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Len Snell - Regional Sales Manager

Oracle Reporting with

the Ease of Excel


About Excel4apps
The Challenge
Next Steps

About Excel4apps

Dedicated to the development
of superior financial reporting
solutions for Oracle

Excel is where we do most of our work, and because of that familiarity,

we could see how GL Wand might make us more productive.
Diane Pinkerman, Director of Finance, Jacksonville Aviation Authority

Founded in 2005

Used by over 550 of the worlds

leading companies with over
14,000 users in over 62
countries worldwide

Rarely do users thank you for a new product, but almost every controller
has thanked IT for GL Wand.
Rob Duncan, Chief Information Officer, Powell Industries

Globally Supported
Corporate headquarters:
Sydney, Australia
N. America headquarters:
Raleigh, NC
Regional offices:
- Australia
- United States
- United Kingdom
- United Arab Emirates
- Singapore
- South Africa

Raleigh, NC
United States

Sydney, Australia

Cape Town,
South Africa

We actually got overnight responseswe would send an email with a

question or problem and the next morning we would get an explanation
or even a patch to help us with our specific problem.
Dale Kukielka, Senior Business Analyst, Upsher-Smith Laboratories

OAUG 5 Star Partner
Voted Most Innovative at
South African Oracle Users
Group (SAOUG)
Awarded Partner of the Year for
past 3 years for UK Oracle
Users Group (UKOUG)
Awarded UK Oracle Users
Group (UKOUG) Software
Product of the Year Finalist for
2012 Business Finance Awards

Excel4apps has a relationship-oriented philosophy and takes care

of its customers and partners.
Jose Flores, Associate Director, Quadrantix

The Challenge


GL Wand
Connect to live
Oracle data with
simple formulas in

GL Wand

Excel Live Refresh 11i or R12

Replacement for Client ADI

Accelerate EO Period Closes

No data warehouse needed

Automate Report Distribution

Leverage Existing Security

Ease your Upgrade to R12

DRILL DOWN >> Drill down to the balance, journal or

even subledger level by double clicking any item.



1) Easy to install and use.

11i, R12

2) Report data always = Oracle EBS LIVE data.

Test for yourself

in the trial.
Test refresh
direct from
Oracle in trial

3) Lower cost of ownership.

technologists to
review the
architecture and
desktop install.

4) Secure.

Test for yourself

in the trial.

5) Proven global product support.

Ask our other

Test us in trial.

6) Proven remote report development services and

training services available.

Choose to do it
yourself or ask
us to assist

7) Try before you buy.

Low risk


Hard to create dashboards

Easy Dashboarding
Create drillable dashboards
at a fraction of the cost.

Data is out-of-date

Real-time Reporting
Real-time Oracle data is
available for performing
reconciliations and month end.
No background refresh.
No Data warehouse.

Static FSG Reports

Easy Excel based reports

Save 2-4 days per user via
increased productivity. Excel
front end to real-time data!

Browser Inquiry inefficient

Drillable Excel Inquiry

Resolve queries faster.
Increase Validity of
Spreadsheet data via drill
to balances, journals,

Hard to share reports

Email as PDF, XLS

Automate month end via mass
sharing to the right people using
Report Distribution Manager.

Hard to write reports

Report creation easy as Copy & Paste

No dependency on IT. Easily
created tailored reports using
Copy & Paste.


Report Highlights for Financial Analytic Applications

World leading IT research & advisory company.
Partner to 13,000 companies in 85 countries
Gartner proposes using Financial Analytic
products like Excel4apps as part of a broader
business analytic strategy

Gartner Report: IT Market Clock

for Financial Management, Analyst: Nigel
Rayner, August 14, 2013
1 Source:

Report referenced is not public, you will need to

request from your Gartner representative

1. Offerings from specialist vendors remain popular as a tactical, cost-effective way to

improve finance end-user reporting and analysis with minimal IT involvement. Many
of these, such as Excel4apps are linked to specific core financial applications/ERP
suites 1
Excel4apps empowers end users to create their own reports in Excel.
2. Consider applications from specialist vendors on a tactical basis, but you must view
these applications as part of a broader business analytics strategy. 1
Excel4apps solutions complement your BI strategy, are quick to install,
easy to use, solve a specific business problem and have a low total cost of

1. Packaged Data Extraction Capability:
Applications include predefined connector to data sources like ERPs
Excel4apps has packaged connectors for both SAP and Oracle for real-time
access to data.
2. Predefined Data Model:
The financial modules in ERP applications generally have limited reporting
capabilities, due to their complex data models. These applications enable finance
users to create their own financial and management reports, and perform ad hoc
analysis without significant IT support. 1
Hides complex underlying application models from users
Excel4apps leverages existing Excel competencies of users and wizards
make reports quick and easy to create.

Installation is as easy as you can

get from a software standpoint
from an IT standpoint, we could
see that maintenance was
extremely minimal.

Over 14,000 users in
62 countries
Over 25 published
customer case studies

I estimate it will save

me 2-3 days per month
Divisional Accountant,

Rob Duncan, CEO, Powell Industries

GL Wand has proven

extremely valuable in
accessing our Oracle
data with Excel"

GL Wand has been a

big hit with Cairns
Finance team.

Michael Hinck, Finance

Systems Project Manager,

Chris Hebden,
Cairn Energy PLC

It took less than two

hours to train report
users. The time savings
for everyone is incredible

GL Wand has given our

finance users the freedom to
think outside the box and be
more innovative with business
performance metrics

Francis Nocom, Application

Manager, Cochlear

GL Wand is a fabulous
tool, we love it

Martin Stanton, VP Finance,

Destination Hotels & Resorts

Donna Holley,


Next Steps

3 Simple Steps

Free Trial
Free in-house 30-day Trial
Unlimited users
No middleware or data warehouse
Installs in minutes
Use Report Wizard to build report


Leonard Snell
Regional Sales Manager