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Saldaa left without doing Thanks to life

Livia Daz
Xalapa, Ver.- Fired 17 times from the television, Jorge Isaac Saldaa was left
with just fighting against the flow, sometimes outside of Mxico, and some
others, out the air.
The poet of Barandilla, Veracruz, passed the 31st of October victim of
pneumonia which weakened his health until he was stranded in bed unable to
do anymore about it. And even so he never took down keep talking about
others with a wisdom that will turn him into legend eventually.
In his goodbye to this city, a hundred people assisted his service, held by
Father Rafael and witnessed by Father Alvarito, one of his seminary partners,
because he was a seminarian too, even if their clothes like overalls.
At the end of the service while I was walking out, the huasteco Manuel Mungua
Castillo came, immediately going to meet with Leticia, wife of the journalist
whom was cremated last Friday in the Francs graveyard of Mxico City, and at
that moment the people began to clap toward Jorge until he was out of the
The rests of Don Jorge, as everyone called him here, were translated to his
town and then, some believe, will go to France, or wherever he goes because
thats the way he was.
In 2011 in the Journalist Club, the also conductor, musician, compositor and
Singer, said he wanted to make a television show in which dialogue would be
the topic. The show he described was to be called Thanks to Life with In
which to change the codes of dialogue was never made. There he explained
that for the rupture or infraction of memories dont end in violence, its
important to change these codes, because we live in a death environment.
The show So we all value life in its correct dimension. How is it that Mxico
had become a criminal par excellence? He asked himself. All this is scary.
The parish priests that spoke during his service pointed out that Saldaa was
their friend. That theyd enjoyed his company and considered that their
priesthood academy received knowledge and a discipline to Aristotles
philosophy, besides learning more Greek and Latin. With an apodictic speech, a
constructive critic and a never quitting being critic despite knowing that,
sometimes the truth is uncomfortable to some, he faced it.
The 5th of January of 1931 was the birth of this sir who left Veracruz in 2013 to
lead Yearnings in the Instituto Politectnico Nacional channel.

The way the Totonaco do it, like him, son of totonaca mother, and assumed, the
goodbye preceding convincement and then let him go.
Rest in peace, they asked, let God forgive his sins because he had them, so
agreed those who held the service and let him be awarded Him who gratifies
those just by sitting them together to contemplate eternity.