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Crossing Over Tony Silveira – GPPC - 2010

Crossing Over
Joshua 3
Walt Disney - was fired by a newspaper editor for lack of ideas. Walt also went
bankrupt several times before he built Disneyland.
Leo Tolstoy, author of War and Peace, flunked out of college. He was described
as “both unable and unwilling to learn.”
Michael Jordan, perhaps the greatest basketball player of all time, did not make
his high school basketball team his sophomore year.
Beethoven’s teacher called him hopeless as a composer.
Winston Churchill failed the sixth grade. He did not become Prime Minister until
he was 62. His greatest contributions came when he was a “senior citizen.”
Henry Ford failed and went broke five times before he finally succeeded.
Today… we’re going to talk about reaching for your dreams and the results
of persistence.
• It must have been an exciting time for the Israelites to finally enter their
land of promise. They had been in the dessert and in the wilderness for
forty years.
• It was time to move out of the desert – across the Jordan River – and into
Canaan. There had been discouragement and disappointments along the
way – but it was now time! Some of you have had set backs and
disappointments along your journey

Joshua 3
1 Then Joshua rose early in the morning; and they set out from Acacia Grove
and came to the Jordan, he and all the children of Israel, and lodged there before
they crossed over. 2 So it was, bafter three days, that the officers went through
the camp; 3 and they commanded the people, saying, “When you see the ark of
the covenant of the Lord your God, and the priests, the Levites, bearing it, then
you shall set out from your place and go after it. 4 Yet there shall be a space
between you and it, about two thousand cubits by measure. Do not come near it,
that you may know the way by which you must go, for you have not passed this
way before.”

1. Israel Prepares to cross over

1. The cross is the secret of “cross-ing.” A fresh revelation of the cross in

Crossing Over Tony Silveira – GPPC - 2010

your life will consecrate, purify, and sanctify your life so that you can go
over to the other side. Hebrew word “abar” – meaning to cross over.
2. Jordan is a dividing line; it’s the place where we are forced to decide are
we going to trust in the living God? Or are we going to trust in the arm of
the flesh and self efforts?
3. Israel waited for 40 years but this passage says that they had a
preparation time of 3 days. During these 3 days they where commanded
to prepare themselves. God wants to take you into a season of victory but
you must get ready for the crossing.
4. The river was one mille wide and it represented a big obstacle but God
prepared a supernatural way for them. Sometimes we have also obstacles
in our way but if we follow the ark of His presence and if we listen to the
ministers that he set on earth to guide us we will cross over our Jordan.

2. “You have never traveled this way before. . . .” (v. 4).

1. Israel was about to go into uncharted territory. The unseen and unknown
was on the other side of the Jordan River. Joshua told the people to
prepare for a new experience, a new dimension, and a new challenge.
2. This was the moment for the new generation to rise up and enter the
Promised Land. In order to do that, they had to leave some things behind.
3. As one year ends and another begins, the phrase you have never traveled
this way before takes on new meaning. It indicates that you are about to
enter into a new season and dimension that you have never been in
before. Thus, it is important that you project into the future, not reflect on
the past.

3. “Purify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do great

wonders among you” (v. 5).

In the NIV this verse says, “Consecrate yourselves.” That means to let go of the
things that would keep you from “crossing over the Jordan.” God always deals
with you in a deep way before you enter into the next dimension with Him.
Each of us must search our heart as to what we need to “unload” before crossing
over into our Promised Land.
The cross is the secret of “cross-ing.” A fresh revelation of the cross in your life
will consecrate, purify, and sanctify your life so that you can go over to the other

Crossing Over Tony Silveira – GPPC - 2010

Things you must not carry over the Jordan

This offense—reconcile it!

1. It is easy to carry a grudge and nurse it for years. Offenses against others
are the primary weights in our spirits. The Lord, however, is telling you to
lay down every weight and “bury the hatchet” with anyone with whom you
are offended.
2. Ask God to heal every wounded relationship in your life. Forgive those
who have offended you, speak a blessing over them, and ask God to
supernaturally restore the relationship.

This habit—forsake it!

1. Paul talked about the “sin that does so easily beset” you (Heb. 12:1).
Many of the sins that plague us are habitual (e.g., lusting, overeating,
alcohol, drug addiction, nicotine addiction).
2. Any habit can be broken in just 21 days. Prepare yourself to go 21 days
without committing that sinful habit. Rise up in your spirit and command
the power of that habit to be broken from your mind, emotions, and will.

This attitude—change it!

1. Perhaps you are carrying a bad attitude about your job, your family, or
your ministry. Maybe you find yourself constantly criticizing and
complaining about it.
2. Make a commitment to change your attitude because your attitude will
determine your altitude in the Lord! Get an attitude of gratitude, and begin
to praise the Lord for your job, family, and church.

This relationship—break it!

1. You cannot enter your Promised Land if you are involved in a relationship
that is ungodly, unclean, or unscriptural. Perhaps you are tolerating a
relationship with someone who is not right with God. Break up with the
person for 21 days, and God will give you the power to put that
relationship into proper perspective.
2. The Bible says, “Can two walk together except they be agreed?” (Amos
3:3). “How can a believer be a partner with an unbeliever?” (2 Cor. 6:15
NLT). It takes courage to make a quality decision that a relationship you
are in is pulling you down and not guiding you toward your destiny.

This junk—toss it!

1. We spend much of our time recycling, repackaging, and restoring our junk
instead of just removing it! Perhaps you have accumulated years of stuff

Crossing Over Tony Silveira – GPPC - 2010

that your family would immediately toss if you would let them. It’s time for
all packrats to empty their closets, drawers, garages, and attics!
2. The time and money you spend on moving your junk around would be
more than enough for you to buy another one of something you got rid of if
you ever needed it again. You’ve got to travel light as you cross the
Jordan into the Promised Land the Lord has for you.

This failure—forget it!

1. Joshua had an automatic failure mechanism after spending 40 years in
the wilderness. He just knew that something would go wrong with anything
he tried to get the people of Israel to accomplish. God told him to meditate
on the Word (Josh. 1:8), and then he would have prosperity and success.
2. Everyone has failed at something. Just because you failed at something in
the past, you are not a failure. You must forget that past failure and move
on to success. Failure does not bring glory to God; only success does.
God still loves you when you fail, but it brings Him no glory. Your goals,
dreams, and plans should reflect a spirit of faith, not failure.

How many of us have missed the opportunity to step into our dreams because
we weren’t prepared. We need to sanctify ourselves in order to cross the Jordan
River. God has amazing promises but we cannot carry our old baggage.

God made them a path through the water that allowed a couple of million people
to pass through quickly and safely.

This was a miracle of God. Remember… this was during the flood stage – not in
the low season of drought.
Got any rivers you think are uncrossable? Got any mountains you can’t tunnel
through? God specializes in things thought impossible -- He does the things
others cannot do.
What kind of river do you face today?
· Perhaps it Is a river of bitterness and anger standing between you and God’s
· Is it a raging flood of addiction, keeping you away from intimacy with God?
· Is your river a river of discouragement or depression?
· Is it unconfessed sin?

Whatever obstacle you may be facing, do you believe God can see you through