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NAME: Philip Belcher Job No:

Date Started 1/03/2009 Date Completed 5/03/2009 Time Allowed 2 weeks Time Taken 1 week
I can verify that the details provided by Philip Belcher are
current, accurate and that the job detailed has been produced in accordance with
company procedures and to the required quality standards.
Supervisor Signature
1. Job Description
Bending and forming marine pipe work, brazing fittings to pipe work and installing
marine pipe work

2. Purpose of the job

To make and install marine pipe work for a chilled water pipeline.

3. Work Instructions Provided

Drawings and verbal instruction from charge hand

4. Job Specific Documentation

Standards I have to work to are British Standards, Company Standards, Health and
Safety Standards

5a. Safety Precautions –

Preparation of work area
Make sure all the work areas are clean and tidy before and after use to prevent harm
to me or others. Make sure all potential hazards are eliminated to ensure I complied
to Health and Safety regulations

Preparation of machinery and equipment

I made sure all of the flash back arresters were fitted and fitted correctly and made
sure the brazing equipment was in a safe and usable condition. I made sure all my
tools were in a safe and usable condition and that they were in there calibration date.

5b. Reinstatement of machinery and equipment

I left the machinery and equipment in a safe and tidy usable condition so that when it
next gets used there is no harm to me or others to comply to health and safety

5c. Reinstatement of work area

I left the workplace in a safe and tidy usable condition so that when it next gets used
there is no harm to me or others and it is easier to work on, to comply to health and
safety regulations.

6. Safety references (COSHH, PUWER, PPE, NAW etc)

The safety notice board has all the information I need for my work area so that I
know what to expect when I start working and that I know what precautions to
take before starting the task. Before the task is carried out my team leader has
to carry out a risk assessment for the area I am working in. When starting at
my work place I had to go on a health and safety induction before going into
the workplace so that I know were everything is, such as fire escapes,
assembly points.

7. Materials used (raw or part finished)

Type CuNi and Copper

Quantity 6meters of CuNi and 14 meters of Copper

Verification (correct grade, quality)

CuNi is 9010 90%copper 10%nickle

8. Consumables Used:

9. Equipment Used
Hand Tools:
Pipe cutters
Deburing reamers
Hack saw

Tape measure

10. Interim inspections during manufacture (quality, finishes etc)

During the work, I made periodic checks to ensure I was correctly working to the
specifications to ensure the work was up to standard.

11. Machinery Used

Chop saw

12. Method of Completing, Storing, and Transferring work

The job is now tested and inspected by quality control to make sure it reaches the
customers standard.

All documentation will be placed in a plastic wallet so that it dose not get damaged.

13. Problems Encountered

Drawing was not the correct issue so I went and solved it myself by asking the
drawing office for the latest issue.

14. Calculations

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