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Mara Moll
Guilln - 6H

Newton College.

Page2. Index
Page3. Beethoven is born
Page4. Beethoven is introduced in the world of
Page5.Atrip to Mozart
Page6.A mysterious legend
Page7. Beethoven as a child
Page8.An beautiful woman
Page9.Beethoven is turning mad
Page10.Beethoven is deaf
Page11.Bad years for Beethoven
Page12.A scary summer
Page13.Money problems
Page14.The End of Beethovens live
Page15. Music scores of Beethoven
Page16.In this day
Page17.Objects of Beethoven

In the 16 of December of 1770 Beethoven was born near germani viena in a

normal house .Beethoven is only one of the second name of him he is really
could Ludwig van Beethoven, his mother was the sun of a cooker and she was
his servant. His dad was a crazy man and it was sometimes drunk. When
Beethoven started his life it was a very sad life because he was poor and his
dad taught him every day music so Beethoven could reach the fame ,if
Beethoven didnt work he would close him in a dark room with his violin
.When Beethoven was eleven years old he played in a concert and when he
was thirteen he played the organ. The life of Beethoven was very bad until he

A paint of the house of Beethoven.

Beethoven started to play instruments when he was 4 years old. His dad only
wanted Beethoven for be rich. Beethoven nearly heated music , he only
wanted to live as normal people. He nearly heated music because his dad
was getting more and more mad .Beethoven played piano on the courts he
was a very good pianist. His waked him up buy heat him every morning he had
to hit Beethoven so he walked up. His father get to his house very tired of his
work .His father only worked in the courts and said that his son was very good
at playing piano. Thats why Beethoven went to the courts to play piano every
day. Every one knowed him because he played on the courts he was very
famous it was just as his father wanted.

This is the piano of Beethoven.

In 1787 Beethoven traveled to Viena . Beethoven had heard of the great

Mozart everybody said he was an incredible man with music. Beethoven had
done that trip for see the great man could Mozart .Beethoven also wanted to
ask Mozart that if could teach him to play piano. Beethoven wanted Mozart to
teach him because everybody said that he was so good and he played so good
that he played for kings. That words opened the eyes of Beethoven he
thought that he if the great Mozart teach hem he would be as good as Mozart
.Beethoven had an disease and his mother aswel .Beethoven had to left the
amazing trip to see Mozart and to be as good as him. Beethoven didnt get to
see the great Mozart.


When Beethoven get back of that trip for knowing Mozart everybody was
talking about him .Some people said that he had know Mozart and he is
learned with Mozart .Other people said that he havent learned with Mozart
so he is as good as before he went on that trip. Beethoven didnt wanted to
tell people what had happened. Beethoven didnt wanted to tell it because if
Beethoven said what had happened he would a pianist with the same ability
to play piano. So people wouldnt interested in him. One day some people
invented a legend ,the legend said that Beethoven get to play to Mozart
.That legend made Beethoven very popular in that times, everybody wanted
to see Beethoven play the piano. Beethoven never said that the legend was a
lye so an body knowed about that in that times.

The legend

This is Beethoven at 13 years old

Beethoven met a beautiful woman cold Juliet. Beethoven was very in love
with her she was the only woman that Beethoven really wanted. Some girls
that where fans of Beethoven didnt like him they only liked his music. Every
time Beethoven tried to marry them they always said no, so Beethoven
disaded not to marry eny more or to feel in love with a girl .There is a famous
song of Beethoven cold for Elisa. There is no Elisa in the live of Beethoven
.Some scientists say that Elisa is a German word .They think that it kould be a
song dedicated to Juliet . Beethoven loved Juliet so much that he wrote a
very famous song for her. In Beethovens live there were no more loves.

This a copy of the famous song for Elisa

Beethoven was growing and growing at the same time his problems.
Beethoven was turning mad his head was imaginaiting very nasty things the
things that Beethoven imaginated where so nasty that he nearly killed
himself. The things that Beethoven thought where always interrupting him in
his head .The problems of other people that Played instruments. It all started
when Beethoven just had finished his concert in Viena his friend that aswel
played the piano was getting deaf he thought that was as an injustice .One
day his friend got so poly that he died Beethoven was so angry but he said to
his friend before he died he said that if he would get deaf he would never
stop of playing piano. Every day Beethoven thought in him .

Beethoven tinking of that nasty things.

When Beethoven was born he wasnt deaf he could here very well .Beethoven
was a very healthy persone but his hears werent so much healthy as the rest
of his body .Some people say that Beethoven was deaf at 28 years old ,but he
wasnt deaf at 28 years old. Beethoven was losing audition year s and years
and years and every time could here less and less .In 1816 Beethoven finally
got deaf he couldnt here what he was playing in the piano .Beethoven
remember of that pianist that got deaf he was his friend .Beethoven dont
leaved to to tuch the piano never. Beethoven made lots of famous songs and
he also made concerts and with the help of his friends he could incredible
things being deaf .Beethoven was deaf 45 years old.



Beethoven was deaf and mad but the worst of that is that sometimes it was
poor and other times he was rich ,all of that it depended of how famous he
was .His father was training him for he to be the second Mozart but with
problems he couldnt do anything he was absolutely field. His ideas for new
music it werent so good as before so he couldnt do eny concert and be the
second Mozart. Beethoven was very famous before but in that year it was a
disaster .Beethoven instead of playing for important people he played for
poor people .Beethoven was shore that one day he will wake up in the
morning and start to make incredible pieces of music.



Beethoven got to appoint were people are so mad that they shoot them selfs .
Thats what happened to Beethoven in summer Beethoven was more mad than
ever .Beethoven was more mad that ever because of the tempeture the
tempeture was so hie that his head couldnt support the tempeture .His head
went mad that made Beethoven do strange things or think in strange things.
They were so unusual that Beethoven picked a gun and shoot to his foot.
Beethoven had to go running to the hospital, he was lucky because he was
attend very cuikly. Luckily Beethoven didnt lose lot of blood and he was fine.
The doctor asked how had happened he got very impressed when Beethoven
told him what had happened .


In 1815 before getting deaf Beethoven tacked his nephew .Thru 1815 and 1820
Beethoven had being caring of Carl his nephew .Beethoven didnt had time to
make new symphonies and songs ha only had time to take care of Karl and to
solve some govern problems .Karl also know to play the piano but in 1817 Karl
lost practiced so he didnt Know how to play the piano .His teacher was
amazed with him because at the start Karl was very good playing the piano
and then some years later he didnt know .The teacher of Karl was could Carl
Czemy he was taught by the great Beethoven so Beethoven knowed ho was
the best person to teach Karl so he house him. Because Beethoven didnt
made music he didnt win money so he went from rich to poor .All the cards
that Beethoven received in dose years where cards of money problems.


Beethoven was starting to get hill he decided he had to come back to viena to
the city where he was born. Beethoven with his nephew karl went to viena
where his friends where his brother also helped him .Everybody treated very
well Beethoven . The 23 of march of 1827 some things where going wrong in
the body of Beethoven at evening Beethoven picked a plum and write a note
saying he was letting all of his things to karl. That day Beethoven was in coma
but at 5 oclock he waked up his friends already had bye a tumb for him .The
next day Beethoven wakes up and has some strange pains at the afternoon of
the 24 march of1827 Beethoven died .The 29 of march of 1827 the funeral of
Beethoven is celebrate more than 20.000 people assist that shows how
popular was Beethoven.



In this days the name of Beethoven is known in all of the world .The house of
Beethoven is now a museum of the objects of Beethoven. The museum was
made in 1889 . The house of Beethoven is the museum most important in all
of the city of Bonn .The most important room of the house of Beethoven is the
music room where the piano of is .A lot of tourist travel to de city of Bonn
only to see the house of the great Beethoven .that shows that Beethoven was
a very famous person in his times and in our times, and also that shows that
Beethoven had been the second Mozart as his mad father wanted .Beethoven
didnt know that he reach so hi in music some people say that he is a
legendary pianist .


The music room of Beethoven

Statue of Beethoven


Hello and thankiu for reading my biography of Beethoven y hope you have
liked my biography .If you have to search for information of Beethoven
remember the things more important of my biography , you learn a lot when
you do a biography of a person .With me y hope you have learned a lot of
Beethoven so no you now everything about him .If you do a biography a I am
going to give you a little tip you have to search in internet and find
information then you have to write that information in your own words that is
that little secret about how to do a biography .I had chossed Beethoven
because he plays piano and he is deaf so he is very similar to me because y
like playing the piano and I am going to classes of piano, to learn and to now
to play it a little bit like Beethoven. I aswel got a little problem of hearing in
my left ear, therefore how I feel indentified with Beethoven.
One of my favorite songs is the ODE OF JOY, that I love to play in the piano
here I am going to put you the ODE OF JOY, and with the song I say goodbye.

This is the OD OF JOY.