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Volume 2 No. 51

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Lake Holcombe Town Board

Board members see an increase in salaries,

updated winter parking ordinance violations
By Ginna Young
At a Lake Holcombe Town Board public meeting prior to
the regular meeting Dec. 11, members voted to raise board
salaries. Amounts are determined by population and equalized value.
The chairmans salary was raised from $3,960 to $5,100;
supervisor, $2,390 to $3,000; clerk, $9,024 to $10,500; and
treasurer, $4,200 to $5,100.
I think the salary I get is low, said Chairman Robert
Bayerl, and I think for the next person coming up, an average of $5,100 is kind of a middle of the road suggestion.
During the regular meeting, the board heard an update on
the Wayside Park addition thats been discussed with
Chippewa County.
I talked to a county board member and his feelings are
the committee wants nothing to do with it at this time, said
Supervisor John Bell.
The board intended to buy the property to expand the current park.
Personally, I would sooner it be made into something like
a park, not be a residential development, said Bayerl. I
think we need to make sure we get our chance to express
our feelings that its put into a park situation. Its just going
to take a little more time.
Also on the agenda, the winter parking ordinance received
an update from the board. If a fine for a vehicle left on the
street goes unpaid, the owner will be given two warnings,

Early Deadline
The deadline for news articles and display ad
copy is 5 p.m. Friday, Dec. 19, for the Thursday,
Dec. 25, issue and Friday, Dec. 26, for the
Thursday, Jan. 1, issue. All copy must be placed
in the Cornell and Cadott offices by deadline to ensure placement in the Courier Sentinel paper.

Courier Sentinel
Christmas Hours
Wednesday, Dec. 24: 8:30 a.m. to Noon
Thursday, Dec. 25: Closed
Friday, Dec. 26: Closed

New Years Hours

Wednesday, Dec. 31: Regular Hours
Thursday, Jan 1: Closed

after which time, the matter will be turned over to the DMV
and the vehicles registration will be suspended.
What this is going to do now, Bayerl said, is the person
who gets the parking ticket or fine, is going to also get a
statement along with it saying if you dont pay for this, this
is whats going to happen.
On recommendation of Bruce Jones, Lake Holcombe
roadman, the board voted to purchase a Boss snowplow for
$5,391 from Monroe Truck Equipment in Marshfield. To
save the town money, Jones will install the plow himself on
the small city pick-up truck.
Last year there were a few things that came to our attention about our equipment, said Bayerl. Our big truck is
too big for alleys and cul de sacs. The board feels if we have
a smaller rig and the truck to mount it on, itll work very
In addition to setting the Jan. 20 caucus for the town board
and constable positions, Bayerl, Bell and Supervisor Barry
Hoke officially filed their non-candidacy papers. Bayerl has
served on the town board for 20 years, Bell for at least 12
years and Hoke has served about 10 years.
The people here have treated me very well and Im not
unhappy with the experience, Bayerl said, but its time for
someone else to step up to the plate and do it, and I think
thats how John and Barry feel, too. Weve had a good working team, and weve gotten the job done pretty nicely. Im
pleased with the accomplishments weve made in the town.

Cornell seniors, juniors and sophomores molded

snow into familiar, and not so familiar, snow creatures Dec. 8, across from the Cornell High School.
Outdoor phy. ed. teacher Ryan Weed says the exercise is used to build teamwork and promote endurance. Making a giant they affectionately named
Charlie, left to right, are, Nick Halpin, Cole
Stephens and Wyatt Winter. Not pictured are
Spencer Gibson and Kammey Kendall. (More snow
creations on Page 10.)
(Photo by Ginna Young)

Cadott Village Board

Village approves go ahead for business permit,

explores option of park surveillance cameras
By Ginna Young
The Cadott Village Board met for its regular meeting Dec.
15, where members approved the go ahead for a conditional
use permit in a B-2 Highway Commercial District. The matter will be open for a public hearing Jan. 5.
Ryan Irish and Kurt Prosecky intend to open KXR Motors,
at 109 South Highway 27 in Cadott, sometime in March.
The business will provide sales, service and repair of cars,
trucks and power sports vehicles, and a retail store of parts
and accessories.
Anytime we get business in Cadott, its a good thing,
said Randy Kuehni.
Also on the agenda, the board heard a Lions Club proposal
for a Riverview Park project from board and Cadott Lions
Club member Terry Licht.
Members of the Lions Club obviously expressed a concern with whats been going on at the lower park, said
Licht. The Lions Club is willing to come forth with some
dollars, basically for the purchase of cameras if the village
would like to put some up in the park for surveillance purposes.

The suggestion for surveillance comes after vandals once

again damaged holiday decorations at Riverview Park in
Cadott. This year alone, the Chamber of Commerce has incurred approximately $150 of damage since the first of November.
The proposal was referred to the Park Committee and law
enforcement officials to explore options for security measures at the park.
The board also agreed to open the yard waste site for
Christmas tree and bough disposal Monday, Jan. 12, 7:30
a.m. to 3 p.m. No artificial trees will be accepted, and all
tinsel, plastic, decorations and wires must be removed before disposal.
Board President Anson Albarado informed members the
Village of Cadott received a congratulatory letter from an
RN/public nurse, to Cadott businesses on not selling tobacco
to minors. The letter comes after underage teens posed as
buyers in an attempt to purchase cigarettes from DJs Mart,
Dollar General, Last Call and Country Plaza.
We congratulate them for keeping tobacco products out
of the hands of our youth, Albarado said.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014


He who buys the most doesnt win, but he who donates the most does
By Monique Westaby
Managing Editor
Its that time of year
when we think about giving; when those extra pennies are scrimped and
saved to buy that perfect
gift for that special someone. The lights are hung, the tree is decorated
and the fridge is ever filling with food for
Christmas Day.
Youve taken the afternoon off to finish up
your last minute shopping and your wallet is
slowly reaching its last few dollars. Do you
get the extra tie for great uncle Bill? Or
should you use your change for another
knick knack for aunt Barb? What about your
distant cousin Phil who shows up every year
to guzzle down the eggnog? Does he need
Well, two local girls have challenged the
community to use those extra pennies to give
back to someone who might not have crossed
their mind. Kayla Peche and Ginna Young
have implemented a diaper drive during December, and what better way to give this holiday season?
With 65 percent of elementary students on
free or reduced lunch in Cornell, and 56 percent of elementary students on free or reduced lunch in Lake Holcombe, its obvious
the communities are struggling to make ends
Food and clothing are the logical thoughts
of things to donate to the local food pantries,
but have you thought of diapers? Ann Sonderegger, with the Cornell Food Pantry, says
there are several families who visit the organization with newborns.
Diapers can range anywhere from $5.97
for 42, to $47.17 for 174, or more depending
on brands. On average, until potty trained,

children go through about eight diapers a

day, at minimum. This means even the
cheapest pack of diapers will only last five
days, if even.
And thats if you want to use the cheapest
brand out there. Most likely youll get what
you pay for in diapers, and end up spending
twice the amount you would have by going
with the cheap ones.
Other studies suggest parents will spend
about $100 a month on diapers. In Wisconsin, the federal nutrition program for women,
infants and children (WIC) does not include
diapers, according to juniorleague-ec.org.
The site also says there is no federal social
safety net program that includes the purchase
of diapers.
In Cadott, where 42 percent of elementary
students are on free or reduced lunch, at least
half a dozen families who visit the pantry are
in need of diapers.
With an estimated 13.42 births per 1,000
people, this year in the Cadott, Cornell,Lake

presents for uncle Joe.

Kayla and Ginna have set up drop off locations at the Courier Sentinel offices in Cornell and Cadott, and both locations have
already received several donations from
community members.
Diaper or monetary donations are welcome, and everything received will be split
between the Cadott and Cornell food
pantries. Because the Lake Holcombe Food
Pantry has limited storage space, diaper donations to Lake Holcombe will be based on
available room.
The Cadott and Cornell Courier Sentinel
offices open Monday through Friday at 8:30
a.m., with the Cornell office closing at 5
p.m., and the Cadott office closing at 3:30
If you want to donate, but are unable to
meet any of those times, or are unable to drop
off donations, feel free to call Kayla or Ginna
at 715-239-6688 to make other arrangements
for your generosity.

What is your limit on Christmas gifts?

By Heather Dekan
How much is enough
or too much to spend on
a child for Christmas?
Thats a question Iran
across while looking on
my Facebook news feed
one day. Iwas very curious as to what people answered, as Ialways
wonder the same thing.
A couple of people answered $200, one
said $450 and my favorite was the one who
commented that more family time and less
presents was more important.
In a survey posted online by American Re-


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COMING EVENTS: If a function raises
money, advertising the event is a normal expense and will be charged at regular advertising rates.

Holcombe area, on average, nearly 54 babies

were born.
National statistics suggest 50 percent of
newborns are eligible for WIC, and averaging the schools free or reduced elementary
lunch percentages (54 percent), its safe to
say about 30 area families will need help in
one way or another with their child.
So why not take that extra money you
would have spent on yourself, or to get another present for someone who doesnt need
it, and pick up some diapers to donate?
Even if you dont have enough to buy an
entire pack, ask a friend to go in on one with
you. Or, make a monetary donation to the
pantry. Any little bit you can give will help a
neighbor in need.
You dont need to buy the best, biggest or
the most expensive gift. Sometimes the
smallest gesture will make a persons day
over the holiday season. And believe me,
youll feel better knowing you helped someone in need, rather than bought the most


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All paid subscription papers are mailed on Wednesday.
If you did not receive your paper, please allow three mailing dates
to pass to account for Post Office backup before contacting us.

search Group, shoppers say they plan to

spend an average of $861 on gifts this season, up 8 percent from last year.
As Iwrite this, there are 10 days left until
Christmas and I am only about half done
with my Christmas shopping. Idont keep
track of what Ispend until its all over. Ikeep
all my receipts and add them up after Christmas is over so Ihave an idea of what Ispent.
Iasked the kids to start writing their
Christmas lists about the beginning of November. I received three lists with about five
things on each, and they were mostly very
expensive items. Not to my surprise, on the
top of all three lists was an iPod, which they
have been asking for for the past two years.
I did get them a tablet last Christmas, hoping that would fill that iPod want, but apparently it did not. I dont understand why
because the tablet does the same things, except hold an insane amount of music. So I
bought each of the girls an MP3 player, so
they had the best of both worlds. Iguess that
didnt work either.
As Iwas typing up the Santa letters that are
featured in The Courier Sentinel this week, I
was in awe at what some of these elementary
kids asked for. An iPod was asked for most,
but there were a few who asked for the simplest of things, like a notebook, hat or shirt.
It made me ask myself if Ihad spoiled my
kids to the point where all they wanted were
the fancy, very expensive things for Christmas. Would they even appreciate the smaller
things they will receive, not only from me,
but Santa and other family members? Im
sure hoping so, otherwise I have some damage control to do.
As I sit here and think about it, I remember
my oldest daughter coming to me a few

weeks ago and telling me she wanted to donate some of the presents she gets to children
who dont get anything for Christmas. My
heart completely melted and Ihad tears in
my eyes. Anyone who really knows me,
knows it takes a lot for me to even come
close to crying. (Iblame it on my bloodline,
we are all a bunch of stubborn old mules.)
So as Iplan on trying to finish up most of
my Christmas shopping this weekend, Iwill
keep these things in the back of my mind. Of
course Iam going to get my kids some of the
things they asked for because I love the excitement in their faces and happiness in their
eyes Christmas morning when they rip that
paper off the packages. But at the same time,
Iwant to make sure they appreciate what
they get, even if its a pack of new socks.
Too many parents strive to give their children whatever they want to make them happy
and, in turn, the childs appreciation level
plummets. As parents, we need to instill in
our children to be happy with what they have
and realize these spendy electronics, or
whatever they have on their lists, isnt what
makes the holidays.
Christmas is about spending time with
family, being thankful for what we have, and
not getting disappointed over unnecessary
things we may not get.
In the end, Idont think there is a right or
wrong price tag that should determine what
should be spent on Christmas. As long as the
receiving person appreciates what they are
given, thats the winning answer.
Imay have splurged a little on one big gift
for my kids, and all Im thinking to myself is
they better be happy with it otherwise, they
are all getting nothing but underwear next

Rumor Has It

The main library at Indiana University

sinks over an inch every year because when
it was built, engineers failed to take
into account the weight of all the books
that would occupy the building.


Cornell Municipal Court Report
The following people were found guilty Dec. 15, 2014,
in Cornell Municipal Court, 221 Main Street, Cornell, WI,
by Judge Mindy Carothers-Harycki.
Regular Citations
Nash D. DeMars, Cornell, operating after suspension,
$124, 3 pts.
Brittney Lyn Ender, Eau Claire, speeding in 55 mph
zone (16-19 mph), $124, 4 pts.
Shana C. Finnessy, Chippewa Falls, operating after suspension, $124, 3 pts.
Shana C. Finnessy, Chippewa Falls, operate after
rev/susp. of registration, $98.80.
Shayla Marie Houle, Ashland, operating after suspension (4th), $124, 3 pts.
Randal S. Leet, Cadott, OWI (1st) (PAC>=0.15), $811,
6 pts.
Brad R. Miller, Chippewa Falls, speeding on city highway (16-19 mph), $124, 4 pts.
Jacob John Morrow, Cornell, vehicle operator fail/wear
seat belt, $10.
Jacob Herman Thompson, Eau Claire, non-registration
of auto, etc., $98.80.
Bryce Robert Weber, Cadott, disorderly conduct (1st)
Tylor J. Wojciuch, Cornell, display unauth. veh. registration plate, $161.80.
Tylor J. Wojciuch, Cornell, license restriction violationclass D or M vehicle, $124, 3 pts.
Tylor J. Wojciuch, Cornell, operate motor vehicle w/o
proof of insurance, $10.
0 Trial 1 Juvenile Case

Thursday, December 18, 2014



Lake Holcombe School

Ranger Jesse, from the Homestead National Monument inNebraska, visits Lake Holcombe After School
students for a virtual field trip via Polycom. Jesse told students he had a time machine, and planned to
take students back to 1872 so they could see what a day in the life of a student was like during that time.
Jesse said students days started much earlier, and included morning chores, walking to school and
evening chores. Students seemed surprised when Jesse told them schools were made out of flowers
(sod) in that time inNebraska, and that punishment included dunce hats, putting their nose to the chalkboard, or even a swat on the wrist or back with a ruler. At the end of the trip, one student asked if they
were really going back to 1872, then wiped his brow and sighed with a phew of relief when Jesse said
the time machine was only imaginary.
(Photo by Monique Westaby)

You can be liable if your guests have too much to drink

Nancy Glenzer, Holcombe, completes twining the

base for her holiday basket at a class taught by
Linda Bergen Dec. 10, sponsored by the 21st Century Community Learning Centers. After soaking the
China reed, Bergen instructed the ladies on how to
weave the natural, red and green colored spokes to
form the desired pattern. (Photo by Ginna Young)

Public asked for help with

hit and run identification
The Chippewa County Sheriffs Office is asking for the
publics help in locating the driver of a vehicle that struck a
17-year-old female.
The incident happened around 6:30 p.m., Dec. 9, in the
roundabout of County Highway X and County Highway J
in the Lake Wissota area.
A press release from the department says the pedestrian
was crossing the road when she was struck. Witnesses described the vehicle as a smaller white pickup truck, occupied
by a male driver and female passenger.
The male driver was described as 20-30 years old with a
beard and dark hair. The driver did stop and help the pedestrian off the roadway before leaving the scene, and the injured pedestrian was treated and released from a local
If you have any information on this case, contact Lt. Mitch
Gibson at the Chippewa County Sheriffs office, 715-7267826. Information can also be shared by using the online tipster at co.chippewa.wi.us/government/sheriff.

From The Professional

Insurance Agents of Wisconsin
The holiday season can be incredibly busy with gifts to
buy, homes to decorate and parties to plan. In Wisconsin,
those parties include plenty of fun, food and beverages.
While no one wants to think the worst during the holidays,
the statistics are sobering. In 2012, 33,579 people were arrested for Operating While Intoxicated, including 385 people
under the age of 18. According to the Wisconsin DOT, alcohol-related crashes killed 223 people and injured nearly
3,000 in 2012.
In addition, approximately 36 percent of all fatal traffic
crashes, and 33 percent of all fatal motorcycle crashes, in
Wisconsin, in 2012 were alcohol-related.
As a party host, you are responsible for your guests behavior, said Ron Von Haden, CIC, executive vice president
of the Professional Insurance Agents of Wisconsin (PIAW).
Before your next party, review your homeowners or renters
insurance with your professional independent agent to ensure that you are properly covered for property damage and
personal liability.
Be sure your policy doesnt exclude incidents that arise
from serving alcohol. Depending on your situation, you
might also consider adding a personal liability umbrella policy for additional coverage. Your professional independent
agent can help you determine whether or not this is necessary.
The PIAW recommends if you choose to serve alcohol,

stay sober so you are aware of your guests condition. Dont

serve guests if theyve had too much to drink, and make sure
everyone has a designated driver. Be sure to have food to
munch on and stop serving alcohol at least one hour before
the end of the party.
Companies can also be held liable when they host parties
where alcohol is served, says Von Haden.
To limit their liability at events where alcohol is served,
the PIAW says, companies should:
Monitor alcohol consumption; dont have an unsupervised bar. Hire professional bartenders and issue a small
quantity of drink tickets for each guest. After that, make
guests pay for their drinks. Offer a wide selection of non-alcoholic drinks. Be sure there is food to munch on. Close the
bar at least an hour before the event ends.
Determine whether guests are intoxicated; make reasonable assumptions about whether a guest is impaired based
on how many drinks he/shes had.
Prevent intoxicated guests from driving; adopt a zero tolerance policy for drinking and driving. Have a list of designated drivers you can call for each employee if they have
had too much, or supply vans or cabs to give guests a ride
As a final tip, the PIAW recommends reminding everyone
to wear their seatbelts on the way home.
Visit www.piaw.org for more information.

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:
The Chippewa County Highway Department would like to
remind everyone that it is not only dangerous, but unlawful
to plow or push snow onto, or across, a public highway. Section 346.94(5), Wisconsin Statutes prohibits this action.
Snow left in ridges or piles on the highway creates a hazard
for vehicles. Snow piled on the shoulders may also create
problems for equipment during normal plowing operations
and increases the possibility of snow drifting across the highway in these areas.
We encourage your cooperation for the safety of all who
travel the Chippewa County road and highway system.
Chris Elstran, patrol superintendent
David McCabe, patrol foreman

Please stop in and visit

with Travis Close about all
your insurance needs.
Auto Commercial Life Health
Home Contractors Farm

Big Rivers Insurance | 715-239-6566

215 Main Street, Cornell, WI 54732



Thursday, December 18, 2014


Couriers of the Past

10 Years Ago
The Cornell Boys Basketball team coaches and varsity players host a skills
session for elementary boys
to promote and organize a
youth basketball program.
The Fifth of July, directed
by Dr. Dean Yohnk, Cornell,
is chosen to appear at the
Kennedy Center American
College Theater located at
Illinois State University in
Normal, Ill.
20 Years Ago
David Ekum, Cornell, is
accidentally shot in the foot
rabbit hunting, when his .44
caliber black powder pistol
discharges when removed
from the holster.
Cornell High School
teacher Debra Stephenson
and her EEN students hold a
Santas Workshop to demonstrate the hard work in
running a business. The students spend hours handcrafting
30 Years Ago
Cornell Student Council
President Amy Hoel presents Cornell Food Pantry Director Bill Grinder with
$200 for the pantry. The students raised the money

through school fundraisers

and collecting from the
school pop machine.
Cornell fourth graders receive a visit from Tom Fern,
The Habitats of New France
reenactor. Fern portrays
the 1700s French Father
Thomas to show how the fur
trade was important, and
how Europeans influenced
the Native American culture.
40 Years Ago
Melvin A. Albrecht, Doboy Feeds in Cornell, attends a swine health school
in Charles City, Iowa. The
course offers sessions on
herd health management and
production, as well as treatment for infected herds.
Mike Schomisch, Dave
Mataczynski, Kyle Laramee,
Carol Hayes and Cynthia
Dixon qualify to represent
Holcombe at the Spring
Spelling Bee in Stanley.
50 Years Ago
Cornell Courier owner
A.L. Beier is awarded the
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Civic Service Award for his
work with handicapped employment. The award was
presented by Past Grand
Worthy President Judge
Robert W. Hansen, at a ceremony in Neenah.

Brush Prairie School in

the Bloomer School District
holds a farewell party, as the
school is set to close and be
absorbed by the Bloomer
School. Former students and
teachers gather to share
memories and history of the
school one last time.
60 Years Ago
The Cornell Jewelry and
Watch Repair Shop, owned
by Carl J. Smith, opens on
Main Street near Prentice
Hardware and Jimmys Shoe
Florence Howard and the
Cornell Womans Club are
mentioned in the dedication
of The Good Old Days, written by Paul Raihle, about
Chippewa County and
northern Wisconsin. The
book is filled with stories
and anecdotes from the area.
100 Years Ago
Nordengs Drug Store,
Main Street in Cornell, offers Christmas specials of
candles, tissue paper, Christmas tags and seals and tinsel
cord. In the childrens section, banks are .10, toy
trucks are .40, dolls are .50
and Iron toys are .15. For
adults, boxed candies are
.30, perfume is .25, stationery is .35 and pipes are

Neighboring News
Area Times
A remembrance tree is
placed in the gazebo at the
center of Augusta, which
residents can donate to to
commemorate loved ones
with assorted lights.
The Bank of Augusta
holds the sixth annual Warm
Our Community Blanket
The Augusta girls basketball team adds two tallies to
their win column with a 6857 victory over CochraneFountain City, and a 71-63
win over the Blair-Taylor
Bloomer Schools now has
a competitive gymnastics
The 2015 Bloomer City
budget is up 2.31 percent
from last year, with
$3,347,386 in expenditures.
Sophia Pinno, age 12, of
Bloomer, wins the Eau
Claire Childrens Theatres
11th annual Starquest vocal
her family complete the
Bloomer Public Librarys

Read 1,000 Books Before

Kindergarten challenge.
The Bloomer Blackhawks
Basketball team starts their
season with a 65-57 win
against Stanley-Boyd.
Colfax receives six requests for proposals by the
Nov. 28 deadline from architectural firms for a new
library, or multipurpose
building to house the library,
police department and administrator-clerk-treasurers
The Caring Ministries,
and its two programs The
Colfax Emergency Food
Pantry and Support for Sunday move into two rooms
of the former Colfax Health
and Rehabilitation Center.
The Colfax boys basketball team is defeated 37-40,
by St. Croix Central.
A new Ladysmith School
District online survey will
give the public an opportunity to provide input on the
search for a new school superintendent.
City officials eye the next

rail project for promoting

tourism and improving access to existing recreational
The Ladysmith City
Council votes 6-0 to accept
a $13,900 proposal from the
engineering firm Short Elliot
Hendrickson to monitor the
old landfill.
The Ladysmith Lumberjills Basketball team starts
their home season against
Northwestern, losing 20-38.
The Stanley-Boyd School
District Board of Education
gives the go-ahead for Phase
1 of the outdoor sports complex.
The Stanley Lions Club
donates $500 to the food
pantry to purchase and hand
out hams.
Marathon City, is the first
winner of the Stanley Lions
Club Christmas Cash Calendar Raffle.
The Stanley-Boyd girls
basketball team has a
3-0 record after defeating
Osseo-Fairchild, 73-58.
Ringers for the Salvation
Army are needed in Stanley.

Sentinel Look Back

10 Years Ago
Clayton Strand is sworn
in at the Cadott Village
Board meeting to replace
the trustee term of Timothy
Poppe, who resigned.
Casey Danielson and
Ashley Soppeland, Badger
Girls State delegates,
speak to the American Legion and Auxiliary on their
experience at Badger State.
Penrose Country Store,
which offers bulk food and
candy, opens in Cadott by
owners Krista and Benjamin Dickinsen.
20 Years Ago
A 9.5 ton naval gun turret
arrives at the Wisconsin Veterans Tribute in Cadott,
making it the second major
piece of military equipment
on display at the memorial.
Vandals strike the Woodland Village display in
Cadotts Riverview Park, destroying signs and lights.
The Cadott wrestling team
participates in a 14-team
tournament in Rice Lake and
places 13th, partly because
of team injuries.
The line-up for Country
Fest is announced with head-

liners including Martina

McBride, Sawyer Brown,
Patty Loveless and Mark
30 Years Ago
The pay for election board
members in the Village of
Cadott is raised to $5 per
Helping Santa during his
visit to Cadott are the Nabor
Days queen and her court
Queen Susan Kohls, first
runner-up Kristin Rothbauer
and second runner-up Kathy
Princia Kudingo, of
Cadott, receives the Cray
Research, Inc., Scholarship.
40 Years Ago
A $3 fine is levied for
each violation of vehicles
parked on village streets between 2-6 a.m. in the winter.
The Cadott Merchants
Basketball team receives
their second loss of the season, 79-91, against Thorp.
The loss gives Cadott a 4-2
record in the first half of the
Indianhead West Basketball
John Creaser enlists in the
United States Marine Corps
for a period of four years.

50 Years Ago
The portable sawmill operation of Henry Loomis and
Herman Wik is the subject of
a two-page pictorial feature
in the Wisconsin Conservation Bulletin.
The Cadott Lions Club
will furnish a new beach raft
for Riverview Beach to replace the old one.
Vesta Buetow earns her
master of arts degree in
physical education at the
University of Minnesota.
Santa is coming to Cadott
with free treats for each
child, free coffee and donuts
for parents, and everyone
has a chance to win a gift
60 Years Ago
A two-credit college extension course in art appreciation is started at Cadott
High School.
The 41 members of the
Cadott High School Drivers
Education class produce an
11-page safety newspaper.
Bernard Gilles, former village street superintendent,
opens a television and radio
repair facility at Leisers
Furniture Store.

Remember when?

This is the Cadott High School Class of 1921. Notice that the men are all
dressed in suits and the ladies in fancy, frilly dresses. In the front, are,
Doris (LaValle) Johnson, Principal T.G. McGynn and Anna (Kysilko) Botts;
in the middle, are, Helena Bubeck, Mona (Hagen) Kasten and Eugene
Mlada; in the back, are, Earl Liddell and Willard Hines.
(Courtesy of Cadott Area Historical Society)


Thursday, December 18, 2014



Holcombe United Methodist Church Madrigal Dinner

Lady Louise (Lousie Boller) graciously

waves to a familiar face in the audience as she strolls through the banquet hall at the Holcombe United
Methodist Church Madrigal Dinner rehearsal Dec. 12. In the back, the Crier
(Pat Talbot) prepares to announce another member of the royal court.
(Photo by Ginna Young)

Dinner wasnt the only thing served at the Madrigal performance, as the quips
were many in number to entertain guests. The royal court made sure to include
the audience in the evening, and visited the tables during the main course of
pork and vegetables. Sharing a laugh while the servers ready the meal, left to
right, in front, are, Sir Robert (Bob Boller) and Marquessa Musicale (Rhonda
Matazcynski); in back, are, Archbishop Richard of St. Platteville (Rich EstremFuller), Gracious Queen Karen (Karen Stimeling) and Good King William (Bill
(Photo by Ginna Young)

Although the royal court and select

guests who lent their sword arms prevailed over the strong and fearsome
pillagers from the north during the
Madrigal Dinner, junior pillager Brendan Anders frightened the court by
proclaiming that when he grew up, the
realm should beware.
(Photo by Ginna Young)

Lori Stushek Agency gets

new face and new hours

Lynn Dance Co. presents

Christmas Dance Concerts

There are changes happening and a new face in the Cornell

office of the Lori Stushek Agency, LLC, starting in 2015.
We are expanding our office hours to five days a week,
Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., to provide
more flexibility to our clients, with evening and weekends
available by appointment, said Stushek, owner. We are also
welcoming our newest licensed agency specialist, Ann
Thompson, to the Cornell office beginning Jan. 8.
Thompson joins the team with 25 years of American Family Insurance experience, most recently in the Mondovi
agency. She is licensed to sell all lines of insurance and will
focus on commercial, small business, farm and life/annuity
Thompson is originally from southern Wisconsin. She and
her husband, Fred Yeadon, live in his hometown of Holcombe. They enjoy the outdoors, hunting, fishing, golf and
snowmobiling, and are very active in the local Lions Club.
Stop in, call, text or email us today, says Stushek.
The Lori Stushek
Agency in Cornell has
seen a change in
hours and welcomed
a new face to the office. Beginning the
first of the year, Ann
Thompson, far right,
licensed agency specialist, will serve the
area. Also shown are,
Lynda Shimko, licensed agency specialist,
Stushek, owner.
(Photo by
Ginna Young)

Lynn Dance Company will present their Christmas Season

Dance Concerts Dec. 20-21, beginning at 4 p.m., in the ChaliceStream Studio, south of Ladysmith on Deertail Road.
Saturdays program will include three solos Noel, Herod
and O Holy Night choreographed and performed by co-director Michael Doran; Reverencing, performed by Doran,
Ellen Dovre, Molly Enright, Denise Madland and Barbara
Shafer; There Was A Time, conceived and performed by codirector Barry Lynn; Two, choreographed and performed by
Shafer and Anna Zuck; Hot Apple Cider, choreographed and
performed by Aaron Fellenz; and Last, But Not Least, choreographed and performed by Enright.
Sundays program will include Dorans works, with himself, Ann Churchill Jerry, Debra La Porta and Beverly Willger
dancing Reverencing; Lynns narrative work; and Fellenz
A Ceremony of the Christmas Ring will conclude each
program, during which an iron ring, festooned for the season,
is lowered, its candles lighted, and around which the audience
and dancers are led in winding procession, finishing in a circle, accompanied by Silent Night. Afterward, cookies and
mulled cranberry cider will be served.
Admission is free, however, donations as appreciation toward the maintenance of the facility is welcome.
For further information, call 715-532-6863.

Military News
Olson completes basic
Air Force Reserve Airman Alexis A. Olson, daughter of
Sherry L. and Andrew J. Olson, and 2014 graduate of Cadott
High School, graduated from basic military training at Joint
Base San Antonio-Lackland, San Antonio, Texas.
Olson completed an eight-week program that includes
training in military discipline and studies, Air Force core values, physical fitness, and basic warfare principles and skills.
Airmen who complete basic training earn four credits toward an associate in applied science degree through the Community College of the Air Force.

The Madrigal performers serenaded visitors with an

array of Christmas songs, such as Gloucester Wassail, The Boars Head, Deck the Halls, Away in a
Manager and Silent Night. As the evening drew to a
close, Joseph (Lucas Hering) and Mary (Amber
Ross) presented a still-life image portraying the
birth of Jesus. In recognition of the advent season,
King William, who is known to be quite fond of his
crown, nonetheless laid it on the child in tribute to
the one true King.
(Photo by Ginna Young)



Thursday, December 18, 2014


Church Listings
1/2 mile east of Lake
Wissota State Park on County O,
Anson Township.
Pastor Jason Kim
Sunday: 11:15 a.m. Worship Service.
Fall Creek (L.C.M.S.) Ludington, WI
10 Mi. N. of Augusta,
10 Mi. S. of Cadott on State Hwy. 27
(at Ludington Bend)
Pastor Cal Siegel 715-877-3249
Sunday: 10:30 a.m. worship service
Sunday School 9 a.m. (Sept. - May)
Pastor Lucy Schottelkorb
27095 120th Ave. Cadott
Sunday service 10 a.m. Holy Communion 1st & 3rd Sundays of month.
Maple & Ginty Streets
Pastor George Olinske
Sunday: Worship Service 10:45 a.m.
Holy Communion first Sunday of each
month; Potluck fourth Sunday each
month following Worship Service.


20588 Cty. Hwy. X,
Chippewa Falls, WI
Pastor Deborah Nissen
Sunday: 9:30 a.m. worship (nursery
provided); Wednesday: 4 p.m. live
homework help; 5:30 p.m. light supper; 6 - 6:45 p.m. study time all ages.
724 Main Street, Cornell
Pastor Mark Williams
Sunday: 9:30 a.m. Sunday School for
the entire family; 10:30 a.m. Morning
Worship Service. Other ministries vary
with age groups. Call the church for
4th & Ripley, Cornell, WI
Sunday: 9:30 a.m. Sunday School;
9:30 Adult Education Class; 8:45
a.m. Worship Service at Hannibal
New Hope; 10:30 a.m. Worship
Service at Cornell; Holy Communion
1st Sunday each month.

Holcombe, Wisconsin
Pastor Jason Kim
Church Phone: 715-382-4191
Food Pantry: 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.
715-595-4884 or 715-595-4967
Sunday: 8:30 a.m. Worship Service
107 S. 8th St., Cornell, Wisconsin
Father Peter Manickam
Deacon Dennis Rivers
Masses: Sunday at 8:30 a.m.,
Tuesday at 5 p.m., Wednesday at
8:30 a.m., Thursday at 8:30 a.m.,
First Friday at 8:30 a.m, Saturday at
4 p.m. Confessions 3 to 3:45 p.m.
on Saturdays.
County S South at 139th Ave.,
Jim Falls, Wisconsin
Pastor Jason Kim
Sunday: 10 a.m. Worship Service
Pastor William Turner
Co. Hwy. W, Cornell, WI
Sunday: 10 a.m. Morning Worship.
318 S. 7th St., Cornell, WI

Northwoods Church Cornell, WI

Pastor Dan Gilboy

These weekly church messages are contributed by the following businesses:

(715) 239-6341
Appliance Sales Equipment Rentals
Mon. - Fri. 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.; Sat. 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Courier Sentinel
Your Hometown Newspaper
Cadott Office
(715) 289-4978
Cornell Office
(715) 239-6688

Schicks Bowl & Brew

106 Main St., Cornell (715) 239-3825

(715) 723-2828
or 1-800-828-9395
Serving The Entire Chippewa Valley!

Celebrating 10 years
with ABC Supply Co.

(715) 289-5148
24/7 Towing call (715) 271-0731
224 S. Boundary Rd., Cadott, Wis.
Marty Sorensen

by the Creek Boutique

(715) 239-6800


Radisson, WI 54867 PH: 945-2217
Holcombe, WI PH: 595-4896

Funeral Home

Funeral Home

Cadott, WI

Cornell, WI

Pre-planning, funeral and cremation options.

5939 210th St., Cadott

(715) 723-8316

Cost is $6 per week.

P&B Lumber
See us for all your building material needs!
249 N. Main St., Cadott, WI
(715) 289-3204

(715) 723-1701 jsaiden@fuelservice.biz

Your Hometown Community Bank

CORNELL Member FDIC (715) 239-6414

Attorney Kari Hoel

220 Main St P.O. Box 742 Cornell

(715) 202-0505
To Advertise Here
(715) 239-6688
Cost is $6 per week.

Propane: 715-723-9490 Fuels: (715) 723-5550

Propane Diesel Gasoline Fuel Oil Storage Tanks

Bar & Grill

Stop for breakfast after church.
116 Main St., Cornell
(715) 239-6677

To Advertise Here
(715) 239-6688

Cadott Color Center

Cost is $6 per week.

(715) 289-4292 - Cadott, WI

Carpet Vinyl Ceramic


Y Go By
Cornell, Wis.
(715) 239-0513

Mary Joy Borton & Joe Borton

Cornell - (715) 239-0555
Cadott - (715) 289-3581
Fall Creek - (715) 877-3005

317 S. 8th St., Cornell 715-239-3862

Bringing High Speed to the Back Forty!

Quality Service Reasonable Rates Vintage

High Performance ATSG Certified Technician
111 Hwy. 27 Cadott, WI ~ Joe Rygiel - Owner

(715) 289-4665



(715) 447-5557

Sheldon, WI (715) 452-5195


Corner of
Cty. G & 64
Wisconsins newest
full line dealership.
29097 State Hwy. 27
Holcombe, WI


Office: 715-239-6601 Fax: 715-239-6618

Big Ts North
14950 81st Ave. Chippewa Falls, WI


Greener Acres

Commercial Farm Residential

DJs Cadott now serving Home
Cooked Meals 7 Days a Week!

Lake Wissota

Chippewa Valley

Fuel Service
& DJs Marts
To Advertise Here
(715) 239-6688

Chippewa Falls

Bar & Grill

Cornell, Wis. (715) 239-6424 339 N Main St., Cadott (715) 289-4600 Chippewa Falls, Wis.
(715) 723-9905
Dry Felt Facer Plant



Member FDIC


641 State Hwy. 27

Cadott, WI
(715) 289-4435

(715) 595-4300


To Advertise Here
(715) 239-6688
Cost is $6 per week.

Cadott Tax &
Financial Services SUPPER CLUB
Aaron Seeman, Financial Adviser
345 N. Main Street, Box 303
Cadott, WI (715) 289-4948

(715) 382-4656

off County Hwy Y,

South of Jim Falls

Sunday: 10 a.m. Worship; Nursery and

childrens church Sunday mornings;
Youth group Wednesday nights 6 p.m.

Father Christopher Kemp

Saturday Mass 4 p.m.; Friday Mass
8 a.m.


1 Mi. W of CC on Z, Cornell, WI
Pastor Jim Brandli
Sunday: Sunday School for all ages
9 a.m.; Worship Service 10 a.m.;
Sunday evening prayer meeting
7 p.m.; Mid-week Bible studies at
various times and locations.
4th & Thomas, Cornell
Pastor Greg Sima 715-289-3780
Services: Sunday Morning 10 a.m.
Wednesday: Bible Study for adults &
kids 6:30 - 7:30 p.m., nursery provided


Rt. 1, Sheldon, WI 715-452-5374
Father Madanu Sleeva Raju
Sunday: Mass 10:30 a.m.
(Missouri Synod) - Cadott, Wis.
Pastor Raymond J. Bell, Jr.
Sunday: 9 a.m. Worship Service
Sunday School 10 a.m.


6th & Ripley, Cornell, WI
Pastor Andy Schottelkorb
Sunday: 8:30 a.m. Worship, Communion 1st and 3rd Sundays of each
month. Visitors are always welcome!
CHURCH Jim Falls
Father Peter Manickam
Phone: 715-382-4422
Sunday: 10:30 a.m. Mass; Friday: 6
p.m. Mass w/confessions before.
719 E. Patten St., Boyd, WI
Father William Felix
Sunday: 9:30 a.m. mass;
Thursday: 8:30 a.m. mass.
P.O. Box 92, Sheldon, WI
Pastor Micah Minton
Sunday: 9 a.m. Sunday School - children ages 4 to 12, teens and adults;
10 a.m. Service. Wednesday:
6:30 p.m. Life Groups.
Jct. County Hwy. S and 250th St.
Father Peter Manickam
Saturday: 7 p.m. Mass.
On The Flambeau, Holcombe, WI
Father David Oberts 715-532-3051


(Wisconsin Synod)
700 Thomas St., Cornell, WI
Pastor: Patrick Feldhus
Sunday: 9 a.m. Worship;
10:15 a.m. Sunday School.
Rural Gilman, WI on Hwy. H at S
Sunday: 10:45 a.m. Worship Service
Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Communion every 1st and 3rd Sunday.
Cadott, Wisconsin
415 N. Maple St., Cadott, WI
Corner of McRae & Maple Sts.
Father William Felix
Saturday: 4 p.m. Mass; Sunday:
8 a.m. Mass; Tuesday: 8:30 a.m.
Communion Service; Thursday:
8:30 a.m. Mass.
(Non-denominational Church)
Pastor Larry Etten
230 W. Main St., Gilman
(Old Gilman Theatre)
Sunday: 10:30 a.m. Worship;
Wednesday: 6:30 p.m. Bible Study;
Saturday: 7 p.m. Free admission
(Missouri Synod)
Main St., Sheldon, WI
Pastor Aric Fenske
Sunday: Worship service 10:15 a.m.
Sunday School: Sunday 11:30 a.m.
(Missouri Synod)
5th Ave. & Crumb St., Gilman, WI
Pastor Aric Fenske
Sunday: 9:30 a.m. Sunday School;
8:30 a.m. Worship Service.


Thursday, December 18, 2014



Marie D. Walters
Marie D. Walters, 98, former resident of Holcombe, passed
away Thursday at St. Josephs Hospital in Chippewa Falls.
Marie was born the daughter of Steve and Julia Oleksuick
Aug. 16, 1916, in Olwein, Iowa.
She resided in Chicago until the age of 12, when she moved
to Holcombe.
She graduated from Holcombe High School and went on
to attend beauty school.
Marie went to work for the Aldeen Hoffman Beauty Shop
in Cornell.
Marie married Rayland Walters in Minneapolis, Minn., in
1938. Together they owned and operated Rays Supper Club
in Holcombe, for many years until their retirement.
She is survived by daughters; Sharon Adolphson, Judy (Joe)
Taylor, and Kay (Joe Allard) Walters, all of Holcombe, and
Rae (Don) Kurth, Appleton, son, Peter (Sherri) Walters,
Chippewa Falls; sister, Josephine Gygi, Cornell; 15 grandchildren and many great-grandchildren.
She was preceded in death by her parents; her husband;
brother Steven; and son-in-law, Eric Roger Adolphson.
Memorial services were held at 1 p.m., Monday, Dec. 15,
at Borton-Leiser Funeral Home in Cornell, with Pastor Andy
Schottelkorb officiating. Friends called from noon until time
of services at the funeral home.
Online condolences may be expressed at bortonleiserfuneralhome.com.
Arlene E. Nelson
Arlene E. Nelson, 95,
Cadott, went to her heavenly
home Wednesday, Dec. 10,
2014, peacefully, at home, surrounded by family.
She was born in the Town of
Edson, April 14, 1919, the
daughter of Joseph and Bernice Gilles.
Arlene was married to Ray
Nelson Nov. 4, 1939, and celebrated 71 years of marriage.
Arlene worked on the Nelson farm most of her life.
She was very active growing her gardens, making quilts and
raising her family.
She loved her strawberry and raspberry patches, and provided food for all.
She loved family get-togethers with her children and grandchildren. Often they would sing her favorite hymns, which
she loved.
She was very active in her church, and her grandchildren
thought of her as a woman of God.
Forever grateful for her, and survived by, are her children,
Ronnie (Evelyn) Nelson, Richard (Sandee) Nelson, Karen
(Jim) Semmelhack, Beverly Halmar and Vivian (Vernon)
Swanson; she is also loved and survived by her 11 grandchildren and many great-grandchildren; sisters, Bernadine
(George) Jackson, Cadott, Nila, Commerce, Texas, Cecile,
Seattle, Wash., and Marge, Bothell, Wash.; sisters-in-law,
Mary Gilles, Bernadine Gilles and Olga Gilles.
She was preceded in death by her parents; brothers, Howard
Gilles, Bernard Gilles and Joe Gilles; dear son-in-law, Mark
Halmar, brothers-in-law, John McQuary, Bill Seffernich and
Jentof Wahl.
Services were held at 3 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 13, at St.
Johns Lutheran Church in Cadott, with the Rev. Raymond
Bell officiating. Family and friends called Saturday, Dec. 13,
from 1 to 3 p.m., at the church.
Interment was in the Brooklawn Cemetery in Cadott.
The family would like to thank Moore Genuine Care and
St. Josephs Hospice for the home care they gave Arlene.
In lieu of flowers, memorials are preferred to St. Johns
Lutheran Church, St. Josephs Hospice and the Cadott Historical Society.
Online condolences may be expressed at leiserfuneralhome.com.

Visit us at www.couriersentinelnews.com

Michael T. Dietrich
Michael T. Dietrich, 57, Holcombe, and formerly of Thorp,
passed away unexpectedly at
his lake home Thursday, Dec.
11, 2014.
Michael Thomas Dietrich
was born May 12, 1957, in
Chippewa Falls, the son of
Karl Jr. and Lucille (LeTendre) Dietrich.
He was united in marriage to
the love of his life, Christine
Nolechek, June 19, 1976, in
Mike worked construction most of his adult life, for UEL
Construction Company in Chippewa Falls, and later for Stelter Incorporated in Eagleton.
He was an avid Green Bay Packer fan, NASCAR fan and
country western music fan.
His other life passions and enjoyments included spending
time with family and friends, get-togethers at his home on
the lake, cooking and grilling, boating on his pontoon, campfires, deer hunting, four-wheeling, ice fishing, winemaking,
bird watching and joke telling.
He also took several trips to Montana and Lake Superior.
He loved western movies and shows, especially John
Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Gunsmoke and The Rifleman.
He will always be remembered for his quick and witty sense
of humor.
He will be greatly missed by his beloved family, and is survived by his devoted wife of 38 years, Chris, Holcombe;
children, Travis (Nikki), Thorp, Ashley Dietrich, Chippewa
Falls, Jake, Thorp, and Zach, Holcombe; grandsons, Dawson
and Tucker Dietrich, Thorp; mother, Lucille Dietrich, Thorp;
siblings, Kate Dietrich, Thorp, Matt (Nancy) Dietrich, Thorp,
Janet (Wayne) Wampole, Neillsville, Julie (Jim) Kaczmarek,
Wisconsin Dells, Karen Dietrich, Thorp, Denny (Stacey) Dietrich, Greenwood, and Dawn Dietrich, Thorp; mother-inlaw, Dolores Nolechek, Thorp; brothers and sisters-in-law,
Jennifer (Tom) Meckley, Holcombe, Bill Nolechek,
Thorp, Mary (Stash) Lis, Thorp, Nancy (Gerry) Gardner,
Austin, Texas, and Kelly (Laurie) Nolechek, Thorp; numerous aunts; uncles; nieces; nephews; cousins; and other family
members and friends.
He was preceded in death by his father, Karl Tucker Dietrich Jr.; paternal grandmother and grandfather, Leona and
Karl Dietrich Sr.; maternal grandmother and grandfather,
Helen and Raymond LeTendre; father-in-law, William J.
Nolechek Sr.; and sisters-in-law, Barb Nolechek and Tracey
A Mass of Christian Burial was held at 11 a.m., Wednesday,
Dec. 17, at St. Bernard-St. Hedwigs Catholic Church in
Thorp, with the Rev. Janusz Kowalski officiating. Visitation
was held from 4 to 8 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 16, at Thorp Funeral
Home, and again on Wednesday at the church, from 10 a.m.,
until time of service.
Pallbearers were Travis Dietrich, Jake Dietrich, Zach Dietrich, Denny Dietrich, Matt Dietrich, Kelly Nolechek, Tom
Meckley and Joe Jaskot.
Burial will take place in St. Bernards Catholic Cemetery
at a later date.
Thorp Funeral Home is assisting the family with arrangements.
Online condolences may be expressed at cuddiefh.com.

Donald J. Tiny Albrecht

Donald J. Tiny Albrecht,
79, Holcombe, passed away
Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2014, at Ladysmith Nursing Home.
He was born the son of
Arthur and Erna (Spindler)
Albrecht May 24, 1935, in
Donald graduated from Abbotsford High School in 1953.
He worked at Holton Cheese
Factory and became co-owner
in 1960.
He married Sharon Ann Stubbs Oct. 16, 1965, in Dorchester.
They established Albrechts Cheese in 1974, a well known
store in the Holcombe community. They operated the store
until retiring in 2000.
After retiring he worked for Markquart Motors, shuttling
cars between dealers.
Donald was a 50 plus year Lions Club member, and was
the second president of the Dorchester Lions Club, as well
as a charter member.
He was also an avid Packer fan.
Tiny has been a resident in the Ladysmith Nursing Home
for the past several years.
He is survived by his sister, Betty (Jerry) Radlinger, Dorchester; niece, Julene (James) Mueller, Phillips; great-nephew,
Kirk Cwikla; great-niece, Amber Von Seggern; special
friends, Karen and Bob Langland, Holcombe; several greatgreat-nieces and nephews; and special buddy, Sparky.
He was preceded in death by his parents; wife, Sharon, infant son; and nephew, Troy Cwikla.
Services were held at 11 a.m., Tuesday, Dec. 16, at the Holcombe United Methodist Church, with the Rev. Jason Kim
officiating. Friends called from 10 a.m., until the time of service Tuesday at the church.
Interment was held at 11 a.m., Wednesday, Dec. 17, in the
Dorchester Memorial Cemetery.
Following the service, a celebration and lunch was held at
Paradise Shores in Holcombe.
Online condolences maybe expressed at bortonleiserfuneralhome.com.

Welcoming Becky Schwetz, RDH To Our Dental Office.

(Formerly from Dr. Lanes office in Cornell.)

Accepting New Patients

Thomas J. Rufledt, DDS
Gregory A. Mihm, DDS

David J. Irwin, DDS

Christopher D. Goettl, DDS

1502 Main St. Bloomer 715.568.2363

Hours: Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
website: bluediamondfamilydental.com

Candlelight Christmas
Eve Service
An evening of Music

Courier Sentinel

Wednesday, Dec. 24 7 p.m.

Christmas Hours

Keystone New Life Alliance Church

Wednesday, Dec. 24: 8:30 a.m. to Noon

Thursday, Dec. 25: Closed
Friday, Dec. 26: Closed

24288 County Highway Z, Cornell

(715) 239-6490

New Years Hours

Wednesday, Dec. 31: Regular Hours
Thursday, Jan 1: Closed

Begin your Christmas celebrations with music.

The community is invited to come for an
evening of instrumentals & vocals.



Thursday, December 18, 2014


Coming Events

Rated PG


Night at the Museum

Secret of the Tomb

Friday, Dec. 19 through
Monday, Dec. 22 7:30 p.m.
Sunday Matinee 1:30 p.m.

Saturday, Dec. 20

Santa Free Show

Planes Fire & Rescue
11:30 a.m. & 2:30 p.m.
131 N. Broadway St. Stanley, WI

To advertise call Courier
Sentinel at 715-239-6688.

Free Community Christmas Dinner Thursday,

Dec. 25, 11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.,
Trinity Christian Fellowship

Cadott/Crescent News

Church, Stanley. To volunteer, reserve a meal or schedule a delivery, call 715644-5670.

Holcombe Happenings
By Janice Craig 715-595-4380
The Madrigal Dinner performance Saturday and Sunday
nights at the Holcombe United Methodist Church was sold
out and well attended in spite of the fog. Everyone enjoyed
the meal and tomfoolery.
The community has been saddened at the death of Don
Tiny Albrect who passed away last week. He and his wife,
Sharon, owned and operated Albrechts Cheese House for
many years. A summer day without stopping to get one of
their ice cream cones was not complete.
Many cheese packages were shipped out of their shop during the holidays. I personally shipped a package and asked
them to include a styrofoam snowball which I had provided
to a friend in Florida. He got a smile out of that.
Visitation and service were Tuesday beginning at 10 a.m.,
at the Holcombe United Methodist Church.
The Helping Hands Club will have their annual Christmas
Party at Giggles Bed and Breakfast Thursday beginning at
12:30 p.m. It has been beautifully decorated for the occasion
by owner Carol Severson.
Ramona Scharf attended the graduation of her granddaughter at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Sunday. She
graduated with highest honors. Congratulations, that is great
Everyone is busy Christmas shopping, and making
cookies and fruit cake.
Wise men still follow

Big Ts Ultimate
Bloody Marys
The Best You Will Ever Have!


Every Sunday
6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Big Ts North
116 Main Street
Cornell, WI

By Shirley Vlach 715-289-3846

A number of people enjoyed the New York
steak at Crescent Tavern Sunday, Dec. 7.
There was a nice crowd that attended the
Nascar party Saturday afternoon at J&Js
Sports Bar and Grill on Highway X. In the
evening, they listened to D.J. Dave for entertainment.
A friend called me from Florida and we
had an enjoyable visit.
Friends and family attended the jr./senior
high band Christmas concert at Cadott High
School Dec. 8.
There were about a dozen or so ladies who
attended the Womans Club Christmas party
at Kathys Diner Tuesday afternoon and had
an enjoyable time.

Sure is really foggy, hope everyone is driving carefully.

Some of the churches are decorated pretty
for the Christmas season.
There are some nice decorations at the
homes in the area.
It sure is real pretty at Riverview Park here
in Cadott.
The veterans had their meeting at the Veterans Hall Monday evening.
Someone from the Big Drywood Lutheran
Church delivered Christmas cheer pails to
the members who arent able to go to the
church. It was nice to brighten the persons
Wonder if well have a white Christmas or
brown one?

Lunch Menus
Cadott Elderly Program
Dec. 22 - 26
Mon. Egg salad sandwich,
vegetable soup, brownie.
Tues. Pork, mashed potatoes, vegetables, cookie.
Wed. - Fri. No Meals.
All meals are served with
bread and milk. For reservations or cancellations call 715579-2893 by noon the previous
day. Senior dining will be
served at Kathys Diner, 304
East Mills St.,
Hwy. 27,
Cadott, from 11:30 a.m. to
12:30 p.m. To register for
Meals on Wheels, call 715726-2590. If schools are can-

New Years Eve Steak or Buffet Feed

Wednesday, Dec. 31 5 to 8:30 p.m.
Halfway Hall 319 N. Main St., Cadott, WI

Chicken & Swiss Steak - $9

12 oz. Ribeye Steak - $11 Shrimp - $11
Steak & Shrimp - $13
Steak & 1 - 6 oz. Lobster Tail - $20
2 - 6 oz. Lobster Tails - $20
All meals include salad bar. Taking first 100 people.

Crescent Tavern

15506 State Hwy. 27, Cadott, WI (715) 289-3631

Open 7 days a week 9 a.m. to close

New Years Eve Buffet

5 to 9 p.m.
Serving prime rib, chicken, shrimp and
broiled fish with potato & vegetable
with full soup and salad bar $13.95
Call for reservations 715-289-3631.


Mon. - Fri. 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Tuesday Night: Burger Night
Wednesday Night: Wings or Pizza
Thursday: $1.50 Tacos and Pizza Specials
Friday: Fish Fry Saturday: Steak Night $14.95

celled because of weather,

meals will not be served.
Cornell Elderly Program
Dec. 22 - 26
Mon. Turkey tetrazzini,
peas, dinner roll, pineapple
Tues. Polish sausage with
sauerkraut, red skin potatoes,
Wed. - Thurs. No meals.
Fri. Crumb topped fish, rice
pilaf, zucchini and tomatoes,
lemon bars.
All meals are served with
bread and milk. For reservations or cancellations, call 715579-2910 by noon the previous
day. Senior dining will be
served at 11:30 a.m., at Our
Saviors Lutheran Church,
201 South 6th St., Cornell. To
register for Meals on Wheels,
call 715-726-2590. If schools
are cancelled because of
weather, meals will not be
Cadott School Menus

Dec. 22 - 26 Breakfast
Mon. French toast, strawberries.
Tues. Cooks choice, fruit.
Wed. - Fri. No school.
Mon. Chicken strips with
barbecue sauce, roasted potatoes, sweet potato sticks,
peaches or honeydew, bread
with butter blend.
Tues. Pizza, triple bean hot
dish, baby carrots with ranch
dip, applesauce or fruit, Christmas treat, bread with peanut
Cornell School Menus
Dec. 22 - 26 Breakfast
Mon. Cooks choice.
Tues. Cinnamon roll.
Wed. - Fri. No school.
Mon. Cooks choice.
Tues. Pizza day.
Lake Holcombe
School Menus
Dec. 22 - 26
Mon. - Fri. No school.

COURIER SENTINEL Thursday, December 18, 2014 Page 9




Thursday, December 18, 2014


To the left, Micah Raatz, Dusty Boehm, Abby

Klein, Lexi Moussette, Trenton Glaus and Levi
Boehm pose with their snail they created during outdoor phy. ed. Dec. 8. Hitching a ride on
the snails cold, but broad, back is a baby
snowman. If the snow snail is as slow as its
cousin, the common snail, it might not make
it across the lot before temperatures warm up
this coming weekend. Below, after vandals
smashed snowmen the phy. ed. class built
across from the Cornell High School, students
again took to the snow banks to give life to
their creatures Dec. 8. Standing with their
completed platy-rhino-uni-cow, left to right,
are, Brianna Johnson, Bryce Weber, Aaron
Lairy and Berkeley Arnold.
(Photos by Ginna Young)

Cornell Holiday Shoppe volunteers Carol Gehler

and Dan Goller help with items chosen by student
shoppers. Donated items of candles, ornaments,
household decor, clothing and jewelry were among
the wares for gift purchase.
(Photo by Ginna Young)

Fourth grader Vanessa Young holds up a pair of

dangling disco earrings for a friends inspection at
the Cornell Holiday Shoppe Dec. 16. Students at the
Cornell Elementary School were able to purchase
gifts for their family or friends during school hours.
The gifts were then wrapped and sent home with
the kids.
(Photo by Ginna Young)

Zach Hickethier holds up the fish

he made during outdoor phy. ed.
across from the Cornell High
School. Some students preferred the
tried and true traditional snowman
form, while others, like Zach, went
with more unusual snow creatures.
(Photo by Ginna Young)

Cornell Jr./Sr. High School Band and Choir Holiday Program

Freshman Hannah Sue
Lindquist opens the
Cornell Jr./Sr. High
School Band and
Choir Holiday Program
Dec. 9, with her piano
solo prelude of O
Come All Ye Faithful.
Students then joined
their vocals in selections of traditional favorites such as Baby
Its Cold Outside and
Feliz Navidad.
(Photo by
Ginna Young)

Under the direction of Bill Bocian, Cornell Jr. High School students performed a toe-tapping medley of
Scooby-Doo, Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang, the Wizard of Oz and Willie Wonka at the holiday program.
(Photo by Ginna Young)

Left to right, Brianna Johnson, Anna Hillebrand and

Cheyenne Peloquin serenade family and friends at
the Cornell Jr./Sr. High School Band and Choir Holiday Program. The audience heard renditions of the
haunting Korean Hill melody, Jingles Bones (and
Saxophones)! and North Pole Sleigh Ride.
(Photo by Ginna Young)


Courier Sentinel

Page 11

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hornets better with each passing game

By Kayla Peche
The Cadott Hornets Girls Basketball team had two conference competitors this week. The games were set to make or
break their West Cloverbelt Conference record quickly.
Dec. 9 vs. Altoona (Conference)
Cadott began their week with a loss against the Altoona
Railroads, 24-38, but Dave Hazuga, Cadott head coach, said
this was the best defense the girls have played.
We rebounded better and we covered the basket better,
Hazuga said, and our defense gave us a chance.
Sophomore Jessa Raether had six points to lead a balanced
scoring effort by the Hornets.
In a Dec. 4 game against Fall Creek, junior Tory Crank had
a knee injury that took her out of the last two games.
I probably wont play at all this week, Crank said. But

Cornell shoots for

more consistency
By Kayla Peche
The Cornell Chiefs Girls Basketball team jumped to an
early 10-6 lead after the first quarter, but Gilman rallied to
come from behind and top the Chiefs, 45-36.
It was the second half of the Dec. 15 game where the
Chiefs were outscored, 23-16, leading to the non-conference
Cornell Head Coach Marcus Leland says the team needs
to start becoming more consistent with the level of play.
Overall, we played pretty well, Leland said. We need
to clean up our mistakes.
Junior Elizabeth Sproul had a team-high 14 points for the
Chiefs, followed by seniors Kammey Kendall and Makenzie
Ewings, each with eight points.

Dec. 18 - 24
Boys Varsity Basketball
Thursday, Dec. 18
Friday, Dec. 19
Tuesday, Dec. 23
at McDonell
Boys JV Basketball
Thursday, Dec. 18
Friday, Dec. 19
Tuesday, Dec. 23
at McDonell
Girls Varsity Basketball
Thursday, Dec. 18
Saturday, Dec. 20
Tuesday, Dec. 23
Girls JV Basketball
Thursday, Dec. 18
Saturday, Dec. 20
Tuesday, Dec. 23
Varsity Wrestling
Thursday, Dec. 18
at Regis
Saturday, Dec. 20
at E.C. North

5:45 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
2 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
12:15 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
10 a.m.

Boys Varsity Basketball
Thursday, Dec. 18
at Cadott
Tuesday, Dec. 23
Boys JV Basketball
Thursday, Dec. 18
at Cadott
Tuesday, Dec. 23
Girls Varsity Basketball
Thursday, Dec. 18
at Cadott
Tuesday, Dec. 23
Girls JV Basketball
Thursday, Dec. 18
at Cadott
Tuesday, Dec. 23

5:45 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
6 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
6 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
7:30 p.m.

Im hoping next week Ill be able to.

Crank said the young team is still trying to figure out their
roles, but the main goal is to get better with every game.
As the year goes on, I am hoping people will become
more comfortable with each other, says Crank.
Dec. 12 vs. Regis (Conference)
Hazuga says the Hornets played their best first half of the
season against Regis, with a 22-39 halftime scoreboard.
We are starting to play better, Hazuga said. Our defense
and rebounding is getting better, and turnovers are still our
biggest problem that we need to continue to work on.
Cadott only scored seven additional points during the second half of the game, losing to Regis, 29-81.
Freshman Kallie Patrie led the Hornets with nine, followed
by junior Elizabeth Kyes with seven. Freshman Alexis
Kramer had six, senior Leah Pilgrim scored five and Kyla
Nichols, also a senior, added two.
Hazuga said that Kyes and Pilgrim were huge contributors
to the best first half.
Elizabeth is running our offense and getting better with
each game, Hazuga said. Leah has had a lot of responsibility having to guard the basket and really battled a lot of strong
The Hornets host their next game Dec. 18, against the Cornell Chiefs.

Girls stay aggressive until final buzzer

Sophomore Hannah Lee led Lake Holcombe with five
points, followed by senior Breanna Ducommun wth three.
Dec. 11 vs. Clear Lake (Non-Conference)
Lake Holcombe upped the intensity on defense against
Clear Lake, using a full court press in the first half.
Providing the Chieftains with some steals and also some
fouls, Lake Holcombe had a small lead, 19-16, to start the
third quarter.
Geist says the team was very aggressive, but needed to
score more points.
We just need to put the ball in the basket a few more
times, Geist said. A few more free
throws would have helped a lot. We
played tough defense, we hustled and we
played hard, weve just got to put the ball
in the basket.
By the fourth quarter, the Chieftains
trailed, 24-27, and found themselves in
foul trouble, with Jordan Geist and Sara
Stender, juniors, fouling out of the game.
Junior Kayla Vavra led the team with
10 points. Jordan Geist had nine points
and Stender scored six points before leaving the game in the last six seconds.
Coach Geist said he was still pleased
with a number of things in the loss. He
said the offense was able to handle the
Warriors defense and the team remained
aggressive until the final buzzer.
They are coming into their own, Geist
said. Theyre all brand new (to varsity)
basically so its still kind of a learning
Theyre starting to step up and
Chieftains Hannah Lee, left, and Sara Stender, go for a loose ball at
a Dec. 11 game against Clear Lake. Both teams were in double bonus realizing more and more what they have
at the end of both halves, and Stender was called for her fifth foul to do. They just have to learn to take adwith 6.3 seconds left in the game.
(Photo by Monique Westaby) vantage of every opportunity they get.
By Kayla Peche
The Lake Holcombe Chieftains Girls Basketball team
played two aggressive games this week. Jay Geist, Lake Holcombe head coach, said it was the little things that made the
biggest difference this week.
Dec. 9 vs. Bruce (Conference)
In an East Lakeland Conference game, the Chieftains had
a low scoring game against Bruce.
With a halftime score of 6-12, neither team dominated on
the board. Bruce used the third quarter to take the significant
lead to the end, and Lake Holcombe was defeated, 13-35.

Area Basketball Standings

Lake Holcombe

Boys Varsity Basketball

Dec. 18
at Prairie Farm
Boys JV Basketball
Dec. 18
at Prairie Farm
Girls Varsity Basketball
Dec. 18
at Prairie Farm
Girls JV Basketball
Dec. 18
at Prairie Farm

7:15 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
7:15 p.m.

Cornell-Lake Holcombe-Gilman
Thursday, Dec. 18
Saturday, Dec. 20

Varsity Wrestling
at Bruce
at Arcadia

6 p.m.
9:30 a.m.

Haylee Hennekens, senior, tries to keep posession

of the ball as a Warrior player goes for a steal. The
aggressive Dec. 11 game between Lake Holcombe
and Clear Lake ended in a loss for the Chieftains,
and fouled out two Lake Holcombe girls.
(Photo by Monique Westaby)

2014-15 West Cloverbelt

Conference Boys Basketball
3 0
Fall Creek
2 1
McDonell Central
2 1
2 1
2 2
1 2
1 3
0 2

2014-15 West Cloverbelt

Conference Girls Basketball
Fall Creek
6 0
6 1
4 1
2 2
2 3
2 3
McDonell Central
2 5
0 5

2014-15 East Lakeland

Conference Boys Basketball
4 1
New Auburn
3 0
1 1
0 1
0 2
Lake Holcombe
0 3
0 3

2014-15 East Lakeland

Conference Girls Basketball
3 2
3 3
2 1
1 2
Lake Holcombe
0 2
0 3
New Auburn
0 0




Thursday, December 18, 2014


Defensive breakdown hurts Lake

Holcombe in second half Dec. 11
By Kayla Peche
The Lake Holcombe Chieftains Boys Basketball team went
on a roller coaster ride this week. The team fell in their first
conference match up of the season, then gained a halftime
lead against Clear Lake, only to be brought back down in the
last seconds.
Dec. 9 vs. Bruce (conference)
The Chieftains traveled to Bruce for their first conference
game of the 2014-15 season, but were defeated by the Red
Raiders, 37-46.
Senior Jay Kent led the Chieftains with 10 points, followed
by junior Nick Seng with nine points and senior John Stender
Jr. with seven.
Dec. 11 vs. Clear Lake (non-conference)
Lake Holcombe had their ups and downs against Clear
Lake at home, leading 24-15 at the half but surrendering 38
second-half points. The Warriors defeated Lake Holcombe,
52-53, in the non-conference match.
I think we played a really disciplined first half, said Dave
Engel, Lake Holcombe head coach. Halfway through the
third quarter, we got flustered and broke down defensively.
Everything comes back to us defensively. If we break down
defensively, we break down just about everywhere.
Senior Jay Kent led Lake Holcombe with 15 points. Junior
Nick Seng followed with 14 points and senior John Stender
Jr. added 11 for the Chieftains.
Engel says there were breakdowns in the second half, but
communication was up and the Chieftains didnt allow themselves to give up despite the lead late in the game.
That comes with playing year round, Engel said of his
teams comfort level together. Over the last two years Ive
had this core group playing year round and theyve really put
in the time, that shows on the court. But with that, were still

Senior Austin Najbrt pins his 126 pound opponent to the ground and keeps
him down to secure the win, 5-0, during the Dec. 11 home invitational.
(Photo by Kayla Peche)

Cadott wrestlers improve by 14

places at Eau Claire Invitational
Lake Holcombe junior
William Hattamer takes
a shot for the Chieftains
during a Dec. 11 game.
The team went into halftime ahead, but allowed
38 points during the
second half, falling to
the Clear Lake Warriors.
(Photo by Monique

By Monique Westaby
Coming off an overwhelming victory at
Abbotsford/Colby, the Hornets wrestling
team started their week with a close match
against Neillsville/Loyal/Greenwood. They
then traveled to Eau Claire North, where they
improved from last years 21st place finish.
Dec. 11 vs. Neillsville/Loyal/Greenwood
The varsity wrestling team came close to
defeating their opponents at a home meet
Dec. 11, finishing 38-39, but head coach Josh
Spaeth said it was a great night of
wrestling for Cadott and their fans.
The pep band, dance team, cheerleaders

Hornet wrestler Dominick Grimm, a sophomore, earned a best

effort for his match at the Dec. 11 invite against
Neillsville/Loyal/Greenwood. Grimm never quit scoring points,
winning his match 14-4.
(Photo by Kayla Peche)

John Stender Jr., senior guard for the Chieftains,

makes a fast break layup during a Dec. 11 game
against the Clear Lake Warriors. Stender added 11
points to Lake Holcombes score for the night.
(Photo by Monique Westaby)

Hunter of
the Week

Summer Jones, 16,

of Holcombe, shot
this 8-point buck in
Dunn County during deer gun season, Nov. 23.
(Submitted Photo)

Wolfpack wrestlers get

three podium finishes
By Kayla Peche
Over the weekend, the Cornell-Gilman-Lake Holcombe Wolfpack
Wrestling team traveled to Barron High School Dec. 13, for a tournament.
Even though the Wolfpack took eighth out of 10 teams, they had three individuals who were successful at making it to the podium.
Greg Sonnentag, Wolfpack head coach, said it was senior Spencer Gibsons
first match of the year. Gibson ended the weekend in first.
He started off strong by pinning his way through the tournament, Sonnentag said.
Senior Eric Nedland had a second place finish at Barron. Sonnentags says
Nedland had a tough opponent, Mitch Hustad from Osceola, and lost the hard
match, 10-5.
Takoda Lee, a sophomore, lost one match in his pool, finishing strong with
a pin over Barrons Ben Sinclair for third place.
The rest of the team took some bumps and bruises, Sonnentag said. But
most ended the day with some success.

and wrestlers did a great job, said Spaeth.

We have not had cheerleaders for over 10
years. It was nice to see cheerleaders in the
gym again.
Cole Hanson, senior, was given fast pin for
the evening, for his 51 second fall over Josh
Zupanc. Freshman Bailey Gillett earned best
takedown against Kyle Gurney, earning six
points for the team.
Best effort was awarded to Dominick
Grimm, sophomore, for his win over
Neillsville/Loyal/Greenwood wrestler Austin
Dominick wrestled a great match, said
Spaeth. He believed in himself and never
quit scoring points. He won his match with a
14-4 major decision.
Dec. 13 Eau Claire North Invitational
Coming off a 21st place finish last year,
the Hornets improved 14 places and earned
a seventh place title at the Eau Claire North
Invitational Dec. 13.
Our team goal this year is to improve
each and every match, and to never quit,
said Spaeth following the meet. Our
wrestlers have been doing this. Nice job
guys. Keep working hard.
Senior wrestler Austin Najbrt placed the
highest for the varsity team, taking home a
second place finish and earning best takedown. Gillett came in third, earning best effort at the Saturday invitational.
Bailey has been working very hard this
year, said Spaeth. His confidence is building and he is relentless on the mat.
Coming in fourth was senior Cole Hanson,
a 220 pound wrestler. Wyatt Cote, a 145
pound sophomore, was given fastest pin with
a 25 second win.
The JV team also placed well at the meet,
with sophomore Adam Shakal coming in
first, and Bennett Bowe, freshman, and Hayden Thompson, junior, both taking second.
Bowe also earned fastest pin, while Shakal
took best takedown and best effort for JV.
We still need 195 pound and heavyweight
wrestlers, says Spaeth. This would greatly
help the team improve even more. We have
capable athletes walking our halls.

See us for your

Cornell office: 121 Main St., Cornell 239-6688


Thursday, December 18, 2014



Cadott Dance
Team Varsity

Cadott boys basketball earns

fourth quarter win at Falcons
By Kayla Peche
The Cadott Hornets Boys Basketball team came up short in a conference game Thursday
night, but then led the charge for a victory against Abbotsford.
Dec. 11 vs. Stanley-Boyd (conference)
The Hornets ended the game behind by three in Stanley, 47-50. Brandon Mittermeyer,
Cadott head coach, said the game was back and forth, but the substitutes did well, keeping
the Hornets in the game.
We had to claw back a few times, Mittermeyer said. Stanley shot the ball really well
and we didnt. We also dealt with some foul issues.
Senior Brett McChesney scored 24 points for Cadott and drilled five of Cadotts seven 3pointers, while his classmate, Ezra Michael, added 19 and the other two Hornet threes.
Dec. 12 vs. Abbotsford (non-conference)
Cadott pulled ahead of the Falcons for good after being tied, 34-34, entering the fourth
quarter. The Hornets outscored Abbotsford to secure the win, 49-40.
Mittermeyer says changing the defense in the second quarter really got them going.
Abby slowed us down with their style of play which limited our possessions, Mittermeyer
said. They forced us into shots that we didnt want to take. Fortunately, our defense was
able to pull this one out.
McChesney led the Hornets with 16 points, adding four of his teams nine 3-pointers. Junior
Shawn Sedlacek added three more 3-pointers, finishing with 11 points against the Falcons.


Performances are
held at half-time
Boys Basketball
Friday, Dec. 19
Tuesday, Jan. 6
Thursday, Jan. 15
Tuesday, Jan. 20
Thursday, Feb. 12
Monday, Feb. 23

Girls Basketball
Tuesday, Jan. 6
Friday, Jan. 23
Friday, Jan. 30
Friday, Feb. 6
Friday, Feb. 13


Thursday, Jan. 29

The Cadott Hornets Dance team, which is in its second year with Mckenzee
Wild as coach, will perform at about 14 home sporting events this winter season. The 2014-15 team, left to right, in front, are, Bailey Nichols and Victorya
Luebstorf; in the second row, are, Stephanie Carrell, Rachel Monier and Felisha
Glomski; in the back, are, coach Mckenzee Wild, Sarah Sedlacek, Grace Ellenbecker, Kaylee Nye, Kaitlyn Everly and coach Jada Dahlke. Missing are Abigayle Walters and Cali Froseth.
(Photo by Kayla Peche)

Schicks Bowl & Brew
Tuesday Night
Ladies League Standings
Dec. 9, 2014
Lisas Beauty Salon
Hellands Hellions
Cliffs Maple Sugars
Schicks Bowl/Brew
Heaven Help Us
High Team Game: Lisas
Beauty Salon, 567; Hellands
Hellions, 534; Schicks Bowl &
Brew, 508
High Team Series: Lisas
Beauty Salon, 1,622; Hellands
Hellions, 1,394; Schicks Bowl &
Brew, 1,348
High Individual Game:
Sarah Whittaker, 186; Ashley
Helland, 174; Janet Parsons,
High Individual Series:
Sarah Whittaker and Janet Parsons, 446; Mary Cowell, 426;
Lisa Martino, 390
Boyd League
Monday Ladies National
Dec. 8, 2014
Won Lost
Bobs Riverview
27 13
Quality Towing
21 19
Village Haus
20.5 23.5
Quality Truck &Auto
19 25
Boyd Feed &Supply 16.5 23.5
Team High Game: Quality
Truck &Auto, 656; Village Haus,
634; Bobs Riverview, 541
Team HighSeries: Quality
Truck &Auto, 1,837; Village
Haus, 1,807; Bobs Riverview,
Individual High Game: B.
Straskowski, 213; K. White, 203;
J. McQuillan, 188
Individual High Series: B.
Straskowski, 545; J. McQuillan,
503; K. White, 492; R. Dement,
Tuesday Ladies
Dec. 9, 2014
Won Lost
Dennys Bowl
33 23
30 26
28 28
Village Haus
21 35
Team High Game: Bliss, 790;
Village Haus, 763; Dennys
Bowl, 748
Team HighSeries: Bliss,
2,239; Village Haus, 2,235;
Dennys Bowl, 2,171
Individual High Game: L.
Seichter, 198; B. Backaus, 191;
A. Wellner, 185
Individual High Series: L.

Seichter, 552; R. Dement, 500;

L. Klapperich, 497
Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2014
Won Lost
Village Haus
37 19
35 21
Bobs Riverview
27 29
Ribbons &Rosebuds 13 43
Team High Game: Village
Haus, 999; DDSaloon, 977;
Bobs Riverview, 761
Team High Series: DD Saloon, 2,887; Village Haus, 2,832;
Bobs Riverview, 2,234
Individual High Game: C.
Gully, 257; T. Oemig, 247; M.
Schuebel, 236
IndividualHighSeries: C.
Gully, 727; T. Oemig, 631; G.
Steinke, 618
Thursday Ladies
Dec. 11, 2014
Won Lost
36 20
Nelson Forestry
29 27
Burkes Sugar Babes 23.5 32.5
McQuillan Plumbing 23.5 32.5
High Team Game: Nelson
Forestry, 610; Kutzees, 579;
Burkes Sugar Babes, 571
High TeamSeries: Nelson
Forestry, 1,717; Kutzees, 1,644;
Burkes Sugar Babes, 1,580
High Individual Game: L.
Marion, 182; B. Backaus, 178; L.
Seichter, 174
High Individual Series: B.
Backaus, 512; J. McQuillan, 489;
A. Licht, 473
Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014
Won Lost
Breezy Acres
34 22
Dennys Bowl
33 23
Corner Bar
29 29
Bobs Riverview
26 30
McQuillan Plumbing
24 32

North Country Pool League
Dec. 11, 2014
Teds Timberlodge
Broken Arrow I
Big Swedes II
Black Bear I
Pine Drive
Black Bear II
Arnolds II
Arnolds I
Big Swedes I
Broken Arrow II

Red Wing Cabinets

24 32
TeamHighGame: Red Wing
Cabinets, 990; Corner Bar, 973;
Bobs Riverview, 958
Team High Series: Red Wing
Cabinets, 2,883; Breezy Acres,
2,775; Dennys Bowl, 2,730
Individual High Game: N.
Brenner, 247; E. Eslinger, 244; T.
Birch, 243
IndividualHighSeries: T.
Birch, 691; N. Brenner, 666; D.
Boening, 637
Sunday Mixed Couples
Dec. 14, 2014
Won Lost
14 10
12 12
11 13
9 15
9 15
7 17
High Team Game: McQuillan-Peterson, 799; OemigSteinke, 780; C.W.D.O., 728
High TeamSeries: McQuil-

lan-Peterson, 2,231; OemigSteinke, 2,208; C.W.D.O.,2,082

High Individual Game Men:
G. Oemig, 267; D. McQuillan,
252; L. Oemig, 247
High Individual Series Men:
D. McQuillan, 678; G. Oemig,
672; C. Gully, 669
Women: J. McQuillan, 210; K.
Milas, 180; R. Gully, 174
Women: J. McQuillan, 540; K.
Milas, 518; K. Kiraly, 480
Spare Me
Ladies League
Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2014
Won Lost
Spare Me
33 23
29.5 26.5
Last Call
25.5 30.5
Ramseier Insurance
24 32
Team High Game: Ramseier
Insurance, 790; Spare Me, 786;
Halfway, 747
TeamHighSeries: Ramseier
Insurance, 2,347; Spare Me,
2,307; Halfway, 2,234

Individual High Game: Kathy

Check, 158; Jess Buckli, 156;
Krisann Eslinger, 152
Individual High Series:
Kathy Check, 428; Linda Dahm,
414; Jess Buckli, 409
Dec. 11, 2014
Won Lost
17 11
Dekan Heating
16.5 11.5
Redwing Cabinets
16 12
Whispering Pines
12.5 15.5
Spare Me
12 16
Done Right Welding
10 18
Right Welding, 883; Dekan Heating, 880; Redwing Cabinets, 880
TeamHighSeries: Dekan
Heating, 2,526; Redwing Cabinets, 2,519; Done Right Welding, 2,485
Individual High Game: Dean
Wojtczak, 235; Ron Birch, 234;
Moldy Moldrem, 213
IndividualHighSeries: Ron
Birch, 628; Dean Wojtczak, 617;
Dean Peterson, 556

Mixed Couples
Sunday, Dec. 14, 2014
Won Lost
Spare Me
Friggin 10 Pin
9 11
Dekan Heating
8 12
Team 2
0 20
Team High Game: Spare Me,
839; JLH, 812; Dekan Heating,
Team High Series: Spare
Me, 2,454; JLH, 2,365; Dekan
Heating, 2,314
Mens High Game: Bart
Chapek, 213; Roger Calkins,
212; Jake Arneson, 191
Mens High Series: Bart
Chapek, 573; Roger Calkins,
552; Trevor Evjen, 514
Womens High Game: JoAnn
Danielson, 192; Krisann Eslinger,
156; Sara Siddons, 150
Womens High Series:
Krisann Eslinger, 452; JoAnn
Danielson, 402; Sara Siddons,



Thursday, December 18, 2014


DNR Outdoor Report

Portions of northern Wisconsin have received an additional
2 to 3 inches of snow, but most of the state has seen diminishing snow levels.
Some counties in northern Wisconsin have open snowmobile trails, but with warmer temperatures and rain, trail conditions could change quickly.
The warm-up will likely lead to highly variable ice conditions. While smaller lakes in the northwoods have several
inches of ice, larger lakes or bodies of water are much harder
to predict.
Those ice anglers already out report sporadic walleye
catches, with some success for panfish and crappie. As always, notify others of your intent to fish and where you will
be, dont go alone and take a spud, throw rope and solid set
of ice picks.
Pheasant season remains open and select properties will

be stocked until near the end of the season Dec. 31.

The late turkey season also remains open in Zones 1-5
through the end of the month.
For those areas with snow cover, this is a great time to get
out and do some mammal tracking. DNR crews have found
deer, otter, beaver, fox, grouse, coyote and fisher tracks while
grooming trails in the northwoods.
Snowy owls continue to dominate the winter birding scene.
The statewide tally now stands at 127 birds, compared to 71
by this date last year.
Eagles have begun to show up in large numbers below the
Petenwell Dam on the Wisconsin River.
There is still quite a bit of open water on Lake Mendota,
Monona, Lower Mud Lake and along the Yahara River in
Dane County, with tundra swans easily viewable at many of
these locations.

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An Outdoorsmans Journal By Mark Walters
The Red Brush Gang! The Best Stories of 2014
Hello friends,
We are wild, crazy, hunt harder than a lot of people I know
and seldom go to bed before 3 a.m. What I am talking about
is the deer camp my father, the late Robert Walters, started
in the late 50s in northern Juneau County and that well over
20 of us call home at some point during Wisconsins nineday deer gun season.
Tuesday, Nov. 25 High 26, Low 12
This part of the world received a horizontal snowstorm
yesterday that dumped 7 inches of snow and would make
deer hunting conditions brutal for several days.
Visibility in the woods and marshes was 5 feet to 100 yards
because of every tree and willow bush holding onto the snow.
The Red Brush Gang does deer drives the entire last seven
days of the season and, because the snow was often falling
onto our rifles, the actions on our rifles were freezing up and
often could only be thawed at the end of the day by our trucks
exhaust so we could unload them.
Today, my buddy, Doug Cibulka (who fished the same
stream as me when we were kids), and I were the only two
people in camp. Our plan was to check out some new country
that we had received a tip on that was in The Necedah National Wildlife Refuge, and adjacent to land we have hunted
for over 50 years.
In this situation, I was wearing hip boots, as was Doug; we
both carry packs and we walk away from the truck all day,
living by the compass. At dark, we work our way back to the
The snow and warm temperatures before the snowstorm
have created the worst problem of all the dreaded half
ice! Half ice sometimes supports the person walking on it,
and sometimes does not. This years added bonus is that the
water table is up in a big way so what is generally knee deep,
is waist deep.
Doug and I are walking 50 yards abreast of each other, and
hoping to kick up a buck so we can eat venison and look at
it on the buck pole.
Our adventure is maybe 20 minutes long when I take a

hard fall through the ice and fill my right hip boot. Ten minutes later I fall face first as Im going through the ice I am
Twenty minutes later and still working away from the
truck, I watch Doug go through the ice and even see his rifle
completely go underwater.
We love deer camp!
Friday, Nov. 28 High 34, Low 22
We number roughly 12 hunters today, ranging from the age
of 13 to 62. Our day is spent doing drives and, as usual, working away from the truck. It is 3:45 p.m. and we are setting up
our final drive of the day; it is a 1 mile square of marsh and
scrub oak forest.
We are running out of daylight and we must hurry. First,
13-year-old Dylan Walters misses a buck. Then, at least one
other buck is kicked up late in the drive. Daylight is fading,
shots are fired. I am the end driver and am exactly 3 miles
from the trucks. I see a rocket sailing over the marsh grass
its a buck. My first potential shot in seven days. I put a bullet
in the 5-pointer and one very physical drag back to the truck
The next two nights:
Travis Dushek brags about how much he loves deer heart
and shows everyone how much by kind of cooking my
bucks heart on the campfire. After a few minutes the bucks
heart erupts from Travs belly.
I hide parts of my humongous bucks anatomy in my 26year-old nephew Riley Schusters pillowcase. Riley catches
me and for no real reason attacks me. We wrestle and fall
onto Chris Grindes sleeping bag in a rather hard way. Chris
is in his sleeping bag and takes his new head injury well.
There are 12 kids between 19 and 26 in this camp. Many
of us hide in the woods after dark and throw snowballs at the
guys hanging around the campfire watching Trav consume
my monster bucks heart.
We have so much fun that I
think we will return next year!
Where the Chippewa &

Flambeau Rivers Meet
Joe & Dawn Flater, Owners
270 N. Cty. E, Holcombe, Wis.

(715) 595-4771

Teds Timber
Lodge & Resort
Cty. Hwy. M
Holcombe, Wis.
Some of The Red Brush Gang after a successful day of deer hunting.

(715) 595-4424

Its a Girls Hunting

By: Monique Westaby

A Hop, Skip and a Jump

Blaze, Grace and Cordellia remained treed in the
middle of a large swamp for a good half hour as our friend,
Brandon, my husband, Scott, and I tried to determine the
best course of action to take.
The girls would move from tree to tree, staying at each
one for a few minutes, then move on to the next. They
made circles, hitting the same trees several times, but
never staying at one long enough for us to feel confident
in their choice.
We parked along the west side and took the first few
steps into the swamp. Before long, maybe 10 yards off the
road, it got wet. No, wet isnt the right word. It got deep.
No, it got bottomless.
The mounds where the small trees grew were our only
hope for getting to the dogs. We hopped from one to the
other, knowing wed lose a leg, if not more, if we tried the
spots in between.
Brandon and Scott moved quite a bit ahead of me. Apparently my 5-foot-3-inch height makes for short legs that
those boys just didnt want to wait for. They moved in farther while I followed the GPS to where the three dogs had
started this swamp treeing adventure. Maybe thered still
be a coon up that first tree. Plus, it was closer to the road.
I maneuvered around one tree, grasping it for support
as I stretched my waterlogged boot to the next mound. Realizing the following mound was not as close as the last, I
carefully balanced across an old rotten log that cracked
and crumbled under me.
Another jump, hop and balancing act, and I was nearly
there. But the brush got thick and the water grew. I stopped
for a few moments and leaned against a small tree, listening to the dogs bark intermittently about 80 yards away as
I plotted my next move.
I heard a rustle above me.
The light proved my guess and there it was, a blob of
fur. I carefully moved around the tree to determine what
type of blob this fur might belong to and sure enough,
there it was, the perfect brown and black ringtail. Looking
at the GPS, the dogs hadnt chosen this tree, it was pure
luck Id stumbled on it.
Scott! I yelled across the swamp. I found one.
Good, he responded. It sucks over here and the dogs
moved north.
The guys maneuvered their way to me, and I guided
them to balance on that log, jump to those knolls and grab
this branch for support. We found a decent spot to take a
shot and down the coon went. Not huge, but it made our
efforts through the death swamp a little more worthwhile.
Our dogs were still north, but we knew coming in from
the field side would be considerably easier than this.
A truck drove by, reminding us we were only about 30
yards away from the road we had parked on. There was
just one problem. The road might be 30 yards away, but
those 30 yards held about 25 yards of bottomless swamp

I didnt take any pictures while I was in the swamp since I

was too busy worrying about losing myself in the bottomless water. This picture is from last year and makes me
laugh everytime. Since she was little, Blaze has been, aside
from a walker, a jumper and climber. Cordellia is the
black and tan, and prefers to keep her feet on the ground.



The Cadott sixth grade choir sang four musical selections at their Cadott Elementary Winter Choir
and Band concert Monday, Dec. 8. The songs included When The Saints Go Marching In, Send
Down The Rain, The Snow Begins to Fall and Not
Another Fruitcake, Please. The choir portion of the
concert was directed by Terra Goff, elementary
music specialist and choir director, and accompanied by Tammy Barth. (Photo by Heather Dekan)

Thursday, December 18, 2014




The Cadott fifth grade band performed three songs

for family, friends and community members at
Cadott Elementary School Dec. 8, for the Winter
Concert. The musical selections included First
Concert: A Demonstration Performance, Holiday
Sampler and Lets Go Band. The band portion of
the concert was directed by Laurie Martenson,
Cadott band teacher, and Megan Schuknecht, UWEau Claire student teacher.
(Photo by Heather Dekan)

Cadott Elementary Class of the Week:

Dana Mengels Kindergarten

Dana Mengels Cadott kindergarten class has been busy working on several projects. Students say they
are getting excited to make gingerbread houses with their Book Buddies. The kindergartners have also
been preparing with other classes for their Christmas program, scheduled for Dec. 19, at 1 p.m., in the elementary gym. Happy Holidays from Dana Mengels kindergarten crew.

Cadott Jr. High and High School Band Winter Concert

Cadott Jr./Sr. High School

November Monthly Awards
Junior High

High School

Student of the Month

Student of the Month

Faith Semanko
Faith exemplifies leadership
within the classroom and
throughout the rest of her involvement within the school.
Her strong work ethic and
willingness to go above and
beyond basic requirements
makes her stand out as an excellent student. Faith is willing
to work with other students,
and is involved in volleyball
and student council.
Most Improved
Student of the Month

Bobbi Burgess
Bobbi has been a great asset
to her school in many ways including; being involved in
school activities, being a
leader in the activities and the
classroom; high achievement
across the board in her classes,
helping students learn more in
class, being nice to all of her
peers. Bobbi is a model student that others look up to.
Most Improved
Student of the Month

Cameron Stumo
Cameron has demonstrated
a positive change in behavior
since the beginning of the
school year. He has put in
extra effort in his classes, and
has been focusing much more
on his responsibilities within
the classroom and the school
as a whole.
Rookie of the Month

Adam Shakal
Adam has made a large improvement, both in behavior
and work ethic since the beginning of the school year.
Adam has shown increased
maturity and has been working hard in and outside of class
to complete his work, on time
and of high quality. He has
shown increased class participation, an increased interest in
learning the material and has
shown positive signs of leadership emerging.
Rookie of the Month

The Cadott Jr. High and High School Band performed their winter concert Sunday, Dec. 14. The Jr. high
band performed four musical selections including Kookaburra and Youre a Mean One Mr. Grinch. The
high school band ended the night with songs including Go Tell It On The Mountain and A Christmas Festival.
(Photo by Heather Dekan)

The Cadott jazz band performed two songs, Santa Baby and In The Mood, at the Cadott Jr. High and High
School Band concert Sunday, Dec. 14. The concert was directed by Laurie Martenson, Cadott elementary
and high school band teacher, and Megan Schuknecht, a UW-Eau Claire student teacher.
(Photo by Heather Dekan)

Hallie Solie
Hallie has been a great asset
to the junior high school both
as a leader and a student. She
has demonstrated a positive attitude and strong work ethic
throughout the year. Hallie
takes it upon herself to make
sure all parts of an assignment
or project are covered, and respectfully works with teachers
and peers in order to accomplish classroom goals. Hallie is
also involved in volleyball and
student council.

Emily Kuipers
Emily is an excellent student
and is always eager to improve
the quality of her work. She
goes above and beyond in her
classes and the results are very
positive. She has a very positive attitude toward school and
learning and participates well
during class. She is willing to
step up when others will not.




Thursday, December 18, 2014


WQOW News 18 evening meteorologist Andrew McCawley shows

students and family
members experiments
on how weather affects
the Cadott Elementary
School. McCawley was
there Dec. 4, as part
of Weather Academy, where the team
brought hands-on activities for students,
such as a tornado in a
(Photo by
Heather Dekan)

WQOW Weather Academy

comes to Cadott School
By Heather Dekan
WQOW News 18 was at Cadott Elementary School Dec.
4, for the Weather Academy, a program started in 2005 to
show area school children how weather works and how to
stay safe when severe weather threatens.
We average about six schools a year for the weather academy, said WQOW chief meteorologist Nick Grunseth. And
we go to different communities around the Chippewa Valley.
The program consists of two parts an assembly during
the day to show students weather processes and severe
weather through visual aids and experiments, and an open
house for family and community members.
The open house was held from 5-6:30 p.m., where students, family and other members of the community could see
experiments, play weather games, win door prizes, color pictures for the Daybreak show and be a part of a live weather
The Cadott Weather Academy was one of the best turn
outs we have had,said Grunseth. Everyone was very involved, the kids were excited and they listened well.
At the open house, you could tell how involved the community is, as well as the staff. It was a great time and we had
a lot of fun too. We are just so thankful to have had the opportunity to have the Weather Academy in Cadott.
There are videos of the live weather forecasts featuring
Cadott students posted on WQOWs website (wqow.com)
under the weather academy link.

Chief Meteorologist Nick

Grunseth, WQOW News
18, does his weather
forecast in the Cadott Elementary School gym.
Students had the chance
to be on live TV with
Grunseth, at the WQOW
Weather Academy Dec.
4. There were also coloring pages for the children to color that could
be featured on the Daybreak show, games and
door prizes.
(Photo by
Heather Dekan)

Area Business Directory




Have an Accident?
Its YOUR choice
where your vehicle is
repaired not your
insurance company.
Its the law.

Auto Parts
224 S. Boundary Rd., Cadott, WI
PHONE: 715.289.5148 FAX: 715.289.5149
24-Hour Towing - 715.271.0731

The Right Choice.

Chippewa Falls, WI

Your repair facility

guarantees the repairs
NOT the
insurance company.

Free Estimates Free Loaner Cars

Lifetime Paint Guarantee
Minor Dents to Major Repairs
Frame Straightening 24/7 Towing





(715) 720-0456
Corner of Hwy. 124 & Cty. S

Lease, Rent, Buy

Or 4 Year Contract


Full Service

Heating/Air Conditioning
Service * Installation

723-2828 or
1 (800) 828-9395

(715) 452-5206
(715) 559-6264




Septic Cleaning

We carry a full line of fixtures

Knowledge & reliability youve come

to expect for over 32 years.

Rick J. Petska MP 143877

(715) 288-6580
16163 190th Ave., Bloomer, WI 54724

Septic Tanks & Holding Tanks

Power Rodding & Jetting

Holcombe, WI

Mon.-Fri. 8:00-5:30
Sat. 8:00-12:00



Competitive prices, quality material

and Prompt and friendly service

John S. Olynick, Inc.

60 years in business

Thank you to our patients for

35 years of loyal patronage.

Youll Find it at CARQUEST

401 South 3rd St., Cornell

For Concrete, gravel, Top soil,

rip rap...and ALL of your
construction needs

1502 Main St., Bloomer, WI

(715) 568.2363

(715) 239-6093

Call: (800) 292-0748

Mon: 8am-7pm Tues-Fri: 8am-5pm





Romigs, Inc.

Or Long Distance
1 (800) 924-1800


Do you want
to buy, sell or
trade an item?

(715) 289-4470

Contact the Cornell

Office to have
it put in the classified
section of the paper.

Gilman, WI

Furnace Service
& Installation



Residential -- Commercial
Remodeling -- Farms
Pump Installations


Septic & Holding Tanks

Portable Toilet Rentals
Drain Cleaning

(715) 313-3077
(715) 289-5327

215 Main, Cornell, WI

Truck and Trailer Repair Services/

Maintenance & Hydraulic Hoses
Farm Bedding
Colored Mulches/Bark
Various Landscaping Materials



Falls Septic

Greener Acres

Septic Tanks Holding Tanks

Portable Rentals
Mark Payne
15188 St. Hwy. 178 Jim Falls, WI

(715) 382-4793

(715) 289-4665
Call or stop in for
FREE estimate!
Corner of Hwys. 27 & X in Cadott

Joe Rygiel, owner


(715) 239-6688

This could
be your
or 289-4978


Thursday, December 18, 2014




Public Notices
Minutes of the
Lake Holcombe
Board of Education
Regular Meeting
Nov. 17, 2014
The regular monthly
meeting of the Lake Holcombe Board of Education was held Monday
evening, Nov. 17, 2014.
The meeting was called to
order by the board president at 7 p.m. The agenda
was posted at the Dairyland State Bank, Holcombe Post Office and
Lake Holcombe School.
Corey Grape, Kathy
Minot, Joe Stansbury,
Sally Meyer, Jeff Anders,
Mr. Mastin, Mr. Porter and
Ms. Spletter were present.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Motion by Minot and
seconded by Meyer to
approve the Oct. 27,
2014, minutes as printed.
Motion carried unanimously.
Public comments and
Monique Westaby commented that she enjoyed
the Walk of Terror put on
by the Lake Holcombe

Booster Club.
Recognitions and commendations
Motion by Anders and
seconded by Stansbury to
approve the following AllConference
players Hannah Lee,
Kareese Jiskra, Katelyn
Omtvedt, Taylor Hartzell,
Courtney Lundmark and
Chase Fronk. Motion carried unanimously.
Superintendents Report: Thank you to Barb
VanDoorn for her efforts
to coordinate all of the assessments, thank you to
the Lake Holcombe Education Foundation for various
$6,180, updates on workshops, committee activity,
smart boards and various
upcoming events.
Principals Report: Reviewed PLC activities, November in-service, Veterans Day, updates regarding RTI and technology, and Mrs. Wysocki
was awarded a $900
Maintenance Report:
Reviewed maintenance
updates and thank you to
John Ewer for donating
2,000 lbs. of salt for this


Iron Horse Steakhouse

Open: Thursday - Friday ~ 4 p.m. to Close
Sundays ~ 10 a.m. to Close

Saturday, Dec. 20
music by local musician
Sage Leary

Let your hair fly

Andrea Smith updated
the board regarding the
After School Program.
The board reviewed the
2nd reading of policies:
#132 Member Resignation; #154 School Board
#161.1 Preparation for
and Attendance at Board
Meetings; #171.1 Public
Notification of Board
Meetings. Minor changes
were recommended to
Motion by Minot and
seconded by Meyer to approve the proposed 20152016 school calendar.
Motion by Stansbury
and seconded by Anders
to approve grading related policies: #345.1
Grading Policy; #345.5
Honor Roll; & #345.6
Honors. Motion carried
Motion by Anders and
seconded by Minot to approve policy #345.8
C50-2c wnaxlp

State Academic Scholarship Programs. Motion

carried unanimously.
Motion by Meyer and
seconded by Stansbury to
approve the quote from
First Technologies, Inc. in
the amount of $17,957 for
a laser engraver for the
Educational Technology
department. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Meyer and
seconded by Anders to
approve the following
consent items: Accounts
payable checks #42598#42657 in the amount of
$211,538.85; Title I Aide
hire Mary Kees, 3rd
reading of policies #682
Financial Reports and
Statements; #683 Inventories; & #690 Disposal of School Property
and/or Other School
Equipment; and donation
from the Lake Holcombe
Education Foundation.
Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Grape and
seconded by Minot to

Village of Cadott


WHEREAS, an application has been made to
the village clerk of the Village of Cadott, Wisconsin,
to change certain zoning district classifications and
zoning district boundaries contained therein;
Board of the Village of Cadott, Wisconsin, will meet
at the office of the village clerk in the municipal
building in the Village of Cadott, Chippewa County,
Wisconsin, on the 5th day of January, 2015, at 6:30
p.m., to consider the amendment of the zoning ordinance of the Village of Cadott, Wisconsin, as follows:
SEC 31, TWP 29N, R06 W
Original Plat of Cadott
Lot 2 the S 1/2, Lot 3 &
N of Lot 4, Blk 1
Parcel number: 22906-3141-60210102

Rusk Countys
Daily Source
of Local News,
Weather, Sports
& Obituaries
Greatest Hits of the
60s, 70s & 80s

Located at: 531 N. Main St.

convene to closed session as per 19.85(1)(c)(e)

of Wisconsin Statutes for
the purpose of negotiating
the purchasing of public
properties, the investing
of public funds, or conducting other specified
public business, whenever competitive or bargaining reasons require a
closed session. Roll call
vote, Grape aye, Meyer
aye, Minot aye, Stansbury
aye, and Anders aye.
Motion by Anders and
seconded by Minot to reconvene to open session.
Motion carried unanimously.

Upcoming meeting date

/s: Dec. 15, 2014, regular
board meeting at 6 p.m.
Motion by Anders and
seconded by Stansbury
that the meeting be adjourned. Motion carried
These minutes are unofficial and subject to
amendment until approved at the next regular
meeting of the Lake Holcombe Board of Education.
Jeffrey Anders, clerk

C51-1c wnaxlp

Town of Goetz
Spring Election April 7, 2015

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an election to

be held in the Town of Goetz Tuesday, April 7, 2015,
the following offices are to be elected to succeed the
present incumbents listed. All terms are for two
years beginning Tuesday, April 21, 2015.
Town Board Chairman
Town Board Supervisor
Town Board Supervisor
Town Clerk
Town Treasurer

Paul Helminski
Leslie Danielson
Mike Roth
Cara Sikora
Shannon Hoel
Steve Siddons

NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that a town caucus

for the purpose of nominating candidates to appear
on the spring election ballot for the above offices will
be scheduled during the month of January. The caucus will be held Jan. 12, 2015, at 7:30 p.m. at the
Goetz Town Hall.
Cara Sikora,
C51-2c wnaxlp

Village of Cadott

Notice of public hearing of the

village board of the Village of Cadott,
Wisconsin, to consider and to act upon
a Conditional Use Permit
WHEREAS an application has been filed with the
village clerk of the Village of Cadott, Wisconsin, to
request a Conditional Use Permit to allow for a
sales, service and repair shop to be located in a
Highway Commercial B-2 District.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the village
board of the Village of Cadott, Wisconsin, will meet
at the office of the village clerk in the municipal
building in the Village of Cadott, Chippewa County,
Wisconsin, on the 5th day of January, 2015, at 6:30
p.m. to consider and act upon the Conditional Use
Permit for:

Owner: Elizabeth Pitsch

Property Address: 109 S. Hwy. 27
Any person interested in the matter and desiring
testimony or other evidence will be heard at the
time and place specified above.
Dated: Dec. 5, 2014
BY: Anson Albarado, president
ATTEST: Sandra Buetow, clerk

Any person interested in this matter and desiring

testimony or other evidence will be heard at the
time and place specified above.
By: Anson Albarado, president
Attest: Sandra Buetow, clerk




Thursday, December 18, 2014


Public Notices
Notice and Order for
Name Change Hearing
Case No. 14 CV 407
In the matter of the
name change of: Andrea

Laura Malison.
By (Petitioner) Andrea
Laura Malison.
petition was filed asking to
change the name of the
person listed above: Andrea Laura Malison. To

C51-2c wnaxlp

Village of Cadott Sealed Bids

Scope of Work for clearing and grubbing of trees

and stumps on village owned land on Tower Drive,
in TIF #2:
The purpose of this work is to clear the parcel of
land owned by the village of all trees, saplings,
brush, stumps, logs, tree tops, branches and any
debris. The purpose of this work is to produce a developable lot which has tillable acreage or a mowable field in the interim until it is sold for
development by the village. The land has been
cleared previously of larger timber in 2013-2014.
1. The village has a current WI DNR WRAPP
permit which requires erosion control to be installed
prior to grubbing/earth disturbing activities, in order
to prevent erosion from leaving the site. See attached map for proposed silt fence installation locations. The contractor will be responsible for
installing and maintaining all silt fence in accordance with the permit. Silt fence will be left in place
after the work is completed.
2. Cut and remove, and dispose of all cleared
trees, brush, tops, and all stumps and debris on the
site in appropriate piles at a location(s) in the south
west corner of the lot designated by the village.
These piles will be burned by the village in the future. All stumps should be removed by excavation
to include the root ball. All stumps will be hauled
to a separate pile from brush and tree tops. Nothing will be buried.
3. Rake, remove debris which will prevent the
land from being farmed, and grade the remaining
topsoil surface so that the land can be plowed and
disked for planting crops.
The village would like to have the work completed during the winter months so that any restoration or agricultural field preparation can be
completed in the spring of 2015 as soon as the
ground thaws.
See attached map of the area of work and
for general lot dimensions. Contractors must travel
to the site and look at the site before submitting a
bid quote for the work
Access to Tower Drive will be limited for
heavy machinery. Access shall not be across curb
and gutter. Access can be obtained by unloading
equipment in the cul-de-sac with village supervision; same with loading equipment after the work
is completed.
Quotations for the above work shall include
all materials, all equipment, all labor, and all miscellaneous costs required to accomplish the work
in a timely and workmanlike manner. The costs for
the work should be separated into the scope items
#1 - #3 listed above. Any credits for lumber kept by
the contractor should be shown as a deduct in the
total costs of the work.
Sealed quotes should be submitted in writing to: Village of Cadott, 110 E. Central Street,
Cadott, WI 54727; Attn: Mr. Rolly Tichy, Public
Works director
Sealed quotes are due before Jan. 2, 2015,
at 4 p.m. The Village of Cadott reserves the
right to reject any and all quotes.
Copy of Scope of Work and Map can be
picked up at the village office at 110 Central St.

Rylie Autum Neath.

Birth Certificate: Andrea
Laura Malison.
petition will be heard in the
Circuit Court of Chippewa
County, State of Wisconsin: Judges Name: Roderick A. Cameron. Place:
Chippewa County Courthouse, 711 N. Bridge
St., Chippewa Falls, WI
54729. Date: Jan. 8, 2015.
Time: 2 p.m.

DERED: Notice of this
hearing shall be given by
publication as a Class 3
notice for three (3) weeks
in a row prior to the
date of the hearing in
the Courier Sentinel a
newspaper published in
Chippewa County, State
of Wisconsin.
Roderick A. Cameron,
Circuit Court Judge
Date: Dec. 4, 2014
C50-3c wnaxlp

C50-2c wnaxlp

School District of Lake Holcombe
Seeking Offers on a 2004 Collins Bus

The Lake Holcombe School District is seeking

offers on a 2004 Collins Bus (2003 Chevy chassis).
The bus has 62,827 miles on it. It is equipped with
a hydraulic wheelchair ramp and is rated for nine
passengers. The bus is considered to be in excellent shape. It can be viewed at the Lake Holcombe
School, 27331 262nd Ave., Holcombe, WI 54745,
during the hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday
through Friday.
Offers to purchase should be mailed or delivered
to the above address and will be accepted through
Friday, Dec. 19, 2014, until 2:45 p.m. The offers will
be reviewed in the administrative office at 3 p.m.
Friday, Dec. 19, 2014.
The Lake Holcombe School District reserves the
right to refuse all offers.
Please call Lisa Spletter at 715-595-4241 x224
to arrange an appointment to view the bus or if you
have any questions.

Real Estate

Your Cornell/Lake Holcombe
Area Realtors

Thane Page
Cell: 715.202.3194

Kay Geist
Cell: 715.577.2193

Country living at its best! - Spacious, classic 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home near Lake Holcombe. Wooded,
secluded setting! This is a must see, stunning home! MLS
882443 .............................................................$315,900
42 acres - hunting land, borders Fisher River, very private
road, 3 miles east of Holcombe. MLS 878492.........$74,900
2 bedroom, waterfront - Lake Holcombe, view
from kitchen, dining area, living room and family
room. Easy access to big lake and county park. MLS
877809 .............................................................$179,900
Cornell - One bedroom home with 2 car attached
garage on corner lot. MLS 876283.....................$35,750
PRICE REDUCED: Cornell - 2BR Corner Lot Home maneuverability for wheelchairs, outside ramp, within walking
distance to grocery store, school, main highway. Updated
2006; separate laundry room, kitchen has lower (chair
height counter) dining area, living room and a walk-in
shower. 2 car detached garage. MLS 881370....$65,500
New Auburn - Looking for a place to hang out, have
fun and fish? This is it! 3 bedroom trailer, 2 car garage,
3 or 4 season porch or laundry room. Big yard with 2
firepits. Close to Long, Larrabee and Salisbury Lake. MLS
882013 ...............................................................$39,975
PRICE REDUCED: Jim Falls - Very unique octagon 2
story home, Deck wrap around upper & lower level. 40 x
60 garage. MLS#880489..................................$148,475
PRICE REDUCED: Tony - 152 acres of prime hunting
land in Tony, WI. In wet land reserve program. 2 acres of
buildable land, not in program. MLS#880517.....$78,900
Holcombe: 2 bedroom home on County Rd. M, double
lot, 11 acres across road. MLS#879485 .............$81,889

December 19-20. Holiday
items, crafts, decorations. 3
miles east of Hwy. 13, Colby,
at H3112 Huckleberry Road.

Pictures, etc., on the Abbotsford Masonic Lodge. Please
email anchorandark1027secretary@gmail.com.

For Sale
Twin $99. Full $149. Queen
Twin $159. Full $195.
Queen $225. King $395. 28
years experience. Extra
Plush Pillow Top Mattress
Sets: Twin $195. Full $245.
Queen $275. King $445.
Call Dan 715-829-2571, or
at www.thebedbarn.com.
(3) 48x102 trailers, 2
with swing doors, 1 with
overhead door and (2)

28x102 trailers with swing

doors, roadable. 715-2292009 or 262-853-3853.
LLC.: Dish Network starting at $19.99/month. Free
install, HD DVR, 3 months
HBO, Cinemax, Showtime
and Starz. Call for more
information. Also available, local network antenna sales and service.
Phone 715-654-5600, cell

Real Estate
Sue Sutor


Your Holcombe Area Realtor

Coldwell Banker, Brenizer, Realtors
1021 Regis Ct., Eau Claire, WI 54701
(715) 829-4427 (715) 838-2141


REDUCED - 6 Acres in the city of Cornell. Starting
out or sizing down with this 3 bedroom, 1 bath home.
This is the home for you! 2 decks, 2 car garage, walking distance to the Chippewa River. 879129 ..$63,500
Dream Starter-Sunsets galore from this very large
lot in a much desired area. 1.57 acres, low elevation
with sandy frontage. Large boat house and a 3
bedroom, 2 bath home sits on this wooded lot.
882617 .......................................................$369,900
Gorgeous Landscaping with Sprinkler System for this log sided Lake Holcombe home, 208 ft. of
frontage, beautiful hickory kitchen cabinets, large dining area, real fireplace, 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath, boathouse and much more. 855246 .................$375,000
So Much for So Little - 3 bedroom, 3 bath, very
large living and kitchen, dining areas on 4.5 acres
with 500 ft. of Lake Holcombe frontage. Come check
it out. Unique home or cabin built into the hill next to
hundreds of Xcel land. 877814 ..................$349,900
Clean as a Whistle - Beautifully landscaped property
with sprinkler system. Blacktop driveway with over
200 ft. of Lake Holcombe frontage. 3 bedroom, 1
bath, brick & stone fireplace, full basement & 2 car
garage. 868461 ..........................................$298,900
Wonderful Cottage or Home on Lake Holcombe granite counters, wood floors, 3 bedroom, 2 bath,
large living room and deck overlooking the lake/river.
1st floor has in-floor heat. Part of home is over 100
yrs. old. It was moved and added on to at its present
location in 2006. Survey to be completed before closing. 857131 ................................................$225,000
Waterfront home w/garage and highway location.
So many choices for this property, nice low elevation
on a channel close to main part of Lake Holcombe.
Could use part of the 3.4 acres for a business as it is
a highway location. 880719........................$225,000
Bring your fishing pole and your swimsuit to enjoy
this 3 season Lake Holcombe home with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath. Firepit right near the lake. Dock and
storage shed included. 879925 ..................$159,900



Thursday, December 18, 2014



Industrial - Commercial - Residential - Farm

21692 Cty. Hwy. E
Cornell, WI 54732

(715) 288-6064


In house Machine Shop for
cylinder & Crankshaft Repair
Monday - Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Closed Sundays
Phone: (715) 288-6863 Fax: (715) 288-5999


Tree Service

Professional Pruning & Removal

Fully Insured Free Quotes




715-568-3646. Reasonable

rates. Repair refrigerators,

freezers, walk-ins, ice makers and air conditioners.
LLC: Residential, commercial, remodeling, farms,
pump installation. Rick Petska, MP143877, 16163
190th Ave., Bloomer, WI
54724. Phone 715-2886580.
STORAGE: Highway 27
in Holcombe and Cornell.
6x10, 10x12 and 10x24. $25
to $50. Call 715-595-4945 or
Stanley, Allis Chalmers,
New Holland, New Idea,
Kover, McCulloch chain
saws; Little Giant; Kelly
Ryan and Spread-Master
spreaders. Good farm equipment at all times. For a better
deal, see us now. Expert repair service on all makes and
models. 715-644-3347.

For Rent
FOR RENT: 2 bedroom
upper apartment at 822
North Main St., Cadott. Rent
is $535 per month and includes garbage and heat. No
pets allowed. Call 715-2894384.
FOR RENT: 1, 2 and 3
bedroom apartments available for both Cadott and
Stanley. Several different

Help Wanted

amenities with great locations near schools. Garages

available. 715-289-4755.
FOR RENT: Cornell 1
bedroom. Heat, sewer, water,
garbage and hot water included. Newer building.
$520/month plus deposit.

Wanted To Buy
WANTED: Guns, ammo
and related items, old or
new, any quantity. Private

collector. 715-229-2009,


Heavy Truck and Trailer Mechanic wanted

Full-time, day shift. Welding and metal fabrication experience preferred. 401K, vacation
and holiday pay. Stop by for an application or
send resum to Olynick Transit, 13874 State
Hwy. 27, Cadott, WI 54727

Cornell Area Care Center


Is Now Hiring a

HELP WANTED: Bartenders and cooks. Apply at

Big Ts North Bar and Grill,
116 Main St., Cornell. Full or

HELP WANTED: Parttime bartenders, waitresses

and cooks. Please apply in
person at Paradise Shores in

To Advertise Call 239-6688 or 289-4978

LPNs & RNs Part-time
Join the team at the Augusta Area Home, a 50-bed
nursing and rehab facility 20 miles east of Eau Claire. We
are taking applications for part-time LPNs and RNs. The
ideal candidate will have experience in long-term care.
Current WI licensure and caregiver background check required for all positions. Apply in person or send resume
to 215 East Brown Street, Augusta, WI 54722. You can
also email your resume to the director of
nursing at vickis@augustaareahome.com

Excellent Medical, Dental, Vision, 401k,
Free Life Insurance, Tuition Reimbursement
and many career advancement opportunities!

**Please note, you must be Certified as a Nursing

Assistant in the State of WI to be considered. **
Call us for more information at 715-239-0836 or send your
resum to CShane@Extendicare.com. To apply please
visit us online at www.extendicareus.com/jobs.aspx.


Part-Time p.m. Shift & Rotating Every Other Weekend

Must have cooking experience in a healthcare

setting to qualify for cook position.
For more information please call us at 715-239-6288.
Visit us online to apply www.extendicare.com.
Cornell Area Care Center
is located at: 320 N. 7th St.,
Cornell, WI 54732




AKC LABRADOR Retrievers for sale. Silver, yellow and black, UTD on shots
and deworming, champion
bloodlines. Call Lakeshore
Labs and St. Benards, 715767-5569, 715-657-0965.

Teddy Bear style puppies,
Yorkie and Yorkie crosses
and Boxers. W4775 Elm
Ave., Stetsonville, 1 1/2 miles
east of 13. 271226-DS. No
Sunday sales.

CNAs Full-time and Part-time

Join the team at the Augusta Area Home, a 50-bed

nursing and rehab facility 20 miles east of Eau Claire. We
are taking applications for full-time and part-time CNAs.
The ideal candidate will have experience in long-term
care. Current WI licensure and caregiver background
check required for all positions. Apply in person or send
rsum to 215 East Brown Street, Augusta, WI 54722. You
can also email your resum to the director of
nursing at vickis@augustaareahome.com

See us for your

Cornell office: 121 Main St., Cornell 239-6688





We are located at:

320 N. 7th St. , Cornell, WI 54732 715-239-083



Thursday, December 18, 2014



Iron Horse Steakhouse pulls back into the station

Trenton Kron, Parker Miller, Cead Ewer and Clayton

Roscoe, Lake Holcombe fourth graders, check out
the jewelry table at the Holiday Shoppe Dec. 12. Donations were given to the school, and students
could choose two items for their family or friends.
Other gifts included candles, canteens, decorative
items and stuffed animals.
(Photo by Monique Westaby)

By Ginna Young
All aboard!
After being closed for several years, the Iron Horse Steakhouse between Holcombe and Ladysmith has re-opened
under new ownership. Owners Andrew Johnson and Joshua
Tyznik got the idea to re-open the train themed supper club
when they drove by and saw a for sale sign.
We jumped at the opportunity, said Tyznik. Dorothy
Haraburda, former owner, wanted to make sure the right people were coming in to take care of the legacy.
Iron Horse has been in existence since 1932, and the decor
reflects that time period. A telegraph office is posted at the
main entrance, railroad signs and photographs are displayed
on the walls, and a model train runs on a track around the
dining room.
Weve done a little painting, and we plan on some cosmetic updating and a facelift for the outside of the building,
said Johnson, but well still keep the iconic train feel.
In addition to normal supper fare, Iron Horse serves homemade pizza, blackboard specials and may add wild game to
the menu.
Nothing is frozen, everything is made fresh, said Johnson. You get a burger here, youre gonna like it.
The supper club is open Thursday through Sunday, from 4
p.m. to bar close, and offers private bookings or offsite catering. The owners also have begun to plan special parties, with
local talent which includes a harpist, guitar player and polka
We have about 12 employees, all local; we call them the
dirty dozen, said Tyznik. People seem very happy to see
the business open as a supper club, not a sports bar. Weve

The Iron Horse Steakhouse between Holcombe and

Ladysmith has seen a change in ownership, but retains its old world feel, right down to the locomotive
ornaments adorning the dining rooms Christmas
tree. Andrew Johnson, left, and Joshua Tyznik say
theyre happy to be at the supper club and look forward to working with the community.
(Photo by Ginna Young)
had people come from as far away as Cadott, Gilman, Ladysmith and Medford.
We usually take property, get it up and running, then sell
it, but we kind of like this one and its a perfect location,
Johnson said. I think well be here a long time; its a good

Lake Holcombe Elementary School Christmas Program

Elves Ramona Scharf and Rosie Mohr help wrap

presents Lake Holcombe students chose for special people in their lives. Students had $2 to spend
at the Holiday Shoppe Dec. 12, and could choose
two items. The volunteers wrapped presents, then
returned them to the classrooms so students had
gifts for their friends or family on Christmas.
(Photo by Monique Westaby)

Lake Holcombe Elementary students conclude A Martian Christmas by singing Celebrate Out of This
World Dec. 8. All grades sang select numbers with their class, then joined with the rest of the elementary
for the final number, dancing and sharing holiday cheer to family and friends in the audience. Other songs
for the bleezbot holiday fantasy included Jingle Bells, A Reason for the Season and Christmas Cookies.
(Photo by Monique Westaby)

Martians invade Lake

Holcombe School, with
plans to freeze-dry students for fuel for their
spaceship. The students explained Christmas and sang songs to
the aliens, giving them
snow (which students
said Wisconsin had a lot
of) for the trip back to
their home planet.
(Photo by
Monique Westaby)

Second graders sung Christmas At Our School and

Deck the Halls to kick off A Martian Christmas at
the Lake Holcombe Elementary Holiday Program.
The school held two performances, afternoon and
evening, for family and friends to see the children
(Photo by Monique Westaby)

Christmas and
Happy New Year
from the
Courier Sentinel
Rebecca Lindquist
Heather Dekan
Joy Cote
Ginna Young
Kayla Peche
Monique Westaby

Page 2 Courier Sentinel 2014 Christmas Supplement

Letters to Santa
Letters were left as submitted.

house, So you can see how big our tree is! Please say hello
and merry Christmas to everyone at the North Pole for me
and Ill leave you some cookies for your long trip. Merry
Christmas Santa!
Love Always, Seth
Dear Santa,
This is my first Christmas so I am very excited to see
what all the fuss is about. I hope you can make it to my
house. I would like shoestrings, a newspaper, and anything
I can put in my mouth. Be sure to eat some cookies while
you visit.
Maverick Dressel
New Auburn

Dear Santa,
My name is Olivia. I have been good this year. Iwould like
monster high dolls, the headmistress doll, tootsie rolls, a purple stuffed animal, and a doc McStuffin bag. I would like to
visit the North Pole sometime.
Thank you, Olivia Urbanek, age 5, Cadott
Dear Santa,
Can Iplease have monster high dolls for Christmas? You
can take their legs and arms off sometimes. Ihelp my mom
clean the dishes and clean up. Ialso help out with lots of
chores. Can you bring me a hundred grand candy bar in my
stocking? They are my favorite. Can I come to the North Pole
to see you and your elves?
Thanks, Keira Urbanek, age 8, Cadott
Dear Santa,
I would really like trains, tractors, or cars for Christmas.
Thanks, Asher Urbanek, age 2, Cadott
Dear Santa,
Hi Santa, Merry Christmas! My name is Amber and I am
6 years old. I have been a good girl this year. I try to help
mom and dad when I can. For Thanksgiving I helped My
mom make some pies and after we ate, I helped do the dishes.
I hope that you are all rested up from delivering presents last
year. This year for Christmas I would like Frozen Stuff, Olaf
pillow Buddy, and a mess free air brush kit, but most of all I
would like to get a new LeapFrog LeapPod2 Tablet because
my little brother Seth broke my LeapFrog Leapster and could
you bring me, Seth, and Johanna a sled so we can go to my
uncle Shawns to slide down his hill, please. Thank you for
Its Christmas in
the country...
Its Christmas in
the town...
Its Christmas in
the barnyard...

the gifts last year they were nice. I will leave you some cookies next to the milk and some carrots for the reindeer. Tell all
the elves and mrs. claus Hi for me.
Love Always, Amber
Dear Santa,
Merry Christmas! My name is Johanna and I am 4 years
old. I have been a good girl this year. I try to listen to my
mom and dad as much as I can and help when I can. I even
play with my little brother Seth even though he can be really
annoying sometimes. This year for Christmas I would like
all Frozen and Doc. McStuffins Stuff, like The Snow Glow
Elsa Doll, Sing along CD, Olaf pillow buddy, and all Frozen
Dolls. I love the movie Frozen! My sister amber and I are
always singing the songs even my brother Seth trys to sing
them, Its cute! I cant wait til Christmas is here. Thank
you for the presents last year, they were really nice. I will
leave you some milk for your cookies and some carrots
for the reindeer and Ill have a nice big one for Rudolph,
so his nose stays glowing nice and bright to guide your
Love Always, Johanna
Dear Santa,
Hello! My name is Seth and I am 2 and 1/2 years old. I
have been a pretty good boy, for the most part. This year for
Christmas I would like more big boy toys like a bike, a
Scooter, I really like Spiderman, hes my favorite, I like
Trucks to. I would also like a leapfrog Leapster Explorer, my
Sisters have one and they sometimes let me play with theirs.
I have fun with it til they take it away from me, Just would
love to have my own. Cant wait till you come visit my

Is On The

Its Christmas
all around...

But most importantly

of all,

And so are our best

wishes and gratitude.
Happy Holidays!

Dear Santa,
My name is Grace Jenneman. 2 yrs old I have a mom &
dad, & two brothers Colt & Copper. 2 lila to play with. I. also
have a big sister, Bryanna, she likes to do my hair. I really
like plain M & Ms. I would like a camera for christmas. I
hope your reindeer are well. P.S. I have a nice girl but a lot
sassy. Thank you
Dear Santa,
this Christmas I want a marker maker, my diary and a paint
maker please.
Avalyn Wagner, 7
Dear Santa.
For Christmas I want a Lego set frome Legoland and a remote control car and a remote control helicopter and a remote
control snow mobile and a remote control boat and a robot.
Ryan Semerad, 6
Teiko Kowalczyks Kindergarten

Thank you for your

business in 2014,
we look forward to
serving you in 2015.

Kathys Diner

youre on the

A list!

Were making a list of all the people wed

like to thank this season and your
name is on it! With best wishes
for a very merry season.
We really appreciate your
being so good to us!

304 E. Mills St.,

Hwy. 27 Cadott, WI

Its Christmas in
our heart!

(715) 289-4366
Cadott, Wis.

Dear Santa,
My name is Colt Jenneman. I am 3 years old. I like Lenny,
hes my little lamb. He sleeps with me. I like to swim in
grandmas pool and splash in puddles. I like to work with toys
in my sand box. Thats why Im asking for a loader to dig in
dirt. Always Id like snow so I can use my loader to move
it. I also need a big dumptruck to remove snow. Thank you.
P.S. Ive been nice but listen to well.

Dear Santa,
I hope you travel safe. Iwould like car. It is red. Iwould

Happy Holidays

Its Christmas in the market...

And its Christmas
in the park...

Everythings Set
For A Great Season!

Dear Santa,
My name is Jacob. Im three years old, I have been a very
good boy this year. I would like a leap pad, Trains and train
tracks, cars and trucks and four wheeler. I will leave a snack
for you and your reindeer, please be sure to tell Rudolph, and
the other reindeer Hello for me and mrs. Clause and tell the
Elves Thank you for making all the toys.
Forever your pal, Jacob S.

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

224 South Boundary Rd.

Cadott, Wis.



Gift Certificates Available
$25 Gift Certificate for $20
Purchase by 2 p.m. on Dec. 24, 2014.

24105 Cty. Hwy. MM - Cadott, Wis. 715-289-3800

Courier Sentinel 2014 Christmas Supplement Page 3

like it because Ilike cars and red is my favorite color. Icant
wait until Christmas.
Love, Aiden
Dear Santa,
I will leave you milk a cookies. I would like Barbie. It is a
Barbie with a blue dress. I would like it because I like Barbie
and blue is my favorite color. I hope you fly safe.
Love, Autumn
Dear Santa,
I will leave you milk and cookies. I would like drawing
paper. It is white. Iwould like it because I like to make pictures with different colors. I hope you fly safe.
Love, Brock
Dear Santa,
I will leave you milk and cookies. Iwould like a stuffed
bumblebee. It is black and yellow. I would like it because I
could play with it. I cant wait for Christmas.
Love, Dante
Dear Santa,
I cant wait for Christmas. I would like a nerf gun. It is
blue. I would like it because to shoot by brother with it for
fun. Ihope you travel safe.
Love, Garrett
Dear Santa,
I cant wait for Christmas. Iwould like a fake bow and
arrow. It is gray. Iwould like it because then Ican practive
shooting at my target. Ihope you travel safe.
Love, Jonathan
Dear Santa,
Ihope you are ready for Christmas. Iwould like a cops
Lego set. It is a set with a couple cop trucks. I would like it
because I want to have a good cop to catch the bad guys. I
hope you fly safe.
Love, Junior
Dear Santa,
Ihope you travel safe. I would like a monster truck. It is
orange and black. I would like it because it has a remote control. Iwill leave you milk and cookies.
Love, Landon

Dear Santa,
Ilike you because you bring presents. Iwould like an ipad.
It is purple. I would like it because Ican play games on it. I
hope you fly safe.
Love, Nevaeh
Dear Santa,
I cant wait for Christmas. I would like piano. It is purple.
I would like it because Ilike pianos. I hope you travel
Love, Olivia
Dear Santa,
Ihope you travel safe. I would like notebook. It is blue. I
would like it because I want to make it into a journal. I will
leave you milk and cookies.
Love, Payton
Dear Santa,
Ihope you travel safe. I would like a Cinderella doll. It is
a the store. She has a blue dress. I would like it because I
want to add it to the other princess dolls Ihave. Iwill leave
you milk and cookies.
Love, Penelope

Dear Santa,
Thank you for all of the presents last year. Ihave been
good. This year for Christmas, the one thing Iwould really
like is a tablet. I did my chores. Santa, Ihave a question for
you. Do you wear a helmet when you ride on your sleigh?
Have a safe ride!
Love, Caleb
Dear Santa,
Thank you for the presents. I have been a good boy. I want
a Lego set. I want to make a castle. Where do the elves eat?
Your friend, Desmond
Dear Santa,
Thank you for the presents last year. I have been a Bucket
Filler. This year for Christmas, the one thing I would really
like is a pink truck and a pink trailer. Santa, Ihave a question
for you. How does Rudolfs nose light up?
Your friend, Elizabeth

Heidi Czyscons First Grade

Dear Santa,
Thank you for the presents last year. Ihave been good. I
like my presents. I love you, Santa. I want a scooter. How big
are the elves?
Love, Gracy

Dear Santa,
Thank you for all the presents last year. Ihave been
nice. The thing Iwould really love is a monster-high doll.
Santa, I have a question for you. What are all the reindeers
Love, Abby

Dear Santa,
I am excited for Christmas. Iwould like a doll house. It is
pink with dolls that come with it. I would like it because it
would be fun to play with. Ihope you fly safe.
Love, Madalyn

Dear Santa,
Thank you for all the presents you got me last year. Ihave
been good. Iwant a Barbie set. Santa, Ihave a question for
you. How long do the elves go to school?
Love, Alexa

Dear Santa,
I am excited for Christmas. I would like a puppy. It is
brown. Iwould like it because puppies are so cute. I will
leave you milk and cookies.
Love, Makayla

340 N. Main St.,
Cadott, WI

Dear Santa,
Thank you for my motorcycle last year. I would like a real
tractor. Ireally like tractors. Do you wear a helmet?
Love, Blake

Dear Santa,
I believe in you. I would like light up balloons. It is a package of balloons that have stripes and they have a thing in
them that makes them light up. Iwould like it because they
light up. I will leave you some milk and cookies.
Love, Tessa

Dear Santa,
Icant wait for Christmas. I would like a choo choo train.
It is pink. I would like it because I want to play with it. Ihope
you travel safe.
Love, MacKenzie

Wishing you
a Merry
Christmas &
a healthy
New Year!

Dear Santa,
Thank you for the presents from last year. Ihave been
good. Icleaned my room. This year for Christmas the one
thing Iwould really love is a tablet. Santa, I have a question
for you. What are all the names of your reindeer?
Love, Anthony

Dear Santa,
Thank you for the presents that you got me last year. I have
been a nice friend. I helped people. This year for Christmas
I would like a pet cat. Santa, how big are the elves chairs?
Have a Merry Christmas!
Love, Jocelyn
Dear Santa,
Thank you for the presents last year. Ive tried my best this

For Your Patronage

Happy Holidays
a very
Jims Service
330 Hwy. 27 Cadott, Wis.

Gift Cards Available

Great Stocking Stuffers
Stop in and try a big hot pastrami!
With best wishes to one
and all for a merry and
bright holiday season.

P & B Lumber
249 North Main St. Cadott, Wis.


Stop in for details.
Cadott, WI (715) 289-4435

Page 4 Courier Sentinel 2014 Christmas Supplement

Dear Santa,
How is the North Pole going?I want a hello kitty sleeping
bag and the tent that goes with it. I like you Santa. You are
really big. I help others. I dont be mean to my friends.
Love, Khloe

year. Ive did my homework. This year for Christmas, I would

like a pet. What do the elves learn? How do your reindeer fly?
Love, Kloe

shirt. I want a camoflauge shirt. How are your elves doing?

I have 6 people in my family. I go to school.
Love, Asher

Dear Santa,
Thank you for the presents from last year. This year I want
a big remote control truck. How does Rudolfs nose turn red?
I have been doing my best. I helped my mom get her van unstuck.
Love, Marcus

Dear Santa,
Do you have a pet penguin? How many elves do you have?
Can I have a blanket that has me, Dad, Mom and Liv on it? I
have been helping others.
Love, Clara

Dear Santa,
Thank you for the presents last year. I have been nice. I
help people. Iwant some dinosaurs. Santa, do your elves listen in school? What do they learn? Merry Christmas!
Love, Monte
Dear Santa,
Thank you for the things last year. Ihave been good. Iwant
a wristwatch. I have a question for you. How does Rudolfs
nose light up?
Love, Nicholas
Dear Santa,
Thank you for all the presents that you got me. Ilove them!
Ihave been a Bucket filler. Sometimes Iclean my room. This
year Iwould like a monster-high doll. I will play with it
nicely. Santa, Ihave one question for you. How big are the
elves chairs?
Love, Taylor
Heather Frisingers First Grade
Dear Santa,
What are your reindeer names? How cold do you get in the
sleigh? I want please an airplane that can hold ten guys. Can
Ihave the rocket that Ihad last year?
Love, Aiden
Dear Santa,
How do you make presents? How are you? I want a Packer

Merry Christmas &

Happy New Year
from Mary Jo Bowe

Dear Santa,
How old are you? How fast do your elves work? For
Christmas I want 2 Skylanders, Rattle Shaky and Dark Skylanders Starter Pack. I have been helping, sharing and cheering people up.
Love, Colt
Dear Santa,
How are your reindeer? I want a toy horse. It can talk. I
have been helping my mom.
Love, Emily
Dear Santa,
How are your elves? How do you want your cookies and
milk?I want a big make-up set. I really want high heels. Ive
been a good girl. Ive been kind to others by sharing and caring for others and doing my math.
Love, Haylei
Dear Santa,
How are your reindeer? How are you doing? I like the
toys from last year. I want another toy monster truck. I
want puzzles. I like your reindeer. I love carrots. I help people.
Love, Hayden
Dear Santa,
How is the north pole? How was your day? How are your
reindeer? Ireally want a puppy and a horse for Christmas. I
have been doing fun things have you? I have been helping
Love, Josie
Dear Santa,
How old are you? How many reindeer do you have? I want
a Vikings hat. I want a big lego set. Ihelp kids. I am a good
Love, Karson

Dear Santa,
How old are you?I am six. What are your reindeer names?
What I want for Christmas in a Monster High Doll and an
easy bake oven. My name is Kristina.
Love, Kristina
Dear Santa,
How do you make toys? What does your workshop look
like? Do you know what Iwant the most?I want a packer
dress! And a Packers birthday party. I am very good every
day.I am also good to others.
Love, Lexi
Dear Santa,
How are you doing today?I am great. How cold is it there?
What Iwant for Christmas is a make-up bag. What I want is
a baby doll and a baby stroller too. I have been a good big
sister to my little sister.
Love, Merissa
Dear Santa,
What is your favorite color? I want a hat. Iplay with my
Love, Tabitha
Courtney Brauns Second Grade
Dear Santa,
Do you sleep all year? Can Ihave an I-phone please?
It is yellow and black and Ican see the time. I would
like it so Ican play Clash of Clans. I deserve it because I
helped my brother find his snowboard. Ihope Rudolph is
Love, Blane
Dear Santa,
Ihope all is going well at the North Pole! Santa, can
I please have an I-pod?It has a pink case and then I
can download my school books. I would like it so I can do
homework on it. I deserve it because Iwork my hardest in
school. Ihope you can get a good night sleep before the big
Love, Brielle K.
Dear Santa,
Ihope your elves are doing good. Please can Ihave a PS4.
It plays games. It looks like a TV. I would like it because
me and my brother can play with it. Ideserve it because I
helped Blane with his CCDhomework. Ihope you like my
Love, Cooper M.

Thank you to all my customers.


Mary Jo Bowe
RE/MAX Affiliates
948 Wissota Green Parkway,
Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

Best wishes
for a happy


Have A Happy
and Healthy
Hope your holiday dishes out a
generous portion of joy
& laughter. Its been a pleasure
serving you all year long!


May Christmas bring everything

youve ever dreamed of and more.
We know we couldnt have asked for a
better bunch of neighbors than you.

Happy Holidays with heartfelt

thanks from all of us.

128 W. Ginty St., Cadott
(715) 289-4050

311 N. Main (715) 289-4292

We really appreciate
your business.
Happy Holidays!

Last Call
Bar & Grill
332 Main St., Cadott

Heres hoping your holiday is uplifting in every

way! Were always proud to be of service and
we thank you for your continued patronage.

(715) 723-8316
Cadott, Wis.

Courier Sentinel 2014 Christmas Supplement Page 5

Dear Santa,
I am happy that it is almost Christmas. Please can Ihave a
DS? It is black and white. I want it because my Leap Frog is
dead. Ideserve it because Itry my best. I will give you cookies and milk and give your reindeer carrots to eat.
Love, Dameion A.
Dear Santa,
Ihope you and your elves arent getting too busy.
Can I have a microphone please? Ican sing with it. I
would like it because Ising all the time. Ideserve it because
Ive been getting good grades. I hope the reindeer are
Love, Elena C.
Dear Santa,
I hope all is going well at the North Pole. Can I please get
an Xbox One? It looks like an Xbox 360 with a remote control. I would like it because our Xbox 360 is not working very
good. Ihave been doing my homework. I hope that your
elves can get all the work finished on time.
Love, Joseph K.
Dear Santa,
I hope youre ready for Christmas because its coming up.
Can Iplease have an I-pad?It is red and black and shaped
like a rectangle. You can play games on it. Iwould like it to
text people. I deserve it because I help my sister read. I hope
your elves are getting ready for Christmas.
Love, Parker D.
Dear Santa,
Ihave been good. For Christmas Iwant a doll.
Love, Madeline Sanchez
Dear Santa,
Ihope you are ready for Christmas! May Ihave an RC
truck for Christmas, please? Can you make it battery powered? You can control it with a controller and it goes really
fast. I would like it so Ican play outside because Im usually
inside playing video games. I deserve it because I do a lot of
chores. I promise I will leave cookies and milk and some carrots for your reindeer.
Your friend, Riley S.
Dear Santa,
How are you doing? How are your elves doing? Please can
I have a cat for Christmas?It has fur and it has whiskers. Can
Ihave one that is black and white?I like cats because they
are cute. I deserve it because Ihave been responsible at
school. Before you come to my house, Ihope you get a good
nights sleep.
Love, Saleena B.
Dear Santa,
Ihope all is going well at the North Pole. Can Iplease have
a DS for Christmas?It has a button going up and down
the side to side and can Ihave it in green please? Iwould like


405 N. Main St, Cadott, WI (715) 289-5344

Dear Santa,
Hope all is going good at the North Pole. Can Iplease have
a phone? It is green. It helps me to do homework. I would
like it so Icould read books and play games. I try my hardest
at school. Itry to be nice to my friends and family. Iwill set
out cookies and carrots for your reindeer.
Love, Trenten S.

Dear Santa,
I hope you have a fine night. When you order the presents,
please can Ihave a Pokemon box full of cards? You battle
them or you trade them with friends. Its fun to collect them.
I deserve them because Itell the teacher about kids being bullies. Ibelieve in you and Ilove you. Iam 7.
Your friend, Kane M.

Dear Santa,
How is it going? We know that you can get letters back to
us. May I please have an I-pad?Can it please have a touch
screen? It has a green and blue case for it. Iwould like it because Iwould do reading and math on it. Ideserve it because
Ihelp my grandpa get the calves out of the huts. Ihope for
good weather for the big ride.
Love, Wyatt W.

Dear Santa,
How are you doing at the North Pole? Can Iplease have a
password journal?It looks like a plastic book. Ideserve it because Ihelp a lot of people. Ineed it so my sister does not
see my secrets. I will give you cookies.
Your friend, Kasey M.

Angela Kents Second Grade
Dear Santa,
hope it is going great. I will be sleeping when you come.
Can Iplease get a Get Up and Go Go? It is a dog with an app
that will help her do tricks. Icannot get scratched like Ido with
my real dogs. I deserve it because I am good at chores. Imaybe
will have some cookies. I will put chocolate milk out.
Love, Brooklyn T.
Dear Santa,
Ihave been good. For Christmas I want a monster truck
and a volleyball.
Love, Cal D.
Dear Santa,
I miss you. Are you ready for Christmas?Can Iplease have
a Playstation?Iwill play on it. It looks like a DVD player. I
can play more games. Ideserve it because I did chores. Thank
you Santa.
Your friend, Dylan C.

Dear Santa,
I hope you are doing good. Can you please get me an easy
bake oven? It has a light bulb inside it. Ican bake some
cupcakes for my family. Ideserve it because Igo to sleep
without my parents knowing. Ihope you get to all the
Love, Kaylee H.
Dear Santa,
Ihope you have a good Merry Christmas. Can Iplease
have Monster High dolls to play with? It looks like a doll that
can take off its arms, but not the legs. You can sometimes
take of the head. I want the Monster High dolls to play with
because I love them so so much. Ideserve it because Ihelp
my sister clean up our room. I like you Santa because you
are nice. Are you sleepy because Iwant to go to the North
Pole to see the elves and you.
Your friend, Keira U.
Dear Santa,
Ihope it is going good there! Can Ihave a jersey for Christmas?I want a Packer jersey. When the game is on, I want a
green jersey! I would like one because I dont have a jersey!

Dear Santa,
I hope you are doing a good job at the North Pole. Please
can you give me an Xbox 360? It looks like a TV, but you
play games on it. I want something to do after school. Ide-

At this joyous time of year, wed like to join you and your
family as we give thanks unto the Lord for the precious gift of
our holy Saviour.
For the gift of your loyal and generous support, we offer our
sincere thanks.

To All Our
Best Friends
at Christmas

Lester H. Liptak

serve it because I do a lot of chores. Im going to give you

milk and cookies for Christmas.
Love, Jackson B.

Its Christmas


With best wishes to our neighbors,

friends and associates at this joyous
time of year. For your trust in us,
we are deeply grateful.

it so Ican play fun games. Ihope you get a good nights

Love, Trenten H.

We hope you
enjoy a great
holiday season.

Cadott Animal
504 E. Chippewa St., Cadott

(715) 289-4241

Cornell Hardware
On the farm and in the town,
Goodwill and cheer are all around,
In the mountains and the valley too,
Signs of the season are on view
So wherever you are,
North, south, east or west...
Were sending you our very best
And hope glad tidings come your way
To brighten up your Christmas and New Years Day!
Insurance Agency
108 McRae Street
Cadott, WI 54727
(715) 289-3891

May your home be filled with laughter,

From the floorboards to the rafters
And may all your hopes and dreams
come true,
Thats our holiday wish for you!
With best wishes and
gratitude from all of us.
Wade Irwin

Est. 1972


406 Main St. (715) 239-6341

Cadott Hardware
257 N Main St. (715) 289-3143

Page 6 Courier Sentinel 2014 Christmas Supplement

Dear Santa,
How is everything going up in the North Pole?May I have
a trail camera? I deserve it because Ishoveled the driveway.
It cost $69 but you have to go to Shopko. It is black. It is like
4 inches. I has 2 straps. Do you think you can afford it? I hope
your elves are working hard. Is your job fun?Which cookies
would you prefer: chocolate chips or peanut butter?
Your friend, Brock
I deserve it because Icleaned my room. I hope you and your
elves get enough sleep.
Your friend, Leann A.
Dear Santa,
Hi Santa. Are you ready for Christmas?I know I am. Ihope
you are too. Iwould like Olaf, Elsa, and an ornament please. I
would put it on my Christmas tree. They are characters from
Frozen. They remind me of Christmas and you. Ideserve it because Ihelp my baby sister a lot. Thank you, Santa. I love you.
Love, McKenna S.
Dear Santa,
Ihope you can bring people toys. Please get me a chest pad
for riding a bull. It looks like a vest. I would like it because I
will be in a show. I deserve it because Ifeed my horses every
day. Ihope you dont feel sick.
Your friend, Nolan F.
Dear Santa,
Ihope youre ready. Christmas is coming. Can Iplease,
with cherry sprinkles on top, have a crystal? I would put it in
my rock collection. Its shiny. I am a rock collector. Crystals
are shiny. I deserve it because Ihelp my parents do chores. I
will put the green mints out for you. Thank you.
Your friend, Ruger D.
Dear Santa,
Will Iget presents for Christmas this year?Christmas is
coming up soon! Im so excited! How many days until
Christmas? Are your elves working hard? Ihope so. Are the
presents turning out good? Ihope so. This Christmas Iwant
a kitten, mermaid, zoomer, crazy sand and little live pet butterflies. I deserve these because I helped unpack my room
when we moved. Thanks.
From, Tarynn D.
Dear Santa,
Ihope everything is going OK at the North Pole. Please
may I have an Xbox 360? It is a black box with a cord. Can
I also have a Minecraft game? The game looked like a movie.
It has a green middle and an X on top. I deserve it because I
feed all my animals. I hope your elves are doing OK.
Your friend, Tristan M.

Merry Christmas from all of us at

Chippewa Valley Electric Cooperative!

Nancy Weiss Second Grade
Dear Santa,
Hi, you are nice. Please can Ihave a Barbie doll with a
horse. The doll has blonde hair. Iwant to play with it all day.
Ihelped my dad with the frozen pipes. I would like to pet a
Your friend, Abbie H.
Dear Santa,
Hi, Santa. I hope you are having a good time in the North
Pole. Can Iplease have an American Girl doll and an Ipod
too? If Ihad an American Girl doll I would play with it every
day. I do not care which doll you give me. I want an American Girl doll because Idont have to bug my mom. If Ihad
an Ipod, I would put books on it to read. I want an Ipod so I
can read on it. Ideserve it because Iempty the dishwasher. I
hope you have a good time in the North Pole. Have fun
Your friend, Abigail G.
Dear Santa,
Ihope you feel well. May Ihave a remote control monster
truck? You drive it around with a remote. The monster truck
is medium size. The monster truck is red with blue flames on
the side. I will play with it inside all the time. I deserve it because Ido my job at school. You are the best Santa! Thank
Your friend, Anthony M.
Dear Santa,
Ihope you will have a great Christmas!Can Iplease have
a zoomer dog? It looks like a brown robot dog and it can do
tricks. I want it so my dog can have a friend. I deserve it because Ihelped my dad take care of my brother. When you
stop at my house, help yourself to some milk because my cat
will drink it anyways.
Your friend, Audrey N.
Dear Santa,
My favorite reindeer is Rudolph. Can I please have an
Ipod? It is 5 inches wide and 10 inches down. So Ican play
games and listen to music. Ihope you can get my present on
time. Ihope you dont get cold. Iwill leave cookies and milk.
Ihope your reindeer go fast. Iwill leave reindeer food. My
stocking is the green. Bring something for Beth S. too. Ilove
you Santa.
Your friend, Braden S.

Wishing you all the gifts

of the season warmth,
joy and love.
Our sincere gratitude for
visiting us.

Veterinary Clinic
(715) 239-6800 www.cvecoop.com

409 S. 8th Street ~ 239-6482

Dear Santa,
Santa, I love Christmas and you! Ihope Rudolphs nose
has some strength. I hope you get there safe. I want a new
computer game. It is named Minecraft. The game is really
awesome and creative. You have to help the person get the
bad guys. When my brother gets in trouble, Ihelp him out.
Santa you rock!
Your friend, Cayden M.
Dear Santa,
I hope your elves are doing well. What Iwant in the whole
wide world is a bow and arrow and you Santa. My one bow
that I use to have broke. The string broke. I wish that it didnt
break. Then Iwouldnt ask for another one. Ihope you come.
You are the best because you bring presents.
Love, Dahlia G.
Dear Santa,
Ihope it is going well at the North Pole and you get a good
night sleep. Ihope you are feeling okay because who would
take your place? Please may I have a charger Transformer
Bumble Bee?You can turn it into a car and a person. I dont
have any transformers. I read every night without my mom
reminding me. Iwill put out chocolate cookies and milk for
Your friend, Gavin J.
Dear Santa,
You are very nice and your elves do lots of work. May I
have a computer for Christmas? It should be blue. I will play
games and go on football challenge. Ideserve it because I
sometimes clean the living room and the bathroom. Ilive in
a trail house in Cadott. Ihope that you can make it to my
Your friend, Kaleb L.
Dear Santa,
How are the reindeer doing? I hope its all going good at
the North Pole. Could Iplease have an I pod or I pad Mini?
I dont care what size the Ipod is. I want a silver back on it
please. Iwant one because on the Ipad Ican text my grandparents, my aunts, and my cousins. Ican play games on either
one of them. I have been responsible and Ifeed my fish most
of the time. Every time Iplay with my Barbies Ipick them
up. Iam nice to my cousins when Isee them. Ihope you get
every kids toys done in time for Christmas.
Your friend, Makenna S.
Dear Santa,
Ilike Christmas because you try to bring us our things that
we want. I would like a snow board. I deserve a snow board
because I cleaned my room and Iput the dishes away. I want
a snow board because Ican stand on my sled. But I still need
practice. I wear a size 12 1/2 shoe. Iam 4 feet 2 inches tall. I
would like a girl snow board. Iwant to go down big hills. My
grandma and grandpa have a big hill by the barn. Ihope you
have a good rest of the night.
Your friend, Rilei. W.
Dear Santa,
Ihope you are okay so you can be ready to go around the
world. May Ihave a Ben 10 watch? I want the same one as
last time. That one broke. I collect Ben 10. I was nice to my
sister. Igave her the computer time when she needs to work
on it. I will make cookies and leave out milk.
From, Sawyer D.
Dear Santa,
Ihope your elves are doing fine. Can Iplease have a little
orange stuffed animal shark? It is furry and a foot long. I need
one because my baby sister tore up the one Ihad before. I
have been helping my mom do the chores because my mom
has a broken leg. I will leave cookies and milk for you.
Your friend, Tucker S.

Courier Sentinel 2014 Christmas Supplement Page 7

Dear Santa,
Ihope it is going very well at the North Pole, It feels like
winter already here. Can I please have a Xbox 360. It is a box
you hook up to your tv and play games that you buy to put in
it. Iwill play with it every day. Ideserve it because Iplay
with my sister and put away my clothes. I hope your deer are
Your friend, Warren B.

Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Adam. How are you? What is your favorite
kind of cookie? I will leave cookies and milk out for you. I
do my chores at home. Iwould like a xbox and a Minecraft
game for the xbox. Thank you!
Love, Adam

been doing my best in science. I would like Pacman and the

Ghostly Adventures 2. Thank you.
Love, Elijah
Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Eric. Do the rein deer like carrots? Ihave
some carrots. I clean my sisters room and mine so Idont
step on a legos. And Ihave been nice most of the time. I wish
to have a remote control snowmobile.
Your friend, Eric

Dear Santa,
Hi. my name is Andre William Burzynski. How are you
doing? Im doing great. Do you like making Gifts? Do the
reindeer like carrots? Icant wait until Christmas. Can you?
Could Ihave a Globe for Christmas? Iearn it becuse Iclean
my room and I pick up my brothers toys for him and Iplay
with my brother. Do you like travelling around the world?
Love, Andre

Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Imara. How are you? Im good. Hows Mrs.
Claus? What is your favorite cookie? Ithink Ideserve a present because Ive been working hard at school this year, Ive
been obedient to my family. All I would like this year is an
American Girl doll. Thank you, Santa, and all your hard
Love, Imara

Dear Santa,
Hi, my name is Ashton. How are your elves?How many
presents do you make? Whats your favorite thing about winter? I have been helping my mom and my Baby brother lately.
Ihave been working hard on math. Iwant a kindle and legos.
Love, Ashton

Dear Santa,
Hi, my name is Maxx.How are Rudolph and Mrs. Claus?
How is the weather at the North Pole? I will leave a plate
of cookies and apples for the reindeer and a gift. Ideserve
a gift because Ihave been keeping my room clean and I
have been helping around the house. Iwould like a model Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Carson Johnson. Are the reindeer ready for
Love, Maxx the long trip? Have the elves been busy? I will leave cookies
and milk out for you. The weather here has been cold. This
Dear Santa,
year Ihave been working hard in school and getting my
Hi, my name is Nick. How are you? What is your favorite homework done. Because Ihave been good this year here are
kind of cookie? I would like a stem engine set and an ipad 2 presents I would like: Skylanders Trap Team and Pokemon
please. And a minecraft game for PSP. Mary Crimis.
Your friend, Nick
Your friend, Carson

Robin Strzyzewskis Third Grade

Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Avah. Do you have the reindeer ready for
Christmas? I will make sure that Ihave carrots for the reindeer and cookies for you. Ihave been helpful to my sister.
This year for Christmas I would like if you could bring me
Love, Avah
Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Bradee Sue Burish. Do the reindeer like carrots? Iwill leave some out. So as you know Christmas is
coming Iwould like some head phones and a Paint Your
Nails Maker and an Easy Bake Oven. I think Ishould have
presents because Ihave good grades and Ido my chores and
Iam nice to others. Have a great year!
Love, Bradee
Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Brayden. What is it like in your factory?I
have helped people and worked hard at school. This year can
Iplese have an MP3 Player and a Nerf dart toy? Thank you.
Love, Brayden

Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Nolan Nordrum. How are you?Whats your
favorite cookie? I want a large ipad this year. Ive been trying
to behave. And whats the reindeers favorite vegetable?
Thank you!
Love, Nolan
Dear Santa,
I have been good. For Christmas I want a semi truck and a
Barnyard movie.
Love, Sam Steffes

Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Damen. What if your Favorite kind of cookies? Iwill leave cookies and milk and a present for you. I
have been doing my chores. May I have Bungees or crashlings toys? Thank you.
Your friend, Damen
Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Elijah. How are you?I am good. I have

Casey Yeagers Third Grade
Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Aubree Foldy. Are the reindeer ready for
the long trip? Ihave been extra extra good to my brother this
year. I would be thankful for a crazy loom. Ialso would like
a glow in the dark friend ship braclet making kit. Thank you!
Drive safe! Merry Christmas!
Dear Santa,
How are your reindeer? Is Mrs. Claus giving you enough
cookies for you to eat? Ihope you have a safe trip around the
world. Iwould please like an Ipod 5, and a littlest pet shop
have the elves been busy? Ihave been busy taking care of
my nephew making bottels for him. Ill leave out cookies for
you an hot cocoa. Merry Christmas.
Your friend, Caddie

Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Carson. S. What is your faverite kind of
cookie? I will give you cookies. Ideserve presents this year
because Im kind to my friends by asking if they are okay
when theyre hurt in basketball. I would like a hero factory
and Lego Ningego sets.
From, Carson S.
Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Dino. How are the cookies on Christmas?
How are the reindeer doing?For Christmas can I please have
a marker maker and a 3DS, Because Ive been nice to my sis-

Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Tatum. How are you? I will leave out some
cookies and milk for you. I deserve a present becase I am

Dear Santa,
Hi. my name is Brodee. How are you! I will leave cookies
and milk for you. Ideserve a present because Ihave been
working hard in school. Can Ihave Call of Duty Advance
Warfare? Thank you.
Your friend, Brodee
Dear Santa,
Hi, my name is Brooke. Iwas wondering what kind of
cookie do you like? My mom and I will have whatever kind
of cookie you like on the kitchen table ready for you. Ihave
been working in school very hard this year. For Christmas
this year, Iwish for American Girl doll clothes or accessories
for them. And maybe matching clothes for me.
Love, Brooke

nice to my sister and brothers and I do my work in school. I

would like a Kindle fire.
Love, Tatum

As we wrap
up another year, we wish
you all the blessings of
the holiday season
and thank you for
the courtesy and friendship youve shown to us
this past year.

Sundays 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed Mondays
Tues. - Sat. 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Carry Outs Available Specials every day

(715) 239-6555

In the spirit of the season, wed

like to wish all our friends and
neighbors a happy, healthy
and meaningful holiday season.
Were hoping that your
holiday is simply
outstanding in every way!
Merry Christmas and many
thanks to all our good
friends this Christmas.

701 S. 3rd St. Cornell, WI

(715) 239-1008

Your support has meant

so much to us.

Cornell Chiropractic
Dr. Jackie Russell Dr. Keith LeVick Jessie & Sue

425 Bridge St., Cornell (715) 239-0909

Page 8 Courier Sentinel 2014 Christmas Supplement

Dear Santa,
Hi, my name is Noah. How are your reindeer?Iwill leave
them carrots. Ihelp my dad shovel. Iwant the snowman from
Frozen and a remote control airplane.
Thank you, Noah

ter, and Im working hard in school. Have a good Christmas

Love, Dino
Dear Santa,
My name is Elizabeth. How are Mrs. Claus an the reindeer? Iwant to know if you want cocoa or milk. The cocoa
comes with marshmelo. I will leave out cookies for you. And
please bring Mrs. Claus with you. What Iwould like for
Christmas is a brace for my leg and a kitten or puppy. Merry
Christmas. Hooo Hooo Hooo.
Love, Elizabeth
Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Emma. Iwas wondering what is your favorite cookie? My favorite is an oatmeal cookie. I am trying
to be better on my behavior. This year for Christmas I would
be thankful for a nutcrack and a cotton candy maker. It looks
fun. Have a safe trip. Are the reindeer ready for the long trip?
Are the elves busy? How is Mrs. Claus?
Love your friend, Emma
Dear Santa,
My name is Fredd. What if your favorite kind of cookie?
My favorite is chocolate chip. Ihave been extra kind to my
sister this year. For Christmas Iwould be thankful for Skylanders Trap Team.
Your friend, Fredd
Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Gavin Huber. Do the reindeer eat carrots?
Do you whant chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk? I
Help my Dad with the horses and with feeding deer. Iwould
like an ipods and an electrie guitar for Christmas. Have a
good Christmas!
Love, Gavin
Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Jordan. How are you?What is your favorite
type of cookie?Ithink Ideserve a present because I have

been nice. And I have been keeping my room clean. I hope

you can gift me the XBox gold card I have been wanting all
year. Try to hide something in my stocking. It woud be great
if you could also possibly get me the game coming out called
Your friend, Jordan
Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Logan. How is Mrs. Claus? been doing
chores. I reely want a new game for my 3DS. and I want skylanders swap force for my 3DS. how is Ruolph behavior?
From, Logan
Dear Santa,
How are you? How are the reindeer?My name is Maddie
Starck. What is your favorite kind of cookie?Do the reindeer
like carrots? I want a thing called dovenchey and bedose.
Those are the only thing I really want for Christmas. Merry
Love your friend, Maddie
Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Micah. What is your favorite kind of toy? I
want an electric snowmobile that can go through snow and
an Ipod 5 for Christmas. I was good. How are you? do you
like cookies?
Love, Micah
Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Navaeh. How are you and Mrs. Claus? Are
your reindeer ready for the big trip? Im doing great! Ideserve a present because Ionly got As and Bs on my report
card. For Christmas I would like an easy bake oven. I would
also like an easel. Thank you Santa,
Your friend, Navaeh
Dear Santa,
Hi, my name is Nicholas. What are the reindeer doing? I
have been feeding calves. Iwould like Xbox and Sky Landers Trap Team. Safe travels!
Love, Nicholas

(715) 239-6424

When a blanket of white covers the ground, and twinkling lights are all around;
When sounds of sleigh bells fill the air, and peace and goodwill are everywhere;
Thats when we know we are truly blessed with friends who are the very best
So now we are ready to take the cue, and send our best wishes to all of you!

Erica Rufs Kindergarten
Dear Santa,
I have been a good girl For Christmas I wanta Frozen dress
that is white.
Fly safe, Anelise
Dear Santa,
I have been a good girl. For Christmas I want A elsa cos
Fly safe, Ara
Dear Sant
I have been a good girFor Christmas I want Anna boll.
Fly safe, Cloey
Dear santa,
I have been a good boy For Christmas I want Para jaSzaN
D Ba Manzopr M Fla sh hok roboz
Fly safe, Dakota
Le goz
Dear Santa,
I have been a good boy .For Christmas I want SGlLrs
Fly safe, Eddie
Dear Santa,t
I have been a good girl. For Christmas I want vniccornanda
Fly safe, EMMa

Dear Santa,
I have been a good girl. For Christmas I want a purple dress
With Rapunzel.
Fly safe, Ishani

Dry Felt Facer Plant

Greetings At The Holidays

Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Shannon. How is Mrs. Claus? Ihope she is
doing well. Im doing fine on math. This Chrismas Iwould
like the book called Ever After High. Iwould also be thankful
for some girl books. Here the temperature is really cold. I
will leave cookies and warm milk out for you.
Sincerely, Shannon

Dear Santa,
I have been a good boy. For Christmas I want sky landers.
Fly safe, Gabriel

Seasons Greetings from all of us.

Cornell, Wis.

Dear Santa,
My name is Sage. Whats your favorite kind of cookie?
Whats the recipe? Are the reindeer ready for the trip around
the world? Ill put the cookies on the table. Ishould deserve
a present for Christmas because Icleaned the house eleven
times this year. Ireally really really really want Skylanders
Trap Team and the movie Big Hero Six!
Your friend, Sage

To our valued clients and their families,

go our warmest wishes for a
beautiful holiday filled with lots of
glad tidings and good times.
We loved every minute
of serving you and appreciate
your confidence in us.

Merry Christmas
& Happy New Year!

Magic Salons
Hair Magic Tan Magic Nail Magic Massage Magic


Where we do Magic with you!


27990 269th Ave.

Hwy. 27, Holcombe, Wis.
(715) 595-6550

Dear santa,
I have been a good boy. For Christmas I want Skylanders.
Fly safe, Landon
Dear Santa,
I have been a good girl. For Christmas I want a Frozen
dress with a cape.
Fly safe, Lauren
Dear Santa,
I have been a good boy. For Christmas I wantnrf gun wiboli
Fly safe, SawYer
Dear Santa,
I have been a good girl. For Christmas I want Barbie
Fly safe, Trinity

Courier Sentinel 2014 Christmas Supplement Page 9

Dear Sant a,
I have been a good boy. For Christmas I want a toy gun
and a Power Ranger Shirt
Fly safe, Zack
Sarah Simes Kindergarten
Dear Santa,
I have been a good Girl. For Christmas I want a dolhous
and an ipad
Fly safe, BrookelYn
Dear Santa,
I have been a good boy For Christmas I want a Stuaml dog
and undr armour sashrt
Fly safe, BrYce
Dear Santa,
I have been a good boy! For Christmas I want airmkok
PLeL ann xiablitna
Fly safe, carson
Dear Santa.
I have been a good girl! For Christmas I wantababy and a
Fly safe, Cortney
Dear Santa,
I have been a good boyl For Christmas I want BDEItH
Fly safe, Donovan
Dear Santa,
I have been a good girl! For Christmas I want taBlt InoTAB
Fly safe, Haylea
Dear San t a.
I have been a good girl. For Christmas I want toy peso to
ypiyIpad t
Fly safe, Isabella
I have been a good boy. For Christmas I want a computer
and an ipad and sum toz
Fly safe, Jac Wilson
Dear Santa
I have been a good girl. For Christmas I wanta Ezebak
uvin. and a lollose uvin.
Fly safe, Kyleigh
Dear Santa,,,
I have been a good girl. For Christmas I want a computer
bnrtli t
Fly safe, Steph
Dear Santa.
I have been a good boy. For Christmas I want computer6
Van P
Fly safe, Vincent
Dear Santa.
I have been a good boy For Christmas I want a new umbnl
Fly safe, Will
Kari Koenigs Second Grade
Dear Santa,
How many toy do you make each year? My summer
break was outstanding. How was your summer break? For
Christmas I would like some colorful glittery nail polish, a
sparkly Elas and Anna dress, an Elsa wig the one in a single
braid and some sparkly Elsa and Anna high heel boots. I
hope you have merry Christmas. I love Santa! Christmas
Ps. my dog likes milk bones. So can you get mydog some
of them.
Your friend, Allison

ask a Few questions. What do you Feed the reindeer? Do

youever get a new sled? This for mrs. claus what cookies do
make most. Pleas answer back.Merry Christmas!
Love Bralee
Dear Santa,
I wunber if you cang et Mya furbee? I ambeing good
thisyear. Imadesum cakesforyou. How is Rootoff.
Your friend, Corina
Dear Santa,
Is your cheeks allwas red? I have been good this year. Code
you bring a stufft owl and a cat poster and a Hello Kitty
Neakirs and a DiAry with Keys. Dear Miss Clause, what cind
of cookies?
your friend, Erika
Dear Santa
What is your faveret cookes? Can you give us randear food
I want to feed the reindeer this Christmas? I am in 2 grade
and I like to read.I am ona level k. I like vollyball it is fun. I
like togo tovollyball games to. What Iwant for christmas is
new d.s games. I olsaw want or beez to. p.s my dog likes
bones. can you bring him some. Thank
Love, Izabelle
Dear Santa,
This year I was good to my sisters, For Christmas i wont
a little fourwheeler, a toy truck, a new little fishing pole, a
new tou truck, and toy jeep, a new fish for my classroom!
Santa how are the raindeer. Santa how is mrs. clause. And for
christmas I want a showmlbeelto!
Your friend James to you Santa I Love you. Santa.
Dear Santa
How is Rudolph doing and all the other Reindeer I hope
that they are being good? last year you gave me a Nicholles
and it means alot to me. Iwant a Arel Doll sot can be sisters
and a Best Frend to my other one that I got from the Eester
Bunny. I Love santa
Sincerely, Kandis
Dear Santa,
For Chrismas I would like a marker maker and crayon
maker. I am 7 years old. What do you feed the reindeer? I
hope you have a goodwinter. Merry Chrismas!
love Mackenzie

Heres hoping everything runs smoothly

for you this holiday season.

Larsons Auto
Auto & Truck Repair
423 Bridge St. Cornell
Heres hoping that your holiday,
Leaves you laughing all the way
And for your visits all year through,
We send our thanks to all of you!

Beauty Salon
307 Main St., Cornell

Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like a purple nerf bow and a big doll
house. I love 2nd grad my teacher is veary nice. Next can I

Dear Santa
How are your EveS doing? I hope Your Slay does not
brake!! Reamber a Long time agow You Sent me a emale that
whus cool. I want a Dr. llY with a Loels and a ularlm clacks,
a pichr Of You. did I muchen my School. I Love School. It is
prity cool and my teacher.
Love, Simon
Dear Santa,
I think I have been very good this year.What I want for
Christmas this year is a packer bedroom set and a new easl
mine is broken.What do want for Christmas this year? What
is your favorite kind of cookies is it sugar cookies I like sugar
From, Sorik
Dear Santa,
How long did it take you to get here? How many presents
did you have? I love Christmas every day of the year. This
year i want a go cart and a X box 360. I love you!
love, Terrance
Dear Santa,
is it clod I watniLagoahavecieme. merry christmas santaclause and mrsclasue. How are The Elvesdoing.
yor friend, walker
Chris Pickerigns Second Grade
Dear Santa,
Do you really put coal in peoples stocking? This for
Christmas I would like the yellow gum!I want the yellow
gum because I love that Kind.I will give Rodeulf a snack.I
love Christmas!
Love, Alyssa Bowe
Dear Santa,
Will you say hi for to Mrs. Clause for me? This year for
Christmas I would lik school stuff! I want school stuff be-

May your spirits be

warmed and your faith
rekindled by the
true meaning of

We appreciate your choosing us and

thank you for your continued business.

595-4574 Chad Larson (Owner)

Dear Santa,
This year I wontPlonS Virsoders 2ahokl and fliftrix and a
fish TT h eke I dihgood this y ear dee causeIgotgood grades
WotdVS The hothpol luc like son tu iSit o sum wutdVS misc
r Scooese ta Jetlike Santa can Isee Yar WAderd?.
Your frend Nicholas

(715) 239-6600

For the blessing

of your friendship and
support we offer our
deepest gratitude.

Walters Bros. Lumber

Mfg., Inc.
Holcombe & Radisson, Wisconsin
595-4896 & 945-2217

Page 10 Courier Sentinel 2014 Christmas Supplement

the same thing this year. I also might leave out some root beer
for your reindeer.
Aliyse maier, 8
Dear Santa,
The gift I want for chrismas is to make my mom and dad
happy. What do your raindeer eat? We are going to give you
nice cookies and a glass of milk. You are the best person we
ever had for chrismas.
Autumn, 8

cause I want to Learn more and when I grow up I want to be

a teacher. I will leaveyou a mint. Have a safe trip back to the
North Pole.
Your Friend, Briana Glaus

beouse my. blankits has holes in them. I hopeyou Will like

my cookes Sa nta makeShure to be safe trie not to fall inthesnowbank mary Christmas
Love Levi

Dear Santa,
How are thing at the North ploe? This year for Christmas
I would like DS3 games! I want DS3 games be cause Theyare
cool. I will have cookies and milk out on the table for You. I
hope you like SPrinkles. I hop You have a safe drive.
Love, Cameron Allard

Dear Santa,
I want a laptop. Make sure you put it on Disney Jr. games
and Disney movies. Put on a Frozen game too. She makes
snow and ice on the Frozen game. I also want a ring and slippers. How do the reindeer fly? I will make sure to leave you
cookies and milk. Get to my house fast so the milk doesnt get
Love, McKenzie M.

Dear Santa,
I always wanted to know what it would be like to be Santa.
I know a lot of people who say your not real, but I know
youre out there somewhere! This Christmas I want an elf on
the shelf also I would like a easy bake oven Please. Electronics count too, but no presure. So, is it fun being Santa? Do
the elfs like making toys? I hope you have a good Christmas!
P.S. Do you like milk and cookies? Do the reindeer like rootbeer:)!?
Love, Ava Story, 9

Dear Santa,
I mad you some cokeis can you bring some cookeis back
for your elfs. This year for christmas I would like a monster
truk a reul one! I want a monster truck becouse I like real
monster trucks. I hope you like the cookeis. have asafe trip
back to the NorthPole.
Your freind, Presten F

Dear Santa,
How cold is it in the north pole?It is pretty cold here.Did
the elfs find out what I want yet? I dont care what I get I gust
hope my brouthers get what they want.But if you would get
me something I would like a new boom co blaster. So have
fun in the north pole.
Bentley, 9

Dear Santa
can you say hi to your elvse? This year for clristmas I walld
like a tablet I want a gocart becuse it gose fast. Iwill live you
mlke and cookies. I hope the reindeer dont get tirdt.
Yar feirde taylarHamman

Dear Santa,
Hi! How are you doing? Are your elfs doing oK? How
many toys do they make in a year? Do you go around the
world in one night? I would like a computer, roller scates,
and a Anna doll.
Brooke sime, 8/9

Dear Santa
How are Things at the North Pole. This Year for Christmas
I would like a very big bunny. because so I can sleep with It.
I Hope you like The cookis I made you. I love Christmas
Love candice s.
Dear Santa,
How are things at the North Pole? This year for christmas
I would like a fake robot black retriever puppy! I want a fake
robot retriever puppy because everyone else in my family has
a pet. my family made you somecookies. Have a nice trip
back to the North pole.
your friend, Emma Ducommun
Dear Santa,
How are things at the North pole? This Christmas I would
like 3 Barbies! Because I sure Love Barbies! When you come
to wisconsin. You will see that we already have snow here.
Say hi to the Elfs for me please.
Sincerely, Faith Blaisdell
Dear Santa,
How do yue make all those toys? This yer for Christmas I
wolb like all the spy stuf and make sure it works. I wont it
becuse I wont to spy on my big Sister Name lex. I hope you
like the cookys i maed at the Piltars and make sure yue bont
eat a red Vimpier cooky. Thats for my Dab.
yuor frend Jacob S.
Dear Santa,
Hay Santa can you say Holloto Rudulf? This year for
Christmas I would like The Lego movie bed cet ! I want it

Dear Santa,
How do you make all those toys? This year for christmas
I would like pockemon cards because they are really cool!I
hope you like my cookies because thay are going to have
extra sprinkles on them! I hope you have a happy christmas
Santa claus!
Torren P.
Kim Andersons Third Grade
Dear Santa,
I hope you have a wonderful cristmas. I hope Blitzen boes
Not eat all your cokies.I wish you can get me a zoomer . And
tell mrs claws you are Very nice! If you see frostey tell you
can tell him you are saw nice.Ow donit give haily Gras
hudsin presents .
Abby, 8
Dear Santa,
Hi. How are you? I want some stuff that has to do with science. Since i left cookies and milk last year, Im going to do

Let It Snow
Let It Snow
Let It Snow
Nothing can dampen our
appreciation for customers
like you!

We appreciate
having you as
our customers.
401 South
3rd St.
Cornell, WI


Merry Christmas and

Happy New Year!


Office: 715-239-6601
Fax: 715-239-6618

Dear Santa,
Hi santa, it is so amazing how you give each girl and boy
that has been good for the year in one night. I wonder how
your reindeer fly. Though what I really for Chrismas is the
Zero graiffity lazer racer.
Camden A. Mercer, 8
Dear Santa,
How are your randeer and elves doing? I Whant a nrf gun
and I Whant a x box and Whant a infygis.
carter, 8
Dear Santa,
How its going at the North Pole ? I want you to have a lot
of choies so you can pick the best one.I want a stuffy, stuffies,
cat toy, to see you, better coneotion on my I pad, yoshei 3DS
game, fish tank, a letter from you. Do you really go to evry
house in one night or do you your elves do it?
Faith, 8
Dear Santa,
Hi Santa how are you? This year for Christmas I want a
furrdy Boom, head phones, sled, stuffie, Big Monkey stuffed
animal, sling shot Monky, I pad mini, and spy gear. I hope
you have agreat Christmas!
Grace, 8
Dear Santa,
This christmas I want an I pod becase I like to play on them
. They are fun I always wated one. Have a good christmas .
your friend, Haily, 8

Wishing you much
peace and joy during
this holy season.

North, south, east or west ...

Were sending you our very best
Plus tidings of joy and peace and cheer
And the hope that we see you all next year!
Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year!

Genes Scrap & Salvage

Two miles north of Cornell on Hwy. 27

Keep Christ in Christmas.

(715) 239-0303
Winter Hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tues. - Sat.

Dear Santa,
How would you like your cookies? Milk warm or cold?
Would you please get me disney infinity, street hawk, the
pasy, the hulk, the Avengers, iron man, 2, 3, big hero6, tmnt.
Josesph, 8
Dear Santa,
I hope that Ive been a good girl lately and if I have this is
what I want for Christmas. For Christmas I would like lots
of littlest petshops and clothes and houses for them. I would
also like a computer with minecraft. I wish that I get everything that I asked for. I will leave cookies and warm milk for
you on a speacial plate and cup.
Mahli, 9

Courier Sentinel 2014 Christmas Supplement Page 11

Dear Santa,
Hi Santa how have youve been? Im just letting You
Know what I want for christmas.I have really really been
wanting a husky so if you can Please give me one I have also
been wanting a Phone or a ipod, iphone.I Know they all do
the same thing so what ever is fine. oh yeah can you send an
elf to watch us?
Mya, 8
Dear Santa,
Hi Santa, can I please have the the New skylandrtrap team
with all the stuff? How is Budy is Budy in the Noth pole or
in New York? Can I please have a skateboard and ten back
oh gon please.
Scott Pederson, 8
Dear Santa,
How are the raindeer? did they like The celary? can you
relly dlliver all the presints to all good boys and girls. Do You
ever see Poler bears? I kov alot about about animals. SaY hi
to Rondoph for me.
Zach, 8
Cindy Guests Third Grade
Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like some elephants. I would like
elephants because they are my most favorite animals in the
world, and I love them so much. I would aslo like some bells
for my stuffed animal Blitzen, one of your reindeer my
grandma made for me. Oh and when you sent Fred our Elf
on the Shelf he was very hungry, so please share our cookies
with him. One more thing before you go, also share the cookies with your reindeer. P.S. Next year do you think you could
send Fred back? Please?
Alexandra T., 9
Dear Santa,
Merry Christmas Santa! I hope you will enjoy our cookies
and milk. Please bring me a tablet and ice skates. And
please give will P. some W.W.E Movies. I love, believe, and
trust you Santa. P.S. Tell Mrs. Claus I said HI and Please
give me an elf on the shelf.And tell Rudolph to make his nose
glow when you leave my house and I would like an American Girl Doll.
Bailey S., 8
Dear Santa,
Marry Christmas for you and the reindeer and the elves.
For Christmas I would like an American Doll and can you
please make it look like me. Can you please get me a pink
and blue or just pink or just blue bow. The reason I want an
American Doll is so I can play with Kendra with it, and why
I want a bow is because my brother hates it when I use his
and I really like it. Santa, can you make sure Kendra S. has
the best best Christmas ever. P.S. Even better than mine and
you know why.
Brooke, 8
Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is
my family. If I get my family
I will be fine for the rest of
my life. WhenI get back I
want an Elf on the Shelf just
because I want the truth.
When I get back I also want
to go to California and live
there. OhI allmost forgot
fore the rest of my family I
Know all they want wolud
Be me! P.S. I also want all
my firends bock.
By C.B Charlie, 8 1/2
Dear Santa,
Christmas is a great holiday when you get present.
What I want for Christmas is
a robot and a zomer dino.
The robot gets controld with
a remote control Azomer

dino gets mad when his tail gets pulledthen if you put your
hand by the nose it become nice. I want to get will some thing
for Christmas I will get him for Christmas a a tablit.
P.S. by Christain, 10
Dear Santa,
Christmas is NOT about getting toys it is about giving and
seeing people happy! So today I am getting two toys. I only
want girls Lego set (small pieces). A doll house (with dolls)
of course I will get something for my mom and dad and I
want to get them two brand new cars. P.S. I got something
for you Santa.
Harmonie M., 8
Dear Santa,
This Christmas I want a... Tablet real bad. but Ive been good
and bad but my fiend wants a LoLoLopsey color me. p.s.
Merry christmas Santa and what are your favorite cookies.
Isaiah, 8
Dear Santa,
Christmas Is Jesus birthday, because he was born on christmas. For christmas I want a Stroller for my babydoll, babydolls, lalaoopsy dolls, monster high dolls, my little pony, a
Elsa an Anna doll, and candy. Can you get my mom and dad
an angel notebook, tools, and toys. Thank you Santa You are
the best person for giving us an Awesome Christmas. P.S. You
are great!!!!!
Kendra S., 9
Dear Santa,
For Christmas I want a Lalaloopsy Color Me Doll really
bad! Another gift I want is a makeup set. Also for my friend
Isaiah will you get him some video games.For my dad new
golf clubs. Thank you very much I hope Isaiah and my dad
and my family have the best Christmas. p.s. Thank you for
all the gifts and I will leave some cookies and milk.
Lauren, 9
Dear Santa,
Merry Christmas to you. For Christmas I really want is a
long sleeve night gown. And a D.S. with games. For my
cousin Bailey please let her be able to get make up. Have a
safe ride on Christmas. P.S. Please let my cousin Olivia have
a sleepover on Christmas eve. :)
Marcella, 8
Dear Santa,
This yier I wouh T foy christmos is legos and sTarwyrs


Septic Cleaning



Theres no place wed rather

be than right here at home
for the holidays.
Merry Christmas and
sincere thanks for the
privilege of serving you.

Holcombe, Wis. 595-4336


24365 290th St., Holcombe, Wis.

Wishing You a Season of

Customers like you are
Merry Christmas and many,
many thanks.

Hwy. 27 & Cty. M
Holcombe, Wis.
(715) 595-6362


May every moment of your holiday

be magical and bright. We hope
the season finds you surrounded by
loved ones, laughter and all the
makings of new memories you
will cherish for a lifetime.
We owe our success to the faith and
support of our good friends and
customers here in the community,
and we are grateful to share
another year with all of you.
Thank you, neighbors.


voluvm 1-P. I wuns good and bad this yeer. i want star
wars volvm 1-P foy Isaiah. I Love you Santa. I will
lava cookies roy you. P.S. I nowe the trust that you are not
by Nathan F., 9
Dear Santa,
I have been very busy with Christmas! My family has been
very busy too! But what I would like for Christmas is a big
huge teddy bear! Also I just got a Christmas tree! And just
so you will Know Im going to try to put some carrots out
for the raindeer! P.S. Merry Christmas and see you Christmas
Eve! HoHoHo!
Teryn, 8
Dear Santa,
You are a really good person and Im going to ask you an
important question for Christmas. I want you to get my mom
a gold bracelet that has my NAME on it. and a monster high
doll that has Pink and green hair on The Side. and some cute
camouflaye boots. Thank you Santa
Violet, 9
Dear Santa,
I wish you a merry Christmas and a dood day. I hope you
qet to my house safly. Hey is Rudolph qoing qood Santa can
I have lego anda xbox and can voy aive Bailay S. some monster high dolls. I love to believe in you Santa. You are cool
and I trust in you.
Will, 9 P.S. Youre the best!
Lake Holcombe
Jane Ashs First Grade
Dear Santa,
How do you make all the toys? Please bring me spy gear,
hot weels, I pod. Tank you for last years gifts.
Love Alex Dixon
Dear Santa,
How do you come if there is no chimney? Please bring me
Dump trck w/aSnowplow 4 wheeler w/aSnoupplow Tractorandaloader. Thakyou for last years gifts.
Love BlakeWinchel

Page 12 Courier Sentinel 2014 Christmas Supplement

Dear Santa,
How do the reindeer fly? Please bring me a easy bake oven
Bady A Live a doll House thank you for last years gifts
lovE Cadence Baker
Dear Santa,
How do you use magic? Please bring me I want a truck, I
want atralter, I want candy. Thank you for last years gifts
Love Cutler John Roscoe

Dear Santa,
How do you get on our roof? Please bring me tractors
trailors and tow trucks Thank you for last years gifts
Love. Drayke Hunter Howard

Dear Santa,
How do you get down the chimney? Please bring me a Nerf
Guns. Nerf Guns Bullets. Ninja Turtles. Thack you for last
years gifts
Love Danny Craker

Dear Santa,
How do Roudolf get a shiny nose? qlease bring me a lolla
loopsy, littlest pet shop and stuffed bear. Thank you for last
years gifts.
love Emma Wright

Happy Holidays from us to you!

Dear Santa,
How do you mak all The toys? Please bring me stuffed
Horse chiristoff Doll That everyone Knowz jesus i the reason
for christmus. Thank you for loust years gifts.
Love Faith Heinzen
Dear Santa,
How do the reindeer fly? Please bring me Elsa/Anna
doll a Doll House a Doll Buggy. Thank you for last years
Love Hailey minot

Your friendship and support warms our

hearts and makes us remember how
fortunate we are to know people like you.

Bart Chapek, Owner 715-289-4921

Serving disabled and elderly clients

in a just like a home setting
NOW OPEN JLH Chippewa Valley Apts., Cadott.
Several levels of assisted living available. You determine the
level of assistance needed. Contact me today about openings.
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JLH - Just Like Home

Dear Santa,
How do th reindeer fly? Please bring me lalaloopsy myLittle pony barbie. Tnank you for last years gifts.
Love Lauren Brosted
Dear Santa,
What does your sleigh look like? Please bring me a silvev
Power Rudev toy, Legos, Disney infinity vioev ganes thank
you for last years gifts,
Loev Logan Jaedike
Dear Santa,
How do you fit big presenst Please bring me Tablet Frozendolls headphones. thank you for years gifts.
Love Savannah Burlingame
Dear Santa,
How do you fly and not ffall in the water? Please
bring me a nabbit and a shaer. Thank you for last years
Love Tommy Kane r

Lake Holcombe
Pat Talbots Third Grade
Dear Santa,
I would like a talbet wight board and markers.
Sincerely, Abigail Kane
Dear Santa,
I would like a toy horses,and a barn with barn animals.For
Sincerely AnnaMay kane
Dear Santa,
I would like a Frozen bed set and a nutcracKer. Then a
bean bag chair I would like a game For my Xbox One.
Sincerely, BrooKlynn CraKer.
Dear Santa,
I would like a Elsa doll.
Sincerely. Coral Hill
Dear Santa,
I would like some art stuff and paint.
Sincerely, HayLeigh Wallace
Dear Santa
I would like a tablet and paintset for Christmas.
Sincerely, Mikaylah king
Dear Santa,
I wuld like 3 X box 360 gam) and a Kentol.
Sincerely Seth tainter
Dear Santa,
I would like a..... Ps4, far cry 4, and a ifhone
Sinerely, Taye yeager
Dear Santa,
I would like a laptop for christmas and Madden 15 for PS4.
Sincerely, Trent Nitek

The beauty of the season

To Our Thanks!
With warm wishes and a generous helping of gratitude to all our neighbors,
customers, friends and associates this holiday season.
Its been a privilege and a treat serving you this past year.

Our warmest wishes for a

Very Happy Holiday Season,

Your Friends at Northwestern Bank Cornell

Amy, Joy, Judy, Kay, Kent,
Kim, Pnuts, Pat, Amy Sue,
Sandy & Wendy

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Chippewa Falls 715-726-2111
Lake Wissota 715-720-3670

Dear Santa,
How do the elves help? Please bring me a new tablet Aprril
opeile dadaction figure, Nlnja Turtle Legos Thark you for last
years gifts.
Love Tyler Hattamer


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May it gladden your soul

and cheer you on your way. Wishing
you nothing but happiness this year and next.


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