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Bernd Svetnik - Angels And Light

Genuine Appreciate!! Please God, give us the strength, to be individualists, without having obtaining
to knowledge worry and doubt. Up to date, there have been 61 Television-contributions about his
function, and far additional than 500 articles in newspapers, expert journals and magazines have
featured his art.
1984, Austrian pavilion Sarajevo, Yugoslavia
1970 Occupation with gold-plating, sculptures, various. A feeling, so immense, that the novice only
experiences it fleetingly, it is protective only to discover as considerably as one particular is capable
of understanding. 1 experiences an indefinite energy when deliberating, the God-offered energy of
creation by way of art. Print strategies
1987 Gallery Dring Nrnberg Germany
1982 Atelier 24 Vienna Austria 1983 Austrian Tobacco Museum Vienna Austria
1985 Official invitation of the Russian government, International art residence Moscow Russia
1993 Gallery Mendoca Cologne Germany. This satisfaction is incomparable.
1988 Quito Cuenca Ecuador
1982 Stadthaus Klagenfurt Austria
1951 Born in Klagenfurt / Austria
Founder and director of the international artist centre Velden
1985 Official invitation of the Hungarian government, State gallery Kiallitoterem
http://www.journeymart.com/cambodia-tour-packages.asp Budapest Hungary
Paintings - Angels, Abstract, Landscapes, Flowers - with endless, special colors and light. That is the
answer, the mystery, the fulfilment of all passions."
A brief introduction
What Remains In An Artist Soul?

1984 Gallery Prisma Vienna Austria

1973 Examination for the grade of Master
(mechanical engineering)
Exceptional Colors - And Light
1982 Hypobank Burghausen Germany
Founder of the internal artist village Koschuta in
Carinthia Member of the "Krntner
Kulturgremium Exhibitions"
1989 Gallery 97 Hong Kong Hong Kong
1985 Gallery Schnecke Hamburg Germany
Inside the past 35 years of creative perform,
Bernd Svetniks name and perform was
represented at Exhibitions and Galleries about
the Globe, and countless purchases from
Institutions and Private Parties bear proof for his
success. What remains?
1986 Gallery Prisma Vienna Austria

1992 Gallery Arabella Frankfort Germany

1984 Olympic Winter Games
Bernd Svetnik, am 12.04.1988
1981 Art-Graphika Basel Switzerland
Vicepresident and a jury member of the BV-Carinthia Initiator of the cultural exchange
China-Austria 1989 (music, forming Art)
1992 Gallery Arabella Munich Germany
1974 Teacher at the trade college Klagenfurt due to the fact
Decades - Gone by Speedy
1987 Coconut Grove Miami USA
1982 Gallery "Atelier am Hof" Keutschach Austria

1989 Official invitation of the Chinese government, Workers Gymnasium Beijing China 1990 Gallery
Schmidlin-Holer Basel Switzerland
1991 Gallery Schmidlin-Holer Zrich Switzerland
1990 Founder of the international artist centre Velden Austria
1981 http://www.tripadvisor.in/Vacation_Packages-g293939-Cambodia-Vacations.html
Knstlerhaus Graz Austria
1982 Initiator of the touring exhibition "Art in Carinthia" 10 cities Austria
1975 Freelance artist and culture manager, founder and president of the Austrian Art Association
1992 Gallery Triconomia Rome Italy
1992 Austrian culture institute Rome Italy
1993 Gallery Rathaus Veitshchheim Germany
1983 Hotel InterContinental Berlin Germany
1983 Gallery Prom Munich Germany
"What remains, is the want for identity and harmony, with all living matter, with moods and
materials. However, every person who understands my which means, is my brother, sister, father,
mother... Pity, who tries like an addict, to demand much more than he deserves - he suffers the
pangs of diversification, caught up in his worldly surroundings and misinterpreted. Without the need
of distinction amongst Yin and Yang, a single of the key desires of all humanity

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