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Manage growth, complexity and risk with scalable, high-performance


IBM System Storage DS4700

Express Model

The challenge: Manage data to achieve low

cost of ownership and high data
To successfully meet business goals,
effective data management is essential.
Optimized data management requires
storage solutions with high data availability, strong storage management
capabilities and powerful performance
features. Your budget requires a low
cost of ownership. By implementing


Optimize performance with

scalable and cost effectively storage

capacity, you can take advantage of
Increase connectivity through

end-to-end 4 Gbps capable

eight host channels with dual

Fibre Channel interface



modules with the attachment of

width for high throughput

six DS4000 EXP810 Expansion



disk drives

Centrally manage the DS4000

series with the IBM System
Storage DS4000 Storage

beyond respond and recover in the

backup and recovery capabilities to
help you protect data and prevent
The solution: IBM System Storage DS4700

Designed to be NEBS-3 compliant, powered from a -48 V dc

Telco industry-standard power

demands change. Also, you can go

case of outages with powerful, dynamic

Support for up to 112 disk drive

Achieve up to 1550 MBps band-

Support for Fibre Channel hard

emerging technologies as information


Designed to provide lower total cost of
ownership, high performance, robust
functionality, and unparalleled ease of

use, IBM offers the IBM System

Data-intensive applications that

4 Gbps. Fewer HBAs help lower the

Storage DS4700 Express. As part of

demand increased connectivity can

number of switch ports used and can

the DS4000 series, the DS4700

benefits from a high-performance

help reduce overall cost.

Express offers:

4 Gbps capable Fibre Channel inter-

face. Get the capacity of eight 4 Gbps

Establish high data availability

High-performance 4 Gbps capable

Fibre Channel connections.

capable host channels directly attached

Develop storage environments that can

to host servers or connected to a Fibre

deliver unprecedented data availability

Up to 112 TB of physical storage

capacity with 112 1 TB SATA disk
Powerful system management, data
management and data protection

Channel storage area network (SAN).

with the help of DS4700 Express.

To achieve these speeds, four Gbps

Offering a choice of multiple redundant

capable drives and IT infrastructure are

array of independent disks (RAID) levels


and redundant, hot-swappable components, the disk storage system can help

There are two ways to measure the

you maintain data availability and

performance of a SAN device


The DS4700 Express expands from

megabytes per second (MBps), and

workgroup to enterprise-wide capability

input/output per second (IOPS).

Enhance resiliency with the IBM disk

with six attached DS4000 EXP810 disk

Assuming a 4 Gbps capable system,

storage systems. Powerful dynamic

enclosures. The DS4700 Express DC

DS4700 Express provides up to

capabilities help protect data and pre-

Models are NEBS-3 compliant storage

1550 MBps throughput with up

vent failure, not just respond and

systems designed to be powered from

to 121,500 IOPS. A 2 Gbps storage

recover. Recover quickly from disaster.

a -48 Volt DC Telco industry-standard

array can require up to twice as many

Providing enterprise-class disaster

power source. The DS4700 Express is

host ports as a 4 Gbps array to deliver

recovery strategies, point-in-time copy-

available in a 3U high enclosure and

the throughput of four 4 Gbps ports.

ing IBM FlashCopy enables copy with

mounts in a 19-inch rack-mount

The DS4700 Express can help you free

VolumeCopy and remote mirroring with


up or eliminate the need for additional

Enhanced Remote Mirroring.

host ports in the SAN for each array.

Achieve a lower total cost of ownership

The DS4700 4 Gbps technology is

Performance capabilities that can

On the host side, if a server requires

backward compatible with 2 Gbps and

reduce the need for additional host

more than the minimum of two 2 Gbps

even 1 Gbps. Meaning you need not

ports can help you lower the total cost

host bus adapters (HBAs) for availability

replace your entire SAN with 4 Gbps

of ownership with DS4700 Express.

to attain the required performance, then

that number can be halved with

technology, but add the new technol-

applications. It is designed to easily sat-

The four 4 Gbps drive connections sup-

ogy incrementally. Of course, 4 Gbps

isfy performance-hungry workloads.

port up to 112 disk drives with six

products will slow down to the 2 Gbps

Additionally, the DS4700 is a great

attached DS4000 EXP810 disk enclo-

or 1 Gbps speed if they are connected,

choice for environments with intense

sures. This makes the DS4700 Express

but zoning can allow a rolling upgrade

replication requirements, because it can

a good choice for performance-oriented

strategy with minimal disruption.

efficiently handle the additional perform-

or capacity-oriented storage require-

ance demands of FlashCopy,

ments. Models 70 and 72 are designed

Enhance Information Lifecycle

VolumeCopy and Enhanced Remote

to support over 33.6 TB of Fibre



Channel physical storage capacity.

succeed an ever-changing global mar-

The DS4700 Express Model 72 has

The DS4700 expands its predecessors

ketplace. The IBM DS4000 series

eight independent 4 Gbps FC

history of flexibility with another configu-

allows flexible access to information.

host ports for direct-attachment to host

ration option, cache size. The DS4700

The series also provides a broader

(FC-AL) or fabric attachment to storage

is available in two models:

range of scale and performance options

area networks (FC-SW). One of the first

to provide structure and context to

enterprise-class storage systems based

information. As a result, you can build

on 4 Gbps FC technologies, the

data management strategies that align

DS4700 can help enable customers to

with your information requirements.

prepare for the future while making the

Managing information can be a key

most of their current infrastructure. It

process for an IT organization.

provides auto-negotiate FC connection

IBM DS4700 can help accommodate

speeds, allowing integration into an

the changing value of data over time

existing 1 Gbps or 2 Gbps infrastruc-

The DS4700 fits runs the same robust,

while maintaining data availability.

ture. The storage system also helps

yet intuitive, storage management soft-

enable environments to benefit from

ware as previous storage systems in

Increase performance

performance and connectivity improve-

the series. Designed to allow maximum

High-performance storage can help

ments, while helping protect investment

utilization of storage capacity and com-

manage compute-intensive workloads.

when the SAN inevitably becomes

plete control over a rapidly growing

Excelling at IOPS and MBps, the

4 Gbps.

storage environment.

Information insights help your business

DS4700 is a great fit for both transaction-oriented and bandwidth-intensive

Model 70 is designed to support up

to 2 GB of physical cache memory
(1 GB per controller).
Model 72 can support up to 4 GB
of physical cache memory (2 GB
per controller).

Serve a wide range of storage

16 Fibre Channel 300 GB disk drives,

Telco Options

consolidation and clustering applications

or up to 16 TB physical capacity per

The DS4700 Express Models 70S/T

IBM DS4700 is an affordable, scalable

expansion unit using sixteen SATA 1 TB

and 72S/T are NEBS-3 compliant and

storage server for storage consolidation

disk drives.

provide high-performance, high avail-

and clustering applications. Its modular

ability, business-critical storage includ-

architecture, which includes Dynamic

This expansion unit can accommodate

ing dc powered models that are

Capacity Addition and Dynamic Volume

the new optional 2 Gbps Fibre Channel

especially suited for Telco industry

Expansion, can support on demand

Enhanced Disk Drive Modules (E-DDM).


environments by enabling storage to

The unit contains redundant power and

grow as demands increase. Autonomic

cooling modules, and Environmental

Scalability throughout the DS4000 series

features such as online firmware

Service Module (ESM) interfaces. The

Because the DS4700 Express is

upgrades and DS4000 Remote

unit is also NEBS-3 compliant.

designed to be highly scalable up to

112 Fibre Channel or SATA disk drives,

Support Manager also help enhance

Each ESM Customer Replacement Unit

it can be upgraded from a workgroup

(CRU) supports 2 Gbps or 4 Gbps

SAN to an enterprise network storage

The DS4700 can help consolidate

Fibre Channel host connections and a

system. Upgrading can help provide the

direct-attached storage into a centrally

4 Gbps Fibre Channel loop. Both 2 and

flexibility to grow with your business. In

managed, shared or storage area net-

4 Gbps Fibre Channel disk drives are

addition, by using IBM System Storage

work (SAN) environment. With built-in

supported. A switch on the front of the

DS4000 Storage Manager software,

support for eight Fibre Channel-

unit enclosure selects the speed of

multiple DS4700 Expresses can be

attached servers, the need for addi-

the entire enclosure, but not both at the

combined to help address additional

tional switches is reduced or eliminated

same time.

performance and capacity require-

the systems usability.

helping to make server clustering more


ments, further enhancing your scalabilIntermix Capabilities

ity options.

The DS4700 Express helps support

Expand your storage solution with the

intermix of Fibre Channel and SATA

Another scalability feature of the

IBM System Storage EXP810 Storage

disk drives within the controller.

DS4700 Express is Dynamic Capacity

Expansion Unit offering a 16-bay disk

DS4700 Express also helps support

Expansion (DCE), which provides the

enclosure. Achieve up to 4.8 TB physi-

attachment of EXP810, EXP710 and

ability to add DS4000 EXP810 enclo-

cal capacity per expansion unit using

EXP100 to further enhance storage

sures to an existing DS4700 Express


while avoiding the need to stop opera-

as configure new volumes, define map-

you can attach multiple servers to one

tions. Adding these enclosures can help

pings, handle routine maintenance, and

central systemthe DS4700 Express.

you bring unused storage online for a

dynamically add new enclosures and

The DS4700 Express provides hard-

new host group or an existing volume

capacity to existing volumes. All without

ware failover with dual controllers and

to provide additional capacity on

interrupting user access to data.

common management.


Failover drivers, performance tuning

routines and cluster support are also

Other DS4700 Express features that

Upgrade to higher performing DS4000

standard features of the DS4000

can help enhance data management

series systems while keeping data

Storage Manager. By providing these

and protection include FlashCopy,

intact and avoid disruptions during

features and an intuitive user interface,

Dynamic Volume Expansion,

upgrades. The DS4700 Express sup-

the DS4000 Storage Manager can help

VolumeCopy and Enhanced Remote

ports online controller firmware

reduce the complexity of storage man-


upgrades to help provide better per-

agement and the amount of time spent

formance and functionality. Events such

managing storage.

as upgrades to support the latest ver-

The FlashCopy feature enables point-intime copies of logical volumes, which

sion of DS4000 Storage Manager or to

Enhance storage management capabilities

may be used for file restoration, back-

add optional services such as DS4000

IBM DS4700 Express has several fea-

ups, application testing or data mining.

Service Alert or the new DS4000

tures designed to improve data man-

Remote Support Manager can often be

agement and storage system

Dynamic Volume Expansion allows

executed without stopping operations.

performance. Using the Storage

administrators to resize logical volumes

Manager software, administrators can

without disrupting users. This feature

Centralize administration through DS4000

partition the DS4700 Express into as

can work well for applications with rap-

Storage Manager

many as 128 virtual servers. This capa-

idly growing data requirements, such as

The DS4000 Storage Manager software

bility can help your IT organization

IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft

included with the DS4700 Express sup-

strategically allocate storage capacity to


ports the centralized management of

achieve high utilization of storage space

local and networked DS4000 series

and low hardware and storage man-

VolumeCopy feature provides full repli-

systems. The DS4000 Storage

agement costs. Instead of purchasing

cation of one logical volume (source) to

Manager allows administrators to

multiple RAID controllers with their own

another (target) within the DS4700.

quickly configure and monitor storage

dedicated disks and management,

VolumeCopy is designed to allow read-

from a Java technology-based Web

only access to the source volume dur-

browser interface. It also allows them to

ing the copy process, and suspend

customize and change settings as well

writes to support point-in-time integrity.

Enhanced Remote Mirror consists of

The IBM System Storage Proven pro-

The optional DS4000 Remote Support

Global Mirror with Asynchronous Write-

gram identifies and tests many of these

Manager for Storage service enables

order Consistency, which is critical for

products for interoperability with the

the DS4700 to quickly notify the

mirroring multi-LUN applications, Global

DS4700 and other IBM disk products.

IBM Support Center when the system

Copy with Asynchronous and Metro

Products in this program have been

detects a problem. This notification can

Mirror with Synchronous.

tested to help reduce or eliminate time-

help reduce or eliminate the need for a

consuming installation and support

service call. To help expedite diagnosis

The DS4700 Express uses a common

issues. For more information, please

and repair of failed hardware and soft-

pool of hot-spare disk drives as a cost-

visit ibm.com/storage/proven.

ware, error alert messages from

effective way to help improve availabil-

DS4000 Storage Manager can be for-

ity. IT administrators can determine the

Service and support

number of drives to allocate as spares.

The DS4700 Express has a three year,

warded through e-mail.

9x5, next business day hardware war-

Competitive financing options from

Additional tools to help manage storage

ranty. Additional services for hardware

IBM Global Financing

The DS4700 is supported by a variety

installation, DS4000 Storage Manager

Financing is available through

of IBM Tivoli software products.

configuration and advanced storage

IBM Global Services for a wide range of

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, IBM Tivoli

management are also available from

IBM products and services, including

Storage Resource Manager and many

IBM Global Services (IGS). IBM Support

the DS4700 Express, for the duration of

other third-party hardware and software

Line services can assist with using

the financing term. This financing offers

products can add to the capabilities of

DS4000 Storage Manager helping to

competitive rates, flexible terms, pre-

the DS4700 by enabling backup and

enable self-maintenance for the

dictable costs and a fast approval

storage reporting.

DS4000 system.

process for DS4700 Express and

associated software and services. For
more information, please visit

IBM System Storage DS4700 Express at a glance

RAID controller

Host interface
Drive interface
Supported drives

RAID levels
Storage partitions
Maximum drives supported
Fans and power supplies
Rack support
Management software
SAN support

Physical characteristics
Supported systems1

1814-70A/H/S/T, 1814-72A/H/S/T
1814-70S/T, 1814-72S/T (DC power supplies)
Dual active
Model 70A/70S: 2 GB
Model 72A/72S: 4 GB
8 host ports model 72, 4 host ports model 70Fibre Channel (FC) Switched and FC
Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) standard, Auto-sensing 1 Gbps/2 Gbps/4 Gbps
4 drive portsFibre Channel (FC) Switched and FC Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) standard,
Auto-sensing 1Gbps/2 Gbps/4 Gbps
Supports 2 Gbps FC:10K 73.4 GB, 146.8 GB, 300 GB E-DDM, 15K 36.4 GB, 73.4 GB,
146.8 GB E-DDM
Supports 4 Gbps FC: 15k 300 GB, 146.8 GB, 73.4 GB, 36.4 GB E-DDM
Supports 4 Gbps SATA: 7.2K 500 GB/750 GB and 1 TB E-DDM Disk drives
0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10
4, 8, 16, 64 or 128 storage partitions
Model 72A/H/S/T: 112 FC or 112 SATA drives (using 6 DS4000 EXP810 Expansion Units)
Model 70A//H/S/T: 112 FC or 112 SATA drives (using 6 DS4000 EXP810 Expansion Units)
Dual redundant, hot-swappable
19-inch, industry-standard rack
IBM System Storage DS4000 Storage Manager version 10.10
Supported IBM FC switches and directors (product numbers 2005, 2006, 2109, 2026,
2027, 2031, 2032, 2034, 2042, 2054, 2061 and 2062, and IBM BladeCenter)
Three year parts and labor warranty, 9x5 next business day, upgradeable to 24x7 with four
hour response

H - 130.3 mm (5.13 in) W - 447.0 mm (17.6 in) D - 563.8 mm (22.2 in)

For a list of currently supported servers, operating systems, host bus adapters, clustering
applications and SAN switches and directors, refer to the DS4700 Express Interoperability
Matrix available at ibm.com/storage/disk/ds4000/ds4700. For availability dates,
configuration options, and attachment capabilities, refer to: ibm.com/storage/disk.
The DS4700 Express is supported only in rack installations. With optional features, up to six
DS4000 EXP810 Expansion Units can be attached to the DS4700 Express up to a
maximum of 112 drives.

For more information

Contact your IBM representative,
IBM Business Partner or visit:

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