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Whispering Millers Valley ....

...Truth for no favors, Love without chance.

The essential knowledge

that you must have to
engineer your own great
success in life.

All the things your father

couldn't tell you and your
mother didn't know.

The philosophy, concepts,

principles and theories
that help you grow and
understand the people
surrounding you today.
A complete overview of your evolutionary history
and all the things you need to know.

Taking the philosophy, concepts, principles and

theories from Bedrock to Bedroom to Boardroom.

Thought provoking explanations of your brain

and body and how every human thinks and acts
through the human thought process.

Helpful insights on how you feel, what makes you

smile or makes you fail. The inside scoop on you
and everybody you know or will meet in the

Take control of your life as you only get one

chance for the brass ring. Discover the truth
about Adam and Eve, Dick and Jane and explore
your own great potential.

Surprise your friends and amaze your lovers. This

is the journey that nobody talks about because
your father couldn't tell you and your mother
didn't know.

Take our hand and journey to a new place you’ll

always call home sweet home. Greg
Without this important knowledge,

this very day, you’re leading your life for another

person or a group of people. The work you do, the
life you lead, the friends you entertain have all been
designed for fulfilling someone else's goals and
dreams, with you as a simple actor, in another
persons play.

For the first time in your life, you’re going to

understand what’s going on around you, why people
do certain things, how they feel and how they direct
your thoughts, feelings and control you.

All the things that can help you and have hurt you
are going to be explored to make a better you. You’re
going to discover art and music, the magic of how
you think and in what order you think. You’ll learn
how to control your thoughts and emotions, learn
and apply principles that only top experts

Learning about yourself is learning about every

person around you and discovering a new life inside
you that’s been waiting.
You’re going to learn how to get
what you want, enjoy your life, enrich
the life of others, gain greater wealth than you could
imagine. You owe it to yourself to learn why people
do strange things and how they control you.

Ever wonder why people act bizarre even faced with

the truth? Ever wonder about your mate and what
makes them think, fall in love, want to run away, go
back to school or join a club down the street?

Why do some people have great wealth and others

struggle from day to day? If you could only
appreciate this new knowledge, you’re going to gain
greater knowledge which gives you the power, the
absolute power to gain a better life, help your
children, have friends of the heart and mind, grow
past today and influence other people.

When you fully understand what and why people

think certain things at certain times you could
influence their thinking and actions. Imagine the
power of knowledge, imagine the influence you’ll
have to control actions and results.
People just like me and you have
the absolute power inside them to conquer
our fears of poverty, old age, ill health, losing
someone’s love, criticism from others and even the
fear of death.

You get to decide who you are.

You get to select the illusion.

You get to learn the truth.

You get to explore what you want.

You get to control the wealth.

The Perfect Orange, A certain amount
of pride always goes along with picking the
perfect orange, thousands picked and just one
perfect, deliberately stealing you from the world
you are the genius, rather reserved,others admire
you,nearly a basketful in the world,your genius is
bravery first,believe it, believing it is enough,you
are essential, one of a kind, very proud to have
found you.
Gregory Bodenhamer

Understanding how you

are the most perfect
in all the world.
In practice, changing minds is an important part of most jobs and it’s always been the
basics of my own profession. To make your company bigger and better you have to
move forward and walk with other people, and you’re going to start with yourself.

That perfect orange is inside you, it’s always been there for the asking. The
evolution of you will amaze you and make you stronger. The power inside you is all
yours for the asking and the taking.

You must reach your individual potential so you can improve the entire group of
individuals that drive you and your company.

The give and take policy of your employees, friends and family will not do the task.
Most people are taught by teachers that only know certain things to be true.

Your math teacher educated you about 2 + 2 = 4 and other arithmetic sums. If this
equals that then this must be true. It’s the foundation or starting point for most of us.

We know our A B C’s because some other person said it was true and the way of the
world. We understand that the apple will fall from the tree to the earth.

What many people fail to understand is the knowledge about people. People, just
like me and you struggle daily with our knowledge. We strive to achieve some
disciplined result and we wonder why we sometimes fail.
Others tell us when we win and when we sin. It must be unpleasant to lose the
race as everybody bets on the winner? Your place in the future is being
determined by other people with more knowledge. You’re going to obtain the
start of this knowledge today so you can begin you’re own journey within life.

Their experience drives your future. Their position of strength allows your weakness.
The stronger and bigger they become the weaker and smaller you become.

How can you turn the tide? What would you do with unknown knowledge? How
many people need to know what I know?

If you became strong would you help the weak? If you became bigger would you help
the smaller people understand?

The ingenuous you as the ability to understand complex mathematics and competition
within the marketplace. You can build organizations and profit from your results.
The same ingenuous you needs more to do more. You
know that some days not everything works. The perfect
machine breaks down and the profit stops. All the people
you know, what makes them go and stop. How do they feel
good about you, the company, the spouse and the house
they live in?

Great people leave your company and the ones that stay
complain and protest. You’re missing the truth about
people and the answers now are upon you.

What would you do with the Harmony of your people?

How big would your business become if you took all the
people with you? What if you allowed the good people to
be the good teacher of something new?

The generations of live and let live in friendships name has

cost good companies their future. What you did yesterday
won’t work today. Your friends move away, your love
moves from side to side and new ideas and people confuse you.

You’re going to learn what makes up that perfect orange and how you can grow your
own personal wealth of knowledge, friends and companions.
I don’t have the cloak-and-dagger secrets
of your future but I do have the truth.

When was the last time that a newspaper wanted to write an article about you?
What was the last magazine that published your thoughts and inspirations? What was
the last T.V. station that ran your story to share the wealth of knowledge? Your
knowledge is power in the marketplace. Learn more and earn more and get started
with the Curiosity of People, Wanting to Know You.

I’ve built fantastic companies for people all across the United States. It’s
the adventure of the mind and the process controls combined that create
wealth. All these great things were accomplished with people, people
just like you. The secrets of the mind are the secrets of your individual
success and that of any company. People rule the world and most
people know very little about their only true asset.

Owners and executives will want to retain your skills, knowledge and abilities to apply
what you know. From shore to shore these people principles will work because when
the day is done, we’re all alike, one way or another. The human experience within
evolution will enhance your education, emotions and experience levels. This
knowledge combined with your technical experiences will sustain your personal and
professional growth. Have no doubts, your customers and employees are people but,
you already knew that, didn't you.

Imagine the certainty and reality of knowing what to know about knowing. See in
your mind’s eye what you could do if all the people could see the truthfulness of your
vision. Picture happy employees and delighted customers. Learn how to appreciate
the power of people by understanding them and helping them.

Who gives and who takes? Who’s the friend and who’s just friendly? We’ve been
taught that it’s not nice to gloat over success. We’ve been taught the linear way to the
finish line. We’ve been taught to start fast, run faster and make it to the winner circle.

What you must know is not taught at the Harvard School of Business. Your superior
won’t tell you because they don’t know. The rich and powerful few of us know the
truth about truth. Great company’s study people and then their products. They spend
money on culture and instruction. They take the best of the best and they show them
the Living Genius we all have inside.

You’re A Genius
and nobody told you, that perfect little orange.
If you’re smart enough to understand writing you can learn about your next
great success and that of your company.

I’m going to give you authority of knowledge where most just hide the truth. You’re
going to be a better person. You’re going to help hundreds or thousands of people not
including thousands of customers. You’ll be physically powerful with this new
knowledge. Your employer will admire you and people will gather when you speak.

We’re going to embrace people and their minds to you can change what they think so
they can become what they must become.

You’re going to create a enormous follow-

ing of people from around the world. People
that know you will wonder how you went to
the top so quietly and quickly. People at
work will admire and appreciate you for
what you know and what you can get done.
You’re going to be in charge of you and
everything around you. It’s about time. It’s
your gladness as the reward. More money,
the bigger home, the nicer new car, better
friends and no more sorrow. The confusion
will go away as a new type of success takes
hold of your life.

You’ll understand why people do things. You’ll be the only one to get the message
that I will grant you today. Why do we run so fast? Who took the time to draw the
finish line? Why are we so glad to see our hero’s fall? Learn about what everybody
wants to know. Watch the trickery move out of the way as you use my proven
methods of persuasion.

You’ll love people again and hold close the brightest of the class.
The intellectual results combine with the irresistible friendship and
affection that’s never been allowed in the past.

You’ll be able to understand people, from their bedrock past of

ancient times, to their bedroom antic's to their boardroom madness
at work. The most powerful force on earth is people and you’re
going to hold the key to success in the palm of your hands.
You’ll be in a new place. The confidence and authority will cascade over the
best and they will return the act of kindness.

This contest we must win takes people and we know so little about them. You must
learn so much before its too late. Any business has about a 90 day future without
great people, products, services and a proven plan of action.

Your people, they have been taught to die for their country, to work two shifts without
sleep, that an “A” on the test is the only way. It’s glorious to win but we’re not sure
why. The gloom of failure surrounds our daily life and your employees. People
watch as we move around the business, the field of battle. They look up for answers
to their questions. They look up for hope and come back with their dreams.

You have a free born mind, the blank slate that allows you to create the future. We get
glimpses of ourselves but you have no idea. Removing the distractions, framing your
better ideas so people can help you operate your business. Help them
become interested and believe in quality as there is no substitution.
Others tell you what to think, how to feel, how to drive and even who
to marry. You’ll be able to trust yourself in your new future, the most
important thing.

I had such friends to show me the way to my own great success. Only
a few must know as they’re just a few giants of men in the world. Who
really knows the goal?

How do you find the glow of friendship and partnership without fear
of the unknown? Stop your own dependence on other people and
gain knowledge of that Living Genius that we’re going to set free
within your mind.

The twin of you, the genius inside will be brought to the surface and
all the things you think you know will be reviewed again. Other
people telling you what to think and feel will stop forever. That
genius in you is based within mother nature, emotional control,
education and experiences. The person that you are is just below the surface and all
the great things you are capable of will start to show.

Understanding you, knowing all about you is the key to your own success and that of
your family and friends. Knowing you is only the beginning.
You desire the bad to go away and only the good in your life. You have
motivation but it does no good. You read important papers and you take notes
and try to learn what others will teach you. What if they won’t teach you that
makes them their own success? What to do?

Other people will let you walk off the cliff to your professional and personal death.
This knowledge pulls you back from the ordinary and moves you to genius. Every-
thing I teach you already know, at least in bits and pieces. We’re going to put you
together again and you’ll notice the change.

Do you have a degree of forgiveness to forgive yourself for not knowing? Can you
muster the acknowledgement that smarter people have roamed the earth and some
walk today? Can you understand that some people know things you don’t think
about? It’s not about who you know it’s all about what you know and how you apply

Can you capture the divine spark of knowledge when you see it? Can mankind and
womankind grow past their burning past and education? Can you try and forget some
of the things your parents said to do when this or that happens? Can you get the idea
that teachers only teach what they know?

The Curiosity of People, Wanting to Know You is all

about you and you owe it to yourself to learn this today.
It’s about your success first. It’s about your education
and then you move to bring about dramatic changes in
other people. You’re not an accident. You’re divine
and made to perfection and all the things you feel inside
were given to you by fate and time.

When you understand the greatness of yourself, how you feel, why you feel and
think certain things at certain times, you can control actions and results. You can
engineer your life and create social companies that produce great people products and
I put my trust in you that you want to learn about the most important person
on earth. You are the most important creature on earth.

We’ll talk about many things that you already know but do not fully understand.
You’ll gain serenity when you accept that people you don’t even know love you.
When you understand that you heart and mind governs the affairs of everything
around you.

You’ll understand that you are the matching of me and we don’t even know each
other. We mostly feel the same way about the same things. We like soft candles and
good food. We enjoy out-of-doors and our friends and family. When someone
touches our hand we feel more than a simple touch of a chord.

We have been completed by design to protect our person and that of family. We
tremble when we’re cold and we shiver when a warm hand touches ours. We can
take all this productive knowledge and learn how to reach people within their minds.
We can make easier their work life and help them become better people.

The adventure of the intellect maps out and shows the way how and when people
react in certain ways concerning certain things. Our mother taught us that fire is hot
but we spend thousands of dollars creating fires in our furnaces to warm our homes.

We tell our children not to drive too fast but we speed our way to work daily. We’re
honest when people watch and ourselves when we’re alone. We want things and
need things that we’ll never talk about. We love people from a distance and disgusted
by some in the same way. We give guidance and advice and then we stay on the
wrong path concerning our life and deeds.

We’re going to the KNOWING - Higher Self area of

you and it’s a wonderful place to be for your mental
health. We’ll discover the place that nobody goes and
very people know about except extreme experts.
We’re going to the unknowing place so you can explore
your mind, your history of evolution by fate and time.
We’ll dig deep into your real self so you’ll know who you
are, how you love, how you think, why you think.
The free system of the mind, how to help others, changing their minds must
surely change their actions and results. By the people, we’ll build things and
reduce the resistance to change. You’re going to develop trust before you build the
machine. You’ll hear the sounds of the people power in stead of the clatter of the
factory floor. All the things you’re going to learn is the springboard for trust, affection
and loving other people.

By definition you’re going to have the power, the ways and means to make friends
and build life long partnerships and groups with mutual understanding and goals.
Everything you do will have that firm foundation of trust, affection and love and
you’ll be able to decide who, what and when to apply this knowledge.

I’ll teach and you’ll learn the things you think you already know. It’s the cultivation
you’ve been looking for to prosper and grow as a human being.

Every company will need you. Every employee will respect you and they will
contribute to better days. If a person knows how you think, then that same person
knows what you’ll do at any given time.

If I know how you will react to

something I can control how you react.

If I know how you think about certain

things I can most likely sell you

Everybody is the same

97.0 % of the time,

the other 3.0%

have all the money.

Why not change all the rules....

Key Results are Knowledge Based and
People Based
Some key knowledge topics will start to bring in focus the great success
you’re about to bring about. These are some of the many things that we’ll
study and increase your understanding. Deep inside you, at the core level
these many different areas drive you, make you stop, cause or stop fear,
help you learn and the tens of thousands of things your body and mind do
every day.

• Motivation: Basic systems that get us going (and keep us going).

• Belief: What and how we believe.
• Meaning: How we make sense of the world and infer meaning.
• Emotion: Affect and what we feel as emotion.
• Memory: Memorizing and recall.
• Attention: How we pay attention to things around us.
• Understanding ourselves: How we perceive ourselves.
• Understanding others: How we make sense of other people.
• Discomfort: How we handle discomfort.
• Attribution: How we attribute cause.
• Forecasting: How we forecast what will happen.
• Decision-making: How we make decisions.
• Decision errors: Mistakes when we make decisions.
• Conforming: Conforming with social rules.
• Being contrary: Acting differently or in non-conforming ways.
• Helping others: Sometimes we are just very helpful.
• Persuasion: Changing the minds of others.
• Resistance: Resisting attempts to persuade.
• Trust: Building trust of others.
• Lies: Telling things that are not true.
• Power: Being able to achieve our goals.
• Friendship: Making friends with others.
• Behavior: General behavioral responses.
• Groups: How groups think and act.
• Advertising
• Acting • Management
• Argument • Marketing
• Auctioning • Market trading
• Brand management • Mediation
• Change Management • Missionaries
• Children • Multi-level Marketing (MLM)
• Communication • Negotiation
• Confidence tricksters • Networking
• Conflict management • Parenting
• Consulting • Philosophy
• Counseling • Poetry
• Cults • Police
• Dating • Politics
• Diplomacy • Propaganda
• Espionage • Protesting
• Financial advisors • Publication
• Friendship • Public Relations
• Gambling • Recruitment
• Government • Religion
• Human Resources • Romance
• Hypnotism • Screenwriting
• Interrogation • Sales
• Job-hunting • Seduction
• Journalism • Storytelling
• Lecturing • Teaching
• Lawyers • Terrorism
Leadership • Therapy
• Trade Unions
• Writing

Review the above roster of professions or personal areas where this powerful
information can be used. This new knowledge will grow your performance and
understanding in all these areas. Experts in their fields study and apply the principles
that you’re learning today. From Job-hunting to Dating, from Storytelling to Writing,
from Executive Management to Friendships, this powerful knowledge will make you
the smartest person on the block, down the street or across your town.
You will be able to teach and persuade people, understand them and even predict what
they will or will not do in many situations.
Everything that happens to you, becomes part of you. Before you do something,
you’ve decided to do something. You decided to cross the river before you cross
the river. You are made up of millions of things, ideas, actions, desires,
experiences etc that places you in your own reality, right now. You cannot
change anything you’ve already done. Everything that makes you is connected.

All of these millions of connections make up the education, emotions and

experiences that overlap or cover the real you. The real you is the physiology and psychology of
you, those traits that god gave you without asking you. Nature does not play around and doesn't
care about you, it just is. Stop fighting yourself and start learning.

There is no choice about your core. The real you was created for you.
The best you can do is understand your traits and build from that point.

You can build your education, learn

everything whether you believe it or not.

Only you can control your thoughts.

It’s a gift from your creator. Control your
thoughts and you control your emotions.
With your emotions in check, you are in
control, you know the terms,
Emotional Control.

You cannot always control your experiences. As an adult you can control
much of them. Your experiences are the reality check you use to measure
things. If your experiences are wrong you measure wrong.
Your emotions, education and experience layers, mixed with your core values
make up the attitude you live with during your entire life.
Your mind always dis-
agrees with itself, so it can quickly measure everything and come up with the best possible
solution based on your core, emotions, education and experiences. Everything about you is
mental. Your thoughts believe different things all the time until such time that you decide. If
you do not have the education, experiences and emotions concerning a topic at hand you will
most likely be wrong.

This knowledge in conflict, thoughts in other words, behave just like people. pretending,
arguing, threatening, sympathizing, forgiving, agreeing and disagreeing. You do this thousand
of times per hour, 24 hours. You have organized yourself into groups that agree with your
thinking. People move apart when they disagree and argue.

Your mind started as a blank, except the core. You see things different than I do at times, it’s
natural and expected. Some of your experiences make bigger impressions than others. Dramatic
things leave marks on you, emotional and experience marks. Experience is the chalk that writes
on your blank mind slate.
All these Key
Areas have a
foundation in your • Motivation: Basic systems that get us going (and keep us going).
Core Values. • Belief: What and how we believe.
Each Human • Meaning: How we make sense of the world and infer meaning.
• Emotion: Affect and what we feel as emotion.
has Core Values that • Memory: Memorizing and recall.
• Attention: How we pay attention to things around us.
are the same 97% • Understanding ourselves: How we perceive ourselves.
of the time. • Understanding others: How we make sense of other people.
• Discomfort: How we handle discomfort.
Only Education, • Attribution: How we attribute cause.
Different Experiences, • Forecasting: How we forecast what will happen.
• Decision-making: How we make decisions.
Emotions • Decision errors: Mistakes when we make decisions.
make us different. • Conforming: Conforming with social rules.
• Being contrary: Acting differently or in non-conforming ways.
• Helping others: Sometimes we are just very helpful.
• Persuasion: Changing the minds of others.
• Resistance: Resisting attempts to persuade.
• Trust: Building trust of others.
• Lies: Telling things that are not true.
• Power: Being able to achieve our goals.
• Friendship: Making friends with others.
• Behavior: General behavioral responses.
• Groups: How groups think and act.

People are intelligent and free by nature and we have them boxed inside our
contraptions we call our business. We work on software and build new buildings but
we don’t work with the people. Every human has core values and you must learn
them, 97% of all people live right at the center of their core values.

Most supervisors and managers spend no time in learning about their most important
asset. They learn how to close a sale, increase production, moving the numbers and
earning profits. We’ll learn even more about those things but first things first. The
people make, think, act upon everything you try and do. If you do not understand
them and they do not understand you or your mission statement you will lose the
market, your good people, your business and your future success.

The greater company’s are married to their people. They’re holding hands and
growing their education, pride, understanding and the market knows who has the
better people because they build better products and services.
Worrying about the motives and intentions of other people can take its toll on you.
Your own Emotional Intelligence has more of an impact on your success in life
that your grades in school or your I.Q scores put together. You must have the
ability to understand, and use, your emotions successfully. It involves a group of
skills, including the ability to motivate ourselves, regulate our moods, control our
impulses and empathize with others.
Young people tend to fall for schemes, older people, wiser we hope, know better.
Older people tend to control more and speculate less. They control their emotional triggers.

As a child if you fall off a chair, you think, bad chair. If your mate hits you, you think, bad mate.
You’ve been taught that bad things must be punished. You punish things that remind you of the
things that hurt you, it’s instinc-
tive. If a dog bites you, you worry and watch all dogs. If your spouse hits
you, you do not trust as you always measure and compare.

Others - hold you back You control your thoughts

which control your actions.
Your actions control your



As this outer ring gets bigger and bigger you move away from the instinctive
you and keep growing. This is where you may become fearful, afraid of
change, loving another, you’re at the peak of your life and growing much
faster. People living on the “edge” live strong and happy lives. Other people
that live closer to the core instincts serve your life. Nature has no favorites.
Other people with less emotional control, experiences and education do not
want you to move to the outer edge, you’ll leave
You can keep growing but you have to let go of your them. People want you the way that you fit
past. You cannot live in the future and live in the past. into their range of goals.

The further you move out the more resilience you have, the ability to interact
successfully with others and to solve problems. Leaders must lead. Leaders must
have resilience. Leaders must live on the edge and never stop growing.
Resilience is a life skill, allows you to bounce back from setbacks, these skills
translate into certain thoughts, feelings and behaviors, ability to interact, ability to empower the
optimistic outlook, ability to feel good regardless of what's going on around you.
If a dog bites you, you worry and watch all dogs. If your spouse hits
you, you do not trust as you always measure and compare.

Others - hold you back You control your thoughts

which control your actions.
Your actions control your



As this outer ring gets bigger and bigger you move away from the
instinctive you and keep growing. This is where you may become fearful,
You can keep growing but you have to let go of your
past. You cannot live in the future and live in the past.

afraid of change, loving another, you’re at the peak of your life and growing
much faster. People living on the “edge” live strong and happy lives.
Other people that live closer to the core instincts serve your life.
Nature has no favorites. Other people with less emotional control,
experiences and education do not want you to move to the outer
edge, you’ll leave them. People want you the way that you fit
into their range of goals.
• we seek the comfort of internal alignment.
• we need beliefs to be consistent.
• non-alignment is uncomfortable.
• factors that align attitude and behavior.
• discomfort when freedom is threatened.
• we need to attribute cause, that supports our ego.
• external: tangible rewards.
• value-based rewards.

How we think,
• we select tasks based on how doable they are. Our mind is a wonderful
• our commitment depends on what we have invested. computer, the best
• different types of goals motivate us differently. computer in the universe,
• we seek power, achievement or affiliation. we’re fast, always sure even
• We seek to fulfill needs of existence, relatedness and
when we’re wrong.
• We are motivated by desirable things we expect we
can achieve. Your Core Values,
• we seek to control the world around us. Education,
• we need to attribute cause, that supports our ego. Experiences and
• we use constructs as perceptual categories.
• mental combinations that affect perception.
• mental structure to organize and interpret the world.
• constructs that represent understanding. are like the island above
• we derive meaning around symbols. surrounded by water. We
• we simplify complex things into concrete images. only understand what we
• We piece together complex situations into stories to
build understanding.
know and we often forget
• Aggression: a learned and social act. about what we feel, the
• supported people feel less stress. impact from our core.
• we catch emotions from others.
• we decide what to feel after interpreting Nothing can reach you,
• physiological changes lead to emotions.
the island in the middle
• we deduce feelings from our situation. of the ocean without
• emotions lead to physiological changes. getting through your
We recall things that match our beliefs Education, Experiences
and Emotions based
and supported by your
Core Values.

• Our moods bias our judgments.
• recent events seem more likely.
• we can change our own memories.
• we pretend we remembered everything.
• we remember what happened first.
• we remember recent stuff.
• we recall things that match our current mood.
• we can create memories that are false.
• we seek confirmation that we made a good decision.
• persuasion requires attention and comparison with previous views.
• we cannot avoid thinking about things we want to avoid
thinking about.
• we initially believe everything; then we think.
• We accept things that fit into our belief systems.
• once formed, a belief will persist.
• beliefs can change suddenly when we see the light.
• we believe our internal models are accurate
• we see things through beliefs, not as they really are.
• when we do a favor, we like them even more.
• we see ourselves through the eyes of others.
• we learn about ourselves by comparing with others.
• we infer our feelings from what we do.
• we decide our feelings after. interpreting events.
• we underestimate less evident causes of behavior.
• after a quick discussion, we believe we can predict many behaviors.
• we are affected by how others see us.
• we blame our failures on external things.
• others' behavior caused by disposition, ours by situation.
• we attribute disposition to good things about ourselves.
• we justify what can't be explained rationally.
• we pretend we knew everything all along.
• we need beliefs to be consistent.
• we take credit for success and deny failure.
• we seek confirmation that we made a good decision.
• we devalue forbidden activity
• sometimes we tell white or gray lies.
• we are too confident in our own judgments.
• we like having someone else to blame.
• information about others reduces stereotyping.
• we have expectations of others' behavior
• we overestimate how much people agree with us.
• we classify people in broad groups.
• expecting others to return our favors.
• we are optimistic about others when we need them to cooperate.
• we dislike people who are very different from us.
• we are shocked by unexpected language.
• we need to attribute cause, that supports our ego.
• we over-estimate importance of available information.
• we learn by ourselves and through others.
• we derive meaning around symbols.
• we simplify complex things into concrete images.
• we learn much by watching others, thinking, then trying it out.
• our commitment depends on what we have invested.
• when we are involved we pay more attention.
• we find things we have worked on attractive.
• we feel obliged to complete a public commitment.
• we seek confirmation that we made a good decision.
• we anticipate regret and so want what is scarce.
• we base estimates on known anchors.
• we base decisions on available small samples.
• we only use limited logic in decisions.
• we value more highly the things we own.
• we guess probability from a 'comparable' event.
• recent events seem more likely.
• an overlap seems twice as likely.
• we see correlation where it is not.
• we value certain gains and try to avoid certain losses.
• we care about direct outcomes. We also compare in ratios rather than
absolute amounts.
• persuasion requires attention and comparison with previous views.
• when we are uncertain we copy others.
• after a decision we think it was a good one.
• men and women fall into expected roles.
• we like simple, explainable
• we make choices through a series of selection filters.
• we use various strategies for different types of choice.
• simple exposure makes us like things more.
• we decide by comparing things.
• evidence for a decision is accumulative.
• when we are involved we need more information
• justifications can lead to silly or immoral acts.
• we compensate for competence threats by affirming elsewhere.
• we compensate for self-concept threats by seeking social recognition.
• we aim to align beliefs and self-perception.
• we take credit for success and put blame elsewhere.
• we seek confirmation of our self-view, even if it is negative.
• we behave well when we are being watched.
• we act politely or rudely depending on whether we care.
• we need to return another's favor.
• acting how we are treated.
• we follow social rules when we are watched.
• how we behave depends on how many, etc. are watching.
• we keep quiet if we are in the minority the more bystanders,
• the less likely it is one will help
• we morph to be like others.
• when we don't know what to do, we copy others.
• the presence of others helps the competent and hinders the unskilled.
• we hide in a crowd, using them to conceal laziness.
• limited resources leads to conflict
• we dislike those who are not like us.
• relationships break down in stages.
• bringing enemies together increases understanding.
• we are happiest when give and take are equal.
• perception of relationships depends on fairness perception

• Social Influence:
• How we are strongly influenced by others.
• Sleeper Effect:
• when persuasive messages increase effectiveness over time.
• Scarcity Principle:
• we want what is of limited availability.
• some words are particularly powerful.
• lying is a dynamic dance of liar and listener
• is acting to change a person's behavior against their will.
• power depends on problem skill, centrality and uniqueness of skill.
• there are several factors that increase chances of friendship.
• Law of Attraction:
• similar attitudes leads to friendship.
• Matching Hypothesis:
• romantic partners tend to be similarly attractive.
• Mere Exposure Theory:
• exposure to people increases liking.
• meeting and interacting increase chance of friendship.
• supported people feel less stress.
• we talk/act like those we like.
• a repeated stimulus will trigger associated event.
• threat leads to danger- or fear-control.
• when stopped from reaching goal, people turn to aggression.
• behavior + reward = more behavior (and vice versa).
• prevention of action leads to action (to prove control).
• we communicate hugely without words.
• members are motivated to achieve group goals.
• groups have rules that must be followed.
• groups are more extreme in decisions.
• to sway others in group, arguments tend to be extreme.

• Alignment: When everything lines up, there are no

contradictions to cause agreement.
• Amplification: Make the important bits bigger and
other bits smaller.
• Appeal: If asked nicely, we will follow the rules we
have made for ourselves.
• Arousal: When I am aroused I am full engaged
and hence more likely to pay attention.
• Association: Our thoughts are connected. Think
one thing and the next is automatic.
• Assumption: Acting as if something is true often makes it true.
• Attention: Make sure they are listening before you try to sell them some-
• Authority: Use your authority and others will obey.
• Bonding: I will usually do what my friends ask of me, without negotiation.
• Closure: Close the door of thinking and the deal is done.
• Confidence: If I am confident, then you can be confident.
• Confusion: A drowning person will clutch at a straw. So will a confused
• Consistency: We like to maintain consistency between what we think, say
and do.
• Contrast: We notice and decide by difference between two things, not a
absolute measures.
• Daring: If you dare me to do something, I daren't not do it.
• Deception: Convincing by trickery.
• Dependence: If you are dependent on me, I can use this as a lever to
persuade you.
• Distraction: If I distract your attention, I can then slip around your guard.
• Evidence: I cannot deny what I see with my own eyes.
• Exchange: if I do something for you, then you are obliged to do something
for me.
• Experience: I cannot deny what I experience for myself.
• Framing: Meaning depends on context. So control the context.
• Harmony: Go with the flow to build trust and create
subtle shifts.
• Hurt and Rescue: Make them uncomfortable then throw
them a rope.
• Interest: If I am interested then I will pay attention.
• Investment: If I have invested in something, I do not want
to waste that investment.
• Logic: What makes sense must be true.
• Objectivity: Standing back decreases emotion and
increases logic.
• Perception: Perception is reality. So manage it.
• Pull: Create attraction that pulls people in.
• Push: I give you no option but to obey.
• Repetition: If something happens often enough, I will
eventually be persuaded.
• Scarcity: I want now what I may not be able to get in the
• Similarity: We trust people who are like us or who are
similar to people we like.
• Specificity: People fill in the gaps in vague statements.
• Substitution: Put them into the story.
• Surprise: When what happens is not what I expect, I must rethink my
• Tension: I will act to reduce the tension gaps I feel.
• Threat: If my deep needs are threatened, I will act to protect them.
• Trust: If I trust you, I will accept your truth and expose my vulnerabilities.
• Understanding: If I understand you, then I can interact more accurately
with you.
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Moving You Closer To Yes™ - Persuasion Principles & Techniques

Much of persuasion or changing another's

persons mind is based on a few principles. If
you understand the principles then you can
use the invented techniques.

Alignment - When everything lines up, Alignment - if 2 + 2 = 4 than you would

there are no contradictions to cause any agree that 4 + 4 = 8? Right? Take little
disagreements. When people agree on one steps to big deals, bring them along one little
point than you can move on to the next. step at a time.

Amplification - Make the important bits and Amplification - We made more money
pieces bigger thus making everything else making little widgets. Why did you make
smaller. Paradox, when both contradictions more big widgets? Count the little widgets
are true at the exact same time. every 10 minutes and e-mail me.

Appeal - If asked nicely, people follow the Appeal - Let’s you and I have coffee twice
rules we have made for ourselves. If you a day at 10:00 and 2:00 so we can talk and
answer the phone they will answer the relax for a few minutes. You just set the
phone. break schedule company wide.

Arousal - When you’re aroused you are fully Arousal - Touch a persons skin a discover
engaged and hence more likely to pay full their complete attention, they become
attention to all details. aroused and listen to every word, whisper to
them very softly.

Association - When our thoughts are mostly Association - Coffee with Cream, thinking
connected - You can think one thing and the coffee also forces you to think cream. You
next thought or action will become automatic associate the two different things together.
without thinking. At 1700 hours you think leaving work.

Assumption - Acting if something is true Assumption - The more you hear the same
often makes it true. The truth I may speak thing over and over at some point it becomes
becomes the truth over time whether it’s true true in your mind, repetition over powers
or not in your mind. your mind and creates truth.
Attention - Make sure they are listening Attention - A firecracker through the win-
before you attempt to engage. Some unique dow, a helicopter landing on the front lawn,
proposition or conversation to stop another having dinner with the boss after your one
persons mental process steps. minute meeting.

Authority - Use the authority and other Authority - The Police give you no choice,
people will obey. People understand your pull over and they just flash the lights.
authority even though they may disagree Authority is power, people respect power
with the action steps you require. even if they don’t like you or respect you.

Bonding - Friends usually do what other Bonding - The trust of friendship is very
friends want them to do without any smart powerful, without question a friend helps a
negotiations. friend, without doubt a friend believes
another friend.

Closure - Close the Closure - Everything I said was a lie, it was

door of thinking and a very serious lie. The other person has no
the deal is done. Linear end of the road. place to go, so they start over. When they
When you get to Z people can only start start over you can start them over.

Confidence - If I’m confident then it allows Confidence - Turn right at the next light,
you to be confident. Being correct or right I've been here a hundred times, just turn
has nothing to do with confidence in any right, trust me I know...
concept or idea or action plans. Never been before but, confident.

Confusion - Any drowning person will clutch Confusion - Give me two five dollar bills and
at a tiny floating straw on the surface of the I’ll give you a ten, plus two ones, and then
water. So will a confused one. A persons- you give me eight quarters for a coke which
mental drowning can be caused of prevented only cost .50 cents so here is a dollar.

Mental and social group engineering allows you to provide leadership to various groups of
individuals. Curiosity of people and their actions can be quickly reduced to these above
stated principles. Achieving individual potential is the starting point of understanding.
Consistency - We all like to maintain some Consistency -If you believe or I suggest
consistency between what we think and do. you’ll get a bonus if you do 1 -2 and 3 then
If I can change what you think I can change you will do it, consistently, I make you think
what you do in a consistent manner. 1-2-3 and you do it because...

Contrast - We notice and decide by direct Contrast - You think I’m fat because he is
difference between two things, not by some so skinny. I’m tall because you’re short. You
absolute measures. You are tall because the have more money because I have more
other person is short without measure. children. Unrealistic measures.

Daring - If you really dare me to do all of Daring - I can do anything so I will work two
something, I dare not do it. It’s the real shifts and become the hero. I will ask her for
challenge you accept to prove your own a date because you’re chicken and she likes
worth to other people. me because I’m daring.

Deception - Try convincing by trickery or by Deception - I make you think, I repeat

using another persons thinking to allow their myself to you, you start to believe against
total persuasion. People become and do your own common sense. You will buy ice
exactly what they think about. water and ship to the Eskimo's.

Dependence - If you are dependent on me Dependence - You have all the money,
I can use this as a lever to persuade you and you’re in charge. It’s your house so I’m
convince you against your own self good dependent. You know what I did last
judgements and decisions. Food - Shelter. summer, I’m dependent on you not telling.

Distraction - If I can distract your attention Distraction - Yell “FIRE” in the middle of
I can therefore move around your guarding. church and make sure you watch the
You cannot think if you are distracted which collection plate, your attention can be
allows your confusion. directed to most any other point, quickly.

Evidence - A person cannot deny what they Evidence - The pink lion jumped across the
see with their own eyes whether it’s true and road into the back of my truck, I saw it with
real or not. If you see it you believe it. You my own eyes. It’s true to him, except it was
doubt what you don’t see yourself. his dog in bad light.
Exchange - If I do something for you, then Exchange - Wash my back and I’ll wash
you are obliged to do something for me. If I yours. Be careful of gifts and favors as
give you a gift then you think about giving people want to exchange them, it’s a two
me a gift or some other exchange. way street.

Experience - You cannot deny what you Experience - I know if you don’t buy
experience for yourself. You cannot deny my gasoline right now, I’ll be pushing the car
experiences because you were not there and just like the last time.
have no evidence to exchange.

Framing - Meaning depends on context. Framing - I’ve seen all the beauty of Yellow
Control the context will control the meaning. Stone and she by far is the most beautiful
Framing the thought gives it texture and thing I’ve ever seen.
makes it real. Mental pictures tell all.

Harmony - Go with the flow to build trust Harmony - It’s takes a great number of
and create subtle shifts to change directions people to make harmony, the thought of
without disturbing the harmony. Ride the together at the perfect point in time, walking
boat until you become captain then steer it. at the same speed, the tempo.

Hurt and Rescue - Make some of them Hurt and Rescue - If this is not done by
very uncomfortable and then throw them a Thursday at 1200 noon you’re fired, make
rope to save them. People love the people sure you save them Wednesday .. at about
that saved them from disaster. 9:00 in the morning.

Interest - If I’m interested than I will pay Interest - The phone ringing off the hook at
attention and the same goes for you. No work is not too important to a lot of people,
results really means they are not interested we have the problem every day. They’re not
and another technique must be found. really interested in customers or phones.
Investment - If you have really invested in Investment - I just bumped that guy’s car
something you will not waste the time or over there but, it’s a small dent, no big deal,
money investment. You have very little or no it’s an old car anyway. It’s not your old car
concern over another's investment. and you have no investment.

Logic - If something may make sense to you Logic - I’ve seen that before and it always
then it must be true. To convince one happens that way. I’ve seen that before and
person might not convince ten people. We 2 + 2 does not equal 3. Nine out of ten
are very different but we remain the same at people could be wrong because they do not
times. understand math.

Objectivity - Stand away and remove your- Objectivity - Go away for three days and
self from the environment, thought or other then work on the same problem or opportu-
actions. Standing back will decrease emotion nity and find out how different everything
and increase your natural logic to decide. looks, that’s the same as you left it.

Perception - Perceptions are your reality Perception - Nothing is real until your mind
and the reality of others. Manage other or the mind of another makes it real. There
peoples perceptions and you can manage is not good or bad until your mind decides
what others see as true or real. that it’s good or bad.

Pull - Create the attraction that pulls people Pull - trust them, have affections towards
closer to you. As people get close they lose them and love them and mean every word
their objectivity and can follow your ideas you say, the attraction is endless. Always win
without distraction of other ideas. with friends, friends always win together.

Repetition - If something happens often Repetition - The wind is blowing again and
enough it must be true. You can eventually my trash cans end up down the street. The
persuade or others by repeating thoughts, trash can is down the street, the wind must
ideas and words over and over again. of blown last night.

Scarcity - You want what you cannot have. Scarcity - The blue china cup is for me,
You want now what you may not be able to only one in the world, the auction is starting,
get in the future. You will pay and give more I'll pay anything to own that cup, the only
if you think you cannot find it tomorrow. one in the world.
Similarity - We trust people who are like Similarity - That guy thinks just like I do
us or similar to people we like. One friend so therefore I like him. He even wears the
may look and act like the other because same shoes that I do, that guy has class, I
similar things make you comfortable. like him, we’ll go far together.

Specificity - People always fill in the gaps Specificity - The white horse in the
in vague statements. My ten words turn into painting simply crossed the river with the rest
1,000 words in your mind. What I don’t say of the men, although the horse never got
is completed by your own experiences. wet and three men drowned.

Substitution - You put people, places and Substitution - That is the only car in the
things into every story. You relate and world for me, he would look good in that car
dream of things with different people and of course John would too, Jason should
you substitute one for the other. would look good in a red one.

Surprise - When what happens is not what Surprise - He kissed me in front of the
you expect to happen, you must rethink your entire office. I thought he was going to just
understanding. Your new experience was say hello. Wow, I don’t know what to think
not identical to your last experience. now, last time he just hugged me.

Tension - You will react to reduce the Tension - Lets get that report done, he
tension that I feel. If your deep needs are really needs it today, maybe it will calm him
threatened you will act to protect them. You down. The other choice is he’ll stay upset
cannot trust and feel threatened. and you know how he gets.

Trust - If you trust me you will accept the Trust - We tell each other everything, we
truth and I will expose my vulnerabilities. If I don’t always agree but, we never have to
understand you, then I can interact more guess. We understand each other, we know
accurately with you. what must be done and when.
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