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Morphology An II Seminar 6 The Verb

1. Answer the following questions:

Which verbs can function only as main verbs?
How is the DO expressed in the following
In which type of text are lexical verbs more
example: The man said he had sworn to tell the truth.
How are the valencies realized in the case of
In which type of text is the copula more
complex transitive verbs?
What is the order of objects after ditranzitive
What classes can verbs be grouped in?
What is the main characteristic of activity verbs? q.
How many classes of multi-word verbs?
What are the meanings of mental verbs?
What is prepostional verb? Phrasal verb?
Give examples of occurrence verbs.
Phrasal-prepositional verb?
What is the meaning of verbs such as: seem,
What are the criteria for identifying phrasal
appear, include, contain, represent.
verbs / prepositional verbs?
What is the register where the verb get is
Which are the classes of phrasal verbs?
What are the structural patterns of the
How many morphological forms have regular
prepositional verbs?
Give examples of phrasal-prepositional verbs.
Give examples of verbs that have both regular
What are the functions of the auxiliary verb BE?
and irregular forms.
Mention some of the meanings of HAVE.
What is the characteristic of prefixes attached to y.
What is the role of DO in negatives and
Give examples of common derivational affixes
What is a pro-verb?
with verbs.
2. Give the forms of the following verbs: apply, delay, suffer, prefer, develop, crop, hope, cringe, panic,
kidnap, lie. Explain spelling rules.
3. Insert the suitable form of the verb:
a. The boats ____(lie) overturned on the beach all winter last year. b. Why he______ (lie) in the sun at noon?
He'll get awfully sunburnt. c The tiger ________(spring) on the prey and killed it in an instant. d. I slipped
and nearly __________(fall) down the ladder. e. Thousands of trees in the rain forest were ________(fell) to
build the highway.
b. She looked terrified and ______(wring) her hands in despair. f. Suddenly lightning _______(strike) the
tallest building. g. For generations, the Stradivarius family ________(strive) to improve the sound of these
c. My dress ________(shrink) in the wash and I had to let her down. h. The price of petrol ______(rise) again
due to the crisis in the Middles East.
4. Identify the structure of the verb phrase:
a. It took us two hours to get the matter settled.
b. If only you had remembered to bring the passport!
c. The clauses in the contract couldn't have been more unfavourable to our party.
d. Definitely she should have been given more specific instructions before the test.
e. She will have been working on this project for something like two years already when she graduates.
5. Complete the following passage using the Present or Past Participle of the verbs in the list: develop,
dye, lie, mislay, occur, offer, panic, repay, sue, whinge
It never (1) to me that he was (2) or I wouldnt have (3) to lend money in the first place. He says he (4) my
letter, and thats why he hasnt (5) me yet. He really started (6) when I said Id take him to court. But Im
serioulsy thinking of (7) him, because Im fed up with his (8) on about how unkind I am and how unfair life is.
Hes a (9) in-the-wool scrounger if you ask me, with an over-(10) sense of grievance.
6. Tranzitive or intranzitive?
Women today are achieving in many
Her eyes glittered as she saw the jewels.
professions which were previously open only to men. e.
Pete doesnt adapt easily to new situations.
Dont panic! Theres no real danger.
Those couples who have no children of their
He has exhibited in all the major art galleries own are often eager to adopt.
over the last few years.
The two companies have merged.
7. What lexical class?
He runs every morning to keep fit.
She brushed her hair till it shone.
The traffic light changed to red.
I sat down nervously on the edge of the chair.
Youll find the children have grown up in your g.
The countrys foremost humourist died
unexpectedly in his home last night.
Its not polite to whisper during a speech.
8. Discuss the valency patterns of the underlined verbs:
Tom disappeared.
You can rely on Tom for help.
Tom bought a car.
Tom gave her a ring.

Tom made Susan angry.
Ill make you a pizza.
Susan is unhappy.
Ill make the question easy.
Ill make some tea.
They make a good couple.
9. Are the following phrasal verbs or prepositional verbs? Explain.
A lot of this scrap metal can be melted down and
used again.
Fill up the tanks please.
The new job hasnt come up to her expectations.
She accidentally knocked a book off the bedside f.
He gulped down his beer.
Some weird specimens have slipped through the
He got on his bike and rode off.
10. What combinations of categories do the following verbs display:
a. The guards had found a note.
a. For nearly a year, the Zairian president has been living just down the road.
b. I think now I might be going to San Diego this weekend.
c. Veccos family has lived since 1969 in the spacious apartment that has become the ultimate room with a
d. Well, you could have used the meat pot.
e. At that point, Ritchie had been sitting in one of the 8-feet-by-8-feet rooms for about five hours.
f. He is young enough to be in his prime and old enough to have acquired the necessary experience at both
baseball and life.
g. But he was just saying that he doesnt want a reward.
Put the verbs in the appropriate form:
a. My son (study) medicine for six years and (take) his final examinations in two months time. Provided he
(pass) them, he (specialise) in psychiatry, which (take) another two years study at least. So he (not/be)
ready to practise full time until he (be) nearly thirty. By then he (study) for a total of eight years and (earn)
practically nothing. Until now his wife (work) and (support) him, but she (expect) a baby in four months
and so she (give up) her job soon. What on earth (live) on when she (stop) working I do not know. But they
(not/worry) about it. My daughter-in-law says that they (manage) somehow, while my son says simply that
he (qualify) as a psychiatrist however long it (take).
b. Brenda Pearl (join) our firm ten years ago. She (work) for the previous five years with advertising company
and (acquire) much useful experience. For the first eight years with us she (work) in the Sales Department,
and (work) there when I (become) Managing Director. Since then she (work) as my personal assistant, and
(prove) herself to be outstandingly capable on many occasions. She (work) on the top floor, in an office
next to mine, but at the moment (work) in London on a special assignment.
c. I (think) about our plans for the next week. What you (next) Thursday evening? You ( do) on duty at the
hospital? I (be) on duty, but I (change) with a friend who (want) Friday off. What you (have) in mind?
How about going to see Macbeth? It (be) on for thee whole of next week. You (see) the play? I (see) a
film of it once. But I (not see) the play itself. Yes, thats a good idea: we (go) an see Macbeth. I (book) the
seats. I (ask) Willie to come, too? He (work), I bet. He (always/work). He (work) too much. He (have) a
nervous breakdown if hes not careful.
d. If I (be) a successful doctor like you I (not/do) what youve done: I (not/go) and (live) in a town I
(not/like), however much the people (need) me. If I (not/be) a doctor I (agree) with you. I (live) near my
family and friends, not where my fellow citizens (need) me most. But I am a doctor, and if I (do) that my
skills (be) wasted. And I felt that was happening, how I (justify) my choice of career?
e. Do you think pigs (fly) if they (have) wings?
I dont think they (____); their weight (be) all in the wrong place. But what a silly question! If pigs
(have) wings they (not/be) pigs!