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General knowledge [17 questions]

1. Animal population that move from one country to another and than come
back again to country of origin, this type of movement is called? Answer:
2. Only thing visible from moon on earth is? Answer: Great Wall of China
3. Name of the second longest river in the world is? Answer: Amazon
4. Which of the following countries has maple leaf on its flag? Answer: Canada
5. Current chief of army staff of Pakistan is? Answer: General Raheel Sharif
6. Current Chief minister of Punjab is? Answer: Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif
7. Who gave this statement that Pakistan is exporting terror to its neighboring
countries? Answer: David Cameron
8. Dia-mir Bhasha dam is located on which of the following river? Answer: River
9. Which province of Pakistan has the largest area? Answer: Baluchistan
10.Northern end of Pakistan is occupied by western range of which of following?
Answer: Himalayan range
11.Sukkar Barrage is located on which river? Answer: River Indus
12.Ideology of Pakistan is? Answer: Islam
13.Against Nehrus Report Qaid-e-Azam proposed a solution of how many points?
Answer: 14 points
14.Which of the following Rukn-e-Islam is called a shield? Answer: Fasting
15.What is the literal meaning of word Qiblah? Answer: In front of
16.Yome-Arafat is executed on which of the following day? Answer: Hajj Day
17.Meaning of word Islam is? Answer: Submission and Obedience to the will of
Subjective [83 questions]
18.Directivity of antenna high gain high bandwidth, low gain low bandwidth
19.gsm uses tdma
20.orthogonal means two line perpendicular to each other
21.amps uses FDMA
22.higher data rates using fm,am,qam,qpsk
23.fly back converter
24.large phase mercury rectifier advantage
25.large phase mercury arc rectifier used as inverter,rectifier, both
26.cmrr ratio of powers of differential gain over common mode gain
27.series capacitance in transmission line for steady state stability, protection
28.shunt reactors used for increase of voltage at heavy loads, decrease of
voltage at heavy loads, increase of voltage at light loads, decrease of voltage
at light loads Answer: decrease voltage at light loads
29.In a transfer function gain k=0 root locus roots are
observable/unobservable/stable/unstable system
30.System stability roots must be __ right half of s plane, left half of s plane, jw
plane Answer: Left half of s plane
31.tdma uses DQPSK and CPM
32.Output occurring due to only input with zero initial conditions called zero
state, zero input, absolute state, real state(2 questions) Answer: Zero state
33.The maximum loads attached to a device called fan in,fan out
34.Definition of gauss law,farady law,ampere circuital law, biot-savart law

35.Calculate voltage of toaster with joules=7500 ,i=13.64A ,t=5, v? Answer

36.differential amplifier amplifies difference between two input voltages
37.link layer design also called transport layer, access layer, data layer, protocol
design layer, network layer
38.tcp/ip address 32 bits
39.multiply two 16 bit numbers result is 4 bytes
40.power factor true power/apparent power
41.differential amplifier coupling which transistors coupling
42.2 bjt,s replaced with Darlington pair what happens
43.Fault current 1500A zero sequence current 500A
44.Induction motor torque proportional to slip, inversely to slip,square of slip,
45.waves reach at the antenna which modulated digital, modulated analog,
aligned waves
46.Dc machine pole tip chamfered to reduce armature reaction effect
47.Primary and secondary voltages in transformer are 180 out of phase
48.Definition of Electrical flux density, magnetic flux density, magnetic induction
49.Why Impedance matching performed for signal transferring to reduce
noise,reduce attenuation,
50.At no load losses occurring in transformer are due to eddy current, hysteresis,
core , copper loss
51.At no load transformer the applied voltage _ leads somewhat by 90 to current
52.laplace transform of unit step function 1/s
53.for 8 pole generator how much hz correspond to one revolution
54.Why hollow conductors are used in transmission line
Reduction of the corona
55.What limits design of long transmission line thermal considerations/conductor
56.How load is modeled in load flow analysis constant power,constant
impedance,constant load, variable load
57.PWM uses NRZ,
58.What is the main task of power electronics? Ac-dc/ac-ac/dc-ac conversion?
Answer: Ac-Ac Conversion
59.Bit used in data communication for error processing Answer: parity bit
60.To reduce cost of power generation? Answer: Load factor(higher/increase)
+Diversity factor(higher increase)
61.Which of the following are predominant input losses in a no load transformer?
Eddy losses/copper losses/windage losses/core losses
62.In a DC machine what is the angle between rotor and stator fields? 45/90?
Answer: its 90
63.Which motor has the highest torque? Series/dc/shunt? Answer: Series Dc
64.Motor that should not be used with load removed? Answer: Series Motor
65.An Ideal voltage source has? Answer: 0 Resistance
66.An Ideal current source has? Answer: Resistance i-e opens circuited
67.Data converted by which device for digital systems Answer: analog to digital

68.A functional software is managed by

Computer programmer but not computer organization/ Computer
programmer and computer organization/ Not Computer programmer but
computer organization
69.Torque of indicating meter depends upon spring/gravity/both Answer: both
70.To transfer maximum power which property is used Answer: impedance
71.Accuracy of an instrument is defined as Precision+ Calibration error, Precision
+ Significant figure, Precision + sensitivity, Precision + resolution
72.Binary counter and bcd question
73.If guage of copper is increased in impedance matching transformer what will
happen ?
74.a question related to S/N ratio
75.How to increase the bandwidth of optical fibre
76.A 440V 100W bulb on 220V will be as like a 25W/50W/75W bulb Answer: 25W
77.Doped semiconductor material has temperature coefficient of
Positive/Negative Answer: Positive
78. RLC series circuit value of l,r,c given calculate the resonant frequency
Answer: 1/2pi under root of L and C
79.Laplace transform is used for solving complex equations/differential
equations Answer: Differential equations
80.If 1 Hz frequency is applied to the field of dc machine armature emf will be 1
Hz sinusoidal/ DC/ 1 hz squar wave Answer: 1 hz sinewave