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Fire In The Water: Rising Water

Story: Fire In The Water: Rising Water

Storylink: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10836915/1/
Category: Vampire Diaries
Genre: Romance/Drama
Author: Silhouettes of Starlight
Authorlink: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/4057562/
Last updated: 12/15/2014
Words: 46476
Rating: T
Status: In Progress
Content: Chapter 1 to 8 of 8 chapters
Source: FanFiction.net
Summary: Part 2 of Fire In The Water. "Life is complicated in every sense of the word. Some would find it too hard to live
in it with the weight it brings upon one's shoulders. Still, it is such a precious thing to have. How can anyone want to give
it up? A single breath of life is worth more than all the treasures in the world, for a single breath is the world to some."

*Chapter 1*: Prologue

I'm back, my darlings! And, with my return, I bring the second installment of Fire In The Water, which I hope you guys
like and enjoy with all your hearts! I'm really excited about this because we'll be delving deep into Gwen and Kol's
relationship, which we'll have a lot of that at first and then we'll move on with other characters.
Remember, I own nothing of the Vampire Diaries, except for the obvious.
I hope you guys enjoy this as much or more than the last! Enjoy!


The stars shine bright in the night sky above the bustling city of the Old Smoke that is London; lights, music, voices and
many things more filled the wind, which carried the sound throughout the streets. It is a rather beautiful city with its mortal
socialites walking or driving around, oblivious to the monsters that plague the shadows around them, waiting for the
right moment to pounce. And these monsters are everywhere and can be anyone without anyone mortal knowing a thing
about it.
These monsters lurk around, looking high and mighty with the power they possess, for they hold many advantages that
many do not have and that is enough to make them feel like gods. The monsters of many ages, genders and other
things never have to worry about the one thing that mortals do not have: Time. But they cannot turn a blind eye so easily,
for there are those few mortals that know of them and hunt them down, and some do not even know why they do so, but
only because they feel it's their responsibility and obligation.
Oblivious to either party, there are two guests to the city. They reside in one of London's hotel's suite. It is a duplex
apartment-style that offers spectacular floor-to-ceiling windows, which overlooks the Royal Parks and Wellington Arch.
This is contemporary design at its most impressive with a floating staircase to seamlessly link the two floors. It has an
impressive view of London from the relaxation of an eight-seater sofa or intimate dining area. Upstairs awaits a new
perspective of the capital's historic skyline, which can be absorbed from the grand king-size bed, jet walk-in rain shower,
or while soaking in the bath. The stunning suite is replete with bespoke furnishings, generous wardrobe space, and is
designed for the modern traveler.
A rather familiar, blonde ghost approaches the living room area with her eyes set on the phone on the coffee table. She's
wearing her usual clothing, which is a white, long-length, tank top with a cream, draped, open-front cardigan with long
sleeves. She has light gray, cropped leggings. To match her outfit, she wears cream, cardy ugg boots. Her only
accessory being the small, bermuda blue crystal teardrop pendant, which is wrapped in silver filigree around the edges
and hangs on the silver brass connector attached to her silver necklace.
She sighs as she sits on the edge of the sofa and picks up the phone, typing a familiar number before putting it to her
ear. She only has to wait for two rings to sound before the call is picked up.
"Hello?" a velvety voice greets from the other end of the phone, causing the blonde ghost to grin.
"Hello, my dear friend, who I miss terribly," the blonde greets with a smile before hearing an excited squeal from the
other end of the call.
"Gwen?" the voice from the other line asks excitedly. "Is that really you?"
"Of course, Gael," Gwen answers with a smile on her lips. "Who else calls you with no intention to ask you for a favor?"
"I have missed you so," Gael says. "How have you b een? How is Klaus? Where are you?" Gwen blushes at the last
question, glancing towards the stairs and the person she left upstairs.
"I've been well and I hope you are as well, but it's best I start at the beginning," Gwen begins. "After we left Chicago, we
arrived at Mystic Falls."

Gwen led Reb ekah to doub le doors and pulled them open, allowing Reb ekah to enter with a struggling Tyler b efore
making sure she made herself visib le to any human that was present. Gwen noticed the couple sitting on the floor with
tears in their eyes, a b lond b oy next to a dark-skinned girl, whom she presumed was Bonnie, a b runette girl, making her
the Petrova girl and Klaus with a grin ever present on his features.

"Fetched you what you needed," Gwen said as she and Reb ekah approached Klaus as everyone else looked to them
with frowns on their faces.
"Ugh, get off of me," Tyler said as he tried to b reak free from Reb ekah's hold, which was impossib le at the moment.
"Hush now," said Reb ekah and Gwen saw her tightening her grip, causing Tyler to stop his squirming.
"I'd like you all to meet my sister, Reb ekah, and my dear friend, Gwen," Klaus said as he motioned to Gwen and
Reb ekah while the b runette frowned at them. "A word of warning, they can b e quite mean."
"Hey!" Gwen said as she glared at him with Reb ekah.
"Don't b e an ass," Reb ekah said b efore pushing Tyler into Klaus' hold.

"It was a bit of a bloody entrance, but when has it ever been not bloody with Nik," Gwen says with a nervous smile at the
"I can imagine," says Gael.
Gwen sighs. "Yeah, and then we got settled, which was a rude affair with rude hosts."

"He left us here," Reb ekah said to Stefan. "My b rother actually left us here."
"I'm sorry, your tone implies that I'm actually supposed to care," Stefan said, ob viously rid of his humanity, which causes
Gwen to roll her eyes at him and Klaus' stupid decision to compel Stefan to turn off his emotions.
"You're Klaus' sister?" Damon asked from b ehind Gwen and Reb ekah, causing b oth b londes to turn to him.
"Reb ekah," said Reb ekah, to which Damon turned to Gwen, waiting for her name.
"Gwen Pierson. I'm supposed to b e Klaus' b est friend, b ut clearly I'm not since he left me b ehind, along with Reb ekah,"
Gwen said with a harsh tone, controlling her anger since she was very upset that Klaus left her and Reb ekah b ehind
without even coming to them in person or something with physical contact.
"Pleasure, I'm sure," Reb ekah said, finishing the introductions b efore turning b ack to Stefan. "Which are our rooms?"
"You're not staying here," Stefan said, wearing a b ig smile that only a vampire wore when they're high in b lood and
without their emotions.
The lights of the house b egan to dim and shine b rightly, alternating from b oth as Stefan and Damon looked around with
frowns on their faces. Gwen's anger b eing the reason they're flickering. She took a deep b reath and calmed herself,
causing the lights to remain off, which was how they were b efore Gwen's emotions got the b est of her.
"Rude, much," Gwen said and Reb ekah nodded in agreement after the ghost's little episode that left the b rothers
frowning at the two supernatural b londes.
"Let's see to it ourselves," Reb ekah said and led the way towards wherever their rooms might b e and Gwen followed
b ehind her.

"Why did Klaus leave you guys?" asks Gael, a frown evident in her tone of voice.
"Well, a lot of things unraveled when he left," says Gwen. "One of them was that he did some things in his past that no
one knew about."
"What things?" Gael asks.
"He is actually the person who killed his mother," says Gwen.
"What?" Gael asks in disbelief.

Gwen stared at him, still getting over b eing attacked b y a hyb rid and from the trip she made to find him b efore taking a
deep b reath and glaring at him, managing to find some energy. She jerked from his hold and slapped him hard across

the face as she took deep and unnecessary b reaths. Klaus shook his head b efore rub b ing the area where Gwen had hit
him as he frowned at her in confusion, not having expected this.
"What the b loody hell was that for?" he asked indignantly as Gwen continued to glare at him.
"That was for the reason I'm here and for almost b eing fed on b y one of your stupid hyb rids!" Gwen yelled in anger as she
threw his shirt to his face and he caught it, still wearing a frown full of confusion as the wind picked up due to Gwen's
anger. "I have your shirt b ecause it helped me teleport to wherever the hell you are, which is in the middle of this stupid
"Calm down, Gwen," he said as exhaustion b egan to crawl through Gwen's b ody b ecause of the amount of energy she
used to teleport at such a long distance and the wind b egan to calm down.
"I will not!" Gwen yelled since she was still furious with him and for almost b eing fed on, which was not a pleasant thing.
"You lied to me, you asshole!" Gwen pushed him b ack with her hands, only making him take a step b ack, which proved
her weakness at the moment.
Klaus stared at her in utter confusion b efore grab b ing her arm gently. "Gwen, calm down," he said and Gwen decided to
take deep b reaths, finally calming herself. "Now, tell me. What's wrong?"
Gwen shoved him away from her as she continued to glare at him. "You lied to me! I told you to never lie to me!" she
yelled in anger. "I hate lies! You know this! And you killed her!"
Klaus' eyes widened slightly since they could always catch on quickly to whatever they meant when they were b eing
sub tle. He turned to the hyb rid that still stood next to them with a nervous look on his face. "Leave us. Tell the others to
stay put and wait for further instructions."
The hyb rid nodded at Klaus and left without a second thought, leaving Gwen and Klaus alone in the middle of the woods
in the middle of the night. "Care to explain?" Gwen asked with a much calmer tone as he stared at her with a b lank face
that meant that he was caught b y surprise.
"Who told you?" he asked and Gwen froze.
"It's true, then?" Gwen asked. She waited for his answer, b ut his continuing silence was enough of an answer. "Reb ekah
and I had to find out ab out this through that Petrova b itch! How could you, Niklaus?"
He winced when she used his full name, which only happened whenever she was truly angry and that has only ever
happened once, apart from that moment. "It's true and you have every right to b e angry."
"Of course, I do."
"Let me explain"
"No need, I know the whole story. That b itch couldn't help herself to use it to turn us against you and I hate that you're
making me swear so much!"
"Enough!" he yelled and Gwen closed her mouth, knowing not to push his b uttons so much. Klaus paced and for a b it
b efore managing to collect himself and he faced Gwen. "I didn't mean to orI did, b ut I don't regret killing her."
"Why?" Gwen asked.
"Mikael hated me and he never held b ack from displaying his feelings upon my flesh," he said as he stared at the
ground. "My mother was always my escape. She took care of my wounds and made my favorite dinner whenever Mikael
felt like I deserved a b eating. I would talk to her and tell her everything I felt like saying. None of my sib lingsnot even
Reb ekahknew how it truly hurt me that I was the b urden of the man I looked up to. She loved me," he said as his eyes
b egan to water and Gwen sighed, hating to see him like this. "Then, she left me alone to the darkness that consumed me
and I couldn't handle it. My father's b eatings grew worse, my sib lings couldn't do much and, when it came time to seek
the comfort that I needed, I was left alone to suffer."

"Well, I have no words," Gael says and Gwen sighs, knowing that Gael didn't approve with what Klaus did but is keeping
it to herself since Klaus is Gwen's best friend.
"Yeah, and we also had an encounter with his dad," says Gwen.

"Oh dear, is everyone all right?" Gael asks, to which Gwen smiles, knowing that Gael will worry for others, even when
she doesn't know them. "I heard he's The Hunter; the vampire that hunts vampires."
"Yes, it was a quick confrontation if you ask me."

Before Gwen took a step forward to help Klaus, Damon was knocked off of Klaus b y Stefan with the stake dropping next
to Klaus. Gwen ran over to Klaus and knelt next to him, sitting him up as she grab b ed the stake. Gwen looked up and
saw a man giving them his b ack and Klaus' hyb rids groaning in pain while holding their faces on the ground.
"What are you doing?" Damon asked Stefan, who was pinning him down to the floor as the man turned to Gwen and
"Mikael?" Gwen whispered, not sure if he was who she thought he was since she has never seen Mikael in her entire life;
she's only heard of him from Klaus when he told her stories ab out his father.
Suddenly, Klaus took the stake from her hand and lunged at the man with a yell, dropping to the ground a few feet away
from the front door. Gwen stood up and appeared where Klaus fell with the man. Klaus stood up to reveal he staked the
man, who was screaming as his skin grayed with veins protruding from his skin b efore the stake engulfed itself and him
in flames.
"That was Mikael?" Gwen asked as she took Klaus' hand in hers, noticing the tears on his face while they watched the
b ody b urn.
Klaus wiped away his tears and tightened his grip on her handmost likely for comfort. "He was," he said and she
nodded, glad that the man who tortured Klaus and his family was dead.
"It's over," Gwen whispered as she looked at Klaus to see him nodding in agreement b efore he led them b ack to the
entrance of the mansion where Stefan was still pinning down Damon to the floor.

"I thought that would have b een b loodier," Gael says.

"I thought so too, but I'm glad it's behind us," Gwen says as she leans back on the couch.
"What else went on?" asks Gael.
Gwen sighs. "His siblings are awake; finally."
"Really?" asks Gael.
"Yeah," Gwen answers as she hears shuffling upstairs, knowing that her companion must be getting ready for the day
"And his mother tried to kill her children, including me; she clearly failed."
"Wasn't she dead? She didn't hurt you, did she?" Gaels asks and Gwen smiles at her friend's protective nature. "If she
did, I'll make sure she b urns for the rest of eternity."
"Nothing I couldn't handle."
"She's dead now, right?"
"She is now," says Gwen. "I hope."
"You hope?"
"She's a witch; they don't really stay or like to stay dead with business left unfinished. I really hope she's rotting in some
hell or something."
"Let's hope so," says Gael. "What happened next?"
Gwen grins as a blush appears on her cheeks when she hears footsteps descending the stairs. "Well, I met Nik's

And that is the Prologue. I hope you guys enjoyed and will continue to do so. Leave me your thoughts and opinions in

your reviews or PMs. Love you guys and enjoy!

See ya later!

*Chapter 2*: Chapter 1

Yay! It's the first chapter! Happy! Well, first, I want to thank you guys for the reviews, Faves and Follows. I hope you
guys continue to enjoy and are looking forward to more. I was excited by your reviews and Faves and Follows that I
just needed to post the first chapter today!
Remember, I own nothing of the Vampire Diaries. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

"He can't be dead," I whisper, continuing to control my tears as they well up in my eyes while seating on the passenger
seat of the car that Kol and I had originally ditched when we arrived at the airport, which we are using now to get back to
Mystic Falls; this being my decision alone since Kol wanted to leave for London or anywhere, as long as it wasn't Mystic
Falls and we put distance between us and the vampire hunter that had the white oak stake in his possession.
"It won't turn true if you continue to chant it," Kol says with an irritated tone from the driver's seat, to which I only sigh with
my eyes closed since I am too tired to enter into another argument with him over Klaus being dead. I can still remember
our argument when I decided to return to Mystic Falls and Kol decided to tag along, but not without making sure to tell me
it was an idiotic thing to do. "You're lucky that Bekah killed the hunter."
"Or what?" I challenge as I turn my puffy red eyes to him with his face still on the road. "You would have left me and gone
on your merry way?"
He sighs with his grip on the steering wheel tightening in anger or frustration, his knuckles white. The silence that
comes after is answer enough for me, to which I scoff in response as I turn to the trees that pass us by at the speed he's
going. The thought of him just leaving me, if the circumstances had been different, only makes my insides clench in a
mix of sadness, anger and many other things, but sadness and anger overshadowing the rest. I try to gulp down the
tears, keeping them from rolling down my cheeks.
"That's comforting," I whisper to myself, knowing that he still heard me while I continue to refuse to look at him. "I can't
even imagine what you'd do if the hunter or your mother got me. Wait, I know, you'd ditch me without even blinking."
"Don't," I cut him off as a tear manages to run down my cheek and I try to hold back the sniffle that wants to escape my
body as I hastily wipe off the tear. I am overwhelmed with grief at the thought of Klaus being dead, at Kol having the ability
to just leave me without a mere second thought, at the many memories that want to overwhelm me and so many things.
"Just don't," I manage to exhale through a breathless sob.
Suddenly, the radio turns on and it shifts from station to station as I look over to it while trying to gather my emotions. I
can hear the stations shifting from music to news and back to music and so forth. Kol frowns at it as the wipers turn on
and only loud static is heard from the radio now, to which Kol and I wince in response at the volume while the lights
"Gwen?" Kol asks as he looks over to me and I close my eyes, trying to calm down. "Darling, I need you to calm down."
"I'm trying," I manage to say through a sob as I place my hands on the sides of my neck while the faces of my family fly
through my mind.
I take deep breaths as my head begins to throb from my pain and I release a watery sob. I feel tears beginning to run
down my cheeks, releasing them for the first time since I was told that Klaus I dead. I notice the car parking on the side
of the road before the door to my side is opened and I am pulled out of the car by my arm. I look up to see Kol's brown
eyes staring into mine while he grips my arms in a gentle hold.
"Gwen?" he says, making sure he has my attention and I keep my eyes locked on his while I try to control my sobbing.
"Stop crying." I frown at his hard tone and I notice the distress in his eyes. "I loathe seeing you upset," he says, his tone
defeated as he pulls me to his chest, wrapping his unsure arms around my trembling body.
I close my eyes and bury my face into his chest while wrapping my arms around his waist, keeping myself close to his
body and taking in his warmth. Sobs completely engulf me as I tighten my hold around his waist, trying to hone in my
emotions while also releasing my most overwhelming emotions. I feel Kol bury his face into the hair on the top of my
head and taking deep breaths of my scent. I release a few more sobs into his shirt before I manage to take deep breaths

to steady myself. I also have to take into account that Klaus was his brother and no switch is strong enough to shut off all
of his emotions at the loss of his brother.
"I'm sorry," I whisper into his shirt and his arms tighten around me.
"Whatever for?" he asks.
"I got your shirt wet," I sigh, my eyes stinging from my tears as I take comfort from his warmth and scent.
"It's just a shirt, darling," he whispers, to which I nod.
"Do you think he's dead?" I ask for the umpteenth time, needing more assurance that Klaus is really dead since he does
have a knack for finding a way to survive. I can only feel my heart being squeezed at the mere thought of Klaus being
dead. "He can't just be dead."
He pushes me away from his chest but doesn't separate our bodies, just enough to look down at my face. "I don't know,"
he says as his hands cup my cheeks, his thumbs getting rid of whatever tears that are still on my skin. I see a flash of
sadness pass his eyes and I can't help but let new tears to escape my eyes and I feel a punch to my already shallowbeating heart. "Please, stop crying." He presses his forehead against mine, willing my tears to stop with his brown eyes
locked on my jade-green ones. "I'll take your anger, hate or yelling, but not your tears."
I take a deep and shuddering breath, which works and my tears stop running down my cheeks. Kol takes it upon himself
to clear my tears off my cheeks once more before stroking my cheeks. I sigh and continue taking deep breaths to calm
myself as I bury myself into his embrace, taking comfort from his warmth as I feel him place his chin on the top of my
head. I grip the back of his coat while his hands stroke my back, sending pleasant shivers down my spine.
"I would have followed you," I hear him say into the top of my head, to which I frown before I look up at his frowning face.
"What?" I ask, not disentangling myself from him.
His brown, alluring eyes lock on mine. "Even if the hunter was still alive and you would've come back, I would have still
come after the incessant woman that you are like a dog with his tail between his legs." I smile at this and his lips quirk
up into a lopsided smirk. Oh, I do so loathe how this man can make me smile at a time like this, I think. But I also like it.
"Now what?" I ask, wanting to know his input in all of this since I only demanded he come back with me, which I thought
would have earned my neck being snapped but he had only glared at me and fetched the car without another word.
"Now," he as he disentangles himself from me, which causes my body to shiver at the loss of warmth, "we go back,
cause a little chaos, find Nik in whatever state he's in and get out of dodge."
"Get the hell out of dodge," I correct and he frowns at me. "It's how it's said. It sounds better that way, but you said it just
"Are you really going to give me a lesson in spelling?" he asks me with a quirked eyebrow.
"It's better if we just go," I say and he nods with a smirk before motioning me to get in the car, which I do before he shuts
my door and gets on the driver's seat, pulling back onto the empty road. "Where are we going?"
"Our best bet is the mansion," he says and I nod as we make our way back to the mansion that Klaus built for his family.
"Bekah said she'd be there," I say, remembering that Rebekah called after Elijah had and informed us that she had also
killed Elena, thus ending Alaric's life. "I'm sorry."
"What are you sorry for?" Kol asks as I turn to face his frowning face.
"You'll probably just shrug it off, but," I begin and he seems to know where I'm going with this, "he was your brother." He
only sighs before turning back to the road. "And I know it hurts."
"Good riddance to him," he says, making me frown at him.
"You don't mean that."
"Don't I?" he says with a trace of a chuckle. "I should mourn the man that daggered me when he didn't approved of how I
lived? He stole my life from me, coming to him as simple as swatting a fly. Excuse me if I don't mourn the splendid
brother I had."

"Still, you care, even if it is in the deepest and darkest corner of your being," I say as I look towards the road. "Deep down,
you know you'll miss him and it's not me you're trying to convince."

"Bekah," I call as I enter the mansion with Kol behind me and he closes the door behind us. "Bekah, are you here?"
I jump when I hear crashing and Kol stands in front of me protectively. I grab hold of the back of his jacket while he
seems to be listening in on whoever might be here. He releases a sigh before leading us to the study where Klaus had
most of his sketches and unfinished portraits. I sigh in relief when I see the back of Rebekah as she appears to be
sobbing with Klaus' sketches on the floor.
"Bex?" I whisper as I leave Kol's side to approach her. She turns to face me and her face crumbles further before we
have our arms wrapped around each other, our embrace tight and trying to comfort one another.
"I was there," I hear her choke on a sob next to my ear, which only causes tears to spill from my eyes. "I was there and I
did nothing."
I hold back a sob once more, which is getting difficult. It's real, I think. He really is dead. I am never going to see that
hybrid's smirk or dimples again. The man that took care of me and showed me a new way to live as a ghost is now dead
and I will never breathe the same air as him because he's dead. I will never hear him chuckle or snigger or even yell. I
lost my b rother.
"It wasn't your fault, Bex," I whisper, a sob of my own wanting to escape but I manage to hold it down.
She pulls away from me and wipes the tears off her face while I do the same, getting tired of crying so much. "I avenged
him, at least."
"Really?" Kol asks incredulously as he approaches us, angry frown on his face. "And you're sure that the doppelgnger
is dead?"
Rebekah sighs, her face doubtful. "She drowned and the hunter that killed our brother died with her."
"We're even," says Kol, not showing any type of emotion to the fact that he only has one older brother left. "It's best to
"I still don't understand how they are all alive," Rebekah says with her forehead creased in confusion. "They belonged to
Nik's bloodline and they are all still alive."
"Maybe they had some witch severe the connection," Kol suggests with a shrug of his shoulders. "It is possible, but only
by a powerful witch that knows about tricky spells. It could have been that Bennett witch."
"Where is his body?" I ask, wanting to give Klaus a proper burial and just leave this wasteland of a town. Kol and
Rebekah look to me. "The least we can do is to give him a proper burial and be done with this town."
"Where is it, Bekah?" Kol asks as he and Rebekah stand in front of one another, his eyes soft when they meet his
sister's eyes. "I won't deny that he does deserve to be buried in a coffin."
"At the warehouse where he was staked," Rebekah answers and I notice that they are somehow giving each other
comfort through their eyes. Suddenly, their faces turn hard. "You should know better than to eavesdrop on the
conversation of decent people." I frown and turn to see Damon entering the room while looking around, which turns my
frown into a glare.
"Good advice," Damon says as he looks at me. "Have you seen any?"
"Ever witty with your sarcasm," I say. "I wonder how that would go without your tongue."
"That a challenge, Blondie?" Damon asks me as he takes a menacing step towards me, but I hold my ground, not in the
mood to endure his attitude.
"You're treading on dangerous territory, Salvatore," Kol says as he stands to my left but a bit in front of me in a protective
manner while Rebekah stands on my right, their faces mirroring my glare as we stare at the oldest Salvatore.
"Tragic about Elena," Rebekah says, trying to hit a sore spot and she succeeds by the look on Damon's face. "Not to
make the gray cloud grayer, but does Matt even have automobile insurance?"

She gives Damon her back and he lunges at her. Rebekah and I gasp when we see the indestructible white oak, but Kol
manages to stop Damon by grasping his arm that holds the stake before it's plunged into Rebekah's heart. Kol pins
Damon back into some boxes by his neck with his other hand, tightening his grip on the Salvatore's wrist until the latter
drops the stake. I see Kol smirk as he plunges his hand into Damon's chest, ready to pull it out.
I flinch when I hear gunshots and turn to Kol when I hear him groan in pain as he releases Damon from the pain
because of the bullets in his back. Rebekah gasps and I yelp from the sting in my chest, turning to see a wooden arrow
in her chest from the same window the gunshots came from. Her skin turns gray with protruding veins around her body
before she falls on the floor, appearing like a dead vampire would.
"Rebekah," I say as I go to help her but Kol grabs me around the waist in a vice grip with a pained look on his face,
blurring us out of the room as more gunshots come through the windows, to which I scream in surprise. "We can't leave
her." Kol grunts in pain as he keeps me against his chest while hiding behind a wall, away from the windows.
"We can't save her, not like this," he says with his mouth next to my ear, his breathing is labored and I know that he's right
since we don't know what we're up against. "She's an Original and the Salvatore took the only weapon that can kill her
with him." The firing stops and I hear a door slamming open or closed. "They're inside and too many for me to fight with
wooden bullets in my back that are most likely laced with vervain. We have to go."
"Where?" I whisper, glancing at Rebekah's corpse and I squeak in surprise when Kol lifts me up in his arms.
"Anywhere," he says, wrapping my arms around his neck and closing my eyes before he blurs us out of the house.

"You need me to what?" I ask with my eyes wide in shock as I keep my eyes locked with a glaring Kol after we settled in
the woods a little away from the mansion, a stream near us.
"I need you to get the bloody bullets out of my back so we can save my brat of a sister and retrieve the bloody stake," he
growls and I can't get mad since he's told me to do this a few times now while I only asked him the same thing in reply.
I sigh in defeat. "Fine," I say as I notice that our bickering has been rather long since the sun is beginning to set, but still
offering some hours of light. "How do I do this?"
He turns away from me and kneels down on the edge of where the stream is, taking off his coat and then his shirt with a
grunt, folding them in a ball before placing them next to him. I approach him as I take notice of the muscles of his back
and the four holes in it where the bullets are. He sits on his bottom with his knees bent in front of him and I kneel behind
him, tracing the tips of my fingers on the skin around the holes in his back. I sigh as I hate the tears that want to escape
my eyes. I close my eyes and place a hand on his shoulder with the stream and the forest being the only sound that I
hear. Kol places a hand on top of the one I have on his shoulder, squeezing it in his own.
"Not an hour back and we are ambushed in our own home," he says with a humorless chuckle as I lean my forehead on
our joined hands, sighing. "This truly is a cursed town."
"I should have listened to you and we would have been in London by now," I say as I lift my forehead and place my chin
on our joined hands.
"Then you wouldn't be my most infuriating woman," he says, releasing my hand and straightens up, to which I follow his
example. "You'll have to dig in and pull the bullets out." I smile a bittersweet smile at the change of subject, noticing his
not good with sharing feelings or emotions.
"And how do I do that?" I ask with a frown since we don't have anything for me to use to get the bullets out.
"With your hands," he says matter-of-factly, to which I widen my eyes in shock while scrunching up my nose in disgust.
"What?" I ask in disbelief. "You want me to dig my fingers in your back and pull them out? You have to be joking."
"No, I'm not and we're wasting time and light," he says and I groan, knowing that he is right once more. "Scurry on with it;
I want to get this done and packed up."
"I don't think I can," I say, not looking forward to have my fingers in his back. "I can't just put my fingers into your back."
"Why the bloody hell not?" he asks in outrage, glancing at me over his shoulder.
"It's wrong," I say.

"Gwen, the bullets are made of wood and they will only inch closer to my vital organs and that will not be a fun affair," he
says and I sigh. "Don't look at it and imagine you're digging for treasure."
"Not helping," I say as I brace a hand on his back with the other hovering over one of the holes. "Okay." I take a deep
breath before closing my eyes and plunging two fingers into one of the holes, causing Kol to groan in pain while I feel
goosebumps ghost over my skin at the feeling of my fingers in his back. "This is not fun. This is disgusting, not that you
are, but this is disgusting."
"I fully agree with you, darling," he groans out as I manage to find the bullet with a bit of difficulty grasping it, pulling it out
and watching the wound healing itself. Kol sighs in relief as I drop the bloody bullet in disbelief, feeling a bit lightheaded.
"I don't feel so good," I say while panting, hearing Kol chuckle.
"Three more and you can pass out on me," he says and I nod in agreement.
"Okay," I say, getting ready to pull out the other bullet. "If nothing had happened, if we had gone to London, what do you
think we'd be doing about now?" I ask, wanting to get my mind off of what I'm doing.
He chuckles, but not before releasing a groan when I dig into another hole. "Depends." He groans when I manage to pull
out the bullet. "If we were on a bed, I'd be ravishing you." I chuckle as I dig into the third hole as the last heals up like the
first. "If we were on a couch, I'd be ravishing you." He practically growls at me when I dig for the fourth and last bullet. "If
we were in the kitchen, I'd be taking a bite out of you." He hisses when I pull the bullet out, dropping the bullet while his
back heals fully and grinning at everything he said.
"You'd just ravish me everywhere, huh?" I ask and he chuckles.
"That's the plan," he says as I pick up his shirt and coat and stand up before he follows my lead, stretching his muscle
while I practically drool at his bare upper body, which he notices with a proud smirk. "You can do as you please with me,
darling. I'd rather enjoy the idea of you taking control." I merely blush at this and hand him his clothes.
"Get dressed," I say, not looking at him. "We'll get Rebekah, bury Nik and leave. I don't want to stay any longer in this
place than we already have." My skin is practically crawling in disgust at being in this 'cursed town' as Kol had put it.
"As my lady commands," he says, smirk in place as he puts his clothes on and I roll my eyes at him.
"We should check the mansion," I suggest. "Maybe start looking there?"
"It's the only place to go," he says after putting on his clothes. "I also need a bath."

"I can't believe I'm saying this," I say as Kol and I enter the mansion, "but I am exhausted and I really want a bed."
"Almost there," he says as he makes his way over to the stairs. "I'll take a shower and change, holler if you need me."
"Yeah," I say as I nod at him, watching him go up the staircase, but frown when I feel two other beings in the house,
finally having my powers in check after my emotions had gone haywire.
I frown and follow the trail that is to lead me to wherever it is that there are the other two people in the mansion. I am
close to one of the living rooms and freeze just before entering the room when I hear the unmistakable and familiar voice
that comes from it. I can't help but smile in pure and unshakable happiness.
"Rest assured, I had a worse day than you," Klaus's voice says from within the room while I try to make sure that I am not
imagining things from where I am frozen on the spot. "I think it's time for us to move on, find some more werewolves."
"So you can create your hybrid family?" I hear Rebekah ask, hearing the wetness in her tone that holds anger and
sadness, to which I frown. "You don't know anything about family!"
"Well, I know how easily they can be silenced with a dagger," Klaus says and my blood runs cold at his behavior. I have
always known Klaus to be cruel, but not like this. "No!" His voice brings me back with a flinch while also hearing
something being thrown. "Drop them."
"I mourned you!" Rebekah says as I take a step out of hiding and find Rebekah holding a blood bag in each hand while
Klaus eyed both of them warily like a hungry dog that couldn't reach a mere bone. "Gwen mourned you, even Kol in his
own way!"

"Well, she's halfway around the world by now, she's no longer my concern," he says, not even noticing me at the doorway
of the room, keeping his eyes solely on the blood bags. "Not that it matters to me."
Rebekah shakes her head in disbelief and I notice the tears welling up in her eyes. "You don't deserve her! Our hearts
broke thinking we'd never see you again!"
"Put the blood down, Rebekah, there's a good girl," Klaus says and I can't help but stare in utter disbelief at the sight of
his crazed eyes on the blood bags.
I never knew he'd be so dependent on making more hybrids that his desire trumps his own family, even when they're
willing to stand by him. It only hurts more that it also trumps our friendship, which has my eyes well up with tears. It is
pure acid to my skin to know that I don't matter to him as much as a stupid hybrid would and I don't want to believe that, I
don't, but hearing him say it only solidifies everything that I have been told that Klaus would do with me, which is to throw
me away when I am no longer useful or meaningful.
"It's always been me!" says Rebekah. "Not Finn. Not Elijah, not Kol, me. I loved you through everything and you don't even
care. I bet you never even cared about Gwen."
"Drop it!" I flinch at Klaus yelling at his sister.
"You want your family?" Rebekah asks, her eyes determined. "Here's your family." She grips the blood bags tighter,
causing the liquid to burst out and become useless to Klaus, for it no longer grants him the ability to create hybrids.
Klaus blurs over to Rebekah, gripping her neck with both hands in his anger while I can't find it in myself to move and I
am surprised to find it is because I am afraid. I am afraid of Klaus. This is what he's doing to his own sister, his flesh
and blood, and I don't want to even imagine what he'd do to me if I ever did something like that to him.
"You know something, Rebekah, you're right," says Klaus, his tone dark as Rebekah wheezes while struggling to get out
of his grip, which is pointless. "I don't care. From this moment on, you're not my family, you're not my sister. And Gwen
can philander with Kol all she wants and she'll just turn out to be just like the wench that was her ancestor. Both of you
mean nothing." He breaks her neck and I feel the sting of it in my own as Klaus turns from her body, only to freeze with
his eyes wide when he sees me for the first time. "Gwen."
"Stay away from me," I whisper, taking a step back when he takes one towards me.
"Sweetheart-" He falls dead on the floor with Kol standing over his body after having broken Klaus' neck while I keep my
eyes on the body of the man I thought I knew, feeling his death on the sting in my neck.
"Gwen?" I look up to find Kol in front of me, his eyes filled with anger and I know it's not at me, but they also hold
sympathy. "What did I say about you crying?" I frown and touch my cheek with a hand, coming in contact with a wet cheek
and I don't know when I had started to cry. "I'll have none of that." He wipes away my tears, but I can't help the new tears
that continue to run down my cheeks.
"I hate this," I sob as I angrily try to wipe away the tears, loathing how much I have cried today. "I can't stop." I release
another sob as I lower my arms in defeat. "He said those things and now I have no one. I'm alone and I hate that I can't
stop crying. I hate how weak and pathetic I am!"
Next thing I know, lips crash into mine with hands cupping my face harshly, keeping me in place. I sigh against Kol's
lips, kissing him back with as much force as I wrap my arms around his neck, fisting my hand in his hair. He now holds
the back of my head to continue bruising my lips with his, teeth and all; it's so raw and strong that my mind completely
shuts down, exhausted from this day and just wanting it to end. He shoves his tongue into my mouth and dominating me
with ease, not separating from my lips and just wanting to give me what I want, which is some comfort. And I can't help
but find relief in his desperate gesture.
Unfortunately, it ends when he pulls away and presses his forehead against mine with our hands kept in place on one
another. Our labored breathing mingles as our eyes lock onto one another. I can tell that he's not good with comforting
others with words, so he acts; actions do speak louder than words and I know he tried to calm me down while trying to
comfort me, which worked somewhat. I only find myself emotionally exhausted, hurt and just feeling too much things at
the same time, causing my head to throb.
"You have me," he whispers, to which I sigh as I follow his eyes with mine. "And as long as you're mine, you will never be
alone. Do you understand me?" I can only nod, wanting to actually say something but having no energy for it. "We can
leave and put this all behind us. We can look to the next morning and no further. It'll be you and me and wherever the day
takes us." Once more, I only nod at him. "I do despise how soft you make me." I feel a corner of my lips quirk a bit, to

which he grins.
"London?" I ask with a hoarse voice, my eyes never straying from his.
"And the rest of the world," he confirms, to which I give him a small smile, which is the best I can muster while knowing
that smiles won't come so easily to me for a while.

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*Chapter 3*: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

I can only stare out the window of the car in pure amazement at the new sights that London offers. Kol and I had arrived
earlier tonight and we had been picked up by a chauffeur; the same one that is driving us to the place we're going to be
staying in for the duration of our travelling. It is the second day after we left Mystic Falls on the same night that we found
out that Klaus wasn't really dead. Kol had originally been a bit hesitant about flying since he has never flown before, but
he got over it and enjoyed the ride; at least he did. Kol and I are currently sitting on the back of the limousine next to one
another, but I can only find myself staring out the window at the lit streets of London with many people walking around
the streets without a care in the world. I had almost forgotten that I had to make sure I was visible when we had arrived
earlier in my silent excitement since I still have Klaus fresh in my mind.
The constricting feeling around my chest lessens a bit the more I continue to look around, my eyes never leaving the
view that London has to offer. I still feel hurt and sad after what happened with Klaus, not talking too much while Kol had
tried to get me talking. I feel like I am delivered a punch to my chest every time I remember Klaus. I do feel guilty that I
merely brushed Kol off, answering with no more than one word to each attempt at him starting a conversation. He
ceased trying during the plane and only huffed in annoyance at my lack of attention on him. I think I've had enough of this
little silent treatment of mine since I find stupid to mope all the time while being here, deciding that I do not need to focus
on Klaus.
"It's beautiful," I say before turning away from the window and facing Kol, who raises his brows at me in surprise.
"Everything is so new. I can't wait for you to show me what else this place has to offer."
He smirks. "Darling, you haven't seen anything yet."
"Did you have a home here?" I ask as I turn back to watch the view from the window.
"I did," he says. "We all did. Bekah, Elijah, Nik and I lived here for some time, but we didn't stay long. We had Mikael on
our tail and it wasn't wise to stay in one place for too long, not that I made it easy with the amount of trouble I caused, or
so Elijah said. I never did anything wrong."
"I bet that had to do with drinking blood to your heart's content," I say. "And a bit of turning humans to vampires, or am I
"You know me well, darling," he says as he leans closer to me, causing me to sigh while a blush coats my cheeks at
having him so close, which is what I need right now. "I'll drop you off at the hotel," he says before his lips begin to lower
down to my throat. I close my eyes at the warmth his lips leave on my skin and tilt my head a bit to give him a better
angle. "I'll have to go eat something because your blood is driving me mad." I turn to him and I'm not surprised to find
that his vampiric features have manifested.
"You okay?" I ask, wary of how deep his hunger is and his face appears human now.
"No need to be afraid," he says. I may be wary of him because of the time he bit me, but I can't say I am afraid of him; fear
isn't what I'm feeling. "I won't be feeding from you anytime soon, unless you ask it of me." I roll my eyes at his playful
smirk. I lift a hand and place it on his cheek; keeping my eyes solely on his while he eyes my actions curiously.
"I am not afraid," I say.
"You should be," he says and I shrug at him.

"I'm not."
"We'll have to remedy that," he says and I only tilt my head at him with a playful annoyed look. His hand cups my cheek
and leans closer with his eyes closing and I follow his example, waiting for his lips to be placed on mine.
"Sir?" the chauffeur asks, causing Kol to growl in annoyance while I chuckle at the expense of his annoyance. The
chauffeur, whose name I don't remember, is an older man in his fifties with hair graying and a look of formality about
him. "Forgive me for the interruption, but we have arrived to our destination."
"Thank you, Angus," Kol says, his face smiling but he's actually quite upset at having our moment interrupted. "Perfect
timing." I chuckle at his sarcasm, noticing that the car had stopped in front of a hotel. "Be a good sport and fetch our
Angus nods at Kol from the rearview mirror before exiting the car. Angus opens Kol's door before he goes to the trunk.
Kol exits the car and extends a hand for me to take, which I do and he helps me out of the car. My lips quirk a bit at the
sight of the many buildings, noticing a park nearby with brown leaves that coated each tree, streets and sidewalk. I turn
to gaze at the hotel we'll be staying at, amazed at the height and wondering which embellished room we'll be staying in. I
am pulled back by Kol and into his chest, loving his arms around me as I continue to gaze at my surroundings.
"Angus is going to take you to our room now," I hear Kol say and I frown before turning to him with a questioning look.
"You're not coming?"
"I really need to feed, my darling," he says and I can see the hunger in his eyes and his whole body seems to want to just
tear into someone's throat. "By any chance, are you offering?" I only raise an eyebrow at him, unimpressed. "Thought so."
He leans in and places a chaste kiss on my cheek, leaving me wanting for more, which is probably what he is aiming for
by the appearance of his smirk. "I'll be back soon."
"Be careful," I say and I mean for him to be careful to not get caught, not that I don't worry for his safety. "The last thing we
need is to bring attention to us."
"I'm no novice," he says as he tucks a stray strand of hair behind my ear and I shake my head at him before he turns to
the sidewalk, mingling into the crowd of people.
"Are you ready, Miss Mikaelson?" Angus asks from standing next to me and I have to blink a few times before noticing
what he referred to me as.
"'Miss Mikaelson'?" I question as I turn to him with a frown, noticing he had a valet carry Kol's bags.
"Mister Kol told me your name is Gwen Mikaelson, is it not?" he asks me and I can't find myself contradicting him, so I
merely nod with a small smile.
"It is, I am just not used to being called by it," I lie, already planning how to get back at Kol for this.
Angus smiles warmly. "It never is when you've just been married, miss. Shall we have you settle?" I am going to strangle
that cheeky Original vampire for spouting lies.
"Sure," I say and I follow him as he leads me into the hotel with the valet following us with Kol's bags placed on a
baggage cart.
A man by the door opens the door for us with a kind smile that I return and says, "Good evening."
"To you as well," I say with a nod before going inside into the lobby of the hotel.
"Wait here while I have everything sorted," Angus tells me as he goes over to the front desk, probably to check into the
My eyes are still wide in amazement at the interior of the hotel. The lobby is beautifully lit with breathtaking chandeliers.
It's decorated with sofas all around, some being occupied by guests. It also has plants and other small decorations
around with no empty space that is not somehow decorated. There are also many tables where some guests are eating
small snacks, desserts or a type of beverage with a bar nearby. All in all, this is a hotel that seems to satisfy an Original
vampire's needs.
"This way, Miss Mikaelson," Angus says, breaking me out of my gazing and I nod at him as he leads me over to an
elevator, which we enter while the valet leaves the baggage cart with a bellhop of the hotel to take to our room through

another elevator. The bellhop must be in his thirties with blond hair that is wavy while slicked back.
Angus pushes a button and the elevator door closes, ascending as it takes us to the floor Kol and I will be staying in. I
cannot help but fidget as I stand next to Angus without talking, not really knowing what to talk about with him, especially
since I am not really good with people I know nothing about.
"Here we are," he says as the door opens in my floor and I could have sworn I detected a bit of relief in his tone and I
understand why, if he did.
"Thank you, Angus," I say as he leads me over to a door and the bellhop with Kol's bags on a baggage cart appears from
around a corner.
"You are most welcome, Miss Mikaelson," Angus says as he gives me the keys to my room. "Give my regards to Mister
I nod with a small smile as I open the door to the room I'll be sharing with Kol. "I will and have a good evening, Angus."
He nods in response with a kind smile before taking his leave.
"After you, miss," the bellhop tells me, to which I nod before opening the door and stepping inside the room that has the
light on. My eyes widen in pure and utter shock at what I come into view with.
"Is this the right room?" I ask as the bellhop drops Kol's bags near the sofa before coming to stand next to me while my
eyes go to the amazing view this place has.
"Yes, miss," the bellhop says with a grin. "It is quite breathtaking. It is a duplex apartment-style living quarters with floorto-ceiling windows, which gives you a perfect view of the Royal Parks and Wellington Arch." My eyes roam over the room
as he describes the place. "The floating staircase links the two floors. You have a most comfortable eight-seater sofa
with and a dining area. Upstairs you will have the perfect view of the skyline, which you can absorb from the grand kingsize bed, the jet walk-in shower, or while soaking in the bath. You will also have a living area upstairs with the bed with
the telly for entertainment. The suite is replete with bespoke furnishings, generous wardrobe space, and is designed to
give the best comfort."
"Thank you," I say, turning to him with a small smile. "What is your name?"
"Andrew, miss," he answers with a small nod.
"Thank you, Andrew."
"You are welcome. I'll be taking my leave, miss," he says and I nod, following him to the door.
"Again, thank you," I say and he nods at me with a polite smile before taking his leave and I shut the door behind him.
I turn back to the room and approach the huge and breathtaking windows, placing my hands on the crystal as I look to
the view of the night in London with lights all around and people keeping the city alive all night long. I look around the
room and find that I am missing something, which prompts my action to call for some room service to have it ready
before Kol returns.

"How was dinner?" I ask Kol as he enters the apartment while I am sat on the coffee table in front of the eight-seater
He sighs before placing his wallet and phone on the dinner table. "Same as always," he says as he takes his coat off.
"There was a bit of screaming, some struggling and it was not your blood."
"I'm finding that you're complimenting my blood too much recently," I say as I narrow my eyes at him playfully, deciding to
ignore his description about his feeding. "Is my blood that good?"
"You have no bloody idea," he says as I stand up and go over to the dining table before picking up his phone. "What are
you doing?"
"I promised you dance lessons, didn't I?" I ask as I walk over to the radio I requested. I search for the song I'm thinking
about for our first dance before connecting Kol's iPhone on the radio. I turn to him and find him smirking at me. "Do you
still want them?"
Kol approaches me, grinning widely. "You're the teacher."

"We're starting slow," I say as I turn on the radio and the song begins to play, which is 'The Weight' by The Band. I take
Kol's left hand in my right before placing his right hand on my hip and my left on his right shoulder. I begin to sway slowly
to the song with him following my example and our eyes are locked on one another.
I pulled into Nazareth, I was feelin' ab out half past dead
I just need some place where I can lay my head
"Hey, mister, can you tell me where a man might find a b ed?"
He just grinned and shook my hand and, "No", was all he said
We sway back and forth as we move in a circle, keeping a few inches of spce between our bodies; not that Kol will get rid
of it soon enough. We simply transfer our weight back and forth. I don't find it surprising that Kol takes the lead
immediately. I don't know why I thought I'd be the one teaching an Original how to dance since he has probably done all
types of dancing there is throughout his life.
Take a load off Anny
Take a load for free
Take a load off Anny
And you put the load right on me
(You put the load right on me)
"What does the song mean?" Kol asks me, his cheek pressed to my temple as we continue to sway to the song.
"Well, I never knew what it meant," I say as my forehead creases in thought. "I think it's a song open for interpretation. It
can mean something different to each person that has heard it."
"What does it mean to you?" he asks me, catching me a bit off guard.
I picked up my b ag and I went lookin' for a place to hide
When I saw Carmen and the Devil walkin' side b y side
And I said, "Hey, Carmen, come on, would you like to go downtown?"
And she said, "Well, I gotta go b ut my friend can stick around"
"I believe it is religious in some way, but at the same time it's not," I say, thinking about the lyrics. "I think it tries to show
how sainthood can be near impossible, for we all have our flaws and mistakes."
"We all have those," Kol says as he twirls me and brings me back into his chest, wrapping his arms around my waist
while I place my hands on his shoulders before we continue to sway to the song. "There is not a saint on this earth that
doesn't carry a sin with them."
"How many do you carry?" I ask him and his face is filled with mirth. "Being a vampire, you probably have a lot. No
"None taken, and, in many people's eyes, I have too many to count," he answers, to which I chuckle lowly. "How many do
you carry?"
"A few if compared to your amount."
Take a load off Anny
Take a load for free
Take a load off Anny
And you put the load right on me
(You put the load right on me)

"Kol?" I ask with a frown as I remember some specific words that Klaus had said.
"Yes?" he hums as he buries his face into my neck, taking a deep breath, probably lusting for my blood but I know he
won't bite me. "What is it?"
"Do you believe I'll turn out like Jen?" I ask and he stops swaying before he lifts his head to lock eyes with me, still
keeping me in his arms while his eyes harden.
"Why do you ask?" he asks and I sigh before looking away from his eyes, for he didn't answer, which appears that he still
has doubts. "Gwen?"
"Do you?" I ask, still not looking at his eyes while my hands drop to his arms. "Do you think I'll carry her sins with me?"
"No," he says and I look up with a frown at his answer, noticing his eyes boring into mine. "I choose to believe that you
Take a load off Anny
Take a load for free
Take a load off Anny
And you put the load right on me
(You put the load right on me)
"What if-"
"You don't even know her sins," he says and I sigh. He has a point there, I think to myself. "You do not have the
personality or malice to carry her sins. You're too pure, innocent, nave and much more. Trust me, you'd have to let your
soul fester for an eternity before you become like her."
"What were they?" I ask, our dance lesson forgotten as the song replays. "Her sins, I mean."
He sighs as he looks away from me. "That's a story for another day."
"Okay," I sigh, not expecting him to open up to me about her in the near future but finding myself eager to know. "For
"Give me time," he says as his eyes meet mine once more. His hands cup my face and I place my hands over his.
"There are some memories that I'd rather just compel myself to forget."
I nod, offering him a smile. "So do I." So do I.
He leans closer until our lips meet for the first time today, our eyes closed. He softly molds his lips against mine as he
pulls me closer to his body, not wanting any space between our bodies. I wrap my arms around his neck while one of
his hands goes to my hip. For the first time, I notice how more experienced he is at kissing; well, a lot more experienced
than me. It only makes me wonder how many other women he's been with, but I push the thought aside and continue to
follow his lead in the kiss. The kiss heats up when his tongue enters my mouth, which he dominates once more, even
though I did put more of a fight this time.
I pull away, feeling a bit too overwhelmed by the kiss, my feelings and especially by him; I could care less what his sins
are, I am crazy about this man and his lips that won't quit. He only smirks while I give him a small smile, trying to be
apologetic after working him up to only pull away without giving him much warning.
"Sorry," I say. "I'm kinda new at this."
"No need for apologies," he says with a cheeky smile. "I'm only honored to have swept you off your feet." I roll my eyes at
this smug look.
"Well, it's been a long trip," I say. "Weand I mean youneed to rest."
He playfully rolls his eyes at me before going over to the stairs. "You like having power, don't you?"
"I think I can be a bit ambitious," I say. "Besides, it isn't like you aren't."

"Oh, I am," he says, sounding obvious just by someone looking at him. "Still, you should know that I prefer to be the one
in charge."
"We'll see about that," I say and a slow grin appears on his lips.
I flick my hand and the lights from this floor turn off. I turn to go over to Kol, but my attention goes to his ringing phone with
a single name on the screen that tells me who is calling. I pick the phone up, disconnecting it from the radio as it
vibrates in my hands. My eyes re-read the name, not really wanting to believe it's him. Klaus. I sigh before I decide to
ignore the call with trembling hands. I put the phone in vibrate and leave it on the coffee table before following Kol
upstairs, deciding that it is not the time to deal with Klaus, no matter how much it pains me to ignore him.
"I must say," he begins as he goes over to his bags on the sofa in the little living room in front of the bed, which I had
placed there earlier, "you are a glorious kisser." I notice he doesn't address the thing about Klaus calling only ten
seconds ago, which I'm grateful for.
I chuckle and make my way towards the bed with a blush on my cheeks before I lie down, deciding to accompany him
while he sleeps. "Aren't you a charmer?"
"My charms worked on you," he says as he takes out comfortable clothes to wear tonight and goes to the bathroom.
"They got me a most ravishing ghost that has a sharp tongue."
"And you like pretty things with sharp tongues," I say trying to mock his accent, only to sound rather off key, which causes
Kol to laugh from the bathroom and I huff in irritation. "Excuse me for not being born British."
He appears back in the room, still chuckling before plopping down on the bed beside me. "You are horrible at accents.
Do them as much as you like in private, but refrain from doing so in public. People might find it offensive."
"Really?" I ask challengingly and he nods while continuing to chuckle. "Well, goodnight, Mister Mikaelson." I turn on my
side, giving him my back as he continues to chuckle before it dies down. A soft smile grows on my lips when I feel him
spooning me from behind, wrapping an arm around my waist. "I would also appreciate it if you told people my real
"Goodnight, Miss Mikaelson," he chuckles and I shiver when he pecks the back of my neck. I kick his leg, eliciting a hiss
out of him, to which I grin. "Easy."
"You deserve it."

I swing my legs upwards in boredom from where I'm lying on the bed some hours after Kol had woken up, only to have
him go out to have a 'snack'. I understood him since he had gone without blood for too long; last night being the first time
after the whole ordeal in Mystic Falls. Now I find myself quite bored and anxious for him to return as I look at the skyline,
watching birds fly by without a care in the world
I hear the door to the apartment open and then close, which means that Kol has arrived. I glance once more at the
skyline from where I am sprawled on the bed staring at it before jumping up from the bed. I hurry down the stairs, eager
to see Kol after having nothing to do but watch television and not much else.
"Finally," I say as I take the last step to the bottom. "I didn't think that grabbing breakfast was that much work." I gasp in
surprise when my eyes fall on a tall and muscular man, appearing to be almost as tall as Kol. He has shoulder-length,
wavy dark brown hair with brown eyes, both being a darker shade than Kol's hair and eyes. I can also see the growing of
stubble on his chin. He appears to be in his early thirties. He's wearing a burgundy buttoned-up shirt with dark pants and
shoes with a black leather jacket. I notice a ring on his left index finger, which means it's his lapis lazuli ring to keep him
from burning in the sun. "Who are you?" I ask, standing tall and unwavering.
"Well, well," the stranger says with a heavy British accent, his eyes hungry as they roam all over me, to which I scrunch
up my nose and I try to keep my hands still from wanting to wring my wrists nervously under this man's gaze. "I'm
guessing that dinner is served."
His face transforms and I recognize the vampire features manifesting as his lips turn into a dark smirk that causes an
unpleasant shiver to go through my skin. My full attention is on the fangs he's baring at me. He lunges at me and I
scream before disappearing from his way and appearing behind him. He turns to me with a frown, clearly not having
anticipated having me disappear into thin air. He's vampire features disappear while he continues to smirk at me, which
is unnerving.

"That wasn't very nice," he says and he lunges at me once more, only to be stopped by Kol appearing in front of me with
a heated glare on his features.
"What do you think you are doing, Alfie?" Kol asks as he keeps his glare on the vampire while I come to stand next to
him, frowning at them both.
"Sorry, mate," the unknown vampireAlfiesays as he keeps his hungry eyes on me while approaching us. "I thought
your companion was human. I never knew a vampire could smell so delicious." I frown when I hear him talking to Kol like
they know each other.
"She's not a vampire and she's certainly not a meal," Kol says as the vampire meets Kol's eyes and his predatory look
disappears when he notices Kol's glare on him.
"She's a keeper?" Alfie asks, getting no answer from Kol. "Is Kol Mikaelson whipped?"
Kol's smirk mirrors the vampire's own smirk, to which I frown. "Not exactly."
"Kol?" I ask and he turns to me.
"It's all right, darling," he tells me as he takes my shoulders and makes me stand in front of him but close to his front, my
eyes on Alfie's every movement.
"He tried to have me for dinner," I say, disliking the fact that every supernatural being tries to bite me. "That's not all right."
"I do apologize for that." I glare at Alfie, disliking him already. "I thought Kol was giving me a present," he says as he
approaches me. Kol doesn't seem threatened or worried, so I remain calm. "My name is Alfred, my lady," he says as he
takes my hand in his and places a chaste kiss on my knuckles without taking his eyes off mine, which causes my skin to
crawl. I can feel Kol's eyes penetrating Alfred's form with jealousy and his grip on my shoulders tightening a bit. "Please,
call me Alfie. It is always a pleasure to meet a lady as delectable as you."
"I'm Gwen," I answer, subtly taking my hand out of his. "Gwen Pierson."
"Such a lovely name, my dear," Alfred says and I can't help but feel uncomfortable under his gaze, which Kol seems to
"Do I need to threaten you not to even think about touching her like you almost did or are we clear?" Kol says with a
smirk, but the seriousness is there in his tone as Alfred meets Kol's eyes, nodding.
"No need, mate," Alfred says as he glances at me for a moment. "I do know not to get on your bad side."
"He's a very old friend," Kol tells me and I nod.
"How old?" I ask either of them, truly curious.
Alfred turns to me. "I'd say about eight-hundred years old; something like that."
My eyebrows rise in surprise at this. "I can see that you haven't learned any manners in all those year."
"Yeah, I keep things real," Alfred says as he goes over to the sofa, taking a seat while I roll my eyes at his attitude. "Care
to share what you've been up to, mate?"
"Not much," Kol says as he goes over to the sofa, taking a seat a few inches away from Alfred while I remain standing. "I
was daggered a few times and traveled when I wasn't. I was un-daggered just recently and I am adjusting."
"And the pretty lady you can't keep your hands off?" Alfred asks as he motions to me and I scrunch up my nose at the
nickname he used to refer to me.
"She's a ghost," Kol answers and I sigh, not liking telling anyone what I am since it brings a lot of attention by being a
corporeal ghost.
Alfred frowns at Kol. "A ghost?"
"It's a long story, but she's very strong," says Kol. "And she's off limits."
Alfred raises his hands in mock defense. "Cross my heart and hope to die if I make a move on her. Don't worry, I'll send
the word that she's off limits."

"Good," says Kol. I can't help but frown at Alfred's words, for they meant that there seems to be a lot more vampires
around. "How are things here?"
"Same as always," Alfred says with a shrug. "I'd be discreet, mate. There's a vampire hunter touring London. The last
thing I need for my coven is to bring a vampire hunter to it."
"No worries," Kol says with his brows raised in amusement. "I'll just eat him."
"That is if you come across him, the man has a way to remain unseen," Alfred says and then glances at me. "You don't
want to put the pretty lady in harm's way, do you?"
"I would appreciate it if you didn't call me 'pretty lady'," I say, to which Alfred shrugs, not paying much attention to my glare.
"Well, you certainly are a beauty," Alfred says, to which I scoff in irritation.
"How did you guys meet?" I ask, wanting to get the conversation away from anything tense or worse.
"He was a chap I came across with when we left the New World and came to the Old World," Kol says as he leans back
on the couch, propping up his feet on the coffee table and I only sit on the coffee table, not wanting to get any closer to
Alfred and the disturbing smirk that doesn't leave his face. "It was shortly after we became vampires and I was
"He tore my throat out first," Alfred says with a chuckle, his eyes seeming to remember the memory of what he's talking
about. "I was lucky that he thought it best to turn me and a few others along the way."
"It was after my siblings and I had gone to Italy and Finn was daggered the one and only time," Kol says and I feel a pang
in my heart at the mention of Klaus.
"How's your sister?" Alfred asks with a smirk. "She still around?"
"Mystic Falls," Kol answers. "I don't recommend it this time of year."
"Pity," Alfred sighs and a knock is heard from the front door, causing us all to turn to it. "Finally." Alfred says as he stands
up, going over to the door and I frown.
"I crossed paths with him this morning," Kol tells me and I give him an annoyed look. "I thought I'd introduce you."
I nod. "I'd appreciate a head's up next time."
"Deal," he says and Alfred returns with Andrew in tow; the bellhop is carrying a tray with a wine bottle on it.
"I thought we'd have a drink," Alfred says as he grabs Andrew's shoulder after the latter placed the tray on the coffee table
next to me. I offer him a smile and he returns it with a small nod. "You know," he says with a smirk as his vampire
features manifest, "for old time's sake."
I gasp and flinch when Alfred plunges his fangs on Andrew, who is trying to fight off Alfred. I turn to Kol to find amusement
on his face while I slowly feel the life leaving the human's body. I raise a hand and throw Alfred off of Andrew, seeing the
vampire crash into a wall with a groan. I am too late as I feel Andrew dying of blood loss. I shake my head and appear on
the edge of the bed in the bedroom, wanting to get away from Kol's friend and the familiar feeling of death. I take a deep
breath, willing away the cold hand of death as it sweeps over me; as if my life was being sucked out of me through my
neck, which is what happened to the human downstairs.
"Gwen?" I open my eyes and see Kol standing in front of me, his eyes concerned while his face remains stoic.
"I'm fine," I say as he comes to sit next to me. "I just never get used to it."
"You do know that this comes by being with me, don't you?" he asks and I tilt my head at him, giving him an annoyed
look. "Death comes easily with me, darling, and I don't mind it."
"I do know. I know what I was getting myself into with you, Kol," I say. "I've had enough practice by being withNik. I will
never get used to feeling them go."
"He was only having some fun," Kol says and I scoff at his idea of having fun, even though I am quite used to it. "Gwen, I
don't need to explain or justify myself to you. I'm a vampire and it's in our nature; I thought we made that clear. If I want to
eat, I'll eat. If my mates want to eat, they will eat."

I keep my eyes on my hands that are on my lap while I exhale. "I don't mind, but I'd appreciate it if he didn't do it where you
sleep while I remain awake. Excuse me if I have a problem with that and death."
He sighs heavily before clearing his throat. "Why don't we see Alfred out and spend the day in?" he asks me and I raise
an eyebrow at him in surprise.
"You're asking?" I ask.
He shrugs with a smirk. "I'm giving you the benefit of letting me know of your opinion, but it'll make no difference."
"Thought so," I say. "But, if you want to spend time with him, you can. I don't mind, but I'd prefer it if you took it elsewhere."
"I came here with you," Kol says as he cups one side of my face, turning it to have me face him. "I came here to be with
you and I am going to show you the world. I can spend time with old mates whenever I feel like it, which will not be
happening with you around."
"You're rather smooth with words," I say and he smirks before pecking my lips with a gentle, chaste kiss. "Don't go and
get an even bigger ego with my complementing."
"Too late," he says he stands up, taking my hand in his and pulling me along.
We go downstairs and my grip on his hand tightens a bit when I see the drained corpse of Andrew on the coffee table
while Alfred drinks from the wine bottle that the human had brought with him. He drinks from it on the couch with bloody
lips, to which I scrunch up my nose in disgust. I am learning that this vampire is a bit too cocky for my liking.
"I think it best to take your leave, Alfie," Kol says, to which Alfred frowns before setting the wine bottle down and
approaching us. Kol motions to the dead corpse with his head. "And you are cleaning that before you go."
"Come on," Alfred says, smirking. "Can't the little lady stand a bit of blood? There was no need for roughhousing."
I glare at Alfred, taking a step closer to him. "I may not handle blood, but I can certainly handle you. I've spent my fair
share of time with each Original, so don't mistake me for some fragile girl that can't handle herself."
"You can handle yourself?" Alfred challenges me, his face looking predatory but I hold my ground.
"I can turn you inside out, if you want," I say as I cross my arms over my chest, to which Kol and Alfred chuckle.
"I like her. She's feisty," Alfred says as he smirks at me. "I like that in a girl."
"Trust me, feisty is an understatement," Kol says as he places a hand on my shoulder. "Get to cleaning and leaving. I
have a promise to keep."
"Come on, Kol," says Alfred. "Live a little. Don't tell me that being daggered has brainwashed you into being soft, mate."
Kol narrows his eyes at Alfred before saying, "I can show you what being daggered feels like, or worse."
Alfred gulps heavily, probably noticing that Kol is not in a gaming mood. "Well, another time."
"Sure," Kol says, dismissing Alfred.
"I'll send someone to get that," Alfred says as he motions to the corpse on the coffee table. "It was a pleasure, my dear,"
he tells me and I give him a small smile before he takes his leave.
"Well," I begin after Alfred has closed the door behind him and some minutes have passed, "that was interesting."

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*Chapter 4*: Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

"Stop it!" I yell, trying to keep my voice from staying on my resolve while I try to take his hands off my body as they crawl all
over me. "Stop it, it hurts!" I have tears that want to escape my eyes while my breathing becomes labored. "Kol, stop it!"
"You lied," he growls as he continues his torture with his hands. "You should know better than to lie to me, darling."
"Fine, you win," I manage to say through breathless gasps of air. "Please, stop!"
"It's not about winning, my darling," he says as he manages to pin me down on the bed by sitting on my abdomen and
holding my hands above my head. Our eyes lock, my face filled with dread while his is sporting a sadistic smirk. "It's
about getting even."
"You do know I can just throw you across the room, right?" I warn him, to which he chuckles.
"I'm afraid that is the wrong answer," he says, his eyes reflecting the danger about him.
"Kol, stop," I say, my tone serious, but he only shakes his head before his hands go to my abdomen once more. I squeal
as he tickles me while I try to get out of his hold. "Please, stop!" I try to push him off me, but my limbs are out of control
with his tickling as I continue to laugh by force. "Stop!"
"And what are the magical words?" he asks, using his weight to keep my wriggling body in place as he continues with
his torture.
"Let me go, or," I manage to breathe out through a laugh as I try to turn away from him, but his weight on my body makes
it impossible, even though I can just disappear from under him but I won't since we're having some fun, "I will stake you."
"Well played," he says as he stops his torture and I manage to calm down before lying back on the bed, releasing a few
chuckles as I come down from my high of laughing too much. "Let me repeat the question and no lying. Do you have any
friends that are not my family?"
"If you're worried about friends that are male, then no," I say as he leans over me, supporting his weight with his elbows
that are on either side of my head. "I only have one friend that is not your family and she is of the female gender."
"See how easy that was instead of giving me a snappy joke about having many friends that are male?" he asks and I roll
my eyes at him, knowing that this is his possessive side mixed with jealousy, though he has nothing to worry about.
"What does it matter if I have friends that are male?" I ask him since he doesn't appear to like the idea of me having
friends of the male gender. "You do know that I can have any type of friend and their gender doesn't matter."
"Have you seen yourself in a mirror?" he asks, his eyes narrowed at me while I frown at him, waiting for him to continue
while I keep my arms above my head. "Any man or boy that says that they want to be your friend is a bloody liar and I am
referring to those who can see you."
"Why is that?" I ask him, truly curious about this theory of his.
He smirks before placing his lips on my neck, to which I sigh as he places butterfly kisses on my skin. "They'd be fools,"
he says, his lips on my ear, "to only want you for a friend. I am no such fool and I won't share you."
"What if I did have a male friend?" I ask as he nips at my skin hard in warning before continuing to place light kisses
while slowly lowers more of his weight on top of me, which I love, for it increases the warmth that spreads over my body.
"What then?"

"I'd rip out his kidney or spine, whichever I'm in the mood for," he says as he continues to kiss my jaw and I feel the smirk
on his lips while I keep myself from moaning by biting my lip, not wanting another embarrassing moment like when we
first intentionally kissed.
"You do know that won't get you anywhere with me, right?" I say as he pulls away, his face hovering inches above mine.
"You don't see me threatening your friends."
He narrows his eyes at me in confusion at my words. "You did."
I frown. "When?"
"Yesterday," he says. "You threatened to turn Alfie inside out."
"Oh," I say, remembering what he's talking about. "I did, didn't I?" He nods. "Still, it gives you no right to threaten any male
friends I might or might not have in the future."
"As long as they keep their hands to themselves, I will not kill them," he says and I roll my eyes at him. "Also, I won't be
responsible for their fate if they annoy me."
"You sound like a spoiled child," I say.
"I do not," he says indignantly. "I am only protecting what is mine."
"I am not an object, I thought I made that clear," I say with a scowl, making sure he knows I am serious about this. "And
the same goes to you." He frowns at me. "I know you must have lots of old flames, so make sure they keep their hands
to themselves or I'll rip out their kidneys or spines."
He smirks while I blush at what I just said, but hold myself firm. "You have a very naughty mind, darling. I hope I get to
see more of that."
"You are unbelievable," I say with a smile as I sit up and he sits up next to me.
"And then some," he says, to which I chuckle.
"You have an answer for everything, don't you?" I ask him, but I stop him before he answers "Don't answer that. Let's just
get ready for today. I'll go call my friend like I was going to before you attacked me while you take a shower or whatever
else you do to get ready."
"As the lady commands," he says and I roll my eyes at him before standing up and going downstairs.
I look over to the skyline and smile at the light of the sun in the morning, seeing the birds fly around and the sounds of
the city waking up, to which I smile softly in amazement. My eyes fall on Kol's phone on the coffee table. I sigh as I sit on
the edge of the sofa and pick up the phone, typing a familiar number before putting it to my ear. I only have to wait for two
rings to sound before the call is picked up.
"Hello?" a velvety voice greets from the other end of the phone, causing me to grin.
"Hello, my dear friend, who I miss terribly," I say with a smile before hearing an excited squeal from the other end of the
"Gwen?" the voice from the other line asks excitedly. "Is that really you?"
"Of course, Gael," I answer with a smile on my lips. "Who else calls you with no intention to ask you for a favor?"
"I have missed you so," Gael says. "How have you b een? How is Klaus? Where are you?" I blush at the last question,
glancing towards the stairs and the person I left up there.
"I've been well and I hope you are as well, but it is best I start at the beginning," I begin. "After we left Chicago, we arrived
at Mystic Falls. It was a bit of a bloody entrance, but when has it ever been not bloody with Nik," I say with a nervous smile
at the memory of Klaus, Rebekah and I causing trouble at the gym of the school in Mystic Falls.
"I can imagine," says Gael.
I sigh. "Yeah, and then we got settled, which was a rude affair with rude hosts. Not to mention that Nik had actually
ditched us without much warning or even a damn call."

"Why did Klaus leave you guys?" asks Gael, a frown evident in her tone of voice.
"Well, a lot of things unraveled when he left," I say. "One of them was that he did some things in his past that no one
knew about, not even I knew about them."
"What things?" Gael asks. Even though she's a kind girl, she tends to be bold and lacks respect for privacy in her
boldness, not that she does it intentionally.
"He is actually the person who killed his mother."
"What?" Gael asks in disbelief.
"Yeah, he apparently killed her in a fit of werewolf rage," I say. "Not to mention that it was heightened by being a vampire."
"Well, I have no words," Gael says and I sigh, knowing that Gael didn't approve with what Klaus did but is keeping it to
herself since Klaus is still my best friend.
"Yeah, and we also had an encounter with his dad," says Gwen.
"Oh dear, is everyone all right?" Gael asks, to which Gwen smiles, knowing that Gael will worry for others, even when
she doesn't know them. "I heard he's The Hunter; the vampire that hunts vampires."
"Yes, it was a quick confrontation if you ask me."
"I thought that would have b een b loodier," Gael says.
"I thought so too, but I'm glad it's behind us," I say as I lean back on the couch.
"What else went on?" asks Gael.
I sigh, not wanting to reveal much information that could put her in danger. "His siblings are awake; finally."
"Really?" asks Gael.
"Yeah," I answer as I hear shuffling upstairs, knowing that Kol must be getting ready for the day.
"And his mother tried to kill her children, including me; she clearly failed."
"Wasn't she dead? She didn't hurt you, did she?" Gaels asks and I smile at her protective nature. "If she did, I'll make
sure she b urns for the rest of eternity."
"Nothing I couldn't handle."
"She's dead now, right?" she asks and I frown a bit at her hard tone, which she has never used, but I shrug it off.
"She is now," I say before saying, "I hope."
"You hope?"
"She's a witch; they don't really stay or like to stay dead with business left unfinished. I really hope she's rotting in some
hell or something."
"Let's hope so," says Gael. "What happened next?"
I grin as a blush appears on my cheeks when I hear footsteps descending the stairs. "Well, I met Nik's brother."
"His b rother?" Gael asks, probably narrowing her eyes about now in suspicion.
"Well, he has two living brothers," I say as Kol reaches the bottom of the stairs. "I met both, but it's different. You've
probably heard of Elijah and the other one is Kol."
"Then, what's different?" she asks as I watch Kol putting on his coat and grabbing his wallet and whatever else he'll need
for our outing today. I have no idea how Gael might react to me being with Kol and it's making me extremely nervous. "It's
not like you're dating one, are you?"
"Well, dating is not exactly a word he'd use," I say as Kol turns to me with a smirk.

I hear Gael gasp, probably having figured it all out. "You're dating one of Klaus' b rothers?" I don't need to answer since
she knows. "It can't b e Elijah; I've heard he's real formal and not your type, which leaves this Kol."
"It's not Elijah and we're not dating," I say, deviating from answering her question as Kol comes to sit down next to me,
grinning like the Cheshire cat. "We're together."
"As in dating?" she asks and I sigh.
"I do detest the words this century uses to refer to people courting," Kol says, releasing a sigh with a shake of his head.
"It lacks romance."
"Who's that?" Gael asks and I open my mouth to answer, but Kol snatches the phone from my hand.
"Kol Mikaelson, Klaus's younger and more dashing brother," Kol answers as he gets up from the sofa and I follow him,
trying to snatch the phone back.
"Give it back, Kol," I say, trying to reach for the phone but he holds me back while wearing a wide and playful grin. I can
use my powers but I am finding I have no immediate need for them, even though I'd like to kick Kol where it hurts most.
"Now, Kol."
"It is nice to meet you, Gael, is it?" he asks as he winks at me and I glare at him, giving up trying to get the phone back.
"Yes, I am in a relationship with Gwen. We are currently on our way to spend the day touring London." He pauses and
chuckles at something that Gael must've said. "We could get you a souvenir. I'd love to meet Gwen's best friend, who
happens to be a very charming witch. And very talented, I presume." I roll my eyes at him as he continues to talk with
Gael. "I give you my word that no harm will come to her. I'm more worried about what a witch would do to me than my
brother's daggers." He chuckles at something else Gael must've said. "Well, it was a pleasure meeting you and I hope
we'll meet in person soon." He pauses. "I'll leave you with Gwen." He offers me his phone with a smirk, to which I glare at
him before snatching it from his hand and putting it to my ear.
"Sorry about that," I say as I continue to glare at Kol's smirk. "He can be rather childish." He rolls his eyes at this.
"He seems nice," I hear Gael say and I refrain from telling her he can be just like Klaus, but I keep it down with a smile.
"For an Original, he does have manners."
"Yeah, but, like any other Original, he can be wild," I say and Kol on wiggles his brows at me, "and bloodthirsty."
"Like any other vampire," she says and I chuckle at her nature of always liking others, not passing judgment without
knowing the person; something that other witches do not do. "I'd like to meet him. I hope to see you soon too, Gwen."
I smile. "I promise you will and we'll bring a souvenir."
"Great!" she squeals, probably one of her episodes of excitement. "Call whenever you can. I want to know the good stuff."
"Yeah, I'll think about it," I say. "Miss you."
"Miss you, have fun," she says before hanging up and I sigh before giving the phone to Kol.
He frowns at me. "Is she always that happy?"
"It's her thing," I say, to which his brows furrow further. "You have to know that many conditions have developed in this
century. Gael is one of those people. She has a condition that she got after an incident that caused her mother's death.
She hasn't been the same since then, or so she says. I don't treat her any different because of her supposed disability,
which is not."
"I understand," he says with a nod. "She didn't seem any different than other people. I rather like her enthusiasm. She
even threatened she'd be worse than a dagger to the heart."
I chuckle at this. "Yeah, she can be quite protective, especially since she's the only witch that likes me and doesn't think
I'm a freak of nature."
"You aren't," he says as he places a hand on my cheek, stroking it with our eyes locked. "You are an exquisite beauty."
He leans in and places a rather soft chaste kiss on my lips, gentle and purely euphoric. He pulls away and I keep my
eyes closed as I sigh before opening them to find him with the smallest of smiles on his face. "We should go. I'm getting

I nod. "I hope it is human food you're hungry for."

"More or less," he says as he offers me his arm, which I take by looping my hand around it before we exit the duplex
apartment we're staying in.

Not once did my smile leave my mouth as I stared at practically everything around me in pure amazement. I even
laughed in excitement when I saw the famous red bus that one usually saw in movies where the setting is in London. I
didn't even care that the sun was gone the minute we left the hotel and replaced by gray clouds, but no rain in tow, which
was a win. I actually enjoy the grim and cozy atmosphere of this place. It reminds me of earlier times when I would hide
under the covers and become lazy on days like this, but not today.
I was staring at everything with wide and curious eyes, looking like a child with a sweet tooth in a candy store, which I
was. I do know I kept a firm grip on Kol's hand, fearing I'd get lost in the huge crowds as we walked on the streets. Kol
didn't seem to be embarrassed or freaked out by my ecstatic emotions. He only grinned or smirked and made a pun
here and there, but we mostly enjoyed the sights.
I had to practically beg Kol to walk the London Bridge over the River Thames instead of driving since he disliked the idea
of having to walk everywhere we are to go, but a promise for a dinner, kiss to the cheek and sad eyes won him over to my
favor. He grumbled about annoying ghosts and attractive women always taking advantage over him, which got him no
sympathy from me. It was fun to make fun of his annoyed face with his tight lips showing it, which was my entertainment
through the whole way across the bridge. Of course, I had to wait for him to get a 'snack' when we got off the bridge
before continuing with our sightseeing.
Kol didn't have much to say about London, only that it was one of the cities he stayed in for a short period of time. And I
could sum it up to him and his siblings having to hide in less conspicuous places where Mikael wouldn't have looked;
well, unless his attention was drawn, which happened a lot with Kol's adventures of adjusting to the life of a vampire. His
little time in London only consisted of blood and turning others into vampires, so it wasn't very entertaining for me to hear
He was reluctant, but I convinced him to go the National Gallery, which was not an easy task since he wanted to do
something more fun and active. I ended up having to owe him something in return, which is enough to have me worried,
but it passed as we entered the gallery. Kol scowled and pouted all the way, never ceasing a moment to say how bored
he was and that if he wanted to see art, he'd go to Klaus and watch him paint a masterpiece right before his eyes. This I
ignored, for it only tightened my chest a bit but I shook it off.
I was engrossed by the history that each painting possessed. Like Klaus has told me time and time again, I find that
paintings have their own way of sharing the history of a place without the need for pages filled with words, not that I
dislike books. I practically fell in love with the gallery, especially with the kind hosting and whatnot. I did become
saddened that I couldn't exactly take pictures of the place with me in them since I don't appear in pictures. The subject
seemed to have left Kol uncomfortable when I told him I couldn't appear on the picture he offered to take, finding that he
disliked dampening my mood. I merely shrugged it off and smiled at him before continuing on.
The painting that had caught my eye was the one called 'The Fighting Temeriare', catching my attention with the beauty of
the sunset as it clashed with the coming night, its colors reflected beautifully on the river. It looked so much like fire in the
water, announcing the return of the Temeriare to be laid to rest. But the burning sky reflected in the water was what had
me so mesmerized. The contrasting elements of fire and water met, bringing something beautiful through their meeting.
Kol had actually offered to buy it for me, but I hastily declined and told him it is supposed to be there, apart from the fact
that I'd have no place for it.
After the National Gallery, we found a little coffeehouse, which is where we are now since Kol was craving a snack;
thankful that it was for human food and not a human. We are sitting on one of the table in front of the coffeehouse as the
sun begins to set; the day having gone by faster than I thought. Kol ordered some coffee and a little dessert while I just
sat there, watching him eat and drink.
"Having fun?" Kol asks me, to which I nod with a smile on my lips and he grins before taking a sip from his cup of coffee
and I learn he likes it black.
"Yeah," I say. "You?"
"I'd prefer a museum over some gallery," he says and I roll my eyes at him.
"You could've said and we would have gone there," I say with a frown since he never said he'd like to go to the museum.
"Why didn't you say anything?"

He shrugs and takes a bite from his sweet dessert. "I didn't mind going to the gallery."
"Your pout during it the whole way said otherwise," I say, truly curious as to why he didn't say anything. "If you want to do
something different, you have to tell and we can make a compromise. I don't want us to dictate each other as we wish
nor am I so fragile I can't take some rejection. Why didn't you say anything?"
He sighs, shuffling a bit on his seat. "I was enjoying myself."
I frown. "How were you enjoying yourself? You were complaining."
"I was, darling," he says with certainty but I don't believe it.
"You weren't," I say. "During your complaining, what were you enjoying?"
"You," he says and my words are caught in my throat, my argument forgotten as I furrow my brows. He clears his throat
as he shifts on his chair uncomfortably. "I was enjoying watching you enjoy yourself with the simplest of things. I honestly
was. I enjoyed the twinkle in your eyes when you saw something from afar that caught your eye or the squeal when you
saw something up close that excited you. You're not what I'm used to, but I do so enjoy you."
"Why do you say things like that?" I ask him as a smile slowly grows on my lips while a blush taints my cheeks. He
frowns at me in confusion as he leans on the table. "I can't rival those words you just said."
He grins. "It comes with being my handsome self."
I roll my eyes at him before saying, "I'm sorry if I looked like some crazy girl fanning over everything, even if you did enjoy
"Oh, I did," he says with a smirk. "Especially when you said you find accents sexy."
"Of course you'd remember that," I say while he wiggles his eyebrows at me, to which I chuckle while shaking my head at
him. "What do you want to do next?" He opens his mouth and I cut him off. "Don't say that you'd like to do anything I want;
I'm not taking that for an answer."
He sighs, his eyes playfully glaring at me while I smirk at him. "Well, we can go to the park or have dinner tonight, which
you promised we'd have."
"Great, we'll do just that," I say with a smile.
"Well, I'm done," he says as he stands up, leaving some money on the table before walking over to me, offering me his
hand like he keeps doing and I take it with a smile before standing up next to him.
"Kol Mikaelson?" Kol and I frown at the feminine voice with a strong British accent.
Both of us turn to look behind him and find a red-brown haired woman with dark brown eyes. Her hair is curly, reaching
to her lower back. She has a slender figure, small chest and narrow hips. She appears to be a few inches taller than me.
She is currently wearing a black, sleeveless dress that reaches above her knees. The dress has a V-neckline that is
rather deep, showing a lot of cleavage. She has black heeled boots and a black coat to go with her outfit. She had a fair
amount of make-up on, her lips red like her nails. She has some bracelets with some stones on it, which means it must
be her daylight amulet to keep her from bursting into flames in pure daylight.
"I didn't believe Alfie until now," the woman says as she seductively smirks at Kol while eyeing him up and down, which
makes my blood boil and wanting to snap at her for ogling him.
"I do remember your face," Kol says as he smirks at her while managing to frown at the same time. "Layla, is it? It's been
a while. How long has it been?"
"It's been a few centuries," she says as she approaches Kol, too close for my comfort as she places a hand on his
cheek and I only want to burn it for touching him like that. "You were quite the wild thing."
"I've heard," Kol says as he slowly pulls away from her to stand behind me, placing his hands on my shoulders. "This is
my fiery Gwen Pierson. I assume Alfie told you about her."
"Hello," I greet her with a small smile.
I try not to grin too wide at the angry face on Layla, which she quickly hides with a wide and fake smile directed at me.
"The ghost, right?" I can see the glare she's hiding behind her smile.

I smile and nod at her. "That's me."

"Yes, so you're with a ghost now?" Layla asks, her eyes going to Kol while I glare at her and Kol rubs my arms, which
calms me down. "How do you make it work? I doubt there's much to work with."
"You'd be surprised," Kol says and stands next to me with an arm around my waist. "She's my type."
"I can't deny that she smells exquisite," she says, her feature changing to her vampiric features for a quick second. "Have
you had a taste?"
"Yes and she's quite delectable," Kol says and I remain quiet by his side, knowing that he's somehow protecting me.
"Her blood is off limits, I thought I made Alfie aware of that."
"Oh, well," Layla says, smirk still in place and probably having heard Kol's threat. "I would've loved to find out." Kol hums
and I notice his smirk actually appears threatening with his lips tight in annoyance. "Also, Alfie sent me to give you this."
She takes an envelope from her coat's pocket, handing it to Kol. "I do so hope you join us." She looks to me with
predatory eyes. "Both of you."
"I'll think about it," Kol says without even giving a second glance to the envelope in his hand.
"Please, do," says Layla. "Call me if you get bored."
I glare at her in shock at her rudeness. "Go to a strip club, it's cheaper." I close my mouth in surprise at what I just said,
causing Kol to look at me with wide eyes in amusement and Layla to appear in shocked surprise. "I'm not sorry, but I'm
sorry I used those words."
Kol tries to suppress a chuckle, but not the wide smirk directed at Layla while I stand there in pure embarrassment.
"Good day," Layla says, her eyes hostile while narrowed on me. "I hope you can make it to the party." Her tone and smirk
making it sound like a challenge. "That is, if you dare to come."
"We'll see you around, Layla," Kol says, his toothy grin wide for all to see.
"Bye," I whisper, not really even wanting to say anything. Kol and I wait for Layla to disappear around a corner. I sigh in
relief when I no longer see her, not really knowing what had come over when I told her to go to a strip club. "Why do I
keep threatening vampires?"
Lips collide against mine, to which I sigh while grinning against Kol's lips, knowing that this kiss is fueled by my
snapping at Layla and somehow aroused him. Our lips move in a choreographed dance, meeting at the right places. He
pulls me against him by his arms around my waist while I keep my hands against his chest.
He pulls away and I can't help the chuckle that escapes me. "Really?"
"You looked rather enticing, my darling," he says, smirk still in place. "I'm thankful you're a ghost and not easy to dispose
"That sharp tongue of yours can get you killed in less than five minutes in the presence of a vampire."
"I can handle myself," I say with a shrug. "The closest I've come to death is when your mother threatened to kill me and
that went down the drain."
"Should I feel insulted that my threats mean nothing to you?" he asks with a playful frown.
I shrug. "You weren't aiming for my heart."
"I'll have to rectify that," he says, smirk in place and I shake my head at him.
"About the party-"
"We'll talk about that after dinner," he says, his face telling me there's no room for argument on this topic, so I nod in
agreement. "Or not at all." He takes my hand in his before we make our way down a street, probably towards our hotel.
"Why don't we go?" I ask.
"It's a party that will be filled with vampires and humans," he explains. "The humans will most likely be dinner or whatever

form of entertainment they are subjected to perform."

"You've been to these parties?" I ask with a brow raised in question.
He smirks. "I practically invented them."
"You still haven't answered why we shouldn't go."
"You feel death and death is the theme of these parties, darling," he says, but I frown at him since I don't really
understand why he doesn't want to go to a party where there will be blood for him to drink to his heart's content. "You
won't like it."
"I'll go," I say. "I don't mind going and I can handle myself. I would like to know more about vampire parties."
"We shouldn't."
"Your blood isn't the best trend in a party like that."
"I can protect myself and you'll make sure I'm safe, won't you?"
He turns to me, ceasing his walking and so do I as we go to stand in an alley. "I'd rip the heart out of anyone who dares
to lay a hand on you, but I won't place you in a place where everyone will try to take a bite out of you."
"They can't exactly kill me," I argue. "Besides, we should do things you also want to do. You tell me the truth, do you want
to go? Don't lie."
He sighs heavily, releasing my hand to run it through his growing hair and I can tell that he's hiding something. "Maybe I
want to go."
"Then we'll go," I say firmly, closing the argument.
"I don't want to take you," he says, to which I frown, taken aback by this. "I don't want to risk you getting hurt."
"I'll be fine, Kol," I say and he sighs when I say his name. I place my hands on either side of his neck, leaning closer until
our noses are almost touching. "We can have fun."
He scoffs. "I know I'll have fun. Why do you want to go?"
"A couple of reasons."
"Start naming them and I'll think about taking you with me," he says, to which I sigh at his soft smirk.
"I want us doing something you want to do and have fun; a wild version of fun we can do together," I begin. "I also want to
see what a vampire party is like, I'm truly curious." I take a deep breath, knowing that he'll say something about my last
reason as I drop my hands from his neck. "Also, I didn't like that slut of a vampire and I know she was trying to intimidate
me." Still, I want to prove that I can handle myself.
"And the truth shall set you free," Kol says while chuckling. "You really felt threatened by Layla?"
"She was having eye sex with you like every one of those waitresses did back at the diners we ate after we left Mystic
Falls the first time. It was frustrating! So excuse me if I want to prove to that slut and Alfred that I am not to be messed
with!" I sigh heavily after my rant, which Kol listened to without interrupting and with an amused and impressed look on
his face. "What?"
"You're a very jealous thing, aren't you?" he asks and I groan in annoyance at what he's focused on. "I actually saw a bit
of Klaus in you." I sigh, feeling the same pang I always feel whenever Klaus is mentioned. "Do you really want to go?"
"Do you?" I counter. "Is it wrong to want to do things with my significant other?"
He chuckles before sighing. "Well, it's settled then."

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*Chapter 5*: Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

"Soyou traveled with witches a lot?" I ask Kol from where I sit on the edge of the coffee table, watching him dine on a
blonde bellhop that had brought up breakfast for Kol just a few minutes ago. I couldn't help but be excited and aroused
by how he holds the woman to his front while drinking blood from her neck. "Where?"
He detaches his mouth from the blonde's neck with a satisfied grin, wiping away the trail of blood from the corner of his
lip and placing it in his mouth, not wasting a single drop. "The places varied," he says as he bit into his wrist, forcing it
down the blonde's throat to heal her before taking it away. For this I am thankful since I really dislike the coldness that a
death brings to my body. "I rather enjoyed the company of witches over the company of vampires."
I frown at this. "You seem to like being a vampire, so why be around witches?"
"You will remember nothing, darling," he says to the blonde woman, compelling her. "You came up here to deliver
food, found two very attractive guests and went on your merry way." The blonde nods mindlessly and leaves our
place, closing the door behind her as Kol takes his breakfast from the dining table and begins eating it on the sofa,
which is a sandwich. "Don't get me wrong, my darling, I enjoy being a vampire. But that doesn't mean that I liked being a
witch any less."
"You practiced magic before being turned?" I ask with wide eyes in surprise, to which he nods.
"I was the first of my siblings to tap into my magic," he says, glaring at nothing in particular at whatever memory he was
remembering. "I was a prodigy with magic. I did my fair share of spells and enjoyed the power, the rush."
"I can assume you were as smug then as you are now," I say with a grin that he returns with a smirk. "Can you tell me
more about being a witch?"
He grins bitterly after finishing his breakfast. "Even if you don't practice magic for long, you're still connected to the earth
and everything it has to offer. You can still feel it leaving you when you're turned into a vampire. It left a chill or lack of
anything when I was turned. I no longer felt the earth or the life of everything around me." He sighs heavily. "It was like
having something ripped from within you and nothing can ever replace it. I will never forget that feeling."
"That's tragic," I say, not wanting to say something that might sound like me offering pity, which I loath to receive and to
give. "Why hang around witches?"
"They offered a bit of comfort," he says, to which I frown. "They're the closest I'll ever get to feeling magic running through
my body or feeling a spell at my fingertips. I respect their power because I used it and I never got to appreciate its full
potential. So I do it through them."
"What about being a vampire?"
"I enjoy it," he says with a wide smirk. "Unlike witchcraft, I have power at my beck and call. Magic requires too much of
your life and possesses restraints, but being a vampire" he says before appearing right next to me on the coffee table
in a blur, "the only restraints I have are my own."
"You like being a vampire more than being witch?" I ask.
"Obviously," he says as if it's that obvious, to which I give him an annoyed look. "Not to trash talk, but magic has too many
restraints and rules, dictated by the spirit of older and dead witches."
"And Kol Mikaelson is not one to follow rules," I say as he smirks at me. "Or am I wrong?"
"No," he says. "You're right. I follow my own set of rules, which ends up breaking another's."
"Coincidentally or conveniently?" I ask with a grin while he chuckles.

"A bit of both," he says and I can't help but be mesmerized by his eyes while sitting right next to him. My chest is being
overwhelmed by a strong feeling as I smile at a Kol. "What was it like?"
I frown. "What?"
"Turning into a ghost."
I sigh deeply, a lump growing in my throat before turning my head to look at my fidgeting hands on my lap. "It was dark at
first," I begin as I remember everything clearly as if it only happened a second ago. "Everything was numb and I could
hear everything around me, but it was muffled. It was cold. Not a cold because the weather was cold, it was more like a
cold that just suffocates you." I manage to push down the lump in my throat, fighting to remain composed. "I'm not gonna
sugarcoat it, I really just wanted to kill myself all over again. I woke up, but it still felt cold; everything did." I smile a bit
before placing a hand on Kol's, meeting his eyes. "Except you."
He frowns. "What do you mean?"
"Normally, I don't feel anything. The skin of another is not there, even when I touch them. I cannot feel any warmth.
Everything is cold or nothing at all," I say, shrugging my shoulders. I look at Kol with a small smile. "You're not cold when
I touch you. You're warm." I squeeze his hand with mine, taking in his warmth. "I don't even feel the sun's warmth. I miss
it and you have that and I don't know why or how."
"Maybe because-"
"Don't be vain, Kol," I say with a scolding look directed at him as I cut him off, to which he smirks.
"My Darling Lass," he begins as he places a hand on my cheek, his face serious while stroking my cheek, "I'm not so
vain to ruin the moment. And about the warmth, I wish I knew something about it."
"I'm not looking to you for an answer, Kol," I say with a small grin. "I'm just glad I have it. I don't need to know why or how,
just that I can feel something again; something I used to feel and it's quite foreign to me."
"You're welcome, my darling," he says with a small, genuine smile. I smile at him before he leans forward, catching my
lips in a soft and gentle kiss, sinking into it as warmth slowly takes over my body. I sigh into his lips as he pulls away,
leaning his forehead against mine and a smirk grows on his lips. "We should get ready for the party."
I frown at this. Kol and I haven't talked about the party since we argued about going two days ago and he wants to get
ready now, hours before the party. "It's early. What are we getting ready for, a wedding?"
He chuckles, pulling away from leaning on my forehead but keeping his hand on my cheek. "You're lucky I like you and
that sharp tongue of yours. And we need to do some shopping. Well, on my part. I really dislike the fact that you don't
require to shop for clothes."
I chuckle, knowing he would've just loved to have picked out everything for me, including my underwear. "Oh, your life is
just miserable," I say while pouting, my sarcasm thick in my voice as I stand up and make my way to the door. "You can't
buy me clothes or, more specifically, underwear."
He glares at me playfully as he follows me while putting on his jacket and grabbing his phone and wallet. "You're going
to pay for that."
"I'm shaking in my boots," I say, still receiving a playful glare as we exit the apartment.
"You have a death wish, don't you?" I chuckle at this.

I twirl once while standing in front of the mirror in the bedroom, admiring the style my clothes decided to take, which is
quite acceptable by me. I might even say that Rebekah would've approved, given the fact that she dislikes my limited
wardrobe. It's a constant factor of our small bickering, which never escalates, but I can still see her dislike of my clothes.
I can probably assume that she wishes she could dress me up to her heart's content, but I am thankful I don't need to go
through the torture of being a doll. Remembering Rebekah, I have to remember to call her when I can since I haven't
talked to her since we left Mystic Falls and she must be in a rather sour mood over what Klaus did to her.
My clothes currently consist of my regular light gray leggings that are not cropped with my cream, cardy ugg boots that
ever change. Replacing my white tank top and cream cardigan is a cream dress that reaches above my knees of soft
velveteen fabric with its crisscross cutout back. It's complete with three-quarter sleeves and a round neckline. The only
accessory on me is my necklace that will always look beautiful, which is the only item that Rebekah has shown the less

distaste. My fair hair is loos and in soft waves, cascading down until reaching my armpits. I smile at my appearance,
also loving how I don't need to be making sure I'm visible all night since supernatural beings can see me, even when I'm
not making myself visible.
"And you say I'm vain," I hear Kol say and turn to find him coming out of the bathroom fully dressed.
He is wearing a dark long-sleeved shirt that is buttoned-up that he will probably compliment with a stylish jacket. He is
wearing dark pants and shoes, noticing how his hair is with less gel, but still there, which is probably him growing it out.
We had gone on a fairly big shopping spree since we ended up having enough time and he was rather quick with
picking things out. I took notice that Kol shares a similar fashion sense to the rest of his family, dressing in a very high
class mannernot like Elijahbut with a casual edge that is similar to Klaus's attire.
"I know I'm handsome, but there's no need to drool, darling," he says with a cheeky smile that I roll my eyes at as he
approaches me. "You're sure you want to go?" His serious now as he takes my hand in his.
I nod. "Yes. I really want to sedate this wild craving and be done with it. Also, I still have a problem with thatthing you
actually had a thing with."
"She was enjoyable when I first met her, I admit, but there's no need to keep rubbing in my face how much of a whore
she is, which does no good in my past taste in women," he says, to which I nod. "I have a few rules for tonight."
I raise an eyebrow at him in surprise while grinning. "Kol Mikaelson is laying out rules? I thought you were allergic to
"Gwen," he says as he tightens his grip on my hand, his face not amused and I turn serious. I notice he used my name,
which I am noticing he uses when he's serious or angry. "You don't leave my sight." I nod while he keeps a firm grip on
my hand. "You stay as near to me as possible and you scream bloody murder if something goes wrong."
"Deal," I say and he sighs, appearing to be satisfied with my answer. "Are you fine with it?"
"No," he says and I wait for him to continue. "I don't want to see you get hurt or anything remotely close to it."
"I can't promise you I won't get hurt because I don't know and I won't make a promise I don't think I can keep," I say I cup
his neck between my hands, looking directly at his eyes. "But I promise to not break your rules."
"Deal," he sighs before grinning. "Pray that tonight won't end like the last party we went to."
"This is it?" I ask as Kol helps out of the limousine by my hand while I looked at the building that looks more like a club
than anything else.
I honestly thought it would've been different. It's a normal pub with a bouncer at the door, probably a vampire as a line of
people waits outside to enter. I don't know how this works. Are they human or vampires or both? I am actually a bit
nervous about how this whole place works, but I won't lose my nerve. I think I can deal with a single night full of vampires
and not be left on my own since Klaus always made sure I was perfectly safe, which was annoying most of the time.
"What were you expecting?" he asks me with an amused tone as he closes the car of the limousine behind me and it
leaves, Angus having driven us once more.
I shrug. "I don't know. I thought it'd be a bit more sophisticated or in a mansion or something else."
"I have to agree with you," Kol says as he keeps a grip on my hand while approaching the entrance of the brick building
with the invitation in the other hand. "It's not to my taste."
"Good evening," the blond-haired bouncer greets us and Kol silently hands him the invitation, to which the bouncer's
eyes widen in surprise before looking at Kol nervously. "Mister Alfred is waiting for you, Mister Mikaelson."
"Thank you, mate," Kol says with a smirk pulling me with him as the bouncer opens the door for us and we enter to loud
Like any club I have ever known of, it's not fully lit; only having a few dimmed lights here and there. On a corner there is a
bar and stools around its counter with the bartenders on the other side, tending to the customer's needs. There are
sofas and high tables all around the place, carefully placed. There is also an area where a DJ is, taking care of the
music and a dance floor with many people dancing, but it surprises me how big the dance floor is. The whole place is
big, deceiving people with how smaller the entrance looks.

The moment Kol and I had entered the building, heads turned to us. Unlike the last party that we went to, these people
didn't look at us with flirty or lusty looks; they were looking at me and I can tell that their eyes reflected their hunger, which
made them vampires. I saw some eyeing Kol warily, their eyes going from me to Kol and so on, probably trying to make
sense of me and Kol. I sigh, deciding to ignore the overwhelming feeling of hunger from all of them and the amount of
eyes on me.
What catches my attention is that the people coming inside behind us are being compelled by the bouncer, meaning that
the vampire must be separated by their invitation or something of the sort. I don't even want to know what the humans
are meant to forget from this night. This strategy must work or the vampires wouldn't continue doing so.
"The music isn't too bad," Kol says with a frown as I scrunch up my nose at the music, which is a type that doesn't
require a partner and you only need to fist bump the air above you while bouncing on your feet. There is also some
grinding against one another, to which I keep my nose scrunched up at.
I give Kol a look. "Are you serious?"
"It's not good," he says with a shrug of his shoulders, "but it's bearable. It's not something I like, but bearable."
"For future reference," I begin, "don't ask me to dance to this."
"Wouldn't even dream about it," he says, to which I nod in satisfaction as Alfred appears in front of us, smirk in place.
"You made it," Alfred says as he shakes Kol's hand and places a kiss on my cheek, which causes my skin to crawl
uncomfortably. Kol tightens my hand in his and I only squeeze back to reassure him I'm fine. "I had my doubts."
"If it weren't for Gwen, we wouldn't have come," Kol says, earning a composed surprised look from Alfred. "Trust me,
underestimating her will only get you thrown about the room."
"Is everyone here a vampire?" I ask as I look around, not able to make out a vampire from a human with so many people
in this place and wondering if I have to keep myself visible.
"Not exactly," Alfred says as he motions to the place, to which I sigh in annoyance since it meant that I have to continue to
make sure I'm not visible; it's an ability that has gotten easier to do with time but it still wears me down a bit. "Most are
vampires, but the humans are always compelled before entering to make sure that what happens in here will stay here.
We know whose food by having them marked in the entrance."
"No one's drinking from a human," Kol says while surveying the place.
"We do that on the second floor," says Alfred. "You can join if you want."
"I'll think about it," Kol answers and Alfred nods.
"Well, come to me if you need anything," Alfred tells Kol before turning to me. "You look exquisite tonight, dear Gwen." I
practically flinch at the nickname, remembering that Kol used it with spite after we first met and for some while.
"Um, s-sure," I stutter a bit and they both notice before Alfred nods and turns to leave.
"Darling?" Kol asks as he frowns at me and I give him a forced smile.
"I'm fine," I say and he raises a knowing brow at me. "I just don't like him, that's all."
"Gwen?" he pushes, but I'm not going to let him get it out of me right now.
"Not now," I say. "Let's not ruin the night."
"All right," Kol says and he glances to the side, smirking. "Would you care to join me in a game of billiards?"
I frown and look to the side, noticing there is a vacant pool table. "Are you sure?" He frowns at me. "The last time we
played you ended up getting daggered."
"I still think it was you being a sore loser," he says as he drags me over to the table while I playfully glare at him.
"I didn't, it was Alaric," I argue, wondering if I said the vampire hunter's name right.
"All I hear are excuses," he says as he hands me a cue stick before prepping up the table for us to play. He finishes
getting the table ready before grabbing a cue stick himself. "Ladies first."

"Will you look at that," I say as I set the cue ball in place for me to break the neatly-shaped triangle composed of the other
pool balls. "He still has manners."
"Of course," he says as he smirks at me. "Well, most of the time."
I hum as I bend over the edge of the table, getting ready to hit the cue ball with; music and the many conversations taking
place at the same time blaring in my ears. I release a sigh when I practically feel Kol's eyes on me; probably roaming
them all over my body and I find I don't mind at all. I clear my throat before hitting the cue ball and breaking up the
triangle, managing to score a striped ball, to which I grin at in triumph at Kol.
"Lucky start," he says and I roll my eyes at him before getting ready to hit another stripped ball with the cue ball. I bend
over the table again, ready to hit the cue ball. I see movement out of the corner of my eye and Kol is bending his body
over mine, placing his hands over mine on the cue stick. "You're too tense, darling."
"Am I?" I ask, knowing that a blush is on my cheek from having him so close, his mouth on my temple.
"Relax," he whispers and I know he's smirking. "Deep breath andrelease." We both hit the cue ball, missing one of my
own before we both straighten up, Kol still behind me.
"It's your turn," I say, loving how comfortable I am leaning against his chest. He moves my hair from my neck, gracing his
teeth over my skin before cold air meets my skin. I frown and find him bending over the edge of the table, looking very
cocky before my frown turns into a half-hearted glare. "You're a tease and a cheater."
"I only play by my own rules, darling," he says after scoring one of his pool balls before smirking over at me. "I thought
you already knew that."
"I am so going to get even," I tell him, to which he shrugs without a glare.
"Go ahead, but I doubt you'll succeed," he says, confident in himself as he prepares to hit the cue ball and score again.
I smirk at an idea in my head and wait until he's about to shoot. "I'm taking my dress off." He falters in his shot, hitting the
cue ball too hard in his surprise, thus missing the shot. He looks up to me with a deep frown while I grin at him. "Who's
cocky now?"
He narrows his eyes at me. "You are a sneaky little minx."
"That's what you get for cheating."
"Nice move."
"Thank you," I say with a grin as he approaches me when the music changes to an upbeat tune that I like.
"Would you care to dance?" he asks as takes my hand to his lips, placing a chaste kiss on my knuckles.
"I would be honored," I say with a grin, leaving the cue sticks on the pool table before he leads us over to the dance floor.
He twirls me as we arrive at the dance floor, taking me back in his arms as we begin to dance in upbeat steps. He has
one of my hands in his and the other around my waist while I have my other hand on his shoulder. I follow his lead,
keeping up with his steps as he continues to twirl me. He dips me when I come back from the twirl, to which I giggle
when we're upright. I blush when I notice that we've been given room, which Kol notices as he smirks at me. He pushes
me away but keeping a hold on my hand before bringing me back, grabbing my waist to lift me up for a second before
dipping me once more as the song ends. I grin up at Kol as he softly pants before bringing us upright, people start
clapping at us before they resume dancing to another song. Kol leads us out of the dance floor and over to empty stools
at the bar.
"Why on earth did you ask me for dance lessons?" I ask him as he flags down the bartender, ordering a drink while I
refuse the offer.
"I like dancing with you," he says as if it was something simple to answer while I shake my head at him with an amused
"You already know how to dance," I argue and he shrugs his shoulders as the bartender hands him his drink in a glass.
"You promised me dance lessons," he explains, "and I would be a fool to turn them down. Is it so wrong to want to dance
with you?"

"Your dancing skills might actually rival my Mom's," I say, regretting saying anything at all as the smile drops from my
"Your mother danced?" he asks me and I nod before he takes a sip.
"She was a dance teacher," I say. "She taught me and my sister some dancing. She even taught my Dad, even though he
didn't like to dance."
Kol frowns. "If he doesn't like dancing, how on earth did they meet or shared a life?"
"It's a funny story, actually," I say with a grin at the memory of my mom telling me the story. "She said she had been on
her way to work, coffee in hand and everything when she stopped at a red light. It had rained that morning, so there were
puddles here and there. Then, a car had stopped at the same red light and it had stepped on a puddle, completely
drenching her."
"Really?" he asked me, grinning while I chuckled lowly. "Did your father come to the rescue like a knight in shining
"Nope, just listen," I say with a smile. "She said she had yelled and insulted the person, never looking at him in her rant
or letting him talk before storming off to her job. She was furious and her temper can rival an Original's."
"Well, I'm glad I can't potentially end up on her bad side," Kol says as he takes a sip from his drink. "And where is your
father in all of this?"
"Well, during her class, my Mom had a new student," I continue the story. "At the end, the new student talked to her and
was complimenting her before asking her out to compensate for having drenched her with his car."
"Your father drenched your mother?" asks Kol, chuckling a bit and I chuckle with him.
"She actually turned him down a few times before she finally relented since he continued attending her dance lessons," I
say. "My Dad said that there is no better way to gain a girl's heart than by doing something she loves with her, even when
you loathe it with every fiber of your being. He liked how she smiled, saying that she practically glowed."
"Your father was quite the determined man," Kol says before downing the rest of his drink, ordering another. "Now, from
whom did you inherit your sharp tongue? I'm really interested on knowing who I should be thanking for giving you the
ability to get you killed in a matter of seconds."
"That would be my mother," I answer. "But, she had a better control over it."
"I can tell," he says and I smack his arm, to which he gives me a pained look, feigning being hurt.
"Oh, come on," I say, seeing right through him, even though he's being sarcastic. "Was the great Kol Mikaelson hurt by a
tiny little woman?"
"Not a woman, a ghost," he clarifies before smirking and downing the rest of his drink.
"Excuses, excuses," I say, using his words, to which he rolls his eyes at me. I sigh before my eyes fall on the door that
most likely leads to the second floor. "Aren't you going to get a 'snack'?" I ask him, to which he frowns since I now notice
that he hasn't even glanced at the door that Alfred said that led to where the vampires were feeding.
"I'd rather much be here with you," he says with a seductive grin, to which I blush as he leans closer to me with the
intention to kiss me.
"Are you sure about that?" I cringe at the voice, recognizing it as Kol and I turn to our sides and see Layla standing there,
smirk in place with her hands on his hips.
I sigh in irritation at her having interrupted me and Kol. I look her over and see she's wearing a red, strapless mini dress
that doesn't leave much to one's imagination, to which I scrunch up my nose at. She compliments her dress with black
heels and her lapis lazuli bracelets. Her hair is in waves to one side and I have to say that she's wearing too much
make-up, but doesn't look too bad.
"The fun is upstairs, sweetheart," Layla says as she leans closer to Kol, making me sigh in irritation as I keep myself
from saying anything that might end the night bloody.
"I have a spot upstairs," Alfred says as he appears next to me, to which I cringe at, "if you want it."

"I don't need to be cajoled into feeding," Kol says, almost sounding like a growl since Kol isn't one to be told what to do.
"Not that I mind a bite."
"You're hungry, mate," Alfred argues and I can't help but agree since Kol hasn't fed since this morning. "Have a meal.
You're looking a little pale."
"You should go," I say, making him frown at me while Layla and Alfred smirk at one another, which makes me frown in
question at tem but I ignore it. "You haven't fed in a while and you need to eat."
"The lady's right, my friend," Alfred says as he cuts off Kol's warning tone. "Your eyes are filled with hunger. I'll watch over
dear Gwen." I cringe once more at the nickname, which Kol notices but I try to give him an encouraging smile. "She'll be
Kol looks to me and I nod. "I'll be fine."
Kol sighs before flagging down the bartender, ordering a shot and downing it in one gulp before standing up in front of
me. "Stay put." I nod before he follows Layla to the door that leads upstairs as Alfred sits on the chair that Kol was
previously occupying.
"So, a ghost?" he asks as he orders a drink. "How did that happen?"
"I died," I say matter-of-factly as the bartender hands Alfred a drink, offering me one but I shake my head.
"And how did you and Kol meet?" he asks. "He doesn't look like the type to be so attached to another or to settle down."
"Well, he did try to kill me when we first met," I say, earning a surprised look from Alfred. "He changed his mind about
killing me, we spent some time together and now we're just travelling."
"You seem to know the Mikaelsons pretty well," he says as he takes a sip from his glass.
"I met them all," I say, trying not to give him too much information, something I learned from Klaus in our time together
and I'm sticking to it. "They are intense."
"I'm surprised you survived them," he says. "Wait; don't tell me one of them was the one who killed you."
I frown at him, insulted. "No, they would never."
"That would've been a fine twist to your story," he says, trying to be charming but my lack of response seems to be
making it hard for him to get much out of me. "I never thought I'd see the day that a ghost hangs around vampires; well,
Original vampires at that."
"Yeah, well, witches hate me," I explain. "I don't think werewolves would be fans, considering the company I keep.
Humans can't see me unless I allow it, but it's exhausting since I don't age. So vampires are my best bet."
"I can attest that you are a gem amongst us," he says as he brushes his handover mine while smirking seductively,
inching closer to me while I lean back. "You're really a sight and probably a delicacy."
"Um," I gulp and jump out of my seat, getting out of Alfred's reach. "I think I should find Kol."
Alfred nods. "I'll take you to him. Follow me."
I nod at him before he downs his drink in one gulp and standing up from the stool. I follow him through the crowd and to
the door. He opens it and lets me in first, seeing that there is also a bouncer behind this door. Alfred nods at the bouncer
before leading me up the stairs, coming to a hallway filled with many doors, some closed and others open. The hallway
is dimly lit by lights attached to the walls between doors. I suddenly feel intensely cold, the cold that belongs to death. I
don't want to even imagine what is behind the closed doors. I follow Alfred down the hall, passing many doors and
noticing that the ones open are either clean rooms or they are filled with blood.
"In here," I jump at Alfred's voice when he motions to a room with his hand.
I sigh before entering, frowning when I don't see Kol but a blond-haired man in his late twenties with his blue, buttonedup shirt open with blood running down from his mouth to his bare chest. He has blue pants and is barefoot. He smirks
at me when I notice the dead brunette girl on the bed, turning around to find Alfred smirking and closing the door behind
him. Chills go up my back at the hunger in their eyes and the pure predatory looks on their faces. I keep myself calm,

trying not to lose control.

"You were right," I turn to the blond vampire behind me, seeing his vampiric features manifesting, "she does smell
"Let's see what she tastes like," I turn to Alfred, his vampiric features manifesting. "I've been dying to have a bite."
I raise my hand at a lunging Alfred, flinging him back with my powers and sending him crashing into the wall. I turn in
time to do the same to the blond vampire, sending him crashing back against the opposite wall, earning a grunt of pain
from him. I scream in surprise when I am thrown into a wall, groaning in discomfort at how I land on the floor with Alfred
towering over me.
"Not so tough now, eh, dear Gwen?" he says with a smirk as I cringe at the nickname while glaring up at him. "I bet Kol is
having his fill about now, in more ways than one." He smirks while I frown. "He's probably on Layla by now, so I doubt
you'll be missed."
The mere thought of Layla on Kol turns my insides in disgust and Alfred notices as he starts chuckling. My glare hardens
as the room begins to get colder, which I notice at Alfred's frown when he can see his own breath. I flick my hand at him,
throwing him back and silencing his chuckling, which turns into groaning while I stand up, taking notice of the other
blond vampire gathering his wits before his glaring eyes fall on me. I manage to calm my emotions, the temperature
starting to rise.
"Kol!" I call, not really sure I want to kill these vampires as Alfred gets up once more. I turn from them and go through the
door, ending up in the hallway. "Kol!" I call frantically as I look through the open rooms, not going through the closed
ones and end up finding that Alfred was right about Kol and Layla. "Kol?"
I yelp when I collide against the wall, pinned to it by a hand around my neck, squeezing. I groan as I grab hold of Alfred's
wrist with both of my hands, trying to pry it off my neck without much success as I begin to panic at the sight of other
vampires beginning to poke their heads out of their rooms at the commotion I was causing with my calls for Kol.
"Well," Alfred says as he runs his nose along my jawline while his body is almost against mine, to which I turn my head
away from him, "just you and me."
"Let me go," I say with a glare as I calm my panicking emotions at his close proximity and the prospect of him biting me.
"Just a bite," Alfred says as his vampiric features appear, causing me to gasp as he goes to bite me, but he's pulled
away from me and held next to me against the wall by his throat by Kol. "Kol?"
"You should know better than to try and take a bite from another vampire's girl," Kol says with a smirk on his lips, but the
anger is evident in his eyes. "Do you even know whose patience you've tested?"
"Come on, Kol," Alfred says and I notice the stances the vampires were taking, which were ready to pounce and they
seem to be ready to defend Alfred. "I just wanted a bite. You can't say it's not hard not to. You've left a lot of bodies drained
in the few days of your stay."
"She's mine," Kol growls at Alfred's face. "You'd do well to know that if she's harmed I'll start ripping hearts out and I
never go back on my word."
"Kol?" I say, trying to get his attention as the vampires around us begin to show their vampiric features. "I'm fine. There's
no need for bloodshed tonight."
Alfred grins darkly. "You might care about her, but you just want to rip into her throat, don't you? Have a small little drop?" I
frown when I notice Kol's vampiric features beginning to surface.
"Kol?" I say and place a hand on his arm, causing him to come back from his thoughts before turning to me. "We need to
He sighs deeply when he notices the other vampires before turning back to Alfred. "You do know that numbers mean
nothing if your little coven decides to plummet to their deaths. This will be your one and only warning to make yourself
"We don't answer to you," Alfred hisses at Kol, the latter shrugging nonchalantly before breaking the former's neck, the
sting of it in my neck.
"Does anyone else want to play the hero?" Kol asks as he looks around the place with a cocky grin while raising his

arms to his sides. "Do think before you act, darlings."

Kol's face darkens as he grabs my arm in a tight hold that is not so rough while we begin to take our leave. I can tell he is
royally furious by the dark look in his eyes and I am surprised that he didn't start ripping limbs off on every turn of this
place. We both remain silent as we make our exit, knowing that this night will put a damper on things.
I hope things will lighten up for tomorrow and the next days to come, I think to myself, knowing that Kol is not going to let
this night slide without consequences.

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*Chapter 6*: Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

The morning is rather bright and glowing with not a cloud in sight, which I am finding is a rare occurrence since it has
either been raining or it's been cloudy during our whole stay in London. There must be plenty people outside, enjoying
themselves in the sunny day and just having a good time. It is a beautiful day, but I find it grim and I can't help but take
part of the blame for having caused it to become as such; well, not that it's entirely my fault. And I can't help but think that
it is beautiful outside on a not so joyful day.
I stare up at the ceiling while lying on the bed of the duplex apartment in the hotel we are staying in, finding myself
uncomfortable and bored. I release a solemn sigh since Kol hasn't talked to me or even spared me a glance since we
left the party last night in agonizing silence. We didn't even share the bed since he slept on the couch downstairs. I found
myself almost joining him many times during the night, but I stopped myself each time since I decided to just let Kol
calm down. The only things I heard were Kol shuffling about downstairs and ordering room service not a few minutes
ago. I think he's had enough time for himself, I think as I sit up on the bed.
I release a deep sigh, mentally preparing myself for my confrontation with Kol as I stand up from the bed. I deliberately
take slow steps as I make my way over to the top of the stairs before making my way down to the bottom, not bothering to
look over the skyline to watch the sun shining down at the view we have. I flinch with a frown when I feel a sting in my
neck, going down the steps faster to find a female employee on the floor, dead. I sigh as I look over to the couch where
Kol is sitting on, smirking at the dead blonde on the floor at his feet with blood dripping down his chin. I can't help but
shuffle uncomfortably on my feet as I look at Kol, disliking how I fear to end up like the blonde since Kol wouldn't do that
to meright?
I open my mouth and close it a few times, nervous since I know that Kol might still be upset or might be upset by my
presence. "Kol?"
Kol looks up at me, his amusement gone with his face devoid of emotions. "What can I help you with?"
"Well, I-"
"Do you want another suicide party for you to attend?" he asks mirthlessly, cutting me off. "I have plenty of those. Why, we
can start one right now, if you want." I open my mouth once more to talk. "Do you want to prove to yourself something?"
He stands up as he approaches me with angry eyes. "Or is it that you want to prove to, not only yourself, but to Niklaus
something?" I freeze at this while I continue to avoid his eyes, a bit angry that he's angry at me. "Would you care to give
me an answer, dear Gwen?"
I cringe at that. "Don't call me that."
"Answer me," he growls and I look up at him, matching his glare with my own, not caring that he has blood on his face.
"You don't have to be condescending," I say, not really wanting to justify myself to him at the moment.
"I have every right, dear Gwen," he hisses at me. "You wanted to go to the bloody party. You wanted to prove that you're
capable of managing yourself, but it got me thinking that you're not doing this for you. I told you to follow my lead while in
there, but you follow a vampire to the bloody brothel where over a dozen of vampires could've ended up feeding on you!"
"I was fine," I counter.
"You didn't look fine when I found you," he argues while a thought enters my mind.
"Where were you?"
He frowns, a bit taken aback. "What?"

"I went looking for you with Alfred. Where were you?"
"I was having a drink at your request," he growls once more, which is getting quite old. "Not the best I've had but eatable."
"And Layla?" I ask, to which he narrows his eyes at me and it is obviously too late to take back my question.
"How did this turn on me?" he asks, smirking in disbelief, but I really want to know where Layla was in all of this. Kol
seems to have figured me out as he gives me a dark and angry grin. "The strumpet watched as I fed and tried to get in
my pants when I heard you call me the first time. Excuse me if I was trying to not break her neck to get to you. Alas, she
ended up losing her head." I now feel guilty for assuming he was with her. "You thought I bedded her?"
"Alfred said-"
"You'd trust his word over mine?" he hisses to my face and I couldn't help but feel worse now. "You actually think that low
of me?"
My eyes widen a bit at the familiarity of his words, bringing me back to a time when Klaus and I weren't exactly on good
terms. It was actually the first heated argument Klaus and I had, which turned out to be our silver lining.

"You didn't have to kill him!" I yelled at Klaus as we stood in the living room of our home in New York, which was a
penthouse with the fireplace lit and a dead b oy on the couch with his neck snapped.
"He was human," he said, his anger was b right on his face from the shadows the fireplace casted on his skin. "I saved
you the troub le, love."
"I liked him!" I yelled, trying to keep calm and not b reak the house in my fit, which was proving to b e quite difficult.
He guffawed at this. "A little fancy that you'll get over. Besides, he was human and you're a ghost. You'll never age, you'll
never b e physical and many more things that you'll never get to do. I thought you knew that."
"I just want to have some semb lance of life, Klaus," I argued as tears welled up in my eyes. "Is it so wrong to want some
"You're dead," he said with finality. "It's high time you acknowledge and accept it."
"You had no right to take his life!"
"I have every right and you'd do well to rememb er that," he growled, his vampiric features coming into view, to which I
took a step b ack in fear that he'd hurt me, which he noticed. His face returned to b eing human and regretful. "You
actually think that low of me?"
"I don't know what to think anymore," I sob b ed as tears streamed down my cheeks. "I didn't want to die."
I sob b ed as I covered my face with my hands, wishing that I was alive. I only wanted things to b e normal, to b e alive. I
paused when I felt arms wrap around me, which only prompted more tears to stream down my cheeks. I wrapped my
arms around Klaus' waist and hiding my face into his chest as he leaned his cheek on top of my head while rocking us
ever so softly. I squished my eyes closed, willing my tears to stop as I b reathed in Klaus' scent and wishing that I hadn't
died, that I hadn't lost my family.
"I'm sorry, sweetheart," Klaus whispered as I turned my head to have my cheek against his shoulder. "I wish I could help
you more."
I shook my head b efore pulling b ack a b it to stare up at him. "It's not your fault. I was just dealt with a hand that wasn't to
my liking and you're right. I should accept things as they are and count myself lucky for some reason."
"I swear to you, Gwen," he said as he pulled me b ack to his chest, "you'll never b e alone. I will always b e there to protect
"Come hell or high water?" I asked as I smiled a b it while we b oth stared at the fireplace with my head against his chest
and his is on top of mine.
"Let the devil come himself if he so dares," he said, to which I smiled.

"Kol, I," I say, coming back from my memories as Kol scoffs. "I didn't know what to think."

"You trust me," he yells, "is what you do."

"How can I?" I yell back and gasp when I register my words, covering my mouth, being too late to sop myself as Kol
stares at me blankly. "Kol, I didn't-"
"I get it," he says, dark smirk in place. "You've been Klaus' pet for so long that you can't even stand on your own two feet,
so you decided to prove to him that you aren't a bloody deadweight. I have to say that you failed."
"I understand I should've been more careful," I say, feeling tears welling up in my eyes at the fact that he's right and
throwing it at my face without much sensibility, getting frustrated with his unreasonable mind. "You don't have to be an
ass about it."
"You almost got yourself killed, so pardon me if I'm being an 'ass about it'," he says. "You should've known better, Gwen."
"But I am fine," I stress out. "I didn't get hurt."
"You could've gotten hurt," he counters as he turns his back to me. "You're proving to be a pain on my side."
"I'm sorry if I don't meet your expectations," I say, getting angry myself at him as he turns back to me. "What do you want?
Do you want someone compliant like that Layla since she was throwing herself at your feet and spreading her legs for
"I'd prefer that," he says and he's head turns to the side after a loud smack.
I frown, not knowing why my hand stings, but then I notice the red on Kol's cheek from where I had just slapped him. My
breath catches. I just slapped him, I think in my panic. I've never slapped him b efore. It felt kinda good. I just slapped
him, not even wanting to, but his last words had done the trick to have me lash out without letting my powers explode
with my anger.
"I'm sorry," I whisper, not giving him a chance to turn to face me before I disappear from the apartment.

I open my eyes and look around, smiling at the fact that I just appeared on the park that the apartment has a view of. Not
once did Kol and I visit the park that we have a full view of since we always found to entertain ourselves with other things.
I smile at the amount of people covering the park on this sunny day, not even wanting to be visible and just be by myself.
There were people riding bicycles, in groups, in pairs, selling stuff on the sides, playing with their children on the grass,
playing with their dog or having a picnic. They were living.
I sigh, knowing that it is best that Kol and I spend some time apart to calm ourselves. I figure that Kol must be angry at
me. I don't even know why I just slapped him like I did. I hug myself before starting to walk, causing people to cringe
when I go through them. I can't find myself to even bother to go around them in my thoughtful state, just looking at my
surroundings. I take a deep, unnecessary breath as I yearn to feel the sun on my skin, but I know better.
I go over to a fountain, finding a spot on the edge to sit on. There are others sitting on the edge of the fountain; they are
resting, spending time together or something of the sort since it is a great day to be out and about. I scan the area and
chuckle when I see a dark-haired man playing catch with his dog, which seems to be a chocolate-coated Labrador
Retriever. It wags its tail as it stands a fair distance away from his owner before the ball is thrown and it springs into the
air to catch it, going back to its owner once he caught his prize.
I look to the side and grimace when I find a couple sitting on a bench. The man has an arm around her shoulders to
keep her snug against his side and to fight off the wind as they smile at one another while having a conversation. He
reaches forward and steals a kiss from her, to which she grins at him in blissful happiness that almost has me
shedding tears.
I look away with a sigh, knowing that I might have some semblance of what they have, but I'll never be able to actually do
much with it in my state. You're a ghost, for crying out loud, I scold myself. And I am right. I can't have a normal
relationship and spend days at the park without being careful, plan a future or even satisfy my partner. I will always be
stuck this way with no way of moving forward.
My thoughts bring me to Kol and Klaus. I need to get it through my head that I am with Kol now and not with Klaus. Kol is
placing trust in me to keep myself out of trouble without having to worry since I doubt he's ever have to worry about
anyone like this in his immortal life. And I know it either scares or bothers him to some length. With Klaus, I've always
been placed in a safe place that he knows I'll be safe in since he has ways to make it so if he isn't around to do it
himself. I strayed from the safe path that Klaus made safe for me and now I am where the wild things are with only

myself to keep me safe, knowing that Kol will do everything in his power to keep me safe; I think he just hasn't
acknowledged that he's doing it.
Frustration builds up in me as my thoughts bundle into an untamable mess, to which I rub my temples to ease down the
throbbing. I understand it was my own fault for trusting a vampire since they only ever look to me for my blood and this
isn't the first time that something like this happened.

"Are you sure you want to leave?" Klaus asked me as we stood at the entrance of a b ar that was filled with humans
partying and some vampires that Klaus needed to get information out of. "I can make things move faster, get what I want,
tear their hearts out and b e on our way."
"I'm fine," I said. "You take things on your own pace; I'm just tired of keeping myself visib le. I've never gone this long and
I don't want to b e invisib le."
He nodded in understanding. "All right, go on then."
"I'll see you when you get b ack," I said and he nodded b efore going b ack inside, leaving me alone on one of the many
streets of New Hampshire to go b ack to the motel we're staying in.
I b egan walking down the road, taking a skip in my steps as I stared up at the starlit sky with a smile on my lips at the
forest around me. I still was in the town b ut the only things that were still open were the b ar and the diner. I took a deep
b reath, ignoring that I don't need it and smiled as I exhaled.
"Help!" I perked up at the distressed voice coming from around the corner of the diner that was a little away from the b ar.
"Please!" I saw a man rounding the corner, b ent in pain as he clutched his side with his hand. "Please, help me, miss."
"What happened?" I asked as I approached him, trying to look at his wound. I took notice of his dark, curly hair and
b rown eyes. "Are you all right?"
"I am now," he said and I frowned up at him, gasping when I saw his vampiric features manifesting b efore grab b ing my
arms to b lur me over to the side of the diner where it was desolate, pinning me against the wall. By b eing closer to him, I
frowned when I saw that he was at the b ar that I had just left. "Not just gullib le and good-smelling, b ut pretty too."
I screamed when his fangs b egan to descend, b ut they never made it to my skin since he was pulled off of me b y a
furious Klaus. Klaus was holding the squirming vampire b y his neck and a foot ab ove the ground. I sighed in relief,
taking a minute to calm down while leaning against the side of the diner.
"You are either b old or plain pathetic," Klaus growled b efore he ripped out the heart of the vampire with his free hand, to
which I flinched at the sting in my heart. "Good riddance."
"Nik," I said in relief as he turned to me and I go over to him, ending up engulfed b y his arms. "Thank you."
"It's all right, sweetheart," he said into my hair as he rub b ed my b ack. "I'm here."

Klaus never failed to be there for me; before or after whatever trouble I had gotten in, but normally before since he
somehow knew I'd end up in trouble. I had later found out that he either followed me back to make sure I was fine or sent
someone to follow me and make sure I was safe. I never got bothered by it since I feared to end up being a snack, which
is not pleasant, even if I am ghost.
And now, I don't have Klaus to keep me safe. I have Kol. I sigh, knowing that he was right in his argument, but he was
wrong in how he phrased it, which is the reason why I had slapped him. I can't say that he was completely right, but I
know I was not in my attempt to find some sort of proof that I am capable of surviving on my own, even though I can if I
make sure to never make any contact with corporeal beings.
Thinking about Kol makes me realize that I should return to the hotel since he probably has no idea where I am and
might be even angrier because of that. I shrug, deciding to return later since I am too tired to deal with him and his
shifting moods.

I go through the door to my and Kol's apartment, having taken more time to myself since the sun is setting. I frown when I
find the place is dimly lit by a single lamp as I scan the place. I notice that the blonde corpse is no longer here, which
means that Kol cleaned it up in my absence. I still can't help but worry about the fact that I don't see Kol and that nothing
is broken or thrown in result of a fit of anger, which means that Kol must've let off steam some other way. I disappear

from the first floor and appear on the second, gasping when I find Kol sitting on the edge of the bed.
What had me gasping is the fact that Kol is drenched with blood all over his body. He has his arms on his knew with the
hands hanging and his head His clothes are bloodied with few places where it's clean, his hands are completely red
with dried blood on them. His face has blood splattered on his face with dry blood in his hair. He doesn't look up at me,
just continuing to stare at the floor with furrowed brows. And yet, I don't find myself afraid, but a bit irked at the blood on
"Kol?" I whisper as I approach him, but receive no movement from him. I kneel in front of him, but still receive no move of
acknowledgement from him. "Kol." At this, he looks up at me, his eyes widening a bit as if I have just arrived and didn't
seem to think he'd see me any time soon. "Are you okay?"
He nods, his face blank, not showing me any type of emotion. I sigh as I place my hands on his bloody cheeks, stroking
it as I look him over. I scan my eyes over him, trying to find any damage done to him but come up with none. Satisfied that
I find nothing wrong with him physically, I sigh in relief before standing up.
"I'll be right back," I say, not waiting for an answer before going to the bathroom, deciding that he should get cleaned up
before anything else.
I look around, going over to the cupboards below the sink and opening them to pull out a bowl with a medium-sized
towel. I stand up with the bowl in my hands and place it in the sink, opening the faucet to fill the bowl with water. I go over
to the bathtub and open the faucet, letting it fill the tub before going over to the sink and turning its faucet off. I take the
bowl and the towel before going back to the bedroom, finding Kol is still in the same place I left him.
I approach him and kneel in front of him, setting the bowl full of water between his feet. I feel Kol's eyes on me as I dip
the towel deep into the bowl of water. I concentrate on making sure the towel is all wet before taking it out and wringing it,
keeping it humid. I look up and find Kol frowning at me; I offer him a small smile. I extended my hand for him to give me
his. A few seconds pass as he debates this before giving me his hand and I begin cleaning it with the towel, washing off
as much blood as possible. I smile when I see it's almost clean before doing the same to his other hand.
I nod in satisfaction when I finish cleaning his hands as much as I could before dipping the towel back the red water in
the bowl. The white towel is no longer white but a pink shade from staining it with blood and drenching it in water. I look
up and stand tall on my knees between Kol's legs. I push away as much of his soft hair away from his face, noticing that
his use for gel is lessening. I lock eyes with him before returning to clean the blood of his face with the damp towel. I
softly scrub his forehead before going to his cheeks, then to his nose and then his mouth. I cleaned as much blood off
him as I could, for I don't want him not to completely taint the bath with blood. I squeak in surprise when he grabs my
wrists, squeezing them but not out of anger as my eyes lock with his.
"Where were you?" he asks, no trace of anger in his tone, only curiosity.
"I was at the park," I say as I glance at said park from our skyline, which Kol also glances at before we turn our eyes back
to one another.
He softly chuckles. "I scoured all of London looking for you, only to find you were right under my nose."
I smile a bit. "You should take a bath, I already have it running. We'll talk after."
He sighs before nodding. I put the stained towel in the bowl filled with the tainted water. I pick up the bowl and stand up
with the intention to pour it into the sink. I am about to go there when Kol snatches it from my hands with a small smirk.
"I'll take it," he says before going into the bathroom with the bowl and I sigh before appearing downstairs.
If I were alive, I'd yawn before I'd sit on the sofa, but that isn't going to happen. I can tell that Kol turned the faucet off since
there is no more constant splashing and he's probably already in it. I sit on the sofa, reclining on its corner and simply
staring at the skyline, watching the night with the stars and moon to light it up while a lamp dimly lights up the apartment.
I don't know how long he was bathing, but I hear some rougher splashing, which seems to me that he's getting out of the
bathtub. I hear some shuffling upstairs, which means he's drying himself and putting some clothes on. I remain calm
and collected, not having organized my thoughts by the time he comes down the stairs in clean clothes while I sit up
We both lock eyes as he reaches the bottom of the stairs, not knowing what to say or how to even be near each other. I
offer him a smile of encouragement before he slowly comes over to the sofa, sitting down a few inches next to me
without saying much to one another. I open my mouth a few times to start, but my thoughts are too muddled, so I just

close my mouth and wait for him to start.

"Aren't you going to ask me who I killed?" he asks me and I frown when I turned to him, but he doesn't turn to me and just
watches the floor in front of him, not really zeroing in on anything.
"Do you want to tell me?" I ask, not wanting to end this conversation into an argument. "You don't have to, but I am
He turns to me with a sigh, his eyes narrowing at me as they roam all over my face while I wait for him to finish with
patience. "It was the vampires at Alfred's."
"Oh," I manage to say, not really knowing what else to say. "Why?"
"I was angryI am angry at what they could've done to you," he says and I frown at this. "They might've not hurt you, but
they had every intention to do so and I was just angry. I am angry at Alfred for almost hurting you, I was angry at Layla for
making you uncomfortable and I was angry at you for" he says and looks for words to finish his sentence as his eyes
narrow at me, "for being you."
I chuckle at this. "What happened after I left?"
He sighs. "I scoured most of London while looking for you." I smile apologetically at this, knowing that I should have at
least told him I was fine or something. "I was angry, dropped some bodies before going to Alfred's. I killed the vampires
that were there. Easy pickings since they didn't have daylight amulets." He sighs.
"What happened next?"
"I didn't find Alfred," he says, seeming to go back to when it happened. "No one knew what happened to him. He just
disappeared." I frown, worried about Alfred's whereabouts. "He must've relocated somewhere else, there's nothing
worse than getting on the bad side of an Original." I roll my eyes at this. "I thought you had left."
I frown at him. "What?"
"I thought you had gone back to Klaus after our spat this morning."
"Kol," I say, taking a hand of his in mine while keeping my eyes solely on his, "just because we have an argument
doesn't mean I'm going to ditch you for Nik. Being part of a relationship means that we're going to argue and we have to
learn to get used to one another, if that's what you still want."
"Of course I do, darling," he says and I sigh in relief. "You're just different from my other conquests." I raise an eyebrow in
question at this, to which he chuckles. "I don't want you compliant or spreading your legs for me, I didn't mean that. I want
you, just you. Don't take this the wrong way, but, if you were someone I didn't know or recognize, I would have been more
charming, flirty and just take you as a snack. I'm glad you're who you are." I frown at this. "I would've just eaten you and
discarded you like I would any other living meal. Being Jen's descendant isn't all bad. It got you the most handsome
Mikaelson at your beck and call." I chuckle at this while he smirks. "There's something else."
"I didn't" he begins but fights for word, opening and closing his mouth a few times, to which I frown at. "I want to" He
grabs my hands in his, stroking their back as he tries to find the right words.
"What is it?" I say, showing him I'm patient and encouraging him. "Can I say something first?" He sighs in relief before
nodding. "I made last night a mess for a selfish need. I've been with Nik for six constant years and the longest I've gone
without him is a month. I just needed some sort of assurance, I guess, that I'd be okay without him and I am with you.
And I want to apologize for last night and whatever else that you think I did wrong."
"There's nothing to forgive," he says rather quickly, to which I nod.
"I also want to apologize for slapping you," I say with a regretful smile while he chuckles. "I honestly don't know what
came over me. I was so frustrated and upset; I don't recall even thinking about slapping you. I have never slapped
anyone like that, except for Nik, now that I think about it."
"I deserved it," he says, to which I sigh in relief. "I have to say, you have a good arm." I chuckle at this, not really wanting to
since I want to be serious for this. "I alsowant toapologize for my behavior."
"Apology accepted and you don't have to change Kol, not for me," I say without even thinking about it, but also amazed

that he apologized since he has never apologized to me for anything. "Are we good?"
He smirks before he crashes his lips on mine, holding the back of my head in place as our lips mold against one
another. I let go of his hand and wrap my arms around his neck, digging my fingers into his damp hair while his free
hand goes to my hip as we recline on the sofa, lips still attached. He deepens the kiss, but pulls back, to which I playfully
glare at his smirk.
"I have something else to say," he says, to which I frown. "I do care about you, Gwen. The feeling is foreign because I've
worried over my siblings before but never like this. It's difficult to get used to you, but I swear I will."
I smile at him as I stroke his cheek with his eyes following my every movement. "I care about you, Kol. We're both works
in progress, so we can do this together."
"Deal," he says with a grin.
"Did we just have our first fight and make-up in one day?" I ask, to which he shrugs.
"I believe so," he says. "How many more are there in store for us?"
"I think a few more," I say as the hand that he has on the back of my head goes to around my shoulders while we have
our heads leaning on the couch as we face one another. "I'll blame them all on you for future reference."
He gives me a bewildered look while I chuckle. "Why?"
"You're more prone to instigate them."
He rolls his eyes at me. "Whatever you say, darling."
"Where to, now?" I ask as I place my head under his chin, cuddling into him. "Are we staying or what?"
"We're leaving," he says and I already knew that was coming. "It's too risky to stay, especially with the amount of bodies I
"Then we'll go," I say as I feel him press his lips on my temple, to which I smile as the skin there turns warm before he
places his head on top of mine, both of us staring out the skyline as we accept that changes are to come for both of us,
we just have to break on through them.

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*Chapter 7*: Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

"I'm going to miss London," I say as I stare up at the hotel we had been staying in for the duration of our visit while Kol
had some valets filling the trunk of a car he 'rented' with his belongings, which grew in the shopping we had.
Ever since Kol said it was best to leave London two days ago, he has been planning our trip none stop. We decided to
go to Italy and travel by car, which he probably compelled it for himself and made sure that we left no permanent tracks
that would follow us. I am honestly sad that we're leaving London since I came to like the atmosphere and just everything
about it, given the fact that our visit was cut short.
"You have my word that we'll come back," Kol says as he wraps his arms around my waist from behind, placing his chin
on my shoulder. "We'll have to wait for a couple of years or at least until the heat comes down a bit. I didn't know humans
would become so frenzied with a couple of dead bodies."
"That's the police, Kol," I say. "Their job is to solely deal with things like this, but they have nothing on us since we don't
really exist. We're not on their database or anything."
"I am going to assume that you said we're completely off the hook," he says, probably not having understood what I
meant, which brings a chuckle out of me.
"It does," I say as I turn in his arms to face him while placing my hands on his chest. "It means that they don't have
anything to link us to the crime or to existence."
"I knew there was a reason to have brought you along," he says with a smirk and I smack his arm before stepping out of
his arms and going over to the car that was ready to go.
I approach Angus. "Thank you, Angus."
"It was a pleasure to be of service to you, Miss Mikaelson," he says with a small bow and I can't help but force my smile
to stay in place to not glare at Kol, who is probably smirking as he makes sure everything is in order.
"Thank you for your services, Angus," Kol says as he comes to stand next to me with an arm around my shoulders. "They
were exceptional."
I grin at Angus. "Thank you for enduring my apparent husband; it's not an easy task so far."
Angus chuckles at this. "It was a pleasure, Miss Mikaelson."
"Well, it's best to take our leave, darling," Kol says as he leads me over to the passenger side of the car, opening the
door for me before I get in and he closes the door once I'm settled. I am rather surprised that he got a Cayenne Porsche,
which is not a convertible. The door to the driver's seat is opened and Kol climbs in. "Time to set sail."
"We're in a car, not a boat," I say with a frown as he turns the key into the car, bringing it to life.
"Just go with it," he says with a roll of his eyes while I chuckle at him, earning a soft look from him that causes my
stomach to turn pleasantly.
"What route are we taking?" I ask as I grab a map from the glove compartment in front of my seat, opening it to find a
map of Europe as Kol pulls out to the road as I roam my eyes over it in excitement. "Where are we going through?"
"I thought we'd go through France," he says, turning to look at him with wide eyes while he smirks at me. "And then to
"Really?" I ask excitedly. "How long are we staying in France?"

"Not long," he says. "I want to put some distance between us and London as fast as I can."
"All right, so we'll be going through the Channel Tunnel to get to Paris," I say as I look over the map while scrunching up
my nose at not being able to read the map well. "How long are we staying in Paris?"
"I'd say about four or five days," he says, to which I pout. "Why are you making that face?"
"We're not staying long, that's what," I say. "It is the City of Love; excuse me if I want to really experience the love."
"Don't worry, darling," he says, grin in place. "I'll show you all Paris has to offer before we're done with it."

I cannot help the shocked look that still adorns my face, being like this since we had arrived to Paris yesterday in the
night. The drive to France was rather quick since we arrived to France's soil in less than six hours since we left our hotel
in London. It took us a few more hours to arrive at the hotel we'd be staying in, having stopped a few times for Kol to have
a snack.
We had arrived just past dusk and Kol was beyond tired, even though he tried to hide it and even said we should tour for
a bit, but I knew better than to ask him to do that. I had to practically threaten him to just turn in and tour later and I'm glad
that he was too tired to put up much of an argument. He had his things brought up to our room while we just went to it
with no delays. The minute we entered our room, Kol made a beeline for the bed, saying he'd shut his eyes for some
minutes but he slept through the whole night while I simply toured our place, which is unbelievably beautiful.
Our room is located on the seventh floor of the hotel, offering pure luxury, including a private terrace with the most
panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower. Our room is nestled on top of a historic mansion, overlooking Paris and its
monuments. I literally have the Eiffel Tower at my doorstep, catching my breath every time I step out into the terrace,
which is where I currently am, bouncing on the balls of my feet in excitement while Kol still sleeps. The weather is windy
with the trees coated with brown leaves because of the season we're in.
The room has panoramic bay windows in every room, offering views of, among others, the Eiffel Tower, the River Seine,
bridges and the Grand Palais. I am amazed at how quickly I memorized everything the bellhop told me about the room
when he brought Kol's luggage to our room while Kol slept. The large terrace overlooks the Eiffel Tower, giving me a full
and perfect view of it. The luxury one-bedroom suite with separate living area, dining table and pantry is just to die for. I
was bit amazed at the whole space we have, which is more than the one we had in London. The bellhop also told me
our room is also be connected to create a private 'apartment' spanning the entire seventh floor, with four bedrooms, but I
told him I'd talk it over with Kol, making sure to say that we're together but not married. I also loved the marble-clad
bathrooms that feature a separate shower and Jacuzzi, mist-free mirror and heated floor.
Our room has everything to enable internet access, so Kol will like that. We also have cable television, but I prefer the
indoor movie channels to watch some movies with Kol and get him updated, even if he ends up complaining about them
later on. We have a flatscreen television in our bedroom and everything a man or woman might need in the bathroom,
and I mean everything. We also have a full-size executive writing desk, but I don't think we'd use that. There is also an
electronic safe, but I doubt we'd use that either. I do find that I'll enjoy playing with the bedside lighting controls, since they
light up the terrace, which we have a view of from our bedroom. What I do love above all else is the coffee and teamaking facilities while Kol will enjoy the mini-bar above all else.
I smile wide as I lean against the railing of the terrace, enjoying the view, which quite literally takes my breath away. I
couldn't wait much longer or for Kol to wake up, so I just came out here almost half an hour ago, making sure not to
wake up Kol since he looked utterly exhausted from all the driving. We even argued that I should've taken the wheel for a
while to let him rest, but he was adamant to continue driving since he said he didn't trust my driving, which instigated a
playful argument.
"Enjoying the view, my darling?" I turn and find Kol leaning against the doorway to the terrace, smirking with his arms
crossed over his chest, hair and clothes in disarray from sleep, and face still waking up.
I smile wider, too excited by the view, the place we're and by seeing him there, just standing there and smirking at me,
which feels my chest with a heavy and unknown feeling that is pleasantly overwhelming. I can't help but run over to him
and jumping into his arms as they automatically wrap around me while my legs wrap around his waist, both of us
chuckling as he spins us once before setting back down on the floor but not letting go of my waist.
"I didn't even give you a compliment," he says as I smile up at him with my hands on his rather firm chest. "I can see you
love the place so far."
"It's beautiful," I say as I turn to the view. "I can't believe we're not staying long."

"I promise to bring you back here too," he says, joking in his exasperation, causing me to chuckle. "Anywhere else I am
forced to take you to?"
"None so far," I say as he leans down, pecking my lips with a soft kiss, my eyes closed even when he pulls away to
press his forehead against mine. "Are there any old mates here that we should worry about?"
"I doubt it," he says and I open my eyes to find his on mine. "I can say that my time in France was filled with blood and too
many parties to even remember. I was in pure euphoria."
"Well, let's hope we're lucky and just have fun," I say, to which he smirks, causing me to frown. "What's that evil little smirk
He shrugs, smirk still in place. "I have a surprise for you tonight."
I perk up at this. "Really?" He hums in confirmation. "What is it?"
"You do know the concept of surprises, don't you?" he asks me with a cocky attitude, to which I roll my eyes at. "Well, I
need to get ready."
I frown as he releases me and goes to the bedroom while I follow him. "Where are you going?"
"I am really hungry and I'm hungry for something from a vein," he says as he gives me an impish smile while going
through his bags that I placed on a corner of the room. "I also need to have some things ready for tonight."
"That means I have to entertain myself," I say as I sit on the edge of the bed. "I'll just watch some real French movies."
Kol turns to me with a questioning look and clothes in his hands. "You know French?"
I smirk. "Oui, bien sr je parle Franais! Je ne suis pas seulement un joli visage."
"My, my," Kol says as he chuckles. "Je ne vous arrive donc parler Franais moi-mme. Vous n'tes plus qu' pleine de
surprises, mon chri." I actually giggle at this as he approaches with hungry eyes, dropping the clothes on the bed next
to me before bending over me with his hands on the bed on either side of me, his head inches away from mine. "Do you
know how bloody sexy you sound?"
"Retour vous," I reply and it is the truth, to which he smiles at me before crashing his lips on mine.
I respond eagerly, his French accent still fresh in my mind as I wrap my arms around his neck. I tug him down a bit,
receiving a response when his body falls on mine. His lips go to my neck when I am on my back on the bed with him on
top of me, running his hands up and down my sides while mine tangle in his hair as I begin to pant at his ministrations. I
feel his human teeth brushing my skin, causing me to shiver but in a very pleasant way. I turn my head a bit, giving him
more skin for him to place his lips on, loving them on my neck.
I gasp in surprise when his warmth is no longer on me and cold air is all I meet, frowning when I see him panting next to
me on the bed with a hand over his eyes. I notice his fangs have elongated from his mouth, sitting up while he remains
lying on his back, probably trying to regain control. I rest on my side, propping myself up next to him with my elbow as I
look at him in worry.
"Kol?" I ask and he takes one last deep breath, his fangs retracting as he takes his hand from his eyes, which are their
normal color as they stare back at me, but I know they were bloodshot with hunger while he had his hand over them.
He smirks, but it's not quite as big as he usually does it. "That was close, not that I mind taking a nip."
"You're better at controlling it than others," I say with a small smile, remembering the many times I've been bitten and it
was normally due to lack of restraint from vampires. "Most would've taken more than a nip."
"I did take more than a nip, once upon a time," he says, both of us remembering the time he drained me dry of my blood.
"I forgave you for that, Kol," I say as I stroke his hair out of his forehead. "I thought we put that behind us, along with
everything else."
"You'd do well to know that I am not good at letting things go," he says while I shake my head at him.
"Well, do as you please," I say as I sit up completely with him following my lead.
"Like always," he says as he stands up, picking up his clothes with him before going to the bathroom, closing the door

behind him.
I sigh as I fall back on the bed again and placing an arm on my forehead as I stare up at the ceiling mindlessly. Kol and I
can't share a moment without danger that he'll bite me if things escalate, not that they will ever escalate to anything
beyond heated kisses and such but still. We need to find a way for him to get used to my blood or we'll forever have
problems because of my blood, including the fact that he must be drinking large amounts of blood to not pounce on me
when we're close. I frown as a thought comes to mind, but is shake it off since I doubt that Kol will be up for it.

I stand on the terrace, leaning on the railing as I gaze at the lit city under the starlit sky. The city has its own stars in the
form of lights that reflects the ones in the night sky. My chest is practically constricting itself as I gaze at Paris, the wonder
of something new and foreign completely engulfing me. It also brings me joy that I am here with Kol, never having
imagined that I'd be able to be with someone, even if there are unavoidable complications to come, if we decide to
continue to be together.
Like I had told Klaus, we're here to explore our feelings and understand them, which have been going to more romantic
feelings towards one another. Kol seems to no longer have a problem with me looking like Jen while I am no longer
afraid that he means to kill me. Still, we're living in the moment like any other couple, deciding to face the future at a later
time since we have all the time in the world to do so. I can only smile at the thought of continuing to have Kol in my dead
life, even if it eventually ends because I know that it would have been worth it.
I am currently waiting for Kol to arrive from having spent the whole day out; probably preparing everything for the surprise
he said he had for me. A bellhop had come to my door, giving me a message from Kol to be ready by the time he arrived,
saying that we'd leave the moment he arrived. So here I stand out on the terrace in a cream, sleeveless dress. The dress
has a knotted-wrap front with a round neckline and a wrap skirt. The gray leggings aren't cropped and the cream, cardy
ugg boots are the same. My necklace in place like always and my hair is loose in its waves with a single braid on the
side. I actually feel nervous since my clothes can't really take the style of something fancier than the dress I managed to
conjure up for the ball at Klaus' family mansion and I wish it could since I am in Paris, a rather fancy city to be in.
"Is it me or is there an angel on my terrace?" I smile and turn to find Kol leaning on the doorway of the terrace, wearing a
grin with his hands in the pockets of his pants. He had a dark buttoned-up shirt with a stylish jacket to go over it, pants
and shoes. His hair has less gel, so it falls over his forehead. And his only accessory being his daylight ring. "A rather
gorgeous angel, might I add."
"Flattery will get you nowhere, Mister Mikaelson," I say as he approaches me, predatory eyes on me while I merely smile
at him.
"Why don't you say that in French?" he demands more than asks as he places a hand on my waist, taking my hand in his
other one.
I smirk and decide to indulge him since he seems to have become quite taken with my French. "Je l'ai dit, la flatterie
vous mnera nulle part, Monsieur Mikaelson."
He merely grins at me widely as he brings me closer to him by my waist, gripping it tight while I place my free hand on
his well-toned arm. I chuckle at his clear joy of me speaking French, which I had no idea that he would come to like so
much. He leans in to kiss me but I stop him by taking my hand off his arm and placing my index finger on his soft lips,
earning an indignant frown from him.
"I thought you had a surprise for me," I say, to which he chuckles as I place my hand back on his arm.
"You don't forget things so easily," he says, to which I shrug innocently.
"I talked in French for you, it's only fair you pay up," I counter, earning a raise of his eyebrows at our playful banter.
"Besides, you've left me in suspense all day, which makes it beyond fair."
"Fair enough," he says with a toothy grin while I smile. "It's best to go. I don't want us to be tardy."
"I thought you liked tardy," I say as I wrap my hand around his arm while he leads us out of the apartment.
"No," he says with a pensive look. "That would be Rebekah."
I gasp in astonishment, causing us both to stop in our tracks. "I forgot to call her."
He frowns at me. "I think she can wait."

"I need to call her," I argue, not even sure if she's awake because of the time difference.
"Rebekah and Klaus have been calling every five minutes," Kol says, groaning in annoyance while my breath catches at
Klaus calling. "You can call Rebekah tomorrow, which is the great beauty of phones, darling."
"Rebekah called?" I ask him, getting angry that he didn't tell me.
"In all fairness, it could've been Nik and I don't have the patience to deal with him at the moment," he says with his arm
raised in defense, to which I nod since it is possible for Klaus to use Rebekah's phone as a decoy. "I'll call Rebekah
tomorrow, make sure it's her and then I'll put her on, given the fact that you don't seem ready to talk to Klaus."
"No, I'm not," I sigh as I stare at nothing in particular while thinking of Klaus. "I'll think about talking to him, but I'm not
"None of that on this night," he says as he tips my head up by my chin with his fingers to lock eyes with me. "This night is
ours. Let's worry about everyone else tomorrow." I smile and nod at him in agreement. "I do need you to do me a favor.
Well, you don't have a choice." I frown at him with a small smile on my lips. "I need you to wear this." He lifts his hand
with a big napkin in it.
"What?" I ask since I am confused as to what he wants.
"You need to be blindfolded," he says, earning an annoyed look from me. "Humor me, darling."
I sigh deeply, hoping that I won't regret this when I say, "Fine."

"Can I take it off now?" I ask for the umpteenth time, waiting for Kol to take off the blindfold from my eyes.
I don't know how long I've been blindfolded, but I am getting quite tired of it as I stand where Kol told me to, trying to hear
anything that might tell me where I am. I was quite annoyed that I had to be blindfolded from the apartment to the car and
so on. From wherever we arrived to, I can tell I am on some wood and outside because of the sounds and the lack of
people that I don't feel. I can even hear the sound of running water, but I am not sure.
"Kol, I swear that I will kill you before you kill me and dump me somewhere," I say with a low chuckle as I continue to try
to figure out where I am while I hear him chuckle, the volume telling me that he is in front of me. "I am quite serious,
"Trust me, if I were to kill you, I would have done it by now, don't you think?" he says as he cups my cheeks, tilting my
head a bit upward to where his face might be since he is taller than me. "And you are kind of dead." I smack his arm
playfully. "You wound me, darling."
"Can I take this blindfold off now?" I ask, getting annoyed with my lack of visibility. "I'd like to wipe off that smirk off you
I hear him chuckle and his hands move up to the back of my head, beginning to untie the blindfold that he had gently
wrapped over my eyes before we left the hotel. I smile when the blindfold is finally off me, slowly opening my eyes to
meet Kol's smirking face. I smile up at him before looking at my surroundings, not believing what I'm seeing.
"You didn't," I say as I look around the front deck of the boat cruise we're on, watching as the boat begins to move on the
I am literally speechless with wide eyes and hanging mouth, staring at the passing buildings and the multiple lights that
are lighting our path on the river. I go over to the railing of the front of the boat, the wind blowing my hair as the boat picks
up speed while I watch the scandalizing view around me as we travel on the river. I turn to Kol with a wide smile, noticing
the dinner table behind him with two seats, two waiters and a little band with instruments that are composed of four
men. We literally have the boat to ourselves, which is a beautiful white ship, the captain's cabin at the top and stairs that
lead to the rest of the ship.
"Kol, this is" I begin as I go over to him, not quite processing things just yet while he grins widely. "You didn't have to."
"Yes, I do," he says as he grabs my hand in his calloused ones that are filled with warmth while rubbing the back of my
hand with his thumbs, the only thing cold about him being his daylight ring. "I'm doing this because I want to. I want to
keep seeing that smile on your lips. It's strange for me. I've never in my thousand years imagine that I'd sought the smile
of another." He takes a loose strand of my hair out of my face and tucks it behind my ear. "You can't even imagine the
internal battle within me. You bring out emotions I have never needed after turning into a vampire, not until now and I am

not going to fight them."

"As long as they're real," I begin, "I have no problem reciprocating."
"Oh, they're real," he says with a flirty smirk.
"Good," I whisper with a smile, placing a kiss on his cheek as he grabs my hand and leads me over to the table that has
red tablecloth over it, almost touching the floor of the boat.
"Here you are, darling," he says as he pulls back my chair and I sit on it, smiling at him gratefully.
"Merci, bon mon monsieur," I say, earning a quick peck on my neck, to which I giggle from the contact of his lips on my
neck before Kol takes his own seat after putting his jacket on the back of the seat.
"Le plaisir est pour moi, ma dame," he says with a smirk as the waiters place napkins on our laps before filling two
glasses with red wine and handing it to both of us.
"This is fancy," I say as I decide to play along with the drinks and food, even though I won't taste them. "How many people
did you compel or pay?"
"A couple," he answers as he takes a sip from his glass while I do the same. "And I compelled."
"Thought so," I say as the musicians begin to play a soft tune, glancing at them with a smile while I simply enjoy the
whole thing. "What river are we on?"
"The Seine," Kol answers while I nod in acknowledgement. "Would you like anything, darling?"
I frown at him since he knows that I don't eat, but I notice that he's actually thinking about what I want if I were alive. "What
do they have here?"
Kol shrugs. "Anything you want."
I open my mouth to answer, eager to ask for something that I really want to try but I close my mouth as a thought comes
to mind. I don't find point to try something if I cannot taste it, especially something that I would just love to try. I will never
be able to share experiences like this with anyone, and I know Kol would love to do them with me but I can't. I know he
means well, but I can't help but feel depressive about it all. My solemn look causes Kol to frown at me, to which I manage
a rather small smile but it doesn't convince him.
"Gwen?" I hear Kol ask with distress in his tone, his frown deepening while I frown at his distress.
"What?" I ask as he reaches over to me and wipes his thumb under my eye. I frown when I see it wet. I'm crying. "I
didn't" I wipe away any moist I might still have, making sure it's all gone. "Sorry about that."
"What's wrong, darling?" he asks me, his face composed but the concern is in his eyes. I glance uncomfortably at the
waiters, not liking how they hover next to us, even if it's their job. Kol notices this and turns to them. "Vous pouvez prendre
votre cong, messieurs." The waiters nod at Kol with a polite smile before turning to take their leave. "Vous pouvez
laisser le vin et porter quelque chose plus fort lorsque vous tes en mesure." The waiters nod at him with polite smiles
before leaving the wine on the table and taking their leave while I continue to listen to the soft tune the musicians are
playing a little away from our table. Kol turns to me. "Care to share?"
"I ruined tonight, didn't I?" I ask, knowing that he must've gone through a bit trouble to plan this whole thing. "I'm sorry."
"Things don't always go as we plan them and I don't mind," he says with a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders. "What's
"The dinner," I say, knowing that it's not enough as an explanation and I turn to him with a bitter smile. "I justI wish I
could taste the things you planned for us. I wish I could but I can't and it is so depressing and frustrating. And I just want
to share it with you, but I can't."
"Do you know what I miss about being human?" he asks, causing me to frown at him.
"What?" I ask.
"Don't you dare tell a soul," he says, pointing an accusatory finger at me and giving me wary eyes.
I nod. "I promise."

He sighs as he reaches for his glass and takes a sip from his wine, clicking his tongue as he gulps it down. "How close
my family was." I frown at this while he swirls the wine. "Granted, we all had our bickering and favorites, but we were
close; closer than we are now. No bloodlust, no drama, no immortality, no daggering, just a family." I stare at him while
he continues eyeing the wine in his glass, lost in thought. I can't help but notice how human he seems, for it is so plainly
there. "We were happy, even with the secrets. I miss our outings together the most, all of us together, even our parents." I
sigh, smiling at the fact that he shared that with me. "We vampires can replace such cravings for things that are no more.
We all lose things. You, as a ghost, got the brunt of it and I wish you hadn't."
I smile at him as he looks up at me with a smile, genuine smile. "Thank you, for sharing. I may miss a lot of things about
being alive, but I won't miss anything more than my family." I take a deep breath, keeping myself steady before I share
with Kol something that I have never talked about, not even with Klaus. "It was my birthday, the day I died."
"Gwen, you don't have to"
"I want to. I haven't talked about this, ever; not even with Nik, but he kind of already knew without me needing to tell him," I
cut him off, smiling at him as he looks at me with soft eyes while gripping my hand in his. "My father's name was Richard
and he married my mother, Sienna. They both had me first and seven years later came my little sister, Willow." My voice
almost breaks as I mention every name of my family, especially my sister's. "We were at home, celebrating my birthday."
I smile at the memory as my chest gets heavier. "I wanted to have a lazy birthday, watching movies, playing games and
anything else that came to mind. Willow and I had a craving for ice cream and we didn't have any, so Dad opted to go get
ice cream. Willow and I were adamant to go because we loved it so much." I can feel my eyes welling up with tears at the
laughter of my sister still ringing in my ears.
"You loved your family above all else," he says and I take this time compose myself, turning to look at the table
"I loved them so much," I exhale through a lump in my throat. "We left the house as we were. I remember my sister had
her pajamas on but she didn't care." I chuckle at this, noticing the small quirk on the corner of his lips. "My Dad was
driving, my Mom was next to him, and Willow sat behind my father's seat while I sat behind Mom. We had gotten the ice
cream. I haddon't laugh," I say with a pointed look towards Kol, who has a small smirk on his lips, "I had some
chocolate ice cream with brownies inside and chocolate syrup." Kol almost spits the sip of his wine out when I finished,
causing me to chuckle at his astounded look directed towards me.
"That didn't kill you?" he asks me, causing me to continue to chuckle at this.
"No, and I had a bit of an addiction with chocolate," I say sheepishly as a waiter brings a bottle that is probably the
stronger alcohol Kol had asked for before he leaves once more.
"You don't say," he says with wide eyes in amazement, to which I chuckle.
"Can I get back to the story and then you can patronize me about my former addictions?" I ask him, my amusement
dampened as he composes himself, nodding at me to continue. "My sister had vanilla ice cream with nuts mixed in and
caramel syrup on top. My Dad had the same as me while my Mom had the same as my sister."
"A bunch of loons," Kol mutters, earning a playful smack on his arm from me, feigning hurt as he rubs it.
"We were on our way back home," I begin once more. "Willow and I were almost done with our ice creams, even when
our mother told us to wait but we were having too much of a good time to listen. We were all singing to 'Carry On My
Wayward Son'." I take a deep breath to steady myself, gripping Kol's hand tighter, knowing that the next part is one I wish
to forget. I feel him squeeze back and I can only smile at this. "We stopped at a red light. Willow and I were still singing
while teasing our Mom and Dad for kissing, which they did on purpose. The light turned green and my Dad went
forward." I pause at this, a lump growing in my throat as my eyes well up in tears. "The next thing I know, I'm hanging
upside-down, still strapped to the car. Willow was crying, saying that she hurt everywhere and neither of my parents was
moving, just hanging there. I couldn't feel anything. I tried to calm down Willow, but she just kept crying and I knew she
was in pain. I just wanted to reach her and tell her everything would be all right. I ached all over and I could barely
breathe; it was like being constricted. I tried keeping my eyes open, but I couldn't and the last thing I saw was my sister,
crying. Then, I see Nik at the side of my hospital bed."
This time I know I have tears running down my cheeks, trying to keep my sobs in. I let go of Kol's hand and begin wiping
the tears off my cheeks, releasing soft sobs and trying to stifle them. I avoid looking at Kol with my puffy, red eyes. I take
my hands away from my eyes, surprised to find Kol standing next to me, offering me a hand for me to take with a small
smile on his lips; I find that I like his smiles more than his cocky smirks or his cheeky grins. I smile at it before taking it,
squeaking in surprise when he hoists me up to my feet. He takes one of my hands in his while his other hand goes
around my waist. I place my free hand around his shoulder as we begin to sway to the slow song the musicians are

playing. I place my cheek on his shoulder with my face almost hiding in his neck.
"If we're sharing, I might as well contribute," he says while I sigh into his neck, gripping his shoulder tighter. "I was
having the most wonderful time with my family the night I died and turned into a vampire. We had so many problems that
trailed behind us. Nik and Elijah fought over the Petrova, Tatia. I had my problems with Jen. And we were all still grieving
the death of Henrik."
I frown, remembering that name that Klaus scarcely mentioned. "Your younger brother."
"Yes," he says, his voice lacking much emotion. "His death was devastation upon my family. I blamed Klaus for his
death, for not protecting our brother. I even wished that death had taken him and not Henrik. But I still found myself
forgiving him, even though I never told him. Henrik's death and Jen's betrayal only caused for everything to break around
me." I let go of his hand and wrap it around his neck while his goes to around my upper back as we continue to sway to
the music. "I couldn't believe that my own father had driven a sword through my heart or that my own mother enforced it.
Everything was cold when I woke up, not an ounce of warmth to ward it off, except for the euphoria that blood brought
within me."
"Look at us," I say into his shoulder, watching the buildings and monuments pass by as the boat continues to go along
the river, "two broken beings."
I feel him smirk into my shoulder. "I didn't think this would turn into a pity party."
"Hey," I say as I pull back to stare up at him. "I love this. I do. I'm just sorry I ruined it and whatever else you had planned."
"No, this is better than pretending, my Darling Lass," he says, my heart fluttering at his nickname. "We just need some
getting used to."
"We have eternity for that," I say, "if you still want me in it."
He genuinely smiles at me with those brown eyes that I love. "For now," he says with a playful smirk before his lips
descend on mine.
The kiss is gentle but it turns hungrier by the second as Kol cups one side of my head to keep me in place, as of
drawing comfort from me. He roughly deepens the kiss as I sigh into him. This is what I love about Kol; he's gentle at
first but gradually grows more confident and more himself. I return his kiss as fervently as I can while I grip tighter onto
him, ignoring everything around me, everything that was and everything that will be. Nothing matters to me at this very
moment but him. And I cannot help but love him.

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English to French Translation (remember, I'm a bit rusty):
Oui, bien sr je parle Franais!-Yes, of course I speak French!
Je ne suis pas seulement un joli visage.-I am not just a pretty face.
Je ne vous arrive donc parler Franais moi-mme.-I do so happen to speak French myself.
Vous n'tes plus qu' pleine de surprises, mon chri.-You're just full of surprises, my darling.
Retour vous.-Right back at you.
Je l'ai dit, la flatterie vous mnera nulle part, Monsieur Mikaelson.-I said, flattery will get you nowhere, Mister
Merci, mon bon monsieur.-Thank you good sir.
Le plaisir est pour moi, ma dame.-The pleasure is all mine, my lady.
Vous pouvez prendre votre cong, messieurs.-You may take your leave, gentlemen.
Vous pouvez laisser le vin et porter quelque chose plus fort lorsque vous tes en mesure.-You may leave the wine
and bring something stronger when you're able.

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*Chapter 8*: Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

A morning during autumn in Paris is positively beautiful, especially with the view I have. I can see the Eiffel Tower,
standing tall as Paris' most memorable monument, not that it's the only one. The sky is a bit cloudy with the wind strong
while leaves of different shades of brown are coating every tree that I lay my eyes on. I also know that they will soon be
lacking them when winter comes, sweeping them away with the cold wind, but that won't be happening for a while.
I frown while releasing a sigh as I stare out into the morning, sitting on one of the armchairs on the terrace of the room
Kol and I are staying, finding that Paris has only complicated things for me, even though I completely love it. I have my
feet up against my chest while hugging them with my hands. My clothes had reverted back to their usual style during the
night after Kol had gone to sleep, tired from our outing to the river Seine while I stared up at the ceiling all night; our
outing having happened the night after yesterday. I am only glad Kol hadn't questioned my lack of contribution to the
conversations, glad that we had only watched television yesterday and he was more engrossed in it than anything.
I would have talked to Rebekah about this when I called her yesterday, but it's a bit difficult since he is her brother and
Kol could've heard me. Besides, she was too engrossed in her lecture about me running off without telling her,
threatening me to not make it my thing and to stop doing it. We also comforted one another in response to Klaus'
treatment of her and his words about me, not receiving much support from Kol, who was insulting Klaus and his
'tyrannical ways' as he put it. In the end, I promised to visit her when Kol and I decided it was fit to return to Mystic Falls or
any state of the United States.
Thinking about Kol, I am brought back to our night at the Seine, which only causes my heart to slightly clench. I can't
believe I'm falling in love with an Original vampire that might not ever feel the same about me. There's a difference
between liking a person and wanting to be close to them, and being in love with them, Kol belonging to the former. He
has said so himself that he isn't one to feel certain emotions that have only brought him complications, and I'm sure that
love is one of them. My heart only beats harder in its shallow beat at the mere thought of loving Kol. I can't exactly tell him
since I am not entirely sure I am in love with him. I just know I love him, which is different from being in love with
I sigh once more as I rub my face, disliking the throbbing in my head as I try to keep the feelings at bay, at least for a little
while until I manage to calm myself down. I groan in annoyance at my dilemma, which would not be so complicated if I
were to love a human or something much more simple than an Original vampire. And not just any Original vampire, but
Kol Mikaelson, who has tried to kill me and succeeded once, even though we've moved on from all of that. I do accept
that I love Kol like I would Klaus but differently; I'm just not sure if I am in love with this man.
I take a deep breath and forget my thoughts about Kol for the moment, even if it's going to be difficult. I run my hand
through my hair, pushing it back as I stand up from the chair, wringing my hands nervously as I make my way back
inside the apartment. I frown when I find Kol's phone on the coffee table, but shrug it off as I pick it up. I smile as I look
around the apartment, making sure nobody is here, even though it is quite doubtful. I go over to the radio that Kol had
asked for and I connect the phone to it after hesitating on picking a certain song for me to listen. I hesitate as I hold my
finger over the button that would start the song, but I shrug it off before pressing it.
I begin to bob my head along with the song, raising the volume to an acceptable level that it's loud but won't bother
anyone from outside the room. I begin to sway to the song with a smile on my lips, loving this alone time that I have for
myself. I jump up on the coffee table, continuing to sway to the song. I open my mouth and start singing,
"Carry on my wayward son
There'll b e peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don't you cry no more"
I begin to sway more wildly, keeping up with the tune of the song as I chuckle at myself. I can't count the amount of times

that Klaus has caught me doing this, but I dismiss it in embarrassment at having been caught, which only happens
when I am too into the song. The lyrics are about to come and I open my mouth once more to sing,
"Once I rose ab ove the noise and confusion
Just to get a glimpse b eyond this illusion
I was soaring ever higher
But I flew too high"
I start jumping from both sofas around the coffee table and back, swaying to the song as best as I can and keeping
myself from falling over. I even pretend to play the guitar in the song, even though I know I am doing a horrible job at it. I
open my mouth on the best part, singing,
"Though my eyes could see, I still was a b lind man
Though my mind could think, I still was a mad man
I hear the voices when I'm dreaming
I can hear them say
Carry on my wayward son
There'll b e peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don't you cry no more"
I laugh out loud, feeling better as I continue to dance all around the living room without a care in the world. My troubles
forgotten for this moment, loving the escape as I let the song engulf me completely before continuing to sing,
"Masquerading as a man with a reason
My charade is the event of the season
And if I claim to b e a wise man, well
It surely means that I don't know
On a stormy sea of moving emotion
Tossed ab out, I'm like a ship on the ocean
I set a course for winds of fortune
But I hear the voices say
Carry on my wayward son
There'll b e peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don't you cry no more
I continue to sing on the coffee table, ignoring everything around me and just loving the song that has reduced the stress
of my troubling thoughts, having swept them away for the time being. I swing my hips as I open my mouth to finish the
song, yelping when I hear the door being shut and turning to find Kol smirking as he leans against the wall, my face
going completely red at his return from having gone for a 'snack'. Damn, I think to myself.
I carefully step down from the coffee table, avoiding Kol's face as I go over to the radio, turning the music off and causing
silence to take hold of the whole room before turning to find Kol in the same place with the ever present smirk on his

face. I only wanted to smack it off his face as I nervously stand still, wringing my wrists.
I decide to be brave and ask, "How much did you see?"
He chuckles. "Enough. If you want the exact moment I began to watch you rock those gorgeous hips, which would be
when you started pretending to play guitar."
"Oh," I manage to say, my nerves on end from the embarrassment. "That's embarrassing, let's never talk about this
"Come now, darling," he says as I begin to make my way out to the terrace. "I thought it was endearing."
I turn to give him an annoyed look. "You were not supposed to see me like that."
"Being wild and free?" he asks me with a smirk while I groan in annoyance, dropping down on the armchair I was
previously occupying before I decided to start dancing and making a fool out of myself in front of Kol. "Do you want to
know what I really think?"
"Not really, no," I say, to which he chuckles before grabbing my hand to pull me out of the chair and sit down on it before
bringing me down to sit on his lap.
"I'm just going to be honest and say you were spectacular," he says with a grin while I hide my face into his shoulder, not
wanting to be subjected to his sarcasm while he strokes my thigh and wraps the other arm around my shoulders. I
merely keep my hands on my lap. "On a more serious note, I thought you were quite carefree. You seemed to have gone
back in time to when you were blissfully happy and I enjoyed that."
"I hate how smooth you are with words," I whisper into his shoulder, to which he chuckles wholeheartedly.
"I'm taking that as a compliment," he says with a nod, placing a kiss on my temple. "It's good to know you don't get bored
when I'm gone."
"I do get bored," I say as I raise my head to face him. "You just arrive at the right time before things really do get drastic."
"You're feeling better," he says, to which I frown.
"What do you mean?"
"You were quiet during all of yesterday and this morning," he says, which is partly true. "I thought you were still thinking
about our night on the Seine."
"I'm fine," I say, which is also partly true since my feelings for him will only make things more complicated for me in the
future. "I was just thinking a lot."
"About?" he asks, not wanting to lie to him but I know I can't tell him the whole truth.
"You and me," I say and he tightens his hands on me while he frowns. "It's nothing bad, Kol." His grip on me lessens as
he sighs. "I was only thinking that I still ruined the night but I enjoyed myself a lot. And I want to thank you for it."
"You don't have to thank me, darling," he says. "I'm comfortable with your other methods of thanking me." I smack his
chest, to which he chuckles. "It's true."
"Aren't you a cheeky thing?" I say as I become lost in his eyes while placing a hand on his cheek. "Had a good 'snack'?"
He shrugs. "You can say that." He takes the hand I have on his cheek, bringing my palm to his mouth before placing a
kiss on it. I notice the hunger in his eyes as he takes a sharp intake of air, which I notice, even though he tries to hide it
with a smirk. "She was a bit feisty."
"You're still hungry," I point out, receiving a shake of his head while I tilt mine knowingly. "Kol, I can tell, there's no need to
hide it from me."
"I'm fine," he says as he stands up from the chair, taking his warmth with him and leaving me in the cold as he goes to
stand by the railing.
I sigh, knowing that he's too stubborn to admit that he is not all right and will continue to do so, which is why I'll have to
drag it out of him. I stand up and go over to him, standing next to him while leaning on the railing as he gazes out at the
view and I gaze at him, not bothered by the fact that I may appear creepy.

"Kol, I know you're not all right," I say as he avoids looking at me while I stare at him. "My blood is affecting you too much
and you have to tell me so I can help."
"How can you?" he asks as he whips his face to me, his eyes bloodshot from his vampiric face. "I can only think about
ripping your throat open and drain you dry. It's the only thing I think when I kiss you, touch you or have you anywhere close
to me." He shakes his head before looking over the railing once more, his face human once more. "I feel like a bloody
baby vampire."
"I think I can help with that," I say, for I am not sure if he'll be willing to go through with my plan to have him get used to
being around my blood. He turns to me with a crinkled forehead. "Let me talk without interrupting or judgy looks, okay?"
He nods a bit hesitantly. "I was thinking that there might be a way for you to get used to being near my blood constantly.
What do you think about drinking from me every day?"
He looks at me with a bewildered look. "What?"
"Just a couple of sips," I say hurriedly before he starts arguing me about it. "I think it can work."
"Gwen, I am not going to drink from you," he says with a hard look. "I doubt I'll stop and I'll end up killing you."
"You'll stop, I know you will," I say as he runs a hand through his hair before releasing a deep sigh.
"Gwen, no," he says firmly.
"It's difficult for you to be around me, Kol," I argue. "It doesn't have to if you get used to it. This way, we don't have to worry
about you losing control. Besides, what would happen if I get hurt and I'm bleeding?"
"You'll heal," he says with a shrug, causing me to groan in annoyance at him missing the point.
"Kol, I think we should do this," I say while he sighs, his face devoid of emotion.
"Has anyone drunk from you?" he asks with a frown, causing me to frown at his question.
"No," I say with furrowed brows, "no one, except you. Why?"
"Because if I am going to even think about following through with your plan," he says as he turns to me, his face serious
but not in a bad way, "I'd rather know I'm the only one who is to drink from you."
Shivers go down my spine at the intensity in his eyes while I gulp. "Is that a vampire thing?"
He smirks. "It's just that I will rip anyone apart who has ever or will ever drink from you. Not to be an arse, but you're mine
and I'd rather keep it that way."
I nod, actually finding his possessiveness attractive as I take one of his hands in mine, never taking my eyes away from
his. I find that the tone he is using to say that I am his is not him being a jerk or chauvinistic, but more along the lines that
I am his as much as he is mine. I actually have an urge to jump on him and kiss him all over, which is taking quite a lot
of strength from me to not do so but I'd rather not embarrass myself.
"I'll think about your proposal," he says as I we both lean into each other, our faces inches away from the other. "I'll give
you an answer after dinner tonight."
I nod absentmindedly as we both don't pay attention to his words. "Dinner?"
"I made reservations," he says as he buries a hand into my hair, his eyes hungry and primal.
"It's for tonight, right?" I ask as his lips brush against mine, our breaths mingling as he nods. "What do we do while we
He smirks. "I can think of a few things."
His lips crash over mine, causing me to yelp in surprise as he grabs the back of my knees and hoists me up. My legs
wrap around his waist automatically while I chuckle against his mouth and he grins before our lips move against one
another. My hands go to his hair as he walks us back to the apartment to kill some time by sharing as many kisses as
we can, at least as much as we can before his hunger for my blood gets the best of him and he has to pull away.

"I can't believe we only have tomorrow before we have to go to Italy," I say from my seat at the restaurant that Kol picked to

have dinner.
It's a very cozy restaurant with very soft music in the background, letting people have their conversations. Our table is
outside and, like the rest, secluded but near a rose bush with a dim light in the middle of the table. The table has a white
tablecloth over it with two roses laced around the cylinder where the light is. The other source of light comes from the
restaurant that is next to us, but not too close that it's uncomfortable since it has huge windows that displays the inside
of the restaurant and the outside to the customers that are inside.
Tonight, my clothes are the same as they usually are; the gray leggings that are cropped and the cardy ugg boots that
are cream. Instead of my white tank top and my cream cardigan, I'm wearing a cream, boxy, button-front cardigan. My
necklace is always in place around my neck without fault, which is the only thing that doesn't change about me. My hair is
braided to my side, falling over my shoulder.
"Which would you like to visit first?" Kol asks me and I frown at him, he chuckles at my frown before elaborating. "After
some time has passed, which would you like to visit first, London or Paris?"
"Paris," quickly answer with my hands on the table, Kol having finished his dinner, so we're just chatting. "I love this
place." I look around, even loving something as simple as the streets, made of cobblestone. "I hope we can stay longer
next time."
"We will," he says as I return my eyes to his. "The reason I didn't explore more is because I want to take my time here
with you since you clearly loved this city. I'll even take you to the top of the Eiffel Tower if that is your wish."
"Really?" I ask with an excited smile, receiving a tilt from him while he smirks. "That would be perfect." I notice he hasn't
talked much, appearing to be in deep thought, which worries me. I can't think of a reason to be like this, so I ask, "Are you
all right?" He frowns at me in question, causing me to chuckle at our reversed roles. "And you said I was quiet."
"Just thinking, darling," he says with a small grin, but I continue to frown at him questioningly and he notices this. "I'm
"Kol," I begin, "I can be really annoying when I want to. You can talk to me, you know."
He sighs before taking a sip from his glass of scotch. "It's about you."
"More so that you talk to me," I say, to which he chuckles while I smile at him. "What's up?"
"What would you say about being able to come back to life?" he asks, his words causing me to stiffen with wide eyes.
"What are you talking about?"
He leans closer to me, leaning on the table. "I'm saying that I am good with witches. I hold them in high esteem. I can
work something out and bring you back."
He frowns; jerking is head back in bewilderment. "What?"
"I would love nothing more than to come back, Kol," I begin as I take a deep breath, not that I need it, "but I can't come
back." He frowns at me. "Do you think Nik hasn't tried? We tried a couple times."
"What happened?" asks Kol, his eyes solely on me.
"We went to witches that Klaus knew," I begin. "One tried to bring me back by sheer power, but she bled to death through
her eyes, mouth and ears. Another tried transferring me to another body, but he was left in a coma. There was another
that tried bringing me back through Dark magic and tying me to an object, but she died the moment that she uttered the
first words of the spell."
"Have any of them tried using any other form of magic?" he asks, but I shook my head with a questioning look. "I know of
one, which is a form of magic that transcends between science and spirit. It's a type of magic that creates cursed objects
and replaces an element with another. A bit hard to master, but it can be possible to bring you back through it."
"It can't," I say, causing him to frown and he is about to protest. "It doesn't matter what type of magic or whatever, it can't
be possible. Neither the Spirits nor nature will allow it. They rather kill their own than let me come back. Why do you think
witches hate me so much? It's not only because I'm a freak of nature, it's because I upset balance and they won't have it."

"We can try," he insists and I rapidly shake my head.

"I don't want to but I'd love to, but I don't want to be subjected to it," I say as I take on of his hands in both of mine, stroking
his knuckles as I keep my eyes on his. "I love that you'd try to bring me back, but you have no idea what happens to me
every time I try." His grip on my hand tightens, urging me on. I hesitate, not wanting to remember the pure darkness that I
had witnessed.
"What happened?" he asks me and I push away the tightening of my chest, which is out of fear as goosebumps go
through my skin. "Gwen?"
"I always saw this huge darkness, like an endless abyss. It tried to take me in and it was so cold; I actually felt my heart
stop. This happened two times and I would've been sucked in, if it wasn't for Nik," I explain, retelling what happened in
few words since I don't want to go into detail about what happened. "I may want to come back to life more than anything
in the world, but I won't risk ending up in oblivion. Promise me you'll never try, Kol." He sighs, glancing around before
nodding. "Kol, please, promise me."
He sighs heavily before turning back to me with a small smile. "You have my word."
"Thank you," I say before laying my head on his shoulder and he places his cheek on my head. The waiter comes over
with the check in hand. He is a man with dark, short hair and has growing stubble on his chin, his eyes a hazel color and
appearing to be in his thirties. Before he opens his mouth, Kol stands up in front of him, their eyes locking. "Vous tes
pour nous donner le dner sur la maison, mon bon monsieur. Aprs ce qui a t tri, vous pouvez oublier que vous
nous avez jamais vu."
"Bien sr, Monsieur Mikaelson," says the waiter before turning around and going back to the restaurant, compelled to
give us the dinner for free and not to remember us.
"You could've paid," I say as Kol grins at me while putting on his coat, taking my hand and helping me out of my seat
before I loop my hand around his arm.
"I know," he says with a smirk as we begin walking. I frown as we come to the sidewalk, feeling a heavy weight on me as
if eyes were watching my every move. I stop in my tracks as I turn around, looking for anyone watching us. "Darling?" I
turn to Kol, who also stopped with a frown. "Everything all right?"
I glance back, seeing civilians walking along the sidewalk, but not finding any evidence of having eyes on me before
turning back to Kol with a dismissive smile. "It's nothing. I think Nik's paranoia is passing on to me."
He chuckles. "Trust me, darling, you'll need a hell of a lot more temper issues for that to happen. And you have to be a
stock up pillock."
"Don't be mean, Kol," I chastise him. "I may be mad at Nik but that doesn't mean you can throw insults at him."
"He deserves it," he argues as we continue to walk along the sidewalk, "and not just for upsetting you. I loathe him for
daggering me all those times, robbing me of having a good time and many more indiscretions."
"How many times were you daggered?" I ask him.
He hums with a pensive look on his face. "I'd say about five times."
"Why?" I ask him and don't use an accusatory tone since I have no reason to. "What was so bad that you ended up
"No accusation?" he asks, raising an eyebrow at me, to which I shrug.
"Why?" I ask. "Did you do something wrong?"
He smiles at me, causing my heart to flutter at whatever he must be thinking to have put that smile on his face. "The first
time was by some hunters. It was the first time I was daggered and it was like dying all over again."
"That's one, so not your fault," I say.
"The second time, I believe, was in 1702," he says, smirking. "It was in Cadiz, Spain. I should take you there, it's a lovely
"What happened?" I ask.

"Granted, I might have been the cause for our unexpected departure," he says with a frown while I wait for him to
continue. "My youthful adventures might've brought Mikael to us. I didn't want to run, so I defied Niklaus."
"He daggered you for not wanting to leave with you all?" I ask, frowning since I find it wrong to rob someone of their life
like that, even if it was the easy way to deal with it. Klaus's daggering his siblings will forever be the only thing that I hate
about him. Still, I find that doing things the easy way will never resolve anything. "What about Mikael? What if he killed
He huffs. "I would've managed. There was no reason for them to dagger me."
"I didn't say there was," I say, appeasing him when I notice his angry tone. He turns to me and nods apologetically.
"There's never a reason for that. Well, unless you're a complete psycho of pure evilness."
He chuckles. "Let's leave the daggering stories for another time, darling. We'll have enough time for those."

Gazing at Paris at night must be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life; alive and dead. I simply
stand at the terrace of our apartment, leaning on the railing and taking in the view while Kol is taking a shower. Watching
Paris during the night I like having the stars on the ground, but they do not compare to the ones on the sky. I grab my
necklace and play with it, engrossed in what has captivated me completely. I never dreamed I'd be able to do these
things, not while I was dead, but I was wrong. Still, Kol and I have only begun our trip, so more fun is still down the road.
I want to really live, even if I'm dead. I want to live as best as I can, for I don't know how long I have. I can disappear right
here and now and no one will know the better. My status as a ghost has troubled me before, but what troubles me most
is the fact that I don't know if I'm permanent or not, which leads me to believe that there must be something for me to
accomplish or I would have died six years ago.
I perk up at another presence behind me, not too deep in my thoughts or excitement to not notice this time. "Has anyone
told you that staring is creepy?"
"I'm admiring," I hear Kol say, to which I grin as I feel him approach me, coming to stand next to me with our shoulders
touching. "I don't like how you always manage to make me sound like a creep."
"You're not?" I ask, turning to him with a teasing grin, which he returns with a playful glare. "Could've fooled me."
He sniggers. "What about you?" I frown at him as he continues to smirk. "I know you stare at me while I sleep and don't
try to deny it because I know you do."
"I don't stare," I say, trying to come up with something but coming up with nothing, prompting me to say, "I admire."
"Oh, I bet you do," he says sarcastically before we both laugh, our laughter mingling before it dies down, a comfortable
silence falling on us as we gaze at the view we have. "Darling?" I hum, leaning my head on his shoulder. "Does your
offer still stand?"
I frown before looking up at him as he continues to gaze out into the night, purposely avoiding my eyes. "What do you
"I thought about your solution to my addiction to your blood," he says, causing me to straighten up at this since I'd want
nothing more than to help him.
"And?" I encourage, making him look over to me, his face stoic.
"If we do this, I have my own set of rules," he says with raised eyebrows in warning, to which I nod for him to continue.
"I'lldrink from you, but I need you to not hesitate in doing whatever you can to get me off, if I get out of control." I nod as
he sighs, clearly disliking this but it's for the best. "You will rest after every time I feed from you."
"I don't need to," I argue, with no intention to ignite an argument and he knows this.
"Humor me," he says, to which I nod in agreement. "Also, I'll be judge of the time of my feedings. I don't want it to be a
regular thing I will do every day."
"Okay," I say with a nod. "Anything else?"
"You decide when we start and," he says, raising a finger at me, "most importantly, you will tell me when to stop. And it
better not be before the last drop is gone, understood?" I nod, giving him a salute to lighten the mood, which it doesn't.

"How about we start now?" I ask, not surprising him since he seems to have seen this coming.
"You're sure?" he asks.
I nod. "I'm sure."
"It might be different this time," he says, his face predatory as he comes to stand behind me and his hands go to my
waist while his breath hits the back of my neck.
"How?" I ask, feeling the pleasant turning of my stomach at his close proximity.
"You'll see," he says as he moves the hair from one side of my neck before he starts peppering it with light kisses,
causing me to sigh as I lean back against him.
His hands have a firm and gentle hold on my waist while mine are over them. His kisses go up and down my throat,
bringing warmth from within me as my eyes involuntarily close. I tilt my head a bit to the side to give him better access,
continuing to sigh in pleasure while loving the feel of his lips on my skin. One of his hands takes mine in his, stroking it
before bringing it up. I take that hand and reach back to tangle it in his hair with his hand still over mine, causing him to
growl against my skin, which makes my skin vibrate. His hand's hold on my waist tightens. He places one last heated
kiss below my ear before he takes my hand from his hair and kisses my palm, causing me to frown as I glance at him
over my shoulder.
"What are you doing?" I ask, a bit out of breath as he places slow and deep kisses from my palm to my wrist.
"I am having my girl for dinner," he says with a grin as he continues to kiss my wrist, his teeth gracing my skin. That is
when I notice he isn't drinking from my neck, but from my wrist.
"I thought you'd go for the neck," I say, keeping myself nestled in his embrace as he continues his ministrations on my
"Not tonight," he whispers against my skin, noticing his vampiric features taking hold. Never would I have thought that
being fed on would be so exhilarating, erotic or any of the sort. I actually want him to bite me. "We'll save that for another
I only hum in affirmation, gasping when his fangs puncture my skin, his lips falling on my skin as he slowly sucks my
blood. It's a bit painful at first, but the pain is replaced by rather strong waves of pleasure that reverberate throughout my
body from my wrist. This is what he meant, I think, remembering his earlier words about it being different. I moan as I
begin to become lightheaded, deciding that it's enough.
"Kol," I say, tugging at the arm he's biting into to let him know that he's had enough as his fangs sink deeper into my
skin, knowing that he's close to losing control. "Kol, darlin', that's enough!"
He pulls away with a sigh and a euphoric grin on his lips. I stare at his vampiric face, not finding it repulsive but
interesting and just him. He has a trickle of my blood going down from the corner of his lips. I lean heavier against him
as he leans back into my wrist, licking the remaining blood from it before wiping the blood from his chin and licking it off
his thumb. My wrist throbs a bit, feeling it go numb but it's not painful. His attention goes to me.
"See?" I say, giving him a small smile. "We're fine."
He grins at me, leaning his forehead against mine as I lean back against him with his arms around my waist and mine
over his. While he smirks at me, I can only smile in return, knowing that we have a ways to go from now on.
"Did you just call me 'darlin''?"

And that is it! I hope you guys liked this chapter and leave your thoughts after you guys are done because I am
having a break to sort things out, so please inspire me, darlings!
Engish to French Translation (Remember, I am a bit rusty):
Vous tes pour nous donner le dner sur la maison, mon bon monsieur.-You are to give us the dinner on the house,
my good sir.

Aprs ce qui a t tri, vous pouvez oublier que vous nous avez jamais vu.-After that has been sorted, you can
forget you ever saw us.
Bien sr, Monsieur Mikaelson.-Of course, Mister Mikaelson.
I hope you guys enjoyed and see ya later!

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