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Year Britain France Germany International

1918 Revolution Treaty of Versailles

Weimar Republic

Russian Civil war

1919 Reparations Question

1920 John Maynard Occupied

Keynes and Rhineland

1921 Severe Allied with Little Reparations at Red Victory in

unemployment Entente, $33 billion; first USSR; Lenin
(23%) becoming more payment made. institutes new
and more (about 3.2 trillion economic policy
isolated from the dollars today)
big western

1922 Ireland “Home Did not support Announces Mussolini comes

Rule”- Northern Germany’s inability to pay; to power
Ireland request for a ask for a three
technically still pause year pause. “Let
part of Great us get on our
Britain- South feet first, THEN
got home rule. we will pay”.

Request for a

1923 Poincare Ruhr was HUGE Belgium helps

occupies Ruhr; industrially France
blockades the critical area.
Ruhr. Blockade Respond w/
limits supplies to passive
the amount resistance: stop
needed to working. Leads
prevent to HUGE
starvation starvation.

1924 Money from Money from Gets loans from Dawes Plan: plan
Germany to pay Germany to pay US to pay France to reduce
US back US and Britain reparations; set it
to be flexible
Moderate Moderate based on the
government government, Germany
Hitler in Prison- economy. As
writes “Mein economy gained
Kampf”- est. strength, payment
Ideas about race. amt. would grow.

Lenin Dies

1925 Stanley Baldwin Rebuilt Northern Economic Treaty of Locarno

“Give us peace” Regions recovery: led by (spirit of Locarno).
revisionist Germany and
socialist party France settle
border issues.
Britain and Italy
say “If Germany or
France get
aggressive, we’ll
side w/ the other”.

1926 Coal miners Increasing deficit Pay reduced

strike and inflation reparations

Joins league of

1927 Poincare gov Stalin comes to

stabilized power

1928 Paris and the Nazis are a Kellogg-Briand

“Jazz age” splinter group- Pact- no real
2.6% of military power to
representation in stop anything
German gov.

1931 Went off the Severed decline Democracy Austrian bank
Gold standard and political breaks down collapse-was one
instability of the MAJOR
Cuts spending- banks in Europe-
contradicts caused
Keynes psychological

Suicide and mental

illness increased

Number of births

1932 Protective tariffs 43% Scandinavia

established- first unemployed; Response to
to follow the US- Depression
were nervous Nazis gained
about following plurality (more
Keynes advice than anyone
else)- 38% in the

1933 Improving Hitler is FDR’s “New Deal”

economy appointed in the US- does
despite Chancellor NOT solve the
conservative Great Depression
approach; new Pass the
industries; enabling act-
housing boom gave Hitler
virtual dictatorial
power for 4 years



1936 “Popular Front” Leon Blum comes

government- to power
very left wing;
reform failed- Spanish civil war-
radicals were the Is what keeps
most Spain out of WWII
conservative at
the time

Very unstable

Become very
preoccupied with