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Get 90% Singapore Visa Success

About Us
One Visa Pte Ltd is a leading visa service company that provides easy and competent
immigration solutions for individuals and private companies from all across the globe. We have
already opened the Singapore border to thousands of talent hands and brains. Whether you wish
to move to Singapore for work or you need to move your business there, we are at your service
with our trustworthy expertise to make your relocation to Singapore quick and smooth. We also
assist in business incorporation, accounting, and tax advice.

Why You Need Our Professional Help in Visa Matters?

While trying to obtain Singapore working passes, hundreds of people get rejected
because of unawareness of key requirements and poor consultancy. We provide free
eligibility assessment of every individual case and suggest the right visa plan.
If you lack some of the documents, you might not be considered. We will equip you with
the latest information and templates and give competent advice on the documents you
must submit for being approved at one push.
We will study your professional background, strategize, and give suggestions on making
your profile look more winning.
Our experts will provide due diligence check to ensure your documents meet the approval
We will represent you before the Government authorities directly and keep you updated
on the process.
You can just sit back and wait. When your visa is approved, we will arrange your
meeting with authorities. You will just come and take it!
We will keep monitoring your visa status, give passing advice and guide you to your
desired Permanent Residence in Singapore step by step.

What Our Satisfied Clients Say about Us

Every year we help hundreds of people to get their passes approved with high 90% success rate.
Clients value our services for personalised and dedicated approach, accuracy, and promptness.
70% of our clients get their Singapore visas approved within less than 2 weeks.
We are so sure about our expertise that we promise to refund up to 50% of your fee in the
unlikely case of rejection. We are actually the only Singapore visa company that guarantees

One Visa have been a pleasure to work with. A professional, dedicated, and supportive team.
Jessica Gomez-Haro, Acting People Manager, Virgin Active
On behalf of SEO Agency, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation of the result
that One Visa has provided to us. Working with Cheng has been a delight. Having a service like
this allows me to put my time on focusing on growing our business.
SEO Agency, Rhyce Lein, GM, SEO Agency
Singaporean immigration landscape is continually evolving, and One Visa remains on top of
the key developments of this process. The team secured my Personal Employment Pass in 2010,
and they were instrumental in me obtaining Permanent Resident later. They advised on the best
way how to obtain both of these passes and what I needed to do to get them. I intend to use the
firm for other family related immigration matters in the near future. I highly recommend One
Howard James, Director, Content Services at Novus Media Solutions

Services We Provide
Employment Pass (EP). Allows skilled foreign professionals to work and live in Singapore
during 12-24 months. Application takes 7 working days. If the first submission is rejected,
appealing takes up to 5 weeks.
S-Pass allows mid-level skilled foreigners to land a job of their specialization and live in
Singapore for up to 2 years. Application takes 7 working days. If rejected, appealing takes up to
5 weeks.
Work Permit gives unskilled foreign employees with relevant experience an opportunity to
work and live in Singapore for 1-2 years. This pass has restrictions on nationality. Application
takes 3 working days.
Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass) is given for 12 months for foreign entrepreneurs who wish to
set up a new company in Singapore. Application takes up to 6 weeks, if rejected another 4
Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) a self-sponsored work visa for foreign talents who
earn no less than S$18,000 and dont want to tie themselves to one particular employer.
Application takes up to 5 weeks, if rejected up to more 5 weeks.
Permanent Residence Visa (PR) is obtained in 2 possible ways:
through working on Employment pass (foreign professionals, technical & skilled
workers) for at least 6 months
through investing at least S$2.5 million in Singapore economy within Global Investor
Program Scheme.
Application takes 9 months. Appeal takes up to 6 months.
Dependant Pass/Long Term Visit Pass for family members of a holder of a work pass
currently employed in Singapore. Who can apply: legally married spouses and unmarried
children under 21 years of age (for DP); common-law spouse, parents, stepchildren under 21 and
handicapped children above 21 (for LTVP). Application takes 3 days for online and 5 weeks for
manual application.

Training Pass allows foreign executives and students to come to Singapore for training,
internship or studying in private educational institutions.
Incorporation. We assist foreign businesses in relocating (or setting up) their businesses to
Singapore under the following legal entities: Private Limited Company, Branch Office, and
Representative Office.
We widen the arsenal of our services in order to meet every need of our clients and ensure they
enjoy a really smooth relocation to Singapore. As we are a company specialised in immigration,
we assess all possible visa cases and find the most winning solution.

How We Win Our Visa Battles

We broaden our expertise day by day by providing visa solutions to clients based on their
requirements. We constantly learn and therefore provide competent, flexible and up-todate solutions.
We have a high success rate of 98% due to our diligence in thorough checking of all
documents and quick compiling skills.
One Visa experts assess their clients eligibility absolutely for free and only then come up
with solutions that fit clients needs.
We guide our clients step by step to their final goals whether it is just obtaining a
Singapore Work Pass or the Permanent Residence.
One Visa is not just a visa application service provider, we are consultants that look into
every aspect of your case and provide specialised visa advice that caters to your needs.
No matter what's your background, we will do our best in providing you with the best
Our business consultants can give competent advice on your tax and business
incorporation issues.
One Visa provides continuous support: we will remind you when your visa needs to be
renewed and when its high time to apply for PR.
One Visa Service Guarantee: we partially refund your fee if your visa gets rejected.

Everybody wins at One Visa!

For more information, worthy advice and absolutely free assessment please contact us:

Temasek Boulevard #09-01, Suntec Tower Two, Singapore 038989

EA License no.: 10C2994
Tel: +65-64071579
Fax: +65-64071501
E-mail: info@one-visa.com
Website: http://www.one-visa.com