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The economy of bangladesh mainly depend on textile sector.There is a huge compition in

textle market.To stable in this market the quality of product must be ensure.For this reason
there is no alternative of quality test of product.Now a days it become a major part of
textile.There are various type of textile testing instrument for testing such as
spectrophotometer,color matching cabinent, pH meter, light fastnes tester etc. To taste by
those equipment it is necessary to know about those instrument and there testing mathod.

The Textile testing insttument those we have shown in national institute of

Textile Training Reaearch and Design (NITTRAD) are given below:

Machine Name: Spectrophotometer
Brand Name: GretagMacbeth
Model No: Color-Eye 7000A
Country of Origin: U.S.A

Fig: Spectrophotometer

It provides grey scale value in different methods, whiteness value and recipe formulation etc.
of colored or printed fabrics after dyeing and printing.

A spectrophotometer, one of the most useful physics lab equipment, is the combination of
two devices, a spectrometer and a photometer. Spectrometer is used for producing light of
any selected wavelength or color while a photometer is used for measuring the intensity of
light. The two devices are placed at either side of a cuvette filled with a liquid. Spectrometer
produces the light of desired wavelength and it passes through the tube and reaches
photometer that measures its intensity.
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Color Matching Cabinet

Machine Name: Color Matching Cabinet
Brand Name: VeriVide
Model No:
CAC 60
Country of Origin: India

Fig: Color Matching Cabinet

This is used to assess the change of color during the test of dyed and printed fabric for color
fastness to light, washing and rubbing.

Colors appear differently under different lighting conditions. Use of a light booth to simulate
different lighting conditions helps to obtain objective color assessment, improves
communication and reduces product rejections influences. For general color evaluation of
small samples this cabinet offers the following benefits:

Comparison of standard and sample in a color-neutral environment

Easy to operate by using individual switches for each light source
Can be set up in minutes without any tools

Light Fastness Tester

Machine name: Light Fastness Tester
Brand Name: James H. Heal & Co. Ltd.
Model No: 225/1103
Country of Origin: England

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Fig: Light fastness tester

The instrument is assessing the effect (change in shade of color) on the dyed and printed

This test measures the resistance to fading of dyed textiles when exposed to daylight. The
tested specimen is exposed for a certain time (12h, 20h, 24h, 36h etc or as customer demand)
under the light and compared the changes with the original unexposed specimen. These
changes are assessed by numerical expression which is made by blue light fastness scale.

Machine Name: Launder Meter
Brand Name: TEXTEST
Country of Origin: Switzerland
Model No:
FX 3300

To determining the color fastness to washing, bleaching &dry cleaning of dyed or printed
fabrics and dyed yarns.

Fig: Launder Meter

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The color fastness of textile material is determined by way of mechanical hesitation of a
specimen of textile with the piece of specified adjacent fabrics in Standard Soap Solution
followed by rinsing and drying. Thereafter, the change in color of specimen and stains of the
adjacent fabrics are assessed with standard grey scale.

Electrolux Wascator
Machine Name: Electrolux Wascator
Brand Name: Healink (James H. Heal & Co. Ltd)
Country of Origin: England
Model No:

It is used to determine the dimensional stability of fabrics and garments to washing and
assess the effects of detergents and chemicals.

Fig: Electrolux Wascator

Machine Name
Brand Name
Country of Origin
Model No

: Tensomaxx 7000
: Premier
: India
: ACT 3T

Tensomaxx 7000 is versatile automatic high speed tensile testing equipment for the following
strength parameters of the single yarn, lea &fabric:-Breaking force, breaking elongation,
breaking work, Time to break, Lea CSP etc.
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Technical Specifications:
Basic Installation: Tester, Display and control unit (PC), Printer (Color), Automatic yarn
Changer (up to 20 cops) and creel
Accessories: Yarn Hook
Options: Clamps for lea and fabric testing
Measuring principle: Constant Rate of Elongation (CRE)
Testing speed: 50 mm/min to 5000 mm/min
Test Length: 150mm to 500mm
Pretension: 0.5cN/Tex to 2.5cN/Tex
Automatic between cops testing
Automatic within cop testing (with rolling off arrangement)

Crock Meter
Machine Name: Crock Meter
Brand Name: James H. Heal & Co. Ltd.
Country of Origin: England.

Object: It determines the colorfastness to rubbing of dyed and printed fabrics.

Fig: Crock meter

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The manual crock meter is designed to test the discoloration extent of dry textile and leather
after abrasion. The rubbing hammer of this crock meter is wrapped with dry or wet white
cotton cloth, and then rubbed on the specimen clamped to the testing table ten times for 10
seconds. The cloth is then removed to evaluate the discolor level in comparison with a grayscale.

Machine Name: Perspirometer
Brand Name: James H.Heal & Co.Ltd.
Model No: 290
Origin: England.

Fig: Perspirometer

It is used to determine the fastness of textiles to water, sea water & perspiration.

The perspiration tester is used for the test of fading or dyeing-movement in textile, which
were soaked by sweat, chloride water, seawater or distilled water. A compound specimen is
used to soak in artificial perspiration resolution (separately in acid and alkali) completely.
Natural dry for 30 minutes, then use this tester to apply a constant pressure. The specimen is
then put in 37C drying oven for 4 hours.

Abrasion and pilling tester

Machine Name: Abrasion and pilling tester
Brand Name: James H. Heal & Co. Ltd.
Model NO: Nu-Martindale 404

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Country of Origin: England.

Fig: Abrasion and Pilling tester

This machine is used to determine the resistance of the textile fabric after rubbing against a
standard abradant (a special woven worsted fabric) which is assessed by visual comparison
after predetermined number of cycles.

The Martindale Abrasion Tester is designed to determine the abrasion resistance of textile
fabrics. Fabrics of all types, including the types used in the shoe industry, may be tested by
this method, including woven, non-woven, and knit apparel fabrics, household fabrics,
industrial fabrics, and floor coverings. Abrasion resistance is measured by subjecting the
specimen to a rubbing motion in the form of a geometric figure.

Crease Recovery Tester

Machine name: Crease Recovery Tester
Brand Name: James H. Heal & Co. Ltd.
Model No: 150
Origin: England

Fig: Crease Recovery Tester

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To assess the amount of recovery of fabric from creasing

The Crease Recovery Angle Tester is used to determine the recovery from creasing of a
horizontally folded specimen by measuring the angle of recovery. It is particularly applicable
to fabric types which demonstrate a propensity to creasing such as cellulosic and other woven
apparel where a measure of crease resistance is desirable.

Air permeability Tester

Machine Name: Air permeability Tester
Brand Name: Textest instruments Ltd
Model No: FX 3300
Origin: U.S.A

Fig: Air permeability tester

Air permeability tester is used to fast, simple & accurate determination of air permeability of
all kinds of materials.

The TEXTEST Air Permeability Tester is used for fast, simple, and accurate determination of
the air permeability of all kinds of flat materials and of foam cubes. The measuring range
covers dense.

Shirly Crimp Tester

Machine Name: Shirly Crimp Tester
Brand Name: James H. Heal & Co. Ltd.
Origin: England

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Fig: Shirly Crimp Tester

Wrap Block
Machine Name: Wrap Block
Brand name: Apex Enterprises
Model NO: WI-209
Origin: India

Fig: Wrap Block

This instrument is used to measurement the desired length of slivers and roving for the
determination of their hank or linear density.

1 yard circumference dynamically balanced heavy duty cylinder.
Fully bearing mounted for user comfort
Conventional stretch free roving bobbin mounting
Digital counter can be supplied as an optional accessory
Motorized models can be supplied against order

To take the desired length the handle is rotated and one yard sliver is wrapped at each

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Wrap reel
Machine Name: Wrap reel
Brand Name: Apex Enterprises
Model: 55A
Origin: England

Fig: Wrap Reel

It is used to prepare lea (120yds) of yarns for ascertaining the count strength.

The wrap reel allows the user to wind yarn thread with the required length, and then test its
strength of lea and quality. It can also be used for calculating the yarn-count.
The circumference on the wrap reel is adjustable. This will not disarray the yarn thread and
will prevent overlapping. When revolving, this instrument can reduce the counts and time of
revolving. The counter is used to read the instant winding-revolution.

Lea Strength Tester

Machine Name: Lea Strength Tester
Brand name: Good Brand & CO.LTD.
Model NO: GB77701
Origin: England

Fig: Lea Strength Tester

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To measure the lea strength and C.S.P. of textiles

0-500 lbs capacity (accuracy 0.1 lbs)
Metric measures option available
High quality- zero- maintenance- noiseless- gear box

Yarn Examining Board

Machine Name: Yarn Examining Board
Brand Name: Not Found
Model No: Not Found
Country of Origin: Not Found

This instrument is used for visual inspection of yarn faults like neps, thick & thin places etc.


Fig: Yarn Examining Board

Twist Tester
Machine Name: Twist Tester
Brand name: James H. Heal & Co. Ltd.
Origin: England

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Fig: Twist Tester

To determine the amount of twist (TPI & TPM) in yarn.

Unique centrally calibrated Pre - Tension arrangement
TPI & TPM options available
S & Z twist can be measured

Uster Evenness Tester

Brand name: Not found
Country of origin: Not found
Model no: Not found
Objectives: To determine evenness and perfections of textile yarns, sliver, roving etc. and the
following results are obtained.

C.V%, U% etc.
Thick places, thin places, neps etc.
Periodic mass variation and m/c. fault location.

Fig: Uster Evenness Tester

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Machine Name
Brand Name
Country of Origin
Model No

: India
: 01870 03 05

To measure the neps (i.e. fiber neps, seed coat neps) &length (i.e. effective length, span
length) and other parameter of raw cotton and sliver automatically within three minutes and
two minutes respectively.


Brand Name: James H. Heal & Co. Ltd
Country of Origin: England
Model No: 460
Objectives: The seam slippage tester is used to determine the tendency of warp and weft
yarn in woven fabric to slip over each other which depends on stitch.

Fig: Seam Slippage

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Brand Name: James H. Heal & Co. Ltd
Country of Origin: England
Model No: Not found

The wrinkle recovery tester is used to determine the appearance of textile fabric after induced

Fig: Wrinkle Recovery Tester

Applicable to both woven and knitted fabrics made from any fiber or combination of
Materials insufficiently stable to carry a crease may be assessed for wrinkle resistance
Precision spiral column ensures uniform distortion of the loaded specimen
Supplied as standard with a with set of five weights
Optional replicas and photographic standards for assessment of tested specimens
Complies with AATCC, M&S and ISO standards

Testing of textile material is very important for textile sector basically for a factory.Without
testing the quality cannot be ensure.In present market without quality the value of product is
less.To earn maximum profit from textile sector there is no alternative to ensure the quality of
textile materail.By doing this experimet we have known about different textile testing
equipment.I hope that this will help me much inmy job field.

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