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Biomarkers in Tuberculosis

An estimated 9 million new cases of tuberculosis (TB) and 2-3 million deaths are reported
globally every year, making TB the leading cause of death from a single inectious pathogen(1).
A major challenge in tuberculosis control is the diagnosis of latent tuberculosis infection that is
defined as an infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) without clinical, bacteriological,
or radiological findings(2). However, latent TB infected individuals may develop TB disease in
the future(3) Until recently the tuberculin skin test has been used to identify persons infected by
Mycobacterium tuberculosis(4) who are at high risk for the progression to active disease(5, 6).
This method has several limitations(7). It has low sensitivity in immunosuppressed persons,
who are at highest risk for progression to active TB(8), and low specificity in populations with
high BCG vaccination coverage and high likelihood of exposure to non-tuberculosis
mycobacteria (9)
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