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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

National Guard Health Affairs
King Abdulaziz Medical City Riyadh
Logistics & Contracts Management

Delivery & Receiving


To establish a better business for the continuous relationship between

King Abdulaziz Medical City (KAMC) of the National Guard Health
Affairs and the Suppliers who are sharing the same
principle/responsibility in providing the best health care services.
Below are some useful information, hoping that it will be helpful in
clarifying the proper delivery process and assisting the Supplier in
getting his full payment without any delay. It also gives a brief idea to
the Suppliers Representatives, End-Users and PTRs in regards to the
method for delivering/receiving of the items to protect all parties. The
Requesting Department will get the appropriate service and right item
in a good condition, and the Supplier will obtain the receiving
documentation to submit it to the Finance Department to get payment
according to the policy and procedures.

Receiving Section:
1. Receiving administration is located in the Material Management in
KAMC-Riyadh Warehouse premises. To facilitate receiving process,
satellite offices are assigned in (medical, pharmaceutical and
industrial) warehouses to receive stock items only, while Non-Stock
and direct issue (items requested to be delivered directly to end-user),
an office is assigned in the Main Hospital beside the Mail Room.

The Supplier has no right to

claim any financial rights
before receiving the (MMR) to
submit it together with all
required documents to NGHA
Finance Department

The Supplier should deliver

the item(s) through Receiving
Section for inspection & print
MRR and give any remark (if
noted any) before leaving the

Receiving Terms & Conditions:

Upon delivery, the supplier should provide
documentations along with the delivered items:



Delivery Note indicates Stock item number. Quantity, description

according to P.O. and Lot No. for medical & pharmaceutical items.

Copy of Standard Purchase Order. Or

Copy of Release for on Blanket/Demand Purchase Order. Or

3. Receiving Section is responsible for corroboration of receiving date in

the system (Oracle) to protect the Suppliers right.

For delivering Top Urgent items submit only a copy of

(Taameed) or (LOI) Letter of Intent until the approval of the PO is
completed in the Oracle system but the Supplier will be given a
Temporary Receipt. Supplier must inform the Receiving soon the P.O.
is approved in the system to confirm the delivery date to avoid Appling
any penalty will be Accrued.

5. Provide the Supplier with MRR (Materials Receiving Report)

showing all required details such as but not limited to delivery date,
quantity, description, value etc.
6. Or provide the Supplier with Temporary Receipt until complying with
the terms and conditions or resolve the counter check for not
receiving item.

To get your dues

fast, deliver your
items Right.

All kind of Services Contracts are received by the Project Technical

Representative (PTR) to each service contract.

2. Receiving Section main mission is to receive all stock non stock items
delivered to KAMC- in accordance with the NGHA Purchase Order.

4. Direct the Suppliers Representative to the proper warehouse or

accompany him to the concerned requesting department for NonStock items and Direct Issues.


Receiving Section is responsible to receive all medical, pharmaceutical

& industrial stock items or non-stock items & all equipment,
instruments, furniture, and other items.

7. Receiving Section is responsible for printing (MRR) to be given to the

Supplier to submit to Finance with all required documentations such
as invoices that must be matching with MRR, for payment as per
NGHA/Governmental Policy & Procedures.

The supplier will be given final acceptance only upon completing

of receiving requirements.

Privilege of Delivering through


The supplier will be given MRR proving the delivery date with
quantity & all relative information to submit it to Finance Department
to claim his dues and avoid penalty or payments delay. Or

The Supplier will be given Temporary Receipt proving the initial

delivery date until the completion of P.O. in the system or until the item
is checked and approved by the End-users. For the second case the
delivery date will normally be updated in the system at the receiving
time by the Receiver. Or

The Supplier will be given a Rejection Form with reasons for

rejection and in case the Supplier returns back with the correct item, the
first date of delivery will be taken into consideration.

Direct Delivery:

Receiving Steps & Penalties:

Warehousing Gate Pass:

Direct Delivery does not necessarily mean delivery to the end user
directly without passing through the Receiving Section. It only
means that those items will not be received and stored at NGHA

Receiving at NGHA undergo three stages are in accordance with the

implemented policies and procedures that are based on the Government
rules and regulations as follows:

Gate passes are considered to be an important procedure to

organize the entrance and exit process of all suppliers. Stamping
all documents with the time and date of the receiving will control
the receiving process at NGHA warehouses in Riyadh. We hope
that you make sure to stamp the time and date when requesting the
gate pass from the Front desk at the Receiving Section.

All Suppliers should at all times deliver through the Receiving

Section, unless in case of emergency during none working hours
(weekends or official holidays).
Delivering through the Receiving Section is the right procedure, by
doing so the Supplier can avail their dues when the delivery is
entered into the system in order to avoid any delay penalties and
making ascertain that all procedures have been adhered to and
evading loss of items or documents.

Delivery Schedule:
To facilitate delivery of items to King Abdulaziz Medical City, a
weekly schedule for Supplies taking into consideration NGHA
working hours, number of delivered items and quantities.
The schedule is updated from time to time and Receiving Section
is willing to accept any recommendations or suggestions from the
Therefore, we kindly request the Supplier to follow the schedule so
his shipment will not be subject for rejection or partially received
according to NGHA patients need. The Supplier might be asked
to deliver item on a later date according the said schedule.

Rejected Items:
If an item is rejected by NGHA Receiving Section, the Supplier
should take back the rejected item(s) and pull it out from the
NGHA warehouses immediately upon receiving the Rejection
Form and after the item(s) has been checked, inspected and
rejected by the Receiving Section. The Supplier should then check
with Planning Section for stock items only.
In the event that any item was Received Temporarily for
inspection by the end-user and found out that it is not complying
with the required specification or rejected for whatever reason by
the end-user. The Supplier Representative should come along with
the temporary receipt in order to get the Rejection Form and to pull
out the rejected item(s) within two weeks from the date of advising
them by fax, emails, telephone or personally.
After the expiration of the above mentioned period, NGHA will
not be held responsible for the loss or damage of the item and have
the right to dispose the item in any suitable way and in this case
the suppliers will not have any right to be compensated for the
disposed items.


Initial Receiving (Receiving).

Inspection (Acceptance).
Final Receiving (Delivery).

Usually all the above stages can be completed in few minutes,

particularly when receiving Stock Item(s), unless it is a big quantity or
there are some discrepancies on the Item(s) such as expiry date,
packaging, or difference in the indicated quantity versus the actual
quantity, etc.
Bearing in mind that receiving process for some Item(s) cannot be
completed on the same day, in the contrary, it may take more than two
weeks such as machine and equipments that require installation and
inspection of missing parts, etc.
The Supplier should follow the following procedures in order to receive
his full dues and avoid any applicable penalties:

Penalties are usually applied based on the Initial Delivery

Date or Temporary Receipt Date, vendors therefore, are required to
make sure of delivering the item(s) to the designated section that is
authorized to receive and issue those forms (Receiving Section).

An Advance notice should be given to the Receiving Section

in order to send a Receiver Controller to the site along with technical
staff. They will monitor and inspect the equipments that require
installation at the site, and then enter Delivery Dates into the Oracle
System to protect vendors dues.

Please be advised that Oracle system

under no circumstances allows back
date delivery entries, the system dates
are considered to be the actual
delivery dates for Finance
Department payment purposes.

In addition an Exit Pass should be obtained from the concerned

warehouse Custodian where the items have been delivered
indicating the time of completing the delivery before leaving the
warehouses premises or will be stopped by the security guard at
the gate and asked to go back to get the exit pass.

Receiving Contact Nos:

KAMC Main No. 252 0888
Receiving Manager: 44900
Administrative Assistant: 44951
Supervisor: 44912
Front Desk: 44913 / 44916

Non Stock Items Receiving

Fax: 12808
Pharmaceutical Items: 44914
Medical Items: 44946
Industrial Items: 44916
Fax: 44940