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Position Title Vice President of Partnerships and Policy FLSA Status: Exempt

Reports To: President and CEO

General Description:
The Vice President Partnerships and Policy is responsible for providing strategic leadership in
the planning, direction, and execution of effective partnerships and programs to promote
positive outcomes for District children and youth, particularly in the areas of youth violence
prevention and workforce development. The VP will develop expertise on local and national
efforts, best and promising practices, lessons learned and innovations, and work to enhance the
District’s services, supports and opportunities for at-promise youth. The VP will keep the Trust
apprised of and work to advise local and national legislation in the area of youth development
programs, youth violence and intervention initiatives and youth workforce development, as
appropriate. The VP will work to identify local, national and federal funding sources for youth
development programs, youth violence and intervention initiatives and youth workforce
development, and support development efforts to bring these funds to the Trust and District

Specific (Essential) Responsibilities:

• Build on existing strategies with District agencies and community-based organizations to
promote and increase youth development and violence prevention/intervention programs, such
o DOES – summer, year-round employment, training
o DYRS – lead entities model
o DPR – expand funding of CBOs at DPR centers
o CCCYVP – Citywide Coordination Collaboration for Youth Violence Prevention
o SWYDI – Southwest Youth Development Initiative
• Inform and work to coordinate the District’s response to youth violence:
o Identify successful local and national models
o Garner policy support
o Design strategies to build the capacity of providers and agencies to adapt successful
o Partners include:
 Neighborhood efforts/ANC/task forces
 Council of the District of Columbia
 Neighborhood Services
 ICSIC/CapStat teams
 MPD youth division

DC Children & Youth Investment Trust Corporation – An EEO Employer

 Local funders
• Develop and support fund-raising strategies to support the development , implementation and
sustainability of effective youth violence prevent/intervention programs
• Work with national partners to promote policies and legislation in support of funding for out-of-
school time programs, youth workforce development, youth violence prevention initiatives, etc.

Education/Professional Requirements:
• Bachelor’s degree (Masters preferred) in relevant field of business
• Member in good standing of the DC BAR Association

Other Requirements:
• 10 years experience work with non-profit and legislative initiatives
• 5 years experience working with District of Columbia community-based organizations
• Demonstrated achievement in strategic partnerships
• Working knowledge of private and federal funding organizations
• Demonstrated leadership ability and management experience that includes
responsibility for supervision of personnel, programs, and budgets
• Strong interpersonal and team-building skills
• Demonstrated ability to design, implement, and evaluate public and government
relations strategies using appropriate technologies and research;
• Knowledge of analytical tools to assess key issues; critical thinking and
evaluating/synthesizing complex issues/ideas and ability to speak effectively,
persuasively, and concisely under pressure.

Physical Requirements:
• Capable of sitting for long periods of time. Position requires minimal lifting. May have to
stretch to retrieve files from shelves. Must be capable of moving throughout the office.
Must be able to stand or use a wheelchair and move to deliver various approaches for
extended periods-of-time. May be asked to work out doors during extreme hot weather
Skills needed
• Understanding of District legislative process

Supervision provided:
• None

• Knowledge of various adult learning styles
• Ability to relate to youth, city youth-agency workers. Must be able to connect to youth
/city youth-agency workers from varied educational, cultural, and youth work

DC Children & Youth Investment Trust Corporation – An EEO Employer

Special Conditions
• May be required a background check
• Ability to work extra time with little notice
• May be required use of own vehicle
• May be required to have a valid driver’s license
• Must have excellent interpersonal skills and present a professional appearance on site
and off site events

Key Internal and external relationships

• Community-based organizations
• Local and national funders
• Mayor of the District of Columbia and staff
• Members of the Council of the District of Columbia and staff
• All levels of employees at the Trust
• Board of Directors

Environmental Conditions:
• Indoors in a normal office environment with little exposure to excessive noise, dust,
fumes, vibrations, and temperature changes; computer use up to 4 hours at a time;
work at a fast pace with unscheduled interruptions
• Work may include evenings and weekends
• Work may include travel to and participation in local or national events, conferences,
• Public contact is essential to this position

ADA: DC Children Youth Investment Trust Corporation will make reasonable accommodations in
compliance with the Americans Disability Act of 1990.

EEO: DC Children Youth Investment Trust Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer This
job description will be reviewed periodically as duties and responsibilities change with business
necessity. Essential job functions are subject to change.

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DC Children & Youth Investment Trust Corporation – An EEO Employer