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This project allowed us to undertake an experiential learning opportunity.

We have
developed an understanding of building construction principles, various kinds of
construction sequences, importance of basic detailing, construction joints and
material applications. Due to the generosity of the construction site personnel who
were willing to guide us along the way, we were exposed to construction
technology and methods responding to the site context. The on-going
assessments, site visits and discussions were beneficial to our analysis and
documentation for this project. Through these weeks, we grasp a good
understanding in the construction elements and its components, sequence along
with the coordination of the sites construction.


Jiilian Goh Joon Jin

We had the opportunity to communicate with different kinds of people who were involved in the construction of the site, such as the
contractor, the engineer and the construction workers. We first approached all aspects of this project with curiosity so that we have a fair
understanding of the topics that were involved. Then, we picked a specific topic each and asked questions while sharing the knowledge
with the rest of our teammates, in hopes that the discussions that follow through will provide a learning opportunity for everyone. We
approached this project as a team so at the end, each of us is able to gain knowledge of how other parts of the buildings are constructed.

We would also like to express our gratitude to LBS Bina Group Bhd for the site visit permission, the site
personnel for being patient with us .and lastly our tutor, AR Chin Tuck Heng for guiding us on the right path.



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