be submitted to turnitin.com will
only be accepted on time if they are stamped by turnitin.com before the due date/time. If a
student has technical difficulty with turnitin.com, they will need to email it to me. It will be
considered on time if I receive it before the deadline. All assignments have a 10% reduction
in points for every day late until the assignment is down to a grade of 50%. I reserve the
right not to accept any late assignments submitted one week before the end of a trimester.
Extended absences for medical or any other reasons should be discussed with me in
advance, if possible. If not possible, student should come to me as soon as the possible
when returning to discuss make up of work.
You should be checking Schoology and email at least every night for class
announcements of work. Homework will also be posted on the homework board.
Textbook: World History, The Modern Era, by Ellis and Esler
You should either have a folder to hold my handouts, or keep a loose-leaf notebook,
and hole-punch my handouts for placement in your book. You can alternatively have a
section in a spiral notebook that has folders in it.
Grading (written assignments):
Follow my instructions! Do not ask me questions until you have read my instructions for an
assignment, or I have finished describing it in class. If you want an A on an assignment, I
expect you to turn in excellent, thought out, proofread work, with specific facts to support the
point you are trying to make. Critical analysis and thinking will be included! Do not assume
that simply writing more will get you a good grade. Try to stay within the length limits. If you
need to go beyond the limit substantially, ask me first.
Extra Credit:
If you are up-to-date on your assignments, you may do extra credit by getting an article from
www.bbc.co.uk, www.nytimes.com, or other news websites. If you choose a website other
than these, clear it with me first. Read the article, then write a half page summary of the
article. and a half page personal reaction to the article, all single-spaced. Include the article
or URL with the assignment. These extra credits are due 11/3/14 for the first trimester,
2/26/15 for the second trimester, and 5/28/15 for the third trimester. Maximum of three extra
credits per trimester. These will be submitted as printed copies.