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Trade Stand Training (TST) Ltd.

Building YOUR

ExCeL Exhibition Centre, Docklands

ExCeL Property Investor Show 2007 Stats
Each ASM needs to
Visitor Numbers 14812
Age Profile: 2,468 M&G per show
18-25 4.11%
26-35 31.25% 823 M&G per day
36-45 34.84% 87% fit our age profile
46-55 21.77% 103 M&G per hour
56-65 7.24%
65+ 0.82% 1.7 M&G per minute
Income Profile:
<£25k pa 6.32%
£26-35k pa 14.44%
£36-55k pa 26.26% 93% have the income
£56-75k pa 19.73%
£76-95k pa 11.13%
>£95k pa 22.12% That's a lot
11,849 Prospects
Property Ownership Profile of hand
Own 1-3 properties 60.52%
Own 4-6 properties 17.82% 100% fit our criteria
Own 7-9 properties 6.19%
Own 10+ properties 10.50%
Purchasing Intentions
Planning to buy during next 12 months 80.42% 80% can buy now
Liquid cash available to invest
<£10k 16.02%
£11-20k 15.95%
£21-30k 12.76%
£31-50k 15.39% 83% have the
£51-100k 15.34% cash to buy
£101-200k 9.93%
>£200k 14.02%
Meet & Greet

• Step up to the prospect (right in the walk

path), hand held out, and big smile, shake
their hand and say with bags of confidence
and a big smile:

• “Hi, I’m……….., from .....................

Fact Find (Patrol Zone Questions)
• Are you a...........?
• What are you looking for?
• When are you looking to.........?
• How much do you want to ..........?
• Have you........................?
• How much have you...............?

• Afternoon Questions
• Have you had a good look around the show?
• What have you found of interest?
Some Don’ts
• Big No-No’s
• How are you?
• Can I help you?
• How you doing?

• Non words
• Buy – invest is a more suitable word
• Yes, but – say it back, agree & outweigh

• The only reason for these questions is to find out if we are talking to the
• The person with the Motivation, Authority and the Need to invest
• Some prospects are enthusiastic…..and demand a pitch...!

• If you feel they are qualified then you can move onto the 1 minute
Fact Find (Patrol Zone Questions)
• 1-Minute Pitch (fact find)
• We can take £16,000 of an investor’s money and turn that into £692,000 in around a ten year
period, would you be interested to know how we can do that? Well, let me show you.
• Sales Tool – Financial spreadsheet of a luxury room (€135,000) stapled with a growth
• We take £16,000 of investor’s money and we turn that into a property value of £108,000. On
delivery it will be worth £137,214.
• If you keep that property for a period of ten years, without having to put any more money into the
investment, the property will be worth €344,722, that’s a net profit of €229,619
• That’s not all; it also provides some rental income of €57,562. If we add these together you will
make nearly €287,181
• On this mornings exchange rate that is a profit of £229,745 was from an initial investment of
£16,000 and that’s just on one property. 1,435% return on investment. Would that be of
interest to you?

• Roll into the three minute pitch…

Show Entrance


Patrol Zone



Killing Zone


Enemy Cut Off Point

• 3 Minute Match (In the Killing Zone)
• Sales Tool – Pitch book open at glossy flyer over a double page spread

• This is an investment in a safe & secure area WHICH MEANS THAT it is a low risk
• Invest in an area which has strong capital growth performance WHICH MEANS
THAT (ensuring) you will maximise your ROI.
• We offer a low deposit WHICH MEANS THAT only a small amount of your capital is
tied up.
• The mortgage is from 4.5% and it's approved upfront WHICH MEANS THAT
(therefore) you will have a mortgage in place going into the investment based on the
current value and lower repayments (interest only).
• This investment comes with full property management services WHICH MEANS
THAT (so) it is a true armchair investment.
• It has exceptional long term rental income WHICH MEANS THAT all of your
expenses will be covered by the income.

• Would you like to know more? This is a test close and MUST be asked
Which Means That…
WHICH MEANS THAT - is just for rehearsal

1. Any words longer than three syllables

should be taken out and replaced (if you
can’t say them smoothly)
2. Anything that doesn't flow should be
changed to suit you
3. It has to be said out loud 10 times
Couple of points
• This pitch, including actions must be rehearsed
• How you work the pages in the folder
• How you point to the numbers on the finance sheets
• How fast you talk
• How you deal with questions
• How you deal with objections
• How you hold the folder
• How you guide the prospect to the killing zone
• Familiarity with the sales folder much be rehearsed at least 10 times (out
loud) before the show. Practice with a partner, a son/daughter, a friend,
dinner party guests. Please do not come to the show expecting to be perfect
without PREP & PLAN..!
Rehearsal & Test
• Check in to Ibis Hotel
• Thursday 2.00pm, Novotel Bar Area,
upstairs (next door to Ibis)

Check in to the Ibis

Rehearsal and test at the Novotel

These hotels are next door to each other

hotel car park will be free to you
What are the Show hours?
2.00pm – 5.00pm, Thursday Novotel
Show Timings:
10.00am – 6.00pm Friday, 19th Sept
10.30am - 5.30pm Saturday, 20th Sept
10.30am - 4.30pm Sunday, 21st Sept
Please be at your post 30mins before
show time, an hour on day one.
4 Deals = £12,000
Let’s make some money…