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Peds HESI Study Guide

12/3/2014 8:30:00 AM

Head lice
Nits hatch in 7 to 10 days
Scratching may result in bacterial infection
Examine with a bright light
Pediculicide shampoo is used. Leave medication on hair for 10
minutes and then rinse off. Retreat in 7 to 10 days.
If it is firmly attached, it is likely a nit, not dandruff.
Check for ragweed allergies and asthma before applying permethrin
Lyme disease

Skin rash is circular with central clearing

S/S: fever, headache, aching, and satellite rash. Later: arthritis,
neurological symptoms
Tick removal: Use tweezers, use gloves. If remains in skin, soak
skin, then remove the rest.
Celiac diet
Gluten-free (avoid wheat, barley, rye)
Can eat oats, but need to be careful of cross-contamination from
gluten containing products
Kawasaki Disease
Acute febrile inflammation of the vasculature
Can lead to coronary artery aneurysm or MI
Leading cause of acquired heart disease in children
Not contagious
S/S: bacterial conjunctivitis, red lips, strawberry tongue, measleslike rash, cardiac involvement
Diagnosis is through exclusion
High fever not resolved by antipyretics or antibiotics
Salicylate (Aspirin) therapy
Nursing care aimed at symptom relief
Defer live immunizations (MMR, chicken pox)
Educate about lifelong possibility of cardiac disease
Precocious Puberty
Early development
o Girls <8
o Boys <9

Tanner stage 2 or greater, acne, caf au lait spots, advanced bone

age, mood swings
Give GnRHa (Lupron), but be careful with rebound effect. Its an IM
or SQ injection monthly


Infants should be frequently burped during feedings and placed

upright for 30 minutes following feeding
Can thicken formula or give AR formula
Raise the head of the crib



High risk of infection with an oncologic disorder

(% Bands + % Segmented cells) x Total WBC count = ANC
If less than 500, client is at high risk for infection.
Infant: Trust vs. Mistrust
Toddler: Autonomy vs. shame and doubt
Preschool: Initiative vs. guilt
School age: industry vs. inferiority
Adolescent: Identity vs. role confusion


Early adulthood: Intimacy vs. Isolation

Adulthood: Generativity vs. stagnation
Old age: integrity vs. despair

Device used on skin (usually back) believed to pull toxins out

Child comes in to ER for different issue and you notice red uniform
circular marks on back. Differentiate between abuse and cultural
practice. Would need to ask parents about this.
Hypospadias and the Jewish faith
Cannot be circumcised until after naming ceremony
Need to use foreskin when hypospadias repair is done
Family would need teaching
Extrophy of bladder
Pre-op (cover with sterile moist dressing and keep wet and
protected from infection)
Field of gaze


hernia teaching
Discourage heavy lifting after repair
Watch for bleeding and drainage
Notify physician of fever
Brace when coughing or deep breathing
Strangulation and incarceration can occur if it is not repaired

12/3/2014 8:30:00 AM

12/3/2014 8:30:00 AM