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The Road Not Taken

Robert Frosts "The Road Not Taken" is illustrative poem about decision making is a process. On the
surface, the speaker, while walking must choose between two diverging paths that head in different
directions. He pauses for a long while to consider his choice and decides that the paths are roughly
equivalent, but then he chooses the "less traveled" road. In a large sense, however, the poem is about how
one chooses direction and continues his life journey, offers an entertaining duality of perspectives on the
theme of making choices, with one perspective fairly obvious and the other more subtle. Frost is on record
as saying he had not himself, but a British friend, Edward Thomas, in mind as the persona or speaker of this
poem, and that the poem was intended as a gentle satire of Thomas, his walking friend, who was always
wondering about the choice of paths, unlike Frost, who "never looked back". Robert Frosts The Road Not
Taken uses symbols of wisdom, contradiction, and characterization to illustrate the theme of the pleasure
of ulteriority.
First of all, The Road Not Taken has an exact sense and that is pretty obvious. For example, a traveler
comes to a fork in the road and needs to decide which way to go to continue his journey. After much mental
debate, the traveler picks the road "less traveled by". To view this point in the real life, one can see that
anybody wherever has a lifes path choice and choosing the right option one necessarily achieve his goals in
the future. Moreover, the figurative regret is not too hidden. The poem describes the tough choices that the
traveler stand for, when traveling the road of life. For instance, the words "sorry" and "sigh" make the tone
of poem somewhat gloomy. The traveler regrets leaves the possibilities of the road not chosen behind. He
realizes he probably won't pass this way again.
And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back

Every day everyone make a choice, but often one can not feel how significant the option was and every
chosen decision will present new choice. That is like the body of tree. Thousands branches can be found in
one branch.
Secondly, there are plenty negation in this poem. To illustrate, when the traveler comes to the fork in the
road, he wishes he could travel both. Within the current theories of our physical world, this is impossible.
The traveler realizes this and immediately rejects the idea; consequently one can choose one way to walk. It
is unfeasible to do two actions in one time. Furthermore, yet another little contradiction are two remarks in
the second stanza about the road less traveled. In fact, it is described as grassy and wanting wear, after
which he turns to say the roads are actually worn about the same. Perhaps the road less traveled makes
travelers turn back.
Finally, the poem has personification and transformation. All sensible people know that roads don't
think, and therefore don't want, because they can't. Specifically, the description of the road wanting wear is
an example of personification in this poem. A road actually wanting some as a person would. Because it
was grassy and wanted wear. In addition, the word morning and the phrase yellow wood describe the
whole life of the speaker. To demonstrate, the word morning shows the youth and the phrase yellow
wood portrays the golden opportunities in the speakers life. Linking the word morning and the phrase
yellow wood demonstrate that in the adolescence of speaker were many golden occasions that they could
reach the spokespersons perspective higher, but the phrase trodden black illuminates that to every golden
opportunities have lasting and one should deal with this.
To sum up, The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost is a best example of personal aspiration and it uses
wisdom, contradiction, and depiction as symbols to illustrate that verdict making is a development. Do not
give up or give in if the chosen way is difficult. Taking the hard way, the road less traveled, makes all
difference and produces a real diamond. That is the poem it can be suitable for everyone. To demonstrate,
let me tell you the ways that I have chosen in my own life. After seven years of learning in the middle
school 21, I chose a way of better studying condition, consequently I went to Joint-Tajik-Turkish Haji
Kemal High School for getting more knowledge. It was my first and significant choice. After the graduation

of the mentioned high school I have chosen another direction, studying in American university of Central
Asia (AUCA). I think studying in AUCA will broaden and enlarge my perspective and social responsibility,
since it is an American university and located in Central Asia. As a result, that is another direction in my
life. I do not know what is waiting for me in the future, but I will try to do my best to use all of the golden
opportunities if I will have. I would highly recommend this poem to anyone who wants to be motivated.