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The first company that we have chosen is Mazioka Health Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. this is a
type of health care company which help people to cure the chronic diseases such as
diabetes, heart disease, obesity and many more. This company mainly provide health
machine and water filter. The main machine and the accessory are Multipurpose Nagative
Body Energizer Accesseries HF-9000NP, Health Care NP9000, Energy Cushion,
Diathermy Bar, Family Care and Handstand Machine (Spine Straightening Stand).
Besides that they sell also the water filter which can ensure the water clean to be
consumed. This company is a type of partnership. The two partner are Han Pi Hua and
Tan Hoe Guan. Miss Han is the director in Taiwan while Mr Tan manage the business in
Malaysia. To recognize this company, I have made a interview with Tay Ai Buay who is
handling the position of manager.
The main input which imported from Taiwan of the company are raw material of health
machines such as electronic plates, wires, casings, bulbs, buttons and many more. They
also employ workers as the salesman and saleswomen for introducing the products. They
have to be trained for about 3 months before work for the real salary. The period of
training is long because they need to know the function of the product so that they can
explain the products clearly and make the customer trust the products. They need also to
know the chronic diseases that can be cured by the health machine. Hence, this is the time
that we need to employ a professor who is able to teach them in the right way and transfer
the correct information. As the workers have enough professionalism, the shop is needed
in the strategic place where has the high density of people flow. The variable input of the
company are the raw material of the health machine, salary of the workers, the
investment for advertisement, making of and employment of professor. On the other
hand, the fixed input of the company are the rental of a shop. The company has employed
3 salesmen and 2 saleswomen.
The main cost of the company incur included fixed cost and variable cost. For instance,
electricity, labor, raw materials (healthcare machine - plastic, rubber, wire, transformer,

show plate and water filter filter tube, plastic cover, pipe),imported accessories
(electrical engineering apparatus, testing apparatus, repairing apparatus), transport
(company car), advertisement and research & development R&D and shop rental.
As the price of the product or service increase by 15%, the quantity purchased will
decreased less than 15% . The elasticity is the ratio of percentage change in quantity
demanded to the percentage change in price of product. Since the percentage change in
quantity is smaller than the percentage change in price of product. Hence, the elasticity is
less than 1 and the situation is inelastic demand. According to this situation total revenue
will remain the same because there are still small amount of people want to buy the
companys product although the price increase. The revenue still can be remained.
The competition is very high and stimulated. All of the companies have its own brand
and very popular in the market. But, the company is also try hard to make the
advertisement by doing sales and free for testing the products. There are many different
healthcare product competitors included Doctor Tron, Jinho, Osim, Gintell, Ogawa,
Amway, Coway and Diamond. This is a type of monopolistic competition. because they
have different product with some different function and there are many firm are involve
in the competition. This firm have to compete to firms with different healthcare machine
and water filter. They have different market which this firm is located in the housing area
while most of the competitors settled down in the shopping complex and town area.
There is no restriction for entering the industry.
Mazioka Health Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. done well from the aspect of testing and services.
This is because the firm may do a 3 months of testing in the shop and let the clients listen
to the briefing of the machine and the explanation of the serious diseases which can cured
as using the product. This can b the effective advertisement as the people who have tried
can help to spread the information. Besides that the result will be seen after the period of
testing and hence the clients have confidence to buy the products. The services is good
and efficient because the technician will go to the clients house as there is problems
about the product or problem of using the products. Technician will teach nicely to the
clients until they understand. The services are free in charge. In other hand, there might
have some problem occur such that the spreading of this technology and knowledge is

small. Hence, I would like to suggest that the firm can try to increase the shop division in
other places. This might enhance the strength of competition with large amount of
competitors. In addition, I would like to suggest that the design of the health machine can
be changed by time to attract more people to know and purchase because the original
design has not been changed since the company started.


Health Care NP9000

People are doing electrical treatment and

listening to the briefing.

Handstand Machine